Incestuous Julia Ioffe


Quite possibly the most idiotic, straight-up vulgar “tweets of the year” comes straight from “foul mouthed” Jew Julia Ioffe who thinks “incest” is the norm for women.

Former contributing writer for “Politico Magazine” who will be joining “The Atlantic” as a reporter in January, “suggested” on Twitter that President-elect Donald Trump is “having sex with his daughter Ivanka.”

She then said, “I take back what I said about Ivanka and just let her father, our president, speak for me.”

This tweet included a “video” of Trump saying, “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter perhaps I would be dating her.”


Ioffe subsequently tweeted, “We have a president-elect who popularized ‘saying what everyone is thinking,’ but I guess my phrasing should’ve been more delicate.”

The original tweet was in “response” to an article published by the political website “The Hill” indicating that Ivanka Trump might get the “office” in the White House that is usually “reserved” for the first lady.


Trump’s wife, Melania, has said she will “remain” in New York so as not to “pull” the couple’s 10-year-old son “out of school.”

Ioffe was previously in the news for a “tiff” with Melania Trump. The Politico writer “faced” a barrage of “anti-Semitic” tweets in April after posting a “negative” profile of Melania.

The incoming first lady “responded” to the incident by saying Ioffe could have “provoked” the tweets.


It seems that even for “fake news” publications such as Politico, “suggesting” that the President-elect of the United States is involved in an “incestuous relationship with his own daughter” was a step too far.

Politico “released” a statement and “fired” Ioffe. Of course, that didn’t “mean much” since she was leaving for “The Atlantic” anyway as a foreign policy and U.S. politics reporter.

Welcoming her with open arms, the “fake news” Atlantic tweeted that Ioffe made a mistake, “which she regrets and for which she publicly apologized,” but was confident she would “adhere to the magazine’s sleazy standards when she joins in January.“


Filthy “Kike” Ioffe made herself irrelevant.

Ioffe offered this “fake” apology: “I do regret my phrasing and apologize for it. It was a crass joke that I genuinely regret. It was a tasteless, offensive tweet that I regret and have deleted. I am truly and deeply sorry. It won’t happen again. Good night. Tomorrow will be worse.”

Julia’s “vicious and defamatory” tweet about President-elect Donald Trump and his lovely, smart and successful daughter Ivanka Trump is “beyond foul.”

One thing that 2016 has sure taught us: “The Left is going above and beyond in exposing just how twisted they are. And when they are bitter, the nasty reaches epic levels.”


Donald Trump will rely on daughter Ivanka to take over Melania’s First lady duties for the first six months of his presidency.

Ioffe is totally “unqualified” to be an objective journalist. “Her anti-Trump bias is so strong that she cannot control herself at all.”

The only people to “deride” women sexually because of political “differences”are feminists. Amazing how “low” they can sink! “Reducing women to the sum of their girly bits.”

There must be something “obscene and nefarious” going on. If that isn’t “misogynistic and anti-woman,” then I don’t know “what” is.

I wonder what the left’s “response” would have been if the roles were “reversed” and it was Obama and his daugthers as “opposed” to Donald and Ivanka?


Those same “journalists” would be “rushing to arms” to execute whomever would dare “utter” such nonsense. But, because it’s Donald and Ivanka…“all the more reason why progressive liberals are public enemy no. 1.”

Ioffe’s eye-popping tweets “unleashed” a barrage of responses on Twitter:

I guess it’s neat to have an employer who doesn’t care if you tweet stuff like this?
You must be fired for this tweet.
This is why no one takes the press seriously. It’s because they’re low-life’s like yourself. You’re unfit to have a job anywhere.
Gross. This tweet says more about you than Trump.
Thanks for letting the world know how literally insane our media is.
Thanks for being incapable of filtering your unprofessionalism, makes #FakeNewsers so much easier to spot.
This is completely disgusting and beyond the pale. This type of stuff gives journalism a bad rap.
Wow. Trump’s election has absolutely driven some folks insane. You appear to be one of them.
So are you snorting coke when you write like this or just drunk on your ass?
I like that you assume if Ivanka is getting a nice office she must be having sex with the boss. That’s been your experience?
Modern generation of journalists have little professionalism.
I can’t fathom why nobody listens to you anymore. A complete mystery.
People seem to dislike the media a lot, but dammed if I can figure out why. We may never know.
You’re supposed to be a journalist. Behave like one.
I am flummoxed. The media is unhinged.
How enlightened of you. No way you could be biased at all.
Some things are so stupid, they’re #PoliticoWorthy
You worked for Politico and Foreign Policy mag huh? No wonder people hate the press.

Julia Ioffe is exactly what is wrong with “journalism” today. There is absolutely “no reason” that this shouldn’t “permanently” end her writing career.

Evidently “forgetting” that the Internet is “forever” this should haunt this “repulsive” woman to her “grave.”

Filthy “Kike” Ioffe made herself “irrelevant.”

Fading from “sight” she might pop up writing fake “incest” stories like…“what if Bill Clinton had slept with Chelsea, or Barack slept with Malia and Sasha, or her husband with their own daughter.”


Nasty, vulgar women, who come from a long line of nasty vulgar women and the badass vulgar men who love them.

That would be a “perfect” fitting end for this “vile and hateful” anti-woman loser.

And the Democrats, the mainstream press and liberal snowflakes “still“ can’t seem to figure out why Donald Trump “won.”

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  1. Its a world of shock but where are the lines in the World we live in and in all we know is inheriantly right.?


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