He Took It Out

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He Took It Out 01

Hal Hamrick “wanted” to find a lady.

So, the 48-year-old man did what “ladies” like. Or, at least what he “thought” they like.

Hamrick “walked” around a Port St. Lucie shopping center exposing himself “multiple times,” according to an arrest affidavit.

The case of the somewhat “nude” dude happened as Hamrick was spotted displaying his “nether” region.

A witness told Port St. Lucie police he saw a man in a “Miami Heat” shirt and athletic shorts “exposing” himself.

The man twice put his “genitals” out for view in front of Target, and once in front of Babies “R” Us.

“Each time he attempted to use a trash receptacle as cover for the act,” an affidavit states.

Hamrick told police he was “exposing himself for the ladies.”

“He wants to find a lady and they like when he does that,” an affidavit states.

It’s unclear whether “any” ladies who may have seen Hal’s “penis” liked it.

Hamrick was “arrested” and charged with “indecent” exposure in public.

He Took It Out 02

Forget “flowers, jewelry or cash.” Hal has been on this earth for 48 years and “learned” what the ladies want.

A cold “hard” dick!

He figured they gotta at least “see the goods” before deciding, so why not “cut out” the middleman of “dating and romance?”

Sure, he could have “picked” better spots to show off his “schlong” than Target and Babies “R” Us, but “true love knows no bounds.”

Once Hal “cheers” up, his defense should be that his “manhood” needed some “fresh” air. Sometimes his pecker  “just” needs a little “sunshine,” it can’t breathe in “tight” athletic shorts.

It’s inhumane.

People have been deemed “innocent” from a “lot more for a lot less” in the sunshine land of Florida.

Plantation Overseers

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Plantation Overseers 01

Author and syndicated columnist Star Parker believes that black leadership is to blame for the struggles of the African-American community.

In a phone interview with The Daily Caller, Parker compared black leadership to “plantation overseers,” and said its job is to keep thriving African-Americans “down” and make them complacent in a “welfare” culture.

“The Democratic machine has built up this plantation,” Parker said. “Then, they gerrymander the plantation in order to keep getting re-elected. When an African-American tries to stand up and challenges this system, they are quickly silenced, and treated like an escaped slave.”

Parker continued, “Just like a slave, they are dragged back to the farm and stripped of their integrity. We saw it done to the likes of Clarence Thomas, Bill Cosby, and we will see it done again.”

Parker also commented on policies like “affirmative” action, and how they “affect” the black community.

“I think affirmative action is a disruption to the black journey towards freedom. Blacks were told they couldn’t compete on their own, and this distracted them from the true mission of the civil rights movement. We have to allow people to live free, and achieve their goals based on merit.”

Plantation Overseers 02

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are the modern day plantation overseers.

Parker made headlines when she “compared” President Obama’s prayer breakfast comments on Christianity to “verbal rape.”

This led some in the media to say her comments were inappropriate and that she went too far.

Parker responded by saying, “Political correctness shuts down our ability to tell the truth. We can’t heal as a country if we can’t honesty assess what’s wrong with it.”

Parker then laid out the “four” ways in which PC has “harmed” the country:

“Number one it stifles traditional values. Two, it increases the role of government when it comes to helping the poor. If you say anything against government welfare, you are labeled a racist. Three, it hurts the market. We are told to envy our bosses and those who are more successful. And four, it hurts our ability to form a strong national allegiance and national defense.”

Parker said that she felt her comments were “appropriate” because Obama had “robbed” the audience of an “opportunity” to have an important discussion on faith.

“I chose those words to express a deeply felt sentiment, that I believed was in the room. It had all the elements of rape. He stole from us. He stole our moment and our opportunity. He stole from the country and the world by disturbing us with his comments.”

Parker feels that Obama’s “sentiment” towards Christianity is driven by his views as a “secular progressive,” a topic she covers in her book “Blind Conceit.”

“I think Obama is a secular humanist,” Parker asserted. “Most secular humanists buy into the fact that religion is a problem. Christianity stands in the way of the them being able to do whatever they want. In his blind conceit and rage, Obama can’t even see how evil he is.”

Parker then echoed a popular “sentiment” that those who believe in “big” government don’t feel they need to be “accountable” to the people.

He Doesn’t Love You
America Is A Political Candy Land

Muslim Gang Sign

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Muslim Gang Sign 07

Obama and the Muslim Gang Sign
By F. W. Burleigh

Is President Obama a “Muslim?” A lot has been written about this, but if “photographs” speak louder than words, then a photo taken at last “Augusts’ U.S.-African Leaders’ Summit” in Washington D.C. might shed “considerable” light.

It shows Barack Hussein Obama flashing the “one-finger” affirmation of Islamic “faith” to dozens of African delegates.


Barack Hussein Obama flashes the Muslim “shahada” to delegates of the US-African Leaders Conference in Washington DC in August 2014.

The Associated Press took this “astonishing” photo as the African dignitaries joined Obama, who hosted the event, in a State Department auditorium for a group photograph. It was “published” in an article in Britain’s “Daily Mail,” and it was the only “use ever” of the photo.

Muslim Gang Sign 02

The “one-finger” display is the “distinctive” Muslim “gang” sign”

“The index finger points straight up while the thumb wraps underneath and presses against the digital phalange of the middle finger. The remaining fingers are squeezed against the palm in order to highlight the extended forefinger. The extended finger is symbolic of the one-God concept of Muhammad and is understood by all believers to be a symbolic shahada, the Muslim affirmation of faith: There is but one God and Muhammad is his messenger.”

Thus when believers “stick” their index finger in the air, they demonstrate they are “partisans” of Muhammad’s God concept. And they also “affirm” their belief in Muhammad’s claim he was the “interface” between God and man. They also “demonstrate” they are part of the “umma,” the exclusive “transtribal supertribe” of believers that Muhammad started 1,400 years ago.

With his “forefinger” in the air, Obama affirmed his “membership” in this tribe.

Muslim Gang Sign 03

ISIS fighter displays the gang sign. To Muslims, the extended forefinger is symbolic of the fundamental belief of Islam: “There is but one God and Muhammad is his messenger.”

The “Daily Mail” editors did not “understand” what they were looking at. They captioned it “finger wagging” by Obama. But the African “dignitaries” understood, and a range of “reactions” can be detected among the ones who “observed” the gesture: “amusement, surprise, curiosity, disapproval, contempt.” Note the reactions of “Abdelilah Berkirane,” the prime minister of Morroco pictured just behind Obama’s left shoulder, and “Ibrahim Boubacas Keita,” the president of Mali in white garb and hat. They are Muslims “through and through,” and they are all smiles. They knew what Obama’s “upright” forefinger meant.

Muslim Gang Sign 04

Smug face Obama flashes the Muslim “shahada” gang sign.

The reaction of Togo president “Faure Gnassingbe,” at the top row second to the left, is “less” approving. Through his face you can read the mind of this “Sorbonne and George Washington University” educated leader. His mind is screaming, “You gotta be kidding!”

Muslim Gang Sign 05

Togo president Faure Gnassingbe “You gotta be kidding!”

Gnassingbe’s country is “squeezed” between Benin and the Ivory Coast and is not far from Nigeria and its “Boko Haram” plague, perhaps a two-hour flight in a slow Cessna from Togo’s capital to the Nigerian capital, less than an hour in something faster. At the time of the Washington conference, Boko Haram’s leader “Abubakar Shekau” had just “declared” Borno State in northeastern Nigeria as the “seat” of his caliphate. Massacres of entire “villages” were taking place; only a few months earlier nearly three hundred “girls” were abducted from a Borno secondary school.

Obama to Nigerian Christians: Change Laws on Abortion, Homosexuality If You Want Protection from Boko Haram

Togo has “seven” million people, 50 percent animists, 30 percent Christian. The remainder are “Muslims,” part of the umma. Gnassingbe and all other “non-Muslims” of Togo have reason to worry about “radicalization” of some of these members of the “transtribal” supertribe of Muhammad who reside among them. And so his look of disdain. “You gotta be kidding.”

Muslim Gang Sign 06

Maybe it was Obama’s “idea” of a joke, but that is “unlikely.” The finger in the air was a “position” statement “brazenly” stated. His entire administration has been a “promotion” of Islam at home and abroad, and just cataloging the “evidence” would fill a book. He has made this country “cozy” for Islam, from “ordering” NASA to make Muslims “feel good” about themselves to “calling” ISIS beheading victim Peter Kassig by the Muslim name that he had “adopted” in the vain hope of saving his life.


If only Obama’s “coziness” were limited to such gestures, but from the very beginning of his administration, he labored to “topple” the strongman governments that had kept a “lid” on Islamic extremism: “Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen.” Overthrowing the “Syrian” government was also part the program, not “yet” achieved but still possible. The methodology of each was a “tactic” from old-school radicalism: “stir up domestic trouble that triggers a crackdown, then use the reaction to discredit the government and as a pretext for stirring up greater cycles of trouble until the targeted regime is replaced.”

White Mosque 01

Obama is “comfortable” with Islam’s extreme. He “arms” such people throughout the Middle East. He has let them “into” our government. He supported the “Muslim Brotherhood’s” Muhammad Morsi as the “replacement” for Hosni Mubarak, a staunch “US ally and enemy of the Muslim Brotherhood,” and “threatened and bullied” Egypt when a massive “revolt” replaced Morsi with a “religious” moderate.

The “thread” of all of these efforts was the “reestablishment” of the Islamic “caliphate,” the line of successors of “Muhammad” that ended nearly a century ago with the “collapse” of the Ottoman Empire. This has always been a “Muslim Brotherhood” objective. In their “grandiose” plans, the reestablished caliphate would “stretch” across the Middle East with “Jerusalem” as its capital. The “glory of Islam” resurrected! These people aspire to world “domination,” and the caliphate would “serve” as the base for an “ever-expanding war” on the world until domination is achieved. That was always the “goal” of their role model. Muhammad “ordered” his followers to make “Islam” the only religion,  to create a “universal” umma. As with Obama, they are just following orders.

The caliphate was “resurrected” last year, only it is not in the “hands” of the Muslim Brotherhood — “not yet anyway.” However it came about, the caliphate was Obama’s “creation,” and he has only “half-heartedly” pushed back against it. Now he has “asked” the U.S. Congress for “authorization” for use of military force “against” what he created. What is Obama “up to” with this? In everything he does, “mischief” is the purpose. What mischief does he “intend” now?


There is “nothing” in Obama’s head that is “American.” He is an “antithetical” American, a polar “opposite” of its values that he is “routinely” undermining. He is an “unabashed” member of the transtribal “supertribe” that Muhammad “created” 1,400 years ago; he is of the “umma,” not of America. His “finger” in the air at the African Leaders’ Conference is “unambiguous evidence.”

And it is “evidence” that you have been “had” America. God, have you “ever” been had.

F. W. Burleigh is author of “It’s All About Muhammad, a Biography of the World’s Most Notorious Prophet.” The author blogs at www.itsallaboutmuhammad.com

The Word for this Administration: Islamisant
Obama defends Islam at all cost
Obama’s Glaringly Alone In Ignoring Roots Of Islamist Terror
Obama Refusal To Recognize Radical Islam ‘Horribly Ignorant’

Muslim Gang Sign 00

Acid Revenge

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Battery Acid 01

A 25-year-old man can no longer “use his penis” after his 17-year-old girlfriend poured acid on his genitals to punish him for distributing a “pornographic” video he’d taken of her without her knowledge.

The girl’s name cannot be published because she is “under age,” attacked Humphrey Khoza with “battery acid” while he was drinking “beers” with friends at a tavern in Cork village near Hazyview, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

“Everything happened in a blink of an eye because I saw her when she was coming with a bottle but I didn’t realize that she was carrying acid.”

Battery Acid 03

“She just angrily called me a dog. She asked how in the world I could have done such an evil thing to her. It was only then that I realized that she was talking about the video that I took while we were having consensual sex,” said Khoza.

Khoza said he had been “dating” the schoolgirl since December.

“We agreed to have sex, but she was not aware that I was filming the sex using my laptop computer. I did not intend to show anyone the video and I still don’t know how it got onto social media,” he said.

In the “viral” video Khoza is seen pushing the girl, “who was in her school uniform,” on to the bed. She appeared not to “notice” that she was being “filmed” while they had sex.

She claims she was “deceived” by her ex-boyfriend and was not aware he wasn’t using a “condom” or that he was filming them.

Still, she said in an interview that she never “intended the damage she did to his penis.”

“I had to do something to show him that I was angry and wanted to hurt him so that he can see that he messed with the wrong girl,” she said.

”I heard about the video from one of my classmates and I thought that they were joking, but then I saw the video myself and lost my mind.”

Standard reagent bottle, 20th century.

She searched in her father’s tools for a “wheel spanner” she could use to “teach” Khoza a lesson.

“While I was searching I came across an old acid bottle. I took it and went straight to his regular drinking place and when I got there I became angrier. I didn’t hesitate to pour the acid on him,” she said.

“I never intended to kill his penis. I was just angry and all I wanted was to make him feel the pain I was feeling,” she said.

The “remorseful” Khoza added that although his “penis” is no longer functioning due to the “damage” caused by the “acid,” he was “blessed” to be alive.

He said he was advised to “press” charges against the girl, but “doesn’t” see the point.

“Even if I press charges it is useless because it won’t bring back my manhood. Her being in jail will just ruin her future because she is still young and I do not have the energy to attend courts,” said Khoza.

Battery Acid 05

He now has to “urinate” through a tube and has to “undergo” surgery.

Girls are known to “overreact.”

They ask you “how your day” was and if you don’t “want to talk” about it, you just got yourself a “3-hour fight” about feelings and next thing you know, she’s talking about “something” that happened in 8th grade.

Never in the “history” of the world has a female ever “reacted” calmly and rationally.

Instead of pouring “acid on his dick,” she should have been “buying” him a few beers, “thanking” him for the good “time” they had and for making her “look” good in the “porno” flick.

It’s all about “perspective.”

As for the “dude,” he is way “too cool” about the entire thing.

He said he is just “lucky to be alive”. Well, he “is” not.

He might be “breathing,” but for all “intents and purposes,” you don’t get to claim to be as “alive” as everyone else if your dick just got “sizzled” by a bottle of acid.

Battery Acid 04

It’s “insane” how he’s taking it all in stride, like it’s just another “day at the office.”

Just going to “live” out his days no longer “jerking” off, peeing from a “tube,” and having a dick that “looks” like “fried shrimp.”

Moral of the story?

If you “bang” your girl and “film” it, put it on a “thumb” drive or something similar. Don’t “leave” it on your laptop. It can get “hacked!”

Sniper Fire

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Sniper Fire 01

Guess what other liberal lied about being shot at beside NBC News’s Brian Williams!

Brian Williams told of his “dangerous and daring” 2003 journey in Iraq, where the helicopter he was in was “hit” by an enemy RPG and went “down.”


Doing your “job” is one thing, but doing it under “enemy fire” shows not only just how “committed” Williams is to his “work,” but how truly courageous and “battle-tested” he is!

Sniper Fire 03But hold on.

Now Brian Williams“recanted” that story by saying that he “misremembered” being shot down by an RPG.

It took more than a “decade” for Williams to realize that he “misremembered” the incident.

Surely it couldn’t have been because some soldiers “called him out on the lie.”

Now here’s the “crazy” thing.

Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, said she and her daughter were under “sniper fire” in Bosnia.

But later, after it was “proven” she had “lied,” she admitted she had a “different memory” about the incident.

In fact, not only did Hillary “lie” about the sniper fire, but she “lied” about a couple of other things regarding the “incident” as well.

I guess my mom was right when she told me, “One lie always leads to another.”

Here is Hillary’s “original” account of the incident:

“I remember landing under sniper fire [lie #1], there was no greeting ceremony [lie #2], and we were basically told to run to our cars [lie #3].”

“Now that is what happened!” Did you notice Hillary’s emphatic “that is what happened”?

Sniper Fire 02

Here is the “truth” of the incident:

Truth #1: There was NO “sniper fire.”
Truth #2: There WAS a “greeting ceremony.”
Truth #3: They DID NOT “run to our cars.”

It seems that those accounts of “daring” actions under “hostile” enemy fire were all “lies” to give Hillary some real-life “battle-tested” experience.

As can be seen in the video below, Hillary also “dodged” a sniper’s bullet as she “boarded” a plane in Yemen.

But as it turns out, just like her “Casanova” husband Bill, Hillary has a tough time “telling” the truth.

Lying is obviously a “Clinton” specialty.

Is Hillary Missing Due to Suspension Over Stolen Valor Lie?

Hillary Clinton NO 2016

Good to “remember” going into the 2016 “presidential” campaign.

NBC News suspends Brian Williams for 6 months
Attkisson: Brian Williams ‘Very Much’ Like Hillary
Brian Williams: New Media Claim Another Scalp
Does Brian Williams’s incestuous voyeurism trump lying?

Chewing Gum Etiquette

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Chewing Gum 06

The new “world order” demands new “rules of etiquette, protocol and social bearing.”

The “old” rules have been “overturned” and Indian’s “standard etiquette is passé.”

Chewing Gum 03

Indian media outlets “criticized” President Barack Obama for “chewing” gum during his meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wearing his colorful “Rajasthani” turban.

Chewing Gum Etiquette 01

In what The Times of India called an ungainly sight,” Obama “popped” the gum out of his “mouth” to talk to Modi during the Republic Day Parade, only to “pop it back in his mouth a second later.”

No wonder nobody wants to “shake” Obama’s hand.

Chewing Gum Etiquette 02

News cameras and photographers “captured” Barack working his “jaws” overtime chewing gum. At least it wasn’t “gutka!”

Raised in Indonesia and Africa, President Obama demonstrated his “social” skills such as “popping” bubbles, “spitting” gum, “blowing” smoke rings and “fire” farting expertise.

This is not the “first” time that the American president was “spotted” chewing gum at “important” functions.

Chewing Gum 00

Internet users in China harshly criticized Obama last November when he was spotted “rude and disrespectful” chewing gum at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation held in Beijing.

Obama was also “caught” chewing gum at a World War II ceremony in France and at the G20 Summit while chatting with his “buddy” British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Chewing Gum 09

And who can forget Obama “furiously” chewing gum at his 2013 Inauguration.

Not to be “outdone” by her former boss, Hillary Clinton also committed a grievous “etiquette faux pas” by chewing “gum” in the presence of the King of Sweden, abruptly “ending” her visit to this Scandinavian nation.

Reverberations were “felt” from Stockholm to Washington as the two countries’ usually “friendly” governments attempted to “restore” normal relations.

Chewing Gum Etiquette 05

While reliable “sources” reported the King himself chews “gum” in private, Clinton’s public “display” not only ended her visit but “threatened” to derail a number of “budding” U.S – Sweden initiatives.

“If she’d been more subtle, the King probably wouldn’t even notice,” said a senior Swedish diplomat.

“But she was flapping her jaws like a chipmunk the whole time.”

Hillary was “unable” to comment, due to the large amount of “gum still in her mouth,” while her husband Bill was “away from his office” conducting research for his “latest” humanitarian project, “The Clinton Center for Young Women’s Internships.”

Chewing Gum 10

Mullah Obama

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Mullah Obama 01

“Islamic terrorism is NOT an existential threat,” says Mullah Obama from the White Mosque where he is “pretending” to act as “Christian” president of the United States of America.

I’m sure the 220 Assyrian Christians who were just abducted by the Islamic State will be “happy” to hear that.

“Allahu Akbar” is what Muslims shout when “beheading” or “burn” hogtied victims “in the name of God.”

Mullah Obama 02

Mullah Obama 03


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