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Stalking You Tubers 02

The Ultimate “Only in Russia” Compilation


Top 5 Reasons You CANNOT Vote Hillary Clinton


Trump’s African-American support is TRIPLE Mitt Romney’s


Hillary Insulted Me! Hillary is Arrogant Pathological Liar!

Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement 9/10/16.


Muslims Throwing Gays Off Rooftop Shouting Allah Akbar…

…Welcome to Sharia Law coming soon to a city near you.


The Most Disturbing Video on the Islamic Invasion of Europe You’ll Ever See…


Hillary Clinton’s Weekend at Bernie’s…

…Hillary while she faints.


Picture of the Week…



Obama: US Must Accept Syrian Refugees…

obama-hater-05jpgAll Orphans and Widows


It is becoming increasingly apparent that Donald Trump is getting more support from Black Americans than any other Republican candidate for president ever has…

…I could post new videos from hardworking Black Americans like this one every day.


Hillary Clinton – Ground Zero Analysis…


During a concert, KISS took a shot at Colin Kaepernick who refuses to stand for the National Anthem, presented a $150,000 check to a veterans organization, recited the pledge of allegiance and played a killer version of The Star Spangled Banner.

Kaepernick And Other Spoiled Trash Piss On 9/11 Victims…


Finally Hillary Rodham Clinton hit the dust…

A news anchor shocked his audience Sunday when he opened up the nightly news by saying, “Good evening, we begin with Hillary Clinton’s death.”


Hitler finds out The Patriots beat the Cardinals…

I do apologize for the grammar and spelling. I threw together pretty quickly in response to a request on reddit. I honestly didn’t think that many people would end up watching it, so I really didn’t spend that much time (i.e., none) re-reading it. I am genuinely glad most of you enjoyed it.



…. Watch the entire video. If you dare.


Defector from ISIS-Khorasan…

…I witnessed the worst crimes against humanity.


Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers…

…Stand Up And Say So (Hillary’s America).


Hillary’s fall: Which official excuse is the truth?

NBC, which was filming Clinton on behalf of a consortium of TV stations called a pool, NBC said: “We are told by the campaign that we are no longer allowed to shoot anything from the ceremony.” The only thing more shocking than that absurd demand is that the media complied. But a guy named Zdenek Gazda happened to use his cell phone to film Clinton, tottering, being hoisted into her van. Did they whisk her off to the nearest emergency room? No, they went to her daughter’s apartment. How bizarre is that? Then the Clinton campaign doctor announced that Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. But then, why was she going to public events? It’s contagious! With the Clintons, you never know, do you? All you know is that you can’t trust them, ever.

College students agree: Women shouldn’t vote! David Menzies went to Ryerson University and asked students a simple question, “would you sign our petition to have the authorities stamp out women’s suffrage?” WARNING the answers in this video are cringe worthy and mostly make everyone regret their degree from Ryerson.

The women’s suffrage movement (aka woman suffrage) was the struggle for the right of women to vote and run for office and is part of the overall women’s rights movement.


What Is a Globalist?

The term “globalism” is a scary catch-all word invented by Trump supporters, or the alt right. A word that means nothing at best, and is a racist code at worst. The reality is that globalism means something very specific, and very dangerous, if you value democracy, individualism, or any of the values of Western civilization.


How to increase sales at your restaurant in Minnesotastan…

…that is one restaurant I would frequent frequently.


Donald Trump ENORMOUS! Rally in Fort Myers, Florida (9/19/2016)


Picture of the Month…



University of Houston Facilitates “Emotional First Aid Kits” for Students…

In this hilarious and satirical video, James O’Keefe once again takes on the overly sensitive college policies and professors who are mollycoddling students on campuses across the country. This undercover video highlights the thought processes of two University of Houston faculty members who take political correctness to such an extreme that they help create “emotional first aid kits” distributed by the 99.99% Society as a way to protect students from “micro aggressions”. With an original musical track entitled “Emotional First Aid”, which has a catchy hip-hop beat, pop sensibilities and mildly political lyrics, this video features O’Keefe, VICE co-founder Gavin McInnes, Fox News contributor Guy Benson and Lucian “Twinks for Trump” Wintrich.


KKK Claims $20K In Clinton Donations

A Grand Dragon of the California Klan claims to have raised about $20K for her campaign.


Hillary’s Loony VAN Ambulance!…

…Doctor Rides Along, Drugging Clinton For Seizures.

Deplorables Unite…Trump Anthem….

All over the world – the spread of the Trump revolution continues for a free people and sovereign nations free from the clutches of globalism and Islamic terrorism. If being nationalistic, patriotic, and free people who enjoy the riches of modern civilization is considered “deplorable” then count us in and consider us UNITED!

Have the media told you about all the #LatinosForTrump?…

…didn’t think so.


Palestinian Author…

…We Can Sacrifice 1-2 Million Arabs a Year to Liberate Palestine.


Alex Jones Declares War On The NWO: Epic Rant…

While unveiling the new Infowars Live app Alex Jones goes ballistic on the criminal scum who are destroying America and gives and gives an epic rant you can’t miss.


Milo’s Sings A FABULOUS National Anthem…

What’s better: his outfit, or his pipes?


Hillary Clinton’s Health Problems Interview…


Netanyahu: The UN has become a moral farce…

…Too bad he was speaking to a near empty General Assembly…symbolic of the uselessness and ineffectiveness that the Muslim-apologist United Nations has come to represent.

Semper FI

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August 30, 2016

Mr. Colin Kaepernick
Levi’s Stadium
4900 Marie P. DeBartolo Way
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Dear Colin,

You are right, the issue is bigger than football and it is self-seeking on your part to look the other way and sit during the playing of the national anthem.

The pre-game anthem and salute to our flag is a commemoration of the greatest nation ever known to man and the freedoms it protects, and we as citizens enjoy.

Colin – selfishness – your narrow mindedness has shown that you do not respect the country that provides you with the freedom to disrespect it … instead you chose to not only use a stage that is bigger than you to convey an unsupported and false claim, but also show an impertinence that belies your capitalist inclination to sustain yourself off the same republic you – now irrevocably – disrespect and apparently disdain.

Colin, you may wonder what the flag means to the majority of Americans … I suggest you contemplate Ruth Apperson Rous’s “I am the Flag,” quoted in part:

“My colors symbolize the patriotic ideals and spiritual qualities of the citizens of my country; My white stripes stand for liberty and equality for all; I represent these eternal principles: liberty, justice, and humanity; I embody American freedom: freedom of speech, religion, assembly, the press, and the sanctity of the home; I am a living symbol of my nation’s law: the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights; I am your title deed of freedom, which is yours to enjoy and hold in trust for posterity; and If you fail to keep this sacred trust inviolate, if I am nullified and destroyed, you and your children will become slaves to dictators and despots; Eternal vigilance is your price of freedom; and As you see me silhouetted against the peaceful skies of my country, remind yourself that I am the flag of your country, that I stand for what you are – no more, no less.”

Colin, for your information, there are bodies of citizens who have died … died for the freedoms you so now despise. If you choose, you can visit these citizens at any number of cemeteries overseas in places like the Ardennes, Belleau Wood, Saipan, Flanders Field, Florence, Brookwood; Rhone, Guadalcanal, Lorraine, Manilla, Normandy, Sicily, North Africa, and the Meuse-Argonne.

In the continental United States you can visit national cemeteries with names such as Shiloh, Alabama, Andersonville, Willamette, Alton, Annapolis, Antietam, Bakersfield, Balls Bluff, Wilmington, Stones River, Woodlawn, Yorktown, Vicksburg, Quantico, New Albany, Seven Pines, or in your own backyard, Golden Gate National Military Cemetery.

Colin, to paraphrase a few lines from the movie a “Few Good Men,” you have the luxury of not knowing what the heroes of America have sacrificed so you can live the life you lead.

For those of us who have served and respect the United States, the American flag, and what they represent, and all the heroes past and future that have and will keep us free, I say to you, we have neither the time nor the inclination to further explain this to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom our heroes and our country provide.

Colin, you don’t even have the decency to say thank you to a country that has given you the freedom to enjoy what you have. Enjoy your freedom.

Semper FI
Jack Bu
Former Sergeant of Marines


Coward Colin Kaepernick

Hillary’s Struggles

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Hillary faces many “struggles” on a day-to-day basis.

The “struggle” with Watergate…


The “struggle” with her accomplishments as Secretary of State…

The “struggle” answering question on what her message is…

The “struggle” to get past Bernie Sanders in California…

The “struggle” with her New York subway MetroCard card…

The “struggle” with her many black friends…

The “struggle” with white men…

The “struggle” with Woman Voters…

The “struggle” to get into her limousine…


The “struggle” to go up a few stairs…

Corrupt Hillary Clinton 03

The “struggle” to hide those pesky seizures…

The “struggle” with incontinence…


The “struggle” to board a plane…

The “struggle”  to go up a few stairs at Temple University


The “struggle” with coughing attacks…

The “struggle” with answering question about her email server compromising National Security…

The “struggle” to survive her scandals…

The “struggle” to open a jar of pickles…

But most important, the “struggle” to remain upright in the blistering 72 degree heat of New York City.

Don’t think for a moment that her life has been without a “struggle” – she faces many “struggles” in the future.

Hillary was and remains the most dubiously innocent woman in America. Butt what difference at this point does it make?


Hillary Clinton


Les Deplorables

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#JeSuisDeplorable…are you?

Hillary hating half of America is a diagnosed psychological condition known as “Deploraphobia”.#BasketOfDeplorables – #JeSuisDeplorable — Deplorable Mike (@HBwriterMike) September 11, 2016

#Deplorables I’ve been called worse by better. @realDonaldTrump keep showing that class Mr Trump. Je Suis Deplorable#jesuisdeplorable — BILL REYNOLDS (@pwreynolds007) September 12, 2016


Here’s some more Deplorable white racist, sexist, homophobe, islamophobes. #BasketOfDeplorables #JeSuisDeplorable — Deplorable Mike (@HBwriterMike) September 11, 2016

#JeSuisDeplorable I’m a proud @realDonaldTrump Deplorable! — Tea Party Aussie (@TeaPartyAussie) September 10, 2016


.@HillaryClinton How do I tell if I am in the #BasketOfDeplorables or the other basket. Thanks in advance for your reply!#JeSuisDéplorable — Je suis déplorable (@MichaelBarger1) September 10, 2016

.@mike_pence on @HillaryClinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment: “The simple fact is she didn’t apologize for this.” #SpecialReport — Fox News (@FoxNews) September 12, 2016


.@GovChristie: @HillaryClinton “says she’s going to bring the country together, yet she says half of Trump supporters are ‘deplorables.’” — Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly) September 13, 2016

“Working families, Middle Class to tell Left to Go to Hell: Clinton’s deplorables & Obama’s clingers” #MAGA #Dobbs — Lou Dobbs (@LouDobbs) September 12, 2016


About the “basket of deplorables” via @nytopinion — The New York Times (@nytimes) September 12, 2016

Clinton stands by “deplorables,” but walks back the basket size a bit — HuffPost Politics (@HuffPostPol) September 11, 2016


Kaine: Clinton “deplorables” comment doesn’t warrant an apology — The Hill (@thehill) September 11, 2016

Phares to Elaph “The so called deplorables will win the election” Quoted in liberal Pan Arab Elaph journal Dr… — Walid Phares (@WalidPhares) September 11, 2016


MUST SEE VIDEO. AMAZING! Trump Invites Supporters on Stage to Respond to Hillary’s “Deplorables” Statement — Deplorable Patriot (@ThePatriot143) September 13, 2016

CankleGate II

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Hillary (Cankle) Clinton “abruptly” left a Manhattan ceremony marking the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 “terrorist” attacks.

Videos show her “shakily” stumbling when her “Cankles” gave out while trying to get “into” a van to leave.

The candidate’s “physician” later offered this explanation:

“Clinton has had an allergy-related cough for some time, and during an examination on Friday, the Democratic nominee was diagnosed with pneumonia, put on antibiotics, and told to take time out to rest. She became overheated and dehydrated during Sunday morning’s event, which led her to collapse. She’s now home in Chappaqua and on the road to recovery.”

The most “charitable” reading of this timeline is that her campaign — presumably with the “blessing and insistence” of the candidate — fully intended to keep her “illness” a secret from the public.

Let’s be clear about what this means.

“Her campaign intended to lie. Even though doing so would require her to keep up a public schedule that might well make her condition worse and require ever-more elaborate forms of concealment. Because, of course, to curtail her schedule would raise questions that might reveal the truth.”

Experience counts. So do solutions, and Hillary has both.


No wonder Husband “Casanova” Bill Clinton finds the grass greener elsewhere.

Lately, Hillary has chosen smaller, more “intimate” venues for her rallies, and as one audience member in the crowded “phone booth” asked:

“Like you and many Americans, I have Cankles– unsightly calves that go straight into my ankles. Yet, you are proof that a woman horribly afflicted with Cankles can be sexy even outside the fetish fringes. What is your secret? Are you some mysterious enchantress? What spell have you cast on us? and what is your national plan to combat the growing threat of Cankles in America?”

A national plan, you ask? Hillary laughed and said the national “Cankle” epidemic was too great for one woman to “handle” alone.

But she has a plan, a solution: “The Mandated Pantsuit Act of 20016”

I think it’s time to break out Joe “Mensa” Biden. Hillary just can’t do it anymore.

I’m Deplorable and I’m Proud

Help I’ve Fallen

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Our “physically” challenged, “deplorable” presidential wannabee said she had to “leave” the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero cause she was “overcome with emotion.”

Clearly the video tells a “different” story. Zoomed into Hillary’s foot showing that she is “out cold” and would have “fallen” to the ground if she wasn’t being “held up!”

She was just overheated. The weather has been horrific, very hot, extremely humid temperatures in New York City and people were “dropping” like flies all over.


The hospitals are full of people who “fainted” in the New York desert on 9/11.


Regarding Hillary Clinton’s “health” issues, including a “letter” from the presidential candidate’s “personal physician” dubbing Clinton in “excellent physical condition” with a clean “bill of health” Comic legend Jackie Mason said:

“Well, the way she lies all the time every time she talks she can’t seem to talk without lying. So if she says she has a letter from a doctor the chances are the letter is from a plumber and probably there was no doctor involved and no doctor ever saw her. She knows other liars but I don’t think she knows any doctors. So if the doctor saw her, he would know that she is not only in bad shape physically but mentally she is in ever worse shape. Anybody who can’t talk without lying shouldn’t see a doctor; she should see a psychiatrist.”

Addressing the persistent “cough,” Mason quipped:

“And I noticed that the coughing spells come at very strange times depending on what the issue is and what the question is. When she’s ahead in the polls the coughing never showed up. Now all of the sudden as she is slipping lower in the polls, the coughing is getting louder and louder. And it also depends on what the question is. If it’s a very hard question you hear a fantastic cough. The cough never stops. And when the question is a little more pleasant there is likely less coughing. And if you give her a compliment she doesn’t cough at all.”

The comic also “linked” Clinton’s health issues to reports that during questioning over her “private email server,” Clinton told the FBI she could not “recall” more than three-dozen things “related” to the email probe.

“She said about three hundred and twelve times I can’t recall. Now, did you want somebody in the job of president who has no memory and can’t recall? And can’t recall anything anybody asks her? What if she gets elected and she can’t recall that she got the job? What if she gets the job and she doesn’t remember in which country. And then if they are threatened with a terrorist attack she won’t remember if we’re supposed to fight back or we are supposed to accept it if or if we are supposed to be bombed. Because maybe she won’t remember if we deserve it. And then when it’s time to be inaugurated she won’t remember where or why or what is the job that she got in the first place. Now she has to go to the White House so she won’t remember where the building is. She won’t remember if it’s a White House or a greenhouse. She’ll wind up in the wrong building. Is this the kind of a person that you want as the President of the United States?”

Hillary’s mental meltdown was also exposed when she used the phrase “Deplorable Americans” for months in her fund raising efforts.

These events are usually “closed” and no recording “devices” allowed. Her “mistake” this time was to say it in “front” of cameras. She also used it in “foreign” press interviews.

The walk back “apology” is also lie. Hillary did not just “misspeak” at the fund raiser. She had the “audacity” to make the exact same “basket of deplorables” comment during an interview on Israeli TV.

The woman is “unconscionable” to talk about Americans in such a “degrading” way to Israel. Go to the 2:08 mark in the video link below and you will “hear” Hillary Clinton say the “exact same thing,” as she did at a “recent” Barbara Streisand fund raiser.

Corrupt, lying Hillary should be in “prison” for all her crimes against America. Swinging at the end of a “gallows’ rope” would be another option for this traitor.

Dr. Ted Noel, former Director of the “NovaMed Surgery Center” in Orlando, has recently released a video replying to critics of his earlier “analysis” of Hillary’s medical condition.

That video makes a detailed, “persuasive” case that Parkinson’s disease best explains the “neurological” and other symptoms Hillary has “displayed” since 2005.

In an interview with FOX host Sean Hannity, Assange said that WikiLeaks has “tens of thousands, possibly as many as a hundred thousand, pages of documents of different types, related to the operations that Hillary Clinton is associated with.”

Bleachbit and hammers and lying to Congress,
e-mails go missing while public still ponders
millions and millions for speeches with bling
these are a few of my favorite things…..

Comey and Loretta are still in my favors
Trumpsters and coal miners get hot tar and white feathers
Julian and Wikileaks are waiting to sing
These are not the worst of my terrible things….

You’re despicable, you’re deplorable
I’m wild over despicable, deplorable you
You’re punchable, so crunchable
And that’s why I want you dead like I do

My heart’s afire with hate’s desire
And someday I hope that my dreams will come true
If it’s permissible, it will be blissable,
To beat you, despicable, deplorable you.


Hillary ‘Should Go to a Hospital and See a Neurologist’
Hillary’s health suddenly legitimized as campaign issue by fainting episode at 9/11 memorial service
Deplorable me and disgusting Hillary
Deplorably, Trump is going to win

Women Under Sharia

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Women Under Sharia
By Aynaz Anni Cyrus

Fourteen years ago my life changed forever as I arrived in the United States, holding tightly to hope and a promise.

That promise was freedom and a dream of a better life.

I entered this beautiful country as a documented immigrant at the age of 18 in August 2002, almost one year after 9/11. After surviving 15 years of oppression under Sharia in Iran, I felt older than my years. I had seen too much and I knew all too well the suffering of those who were subjected to Islam. What I had witnessed and experienced had left my soul weary. But in America, I felt safe. I was able to breathe, and I could stop looking over my shoulder and living in fear.

I could now believe in miracles. Here I was, the newest member of the greatest country in the world. It was my rebirth into freedom. I was in a new place that viewed me as a human; someone of value to society. Finally, my life mattered. I was a daughter of liberty; a citizen of the U.S.A.

I’ve never forgotten those who I left behind — and I have dedicated my life to them. How could I turn my back on them, when I know all too well the vicious suffering women endure in Islamic-ruled countries?

At the age of 9, Qur’anic teachings and Islamic traditions forced me into womanhood. My thoughts, my actions and my life were no longer my own. From that moment on, I lost all rights as a person, as my instruction in preparation to marry and bear children became my only purpose in life. No longer would I be allowed in public without my hijab; prayer and submission would dominate my days. The life of a carefree child at play came to an abrupt and sudden end.

For the next 9 years, I would suffer terrible cruelty under Islam. Rape, lashings, arrests and beatings were my life because I was regarded as property to be “handled” rather than a human being to be loved. During those nine years, I was sold into marriage to a much older man who abused me terribly. A bruised body and broken bones became a common reality for me, and there was little I could do to stop it. Divorce was not an option. Islamic law offers women little support in abusive marriages.

I was trapped, like so many other young girls and women around me were. My silent screams of desperation would remain unheard — until the day I decided I would rather die escaping than continue to live my life as a slave.

Fourteen years have now passed since I gained my freedom and began my mission to help and liberate those still trapped in Islamic countries. I do my best to be a voice for the voiceless who are still living a nightmare under the tyrannical rule of Islam.

I also fight for my fellow Americans. The present danger that Islam poses to this nation is very real, despite what our leftist government and media would have you believe. And because of the willful blindness and corruption within our government and media, America is now in grave danger vis-à-vis Islamic Supremacism and Jihad. I am witness to the hidden war between Islam and the West, and I see clearly, with great sadness and fear, that we are losing.

There are those voices amongst us that argue that Sharia is compatible with American life and can coexist harmoniously alongside the U.S. Constitution. Sorry, but I know Sharia. I know Islam. The coexistence of Sharia with the U.S. Constitution is impossible. And it is crucial to crystallize this fact and to expose exactly what Sharia is because it is now making significant gains on our territory.

Sharia severely limits individual rights, and every country ruled by Sharia forces its citizens to adhere to a strict code of living in accordance with the Qur’an, Hadith and the Supreme leader’s ruling. The concept of free speech, for instance, is anathema to Islam. So is the notion of the individual. In Islam, it is “Allah” who dictates and defines the limits on acceptable and unacceptable actions. In Islam, it is the Qur’an that dictates the lives of the believers, and they have no freedom of choice in regard to anything they do.

Sharia denies its followers basic human dignity. In Islamic countries, women are second-class citizens, mere property, and denied many of the rights Americans take for granted. The right to initiate divorce, travel alone, or own property unless permitted by a man is denied to a woman in Islam.

Submission of the individual is also evident in Islam’s denial of freedom of religion. Under Sharia, you must practice Islam. Anyone born in an Islamic country is, by law, a Muslim, regardless of heritage. Attempting to change your faith is punishable by death.

In my homeland, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Sharia is the law of the land. To speak out against it has dire consequences. Because of Sharia, Iran has one of the highest number of executions in the world. Reports and evidence of crimes against humanity come out of the Islamic Republic daily, many from released prisoners and their families. Patterns of torture, abuse and death of political prisoners are an undeniable truth.

I am saying all of this because today, as I look at what is happening in America, I see our freedom gravely threatened. Islam is at war with us, and it will stop at nothing in its deliberate and sustained attack on our freedoms. Islamization of the West is occurring at a very fast pace and one of the vehicles Supremacists are using to achieve it is the flooding of Western countries with Muslim refugees. Islamic Obama has opened the floodgates and Hillary intends to escalate the process.

Our leadership and media, meanwhile, perpetrate the lie that accepting these refugees is somehow about tolerance. It is not about tolerance — it is about our values being exploited by our enemies to assist us in cultural suicide and leaving ourselves vulnerable to jihadist attacks.

The dire danger to America lies in the lies told by our leftist government and media and the ignorance of many Americans about Islam’s true character and purpose. I fear that Americans have become blind to how precious and rare freedom is and how it must be protected and fought for without pause. I can’t help but fear that what is coming to America is what came to my homeland in 1979 — and I refuse to be silenced again. And because I refuse to be silent today, I know that certain Islamic forces have targeted me. But I will continue to speak out.

I tell you these things not to gain your sympathy, but to help you understand that our freedom is under fire. Our country is headed down a very dangerous path. The Left has succeeded in making resistance to Islamization appear to be racism and hatred. We must fight this malicious lie. We must fight to become well-informed and educated about Islam in order to defeat leftist and Islamist propaganda. By remaining silent, being afraid to be called names and ignoring reality, we will be surrendering our freedoms to the enemy.

Time is short. Every day that passes is one day we cannot spare. My hope for freedom and a better life was realized when I stepped on American soil fourteen years ago. But what frightens me is that the pernicious evil I escaped from is now coming here. I see it with my own eyes – and, catastrophically, this nation is sleepwalking like a zombie into disaster. I will not allow my freedom to be taken away again without fighting till my last breath. I hope my fellow Americans who love their country as much as I do will join me and other freedom fighters in our battle to save it.

Aynaz “Anni” Cyrus is a 32-year-old Iranian-born woman who “rejected” Islam and “fled” Iran to America in her teens. She came to the United States after years of “persecution, torture, and imprisonment.” Now she works to “protect and defend” the rights of women and girls under the oppression of “Sharia Law” and fights to raise “awareness” through informative videos, radio interviews, blog posts and on her “Live Up To Freedom” website.

She’ll tell her story of life in an “Islamic gulag” and what life is like for women under Sharia Law. We also discuss what the Qur’an “really” says about women and the “claim” that Islam is a religion of peace. Later, Annie shares her view on western “feminists and liberals” who are welcoming Islam and so called “refugees” into western nations. She’ll also tell why she “supports” Trump.

She is the producer of The Glazov Gang and hosts its feature, The Unknown.


Letter to Donald Trump
It takes one to know one