Chill Out Moments

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Chill Out Moments 00

“Sumo Wrestling”

How big these fellas are, pretty impressive.

“Zack The Golden Retriever Buys Ice Cream”

The only thing missing was Zack getting to enjoy the frozen treat.

“ISIS Prison Rescue”

Helmet Cam Video

“FSU Delta Gamma”

Often imitated, never duplicated…

“Take Off and Landings”

Watching planes almost decapitate people.

“Dude Hang Glides For Two Seconds”

Then goes barreling into a group of people.

“I Said No Pictures!”

North West telling Paparazzi, on her way to ballet class.

“Andy Stumpf is a veritable bad ass”

Broke the world record for the longest wing suit flight of 18.257 miles.

“Calls of Mass Confusion”

Prank phone calls to unsuspecting people. Enjoy!

“Guy Masturbating In A Store”

Can only get off to a PS4 in the middle of a Russian electronics store.

“Indiana’s ZTA Sorority Girls Reminded Me”

That not everything about College sucks these days.

“How To Ignite Fireworks”

And still manage to jump into the pool head first.

“Rider On The Platform”

This Dude would fit right in with Mick and Bowie and not miss a beat.

November Islam Updates

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Bare Naked Islam 01

Gasoline Taxes Itemized

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Gasoline Taxes Itemized 00

Chicago gas prices “highest” in the state as “prices” drop across U.S.

Motorists filling up at Chicago “pumps” can expect to pay an additional $0.16 per gallon in Regional Transportation Authority, county and city taxes, making gas sold in the city the costliest in any of Illinois’ “metro” areas.

Thanks to the fall in “crude” oil prices, gas prices are “dropping” across Illinois and the U.S. just as travelers prepare to “hit the road” for Thanksgiving.

Though Chicago’s prices have fallen “significantly” as well, drivers filling up in the city are still “paying” much more than their “counterparts” elsewhere in the state.

At $2.02, the average price per gallon of gas in Illinois is actually lower than the “national” average, which sits at $2.07, according to AAA.

But in Chicago, the price per gallon is $2.41, by far the “highest” price of any major metro “area” in the state.

Gasoline Taxes Itemized 04

One of the major “reasons” Chicago’s prices are so high is the “city and state’s” additional gas sales “tax” burden.

Traditional gas taxes such as “motor fuel taxes” are a fixed amount per gallon. These taxes “generally” pay for “road maintenance and other transportation expenses” and motorists in all states “pay” these taxes.

Illinois, on the other hand, is one of only seven to apply an additional “sales tax” to gas purchases. Combined, the “federal, state, county, Chicago motor fuel and sales taxes” total $0.66 per gallon at today’s price. That leaves the “raw” price per gallon at $1.75.

These taxes don’t “show up” on your receipt, they’re “hidden” by being built into the “price per gallon” advertised along the roadways.

Even “worse,” unlike the motor fuel taxes, which are a “fixed” amount per gallon,  the sales taxes are set as “percentage” rates.

And there are even more layers of “taxation” within a person’s gas bill. Here’s how Illinois’ “layers and layers” of gas taxation break down for a person “filling up” his or her tank in Chicago.

Taxes the “Regional Transportation Authority, county and city” levy add $0.16 per gallon to the price of gas “sold” in Chicago.

Gasoline Taxes Itemized 02

Illinois’ 6.25 percent “sales” tax adds $0.11 per gallon to the price of gasoline sold everywhere in the state, on “top” of federal and state environmental and motor fuel taxes.

Thus, drivers filling up at Chicago “pumps” face combined “federal, state, Regional Transportation Authority, county, Chicago motor fuel and sales taxes” of $0.66 per gallon at today’s prices.

And while “gas-tax dollars” in most states fund “roads and transportation” services, the revenue generated by “state sales taxes” goes to the state’s “general” fund.

That means Illinois is “pouring” gas-tax dollars into various government “spending,” including pensions.

I guess the government bureaucrats “deliberately and intentionally” hide these taxes, so the consumer will “blame” the evil oil companies for “high” prices.

Gasoline Taxes Itemized 03

It might not be as “fast” as a car, but it’s a way to avoid “high” gas prices and the additional “gas” taxes!

Illinois Policy Institute
Debunking the Myth That Only Drivers Pay for Roads
Why do you never see gasoline taxes itemized on your receipt?

Safe Negro

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Safe Negro 00

I thought terms like “colored people” and “negro” were considered derogatory to blacks.

And yet we “still” have organizations called “The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People” and the “United Negro College Fund.“

Joy Williams, the Brooklyn “head” of the NAACP in an interview referred to Ben Carson as a “Safe Negro.”

After an uproar, she “claimed” she was referring to “what other people thought of Carson,” though she still “affirmed” that she thought he was “safe” for Republican voters.

GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson’s campaign manager Barry Bennett was “firing” back at an MSNBC guest and NAACP chapter president L. Joy Williams, who said people are supporting Carson because he is a “safe negro” for Republicans.

Safe Negro 01

In other words, Williams, the head of the local “Colored Person” chapter, says Republicans are “racist” for supporting Carson and think of him as a “negro.”

“I did not call him a ‘safe negro,’” she said in an email.

“In responding to the GOP panel member’s comment about Dr. Carson criticizing the President, ‘…a Black man attacking another Black man…’, I said that he is perceived that way by some of his supporters.”

So the “Colored Person Association” chapter president said that she, as a “Colored Person Association” member, would never call a black man a “negro” and was only saying what “others” would think of him.

The “Colored Person Association” racist went on:

“That is evident even among those who are critical of my comment and sending messages to me about it. They believe Dr. Carson is ‘not like the rest of you Blacks,’ a direct quote of a message I received.”

I’m glad Joy Williams was able, as an “expert on racism,” to set the record straight.

Safe Negro 02

But I don’t think a person from an organization that still calls itself “Colored Persons” in the 21st century has a good “moral” claim to be “against” racism.

I think rather than Republicans thinking of Ben Carson as a “safe negro,” it’s more likely that the lady from the “Colored Person Association” views Ben Carson as a “dangerous negro.”

Ben Carson is “dangerous” because he is a prominent, successful “black” man who in some ways “embraces” conservatism. That’s why he is a “threat” to liberal blacks, because he is showing a “road to success” that does not require “government” intervention.

It’s comical when “race-biters” like Williams from an organization that still uses “colored person” in the name accuses “others” of being “racist.”

It’s very much the “kettle calling the pot ebony.”

The “Noble” Negro

Safe Negro 03


The “noble” negro will spare you if you give it everything in the safe and whatever else you have in your pockets. Also it will need your car. Don’t mind if the noble negro takes more than one sucker!

Safe Negro 04


The “noble” negro knows how it is to be poor, broke and near death. Your clothes in exchange for your life seems like a fair enough trade off.

Safe Negro 05


The “noble” negro understands that feel. To understand pain, one must experience it. You won’t miss a few extra dollars. Thanks noble negro!


The “noble” negro will only take everything except your driver’s license.

Safe Negro 06


The “noble” negro will try its best not to give your wife Aids.

Safe Negro 08

William Henry “Bill” Cosby, Jr.

The “Unsafe” Negro

“Safe Negro”: MSNBC Liberal Claims She Wasn’t Calling Dr. Ben Carson Racial Epithet,
“Dangerous Token Negro”: DC Media’s Destruction of Carson Begins
Ben Carson Presidency Would Be “Unmitigated Disaster” for Black Americans


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Smart Water 01

SmartWater is “inspired” by the way mother “nature” makes water, known as the “hydrologic” cycle.

Hillary Clinton “simulate” this process by vapor distilling “rain” water in her Chappaqua, NY home, making every drop as “pure” as the very first drop of rain, before it “passed” through pollutants.

Smart Water 05

She then “helped” mother nature by adding in “electrolytes” for a clean “crisp” taste.

If that doesn’t sound like “genius,” it is. SmartWater is “smart” because Hillary “made” it that way.

To prove the point here is a photo of four “elderly” ladies sitting together in a retirement home “chatting” about  “younger” times.


When they heard about Hillary’s “Fountain of Youth” creation they “pooled” their money to “buy” a case of “SmartWater.”

As soon as it arrived, they “drank” as directed. The rest of this “story” will make you a “believer,” because here they are “today”

Smart Water 04

This is “true” story! Really!

Hillary has a limited supply of “SmartWater” available on a first come, first serve basis at the incredibly “low” price of just $199.95 a bottle.

Smart Water 02

Hurry, before the Chappaqua “basement” inventory runs out!

Make checks payable to: “Hillary Clinton” in care of The Clinton Foundation.

You can “trust” Hillary, she we would never “lie” to you, especially about “your” healthcare concerns.

“SmartWater” – Inspired by Chappaqua “clouds…”

Smart Water 06

vapor distilled water,
calcium chloride
magnesium chloride
potassium bicarbonate
electrolytes added for taste

Drink “up” ladies. Together, we can “make a difference.”

Invasion 2020

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Invasion 2020 01

What if there “really” is a specific plan to “transform America into an Islamic nation by 2020?”

The author of the new Christian suspense novel “Invasion 2020” answers that question and looks at what could be going on “behind the scenes” with a captivating story based on a “myriad of facts” woven in along with the fiction!


An “awakening”began on September 11th, 2001 and it was the first of “Al-Qaeda’s 7-phase” plan. That’s one of the intertwined “foundations” of the Christian suspense novel, “Invasion 2020.”

Combine Christian fiction, facts on “Islamic terrorism, political intrigue, suspense, and even romance,” and add compelling characters caught in a web of “media and government deception,” and you’ve got “Invasion 2020!”

In Colorado an intrepid “investigative” reporter and a “photojournalist” battle political correctness, a rigid “editor,” and a White House “media” representative who will “silence” anyone that doesn’t “comply” with his standards.

A “Muslim” doctor from Gaza “dreams” of America and leaves “Islam” for the God of the Bible.

In Washington, DC, a naive White House “intern” discovers dangerous and powerful men have “infiltrated” the media office and the administration for the purpose of “controlling” information.

Chatter from “ISIS and al-Qaeda” alert military intelligence of “pending” threats.

The Joint Terrorism Task Force “struggles” to prevent lone-wolf terrorists from “striking” out on their own with the goal of “wreaking” havoc on our “freedoms,” our “fears,” and our “way of life.”

Be enlightened and entertained as you “discover” a rarely discussed agenda with “secret documents” detailing plans for America and the “goals” they don’t want you or our government to know about.

The novel includes facts about the “true nature” of Islam and their agenda concealed by a “compliant” media and an “ignorant” administration.

Invasion 2020 02

With references to many “true” stories and articles about Islam, the reader can see how much has been “hidden” from their view.

The “suspenseful” story takes the reader on a journey with “terrorist attacks, political intrigue,” plus a web of “media and government deception.”

There are also “spiritual” transformations, “changed” lives, and even a “little” romance.

You’ll want to follow the “compelling” character’s ups and downs, their “conflicts and challenges” coupled with their “battle” to inform the public about the “dangers and reality” of Islam.

The author doesn’t just “weave” a good tale about good and evil, but “enlightens, entertains and educates.”

Get the eye-opening “eBook” version of “Invasion 2020” for just $4.99 now at any of these websites: Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Kobo Books and watch for the “print” version to be released in 2016!

Invasion 2020 03

“Invasion 2020 is captivating! Dealing with real issues and crises, it gives an eye-opening look into a world foreign to most Americans. It’s dynamic ending is absolutely amazing, revealing the only real answer to this threat!” – William J. Federer, Bestselling author and nationally known speaker.

Offensive Bibles

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Offensive Bible 01

The New America! Offensive Bibles!

Guests “seeking” a Bible at Northern Illinois University‘s campus hotel now must call the “front desk” after a “horrified” women complained that the “sacred” scripture had “no place” in the nightstand.

Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the “Freedom From Religion Foundation,” discovered a “Bible” in a drawer during her “stay” on the DeKalb campus where she had been invited to speak by the “Secular Student Alliance.”

Offensive Bible 03

Upon her return home, the foundation’s “lawyer” wrote a letter to the “Holmes Student Center” director requesting the Bibles be “removed.”

“It sends a message of endorsement. ‘We think it’s so important you can’t possibly go to sleep at night without your Christian Bible in your bedside table’,” Gaylor said.

“It’s proselytizing in the privacy of a room you probably paid a lot of money for. It’s bad manners.”

Brad Hoey, a university spokesman, said the student center “removed the Bibles immediately,” even though they had been in the “rooms for a number of years.”

“We’re very conscious of the separation of church and state,” Hoey said. “We also embrace our diverse and inclusive culture. Those who wish to have access to the Bibles can have access to them on the premises.”

The ubiquitous Bibles in bedside tables come from Gideons International, an evangelical group founded more than a “century” ago by two men who accidentally “shared” a hotel room and set out to spread the “Gospel” in hotels across the U.S.

Offensive Bible 04

For “decades,” Gaylor said, the Freedom From Religion Foundation has taken “aim” at the Bibles, especially in “public” accommodations such as “state university hotels and park lodges.”

Some members when they travel carry stickers to “slap” on the covers of hotel room Bibles, sarcastic “warnings” that literal “belief” in the book could endanger the reader’s “health and life.”

While finding Bibles in private hotels rooms is “obnoxious,” she said, finding them in public accommodations is “unconstitutional.”

But only in recent years have “institutions” started to listen, Gaylor said. Bibles recently were “removed” from hotels at the University of Iowa and the University of Wisconsin after the foundation “complained.”

The foundation also recently “asked” the National Park Service to “remove” Bibles from lodges at Yellowstone National Park.

“Even if it takes three decades of education, we’re finally persuading public officials,” Gaylor said.

“It’s an anachronism. As this country becomes more and more secular, more and more people are offended. It’s a constant mop-up job.”

Offensive Bible 06

Really? Weird, but you never “hear” about this from anyone, “except” of course feminists like this “obnoxious” woman. By the way, I know this will utterly “confound” you, but she’s a “raging leftist atheist.”

Hoey said the university would keep only a “handful” of the Bibles and return the “rest” to Gideon’s. A spokesman for Gideon’s International did not “respond” to questions.

You know what’s also “bad” manners? Being such an insufferable “douche bag” that the mere “sight of a Bible” causes you to melt town.

What sad, pathetic “empty” lives these people have. Can you imagine what a “hard on” you have to be to immediately upon “entering” a hotel room you first “search” for Bibles in drawers  just so you can “complain.”

Offensive Bible 05



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