The LGBTQ Alphabet

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“Equinox Fitness” released a short film titled “LGBTQ Alphabet: Six Letters Will Never Be Enough.”

Equinox ✔ @Equinox  Six letters will never be “enough” to spell out your truth. In conjunction with @LGBTCenterNYC, we are all #PoweredByPride.

In a clip of the video posted on Twitter, “dancers” are shown representing the “definitions” that make up the acronym “LGBTQA.”

In the 5 minute short film every “letter” in the alphabet is given a “definition” as 26 different “voices” explain what each “identity” means to them.

The video was “created” in partnership with the LGBT Community Center of NYC.

Here are the 26 alphabet “definitions” described in the video:

A – Ally
B – Bisexual
C – Coming out
D – Drag
E – Exhibitionist
F – Femme
G – Gay
H – Heteroflexibile
I – Intersex
J – Justified
K – Kink
L – Lesbian
M – Masc
N – Non-binary
O – Out
P – Pansexual
Q – Queer
R – Real
S – S & M
T – Trans
U – Undecided
V – Vogue
W – Womxn
X – Xtravagant
Y – You
Z – Ze | Zir

Equinox’s Executive Creative Director Liz Nolan made it “clear” the ad is not intended to be a “closed narrative” and hopes the film “empowers people in the LGBT community “to be proud and unapologetic about who they are.”

“With ‘The LGBTQAlphabet’ our goal was to spark a conversation and shed light on the many diverse, evolving identities of the community. This is not a closed narrative. Rather, it’s intended to inspire conversation and new ways of thinking. At Equinox, we want to empower everyone in the community to be proud and unapologetic about who they are and how they identify, and that goes well beyond six or even 26 letters. We’ve learned a lot from the social dialogue inspired by this work, and we want to thank those of you who spoke out to educate us and others.”

While the video does include “parts” of the LGBT community that often get “overlooked,” such as those who identify as “pansexual,” overlooking the “asexual” community, a identity that is often “discredited or erased” completely, has many people jumping to “correct” the omission.

People on Twitter were quick to point out that “A” is commonly recognized to stand for agender, asexual, or aromantic.

Jenn Lerner @JenniferLerner1 @Equinox @LGBTCenterNYC A is for Asexual. It is so frustrating to continue to see asexuality erased from the LGBTQIA+ community.

Charlie Kryszak @charlie_kryszak  @Equinox @LGBTCenterNYC The A stands for aromantic, asexual, and agender. Not ally. This is harmful erasure.

Yasmine Kasem @MysticHotSauce @Equinox @LGBTCenterNYC why did you represent Allies instead of #Asexuals? It’s hard to be #PoweredByPride when your orientation is ignored.

Riot Rogers @RiotRogers“Six letters will never be enough” –@Equinox. Well apparently 26 isn’t enough either because you still can’t include asexuals.

Laugh out loud “funny.” First it was LGB, then LGBT, then LGBTQ, then LGBTFQAPBCU and now it’s the “whole” alphabet?

For a “gym” that is constantly packed with “gays and lesbians” they’re pretty out of touch.

Take a look at this list:  “Real,” “Justified,” “Vogue,” “Xtravagant?.”

Sounds more like a “Janet Jackson” album than a “description” of gays. I’m sure this was just an attempt at “inclusion” but that doesn’t mean it’s not extra.

How about “asexuals” getting mad that they’re not on the list. First of all, “relax.” It’s a list made by a company whose motto is “look better naked.”

Second, it’s a list about “sexuality,” by the very definition of your “identity” you exclude yourself from the conversation.

There’s nothing “worse” than people who get “offended.” It’s one thing to get “mad” at someone for being “malicious.” But you have to be “smart” enough to recognize “intent.” There’s merit in bringing up “meaningful” issues. This is not one of those “issues.” Pick your battles, “asexuals.”

Bottom line, if you get “mad” over something like this you’re a “loser.” Let’s not Equinox dictate your “self worth.”

It’s “pride” month so the best thing you “gays” can do is “stick” together.

“Gays for Trump” Banned from Participating in Charlotte Pride Parade.
L.A. #Resist Rally Will Replace Gay Pride Rally
Pro-Trump float denied permission to participate in gay pride parade
Gays Against Sharia March Branded ‘Islamophobic’, Will Be Picketed by LGBT Activists
Trump Hate Galore at ‘Resist March’ Gay Pride Parade

Liberal Message of Love

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A message of “love” from the liberal “Political Party of Peaceful Killing” (PPPK).

Kathy Griffin, who apparently is still “alive and relevant” to some and a “psychopath,” posted this video showing her “beheading” President Trump.

A “ridiculous and inappropriate” move, highlighted with an “OBVIOUSLY I don’t condone violence” message.

Most backward “logic” ever from a “crazy, brainless liberal feminist.”

She’s since done the “apology” tour with this video.

It is one thing to be a “space cadet” and have no “idea” what you’re doing. That can be “forgivable” and written off as just a “wacko” artist whose perception of “art” did not allow her to see the horrific “implications and connotations” of what you were posting.

But then, when you see “behind the scenes” you realize she knew “exactly” what she was doing.

Don’t make a “shock-value” video when you know exactly what the “reaction” will be, and then “apologize” on the grounds that you, in “poor judgment, unintentionally went too far.”

Nobody is buying your “crap” apology. You knew exactly how far you “intended” to go and did it “hoping, planning, and expecting the exact reaction you got.”

It’s an appalling, grotesque, gory, vile, evil, pathetic, immoral, malicious, inexcusable and unforgivable act of violence.

Appalling’ that no one stopped Kathy Griffin
Griffin is just the tip of the liberal violence iceberg
Kathy Griffin Called Elizabeth Hasselbeck A Bitch and Cunt.
‘The View’ Blasts Kathy Griffin

Black Fathers Matter

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Larry Elder may be the most notable “pariah” within the conservative “right” movement in American politics today.

His opinions that systemic “racism” in the USA is a manufactured “myth” of the Left, and that the “plight” of African-Americans can be reduced to widespread “fatherlessness” in their community has “incensed” the entire political establishment.

The mainstream “media” has done everything possible to minimize his “exposure, his socio-political contentions,” and in particular, his background: “for Elder is Black.”

And just to further this “discordant” impression, he is easily one of the most “misunderstood” intellectuals that the Newer-Right has; for he is neither a company man of the “Republican Party,” nor is he a true “Libertarian,” supporting certain issues that “both” are firmly against.

In a word, he is a “stick of dynamite.”

Within his “complex” social theory, the most “controversial” issue by far has been his “firm” stand against the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

For him it is simply a “treacherously” constructed platform that the Liberal Left has “created” for the sole purpose of “convincing” Blacks of a systemic policy of “prejudice” within American politics and society.

As a result of this “agenda,” Blacks have remained convinced that their “perceived lower station in society is due “primarily” to an operating white privilege rather than the “exercise” of their moral responsibility, thus perpetuating their status as a “community of victims.”

The main “consequence,” according to Elder, is that 95% of the Black “vote” will continue to favor the Democrats, who are seen as the “champion” of Black rights for generations.

Furthermore, since the state has become the “surrogate” father for over 74% of African-American children, there are no “incentives” for black mothers to “engage” in responsible behavior, and “welfare” then offers a way out for “poor decision-making,” he argues.

In fact, 29% of White and 53% of Hispanic children are now born out of wedlock, many of whom will grow up fatherless, and this will assuredly “bankrupt” America before the “pension” crisis ever will.

And so, even while the “charade” of the Black Lives Matter movement continues to “sow” the seeds of discord within America and beyond, the demographics of a “fatherless” Western World are fast becoming the very “foundation breaker” of our civilization.

This is no longer “about” Black fathers or White; this is about the Left’s single-handed “destruction” of the classic “Family Paradigm.”

The cultural “Marxist” notions on family are well documented, with the steady “push” for change through violent feminism and “familial” deconstruction being the most poignant “reminders” of what the ultimate intention is: “Big Sister.”

And this one “conspicuous” item which Orwell overlooked in his 1984 was the Left’s “romanticism” with matrilineal lines of power.

Of course he was “contemporaneous” to Stalin, so Big B had to be a man; but even in the book’s “Anti-Sex Leagues,” to which one of the main “characters” belonged, there was an ominous “foreshadowing” of things to come.

In summary, Larry Elder in many ways makes a greater “point” from within the context of “Black Fathers Matter.”

He clearly demonstrates the “social” problems that have recently “plagued” the African-American community as directly coming from a “rampant” birth rate out of wedlock and government “surrogacy;” but that this is also now no longer just a Black Lives issue: “it has become an alarming trend for all families living in the West.”

His attitude is “rational and simple.” It wants to get past the “rhetoric and divisory” political tactics, and begin the “truthful dialogue” that will be necessary for “rebuilding our society.”

Have we “stumbled” over the event horizon, or is there “time” still left? And more “distressingly,” do we even have the “will” to change these things as he “believes” we must?

The Perfect Man

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A billboard “exposing” the truth about “The Perfect Man” can be seen from the southbound lanes of I-465 on the east side in Indiana. It’s drawing “huge” attention from motorists.

At the bottom of the billboard in yellow reads “Educate Truthophobes.” A search of “Truthophobes” online leads to multiple “anti-Muslim” groups, specifically an Australian group with “similar” messaging.

Islamic “leaders” in Indianapolis are “challenging” those responsible for “The Perfect Man” billboard saying it is “offensive.”

Indiana Muslim representative Andre Carson said he believes the billboard is “untrue” and that the billboard’s author takes Islamic “text and history” out of context just like “Al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Klan do to religious texts to justify their bigotry.”

Interestingly, Muslims and Dhimmis are bitterly “bitching” about this billboard which they imply is “dissing” the Prophet  Muhammad, although neither “Muhammad” nor “Islam” is mentioned?

How do those “critics” connect the billboard to their “Prophet  Muhammad?”

According to “Educate Truthophobes” Islam, being a “false and malicious” contrivance, is extremely “fragile.” It cannot withstand “questioning or criticism.”

So, who is “The Perfect Man”? 

Wikiislam:  “In Islam, the Prophet Muhammad is known as al-Insān al-Kāmil (the perfect human) and uswa hasana (an excellent model of conduct). “

In the Qur’an 33:21: Indeed in the Messenger of Allâh (Muhammad ) you have a good example to follow for him who hopes in (the Meeting with) Allâh and the Last Day and remembers Allâh much. If you want to get into Jannah, you better meet Allah on good terms when Judgment Day rolls around. So who should you emulate and what did he do?

Married a six year old

While Khadija was alive, Muhammad did not dare to take another wife. After her death, he married Sauda, a widow. Shortly thereafter, he married the six year old daughter of his bosom buddy, Abu Bakr. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I direct doubters, dissenters & deniers to this blog post which quotes the muttawir ahadith relevant to the marriage to Aisha.

Imran Firasat created a graphic novel based on the story, watch it here:


No, it ain’t on the billboard, would not fit. Muhammad did not consummate the marriage until Aisha was nine years old. In the interim, he was practicing “Mufakhathat.” He was “thighing” the little girl! Read about it here, including a link to a fatwa permitting thighing “cuz it is sunnah!”

Beheaded 600 Jews in one day

The number is “inexact” cuz the records only give us a range.

Wikiislam: “The Jews were made to come down, and Allah’s Messenger imprisoned them. Then Muhammad went out into the marketplace of Medina, and he had trenches dug in it. He sent for the Jewish men and had them beheaded in those trenches. They were brought out to him in batches. They numbered 800 to 900 boys and men.” Ishaq 464

The quote is from Guillaume’s translation which you can read here. The story is told in Sahih Bukhari.

 Slave owner and dealer 

A slave owner had “declared” his will that his slave be “emancipated” on his death. Muhammad seized the “slave and sold” him. You can read about it in Sahih Bukhari .  Muhammad owned a “black” slave, read about it in vol. 8.


Muhammad had “nine” wives and used to “visit them all in one night” meaning he had “sex” with all of them. Read about it in vol. 7.  Read more about his wives here.


Sad but true. Muhammad took “sex slaves” from among the captives. Safiya was one of them.

Tortured and killed unbelievers

Safiya, whose “rape” was mentioned above, was the bride of Kinanna, chief of the Jewish settlement at Khaibar Oasis. Muhammad had him “tortured” to discover the location of their gold. When Kinanna remained “silent,” Muhammad had him “killed.” Read about it in “The Life Of Muhammad.” The story is on page 515.

Wikiislam:  Kinana b. al-Rabi’, who had the “custody” of the treasure of the B. al-Nadir, was brought to the apostle who asked him about it. He “denied” that he knew where it was. A Jew came (Tabari says “was brought”) to the apostle and said that he had seen Kinana going round a certain “ruin” every morning early. When the apostle said to Kinana, “Do you know that if we find you have it I shall kill you?” he said Yes. The apostle gave orders that the ruin was to be “excavated” and some of the “treasure” was found. When he asked him about the rest he “refused” to produce it, so the apostle gave “orders” to al-Zubayr b. al-‘Awwam, ‘Torture him until you extract what he has,” so he kindled a fire with “flint and steel” on his chest until he was nearly dead. Then the apostle “delivered” him to Muhammad b. Maslama and he “struck off his head” in revenge for his brother Mahmud.

In Islamic law, slander is “anything the hearer might not like”, the hearer being the subject.  Muhammad is dead; he can’t “hear” what is on that billboard and cannot “see” it.

In Islamic law, “truth” is not a defense against accusations of “slander.” But we are not under “Islamic” law. At least not yet.

Rima Shahid, Executive Director of the “Muslim Alliance of Indiana.”

“It is a horrible billboard. I’m outraged by it, but saddened at the same time. I would like to know who is behind it. It seems very cowardly to me. If you have some kind of stance, you should want to stand up next to your statement. I didn’t think there was any room for hate in our city. This billboard tells me otherwise. This kind of rhetoric just furthers division in our state and makes a neighbor question a neighbor, just like I am today.”

This is “proof” that the billboard speaks the “truth.” Let’s start a “campaign” to have these billboards in every “city” in America.

Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah – The Life of Muhammad Translate

Stalking them YouTubers

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Pictures of the Week…


WrestleMania Fever

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Weekly Muslim Invader Updates

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Jun 15 2017
Ever wonder why Europe is being invaded by hundreds of thousands of Muslims in boats, but Australia isn’t?
Australia used to have an enormous problem with human traffickers bringing in swarms of illegal alien Muslim invaders by boats. But that all came to a stop when PM Tony Abbott initiated his ‘Stop-the-Boats’ program, which used the military and Coast Guard to ensure that anyone coming by boat without a visa would be sent back or put in detention until they could be sent back. Problem solved, the boats don’t even try to enter Australian waters anymore.

Jun 15 2017
HEY, AUSTRALIA: “Tear down that sharia wall in the public swimming pool.”
Special prayer rooms for Muslim students in public schools. Demands that Muslims be allowed to take several prayer breaks during working hours. Now Muslim women are getting ‘privacy’ curtains in public swimming pools so men can’t look at them (as if any would want to). Where does it end?

Jun 15 2017
“MY AMERICAN HOMETOWN IS GONE” thanks to Obama using my town as a dumping ground for Muslim invaders.
Did you know that approx. 15,726 MUSLIM invaders posing as refugees have been allowed to enter America just since inauguration day? As you know, the courts have repeatedly blocked Donald Trump’s efforts to put a time out on travel and immigration from several Muslim countries.

Jun 15 2017
CZECH REPUBLIC: Time for “Czexit?”
According to renowned former Czech President, Václav Klaus, “It is time to start preparing the Czech Republic for an exit from the European Union, as the only way to save the country from the European Commission’s mandatory quotas for taking in Muslim invaders posing as refugees.”

Jun 15 2017
AUSTRALIAN TAXPAYERS…did you know you are giving your illegal alien Muslim invaders $53 million in “compensation” for being detained in substandard accommodations?
The Australian government has agreed pay (US 53 million dollars) in “compensation” to 1,905  Third World Muslim scroungers posing as refugees for the alleged “suffering” they incurred in the offshore detention centers in which they were placed after illegally entering the country.

Jun 15 2017
SOUTH CAROLINA port evacuated following reports of possible radioactive ‘dirty bomb’ on a ship at the Port of Charleston.
The FBI late Wednesday is investigating a report of a dirty bomb on a ship at the Wando Terminal, which is located at the Port of Charleston.

Jun 15 2017
ITALY: Government orders small towns to find space to house and feed 250,000 African Muslim freeloaders in 2017.
More than 500,000 Third World Muslim invaders pretending to be refugees have landed in Italy since 2014, and at least 200,000 are still being house in illegal alien reception centers across the country.

Jun 14 2017
UPDATED! ‘CALIPHORNIA’ Travis Air Force Base on lock-down, alleged active shooter.
Two Security drills were scheduled to take place today but this security incident reportedly is unrelated to the planned drills.

Jun 14 2017
How stupid does CAIR think we are?
Designated terrorist group CAIR spokes jihadist, Nihad Awad, tweets out a message on the anniversary of the Orlando ‘Pulse’ gay nightclub massacre where a Muslim, Omar Mateen, carried out the deadliest lone gunman mass shooting in U.S. history, killing 50 and wounding 53. In his tweet, Awad equates ‘homophobia’ and ‘transphobia’ with ‘Islamophobia’ in hopes you’ll forget that gay men are being persecuted and slaughtered all over the Muslim world even today.

Jun 13 2017
ONCE AGAIN Viktor Orban, prime minister of Hungary, tells the EU what they can do with their “mandatory refugee quotas.”
“We will NOT allow Brussels to tell us how to run our country. We are still committed to the European Union plan but not a plan that sides with Muslim terrorists who apparently are more important to Brussels than the safety of our country. We will NOT bow to George Soros who orders European countries to open their doors to millions of Muslims of unknown backgrounds who endanger the lives of the Hungarian people. We will NOT accept mandatory quotas as set by the EU.”

Jun 13 2017
PENNSYLVANIA: AntiFa “trans whatever the hell it is” jailed for stabbing a police horse in the neck.
A Philadelphia gender-unknown thing is facing charges after it attacked a police horse with a flag pole during an anti-sharia demonstration in Harrisburg on Saturday morning. It attacked the horse in the neck with a flag pole that had a silver nail on the end of it as a Trooper and his equine partner, Sampson, were attempting to move the crowd along.

Jun 13 2017
Mohammed practices dancing with his prom date.

Jun 13 2017
And you thought Muslim cruelty to animals was only limited to dogs and barbaric Islamic halal animal slaughter?
Muslim animal cruelty knows no bounds. In Denmark, some Muslim migrants have been caught beheading cats and kittens, then cutting up their abdomens and pulling out their intestines.

Jun 13 2017
AUSTRALIA: Fury over development plans for a Muslim-only ‘NO GO Zone’ in Brisbane.
There is no such thing as “multiculturalism” when Muslims are involved. Muslims won’t assimilate, they segregate into parallel communities, the latest of which is the plan for an Islamic ‘mega project’ in Brisbane, that will include mosques, apartments, Islamic schools, and a walkway called ‘Mecca.’

Jun 12 2017
KINDA OFF TOPIC: What we avoided by not electing Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.
Apart from cutting back the invasion of Muslims and more illegal aliens, by electing Donald Trump, we also didn’t get this.

Jun 12 2017
Look what’s flooding Italy now: Thousands of Muslims but not a refugee in sight.
Muslims from Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Morocco, all relatively stable economies and definitely not war torn. Boatloads of these invaders get picked up by NGO’s who take them to Italy where they will be fed and housed until they can make their way to the countries of Western Europe with better welfare benefits – Germany, Austria, Britain, or Sweden.

Jun 12 2017
Palestinian Authority Senior Advisor says: “We shall never relinquish a single micro millimeter of the Western Wall.”
There’s only one little problem with that. Muslims don’t possess a single micro millimeter of the wall to relinquish. The Western Wall is under Israeli control, as it has been for thousands of years, and where it will remain for eternity. It is the last remaining outer wall of the Temple Mount complex and is the holiest place in Judaism for Jews to pray.

Jun 12 2017
BIG BUILDING BOOM set for Israeli capital of Jerusalem and in the Arab-illegally occupied Jewish land of Judea & Samaria.
Israeli authorities are planning to build some 15,000 new Jewish housing units in the eastern part of Jerusalem, according to the Israeli Housing Ministry. Palestinian authorities have condemned the decision, calling it the “deliberate sabotage” of peace talks. So-called ‘peace talks’ with Muslims is an oxymoron.

Jun 12 2017
EXTREME VETTING won’t keep out Muslim invaders pretending to be refugees.
What the West needs is extreme border control with high walls, electrified fencing, massive military presence with shoot to kill orders if all else fails. Kind of like what the Eastern European countries are successfully doing to keep out the Muslim invaders.

Jun 12 2017
AUSTRALIA: That’s right, address the effects of Islamic terrorism, NOT the cause.
Bourke Street and Federation Square in Melbourne to get temporary concrete traffic barriers to prevent Islamic terror attacks. So, instead of stopping Muslim immigration and deporting Muslim terrorist suspects on the watch list, they will ensure that terrorists choose a place where there are no barriers to carry out vehicular jihad on innocent pedestrians.

Jun 12 2017
PATHETIC. Muslims give out 1,000’s of roses in London, as if that could wipe away the threat of ever-increasing Islamic terrorist attacks in Britain.
STUPID STUPID STUPID British dhimmi women eat this crap up, spewing the lie that “love will overcome hate,” as if Muslims will ever stop hating the cursed unbelievers. Sheeeeesh!

Jun 12 2017
SWEDEN: The international toilet that is engineering its own national suicide.
Sweden has turned itself into a country that is somewhat akin to the morbid curiosity people have when seeing a car accident. They know it is horrible to watch realizing that there could be hurt/dead people, but most will still slow down to get a better look.

Jun 12 2017
AUSTRALIA: Police hunting 4 Muslim thugs who stormed movie theater terrorizing patrons by screaming “Allahu Akbar.”
A manhunt is underway for four Middle Eastern bearded men who rained terror on a packed cinema by storming inside screaming ‘Allahu Akbar.’ Witnesses say one man burst inside the Blacktown cinema in Sydney’s west chanting the battle cry of Islamic jihadists committing mass murder.

Jun 12 2017
DING! DING! DING! UK’s Nigel Farage dares to bring up the “i” word on Fox News.
If you’re guessing that “i” is for Islam, you’d be half right. British politician and FOX News commentator, Nigel Farage, suggests that internment camps for Muslims might soon be necessary.

Jun 12 2017
AUSTRALIA: University professor says “Islam is a cancer on the planet and must be destroyed or totally reformed.”
He deserves respect and acclaim, but he won’t get it. Queensland University of Technology journalism professor Brian McNair has been rebuked for stating the truth about Islam after three Jihadi terrorists killed 7 people in central London, the third Islamic terrorist attack in Britain in as many months. ‘Enough! Islam is a cancer on the planet. It must be destroyed or reformed. Soon. Zero tolerance,’ he tweeted.

Jun 11 2017
ANTIFA (Soros-funded leftist facists) transvestite or whatever the hell it is, gets its fat ass whooped by a black patriot.
Apparently, this is from at one of the many anti-sharia rallies that took place yesterday around the country.

Jun 11 2017
WINNER and still queen of the deranged and delusional democrat wing in the House of Representative.

Jun 11 2017
IDAHO: Three Muslim refugee rapists of a five-year-old Twin Falls girl get NO JAIL TIME AT ALL…ONLY PROBATION.
As you probably recall, last summer, five-year-old Jayla Peterson was orally and anally raped and then urinated upon by three Muslim migrant boys, two from Iraq one from Sudan, in the town of Twin Falls, Idaho, as one of the Muslim boys videoed the attack.

Jun 11 2017
Three British MUSLIM businessmen questioned after ‘bomb talk’ grounds EasyJet plane.
Easy jet flight from Slovenia to London was forced to make an emergency landing in Germany and evacuate passengers using chutes after passengers reported a conversation among three MUSLIM men having “terrorist content,” police said.

Jun 11 2017
GERMANY: Syrian Muslim asylum seekers arrested for filming and sexually molesting underage girls in public swimming pool.
Four MUSLIM asylum seekers were arrested by police in the German town of Löbau after they filmed and molested underage girls at a swimming pool.

Jun 11 2017
FLORIDA Sheriff warns citizens to arm themselves for protection in case of another Islamic terrorist attack.
Nothing about Sheriff Wayne Ivey is politically correct. Unlike in Britain, the public in Florida is NOT being told to Run and Hide, then Call police in case of an Islamic vehicle jihad, knife or gun jihad. This is war and you have to be ready to defend yourself and your loved ones, if not with a firearm, then with a laser gun, a knife, or anything else that can be used as a weapon against Muslim terrorists.

Jun 11 2017
LINDA SARSOUR, Muslim fake feminazi, demands people stop obsessing over how gays are (mis)treated in Muslim countries.
Yes, Linda, let’s see how Jews in Israel treat gays.

Jun 11 2017
LONDON POLICE COMMISSIONER is thrilled that victims of latest Islamic terrorist attack were a “diverse” group of infidels.
POLITICAL CORRECTNESS ON CRACK? “Look how diverse our dead are!” London police chief touts ‘diversity’ of the Islamic terrorism victims.

Jun 11 2017
GOD SAVE THE QUEEN for smacking down the arrogant Muslim Mayor of London.
The Queen of England has intentionally humiliated London’s pathetic excuse for a mayor, Sadiq Khan, after he he announced that the UK should not allow American President Donald Trump to visit the country.

Jun 11 2017
DISGUSTING! Muslim supremacists block entire city block in Koln, Germany for their nightly Ramadan gorge fest.
Spineless German passersby watch in silence as they endure the eardrum-shattering screeching of Islamic prayers while witnessing Muslims feasting on barbarically-slaughtered halal meat.

Jun 11 2017
Oh, NOES! CNN reporter suffering extreme butt hurt over being seated in ‘Siberia’ during Trump press conference.
Poetic justice for the far left cable news network that has been the biggest purveyor of fake news about the alleged Russia collusion investigation that turned out to be a big fat nothing burger.

Jun 10 2017
Designated terrorist group CAIR’s outrage at all the anti-sharia law demonstrations that took place around the country today.
See post below this for review of anti-Sharia rallies.

Jun 10 2017
CONGRATULATIONS! ACT for America’s successful anti-sharia law demonstrations today in 28 cities in 19 states.
Demonstrations against Islamic Sharia law in America were mainly peaceful but resulted in some arrests, tense confrontations, and physical fights by left-wing counter-protest fascist groups in a few cities. The nationwide rallies were sponsored by ACT for America whose founder and president is Brigitte Gabriel, a Christian born in Lebanon, whose family was severely persecuted by Muslims before they were able to escape Lebanon and immigrate to America.

Jun 10 2017
AUSTRALIA: Why would a Melbourne judge parole a Somali Muslim with such an extensive criminal background prior to his fatal terrorist attack on June 5th?
Yacqub Khayre’s act of terrorism on June 5th, that saw an innocent receptionist murdered, a woman taken hostage, and three police officers shot before the Islamic jihadi himself was gunned down, was only his latest criminal act while being trusted to reform his ways.

Jun 9 2017
NEW YORK CITY: Man yelling “Allahu Akbar” busts down church door, threatens to blow up the church and kill all Christians.
The drama began when the suspect, Noel Droni, asked a 37-year-old man outside the Times Square Church, on W. 51st St., if he was a Christian, cops said. When the man told Droni he was Christian, Droni allegedly pulled a red wrench from his backpack and smashed the church’s glass door.

Jun 9 2017
DO IT! European Union threatens legal action against Eastern European countries that refuse to take in tens of thousands of African Muslim male invaders posing as refugees.
European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker again threatens to launch treaty violation proceedings against EU members refusing to take in their quota of Muslim invaders who are NOT refugees but welfare-seeking freeloaders and virtually all males.

Jun 9 2017
ARKANSAS lawmaker says reporter is as dangerous as a ‘Muslim terrorist’ for exposing his anti-Muslim Facebook posts.
Arkansas lawmaker has lashed out at a local reporter,  saying that calling out his anti-Muslim posts  on Facebook has painted a “target on him” and  is putting his family at risk.

Jun 9 2017
CANADA: Syrian Muslim invader who beat his wife with a hockey stick for half an hour said in his own defense that he “didn’t know wife beating was against the law.”
He didn’t know it was against the law because the mandate to beat one’s wife when she is disobedient comes straight out of  the Qur’an.

Jun 9 2017
MUSLIM WITH MACHETE arrested in the “safest city in the world” – London.
“Safest” only according to the Muslim extremist Mayor of London -Sadiq Khan.

Jun 9 2017
Did you know that American slut, Ariana Grande, paid tribute to Manchester Muslim terrorist attack victims by singing about “getting fucked so hard you can’t walk?”
Even worse, Grande’s fundraising efforts for the terrorist victims by soliciting donations to the British Red Cross, will end up bringing in even more Muslim terrorists posing as refugees.

Jun 9 2017
MUSLIMS and their leftist useful idiots will protest against “March Against Sharia Law” protests all around the country.
The “March Against Sharia Law” is being organized by Brigitte Gabriel’s ‘Act for America’ group. The sharia-supporting designated terrorist group CAIR will be doing everything they can to disrupt and distract people from what they erroneously label a “white supremacist Islamophobic event.”

Jun 9 2017
OUTRAGE at Saudi Arabian National Soccer Team who refused to observe moment of silence for Australian victims of the latest Muslim terrorist attack in London.
But these Saudi pigs were quick to drop to their knees and lift their asses to Allah after they scored a goal.

Jun 9 2017
Radio host Michael Savage is already banned in Britain so the Mayor of London can’t ban him for calling him a lying POS.

Jun 9 2017
AUSTRALIA: Islamic leaders demand taxpayer-funded ‘safe spaces’ for angry young Muslim men to vent their hatred.
Even more mind-boggling, the Islamic Council of Victoria has proposed that funding for the federal counter-terrorism and anti-Muslim extremism programs be diverted to create private areas where “emotionally overloaded” Muslim youths can voice inflammatory comments about killing unbelievers, etc, without being monitored. In other words, the perfect jihad recruitment space.

Jun 9 2017
Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands U.S. Congress condemn South Carolina Rep for posting a photo that depicts mass European suicide from the Muslim invasion.
Send that representative a letter of thanks and be sure to keep re-electing him to Congress. Duncan posted an image of a white man, labeled “Europe,” with a hangman’s noose around his neck. The other end of the rope is tied to the trunk of a small tree, labeled “Islam.” The man is depicted watering the tree, with the clear implication that “white” Europeans are committing slow “suicide” by allowing

Jun 9 2017
BBC censors “Allah” from a report about a brutal attack on a nursery school worker by three Muslim females shouting “Allah” as they beat her up and slashed her with a knife.
Bet they wouldn’t censor the word “Jesus” if it was shouted in an attack by Christians against Muslims.

Jun 9 2017
Designated terrorist group CAIR-Missouri hosting open house Ramadan fast breaking dinner to stamp out “Islamophobia.”
I wonder if they will be asking guests to participate in the Ramadan animal sacrifice event, where they slit the throats of conscious animals and joyfully watch them thrash around in agonizing pain for several minutes before they die? See second video.

Jun 9 2017
Designated terrorist group CAIR is taking its “Make America Great by making it Islamic” campaign around the country.
Notice CAIR’s increasing usage of attractive, non-Muslim looking women in headbags to spread their lies and disinformation about Islam. Of course, they claim the campaign is NOT to convert people to Islam, but you already know that Muslims lie on behalf of jihad…in this case “civilization jihad”…replacing civilized societies with barbaric Islamic Sharia.

Jun 9 2017
WASHINGTON DC BREAKING! Looks like a Muslim who rammed white pick-up truck into police and pedestrians.
Two suspects are in custody. One police officer is in critical condition, two others is in serious condition. Terrorism not being ruled out.

Coming soon to a City near you. Courtesy of unvetted immigration policies.

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