Greece Declares Victory

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Head of radical leftist Syriza party Tsipras speaks after winning elections in Athens.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras took a victory lap this morning, immediately after his Finance Minister Yanis Vardoulakis formally announced the country was “leaving” the Euro Zone and the European Union, and also “defaulting” on all its obligations to the “IMF, the ECB, the World Bank and the press conference’s caterers.”

“The proud hard-working men and women of our noble land,” he proudly proclaimed, “which invented democracy and yoghurt, will not surrender to the capitalist merchants of poverty and creditworthiness. We have triumphed over the Teutonic Brünhildas who tried to humiliate us, to crush our spirit and reduce us to slavery, just as we triumphed at the battle of Thermopylae.”

Greece Declares Victory 02

We declare victory and Greece will “survive forever!”

Prime Minister Tsipras noted that the massive “exodus” of third-world migrants from Greek cities to the countries left behind in the EU has “accelerated.”

“Every single day, thousands of barbarians are packing up their fake Luis Vuitton handbags and heading north to try to sell them in the lands of cold winters and cold people.

Our welfare budget has been reduced by 90% and we have made thousands of park benches available so that our own Greek youth can move out of their parents’ homes and start their productive lives as dedicated civil servants before they retire on fat pensions next year. Greece has triumphed again!”

Tsipras denied “rumors” that everyone under the age of sixty is leaving Greece as well. “Turkish propaganda,” he said, shutting his suitcase.

Greece Declares Victory 03

“Arrivederci,” he added as he walked out the door.

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No More Fireworks

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Fireworks 01

Fireworks cause a toxic brew of unhealthy air, pollution, global warming and climate change.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the particles that “cloud” the air on the 4th of July can cause some serious “health” issues.

The “thousands” of Fourth of July fireworks “celebrations” across the nation bring a toxic brew of “air pollution” to our atmosphere, according to a recent study from “federal” scientists.

The “exploding” fireworks unleash “tiny” particles, about 1/30th the diameter of a typical “human” hair, that can affect “health” because they travel deep into a person’s “respiratory” tract, entering the lungs “causing” cancer.

The tiny particles are known as “particulate matter” and include “dust, dirt, soot, smoke and liquid droplets” and are “measured” in micrometers, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. A micrometer is “one-millionth” of a meter.

Fireworks 02

Levels of fine particulates (in red) were highest on the evening of July 4. The blue bars are the control, or regular levels.

The “fine” particulate matter in this study, which was led by scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, were “2.5” micrometers in size.

Both long-and short-term “exposures” to fine particles are linked to a range of health effects, from “coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath, to asthma attacks, heart attack and stroke, to even premature death in people with heart or lung disease,” according to the study.

On average, the air is at its “worst” from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. on the holiday, the study found. But levels “drop” back down by noon on July 5.

“These results will help improve air quality predictions, which currently don’t account for fireworks as a source of air pollution,” said NOAA scientist Dian Seidel and study lead author.

“The study is also another wake-up call for those who may be particularly sensitive to the effects of fine particulate matter,” she said.

The study appeared in the journal Atmospheric Environment.

Fireworks 03

A year ago, San Diego’s annual fireworks display, known as the “Big Bay Boom,” went down in “infamy” as the 15-second fireworks show. Actually, it was more like 30 seconds.

The Santore family’s company, Garden State Fireworks, had programmed a computer to control the “firing” of thousands of fireworks shells over the course of nearly 17 minutes, but a “glitch” mashed two data files together, creating a third file that “commanded” all the shells to be fired at once.

This is “disturbing” news. Fireworks are an all-American “tradition.” Everybody likes them; there’s nobody that doesn’t like fireworks, “except” for veterans and canines.

Though, the “veteran” thing can be understood; they spent four years or more being “wary” of bright lights and “loud” bangs and “shell shock” is one hell of a thing to “suffer” with.

Fireworks 04

Not to mention what will happen if that “cool” front of firework pollution meets the “warm” front of pollution from the millions of “BBQ grills” that will be spewing cancer causing compounds into the air that same day?

We must ban “fireworks and barbequing” immediately, otherwise who knows what may happen to the “health” of the children of the State!

We must also “revise” all the history books to “reflect” the facts that there were never rockets that exploded mid-air, bombs rained down on mankind, nor the carbon footprints of warfare and air travels contaminating our glorious Motherland!

Did I mention Air Force One?

What a “gift” science has given us! It is not an “excuse” to ban the 4th of July, it’s “essential” to public health, safety and welfare to “ban” 4th of July celebrations.

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Happy 4th of July!

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Happy 4th of July 01

Did you “know” that some of the “dumbest” people on earth “live” in America?

You can “bet” they know a lot about “gay” marriage, “transgender” freaks, Miley Cyrus, the Kardashians, and illegal alien “rights.”

And these people “vote.” Scary, to say at least.

Oh, wait, there’s more. Even foreigners know more than these “stupid” people from government schools. But now you know how Obama was “elected” twice.

Even President Barack Obama doesn’t know “how many stars” are on the American flag which makes him the “ultimate” idiot in America.

Happy 4th of July

Today, Hollywood celebrities make “movies” about war…Yesterday, they actually “fought” in them.

Here is a partial list of real Hollywood heroes who suspended their careers to serve in the U.S. military after America was attacked by Japan on December 7, 1941:

Eddie Albert – U.S. Navy … Saw combat on Saipan and Tarawa. Earned the Bronze Star
James Arness – U.S. Army, 3rd infantry division Italy, severely wounded and left with a lifelong limp
Gene Autry – U.S. Army Air Corps … Flew cargo planes in China, Burma and India
Humphrey Bogart – U.S. Navy … Wounded in World War I, he tried to enlist after Pearl Harbor but was turned down because of his age.
Charles Bronson – U. S. Army tail gunner aboard a B-29 Superfortress over the skies of Japan and was also awarded the Purple Heart for wounds.
Mel Brooks – U.S. Army… served as a forward artillery observer
Johnny Carson – U.S. Navy officer
Jackie Coogan – U.S. Army Air Corps … Volunteered for hazardous duty with the 1st Air Commando Group
Tony Curtis – U.S. Navy submarine duty
Sammy Davis, Jr. – U.S. Army … Assigned to Special Services Command
Kirk Douglas – U.S. Army
Charles Durning – Served in very intense combat from Omaha beach to the Battle of the Bulge as a infantryman and was wounded no less than three times in a year while being awarded the silver star for valor.
Buddy Epsen – Coast Guard officer
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. – U.S. Navy … Served on a battleship and as a commando raider. Helped to organize the forerunners of today’s Navy Seals. Won a silver star while serving on PT Boats in combat.
Henry Fonda – U.S. Navy … Served aboard a destroyer in the Pacific. Earned a Bronze Star for Valor.
Glenn Ford – U.S. Marine Corps … Earned a number of citations and awards for combat action. After the war, he transferred his commission to the U.S. Naval Reserve.
John Ford (Director) – U.S. Navy Rear Admiral, landed on Omaha Beach at Normandy
Clark Gable – U.S. Army Air Corps … Enlisted in 1942 at age 41. Volunteered for combat duty and flew missions over Germany. Earned the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal. Gable joined the Army Air Corps and led a film section making training films. Unsatisfied with this he flew on combat missions over Germany where his biggest fan Adolf Hitler placed a bounty on his head if captured alive.
Charlton Heston – U.S. Army Air Corps … B-25 gunner; saw action in the Pacific.
Hal Holbrook – Served in Canada with the Army
William Holden – U.S. Army Air Corps … Served 1942-1945. His brother, a U.S. Navy pilot, was killed in the Pacific in 1944.
Rock Hudson – U.S. Navy aircraft mechanic in the Philippines.
Brian Keith – U.S. Marine Corps … Saw combat on Rabal
Werner Klemperer – U.S. Army … Stationed in Hawaii as a Military Policeman, he auditioned for and was accepted into Maurice Evans’ Special Services unit.
Harvey Korman – U.S. Navy
Nancy Kulp – U.S. Navy … Served as a Navy WAVE
Bert Lancaster – U.S. Army … Served in Tunisia and Italy
Lee Marvin – U.S. Marine participating in the invasions at Kwajalein and Eniwetok and was wounded on Saipan
Ed McMahon – U.S. Marine Corps … Became a fighter pilot in 1944. Recalled to active duty in 1952 for the Korean War and flew 85 combat missions. Remained in the Air National Guard until 1966 when he retired as a Brigadier General.
Burgess Meredith – U.S. Army Air Corps
Glenn Miller – U.S. Army … Assigned to the Army Specialist Corps. Convinced the Military that he could modernize the Army Band and improve the morale of the troops. Organized the Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band. His plane disappeared on 15 December 1944 over the English Channel.
Robert Montgomery – U.S. Navy … Enlisted in the British Military before American joined the war and drove ambulances in France until the Dunkirk invasion. When America entered the war, he joined the U.S. Navy and served as a Naval Attaché on British destroyers hunting German U-Boats. He commanded a PT boat and participated in the D-Day invasion aboard a destroyer.
Wayne Morris – U.S. Navy … Flew 57 combat missions in the Pacific. Shot down seven Japanese aircraft, becoming an “Ace”. Credited with assisting the sinking of five Japanese warships.
Paul Newman – U.S. Navy radioman in torpedo bombers
Tyrone Power – U.S. Marine Corps … Enlisted immediately after Pearl Harbor. Flew wounded Marines from Iwo Jima and Okinawa.
Gene Raymond – Served in both World War II and Vietnam
Ronald Reagan – U.S. Army Air Corps … Enlisted in the Army Reserve in 1937; commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant and was called to active duty in 1942. Because of a hearing loss, he was not allowed to fly, so he was assigned to make training films.
Don Rickles – U.S. Navy
John Russell – U.S. Marine Corps … Wounded at Guadalcanal
Robert Ryan – U.S. Marine Corps … Served with the O.S.S. in Yugoslavia
Soupy Sales – U.S. Navy
Rod Serling – U.S. Army … Was a paratrooper with the 11th Airborne Division in the Pacific where he specialized in combat demolitions. Severely wounded by shrapnel during the invasion of the Philippines.
Rod Steiger – U.S. Navy
Jimmy Stewart – U.S. Army Air Corps … Flew B-17 and B-24 combat missions, earning the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, France’s Croix de Guerre and 7 Battle Stars. His son, 1st Lt. Ronald McLean, was killed in Vietnam in 1969.

Buddy Hackett, Jack Paar, Bob “Captain Kangaroo” Keeshan, Jack Klugman, Red Skelton, Robert Stack, Lee Van Cleef, Dick Van Dyke, also served, although they never saw combat.

Musician Desi Arnaz was drafted but after being hurt in boot camp served the rest of the war helping with the USO.

Dean Martin was drafted into the army and served for a year in Ohio before being found 4-F and discharged.

These actors attempted to serve but were turned down because of medical conditions… Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando, Gary Cooper, Errol Flynn, Cary Grant, Bob Hope, Peter Lawford, Gregory Peck, George Raft, John Wayne and Richard Widmark.

And here is a complete list of Hollywood “heroes” who suspended their careers to enlist in the U.S. Military after America was attacked by Muslim terrorists on September 11, 2001:

Happy 4th of July 01

God Bless America and all who have served.

Speaker Fees

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Speakers Fee 01

Democratic presidential “wannabee” Hillary Clinton, under “pressure” from other candidates “rising” poll numbers, proved once again that she is the “only” candidate who truly understands the plight of the “everyday” American voters.

Hillary Broke 06

“I know what it’s like to worry about whether the next paycheck will be enough,” she said.

“Whether there’s milk in the fridge for the kids and the cat. Whether the family car will make it through another winter. I’m just like everybody else, just like all of you hard-working tax-paying people out there, and I want you to know that I have a plan to reduce the government deficit without reducing the services our wonderful bureaucracy provides all you wonderful citizens.”

“If elected, I promise that for my entire first term as President of the United States, every time I hold a press conference, I will waive my speaker’s fee.”

Hillary Broke 01

Wow! That’s mighty “white” of you, Queen Hillary! Good luck with the reduction of the “deficit,” while providing all those wonderful “benefits” to all of us “everyday” citizens!

And Chelsea gets $65,000 per speech for doing nothing? The Clintons are as “crafty” as they are “greedy.” I can see “Casanova” Bill raising his fee to “compensate” for Hillary’s shortcomings.

Hillary Broke 03

Obviously, they’ve “realized” this is a much easier way of “making” money than “renting” out the Lincoln bedroom.

PTSD in Combat Veterans

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PTSD in Combat Veterans 00

During an early morning interview on a southern California radio talk show, Senator Dianne Feinstein managed to “outrage” both the conservative and liberal parties when she made a “questionable” statement regarding “medical marijuana” and veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. As a result, her approval rating has “dropped” an unprecedented amount in only a single day.

Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Lexington, the host of “Morning California” on PBS of southern California, discussed current “hot topic” issues in the American conscious such as “gun control, gay marriage, and marijuana legalization.” However it was Feinstein’s comments at the end of the interview that left the talk show host “utterly” speechless.

“The last thing this country needs is to make a dangerous and addicting drug easily and readily available. What kind of message would that be if we federally allowed people to choose for themselves what they can and can’t put into their body? We have those regulations for a reason It’s bad enough that the American Public can just chow down willy-nilly on fattening foods with little restraint, why should we give them a substance that would make them want to eat even more?

Now we are hearing all this nonsense about how medical marijuana could alleviate the symptoms of PTSD in soldiers coming back from the Middle East. If individuals are having nightmares and panic attacks about the atrocities they have committed over seas while following orders from a war criminal like former President George Bush, then quite honestly they deserve it. We shouldn’t free them from their guilt any more then we should pardon a murderer or rapist for their crimes and free them from their prison cells.”

Almost immediately following her comments there was a public “outcry” over many different forms of social media. Such varied comments made were calling Feinstein “ignorant, tyrannical, idiotic and disgusting.” This does not include the “countless” other comments directed at the Senator that are “too vulgar” to be shown in this article.

PTSD in Combat Veterans 02

“This will be a very interesting case to observe” Said William Kelly, a professor of sociology and political science at the California Institute of Science. “Feinstein has in just a few sentences managed to upset people across the entire political spectrum in a severe way. This includes interest groups from conservatives, progressives, veteran groups, even marijuana advocates are lashing back at Feinstein. For someone like me who studies social sentiments and events, this is like being able to observe a lunar event that only happens once in a millennia.”

Individuals who were “interviewed” on the street were open about their “shock and disbelief” regarding Feinstein’s comments. Many said that it was too difficult to “articulate” their feelings without the use of “obscene” language. One man said “I’m definitely going to start paying more attention to who I vote for” before shaking his head and walking away without giving his name.

At the time of this article, Senator Feinstein’s office has “disconnected” their phones and have not replied to any emails. An inside tip has informed us about how a lot of her staff have immediately “resigned” from their positions attempting to “abandon ship” and to distance themselves as much as humanly possible from the now “‘toxic” Senator.

PTSD in Combat Veterans 01

Wondering what Feinstein “thinks” about our current “war criminal” Barack Obama? Stay tuned.

WTF Wal-Mart

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WTF Wal-Mart 01

Chuck Netzhammer went to Wal-Mart to get an “edible” image cake printed with the “Confederate” flag.

Wal-Mart “denied” his request, citing company policy, but accepted the “Islamic State” jihad flag.

Netzhammer then shared a video of his “ordeal” on YouTube:

“On 06/25/15 I attempted to get an Edible image cake printed with the confederate flag image on it at Wal-Mart. It was denied. The next day I had them do the same for the ISIS battle flag image I brought to them. They cheerfully did it and sold me my ISIS cake.”

ISIS is “beheading” Christians, selling little girls into “slavery,” and is currently a “terrorist” organization at “war” with the United States but you can’t buy the General Lee “toy” car at Wal-Mart? WTF Wal-Mart!

WTF Wal-Mart 02

Islamic State (IS) has again been in the news recently following an “onslaught” of seemingly coordinated Muslim “terrorist” attacks in France, Tunisia, and Kuwait.


Wal-Mart apologizes for making ISIS themed cake

June Islam Updates

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Bare Naked Islam 023


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