Obama Nuclear Deal

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Obama Nuclear Deal 01

The chief Iranian “negotiator” goes on television to “candidly” reflect on the negotiating “process” with the United States describing his “personal” impressions of the recent talks:

Obama also said that he felt he had been a “pretty good” president and if he were allowed to “run” for a third term, he’d probably be “victorious.”

Obama Nuclear Deal 04

He made the remarks while “criticizing” leaders who wouldn’t step “aside” at the conclusion of their terms.

“Now, let me be honest with you,” Obama said. “I do not understand this. I am in my second term. It has been an extraordinary privilege for me to serve as the President of the United States. I cannot imagine a greater honor or a more interesting job. I love my work. But under our Constitution, I cannot run again.”

“I actually think I’m a pretty good president,” he said. “I think if I ran, I could win. But I can’t. So there’s a lot that I’d like to do to keep America moving, but the law is the law.”

He noted that he’s “still a pretty young man, but I know that someone with new insights and new energy will be good for my country … Old people think old ways. You can see my gray hair, I’m getting old.”

During a press conference in Ethiopia, in response to a question about Governor Huckabee’s comment comparing the “Iran Deal” to the “Holocaust,” as well as the general lack of “decorum” in the discourse among Republican “presidential” candidates, President Obama said:

Obama Nuclear Deal 03

“I want to make sure I’m turning over the keys to somebody who is serious about the serious problems that the country faces and the world faces.”

This signals a departure from the “antiquated” notion of allowing the American People to “choose” their leader, through the “arduous” process of holding presidential elections.

The “implication” is that the president considers himself more “qualified” to appoint his successor than are his subjects.

This will have the added “bonus” of sparing the public a great deal of trouble of going to the “polls,” and also cuts down on voter “fraud,” and all those hate-filled “political” ads.

Some have speculated that the “move” doesn’t sound entirely Constitutional, but the Obama administration is “confident” that the Supreme Court will see “things” their way.

It’s a very exciting and progressive “development” for this democracy, which shows that America is ready to “lead” the way toward achieving the “utopian” state of the future.

How I wish this man had been our first black President, and not the weakling in the White “Rainbow” House now.

Obama Nuclear Deal 05

Of course he would “win” re-election. Who would dare to oppose a man who gives “nukes” to his ally’s sworn enemy?

He’s a shoe-in for “Supreme Leader” for life, like his “idol” Kim Jong-un, the “Supreme Leader” of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Clinton Pillow Talk

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Hillary Old 02

Bill: “Wake up, wake up. You have to leave before anybody sees you.”

Hill: “Please! It’s three o’clock in the morning, Bill.”

Bill: “You have to go now. Do you hear me? Right now.”

Hill: “Bill, it’s Hillary, your wife.”

Bill: “Oh, sorry, Hillary dear… darling. Did I wake you?”

Hookers for Hillary 02

Hill: “No, Bill, you didn’t wake me. I’ve been up all night, worrying about our future. What are we going to do after I leave my job as Secretary of State? I won’t have a job anymore. We’ll be broke.”

Bill: “So you can get a job, what’s the big deal? You’ve had jobs before. And you can stop spending so much money on those damned pants suits. That’ll help. I saw your last credit card bill.”

Hill: “I am not going to get a job in some office, Bill, and I am not going to start shopping in Filene’s basement. You have to get serious about this.”

Bill: “Damn it, Hillary. Can’t this wait until the morning. Anyway, we can always go on welfare. Just kidding … I cut back on that, didn’t I? Pretty funny …”

Hillary Broke 03

Hill: “Get serious, Bill. We have to find a way to make some money. Some real money, not that nickel-and-dime pension you’ll be getting that won’t even pay your Frederick’s of Hollywood bill. Don’t you understand that once we’re out of government, once we’re not pulling any more strings, our so-called dear friends will disappear and no more little gifts on the side?”

Bill: “Well, if you don’t want a real job, Hill, why don’t you run for something? You could be President someday.”

Hill: “I could do that… but wait, I have an even better idea. Why don’t you become an elder statesman and travel the world promoting I don’t know, world peace or women’s rights or something, any feel-good subject? You’ll make speeches, people will applaud, you’ll get lots of good press, and who knows, maybe you’ll even meet a few blondes. Just keep it discreet.”

Bill: “How are we going to make any money with that? First class plane tickets and five star hotels cost a lot, and so do good speechwriters, and good lingerie.”

Empress Hillary 07

Hill: “No, Bill, start thinking with your brain instead with your penis. This is what we’ll do, we’ll set up a foundation. People will donate tons of money, and they’ll pay you tons of money to speak. You’ve always been a great speaker, Bill. Your silver tongue and my golden brain have gotten us where we are today, remember?”

Bill: “I’m a whole lot more than a snake oil salesman, Hillary. I was once in the White House, remember? I had something to do with that.”

Hill: “You had something to do with a lot of things I won’t mention, Bill. Imagine you and I the heads of some giant multi-national foundation, collecting millions in donations from every billionaire in the world, oil money, internet money, Hollywood money, sports money, Wall Street money, drug money, they’ll all be lining up to fork over big time.”

Bill: “Why? Why would anybody give us money? We’ll be out of the game. We can’t to do that quid-pro-quo thing anymore, at least not after leaving the White House.”

Hill: “You won’t be able to do that quid-pro-quo thing, Bill, because you will be officially retired and devoting yourself to the betterment of mankind, but I will be able to it. After the Senate, I can do anything. Cabinet positions, I can be on a million corporate boards, I can even be President. We can move back in here after just a few years in an apartment. Hell, Bill, let’s be frank here. If you can be President, anybody can be President. Even me, especially me. I mean, admit it, Bill, who’s been the real President all this time? Sure, you’re the smooth talker and you’ve got that million-dollar smile, but who has been making all the big difficult decisions here? Who?”

Clinton Pillow Talk 04

Bill: “Okay, so how will this work? I give the same speech again and again, and every time I do it I get a big fat check made out to our little foundation? But what do we get out of it? The foundation would have to give all the money away to charities. I need checks made out to me, to us.”

Hill: “That’s not how it would work. The foundation would pay you a very generous salary. It would also pay me a very generous salary. Also our daughter, Chelsea. Hell, we could even pay our cat a salary. And after all the expenses, you know, travel, fancy hotels, meals and all that, there won’t be a whole lot of money left over for the charities. Just enough for legal purposes, but mostly it would go to us, and we would just go on doing the quid-pro-quo thing. Except that instead of doing it ourselves, we would just pick up the phone and ask our friends to do it for us. Unless, of course, I become President. Then we would cut them out of the loop. More left over for us.”

Clinton Pillow Talk 02

Bill: “Hill, I don’t know. What you’re saying doesn’t sound one hundred percent legal, you know, according to the law of the land, which we are supposedly sworn to uphold.”

Hill: “Bill, listen to me. Listen carefully. We’re lawyers. We know lots of other lawyers. We know people who make the law of the land. We can make anything we decide to do two hundred percent legal if we want to. Did you forget what happen to Vince Foster?”

Bill: “But you can’t keep something like this secret, Hillary. The foundation would have to file a million financial reports and somebody would find out. Those reporters will be sniffing around looking for something to hang us with, and the Republicans. I don’t even want to think about the Republicans.”

Hill: “Bill, I have a secret to tell you. Listen carefully. Read my lips. There is no vast right-wing conspiracy. I made it all up.”

Bill: “You mean …?”

Hill: “No one will ever find out, Bill. Trust me.”

Clinton Pillow Talk 03

Feminist Equal Treatment

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Feminist Equal Treatment 01

While waiting in line at a bar, De’Andre Johnson, the quarterback for Florida State University, physically “assaulted” a female patron by brutally “punching” her in the face. The video of the assault went “viral” over social media, “outraging” people across the country. The majority of Americans “condemned” Johnson and his actions, calling him an “embarrassment” that has no place in higher education, especially as a “role” model for the youth who look up to him.

The Florida academic community was “horrified” by the incident and demanded that Johnson be “kicked” out of the prestigious university for his “cowardly” behavior. FSU quickly “granted” the demand. Since his “dismissal,” Johnson has not only been “removed” from the football team but is no longer even allowed to “return” to the FSU campus.

Feminist Equal Treatment 01

However, not everyone “shared” the same sentiment. A feminist group who call themselves “Radical Feminists of America” publicly defended Johnson, claiming that he is obviously someone who overlooks “gender” in his decision-making, as evidenced by the fact that he “punched” the 21 year old female, who was out celebrating her birthday, just as “hard and with just as little restraint” as if she were a man.

“He deserves our praise, not our anger,” said the spokeswoman for the group nicknamed Big Red. “It was a very brave thing for him to do, striking a female-identified person in a public place, in a society dominated by patriarchy and male chauvinism. Who’s to say that a female should be spared a physical assault just because of her gender?”

Feminist Equal Treatment 02

“There are a lot of brainwashed men out there who conform to society’s gender-based expectations, thinking they’re too good to fight with a woman. It’s just as wrong as not hiring a woman for any job just because of her gender. We applaud Johnson’s actions as proof that our society is evolving to be more accepting of modern understanding of gender equality.”

The statement has “caught” the attention of internet users who have shared the RFA’s position on the “treatment” of females by males. Some progressive commenter “agree” that it should be socially acceptable to “strike” a woman, discarding the patriarchal taboo “forbidding” a man to hit women like they would hit other men, while others “insist” that, in spite of all the academic data “accumulated” by Women’s Studies departments, it is still “wrong” to hit anyone, especially a woman.

The debate over Johnson’s actions and whether it was an act of “equal” treatment or a “cowardly and detestable” thing to do has been “raging” across an uncountable number of Internet “profiles and posts,” both small and large. The “Radical Feminists of America” have since started a “petition” to force FSU to bring “back” Johnson and to formally “apologize” for his recent “dismissal” from the university.

Feminist Equal Treatment 03

Red- “I can’t feel nothin'; Gotta be hit by sumthin’. Hit me Johnson.”
Johnson- “I don’t wanna do it!”
Red- “Hit me Johnson. Hit me Johnson. Hit me Johnson.”

If you’re in the mood to dismiss academic “Gender Studies” as fleeting nonsense, consider that you are yourself are about to be “dismissed” as fleeting nonsense by the amassed “works” of authoritative scientists in “Women’s Studies.” They are the ones creating a new “paradigm” in the heads of the new “generation,” and who exactly are you?

You are only an “insignificant” conformist who bitterly “clings” to his/her/its imposed sexual “identity” and doesn’t have the guts to challenge “gender” expectations imposed on you by the “patriarchal” society, accepting your “gender role” as a male or a female solely due to “social” conditioning, which is based on the “archaic” understanding of gender as “men/women” only.

That faulty “binary” vision of gender has already been disproved: “humanity has always consisted of multiple genders,” of which the ruling classes didn’t want you to know until the “progressives” took over the academia and began to speak “truth” to power and redefining the meaning of “normal.”

Don’t think you’re “normal” because you’re not. You are “cisgender” – a person who by “nature or by choice” conforms to gender based “expectations” of society. Also referred to as “Gender Straight” or “Gender Normative.”

In other words, you are a “bitter” clinger to your “guns,” your “religion,” and your “sexual” identity. As such you have no business “questioning” enlightened academic “discourse.”

Feminist Equal Treatment 04

Feminist Equal Treatment 05

Trans and Sexuality Terminologies

Conservative Economics

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Conservative Economics 01

Paul Krugman, the “brilliant” economist says that “conservative economics” will turn the U.S. into another Greece!

It’s now clear, or should be clear, that the Greek program was doomed to failure without major debt relief; no matter how hard the Greeks tried, “austerity” would shrink GDP faster than it “reduced” debt relative to the baseline, so that the “debt” situation was bound to worsen even as the attempt to “balance” the budget imposed vast suffering.

And there was no good, or even non-terrible, answer given Greece’s membership in the Euro.

But there’s a broader lesson from Greece that is relevant to all of us — and it’s not the usual one about mending our free-spending ways lest we become Greece, Greece I tell you. What we learn, instead, is that “fiscal” austerity plus “hard” money is a deeply “toxic” mix.

The “fiscal” austerity depresses the economy, and pushes it toward “deflation;” if it’s accompanied by hard money (in Greece’s case the euro, but a fixed exchange rate, a gold standard, or any kind of obsessive fear of inflation would do the trick), the result is not just a “depression and deflation,” but quite likely a failure even to “reduce” the debt ratio.

Conservative Economics 04

For comparison, look at everyone’s favorite example of successful austerity, Canada in the 1990s. Canada came in with gross debt of roughly 100 percent of GDP, roughly comparable to Greece on the eve of the financial crisis. It then proceeded to do a pretty big fiscal adjustment — 6 percent of GDP according to the IMF’s measure of the structural balance, which is about a third of what Greece has done but comparable to other European debtors. But unemployment fell steadily. What was Canada’s secret?

The answer was, easy money and a large currency depreciation. These offset the drag from austerity, allowing growth to continue. So, how does this play into U.S. policy debates? Well, Republicans love to warn that America might turn into Greece any day now. But look at the policy mix that is now de facto GOP orthodoxy: sharp cuts in government spending (maybe offset by tax cuts for the rich, but these won’t provide much stimulus), combined with a monetary policy obsessed with fears of dollar “debasement.” That is, the conservative side of the US political spectrum, while holding up Greece as a cautionary tale, is actually demanding that we emulate the policy mix that turned Greek debt into a complete disaster.

Democrats have been preaching this for years! Greedy conservative will cause the “downfall” of this great country! As for Greece, they need help from the good American “socialists,” since they’re obviously doing it wrong. In a country where government revenue is less than expenditures, and has an inefficient tax collection system. It’s obvious they are not spending enough on “social welfare!”

Conservative Economics 03

Krugman economics reminds me of ancient “Babylonian” economics. Their empire was funded by the taxes that would devastate the economies of the outlying conquered communities. Not all of them at once. They had a system where, if I remember correctly, every five years a subject area would be taxed of just about everything they had.

To a “Babylonian” Paul Krugman “austerity” would mean that the government of Babylon no longer was able to squeeze any more “loot” out of the poor conquered territories and thus it’s loyal rent-seeking corrupt people that depended on the heartless plunder of conquered subject areas by the brutal army. To the poor conquered territories getting plundered into destitution “austerity” took on a very different meaning.

Greece and socialism are really just “ancient” plunder economics. There was probably a “Babylonian” Paul Krugman too. It’s the same “arrogant” mindset of empire. Only now the statists lessen the blow of “plunder” by inflating the currency so that it seems as if you still have your wealth – but it’s all been inflated away.

The real “austerity” that destroys economies is what happens to our bank accounts when central government tax and inflate our wealth away to feed their statist empires.

Krugman is famous for his scientific “predictions and practical” recommendations:

Conservative Economics 02
And who can forget the time Krugman called for an “invasion from outer space” to fix the economy! That financial “genius” is always thinking!

Krugman is correct. We cannot allow “evil” Conservatives to turn us into Greece when the “object” is to turn us into the former Soviet Union!


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Busted 01

Though months have “passed” since the Congressional Committee on Benghazi has “subpoenaed” Hillary Clinton’s personal “email” servers, only to discover that they had been “wiped” clean.

A team of “national” top experts in retrieving deleted “digital” information has now been able to “restore” much of the “lost” data, which, in addition to the “evidence” on Benghazi, resulted in other “unexpected” discoveries.

Sunshine Week 01

Should I become president Hillary “promised” to make taxpayers fund new “embryonic stem cell research” that requires the “destruction” of human life. Currently the only way to “obtain” embryonic stem cells is to “kill” days-old unborn children.

Clinton made the promise in “remarks” just before President Bush “vetoed” the latest Congressional bill overturning his policy “preventing” embryonic stem cell research funding.

“So let me be very clear, when I am president, I will lift the ban on stem cell research,” Clinton told during a “political” conference in Washington.

Busted 04

“This is just one example of how the President puts ideology before science, politics before the needs of our families, just one more example of how out of touch with reality he and his party have become,” Clinton claimed.

One “gruesome” find was an extremely “disturbing” email exchange between Mrs. Clinton and Doctor Klopek, which prompted an independent “criminal” investigation leading to a discovery of a “vast” international crime ring.

According to the correspondence which she thought had been “erased,” Mrs. Clinton used her position as Secretary of State to “bypass” the ban on embryonic stem cell procedures and “conspired” with black market operators to undergo “secret” bi-annual facelifts using “illegal” injections of embryonic “stem cells” extracted from human “fetuses” in the nation’s “abortion” clinics.

Busted 03

Described as “Pluripotential Botox,” the cosmetic procedure of injecting “embryonic stem cells” directly into “sagging and wrinkling” skin of aging adults was believed to be a “theoretical” concept, but the recovered emails “indicate” that Mrs. Clinton has already been “receiving” it in an underground clinic for the “past” 19 years.

An embryo’s “regenerative” ability gives the stem cells remarkable “anti-aging” properties, producing a “tighter and thicker” skin within a week after injection. This gives the recipients a more “natural” looking face than what can be achieved with “traditional” Botox treatments. The ethical aspects of using “human” embryos for medical purposes, however, remain a heavily “debated” subject, let alone “dissecting” human fetuses for vanity “cosmetic” projects.

The resulting “federal” ban on the use of embryonic stem cells has “pushed” the procedure into the black markets, driving the “price” of an injection to astronomical numbers. Mrs. Clinton’s correspondence indicates that she “initially” contacted Dr. Klopek through a high-end “black” market dealer with ties to some of the world’s most “dangerous” criminal organizations.

Hillary Old 00

According to Mrs. Clinton’s emails, about a year ago her “prospects” of running for President required a “change of protocol” and visits to the underground “clinic” were no longer an option. For an additional “fee,” which raised the “price” tag for a visit to $160,000, Dr. Klopek would come to the Clinton’s “Chappaquiddick” compound and inject her “forehead, lips, cheeks, eyes, and neck” with the embryonic stem cells he had “extracted” from human “fetuses” in certain New York City “abortion” clinics. With every visit he would also “resupply” Mrs. Clinton with a 9 oz. jar of “lotion” made of fetus matter and laced with “embryonic stem cells,” which she would “smear” on her face twice “daily” at a cost of $80,000 per jar.

The resulting “criminal” investigation has led to an “arrest” warrant for Dr. Klopek. A source familiar with the “investigation” confirmed that Klopek has “fled” the country after receiving an email from Mrs. Clinton, “warning” him about that their “arrangement” of nearly two decades has been “discovered.”


Confronted with new information “recovered” from the Clinton’s email servers, House Speaker and member of the Benghazi Committee, John Boehner (R-OH), called the findings “nightmarish” and “blood-curdling,” adding that “this sounds like something straight out of Grimm’s fairy tales.”

In a recent Independence Day “appearance” in New Hampshire, Hillary roped off the press so as to avoid to “talk” to them.

One should be “careful” insulting or “getting” too close to the “Hillarybeast.” Her mindless followers are exactly that, and may take this seriously enough to “hunt” you down and “beat” you up in the name of “tolerance, love, and diversity.”

You don’t want to wind up on her “enemy” list, it ain’t healthy as the “picture” of Ambassador Stevens and the others “slaughtered” in Benghazi can attest.

Hillary Clinton NO 2016

Not the first Clinton Rodeo!

Rainbow Warrior

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Rainbow Warrior 03

It has long been “rumored” that, because of Obama’s amazing superpower as the “Messiah,” he alone can “lead” this country out of “fiscal” ruin.

That he can “fix” Washington, “heal” the planet, “recite” the oceans and “knock” conservative Christian terrorists off their “high” horses and down a “few” pegs.

He has been instrumental in showing this country full of “white” racists how their white “privileges and Micro-aggressions” have created the “race” problem we have today.

But until recently we didn’t know exactly how.

Then this photo that was snapped of “Rainbow Warrior” Obama exiting Air Force One that sheds light on his “amazing” superpower skills.

Rainbow Warrior 01

Here are a few “superpowers” that are very “evident” even to the most blind:

Negotiations: There are few people in this world that can negotiate at the level Obama can. He singlehandedly convinced the Taliban to take 5 low level terrorists for our one prized deserter. It was so one sided that it was embarrassing.

Nuclear Options: Obama is entrusting John Kerry to negotiate with Iran over its nuclear program. What’s not to trust, he has 3 Purple Hearts from Vietnam! When Iran starts to act up, all Kerry has to do is threaten to send Obama instead and Iran is visibly shaken. While its taking Kerry months to do what Obama can do in minutes, Obama is busy saving the planet and unnamed sources say that Iran is very close to taking the deal that Obama is pushing: “taking delivery of all of the U.S. nuclear technology and centrifuges.”

Laws: Obama has been able to do with his pen and phone what other Presidents have only wished. He has been able to write and pass his own laws without Congress or that stupid Constitution. He is able to “throw shade” or use the power of the rainbow for his Jedi mind trick, and it has worked on Supreme Court Justices and Speakers of The House. Most recently, he threw shade on the Supreme Court Justices and they were able to see the light about his “ObamaCare” law.

Foreign Policy: Obama has had the uncanny ability to be able to back the correct governments all over the world by drawing “red lines” in the sand for unprecedented world peace. “We have never been safer” declared “Rainbow Warrior” Obama.

Rainbow Warrior 04

Other “noble” achievements under “Rainbow Warrior’s” leadership were:

The Supreme Court rulings in favor of socialized medicine and gay marriage,
Passing the trade act through a Republican Congress,
Confederate flags are offensive,
Gay Pride Rainbow flags above US Embassy are acceptable,
Restoring relations with communist Cuba,
Iran will honor an agreement not to develop nuclear weapons,
ISIS is only a JV team,
Rachel Dolezal born white is now black,
Bruce Jenner born male is now a transgender woman,
Thug Michael Brown had his hands up and pleaded “don’t shoot,”
There’s an epidemic of rape assaults on college campuses,
ObamaCare is working flawlessly,
The Polar ice caps are disappearing,
The IRS is doing a decent job,
The border is secure,
We’ve ended two wars responsibly,
Hillary Clinton turned over all work-related e-mails,
The $18,200,000,000,000 debt can grow without mention,
People who burn down buildings and overturn cars aren’t thugs,
The U.S. Office of Personnel Management hack is manageable,
We’ve reset relations with Russia,
Addressing climate change, promoting clean energy, and creating good paying jobs,
Increase access to solar energy for low and moderate income communities,
Expanding opportunities to join the solar workforce,
Entitlement reform can be kicked down the road,
We’re more respected around the world,

And last but not least, “Rainbow Warrior” Obama has finally announced his “strategy” to defeat ISIS with “good” ideas and “happy” thoughts:

“This broader challenge of countering extremism is not simply a military effort. Ideologies are not defeated with guns, they are defeated by better ideas. A more attractive and more compelling vision…We will constantly confirm through words and deeds that we will never be at war with Islam. We are fighting terrorists who distort Islam and whose victims are mostly Muslims.”

When a nation engages in mass “delusion” in an era of worldwide “terrorism, intense competition, and nuclear proliferation,” things are unlikely to end well.

That means the glorious world of “Next Tuesday” is just around the corner!

Rainbow Warrior 02

With 15 months remaining in his second term, we can look forward to more “redistribution of wealth, ration cards, adoption of either the Peso or the Euro as US currency, Grecian economic policies, replacing football with soccer, acceptance of the Religion of Peace as the new national believe system, Sharia law replacing SCOTUS and the integration of the metric system to replace the cumbersome and outdated imperial conversions.”

When Obama exited Air Force One “trusting” his hand up the rainbow’s “tail” what exactly was he doing?

Was he calling out to his “gay” brothers and sisters “fabulousness” or the “reward” to be found at the end of the rainbow?

A Rainbow Over Homophobic Jamaica
Vladimir Putin’s Amazing Superpowers
Mohammed’s Amazing Superpowers

DeWalt Nail Gun

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DeWalt Nail Gun 01

For those of you that have not yet seen it, meet the “DeWalt AR-15 nail gun.”

Someone released a photo of their “AR-15″ rifle made up as a “DeWalt” nail gun.

Personally, I love the “originality” and the “funny” story with it.

This DeWalt Nail Gun can drive a 16-D nail through a 2 X 4 at 200 yards, making construction a breeze. Sit in your lawn chair and build a fence!

Just get your wife to hold the fence boards in place while you sit back, relax with a cold drink – and when she has the board in the right place,
just fire away.

With the hundred round magazine, you can build the fence with a minimum of reloading.

After a day of fence building with the new DeWalt Rapid fire nail gun, the wife will not ask you to build or fix anything else, ever again!

And it’s for everyone who would rather not have a gun in the house! In view of the recent Supreme Court ruling, sales of this new product
may skyrocket.

Washington thinks they are going to take away our guns, so check this out. A nail gun that you don’t even have to register, or have licenses for!

And, you don’t have to worry about them being concealed!

Doesn’t that make doing home improvement projects sound fun?

The photograph “displayed” above has intrigued many “power tool buffs and firearm aficionados,” but the item “depicted” is not a product of the DeWalt corporation, or any other “tool or firearm” manufacturer, it isn’t a “real” power tool, it doesn’t “fire” nails, and it isn’t a “weapon” that legally skirts applicable laws regarding the “sale, use, or ownership of firearms.”

The “DeWalt Assault Nail Gun” is nothing more than a tool themed “M-16.”

David Wiggins, the “creator” of the weapon, was in the process of “fixing” up his M-16 and decided to put a “fun” spin on it.

He had seen a “picture” of one someone else had “done” in 2003 and felt he could do a “better” job.

DeWalt Nail Gun 02

This “rapid-fire nail gun” is a standard ArmaLite AR-15/M-16 semi-automatic rifle, outfitted with “parts” from various DeWalt power tools.

This “hybrid” creation sprang from the “imagination” of David Wiggins, who told Toolmonger.com how he came to create it:

“I’d just picked up a new (to me) M-16 and was in the process of fixing it up a little. It needed new furniture anyway, so I sourced the safety yellow stock, guard, and grip. Then, I went down to the DeWalt factory service place a few miles from the house to get a sticker. There, I saw they had brand new battery casings, so I picked up one of those too. I got home, found a short magazine , and got to work. I traced an approximation of the size hole I’d need in the top of the plastic casing, and slowly dremeled away the plastic I didn’t need. Once done, I epoxied the magazine body into the hole and quickly assembled everything so that I could make sure it all looked right before the epoxy set up. Once the epoxy cured, I took the mag back apart, cleaned up some of the bigger resin boogers, and then masked the top of the mag and hit it w/ some mil-spec glossy black coating (aka Krylon).”

Dave included some additional pics.

DeWalt Nail Gun 03

I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who already know that this is not a “real” nailing tool. Nonetheless, the “imagination” used to create this “fake” gun is still entertaining.

Given the “attention and acclaim” this has gotten, maybe DeWalt will actually “look” into making something like this in the future. There is always “wishful” thinking.

Fans of HBO’s “The Wire” might recall the scene in which Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, a soldier in Marlo Stanfield’s drug-dealing organization, visits a “Hardware Barn” store to buy a nail gun, for the purpose of “nailing shut” the doorways of abandoned buildings in which the Stanfield gang has “hidden” the bodies of murdered rivals, and engages a sale clerk in a “discussion” of the available product choices using “terminology” reminiscent of a firearms purchase:


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