Distinguished Public Service

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President Obama added another “prestigious” medal to his Nobel Peace Prize “collection” when his appointee and subordinate Defense Secretary Ash Carter awarded him the Department of Defense Medal for “Distinguished Public Service” to add to all those “participation” trophies he got at Punahou for his “basketball” skills.


The ceremony took place at “Joint Base Myers-Henderson” in Arlington, VA before a crowd that had an awful lot of “empty” seats, almost as if the military “service members” who attended were there on “orders.”

If this caught you by “surprise” you’re not alone. Most Americans had no idea that the “Pentagon” had such an award.


President Obama awarded himself the prestigious, “Distinguished Public Service Medal.”

During his “teary-eyed” presentation speech, he referred to himself 97 times while “gloriously” expounding on his many “accomplishments, performances and golf vacations.”

Through tears of “joy” he referred to himself another 163 times “expounding” upon his many “successes and how smart he is.”

Additionally, you may not be “aware” that sometime after January 20, several countries are also “expected” to invite president Obama to “medal ceremonies” in appreciation of his many “stellar” world contributions.

Our inside source “revealed” the following scheduled “events”:


In Havana, Cuba Obama will receive the highest “Order of Jose Marti” for his magnanimous “concessions” to the communist regime and outstanding “contribution” to world peace, education, culture and science.


In Tehran, Iran Obama will receive the highest “Excellent Order of Islamic Republic” for the nuclear “deal” he struck with Iran and the huge “pile of cash” sent over to help the country “build” a high-speed rail system.


In Damascus, Syria Obama will receive the highest “Order of Civil Merit” for drawing his famous “red line” in the sand and “forgetting” all about it, which enabled Syria to “coordinate” its use of “chemical gas attacks” against their own people.


In Gaza, Palestine Obama will receive the highest The Medal of Honor  for allowing the “passage” of a UN Security Council resolution “condemning” Israel and ending the “suffering” of the Palestinian people.


In Istanbul, Turkey Obama will receive the “Order of the Medjid” for his zeal, devotion and loyalty to his best Muslim friend “sultan” Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for helping him to “reestablishing” the Ottoman Empire.


In Bonn, Germany Obama will receive the “Cross of Honor for Valor” for helping Angela Merkel “bravely defend the rights and freedom of the German people” necessary to overcome fear and exceptional “danger” of radical Islamism.


In Bethlehem, Israel Obama with receive the “Backstabber Order of the Century” for his failure to “protect” Israel in the gang-up at the UN, and for “colluding” with the resolution.


Other countries are “expected” to follow suit in the coming months, “commemorating” the many astonishing “accomplishments” of the Obama presidency.

As we all know the “Distinguished Public Service” medal was awarded for his administration’s effective measures to bring “peace” to Syria and to stop Russian “expansion” in the Ukraine, and his efforts to “protect” American citizens working in embassies abroad, in addition to “healing” all the racial “divides” in the USA.


Obama’s full “distinguish” title will now be:

“His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of ‘All the Beasts’ of the Earth, all the ‘Birds of the Air’ including ‘drones’ and the ‘Fishes of the Seas’ and Conqueror of the Western Civilization in General and the USA in Particular.”


Finally, Barack Obama is receiving the “recognition” that is due. I was told there is also a “statue” in the making with an appropriate “soundtrack.”


President Trump Inaugural

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Stalking them YouTubers

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Weekly Muslim Invader Updates

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Jan 19 2017
INDONESIA: More criminal animal abuse and neglect in the world’s largest Muslim nation (Viewer Discretion Advised.)
We’ve been horrified by the photos and videos from the Kebun Binatang Bantung Zoo – nicknamed the “death zoo”- where  many of the animals are starved to death, ill or injured and left untreated, and housed in overcrowded filthy cages. This latest heartbreaking video below shows emaciated bears walking around on broken concrete and begging visitors for food.

Jan 19 2017
FRENCH MAYOR to Muslim students: “Eat what we serve, go home for lunch, or don’t eat at all.”
Muslims have been left furious after a French mayor announced there no longer will be a pork-free option offered at lunch in the cash-strapped school.

Jan 19 2017
EU leaders call Trump’s condemnation of Europe’s catastrophic Muslim migration policy a “declaration of war.”
From shaking things up in Washington to causing extreme confusion and butt-hurt for current leaders in France and Germany, one could say the European establishment doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind. (Kind of like the American establishment)

Jan 18 2017
NEW JERSEY APPEALS COURT upholds firing of Muslim-convert corrections officer who refused to remove her headbag on the job.
While the restriction on headgear constitutes a prima facie claim for religious discrimination, dismissal of her complaint was proper because accommodation of her religious practice would impose an unreasonable hardship on her employer, the appeals court said in Tisby v. Camden County Correctional Facility. Not to mention an unreasonable hardship on her fellow officers when they have to save her ass because a prison inmate grabbed her by the headbag and was trying to strangle her to death.

Jan 18 2017
Last-minute (CAIR-instigated) Dept. of Transportation ruling that Donald Trump will have to to revoke immediately.
Designated Terrorist Group CAIR today welcomed new guidance documents from the U.S. Dept. of Transportation (DOT) on how to prevent anti-Muslim discrimination in air travel issued to airline personnel. In other words, if a Muslim is acting unruly or suspiciously – shouting “Allahu Akbar” at other passengers or screaming in Arabic to other Muslim passengers on the plane –  airline personnel aren’t allowed to do anything about it.

Jan 18 2017
Wasting his last five minutes in office, ‘Schmuckretary’ of State John Kerry just can’t pass up another opportunity to threaten Benjamin Netanyahu again.
In his final public remarks as Secretary of State, John Kerry referred to the Israeli Prime Minister as “a friend,” but issued the same ultimatum that he has repeatedly made to him in private.

Jan 18 2017
CHINESE, ASIAN tourists avoiding Paris like the plague because of Muslim violence, theft, and terrorism.
President of the Chinese Association of Travel Agencies in France, Jean-François Zhou, said “increasingly violent” thefts and assaults are turning France into “one of the worst destinations for foreign tourists.” Many tourists are now looking to Russia as a much safer holiday destination.
Scared Chinese tourists are also avoiding Germany and other parts of Europe with heavy Muslim migration.

Jan 18 2017
SWEDEN’s Islamic Arson Jihad epidemic rages on as Muslim invaders set fires to cars in two Muslim NO GO Zones.
In Gothenburg and Malmo, two cities with a preponderance of Muslims, effectively turning them into NO-GO Zones for non-Muslims, eight cars were set alight in Gothernburg while three vehicles were destroyed in Malmo overnight.

Jan 18 2017
Islam encourages wife beating.
In Islam, there are several rules for beating your wife. For example: “Don’t beat her so hard that she bleeds. Don’t beat her where the bruises will be visible. You can punch her in the head but not the face.”

Jan 18 2017
Too bad the San Francisco 49ers don’t have a coach like this.
Buzz Williams, Virginia Tech Basketball Team coach, reflects the pride in America that was once shared by most Americans until Barack Hussein Obama took office and made it OK for spoiled rich brats like Colin Kaepernick to disrespect the country that lets him earn $19 million a year for playing a game.

Jan 17 2017
Hey, CNN, what took you so long to figure out what we all knew within 24 hours of the Ft. Lauderdale Airport jihadi attack?

Jan 17 2017
DANGEROUS WORDS that can get you fired from your job and even jailed in many parts of Europe and the UK.
At a Stockholm conference, Anne Marie Waters talks warns how the truth about Islam has become the enemy. In Europe, insulting Islam can and does result in a person being fired from their job. In Europe, insulting Islam can and does result in a person facing criminal charges. In Europe, insulting Islam can and does result in murder and bloodshed.

Jan 16 2017
HURRY UP, Mr. President, build the damn wall! Mobs of African Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and jihadists are rushing the Mexican border, to get here before you stop them.
Thousands of African Muslim migrants are attempting to cross through Mexico with hopes to enter into the United States via the southern border before President-Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Jan 16 2017
I kind of agree with Rosie O’Donnell, we should implement Martial Law.
…but only to give the military police time to round up all the Hollywood left-wing lunatic Trump-haters before the inauguration and throw them in Gitmo for an undetermined period of time – say, at least 8 years.

Jan 16 2017
Yes, there actually are some Muslims who SHOULD be granted asylum in America.
Muslims who totally reject Islam and would be put to death for apostasy in their countries if they were forced to return.

Jan 16 2017
From misplaced “HOPE” to Trump Derangement Syndrome of “HATE” • “FEAR” • “RACISM” • “ISLAMOPHOBIA.”
Artist Shepard Fairey was 8 years too early with his ‘Obama “HOPE” inauguration poster, hope which never was realized. The real hope is now, with the election of Donald J. Trump. But there will be no posters with a Trump image on it this year. As always, the snowflakes on the Left will do what they do best – making everyone who isn’t a white Christian male a victim.

Jan 16 2017
ANY religion is superior to Islam……even NO religion.
Islam has produced the most uncivilized ‘civilization’ on earth and must be eradicated for the survival of civilization.

Jan 16 2017
TRUMP EFFECT REACHES AUSTRIA: The most popular party now is the anti-Islamization Freedom (FPO) Party.
The problem is not just Islamic terrorism, the problem is Islam and more people are waking up to it.

Jan 16 2017
TRUMP EFFECT REACHES BELGIUM: Leading anti-Islamization Vlaams Belang party to enter the race for prime minister.
For anyone unfamiliar with Filip DeWinter, a leader in the Vlaams Belang party, think of him as the Geert Wilders or Marine Le Pen of Belgium.

Jan 16 2017
The ‘Red Light District’ in an unidentified Muslim country.
Threesome, anyone?

Jan 16 2017
THE ‘New Sheriff’ isn’t even in town yet and designated terrorist group CAIR is whining about U.S. Border agents cracking down on Muslims trying to enter the U.S.
Customs and Border Protection agents have been intensively questioning Muslims at U.S. border crossings about their political and religious beliefs, as well as asking for their social media information, and demanding passwords to open mobile phones, according to a set of complaints filed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Jan 15 2017
Will no-talent Hollywood actress, Lindsay Lohan, become a sex slave for ISIS now?
Or is this just her latest attempt to get media attention for her moribund career? After wiping out her Instagram and Twitter accounts, actress Lindsay Lohan sent a message to her followers that appears to indicate she has converted to Islam.

Jan 15 2017
Why is the Italian Coast Guard “rescuing” illegal alien African Muslim invaders just 30 miles off the coast of Libya?
Why isn’t Italy dumping them back into Libya? They aren’t refugees, they are Muslim freeloaders, rapists, and jihadists. And the Italian Coast Guard sails near the coast of Libya and brings in thousands of these freeloaders posing as refugees every week. Sometimes we’re lucky, and one of their boats capsizes.

Jan 15 2017
Would somebody please tell these low-information, inbred, Arab Muslims that the ‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’ was proven to be fake a long time ago.
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was first published in Russia in 1903. It was said to be the text of a speech given by a Zionist leader outlining a secret Jewish plan to achieve world power by controlling international finance and subverting the power of the Christian church.

Jan 15 2017
Designated Terrorist Group CAIR still whining about ‘fake’ hate crimes.
Everyone’s onto you, Muslim convert bitch, and nobody is listening, much less caring about the so-called anti-Muslim “hate crimes” you keep coming up with which usually turn out to be hoaxes, staged by Muslims themselves for media attention. As for your efforts to “teach stupid Americans about Islam,” we learned everything we need to know about Islam on 9/11 and the more than 30,000 deadly Islamic terrorist attacks since then.

Jan 15 2017
Let’s see how long Obama’s newly-appointed, Muslim-pandering, FBI official will last under a Trump Administration.
A week before Donald Trump’s inauguration, a newly-appointed top FBI official, Paul Abbate paid a visit to the al Qaeda-linked Dar al Hijra Islamic Center in Falls Church, VA, to reassure the Muslim community that stopping alleged anti-Muslim ‘hate’ crimes is one of the agency’s biggest concerns.

Jan 14 2017
GREAT NEWS! Leftists worried that Ted Cruz’s attack on the Muslim Brotherhood could mean the destruction of Muslim Brotherhood front groups like CAIR in America.
A bill introduced this week by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) calls on the U.S. State Department to declare the Muslim Brotherhood and its American affiliates like CAIR, a foreign terrorist organization (as 5 other Muslim countries already have). Advocates for American Muslims suspect a darker purpose ― to smear and potentially prosecute American Muslim advocacy groups, a move that could prove disastrous for the civil rights of Muslims in this country but would protect Americans from Muslim groups whose goals are anti-American at their core.

Jan 14 2017
How can one declare himself a “feminist” AND a supporter of the most misogynistic death cult posing as a religion on earth?
Shiny pony man-child prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, apparently thinks he can support feminism and Islam at the same time. Does he realize that Muslims are laughing at him behind his back?

Jan 14 2017
The Palestinian Authority will soon be in very close shooting proximity to the Pope.
The Palestinian Authority is set to open an embassy in Vatican City, one day before representatives from 70 countries gather in the French capital for a so-called Israeli-Palestinian peace conference at which Israel will not be in attendance. The Paris conference comes amid increasing concern from Palestinians over US President-elect Donald Trump’s unwavering support for Israel.

Jan 14 2017
AUSTRALIA DAY Billboard promoting oppression of women and Islamic supremacism is an insult to Australians.
A billboard in Cranbourne, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, advertising Australia Day that shows the Australian flag next to Muslim women wearing Islamic supremacist headbags is just plain disgusting and an insult to freedom and liberty. Shame on the idiots who somehow thought this was a good idea.

Jan 14 2017
HEY, IT’S WINTER! If you can’t smoke’em out, freeze’em; out.
Illegal alien Muslim invaders at a camp on the Greek island of Lesbos are suffering from wintry conditions: snow, freezing rain and poor shelter.

Jan 14 2017
GERMAN POLITICIANS can find “no single connection between Muslim migrants and Islamic terrorism.”
German politicians say the funniest things…and they do it with a straight face!

Jan 14 2017
Awwww…pity the poor thing, she obviously is a product of Muslim inbreeding.
Not to worry, she’ll be used as a human shield the next time Hamas starts another war with Israel.

Jan 14 2017
German judge says three Palestinian-Germans who torched a synagogue weren’t motivated by anti-Semitism.
“They were just trying to express their criticism of Israel and bring attention to the Gaza conflict.” A regional court in Germany has concluded that an attempt to set fire to a local synagogue with Molotov cocktails in 2014 was an act meant to express criticism against Israel’s conduct in its ongoing conflict with Gaza.

Jan 13 2017
Not only is designated terrorist group CAIR upset that there will be no Muslim clergy at the Trump inauguration, they are demanding Rev. Franklin Graham be uninvited.
MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD front group CAIR has urged President-elect Donald Trump to drop Rev. Franklin Graham from the list of those invited to pray at the presidential inauguration due to the evangelical leader’s frequent condemnation of Islam.


Coming soon to a City near you. Courtesy of the Obama Administration and unvetted immigration policies.



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Farewell Obama

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Hi Barry,

I would like to take the time to “honestly” thank you from the bottom of my “heart” for having a huge hand in “creating” the greatest destructive transformation of the United States of America that the “world” has ever seen.

But “aside” from that, there is so much more to be “thankful” for.

I believe that I speak for “countless” educated people when I say that during the “dusk of your presidency” we should take the time to list some of the “amazing” things you have done and ”reflect” upon them.

In what could “take days to talk about,” I narrowed down the favorite “farewell” gifts you left “behind” for the American people.

1. First of all, racial relations are at an all-time high. Under your leadership and guidance, there has never in the history of the United States been such peace and understanding among people of all pigments across the board. While some of your critics may attempt to point to a huge division created by your “dishonest and manipulative” rhetoric, to all educated people it was the birth of a new kind of justice, different from all other kinds of justice in that it was “more just and more social.”

2. The far-right liars will say anything to smear the beautiful and slightly mark that you left behind on the very fabric of this “formerly” great country. Have no worries, we will always hold that mark in our educated hearts and pass it on to our educated children so they, too, can cherish your remarkable legacy.

3. I would like to thank you for how safe you have made our shining inner cities. While there has been a minor influx in gun violence in progressive urban areas, every educated person knows that the real causes for that lie outside our safe spaces, in the uneducated America where innocent victims of economic oppression come in contact with the sinister gun-owning NRA members.

4. Those twisted reactionaries dare blame your flawless gun regulations for the violence in our progressive cities that surpasses the street wars of the Prohibition era in the roaring 20s, absurdly claiming that restricting firearm ownership leads a rise in bloodshed. Every educated person knows that disarming law abiding citizens cannot possibly embolden criminals.

5. They also spread far-right rumors that the more progressive the city, the more it economically suffers, pointing at Detroit, where they say a Utopia was promised under the dawn of progressive leadership in the 1960s but brought nothing but ruins it is today. But do not fret, Barry. Our progressive fact checkers have debunked that urban myth multiple times. Detroit is better off with art and culture than with automobile manufacturing. Every educated person knows that manufacturing poisons the ecosystem.

6. I would like to thank you for how safe you have made the entire world. With the help of the UN, NGOs, and various progressive think tanks, your leadership has given Europe and parts of the U.S. a taste of higher sophistication and culture through a flood of Middle Eastern migrants. Or are they refugees, widows and orphans? You have to forgive me, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the correct nomenclature.

7. A few uneducated throwbacks may still be upset about having to be around people slightly different than them. But every educated person knows that Europe is where white people originally came from. Ingrained racism is only natural in the “ground zero” of the white people’s breeding area, where an influx new non-white friends can be seen as cultural espionage. But again, Barry, this isn’t anything that can’t be fixed with more education.

8. As we learn of nearly daily acts of rape and violence committed by our newly arrived guests, I would like to thank you on behalf of all educated people for reminding us that these attacks are not the fruit of a particular ideology, but rather of man-made climate change, which turns people into desperate animals fighting for food and water. Thank you so much for clarifying that.

9. Thank you for keeping us in check and allowing us to understand that those so-called barbaric acts are the fault of the Western civilization. Every educated person knows that the bloodshed across the world can only come as a result of trickled-down Western greed and systemic racism, and ISIS is no more a threat to world security than the American economy that is causing climate change in the first place. I’m sure future generations will appreciate your ability to prioritize these threats and to fight the greater evil first and the lesser one second.

10. I also have no doubt that historians will be studying you and your legacy for centuries to come, trying to find answers to such questions as, how could one man have been so smart? Is it even humanly possible to have the infallible intelligence and wisdom that you have exhibited over the last eight years? I can almost hear a college professor lecture to a classroom of diverse young minds, telling them the greatest story ever told: “Yours.”

11. I look forward to the day I have my grand children on my knees in an Eco-friendly home, telling them about the glorious eight years of your presidency and how we just barely missed entering the glorious world that  any civilization could ever hope for – a progressive world under the stern guidance of forward-looking, educated people. We were right there, already going for the exit, but the Russians must have influenced our sense of direction by posting fake road signs, we lost our way, and then it was too late to go back.

12. In the twilight of your administration, we must sadly say goodbye, as the nation turns around to watch the dawning of a new unwritten era that is fast approaching. That isn’t to say that we aren’t terrified of the most hated president-elect since Abraham Lincoln. All educated people in this country and beyond are truly overcome with emotion. But we also know that the effects of your presidency will be felt for years to come, whether we like it or not.

13. They say, “red sky at morning, sailors take warning.” But what does an orange sky mean? We hope that you will stick around and continue to educate us about this and other important issues.

14.Perhaps it is divine fate that someone who is a skilled political player and policy visionary, you have done more to unite the Republican Party than anyone since Raygun. In fact, in this latest election alone, the Republicans now control the 31 of the 50 governor’s offices and the state legislative chamber in 44 states with full control in 25 states and more than two thirds of the nation’s legislative chambers in Washington. As you are leaving office Democrats will be reduced to lowest level since the Civil War. Now that’s transformational indeed!

15. I wish I had room to expound upon the wonderful health care system you bestowed upon us, with downward-curving costs, wide-ranging choice of doctors and hospitals, coverage of every kind of service that we do not need, and of course the security of knowing we can keep our doctors, our insurance plans, and our treatment plans for as long as we want.

16. If only you had been allowed to run for a third term — and we all know you would have been reelected by a landslide — we might also have had coverage for sex-change operations and amputations for transablists. But alas, it was not to be.

17. We celebrated the social changes you made in the military during your administration by allowing gays to serve openly in the Armed Forces and opening combat roles to women. As you said so eloquently “I know that women are as least as strong as men. We’re stronger for it.” Your commitment to diversity reminds us that we are united and can now serve the country without hiding who we are or who we love.

18. You had no qualms of adamantly supporting abortion and voting several times against the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act.” Your radical position will go down in history as the most pro-abortion president ever who abdicated his responsibilities when it came to the protection of the most innocent citizens of this great nation.

19. And who can forget your sex abstinent education when you said you would teach your daughters all about values and morals but if they make a mistake, “you don’t want them to be punished with a baby.” It was so reassuring to hear you condemning single women that somehow it has become a “punishment” to have a child in this country, thereby diminishing the great joy that children bring to their families regardless of the circumstances in which they were born.

Thank you Barry, for all your “wise and encouraging” leadership during the last eight years.


Obama was the first “black” president. Trump is the first “orange” president. “Orange is the new black.”




Obama’s farewell address
How much did government entitlements grow under Obama?
Requiem for a Lightweight: Obama Out
A Man who left a Party without Seats or Ideas
God-Emperor of Blackkind

Ambassador to Libya

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In a “stunning” move a petition has been launched by “despondent” Democrats to have President-elect Donald J. Trump “nominate” Hillary Clinton as the “Ambassador to Libya.”

Mrs. Clinton, if “approved” by the U.S. Senate, would “replace” Ambassador Peter W. Bodde.


The effort is being “lauded by ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS and MSNBC as an “unprecedented effort to unify the country by giving Mrs. Clinton a key foreign policy position in the Trump administration” based on Hillary’s years of “foreign policy” experiences.

The “petition” reads in part:

We ask in a spirit of unity that President-elect Donald J. Trump nominate Hillary Rodham Clinton as the next ambassador to Libya. This appointment will help heal the political divide within this nation.

While the undersigned know Bernie Sanders should have rightfully won the Democratic Party primary, except for Hilary’s efforts to discredit our exalted leader from Vermont, we fully accept the legitimacy of the election and support Mr. Trump as the people’s choice.

Therefore, the undersigned believe that Mrs. Clinton is best suited to become the next Ambassador to Libya and should take her position not later than January 31, 2017.

The undersigned also ask that President elect Trump send John Podesta and Huma Abedin with Mrs. Clinton to Libya.

Finally, the undersigned ask that the U.S. embassy be moved from Tripoli to Benghazi in honor of former U.S. Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, diplomat Sean Smith and Navy SEAL’s Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.


Vice President-elect Pence of the “Trump transition team,” added:

We are always looking for ways to reach out to our former political opponents. This effort by Bernie Sanders supporter and despondent Democrats, many of whom voted for Mr. Trump, will be given serious consideration.

ISIS in Libya in a short press release noted, “We are happy to give Mrs. Clinton the same warm reception, no pun intended, that we gave to Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi. We will keep the home fires burning until 9/11/2017.”


Mrs. Clinton’s spokesperson explained, “Mrs. Clinton appreciates the offer by those who supported Mr. Sanders during the primary. However, Mrs. Clinton has already made plans and is committed to speak in those countries in the Middle East who have generously given to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation while she was the Secretary of State.”

clinton-crime-syndicate-07A spokesman for Mr. Trump, after his “meeting” with President Obama, when asked about the petition replied, “It’s fitting that Bernie supporters want Hillary’s ticket punched in Libya, no pun intended. When we celebrate September 11, 2017 we are sure there will be some fireworks in Benghazi.”

Most Americans would rather she be appointed “permanent ambassador to Leavenworth, KS.

Hillary for Prison 2016 01