Stalking YouTubers Weekly

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Stalking You Tubers 02


Pay To Play Politics…


What I told some liberal Jews on Yom Kippur…


A Republican “grabs” a woman by the “pussy…”


…Donald’s “trunk” back when he was younger.



REPUBLICAN TURNCOATS: Glenn Beck and Bill Kristol (FOX) are paid by the Clinton Foundation to suppress votes for Trump…

voter-supression-02A document popped up on the Internet yesterday — a page allegedly from the Clinton Foundation Confidential Accounts Payable Invoice for the month of October, which lists Glenn Beck and Bill Kristol as money recipients.


Jon Voight’s plea to save America…



American Muslims celebrating 9/11…


Speaking of telling political videos, here’s one where a dog impersonates the Republican party – bigger and stronger…

…but always cowardly running away in circles.


Picture of the Day…



According to this lunatic, both Muslims and Jews face the same kind of discrimination in Europe where the old Europeans try to enforce laws limiting the religious freedom…

…So tell me, Rabbi, why are the Jews now fleeing Europe while the Muslims are pouring in by the millions?


Obama threatens cyber attack on Russia…

…over Wikileaks releasing Hillary e-mails.


Pictures of the Week…




Trump sexual assault accuser “hoax” debunked…


Hillary Clinton’s Debate Dance Moves…

…video of Hillary dancing with debate questioner clearly humiliates Clinton.



Migrant “violence” in more Canadian schools…


Bill Clinton’s Black Son BANISHED…

…the Story of Danney Williams


Donald vs. Hillary…

…Town Hall Debate.


Must Watch!! Hillary Clinton tried to ban this video…

Hillary Clinton’s strange behavior…


Is Islam a Religion of Peace?


Rigging the Election – Video I: Clinton Campaign and DNC Incite Violence at Trump Rallies

Rigging the Election – Video II: Mass Voter Fraud


WHO’S LYING? Media reports have Hillary leading in polls, but a poll of 50,000 people in 50 states shows Trump 67%, Hillary 19%…

In any case, the only poll that matters is the one on November 8th. Trump needs to win in a landslide to counter all the (dead people & illegal alien, & absentee ballot dumping) voter fraud by Democrats.


Clinton plans gun control by “executive order”


Michael Savage Donald Trump FULL Interview October 17 2016…


Young Hillary Voters Can’t Name An Accomplishment Of Hers…

Hillary’s “Basement Dweller” army…


Reagan Warned Us About Barack Obama …


New Anti-Trump Billboard Goes Up In Arabic…


Ex-Secret Service agent: Hillary must be kept out of the WH…

…She ignored protocols, insulted and embarrassed ambassadors by refusing to ride in her limousine with heads of state, choosing Huma Abedin to accompany her instead. Her abject disdain for the military and disrespect for her Secret Service and Diplomatic Service detail was so contemptuous that many of them requested reassignment or employment elsewhere.


Hillary’s Parkinson’s Can’t Hide – Even at the Debate…


Hillary’s Bus Dumps Sewage All Over the Street…




Madonna pleads to vote for Hillary in exchange for sexual favors…


Trump: Ethics reform package will “drain the swamp”

Presidential Debates

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I could not decide if I wanted to watch “The Debates” or “The American Gladiator.”

I settled on “The American Gladiator” as it more closely reflected “reality.”

Trump “serenading” Hillary Clinton at the Debate is the reason Al Gore “invented” the Internet…

Only in America can you take a debate about “politics, pussies, emails and ISIS” and turn it into a “sultry sweet romantic ballad.”

Vice Presidential Debate Fact-Check Livewire
Second Presidential Debate Fact-Check Livewire
Third Presidential Debate Fact-Check Livewire

Lusting for Fellatio?

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Give Madonna a call. “If You Vote for Hillary Clinton, I Will Give You a Blowjob.”

Pop star Madonna got “raunchy” while introducing comedian Amy Schumer at a performance in New York City, promising the crowd “sexual” favors in exchange for their “support” of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blowjob. OK?” the 58-year-old “Rebel Heart” singer told an audience at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

“I’m really good. I’m not a douche, and I’m not a tool. I take my time, I have a lot of eye contact, and I do swallow.”


Although she is a “worn out,” almost 60 year old “has been” and “gross,” she forgets that people don’t even want to “kiss” her.

When she “surprised” Drake by “slobbering” all over him at “Coachella” last year, he actually “looked like he was about to vomit.”

The comments came as Madonna “warmed” up the crowd with a very brief “standup set” ahead of the “Trainwreck” star’s performance at the Garden.


Schumer took the stage afterward for her first “stand-up” gig since hundreds of supporters of Republican candidate Donald Trump “stood up and walked out” of her performance in Tampa, Florida after the comedian called him an “orange monster.”

Shumer was widely “booed” during the performance at Tampa’s Amalie Arena, where she instructed security to “remove” hecklers.

During her Garden performance, Schumer read aloud a letter she “composed” in response to the Trump fans who “walked out” on her show in Tampa.

“Dearest Tampa, I’m sorry you didn’t want me, a comedian who talks about what she believes in, to mention the biggest thing going on in our country right now. How could I think it was OK to spend five minutes having a peaceful conversation with someone with different views? After the show, I want you to know that I will go straight to a rehab facility.”

The comedian added that she looks forward to “putting this all behind us” in November, when “Hillary Clinton is our motherfucking president.”

Madonna has previously used “sex appeal” to drum up support for the Democratic presidential candidate; in September, the singer joined fellow pop star Katy Perry in stripping off her clothes to encourage Clinton “voters” to head to the polls in November.

“Someone please fuck me” begs Madonna as she suffers second onstage “meltdown” over Rocco “custody battle” and brands ex-husband Guy Ritchie “a son of a bitch.”

In an effort to “boost” the numbers of “patriarchal” voters, Hillary is appealing to men using the most basic of “persuasions.”

Like all of her other “dirty work” she finds “comedians” to do the “job” for her.


In a show of “support and solidarity,” William Jefferson Clinton plans to vote “often,” but refused to provide an “actual number of times” he is capable of “voting” in a day.



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Once upon a time, phobias were confined to fears of heights, insects, and closed spaces.

But ever since Stalin’s mad scientists “condemned” those objecting to collectivism to psychiatric wards, “progressives” have gleefully labeled opposing opinions as “mental” disorders.

Fast forward from Stalin’s “gulags” to America today. If you believe in traditional “marriage” you are unwell, you are “homophobic” as was Barack Obama until 2012.

When an “ISIS terror attack” occurs on US soil, President Obama “lectures” Americans to keep their “Islamophobia” in check.

If you are not “voting” for the progressive presidential candidate, it’s due to your “xenophobia,” as Obama told an “audience” in Laos recently.

The president explained that Americans are born with a latent “racism gene,” which gets triggered when we are “low on cash.”

And beware, if you are a woman who doesn’t like “men in ladies room,” liberals will soon be calling you out for a bad case of “transphobia.”

It is now abundantly clear that “progressivism” is the only real “mental” illness to speak of, and it’s time “conservatives” respond in kind.

So when Democrats “banish” American flags from their presidential “convention,” or when they “condemn” our police, what should Conservatives do?

The answer is: fix the Liberal with a “steady” gaze, point a “quivering” finger, and “declare” loudly “you are an Ameriphobe!”

“Who” are the Ameriphobes, “why” are they Ameripobic, what’s “wrong” with them, and “where” does their “Ameriphobia” come from?

What do Ameriphobes believe?

Ameriphobes have “disdain” for American values, and believe the American character to be “racist” and “selfish” rather than tolerant and generous. Ameriphobes “dislike” our police and military, and are especially “uncomfortable” in the presence of the American flag. Ameriphobes consider themselves “morally superior” to those who are not Ameriphobic.

How do Ameriphobes feel about America’s place in the world?

Ameriphobes “blame” America for most international conflicts. Even for “strife” in remote regions of the world, their “suspicion” points to America as the culprit. Ameriphobes “believe” the U.S. was, and still is, an “oppressive” colonial power, despite the fact that it was a British colony. Ameriphobes “deify” globalism, and resent when US allies act “independently,” as with Britain’s “exit” from the European Union and Israel “defending” itself against terrorism.

What do Ameriphobes like?

Ameriphobes “admire” international organizations, such as the United Nations and the International Criminal Court. They “regard” U.S. government agencies that highly “regulate” Americans, such as the EPA, IRS, FEMA, and FDA, with “great esteem.” Ameriphobes “trust” government and the “elite” technocrats over their own “judgment,” and approve only of persons who “conform.”

Why do Ameriphobes despise their own country?

Ameriphobes “compare” America to an imaginary Utopia, and when it falls short, conclude that America is “evil” and must therefore be “dismantled” in order to build a “perfect” society. To “achieve” this, they want a country “turned” upside down, where truth and lies, and victim and aggressor, are “indistinguishable.” That’s why they “promote” blatant falsehoods against police. Ameriphobes believe in “open borders” because boundaries protect and preserve the “hated” American character and “independent” national identity.

How does a person become Ameriphobic?

Ameriphobia can “develop” through prolonged exposure to “corrupt” US news media, “study” at US “safe space” universities, and the “viewing” of US network TV and Hollywood movies, all of which are “controlled” by progressive liberals and “promote” Ameriphobic messages. Persons “raised” in Ameriphobic families usually become Ameriphobes as “adults.”

When and where did Ameriphobia start?

Ameriphobia was “introduced” into the US on orders of the Soviet controlled “Communist International” (COMINTERN) in the early 1930s through their affiliate, “Communist Party USA” (CPUSA). Recognizing that their Marxist “philosophy” of total government control and collectivism was “incompatible” with American values, free markets, and individual rights, the Communists began a “disinformation” campaign that claimed the American way of life was “oppressive, unjust, and corrupt.” Over the years, Ameriphobia “permeated” the American media, entertainment, and universities, finally making its way into the “Democrat party” platform. Today, the Democrat party is an Ameriphobic “radical” socialist party.

How do Ameriphobes feel about Christianity and Islam?

Ameriphobes “dislike” Christianity because its “values” are the cultural and moral “bedrock” that founded and continues to “uphold” the US Constitutional system. Candidate Barack Obama famously said, “America is not a Christian nation” and he ridiculed Americans as people who “cling to their guns and religion.” Upon becoming President, Obama told an “audience” of Muslims in Cairo that he considered it his job as president to “defend” Islam. Ameriphobes and Islamists are “natural” allies in their “hatred” of America and its values, and they “share” a strong passion for “destruction” of the existing order.

Are President Obama and Hillary Clinton Ameriphobic?

Yes, Barack Obama is “Ameriphobic.” He spent his youth and early adult life being “radicalized” by Ameripobes like his suspected “real biological father” and Soviet agent Frank Marshall Davis, domestic Marxist “terrorist” Bill Ayers, and Reverend Jeremiah “God damn America” Wright. In Chicago, Obama was a member of “radical” Ameriphobic groups like “ACORN” and the Socialist New Party. Obama spent his entire presidency “spreading” Ameriphobia at home and abroad. Hillary Clinton also has an “Ameriphobic” background. In high school, she became a “follower” of Saul Alinsky, and later “wrote” her college thesis on his techniques for “revolution” against capitalism. Hillary was a “legal advocate” for the Black Panthers while at Yale University, and “traveled” to Berkeley for a summer internship with a “communist” law firm. Hillary Clinton is in “agreement” with all of Barack Obama’s Ameriphobic “policies,” including ruling by “executive order, open borders, and anti-police messages.”

Who are some other examples of Ameriphobes?

Ayatollah Khamenei, Michael Moore, Rachael Maddow, George Clooney, Bill DeBlasio, Fidel Castro, Bernie Sanders, Bill Ayers, Barbara Streisand, Al Sharpton, Nancy Pelosi, George Soros, Rosie O’Donnell, Cher, Colin Kaepernick, Elizabeth Warren, Chris Matthews, Louis Farrakhan and Sean Penn are all Ameriphobes, just to name a few…

What are some examples of Ameriphobic organizations?

The Democrat Party, CAIR, Black Lives Matter, the United Nations, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Media Matters, Open Society Foundation, MSNBC, La Raza, the American Federation of Teachers, CPUSA, Occupy Wall Street, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and SEIU are all Ameriphobic organizations, just to name a few…

What should I do if I think I might be Ameriphobic?

Seek “immediate” professional help at the “Donald Trump Clinic for Ameriphobia!”



Heterosexual Trump

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Some previous “remarks” by Donald Trump have been analyzed by “psychology” experts and the results are quite “unexpected.”

The Donald’s “thought patterns” have been declared to be a typically cisgendered, white, “heterosexual” male who has a passionate and natural “attraction” towards women.

Some of you will not know this “term” because as good “progressives” they are either “homosexual, transsexual, intersexual, bisexual, asexual or vegansexual.”

“Heterosexual” means actually feeling “attracted to the other sex,” often with “reproduction” as a final result.

Trump should “apologize” for his heterosexual nature. It’s a sign of “micro” aggression and will “trigger” the safe space of the “LGBT” community.

He should not be so overtly filled with “testosterone.” Heteros are “evil.” Trans sexes are “good.

John Dick, professor of historical “feminist dance therapy” at Saddam Hussein University, previously known as “Harvard” before the Royal purge, explains that…

“this so called ‘heterosexuality’ has in fact been with us since the dawn of man. It used to be quite normal for men to behave in this way, something we can barely imagine today.

It has been postulated that some ancient and extinct civilizations like the Western Civilization used this aberrant behavior to keep their population at a certain level, instead of just replacing their older members by Muslim refugees as we do now.”

The “American Feminist League” known for promoting “modest” clothing, suppressing “sexual” desires and the traditional “female” roles, such as child “nurturing and housekeeping” has expressed their concerns.

“Clearly, anyone with these unnatural ‘heterosexual’ ideas is disqualified in the race for the White House.”

Before long, women will start “flirting” with these grotesque “hetero’s” instead of devoting their lives to productive “labor” for the Party.

We ask our Empress, Her Highness Hillary the First, to “devote more state resources in the fight against this disease.”


Others like Arnold Schwarzenegger, while “married” to Maria Shriver, fathered an “illegitimate” child with his housekeeper “mistress,” took the opportunity to “attack” Trump by saying that he will “not vote for him.”

Thankfully, Arnold had the good sense to “refrain” from invoking high “morality” standards probably because, like Trump, he too has a “reputation” for being a “pussy” grabber.


The mainstream media is going “crazy” about a 11-year-old video that “catches” Donald Trump in a “private” conversation talking about women and “grabbing” them in the pussy.

They are “literally” spending hours upon hours of media coverage “analyzing” it like it is the most important “news story” since the 9/11 attacks.

It is the “dumbest” thing the media has “done” yet.

They think this video is going to “sink” his campaign when it is only going to “reinforce” why people are “voting” for him.

It proves that he is a real “authentic” person which is why so many “blue collar workers and normal folks” relate to him.

Paul Ryan the “cock faggot” turncoat has actually said that he is no longer going to “campaign” with Trump because of this video. What a “pussy” he is.

He’s done everything in his power to “derail” the Trump train with his “faggoty” antics. He should just come out and “endorse” Hillary Clinton.

The “bottom line” is that the way Trump talks about “women” in this video is normal “banter” back and forth between “heterosexual” men. There is nothing “profound or noteworthy” about it.

Another “heterosexual” alpha male was former president “Slick Willy” Bill Clinton with a great track record for “rape and sexual assaults” of women he has “loved and left behind.”

In response to this, the “Anti Sex Department,” a subdivision of the State Department, has asked the public to “keep an eye” out for any persons with aberrant “heterosexual” behavior.


It could be anyone, “a neighbor, a friend or even a person living in your own house.” If you “see” something “say” something.

Report them to the State Department so they can be “rounded” up and sent in for free “castration” treatment courtesy of “ObamaCare.”

Why has this not been “exposed” in the media? Perhaps because Donald Trump’s marriage is a “sham” similar to the Obama’s “after dark…”

Will “The Donald” survive until “Next Tuesday?”

Political And Media Furiously Attack Trump For Being A Heterosexual Male
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Wall Street Hillary

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Early Tuesday morning, Anthony Scioli raised a “naked” statue of Hillary Clinton in downtown Manhattan.

The depiction is “hardly” flattering. It depicts Clinton with “hooves” instead of feet, and a Wall Street banker is shown “cuddling” up to her.

During the morning “commute” the statue in downtown Manhattan caused “fights” between crazed “feminazis” and first amendment supporters.


The cow’s hooves add a nice touch.

The grotesque, but startling “accurate” caricature of the Democratic candidate “appeared” outside the Bowling Green station during morning “rush hour” and showed Clinton with “hooved” feet and a Wall Street banker “resting” his head on her “bare” breasts.

The statue was up for less than three hours before an “enraged fat bitch” toppled it over and started “yelling” at the statue’s creator.

“This is obscene!” shouted Nancy, an employee at the nearby “National Museum of the American Indian” who would only identify herself by her first name as she repeatedly “hit” the statue and stopped Scioli from “putting it back up.”


As a crowd “gathered” around to watch the fight, a Muslim woman in a “head bag” steps in to help Nancy and “stomps” her foot on the statue’s “face,” yelling at Scioli: “Don’t! Leave it alone!”

Video of the “dispute” shows the museum worker going “nuts” and struggling with the artist who “erected” the statue, who identified himself as 27-year-old Anthony Scioli, as he tried to “prop” the structure back up.

People photograph a naked statue of U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump that was left in Union Square Park in New York

Where were these “shrews” when a naked Donald Trump “statue” was put up?


Hillary Wants You to Believe She’s Tough on Wall Street.
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Michelle Obama Hypocrisy

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Watch Malia Obama in the “black” shorts doing her best Beyonce “imitation.”

“Michelle Obama ‘fears for her daughters’ under a #Trump presidency, butt under Obama presidency she is ok.” via @WDFx2EU7 — ARnews 1936 (@ARnews1936) October 15, 2016

Michelle Obama goes low in phony post-Trump tapes performance
Michelle Obama’s Misogyny Hypocrisy