Debt Ceiling Deal

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The House of Representatives is set to begin voting on the debt ceiling deal later today. If it passes, it will go to the Senate for a vote on Friday. If it does not pass, it will likely catapult the United States into a default with serious ramifications on the global economy.

The House and Biden administration argued for weeks on raising the debt ceiling, a limit set by Congress on how much the government can borrow. The Republican-led House did not want to raise the debt ceiling without budget cuts and policy changes.

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America’s Massive Debt

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“Do you know what the single greatest threat to America is?” During the American presidential election campaign, President Obama said it was international terrorism. Republican candidate Mitt Romney warned it was a nuclear Iran. Other experts scream that its global warming. Border patrol agents say it’s Mexican drug cartels. Perhaps it’s a North Korean nuclear attack, Russia’s military resurgence, or a Chinese cyberattack.

“Those threats are real. But there is a danger far greater than all of the above combined.” The danger? America’s massive debt. In 2013, America owed $16.7 trillion. Now, it owes $31.8 trillion. Congressional Republicans had a chance to bring this under control. But this weekend, “Fraud-in-Chief” Joe Biden and Kevin McCarthy reached a new deal over the debt ceiling. As a result, borrowing will rise to “only” $35 trillion by the end of Biden’s time in office.

There’s plenty to debate over the details. But what does it say about the fact we’ve been talking about this being America’s greatest threat for over a decade and no one is doing anything about it? Can we fix any of our problems?

Now in 2023, if there is a greater threat to America than its debt addiction, it would have to be the attack from within—“the political dysfunction that has prevented the nation from dealing with this debt problem.”

We Don’t Have a Spending Problem

Putin’s Silent Weapon

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Meet the private military company helping Putin commit war crimes across the globe.

In the shadows of international conflicts, a cruel force has been operating under the radar as an extension of the ambitions of Russian President Vladimir Putin: the Wagner Group. Everywhere they go, they are accused of brutality, torture, and extrajudicial killings.

Who exactly is this group, and why are they so important to Putin?

The Wagner Group is a private military company comprised of mercenaries. Over the years, it has helped the Russian government fulfill its geopolitical ambitions, often paired with violence and war crimes. On January 26, the United States Treasury Department labeled the Wagner Group a significant “transnational criminal organization.”

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Reflections on a Battlefield

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It jarred me, the way those hulking relics of war stood starkly against the tropical foliage. Demolished, pockmarked concrete—surrounded by beautiful, lush green plants. This is Corregidor, island of antithesis.

This small island fortress in the Philippines was the setting of some of the most dramatic scenes of World War II. It simultaneously symbolizes bravery and betrayal, humanity and hatred, strength, and savagery. Gazing across the scene, I was bombarded by incongruous images and emotions. But the biggest collision in my mind was between the epic past and the uncertain present.

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Survey Says

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Donald Trump is finished. Sound familiar? Leftists in power have arraigned him for a felony, and a new poll shows people are losing their enthusiasm—we are told, by the regime media.

If New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg gets his way, the trial regarding Mr. Trump’s business records will begin in mid-January, shortly before Republican presidential primaries begin in Iowa and New Hampshire. While Bragg waits several months to grant Trump a chance to “prove his innocence” as Nancy Pelosi put it, the regime media is doing its part to convict him in the court of public opinion. ABC News is already reporting that a “Majority of Americans Believe Trump Did Something Illegal.”

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Jordan Neely

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The 2020 riots weren’t a fluke—they were the blueprint.

The story of Jordan Neely seems, at first glance, straightforward. On May 1, Neely, a homeless man, was up to his usual pastime: harassing New York City subway passengers. In the morning, he had been throwing garbage at people. Later on in the day, things escalated.

“I want food!” Neely began shouting. “I’m not taking no for an answer!” He loudly proclaimed that he “would kill” people and didn’t care if he had to “take a bullet” or “go to jail” for it. “I’m ready to die! he shouted, as he stalked frightened passengers.

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World War II Restraints

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For decades, the Trumpet has warned that Germany’s military will rise. Today, that military is undergoing drastic change, yet few are concerned. Those who express concern or criticize the nation’s recent developments are accused of Germanophobia. The media are actually cheering on Germany’s new military focus. The defense minister, Boris Pistorius, is currently Germany’s most popular politician. Yet there is reason to be concerned as he works to cast off post-World War ii restraints on the German military.

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Ten Kings

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A new superpower is rising in Europe! For more than 75 years, the Trumpet and our predecessor, the Plain Truth, founded by Herbert W. Armstrong, have been watching for this to happen. Based on Bible prophecy, we expect it to be led by one strongman who leads 10 “kings.”

We can now see who some of these kings will be. Europe is facing one crisis after another. Its American ally is collapsing socially, financially, and militarily. Russia and China are rising. Europe is responding and is about to surge with power! We could see a stunning transformation of Europe before the end of this year!

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Does God Exist?

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The share of Americans who believe in God has hit a record low. According to a 2022 survey released on May 17 by NORC, the University of Chicago research organization, not quite 50 percent of Americans say they are sure of God’s existence. This figure is down more than 10 percent from 2008 when sure believers topped 60 percent. Yet only 7 percent of respondents were confident God does not exist; so, most of the decline in sure-believers is due to a rising tide of agnosticism. The survey was conducted among a sample of 5,872 adults living in all 50 states.

In the early modern period, America’s founders voiced the nation’s broad political consensus in the Declaration of Independence that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (emphasis added). A century later, following the publication of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species, the consensus began to change as people accepted the premise that concepts like morality and human rights were byproducts of evolution. Today, about half the nation doesn’t believe in inalienable rights because they aren’t even sure about the existence of a Creator.

Moral relativism is a well-developed, widely believed ideology that now dominates Western education, politics, philosophy, and entertainment. Because society at large accepted the premise that everything is relative, including morality, evolutionists like Alfred Kinsey and Wilhelm Reich were able to propagate the idea that perversions like fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and pedophilia are not inherently evil but are the natural results of the evolutionary process and are only “wrong” because religious people arbitrarily say they are wrong.

“Higher education contemptuously ignores, without any consideration whatsoever, the biblical truths revealing man’s presence on the Earth and the causes of the present state of civilization. Education in the civilized world today has become entirely materialistic. Education has become a combination of the agnosticism of evolution, the politics and economics of Karl Marx, and the morals and social patterns of Sigmund Freud. Higher education remains in utter ignorance of the mystery of mankind and of human civilization.” —Herbert W. Armstrong, Mystery of the Ages

Until humanity accepts God’s laws as static, stationary, eternal and unchanging, we are in great danger. Educational institutions have indoctrinated society to think belief in God is illogical. But what is the truth? To learn the answer to this all-important question, request Herbert W. Armstrong’s free booklet Does God Exist?

The Dambusters

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A full moon illuminated the French countryside. Livestock peacefully grazed or slept huddled together in the warm spring night. This silent serenity betrayed the fact that it was a nation ravaged by war. In 1943, France lay prostrate before the Third Reich, and it became the front line in the battle for civilization. Often the night skies were filled with sleek objects darting through the darkness; the air, disturbed by the drone of propellers.

This night of May 16 was no different. The calm was shattered with the roar of dozens of Rolls Royce-Merlin engines. The 619 Squadron of Avro Lancaster heavy bombers streaked across the countryside at over 200 miles per hour, flying only 100 feet off the ground to avoid radar detection, dodging power lines and scattering farm animals. These steel behemoths were engaged in a secret mission to drive a stake through the heart of the Ruhr: Germany’s most important industrial region.

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