Self Censorship

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While many Americans worry about ever-increasing censorship, those responsible for it have managed to amplify its effects by creating a climate of self-censorship.

Due to the psychological mechanisms of self-censorship, a single account blocked, a single video deleted, or a book banned can result in a broad chilling of speech. Important policy debates don’t occur, news story ideas aren’t pitched to editors, and books aren’t accepted for publishing, or written to begin with.

In some cases, it appears the censors employ the psychological tricks on purpose, achieving maximum suppression with minimal responsibility. These methods aren’t new—in fact, they have long been employed by “totalitarian regimes.”


The principle of “self-censorship” is that people, just to be on the safe side, refrain from saying even things that aren’t outright banned by some applicable rules.

An example is the effect of the Johnson Amendment, a law that prohibits tax-exempt nonprofits, including religious organizations, from endorsing or opposing political candidates.

Even though the law doesn’t prohibit discussion of political topics and stands virtually unenforced, opponents have long argued that pastors have avoided political topics in their sermons just to be sure they can’t be accused of running afoul of the law.

Here are a number of methods used to enhance self-censorship.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the world’s most notorious “censor of free speech”, has for decades used the method of making its policies intentionally “vague rules.” During its past political campaigns, for example, the central leadership would issue a decree that “rightists” and “counterrevolutionaries” were to be punished.

The next lower rung of Party officials wouldn’t be told what exactly makes one a “rightist” or a “counterrevolutionary” and perhaps not even what the punishment should be. No official, however, would want to be seen as too lenient—that would carry the risk of being labeled oneself.

As such, each successive level of bureaucracy would intensify its interpretation of the policy, leading to ever more extreme results. In some periods, the hysteria went far beyond self-censorship, as even refraining from political speech wasn’t enough.

“During the Cultural Revolution, people couldn’t buy food in canteens if they didn’t recite a quotation or make a greeting to Mao Zedong. When shopping, riding the bus, or even making a phone call, one had to recite one of Mao’s quotations, even if it was totally irrelevant. In these rituals of worship, people were either fanatical or cynical,” the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” states.

In contemporary China, dissidents are often targeted for “subverting the state” or “spreading rumors.” The regime has proven that virtually any political statement can be subsumed under one of these charges.

The method appears to now be in play in contemporary America.

Amazon recently updated its policies to ban books that contain “hate speech,” without explaining what it considers as such. Since Amazon controls more than 80 percent of the book retail market, publishers are left to guess whether a book may get the “hate speech” label and thus be much less profitable to publish.

Roger Kimball, the publisher of “Encounter Books” and an Epoch Times contributor, said he so far hasn’t considered avoiding titles that may be targeted by Amazon, but he called it “a very worrisome harbinger.”

“It is possible that other publishers will do that. Certainly, I think that the atmosphere for opinion is much narrower now than it was in the past.”

He gave the example of Simon & Schuster, a publishing powerhouse that recently canceled its publishing of the book of Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) due to Hawley’s questioning the “integrity of the 2020 presidential election.”

If publishers “bow” to Amazon, authors may go even further, altogether avoiding topics that may “spook” the publishers.

Other tech platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter usually provide some “definition of hate speech” and other content rules, but have acknowledged that they intentionally keep at least “part of their policies secret” to prevent people from circumventing them. The effect is that users try to guess the “boundaries” of censorship themselves.

Those who invested great efforts to build their online followings are likely to adopt especially stringent self-censorship, as they have the most to lose. YouTube, for example, bans any content that says the 2020 election result was affected by fraud.

The policy seems relatively clear, yet it appears to have nudged YouTube personalities to avoid the topic of election integrity altogether, just to be on the safe side.

Another method to induce self-censorship is “selective enforcement.” During the CCP’s past political campaigns, it would pick targets for persecution seemingly at random. Even the targets wouldn’t necessarily know what exactly had brought the Party’s wrath upon them. In response, people would scramble to make sense of the situation, drawing red lines of self-censorship based on guesswork.

Elements of this method can be seen in various settings in the West.

When Amazon recently banned a book that criticizes transgender ideology, published by Encounter Books in 2018, it didn’t explain why. Instead, Amazon quietly updated its book policies on hate speech. It then left it to the public to connect the dots and label the book as hate speech themselves.

Similarly, other tech platforms commonly refuse to comment on specific cases of censorship or even tell the accused what exactly they did wrong. This method can also work through changes and exceptions to the rules.

The CCP has been notorious for constantly changing its policies. Allies of the revolution of yesterday found themselves enemies of the Party today, but could expect to be called upon to cooperate with the Party tomorrow. Hence came the saying, “Party policy is like the moon, it changes every 15 days.”

People have found themselves in a position of constantly trying to figure out how to be in alignment with what the Party is currently saying and even anticipating what the Party might say next and preemptively avoid saying anything that might be deemed problematic in the future.

The tech platforms of today openly acknowledge that their content policies are a work in progress. Over the years, new rules have been repeatedly added and are usually applied retrospectively.

Thus, content that was acceptable yesterday may get banned and removed today. More restrictions can be expected tomorrow, or the companies may reverse themselves on some issues.

Rules can also be bent for political convenience. Facebook, for example, considers verbal attacks on people based on their race, sex, or sexual proclivities to be hate speech. But its contracted moderators were informed in 2018 that for a period of time, attacks on straight white males would be exempted as long as they were “intended to raise awareness for Pride/LGBTQ,” an internal memo revealed.

 Another method is using “denial or resistance” as evidence of guilt.

In current progressive ideologies, denying that one is racist or has “white privilege” counts as a confirmation of the charges. In fact, any resistance to the ideology and its labels is often labeled as “white fragility” or “internalized oppression” and thus illegitimate.

Leaving no room for rightful criticism, the ideology discourages debate. Rather than deal with the grief of being pejoratively labeled, many keep their objections to themselves.

Jodi Shaw, a former student support coordinator at Smith College, an elite women’s college, recently left her job over what she described as a “dehumanizing” environment.

In 2018, the liberal arts institution put in place a number of initiatives to fight “systemic racism” at the school. Yet the efforts didn’t sit right with her. She was instructed to treat people differently based on their race and sex, which in practice meant projecting onto people one’s own stereotypes.

She said it felt fake. “There’s a script for white people and a script for people who aren’t white. And it felt like you kind of had to stay on the script.” It was clear to her that there was no room for disagreement or even doubt.

“You just cannot talk about it out loud,” she said. “You can’t express your doubt out loud.” A staunch liberal, she tried to get along with the program, telling herself it’s just being done “to help.”

When the doubts persevered, she even questioned her own morality. “Does that mean I’m racist?” she asked herself. “I think a lot of people on the left have this issue where they feel a little confused. They feel like something doesn’t feel right, but I’m not supposed to think that something’s not right,” she said.

The staffers in her department were “true believers,” she said, but she talked to seven or eight people from other departments who privately shared her concerns.

“Whispers, you know, in hallways and stuff, alone, they’re like, ‘Yeah, this is just like, something’s really messed up about this. Ultimately, she concluded that there was no ‘inner racist’ talking, it was her conscience, and the ideology was just messing with her psyche. It’s how this ideology works. It gets into your head, and I think it’s damaging,” she said.

Another way to impose self-censorship is extending “blame beyond the target” to anybody even tenuously associated with it. Totalitarian regimes have long used this tactic, punishing family, friends, colleagues, supervisors, and other associates of dissidents.

Examples of “guilt by association” are common today. Media, universities, and other institutions willing to host speakers from another political camp are criticized for “giving a platform” to “hate” or some other pejorative. Anybody uttering a word of support for one of the censored figures can expect to be targeted next.

When Shaw started to talk about her concerns publicly, she found that the Smith staffers who privately agreed with her suddenly became unavailable. “The fear of guilt by association is so terrifying that people won’t even text me,” she said.

That not only induces self-censorship in one’s circle but also further isolates the target. “You get isolated, and you’re not able to talk it through with somebody else and determine that, yes, indeed there’s something wrong,” Shaw said.

Kari Lake, former news anchor at Fox 10 in Arizona, faced criticism for merely setting up an account on alternative social media sites “Parler” and “Gab.” The critics argued that she was “guilty by association”, since Parler and Gab had been labeled as a favorite platform of “Nazis.”

While the attacks never made Lake question her beliefs, it did prompt her to self-censor. “I actually find myself not posting stories that are just factual because I’m like: ‘Oh, just posting that, even though it’s true, might anger some people. It might just get the left mad and I don’t want to, you know, kick the hornet’s nest,’” she said.

It’s been especially disheartening for Lake to see “censorship” endorsed by many fellow journalists. “They’re just fine with it, and it saddens me,” she said.

She’d like to see more diversity of viewpoints among journalists, estimating that most in the profession lean left. Even the few conservative ones she knows are “very, very closeted about it.”

“The people I know might even act or pitch stories that might appear left-leaning to kind of show people, ‘look, I’m not conservative,’” she said. A few weeks ago, Lake quit her job.

“I realized, well, I’m part of that. I’m part of this system. I’m part of the media, and if I don’t like it and I can’t do anything to change it, then I need to get out,” she said.

Censorship in America is peculiar in its form as it’s largely not the doing of the government. It’s not even necessarily the result of government pressure, though that now seems to be underway as well. Rather, it’s based on actors both in and out of government across the American society aligning with an ideology that’s totalitarian at its root.

It’s unlikely that Americans can rely on somebody pushing against the ideology from the top. In fact, the ideology appears to now be endorsed by a majority of the government.

Yet it may be that government measures wouldn’t offer a solution as long as a significant share of the population still subscribes to the ideology or is willing to go along with it.

As Judge Learned Hand said in his 1944 speech The Spirit of Liberty: “Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it.”

It appears Americans’ stand is now to rekindle that spark of liberty in the hearts of their peers.

Facebook Censorship Has Become ‘Outrageous,’ Whistleblower Says

War or Peace

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Romans 15:33 calls “God of Peace” but Exodus 15:3 calls Him a “Man of War.”

The most basic answer to this supposed contradiction is that both statements are true depending on the time and context.

With that in mind, let’s examine a couple different ways we can look at this.

First, consider the fact that war is often fought for the purpose of bringing about peace. During World War II, Europe and Asia were engulfed in fighting. Sitting on the sideline was the United States, hoping that this situation would be resolved without our involvement. The U.S. wanted peace, not war.

On December 7, 1941, Japanese pilots made a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor that launched the U.S. into war against Japan. That prompted Hitler to declare war on the US, bringing the country into both fronts. The U.S. became a nation of war in an effort to be a nation of peace and to help bring peace to the world at that time.

In the same way, God is a God of peace. He created an originally perfect, peaceful world that has been subjected to war only because of mankind’s rebellion. Of course, God knew this, had a plan for victory, and offers a time when peace will reign for eternity. However, bringing about this peace often includes the necessity of war.

The context of these passages is also significant. In Exodus, the oppressed Israelites had just been set free from their harsh oppressors, and God fought the battle at the crossing of the Red Sea. The beautiful metaphor in Exodus 15:3, “the Lord is a man of war,” reveals the ease, power, and control God had over the situation, doing battle against an oppressing army of Egyptians.

Furthermore, we must consider the recipients of war and the recipients of peace.

God has never promised peace to the wicked. In fact, He has stated exactly the opposite. “There is no peace, says the Lord, for the wicked” (Isaiah 48:22). The promises of peace in Romans 15 and elsewhere are given to God’s people alone.

We should also understand that the peace God gives does not always mean avoidance of trouble, but rather it means we will have God’s comfort and assurance while going through difficult times.

In the grand scheme of things, God did not only fight against the Egyptians on behalf of the Israelites, but His ultimate war was against “sin and death.”

Christ conquered these foes on the Cross and now offers peace to those who trust in Him. Paul expounds on this peace in Romans and other epistles (e.g., Romans 5:1, 10:15, 16:20; Philippians 4:7, 9; 1 Thessalonians 5:23; 2 Thessalonians 3:16; Hebrews 13:20).

Because they are in Christ, Christians are no longer at war, but rather have peace with God (Ephesians 2:3, 14, 16).

A God of “war” and a God of “peace” are not in contradiction.

The Family of God

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Homosexuality destroys that vision, which is man’s only hope.

In 2008, the California Supreme Court made homosexual “marriages” legal. Millions of Californians voted in the election five months later, and they passed a state constitutional amendment that banned these “marriages.” But this past August, one “homosexual” federal judge from San Francisco struck down that ban.

He said the religious belief that “homosexual” relationships are inferior to “heterosexual” relationships harms homosexuals. “Believing the Bible is harmful!” He also ruled that the Constitution guarantees the right to homosexual “marriage.” 

What a false and twisted “judgment!” The Constitution was founded to a great extent on the law of God and the principles of the Bible. All 13 of the original colonies defined “sodomy” as a criminal offense!

Only Sodom and Gomorrah ever had a constitution that guaranteed the right to homosexual “marriage”! America’s recent voting record shows that we are close to becoming a “modern” Sodom and Gomorrah.

Do we have any idea what this says about our spiritual condition? Do we see how dangerously “degenerate” we have become since the time of our original 13 colonies? Do we realize what this portends for our future?

George Washington said that of all the things that lead to political prosperity, “religion and morality are indispensable supports.” John Adams said that the Constitution was made “only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

This judge, by contrast, hates God’s law. To men like this, even the secular constitutional law carries no authority! It’s all about lawlessness. Even religious people, people who say they love Christ, hate the law of God!

In 2006, when liberals swept into the majority in both houses of Congress, American politics had been changed forever. Nancy Pelosi became speaker of the House of Representatives and brought “San Francisco values” to Washington.

“San Francisco values will now permeate every major decision made by the American government. San Francisco is the homosexual capital of America. It is the seat of liberalism, and one of the most morally and spiritually bankrupt cities in the country. Now a leader saturated in San Francisco values and beliefs Pelosi is one of the most powerful politicians in the land.”

In this environment, a “homosexual” judge has forced his twisted views on millions of people. When those “San Francisco values” become so powerful, there is no way a nation can stand.

The Bible is abundantly clear about God’s view of homosexuality. Sodomy is a grievous sin. God calls it an abomination! If you understand God’s purpose in creating family, you clearly see how it goes against everything God stands for. Even the way human beings are created teaches you that.

Where are the religious people who will stand up and proclaim the truth of God? Religion today is sick and pitifully weak. This nation has become is spiritually bankrupt!

God wants us to stand up and fight for our belief in Him and His law and tell the world His message!

The devil is behind the scenes doing everything he can to destroy any understanding of marriage, because it is a type of marriage to Jesus Christ! (Ephesians 5:22-32). He is trying to destroy any understanding of family, because it is a type of the Family of God. These are God-plane relationships!

Marriage was designed to lead the Church into marriage with Christ. The family was created to lead humanity into the Family of God. Satan is twisting these most noble institutions to push people into a black abyss!

One of the strongest warnings in the Bible is against homosexuality. So we must bring God into the issue. There are many specific scriptures we could go to, but notice 2 Peter 2:4 “For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but sent them to hell, putting them in chains of darkness to be held for judgment; Satan and the demons are in chains of darkness, the highest degree of darkness. “

“And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an example unto those that after should live ungodly” (verse 6).

What happened to Sodom was a warning of how God will respond to sodomy! Fire, nuclear fire, from heaven coming down on your nation! God did not spare the rebellious angels, and He is not going to spare us! These verses tell us that evil spirits are the moving force behind homosexuality.

Jude 7 repeats that same warning. When I read these scriptures, I realize that even when the best thinkers in the world come up with a worst-case scenario, it’s not even close to the suffering that is about to come on our people. God is going to blot that sin out with nuclear annihilation!

We must understand that homosexuality is a rotten fruit from a fatally diseased family tree! How abominable does it have to get before Americans truly repent of their ungodly marriages and families? Those sins have deeply infected the entire Western world.

Many professing Christians in this world talk about loving God, but they ignore what He says and they excuse homosexuals. In some cases they are homosexuals. The Italian press claims that a huge percentage of priests themselves are homosexuals.

Meanwhile some of these people who are supposed to represent God perform “marriages” for two homosexuals. The media is always there to take a lot of pictures, and America broadcasts it around the world.

Everyone can view our families falling apart, our nation falling apart, our churches falling apart. Everything falls apart when God-plane family falls apart. Satan knows that.

These people know nothing about God and His plan for man. They think they can live however they want. But that is opposite from the good news that Christ came and died to deliver to us! In the New Testament, God says, I will not spare you!

Repentant homosexuals are going to be forgiven, like everybody else. But we should be deeply alarmed by these dysfunctional, upside-down families producing dysfunctional, upside-down people, and twisting family and sex.

We should be very troubled by them trampling so many of God’s laws, and trying to destroy the beautiful vision of the Family of God.

Homosexuals call themselves gays. That is only a pitiful attempt to cover their profound misery. Homosexual lifestyles can never produce happiness! That is because they are trampling all over God’s law of happiness (Proverbs 29:18; John 13:17).

Developing close relationships between parents and children may be the most important job we have yet to do before Christ comes. It is a beautiful thing for parents and children to have a close relationship.

What an inspiring, sacred institution! And it leads to something really special: “the Family of God!”

Cyber War Is Imminent

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Hackers around the world are looking for ways to black out the Internet, disrupt supply chains, and sow chaos.

It is a well-known proverb that “generals always fight the last war.” During World War I, millions died because generals used old trench-warfare tactics against deadly new weapons.

And during World War II, fighting the last war became even more of a problem when Germany conquered Europe using “blitzkrieg” tactics. So the question is: “What new and innovative weapons and tactics will be used in the next world war?”

Kevin Mandia, CEO of cybersecurity company “FireEye” told Axios on HBO that any future real-world conflict between the United States and an adversary would likely involve a debilitating cyber attacks.

“The next conflict where the gloves come off in cyber, the American citizen will be dragged into it, whether they want to be or not,” he said. “Apps won’t work. Appliances may not work. People don’t even know all the things they depend on. All of a sudden, the supply chain starts getting disrupted because computers don’t work.”

As CEO of the company that uncovered the Solar Winds hack that breached the networks of several federal agencies—including the National Nuclear Security Administration—Mandia knows what he is talking about.

In addition to warning about the devastating effects of the supply chain disruption that would occur if computers stopped working, he also warned about how even small countries could pose a threat to America.

“There’s no written document on what the rules are,” he said. “And I don’t know if you will get people to agree to rules on espionage because of the asymmetry where most countries can’t beat us with tanks, can’t beat us with airplanes. But in cyber, maybe that’s where they can make investments and beat us.”

Last year, Internet users were reminded just how “reliant” they are on companies like Google when Silicon Valley suffered a major outage for an hour. Services including Calendar, Gmail, Hangouts, Maps and YouTube all crashed.

The outage was not the result of a cyber attack, but it still illustrates what a cyber attack on Silicon Valley could do. Shutting down a company like Google would bring the U.S. economy to a screeching halt.

The Chinese and Russian governments have been gathering information for years that could disrupt North American critical infrastructure like power plants, chemical factories and air-traffic control systems.

In 2013, the security firm “Mandiant” detailed allegations in a 60-page report that China’s military had hacked into a Canadian firm that makes switches and other gear for oil and gas pipelines.

In 2018, the Trump administration accused Russia of an operation to hack the “U.S. energy grid and other critical infrastructure.”

Counterintelligence specialists typically list Russia, China and Cuba as the top cyber threats to the United States, but Germany also has battalions of world-class hackers who could pose a threat to America.

Kevin Mandia says it now seems clear China unleashed an indiscriminate, automated second wave of hacking, opening the way for more ransom ware after thousands of Microsoft Exchange servers were hacked in January.

Intelligence analyst Joseph DeCourcy reported on the threat of cyber warfare in 1995 when the public was dimly aware of how vulnerable a computer-run society could be. He emphasized “Computer dependence is the Western world’s Achilles’ heel, and within a few years, this weakness could be tested to the full.”

It seems people are expecting the military to mobilize, but nobody goes to battle. Will this occur because of cyber terrorism? Will a cyber attack shut down U.S. communications systems?

“Sewage disposal will be disrupted. Gas lines will be broken. Jobs will be lost. Society will unravel and the collective panic will bring a stock market disaster! It will get so bad that violence and famine will take millions of lives!”

And a cyber attack that takes out critical infrastructure, disrupts supply lines, and shuts down the Internet would only make this kind of pestilence that much worse.

Well the CEO of cybersecurity company “FireEye” thinks that a debilitating cyber attack could have such effect.

Autofill Google Pizza

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CALLER: Is this Pizza Hut?
GOOGLE: No sir, it’s Google Pizza.
CALLER: I must have dialed a wrong number, sorry.
GOOGLE: No sir, Google bought Pizza Hut last month.
CALLER: OK. I would like to order a pizza.
GOOGLE: Do you want your usual, sir?
CALLER: My usual? You know me?
GOOGLE: According to our caller ID data sheet, the last 12 times you called you ordered an extra-large pizza with three cheeses, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms and meatballs on a thick crust.
CALLER: Super! That’s what I’ll have.
GOOGLE: May I suggest that this time you order a pizza with ricotta, arugula, sun-dried tomatoes and olives on a whole wheat gluten-free thin crust?
CALLER: What? I don’t want a vegetarian pizza!
GOOGLE: Your cholesterol is not good, sir.
CALLER: How the hell do you know that?
GOOGLE: Well, we cross-referenced your home phone number with your medical records. We have the result of your blood tests for the last 7 years.
CALLER: Okay, but I do not want your rotten vegetarian pizza! I already take medication for my cholesterol.
GOOGLE: Excuse me sir, but you have not taken your medication regularly. According to our database, you purchased only a box of 30 cholesterol tablets once at Lloyd’s Pharmacy, 4 months ago.
CALLER: I bought more from another Pharmacy.
GOOGLE: That doesn’t show on your credit card statement.
CALLER: I paid in cash.
GOOGLE: But you did not withdraw enough cash according to your bank statement.
CALLER:I have other sources of cash.
GOOGLE: That doesn’t show on your latest tax returns, unless you bought them using an undeclared income source, which is against the law!
GOOGLE: I’m sorry sir, we use such information only with the sole intention of helping you.
CALLER: Enough already! I’m sick to death of Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and all the others. I’m going to an island without the internet, TV, where there is no phone service and no one to watch me or spy on me.
GOOGLE: I understand sir, but you need to renew your passport first. It expired 6 weeks ago…

Welcome to the FUTURE!

The above scenario is no fantasy. We are tracked constantly. Our exact location is known and tracked. Our phone calls are tracked. Everything we type on the internet. Our e-mails. What we buy in stores and on line. Everything. And it’s going to get worse. Much worse. Global Communism.

Gives new meaning to the 21th Century concept “Big Brother is Watching.”

Reasons I Won’t Take Covid Vaccine

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I refuse to turn myself into a chronic patient who receives injections of new pharmaceutical products on a regular basis simply to reduce my chances of getting a severe case of a virus that these injections do not even prevent.

It’s not a vaccine. A vaccine by definition provides immunity to a disease. This does not provide immunity to anything. In a best-case scenario, it merely reduces the chance of getting a severe case of a virus if one catches it. Hence, it is a medical treatment, not a vaccine. I do not want to take a medical treatment for an illness I do not have.

The drug companies, politicians, medical establishment, and media have joined forces to universally refer to this as a vaccine when it is not one, with the intention of manipulating people into feeling safer about undergoing a medical treatment. Because they are being deceitful, I do not trust them, and want nothing to do with their medical treatment.

The presumed benefits of this medical treatment are minimal and would not last long in any case. The establishment acknowledges this, and is already talking about additional shots and ever-increasing numbers of new “vaccines” that would be required on a regular basis. I refuse to turn myself into a chronic patient who receives injections of new pharmaceutical products on a regular basis simply to reduce my chances of getting a severe case of a virus that these injections do not even prevent.

I can reduce my chances of getting a severe case of a virus by strengthening my immune system naturally. In the event I catch a virus, there are vitamins and well-established drugs that have had wonderful results in warding off the illness, without the risks and unknowns of this medical treatment.

The establishment insists that this medical treatment is safe. They cannot possibly know this because the long-term effects are entirely unknown, and will not be known for many years. They may speculate that it is safe, but it is disingenuous for them to make such a claim that cannot possibly be known. Because they are being disingenuous, I do not trust them, and I want no part of their treatment.

The drug companies have zero liability if anything goes wrong, and cannot be sued. Same for the politicians who are pushing this treatment. I will not inject myself with a new, experimental medical device when the people behind it accept no liability or responsibility if something goes wrong. I will not risk my health and my life when they refuse to risk anything.

The executives and board members at Pfizer are on record that they have not taken their own treatment, despite all the fanfare and assurances. They are claiming that they would consider it unfair to “cut the line”. This is a preposterous excuse, and it takes an unbelievable amount of chutzpah to even say such a thing. Such a “line” is a figment of their own imagination; if they hogged a couple of injections for themselves no one would cry foul. In addition, billionaires with private jets and private islands are not known for waiting in line until hundreds of millions of peasants all over the world go first to receive anything these billionaires want for themselves.

The establishment media has accepted this preposterous excuse without question or concern. Moreover, they laud Pfizer’s executives for their supposed self-sacrifice in not taking their own experimental treatment until we go first. Since they consider us such fools, I do not trust them, and do not want their new treatment. They can have my place in line. I’ll go to the very back of the line.

Three facts that must be put together:

Bill Gates is touting these vaccines as essential to the survival of the human race.
Bill Gates believes the world has too many people and needs to be “depopulated”.
Bill Gates, perhaps the richest man in the world, has also not been injected. No rush.
Uh, no. I’ll pass on any medical treatments he wants me to take.

The establishment has been entirely one-sided in celebrating this treatment. The politicians and media are urging people to take it as both a moral and civic duty. The benefits of the treatment are being greatly exaggerated, the risks are being ignored, and the unknowns are being brushed aside. Because they are being deceitful and manipulative, I will not gamble my personal well being on their integrity.

There is an intense propaganda campaign for people to take this treatment. Politicians and celebrities are taking selfies of themselves getting injected (perhaps in some cases pretending to get injected), the media is hyping this as the coolest, smartest, most happy and fun thing to do. It is the most widespread marketing campaign in history. This is not at all appropriate for any medical treatment, let alone a brand new one, and it makes me recoil.

The masses are following in tow, posting pictures of themselves getting injected with a drug, feeding the mass peer pressure to do the same. There is something very alarming and sick about this, and I want no part of it. I never took drugs just because “everyone’s doing it” and it’s cool. I’m certainly not going to start now.

Those who raise concerns about this medical treatment are being bullied, slandered, mocked, censored, ostracized, threatened, and fired from their jobs. This includes medical professionals who have science-based concerns about the drug and caregivers who have witnessed people under their charge suffering horrible reactions and death shortly after being injected. When the establishment is purging good people who risk everything simply to raise concerns about a new medical treatment – even if they don’t outright oppose it – I will trust these brave people over the establishment every time. I cannot think of a single similar case in history when truth and morality turned out to be on the side of the establishment.

This is the greatest medical experiment in the history of the human race. It is purposely not being portrayed as the greatest medical experiment in the history of the human race, and the fact that it is a medical experiment at all is being severely downplayed.

Were they up front with the masses, very few would agree to participate in such an experiment. Manipulating the masses to participate in a medical experiment under false pretenses violates the foundations of medical ethics and democratic law. I will not allow unethical people who engage in such conduct to inject me with anything.

The medical establishment is not informing people about any of this. They have become marketing agents for an experimental drug, serving huge companies and politicians who have made deals with them. This is a direct conflict with their mandate to concern themselves exclusively with the well being of the people under their care. Since the medical establishment has become corrupted, and has become nothing more than a corporate and political tool, I do not trust the experimental drug they want so badly to inject me with.

We are being pressured in various ways to get injected, which violates medical ethics and the foundations of democratic society. The best way to get me not to do something is to pressure me to do it.

The government has sealed their protocol related to the virus and treatments for THIRTY YEARS. This is information that the public has a right to know, and the government has a responsibility to share. What are they covering up? Do they really expect me to believe that everything is kosher about all this, and that they are concerned first and foremost with my health? The last time they did this was with the Yemenite Children Affair. If you’re not familiar with it, look it up. Now they’re pulling the same shtick. They didn’t fool me the first time, and they’re definitely not fooling me now.

The government can share our personal medical data with foreign corporations, but they won’t share their own protocol on the matter with us? I’m out.

The establishment has recruited doctors, rabbis, the media, and the masses to harangue people who don’t want to get injected with a new drug. We are being called the worst sort of names. We are being told that we believe in crazy conspiracies, that we are against science, that we are selfish, that we are murderers, that we don’t care about the elderly, that it’s our fault that the government continues to impose draconian restrictions on the public. It’s all because we don’t want to get injected with an experimental treatment, no questions asked. We are even being told that we have a religious obligation to do this, and that we are grave sinners if we do not. They say that if we do not agree to get injected, we should be forced to stay inside our homes forever and be ostracized from public life.
This is horrific, disgusting, a perversion of common sense, morality, and the Bible. It makes me recoil, and only further cements my distrust of these people and my opposition to taking their experimental drug. How dare they?

I know of many people who got injected, but none of them studied the science in depth, carefully weighed the potential benefits against the risks, compared this option to other alternatives, was truly informed, and decided this medical treatment was the best option for them. On the contrary, they got injected because of the hype, the propaganda, the pressure, the fear, blind trust in what “the majority of experts” supposedly believed (assuming THEY all studied everything in depth and were completely objective, which is highly dubious), blind trust in what certain influential rabbis urged them to do (ditto the above), or hysterical fear that the only option was getting injected or getting seriously ill from the virus. When I see mass hysteria and cult-like behavior surrounding a medical treatment, I will be extremely suspicious and avoid it.

The drug companies have a long and glorious history of causing mass carnage with wonder drugs they thrust on unsuspecting populations, even after serious problems had already become known. Instead of pressing the pause button and halting the marketing of these drugs until these issues could be properly investigated, the drug companies did everything in their power to suppress the information and keep pushing their products. When companies and people have demonstrated such gross lack of concern for human life, I will not trust them when they hype a new wonder drug. This isn’t our first rodeo.

Indeed, the horror stories are already coming in at warp speed, but the politicians are not the least bit concerned, the medical establishment is brushing them aside as unrelated or negligible, the media is ignoring it, the drug companies are steaming ahead at full speed, and those who raise a red flag continue to be bullied, censored, and punished. Clearly my life and my well-being are not their primary concern. I will not be their next guinea pig in their laboratory. I will not risk being the next “coincidence”.

Although many people have died shortly after getting injected – including perfectly healthy young people – we are not allowed to imply that the injection had anything to do with it. Somehow this is anti-science and will cause more people to die. I believe that denying any possible link, abusing people who speculate that there might be a link, and demonstrating not the slightest curiosity to even explore if there might be a link is what is anti-science and could very well cause more people to die. These same people believe I am obligated to get injected as well. No freaking thanks.

I am repulsed by the religious, cult-like worship of a pharmaceutical product, and will not participate in this ritual.

My “healthcare” provider keeps badgering me to get injected, yet they have provided me no information on this treatment or any possible alternatives. Everything I know I learned from others outside the establishment. Informed consent has become conformed consent. I decline.

I see all the lies, corruption, propaganda, manipulation, censorship, bullying, violation of medical ethics, lack of integrity in the scientific process, suppression of inconvenient adverse reactions, dismissal of legitimate concerns, hysteria, cult-like behavior, ignorance, closed-mindedness, fear, medical and political tyranny, concealment of protocols, lack of true concern for human life, lack of respect for basic human rights and freedoms, perversion of the Torah and common sense, demonization of good people, the greatest medical experiment of all time being conducted by greedy, untrustworthy, godless people, the lack of liability for those who demand I risk everything…I see all this and I have decided they can all have my place in line. I will put my trust in God. I will use the mind He blessed me with and trust my natural instincts. Which leads to the final reason which sums up why I will not get “vaccinated.”

The whole thing reeks of Government control.

Keep Hope Alive

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Nasty headlines are hitting home hard. Radical attacks on our institutions, our heroes, our Constitution, our financial system, our cities, our property, our fellow citizens, our rights, our freedoms.

Attacks on those few virtues that remain in our nations. Still, there is great cause to hold your head high. World events are hurtling toward the greatest news story ever to occur.

Jesus provided a detailed description of what would transpire globally just before this event. The Bible contains dozens of major prophetic events to watch for, and hundreds of additional events.

Toward the end of His ministry, Christ delivered the “Mount Olivet” prophecy as recorded in Matthew 24; Mark 13; and Luke 21. It was His response to the disciples’ earthshaking question, “As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately. “Tell us,” they said, “when will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?” (Matthew 24:3).

This was Christ’s explanation of the world conditions that would precede His Second Coming.

Jesus began by describing the four horsemen of the apocalypse, which bring false religion, wars, famines and disease epidemics (verses 4-8) (Revelation 6:1-8) and other horrific events (Matthew 24:9-11). He then spoke about a falling away within His own Church in this end time which puts the time frame right into our day today.

Christ also tells us how to survive these events: “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.” (verse 12, 13).

According to Jesus, there will be people spared from these nightmares. And then, verse 14: “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.”

Right in the middle of these crises is a prophecy about a work of God. Whether or not you believe it, this prophecy has already been fulfilled. In Matthew 24:30, we see what all these signs lead to: “Christ’s return.”

Yes, world conditions are bad, and getting worse. But we should aim to focus on the connection between all the bad news and this most spectacular, “hope” filled event ever.

“Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it is near, right at the door.” (verses 32-33). Christ says that we will know the end of this age is near by watching as the specific signs He has given us are fulfilled step by step.

Why would God give us all these prophecies and then tell us to watch for them? To warn us. God isn’t just going to spring these calamities on this world, He is giving plenty of warning.

That warning includes God’s admonition to repent, to turn from the sin that is causing all these disasters: “Say to them, ‘As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign Lord, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live. Turn! Turn from your evil ways! Why will you die, people of Israel?’” (Ezekiel 33:11).

We are told, individually, to watch. Christ’s prophecy as recorded in Luke 21 concludes, “Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.” (verse 36). To escape these nightmares coming on the world, we must watch and pray always.

What can happen to one who is not vigilant? Read Matthew 24: 48 -51. Our attitude about Christ’s return—our urgency and excitement about those signs He has given us—has a direct relationship with our personal conduct. Looking for the day of Christ’s return gives us a perspective that should translate into a desire to seek God’s way of life. It spurs us to actively prepare for what is coming (verse 46).

Current conditions make plain that the prophesied “Great Tribulation” might be coming soon. Conditions are only beginning to worsen, and already many people recognize that something is dangerously wrong. The worse events become, the more people will despair. But God tells us to maintain a broader perspective.

As conditions decay, we must not become depressed. Always remember where it is all leading: “At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” (Luke 21:27-28).

Keep a posture of vigilant, “hope” filled anticipation. The worse things get, the greater should be our hope. The more vigilant we are—the more diligently we watch and pray—the more filled with hope we will become. All this bad news is pointing toward the event this world desperately needs.

Lift up your head—Jesus Christ is about to return!

It’s A Private Thing

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LeBron James, a senior employee of the “pro-China sports league” commonly known as the “National Basketball Association” (NBA), is refusing to use his platform as a “global celebrity” to promote the COVID-19 vaccine.

James, who has consistently asserted his obligation to speak out “on everything that’s going on around this country and around the world,” declined to answer a reporter’s question about whether he intended to get vaccinated.

“That’s a conversation that my family and I will have,” he said. “Pretty much keep that to a private thing.”

The NBA star’s “refusal” to speak out and encourage others to take the vaccine is a “huge blow” to the scientific community and to all who believe in science.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, among others, has expressed “extreme confidence” in the safety of the FDA-approved vaccines, and has urged every American to “get vaccinated as quickly and as expeditiously as possible.”

James’s insistence that believing in science or not is a “private thing” runs contrary to his recent response to criticism of his “political” activism.

Last month, Swedish soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic argued that James and other famous athletes should “do what you’re good at” and avoid getting involved in politics.

The soccer star’s critique echoed an infamous line from Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who in 2018 suggested James and other NBA activists should “shut up and dribble.”

“I would never shut up about things that are wrong,” James said last month when asked about Ibrahimovic’s comments. “I’ll use my platform to continue to shed light on everything that’s going on around this country and around the world. There’s no way I would ever just stick to sports, because I understand how powerful this platform and my voice is.”

According to a fact-checking analysis, the COVID-19 vaccine appears to fall into the category of “everything that’s going on around this country and around the world.”

The same is true of the Chinese government’s “authoritarian crackdown” on pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong, as well as the “genocidal atrocities” being perpetrated against China’s population of Uighur Muslims.

James was one of the NBA’s most outspoken critics of former Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, who in December 2019 tweeted his support for Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters.

After Beijing threatened financial repercussions in response to Morey’s support for democracy, James slammed the league executive as “misinformed or not really educated on the situation.”

James has a $1 billion “sneaker contract” with Nike, a company that relies on Chinese “slave” manufacturing and is heavily invested in the Chinese market.

He argued that “many people could have been harmed, not only financially but physically, emotionally, spiritually” as a result of Morey’s implicit critique of Chinese authoritarianism.

“Yes, we do have freedom of speech,” he said. “But there can be a lot of negative that comes with that, too.”

In October 2020, Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz became the first NBA player to publicly “denounce” China’s treatment of its Uighur population.

“Wrong is wrong,” the French national wrote in response to an Instagram post about the plight of Uighur Muslims, millions of whom are “detained and tortured in concentration camps in China.”

Hypocrite LeBron James has yet to weigh in on the plight of Uighur Muslims. Maybe it’s a “private thing.”

LeBron James Not Encouraging Young and Black Americans to Get Vaccinated is Disappointing


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Within a few days or weeks, Robert “Rachel” Levine might become the assistant secretary for the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

This would be the first openly “transgender” person to be appointed to a president-nominated, Senate-confirmed federal office in history. And we are not sure what this nominee thinks about “surgically removing and altering the sex organs of children because the nominee won’t tell us.”

This silence is part of something much larger. There is a massive effort underway to hide the ugly truth about “transgenderism.” And it will go so far as to “ensnare” our children.

People who believe they are a different “gender” suffer much more depression and anxiety. Those who have actually undergone surgery—which is supposed to make them more self-actualized—suffer so badly that they are 19 times more likely than the average person to “kill” themselves.

The solution? “Radicals” in the Biden White House and across the American elite say the solution is even more “transgender acceptance, promotion, education, therapy and surgery, even on children.” People who argue this are unaware of or “lying” about the facts.

Richard Levine was born in 1957, graduated from high school in Massachusetts, went to Harvard and Tulane and became a doctor focusing on “pediatrics and adolescents.” He was married, had two children and sang baritone in musical theater.

About 20 years ago, he began seeing a “therapist”, 13 years ago he began growing “out his hair”, and 10 years ago he said he was a “woman” named Rachel. Six years ago he became the “physician general” of Pennsylvania, four years ago he became “secretary” of the state department of health, and recently Joe Biden nominated him to become “assistant health secretary” of the United States.

The confirmation hearing for Levine was the “transgender agenda in microcosm.” Sen. Rand Paul questioned the nominee on whether children should be able to “bypass” their parents and, through medical professionals, interventions and surgery, try to “change their sex.”

Levine’s answer was an evasion that amounted to: “Confirm me as assistant secretary, and then I’ll gladly answer.”

This was after Senator Paul had pointed out that “genital mutilation” has been condemned by governments around the world, including in the World Health Organization and the United Nations. “Genital mutilation is considered particularly egregious because, as the who notes, it is nearly always carried out on minors and is a violation of the rights of children,” he said. “Dr. Levine, you have supported both allowing minors to be given hormone blockers, to prevent them from going through puberty, as well as surgical destruction of a minor’s genitalia.”

After Levine’s evasion, Senator Paul said, “What I’m alarmed at is that you’re not willing to say absolutely [that] minors shouldn’t be making decisions to amputate their breast or to amputate their genitalia. Will you make a more firm decision on whether or not minors should be involved in these decisions?” Levine wouldn’t answer.

This is where the United States of America is now. In the Senate. In an official, open hearing. A man who has “destroyed” his gender has been “nominated” to high office by the highest office in the land. And he won’t answer a question about whether he thinks children should undergo “genital mutilation.”

And the most prominent voices in the nation are criticizing whom? The senator who asked the question. For example, here’s how ABC News, the Daily Beast and the Washington Post portrayed it: “First transgender nominee deflects inflammatory questions from GOP senator,” “Rand Paul Launches Into Transphobic Rant Against Trans Nominee,” and “Rand Paul’s ignorant questioning of Rachel Levine showed why we need her in government.”

There is a reason why Levine won’t answer that question. It’s because “transgender” activists know that the “less the public” understands about these procedures, the better. The more you know about these procedures, the more “appalled” you will be!

Senator Paul told commentator Glenn Beck that his question was “whether or not a child is or should be legally capable of consenting to such a drastic measure, or whether his or her parent should make the decision.” But mainstream media outlets are showing themselves totally on board with the transgender movement and portrayed him as guilty of a “transphobic rant.”

“Should children be able to decide for themselves whether to have irreversible surgical and hormonal treatments that destroy their healthy body parts and much of who they are?”

Richard  Levine won’t say, but he’ll be happy to talk about it after you “confirm” him as United States Assistant Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services, where the motto is “Improving the health, safety and well-being of America.”

According to mainstream news executives and their journalists, you are a “bigot” for asking the question.

Society has transformed overnight to adopt a “radical and destructive” way of thinking. The Senate is certain to confirm Richard Levine, and nobody except Senator Paul seemed to raise an eyebrow about a “man who thinks he’s a woman” becoming chief adviser to a cabinet-level official in the federal government.

While the media covers for them, members of the Biden administration and the new Congress are rapidly moving to force the “transgender“ agenda into law.

Just recently, the House of Representatives passed the “Equality Act.” If it passes in the Senate—the same Senate that is about to confirm its first transgender person—then the law of the land will offer this guarantee to homosexuals and transgenders: “An individual shall not be denied access to a shared facility, including a restroom, a locker room and a dressing room, that is in accordance with the individual’s gender identity.”

This is a weapon against anyone who does not fully embrace this “bizarre” new idea about gender, which goes against biology, science, and the functioning of family and society that almost all human beings have understood for all of human history.

The “Equality Act” gives the government massive power to punish “any establishment that provides a good, service, or program, including a store, shopping center, online retailer or service provider, salon, bank, gas station, food bank, service or care center, shelter, travel agency or funeral parlor, or establishment that provides health care, accounting or legal services,” along with any organization that receives any federal funding.

You must agree that a “man pretending he’s a woman is a woman”, or the government will block you from participating in public commerce.

This is an advanced stage of “radical sexual rebellion” that has already been working on the minds of young people for generations now. Young people are and have been growing up in a society where “homosexuality, pan sexuality, transgenderism and gender fluidity” not only have their place but are celebrated. And these young people are getting the message.

A new Gallup Poll reports that of all U.S. adults, 5.6 percent say they are “lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.” That’s a 60 percent jump in less than a decade. And the biggest part of that jump happened in Generation Z. Among those born between 1997 and 2002, a jaw-dropping 16 percent categorize themselves as not “heterosexual.” Among these young adults, that’s one out of every six!

And if “radicals” get their way—and they are getting their way—more and more children far younger than their 20s will be asking about gender and considering surgical destruction of their gender.

The news stories that started as a trickle a few years ago are now coming in a flood. Just a few days ago, reports came out that the state of Illinois has adopted new standards that will revoke a teacher’s license if they do not indoctrinate their students in the propaganda of “lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders” and a host of other leftist causes.

Members of the Illinois Board of Education call this “The Illinois Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards,” which specify:

The culturally responsive teacher and leader will: Understand and value the notion that multiple lived experiences exist, that there is not one ‘correct’ way of doing or understanding something. Recognize how their identity (race/ethnicity, national origin, language, sex and gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical/developmental/emotional ability, socioeconomic class, religion, etc.) affects their perspectives and beliefs about pedagogy and students.”

Under “Systems of Oppression” they write, “Culturally responsive teachers and leaders understand that there are systems in our society that create and reinforce inequities, thereby creating oppressive conditions. Educators work actively against these systems in their everyday roles in educational institutions. The culturally responsive teacher and leader will implement and integrate the wide spectrum and fluidity of identities in the curriculum.”

Stanley Kurtz, senior fellow at the “Ethics and Public Policy Center”, wrote in National Review that with a Biden administration overseeing education, these Illinois standards are likely to go national. However it happens, schools are increasingly imposing this agenda on their teachers and on our children.

In its haste to show itself accepting, tolerant and welcoming of “men who decide they are women”, American society is overlooking, ignoring, denying and trampling on precious and important truths. We need to understand the truth about “transgenderism.”

This isn’t just a matter of accepting a handful of people whose thinking doesn’t match their biology. This has huge ramifications in every aspect of modern life.

“It raises not just economic questions in areas like public bathrooms, gym facilities, prisons and homeless shelters—not just educational questions like what the state is force-feeding your kindergartner’s mind—but also questions about freedom of speech and freedom of religion, questions about whether you can be fined or jailed for being anything less than fully supportive of this movement, or whether you are free to live by the dictates of your own conscience.”

Society can’t afford to accept this lightly. It needs answers. But Richard Levine refused to answer an easy, obvious question. That is just a small glimpse of what this movement is all about. It pushes aside “facts and truth.” It is interested only in the power to “transform” society.

If you want an answer to the question, if you want truth about transgenderism, read “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment” by Ryan T. Anderson.

He is president of the “Ethics and Public Policy Center”, he was a senior research fellow at “The Heritage Foundation”, he is founder and editor in chief of the “Witherspoon Institutes’ Public Discourse”, he has written four books and pieces for the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, National Review, and many other prominent publications, and he has appeared on CNN CNBC, MSNBC and Fox News.

Published in 2018, “When Harry Became Sally” is full of important truth about the transgender trend and what actually happens to people who try to change their gender. But if you want to buy this book from the world’s largest bookseller, like I did a couple of years ago, you can’t.

Amazon has removed it. It was approving it according to its content policy, selling it, profiting from it for three years, but on or around February 21, it disappeared. Nobody knows why, including Anderson. He posted on social media:

“A week after they removed my book, Amazon still refuses to say which aspect of their ‘content policy’” the book violates (after three years of not violating that policy). And they refuse to say which page of the book commits the offense.”

There are powerful forces in politics, business, entertainment, journalism, sports and every other aspect of society that are forcing through the transgender agenda, in spite of what transgenderism is.

Here are some facts. It is a scientific fact that people are biologically male or female. It is a scientific fact that biological sex comes with physiological and even mental and emotional predispositions. But science can tell you nothing about a man feeling that he is actually a woman. There is no scientific explanation for that.

Trans supporters say that when a person’s thinking doesn’t harmonize with biology, he should not change his thinking—he should change his biology.

Correcting his thinking would be bigoted, discriminatory and wrong. Acting like the opposite sex, using hormone blockers, and intentionally mutilating his genitalia would be sophisticated, healthy and fulfilling. It is difficult to comprehend just how many contradictions are contained in this thinking.

Transgender activists say gender is an “artificial construct.” Yet at the same time, they say the entire society must pivot for someone who is exhibiting stereotypical and even cartoonish expressions of his “authentic gender identity”—if it is different from his actual, scientific gender identity.

They say a person’s “real self” is separate from his or her physical body. Then they say that the that person’s body must be surgically transformed to make the person “whole.” They say that even children must take puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgical procedures to match the physical body to the idea in the mind.

This thinking is obviously and blatantly anti-science. But if you try to talk about scientific facts, you are labeled an intolerant, discriminating bigot.

Here are more facts these activists portray as “transphobic.” Science shows that among children who struggle with gender dysphoria, 80 percent of girls and 95 percent of boys will reconcile with their biological sex if they are allowed to go through puberty. Puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones have been shown to damage cardiovascular health, bone density and reproductive functions.

Nearly half of people who identify as transgender experience “anxiety disorders or depression.” An estimated 41 percent have tried to “kill” themselves. Those who undergo sex-change interventions—far from experiencing lasting mental health benefits—are 19 times more likely to commit “suicide.” 

Some people suffer the misery of undergoing the surgery and then bitterly regret it. Some even undergo surgery to undo the surgery and try to UN-destroy their gender. That alone tells you that trying to alter their gender did not help them become their “authentic selves,” and it certainly has not led to happiness.

Genital reconstructive surgery is a field, and Professor Miroslav Djordjevic is a leading figure in that field. For years, he has been voicing his concern about rising requests for “gender-reversal” surgeries. He says people wishing to undergo the transformation should receive better counsel. He says the effort to be politically correct is driving these decisions—rather than what is actually correct for the best interest of the individuals involved.

While studies on the effects of transgender procedures are rare for some reason, many unhappy stories are out there. When Harry Became Sally has an entire chapter titled “Detransitioners Tell Their Stories,” and it is heartbreaking. Many describe becoming dissatisfied with their sexuality early in life and trying to find happiness in things like sexual affairs. Then they were offered a radical solution: “become the other gender through the wonders of surgical science.”

If you have a lot of faith in the wonders of modern medicine, it sounds easy. But the reality is, biological differences between men and women are far-reaching and complex.

Hormone blockers can prevent a boy’s voice from getting deeper or a girl’s hips from getting wider, taking hormones can shrink a man’s testicles or cause a woman to grow facial hair, and surgery can amputate body parts specific to male or female and attach artificial body parts.

But the reality is that no matter how advanced or expensive the treatment or procedure—science cannot actually “turn a man into a woman, or a woman into a man.”

The scientific fact is that biological sex is embedded in your DNA from conception, and it affects every system in your body.

So many of these individuals who undergo these procedures often find themselves requiring substantially more medical attention. Rather than being happier, they often grow even more depressed and even suicidal. Many say the doctors who advised them led them astray.

Let’s insist on science. Let’s insist on facts. Let’s do this for the sake of all those in our society, from adult to child, who stand to lose so much and suffer so much because of ignorance.

The fact is: “Encouraging a child that their feeling of confusion is correct does not make that child happy. Teaching him that trouble with other kids and adults comes from everyone being bigots does not make that child happy. Allowing a child into the restroom of the opposite sex does not make him happy. Allowing him to win wrestling matches against girls will not make him happy. Censoring all discussion about transgender facts will not make him happy.”

The idea that sex changes and societal transformation will solve the depression, misery and heartache of this group of people is a dangerous lie—a lie being boldly told at a tremendous cost! It is increasing the suffering of so many who identify as transgender.

It is a dangerous assault on truth, and how many victims it is claiming and who is the real author of this otherwise inexplicable deception: “the father of lies.”

There’s something big going on here, something with the most twisted of consequences and the youngest of victims. Insist on the facts. Have a willingness to fight for them. You’re going to need it.

So, remember, cutting off your penis doesn’t make you a girl, it just makes you a guy without a penis. Vice versa for women.

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Diary of Death

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Whatever one’s opinion of Andrew “Fredo” Cuomo, we can all agree “Sausage Aficionado” had an eventful year.

As the most “despised” governor of New York, Cuomo was at the forefront of America’s public reckoning with the COVID-19 pandemic. He was the first politician since Ross Perot to become a “global celebrity” and “sex symbol” by giving PowerPoint presentations.

He wrote a book about his leadership prowess, then accepted an International Emmy Award as new cases of the virus surged to record levels. Through it all, he still found time to sexually harass his female subordinates.

More than 12,000 New Yorkers have died since October 13, when “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic” hit bookshelves.

Cuomo is no longer the #Resistance rock star he was in the early days and weeks of the pandemic, when thousands of nursing home patients were dying on his watch, and his administration was deliberately hiding the data to avoid negative press.

The extent to which the “Butcher of Albany” was slavishly deified in the media cannot be overstated. The thirst, as the saying goes, was real. As it turned out, avoiding negative press coverage was rather easy, given the circumstances.

In the eyes of professional journalists and other psychopaths incapable of merely liking a politician, Cuomo was a certified PILF. They gave him a variety of sexually charged nicknames—the “Luv Guv,” and “Sausage Aficionado” — that ring differently in light of the “sexual harassment” allegations.

“I want to see you eat the whole sausage,” the Democratic governor is heard telling then-News Channel 9 reporter Beth Cefalu, as his daughter Michaela sits uncomfortably  next to him, according to the video shared by journalist Matt Binder.

“I don’t know if I should eat the whole sausage in front of you, but I’m definitely going to eat it,” responds Cefalu, now a reporter and anchor at News 12 Westchester.

Cuomo then invites Cefalu — who snaps a Selfie with him while holding up her plate — to sit at his table. “There’s too much sausage (penis) in that picture,” Cuomo says in the cringe worthy exchange, prompting laughter from other diners.

The most significant difference between then and now? Donald Trump is no longer president. “Cuomomania” never would have happened otherwise. Molly Jong-Fast, author of the Vogue piece “Why We Are Crushing on Andrew Cuomo Right Now,” recently admitted as much.

For what it’s worth, she was also a fan of #Resistance porn lawyer Michael Avenatti and an unpaid adviser to the Lincoln Project. Being the “bad boy” who opposes Trump can be a lucrative career path, so long as you avoid committing felonies. Easier said than done, apparently.

The early reviews of “American Crisis” weren’t very interested in what the heroic author had to say about his own leadership during the pandemic. Instead, they fixated on Cuomo’s criticism of Trump.

Few even questioned his decision to write the book—a de facto declaration of victory over a pandemic that wasn’t over. Even Trump waited until after the election to start selling those commemorative coins.

“Mafiosi” Cuomo, according to the New York Times, first mentioned the idea of writing a book in July, just days after his administration released a doctored report on the number of COVID-related deaths among New York nursing home patients.

Cuomo’s policies were not to blame, the report concluded. Criticism of the state’s (doctored but still high) nursing home death toll, Cuomo writes in the book, was “a lie” orchestrated by “Trump people” and Fox News.

That was a perfectly adequate defense at the time, but Trump’s absence from the political stage means the news cycles are normal again. Cuomo, among others, has withered under the most basic scrutiny.

Charlotte Bennett, 25, said her 63-year-old boss asked if she would have sex with older men. Credit: Twitter

In addition to the sexual harassment scandal, Democratic lawmakers are investigating his handling of the nursing home deaths, and airing fresh grievances about his notoriously volatile temper.

Some Democrats think impeachment should be on the table, as others question the governor’s ability to survive a primary challenge in 2022.

It’s a shame that Cuomo’s book has been spared the scrutiny it deserves. Not that anyone’s still reading it. Sales of American Crisis have “ground to a near halt in the last month.”

The Free Beacon purchased one of about 400 copies sold since January 23. Despite its billing as a “remarkable portrait of selfless leadership,” the book is best enjoyed as a “cry for help from a deeply disturbed man.”

Cuomo describes the various stress management tactics he employed at the height of the pandemic. Most of them involved his late father, Gov. Mario Cuomo. He would literally wear his father’s old shoes on “difficult” days.

Sometimes he would lie in bed and have imaginary conversations with dad. “I would list a fact pattern and ask him what he thought,” he writes. “And then I would provide his analysis.” This made him “feel as if I were not alone.”

Psychological experts, who had a field day analyzing Trump, will find fertile ground in the pages of “American Crisis.” For example, Cuomo goes on an extended rant about how his younger brother Chris, the CNN personality, is considered the “funny” one in the family.

It’s only because their father was “much more tolerant than he had been with me” and “encouraged Chris’s humor.” People wouldn’t think Chris was so funny if he had to deal with the constant media scrutiny that comes with being governor of New York, he insists.

As previously mentioned, the rant is an extended one. Cuomo keeps going, complaining that during their numerous interviews on CNN, his playful gibes at Chris weren’t considered “cute,” while his brother’s gibes were.

“Sausage Aficionado” Andy was in a “no-win position” and couldn’t adequately convey to the viewing public just how funny he really is. “I am funny,” Cuomo concludes, forcefully. “Many people don’t know that I am funny. But I am. Actually, I am very funny.”

His own insistence notwithstanding, Cuomo’s talent for comedy is not universally accepted. “At work sometimes I think I am being playful and make jokes that I think are funny,” Cuomo, 62, recently explained in response to a former aide’s accusation of sexual harassment.

Lindsey Boylan claims Cuomo kissed her on the lips and suggested they play strip poker. Credit: Getty Images

According to the aide, 25, the governor’s “jokes” included asking if she “had ever been with an older man” while the two were alone in his office.

There are photos of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo holding a woman who said the event happened against her will. There are numerous accusations and reports that the governor tried to kiss these women, to which they said no. He continued to pursue them and they attempted to get away from him, even transferring jobs to get away from him.

During the early days of the pandemic, comedian John Oliver said he couldn’t wait “to get to the other side of this when I can go back to being irritated by Andrew Cuomo again.” Welcome to the other side.

“Cuomo is famously unpleasant,” Oliver ranted irritably over the weekend. “Even before the current scandals, there was something gross about Cuomo’s glee in his public adulation last year.”

Well, duh. Some of us knew as much already. Ditto the “scumbag” Avenatti and the Lincoln Project “grifters.”

Maybe one of these days we can finally admit that making funny faces while lip-syncing Donald Trump’s rambling soliloquies was not, in fact, the comedic achievement of the decade.

For now, we can all do our best to remember, lest the scandals distract us, that “Mafiosi” Andrew Cuomo has pierced nipples.

That’s pretty funny.

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