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China to Block UN

Posted in uncategorized with tags on August 13, 2022 by andelino

Whether or not the UN caves in, the Chinese are committing egregious crimes against humanity.

China’s leaders are pressuring the United Nations human rights head to refrain from releasing a highly anticipated report on human rights abuses in Xinjiang, according to a document seen by Reuters on July 19.

In May, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet made a controversial tour of Xinjiang, the region where the Chinese government has detained more than 1 million Uyghurs and other Muslims in recent years. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) claims it is only de-radicalizing these people and equipping them with job skills. But evidence shows that many detainees suffer extreme human rights abuses. These abuses include mass use of forced labor, forced sterilizations, forced abortions and even organ harvesting from slain prisoners.

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Refusal Follow Science

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The nonsensical information and blatant lies are enough to drive you mad.

Throughout the covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci has urged vaccine skeptics to “follow the science.” Yet testimony from top doctors and scientists has revealed the hypocrisy of his stance.

More than 260 million Americans got vaccinated after listening to Dr. Fauci. Yet well over a million of them have suffered for it. Data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on July 8 show that 1,341,608 people experienced an “adverse event” after getting jabbed. Such events include birth defects (1,125 cases), deaths (29,406 cases), permanent disabilities (55,008 cases) and hospitalizations (166,440 cases). And even these shocking statistics may turn out to be vastly underestimated.

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Summer Is Hot

Posted in uncategorized on August 13, 2022 by andelino

This time last week, panic gripped Britain. An unfamiliar yellow orb appeared in the sky. The government sprang into action. Motorway signs warned people to stay home. London’s major train stations shut down. The mayor told its citizens they should not be outside enjoying themselves or hosting barbecues. Offices told their staff not to come in. Even some schools closed.

Yes, a sunny day can seem like a rare occurrence here in the United Kingdom. But I’ve never seen such a panicked response to hot weather. The Met Office warned that people could not be trusted to make good decisions about the heat because “nothing in their life experience has let them know what to expect,” before sternly forbidding the nation from having fun in the sun. News channels broadcast live images of the sun, as if it were some kind of disaster zone.

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Defending The Indefensible

Posted in uncategorized with tags on August 12, 2022 by andelino

Democrats are foolishly trying to win the abortion debate. Now that the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision has overturned Roe v. Wade, abortion supporters have to make their case to the people and their representatives, rather than judges. But many of them have apparently forgotten that they win the argument by avoiding it.

This strategy was perfected by President Bill Clinton’s model of rhetorical moderation joined to legal extremism. Clinton said that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare” — and then he opposed any limits on it. And Roe, along with a compliant media, let him and his party get away with this, because they could let the courts do most of the dirty work. Now that they don’t have that shield they are struggling.

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Culture of Death 

Posted in uncategorized with tags on August 12, 2022 by andelino

Kate Brown, governor of Oregon, where I’ve lived since 1991, was upset when news leaked in early May about the Supreme Court’s ruling on Dobbs. How upset?

“Let me be very, very clear: You cannot ban abortion. You can only ban safe abortion. Access to abortion is protected by state law in Oregon, and I will fight to keep it that way — no matter what the U.S. Supreme Court decides. Don’t lose hope. Let’s fight like hell.”

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Deeper Ties With China

Posted in uncategorized with tags on August 12, 2022 by andelino

China is the most powerful partner of the Philippines.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi hailed a “new golden era” in relations with the Philippines in a July 7 meeting with new Philippine President Ferdinand “BongBong” Marcos Jr. “With President Marcos being elected, the China-Philippines relationship has turned a new page,” Wang said. “We highly appreciate President Marcos’s recent commitment to pursuing a friendly policy toward China, and we speak highly of his latest statements that has sent a very positive signal to the world.”

Days earlier, President Marcos made a commitment to “elevate bilateral ties to a higher level.” He said he considers China the “most powerful partner of the Philippines.”

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Strategic Partnership

Posted in uncategorized with tags on August 11, 2022 by andelino

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer and acting Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid signed a declaration on a comprehensive strategic partnership on July 12. The partnership that was initiated by former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz involves economic relations, security policy, counter-terrorism and the commemoration of Holocaust victims.

Russia’s war in Ukraine has led Europe to look to Israel as an economic partner and supplier for natural gas. In June, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and then Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi met with then Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. According to Nehammer, Israel expects to be able to supply 10 percent of the European Union’s gas needs in the next two years.

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Economic Sanctions 

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More and more European leaders fear that their economic crisis may be self-inflicted. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in a radio broadcast last week that he at first thought the European Union would shoot itself in the foot with sanctions, but it has become apparent it was a shot into the lungs of the European economy. While sanctions haven’t stopped Russia’s war, they have greatly harmed the EU economy—and it is apparent that EU leadership is focused on achieving a secondary goal.

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Recruitment Crisis

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Why are fewer Americans joining the armed forces?

Nearly every branch of the United States armed forces will fail to meet its recruitment goals this year. The Army will be at least 7,000 recruits short by September 30, which is the end of the fiscal year for the armed forces. The Army slashed its recruitment goal by 12,000 and is still lagging behind. The Air Force is currently behind by 4,000 recruits. The Navy may barely make its recruitment target, while the Marine Corps is the only major branch to achieve its goals.

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Grooming Scandal

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Thousands of girls have suffered because society refuses to tell the truth.

Over 1,000 girls were sexually abused by grooming gangs over the last 30 years in the English town of Telford, Shropshire, an inquiry published on July 12 reported. Much of this abuse and suffering could have been avoided if the police had “done its most basic job” in confronting the gangs, the report said. But the main reason they didn’t is because they were afraid of being labeled as racists.

In August 2000, 16-year-old Lucy Lowe was killed. She died pregnant, after four years of rape and abuse. She was murdered by her abuser, Azhar Ali Mehmood, a 26-year-old Pakistani. He also murdered Lucy’s mother and sister. Their deaths were used as a threat to keep others quiet.

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