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Stolen Valor Act

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Many cases of “stolen valor,” like that of James McCaffery, who admitted to “lying” about having two Purple Hearts for decades to “rise” through the government ranks, are more “widespread” than anyone knows, according to military historians who “track” these cases.

Many of those “liars” will never face justice, as the Pentagon still “lacks” a comprehensive database of “medal recipients” and federal prosecutors, dissuaded in part by a Stolen Valor Act that is “weaker” than it once was,  don’t “prioritize” the cases, they say.

“It’s pretty disgusting, because I have friends who are in Arlington who only got to wear their medals as they were being buried, and these guys just pin them on like they’re buttons or decorations,” Jonn Lilyea, a former platoon sergeant in the U.S. Army who “tracks” stolen valor cases, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “That’s what sets off most veterans, because we know people who didn’t come home.”


Lilyea has tracked down and investigated stolen valor cases on his website — This Ain’t Hell, But You Can See It From Here — since 2008, compiling hundreds upon hundreds of alleged “fraudsters” through tips and extensive research.

“You’ll see it’s not a unique case,” Lilyea told TheDCNF, referencing the McCaffery case. Doug Sterner, a former Army sergeant and military historian, who runs the Military Times’ Hall of Valor database of medal recipients, said stolen valor cases take “time away from typing up the citation of legitimate heroes.”

“It’s a far bigger problem than anybody realizes,” Sterner told TheDCNF.

Law enforcement officials made 78 arrests for “stolen valor” between Jan. 1, 2010, and Sept. 30, 2011 alone, generating more than $10 million in restitution and $5.4 million in savings, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Inspector General (IG).


There are far more “instances” of stolen valor than law enforcement officials ever “pursue,” but both Sterner and Lilyea have run into the same problem, federal authorities are “reluctant” to prosecute cases they refer, viewing stolen valor as a “low-level offense.”

“Nobody seems really interested in it — even with the Stolen Valor Act, most prosecutors don’t think it’s sexy enough,” Lilyea said.

The Stolen Valor Act prohibits anyone from “lying about military service for personal gain,” although the law in its current form is “weaker” than its original form in 2006, before the U.S. Supreme Court declared the original law unconstitutional on First Amendment grounds in 2012.

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Congress passed a “new” Stolen Valor Act in 2013, this time requiring “personal gain” for fabrication to be “illegal.” That change, Lilyea and Sterner said, made federal prosecutors even less eager to “prosecute” cases.

“That new law is a very, very weak law that really doesn’t accomplish a whole lot and requires them (prosecutors) to show a financial gain from it, and it becomes so complicated that most prosecutors don’t want to mess with it,” said Sterner, whose wife, Pam, helped author the “original” Stolen Valor Act.

“It’s pretty worthless right now to be honest with you. We don’t see a whole lot of stolen valor cases being prosecuted today.”

But there’s another “reason” why stolen valor is so “tough” to prosecute.

“It’s not easy for any employer or even a government agency to verify these claims because the military has kept track of only the Medal of Honor,” Sterner said.

The Department of Defense (DOD) until recently had no “database” of all medal recipients. The Pentagon announced plans to begin “compiling” a searchable database of all medals in 2012, “but even there they admit that it’s not complete,” Sterner said.


“I have been doing for the last 20 or 30 years what the DOD has said it cannot do,” Sterner said.

Sterner wants Congress to become more “involved” in the problem. He “testified” before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform (HOGR) in a hearing on preventing stolen valor in 2012, but congressional action has “underwhelmed” him.

“The lack of good record-keeping is another side of the stolen valor, valor stolen from legitimate heroes,” Sterner said.

Senior Obama Official Fabricated Purple Hearts To Get Gov’t Jobs For Decades

Stalking them YouTubers

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Stalking You Tubers 02

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Weekly Muslim Invader Updates

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Feb 17 2017
CANADA: Media virtually ignore McGill University college student leaders calling for assaults on ‘Zionists’ (Jews.)
They even falsely blamed Jews for the Quebec City mosque attack as a rational for inciting violence against them. Imagine if these student leaders had called for the same violence against Muslims? It would have been front-page news for days.

Feb 17 2017
Ex-Muslim refutes the concept of “Islamism” used by so-called “moderate” Muslims to protect Islam from criticism.
Ex-Muslim Nonie Darwish grew up in both Cairo and in Gaza. She fled over 30 years ago and debunks any notion that there is a mythical Islam out there called “Islamism” or “radical Islam.” There is one Islam, and it is very specific.

Feb 17 2017
GERMANY: Muslim migrant savages brutally beat up and rob tourists.
One of the victims, a 19-year-old man, suffered such severe injuries, he had to be hospitalized for seven days. CCTV at the end clearly shows that the attackers are Muslims.

Feb 17 2017
He might be a white man as designated terrorist group CAIR claims, but what’s with the Muslim-looking beard?
Chicago chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations will hold a press conference at the Islamic Community Center of Des Plaines to discuss an alleged bomb threat that was made by a trespasser yesterday against that Muslim congregation.

Feb 16 2017
What’s wrong with calling for a Muslim-free America?
It’s what most people in America would want, given the option. Not the little snowflakes you see here at Rutgers University in New Jersey, of course…they want to show love for the people who want to kill them.

Feb 16 2017
Why are German Zoo officials so shocked to find their stolen penguin beheaded with his body mounted on a fence?
Haven’t they ever seen what their precious Muslim invaders posing as refugees like to do with living things they have cut the heads off? The young bird went missing from the Luisenpark in Mannheim on Saturday, sparking a police investigation.

Feb 16 2017
GUESS WHAT! There are parts of the Trump executive order on immigration that have NOT been stopped by the far left courts.
More than 2,000 mainly Muslim refugees, already vetted and approved for travel, have arrived since the court ruling was handed down on Feb. 9th. But over the weekend, according to refugee advocate groups, the State Department has alerted Refugee Resettlement Agency cash cows that “NEW ARRIVALS WILL END ON MARCH 3rd.”

Feb 16 2017
Three Muslim brothers hired by the Obama Regime to maintain Congress’ computer servers have been fired for unauthorized usage possibly tied to terrorism.
How is it possible that three Muslim brothers, one with a prior criminal record, are hired to work in Congress and deal with our most intelligent and sensitive information? They are part of the very deep swamp of Islamic infiltrators embedded in the government by the Obama Regime that the Trump Administration is going to have to drain…and quickly!

Feb 15 2017
Did you know the latest Trump team target of the Left founded an anti-Islamic terrorism group back in college?
The architect of the President’s executive order targeting Muslim immigrants/travelers from seven terror-linked countries helped start the “Terror Awareness Project” while he was at Duke University. He joins several other Islam-savvy advisors on the Trump team.

Feb 15 2017
If every Western woman could be forced to see the 1991 Sally Field movie, ‘Not Without My Daughter,’ they would NEVER marry a Muslim man. Sadly, history keeps repeating itself. This is the story of Stephanie, a Canadian woman who converted to Islam in her late-teens to marry a Libyan Muslim man. She gave birth to two daughters in Canada.

Feb 15 2017
MORE FAKE NEWS! Leftist media smear Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant to the President, as a Nazi sympathizer.
We, at BNI, knew this was coming, considering Gorka’s book, “Defeating Jihad” along with his relentless criticism of Islam and the escalating Muslim threat to America. But they won’t be able to Michael Flynn a man as smart as Sebastian Gorka.

Feb 15 2017
“DANCING WITH THE ENEMIES” – New Iraqi reality show.
IRAQ: In Mosul, Iraqi soldiers took time out to film themselves having fun dancing in the street with the severed heads of two Islamic State jihadists.

Feb 15 2017
“AUSTRALIANS are fleeing areas housing Muslim migrants so as to protect their daughters (from rape and sexual assault).”
“Self-segregation has become a reality,”  says Senator Malcolm Roberts, with people “fleeing areas of heavy migrant settlement, specifically Islamic settlement.”

Feb 15 2017
What do the world’s 15 worst countries for women all have in common?
ISLAM. Yet, Trump-hating feminazis claim that women have it worse in America than in the Middle East.

Feb 15 2017
PARIS BURNING! Shouting “Allahu Akbar,” masked Muslim rioters turn several migrant areas into ‘NO-GO’ Zones
Five areas of Paris have been under attack for the past five nights over allegations that police raped an African Muslim male suspect during a drug raid. Masked men have been wielding in the streets, setting fire to cars, and attacking police, in areas where the rule of law seems not to apply. UPDATE! The rape charge made by the suspect appears to be false as new evidence comes out. SOURCE

Feb 14 2017
FAKE NEWS! Designated Terrorist Group CAIR says Jews deserve the highest level of protection against hate.
Hey, CAIR, the only way Jews will get that is for all you Muslims to get out of America and Europe. And while you’re at it, get the hell out of Israel, too.

Feb 14 2017
TEXAS: “Cultural differences” is why Saudi Muslim couple not charged for leaving 8-month-old baby in car for nearly an hour.
Police said the reason this Saudi Muslim couple was not arrested after leaving their baby in a vehicle for just under an hour was due to claims that this kind of behavior is allowed in their culture.

Feb 14 2017
SPAIN: Citizens protest Starbucks’ decision to hire 10,000 (Muslim) refugees by turning Starbucks into “STARBURKA.”
All the Starbucks branches in Madrid have been re-dubbed “STARBURKA REFUGEES” in a mass sticker protest action against that company’s decision to employ 10,000 Muslim invaders posing as refugees—while unemployment in Spain is over 20 percent.

Feb 14 2017
Then again…if you had to buy gifts for four wives, you’d probably want to have Valentine’s Day banned, too.
Muslims believe that celebrating Valentine’s Day is an insult to Allah. Maybe that’s why, when they arrive in the West, they want to rape every girl they see.

Feb 14 2017
80-year-old Arab Muslim groom and his 12-year-old bride about to consummate their marriage in front of a crowd?
Am guessing this is Saudi Arabia. I wonder if the onlookers with their cell phones are allowed to witness the old pervert deflowering the innocent young child?

Feb 13 2017
BUILDING THE WALL won’t cost taxpayers a dime.
All Trump has to do is keep his promise to cut government funding sent to all the sanctuary cities.

Feb 13 2017
RIP: FREE SPEECH is dead at the University of Texas, too.
Signs criticizing illegal aliens and Muslims were discovered Monday on three buildings and at least one utility pole at the University of Texas.

Feb 13 2017
Guess who former KKK leader and uber-white nationalist David Duke’s first choice is to lead the DNC?
Not surprisingly, he picks the most reliable Jew-hater in the bunch – a Muslim  linked to CAIR and Hamas – Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN).

Feb 13 2017
EVEN IN HONG KONG…Arab Muslim thugs start fight with locals on a subway.
Looks like the Chinese locals gave the Muslim troublemakers a good ass-kicking.

Feb 13 2017
Do the Swedes know what Muslim migrants will do with the camel park they want to build especially for them?
Sweden seems to think that a new camel park will help “integrate” newly arrived Muslims into civilized society. Apparently, Swedes are ignorant of the ways Muslims use camels, other than for transportation.

Feb 13 2017
In his first meeting with Trump today, will Canadian PM Justin Trudeau mention the “anti-Islamophobia” proposal that would impose sharia blasphemy laws on Canadians?
Will he tout his Somali Muslim refugee Immigration and Citizenship Minister as a shining example of Canada’s “diversity” and coming transformation into an Islamic State? We’ll soon know.

Feb 13 2017
Connecticut Senator who LIED about having served in Vietnam now says Trump’s Muslim ban will not keep America safe.
This lying, self-hating Jew, Sen. Richard Blumenthal, along with a spokes jihadist from designated terrorist group CAIR, are spewing these lies inside a Christian Community Center where there are probably no more than a handful of Christians (notice how they never show the size of the audience).

Feb 13 2017
HUNGARY: Like Trump on steroids.
Hungary is a bad, bad choice for illegal alien Muslim invaders now that government-sponsored bounty hunters on motorbikes, helicopters and even horses race across the countryside in pursuit of human quarry – Muslim freeloaders, rapists and jihadists posing as refugees – massively swarming into Hungary in hopes of reaching the more generous welfare states of Germany and Austria.

Feb 12 2017
GERMANY: Pakistani Muslim won’t be deported after raping 19-year-old German girl & trying to infect her with Hepatitis C.
A 38-year-old Pakistani Muslim migrant deliberately bit a 19-year-old German woman while raping her in order to infect her with Hepatitis C. Despite his heinous crime, he will not be deported and was only sentenced to 3 years and 10 months in prison.

Feb 12 2017
ITALY: 15-year-old schoolgirl raped in broad daylight on commuter team by North African Muslim invaders.
A 15-year-old schoolgirl was allegedly groped and raped by two North African Muslim migrants on the commuter train from Milan to Mortara Thursday afternoon.

Feb 12 2017
MORE WINNING! ICE immigration raids are rounding up and deporting illegal aliens.
U.S. Immigration (ICE) authorities arrested hundreds of illegal aliens in at least a half-dozen states this week in a series of raids that marked the first large-scale enforcement of President Donald Trump’s Jan. 26th order to crack down on the estimated 11 million invaders living here illegally.

Feb 12 2017
Retail chains boasting of ‘DUMPING TRUMP’ products because of his so-called ‘Muslim ban,’ suffer unintended consequences.
By letting politics dictate their marketing decisions, major retailers are facing massive boycotts from tens of millions of Trump supporters, and some have announced store closings and massive layoffs. Apparently, the list keeps getting longer and longer.

Feb 12 2017
GERMANY IN CHAOS as Muslims are burning down their own refugee centers.
MUSLIM MIGRANTS posing as refugees in Germany have been behind a series of destructive arson attacks on refugee centers where they are housed. Why would Muslims do this to their own shelters? They don’t like the accommodations and want to be placed in nice homes and apartments of their own.

Feb 12 2017
MUSLIM mass sexual assaults like the kind we’ve heard about in Europe, have been brought into Canada by Justin Trudeau.
When one of Justin Trudeau’s Syrian Muslim refugees, a 39-year-old father of 6, Soleiman Hajj Soleiman, was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault and sexual interference for molesting teenage girls at the West Edmonton Mall water park, it only got minimal coverage from the Canadian media and no coverage at all by the American and European media.

Feb 12 2017
TEXAS Muslims are getting uppity…even lifting their asses to allah in a Methodist church while bashing the U.S. government.
…all initiated by designated terrorist group CAIR according to the Muslim bagheads in this video who claim sharia law is just like the U.S. Constitution and the only reason Americans hate Muslims is because of Donald Trump’s “muslim muslim muslim” mania.

Feb 12 2017
Now that Trump has untied the hands of border control agents, Muslims from Canada find it harder to enter the U.S.
Border Patrol agents turned this Moroccan Muslim from Canada away and refused to let him into the country because they deemed him to be a threat after finding dangerous materials on his phone. Yassine Aber, 19, was denied entry to the U.S. while trying to cross the border from Quebec after being held up for 5 hours, and asked about a photo of him with suspected ISIS recruit.

Feb 11 2017
NICE! United States has blocked the appointment of former Palestinian Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad, to lead the UN mission in Libya.
The Trump administration is under fire from Muslims and the Left after it blocked the appointment of former Palestinian prime minister, Salam Fayyad to a senior UN role seemingly because he is a Palestinian. The US envoy to the UN has cited Palestine’s lack of membership status as the reason. But the move is seen as part of the Trump administration’s divisive agenda in the Middle East.

Feb 11 2017
Introducing the ‘MILO BILL’ – otherwise known as the “Tennessee Freedom of Speech on College Campus Bill”
Republican Tennessee lawmakers Rep. Martin Daniel and Sen. Joey Hensley have filed the “Tennessee Freedom of Speech on College Campus Bill,” also affectionately being called the “Milo Bill” to protect the First Amendment right to free speech on campus.

Feb 11 2017
“Nobody puts Wynnie in the corner.”
Except when that Wynnie is Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, an openly gay feminazi who was forced to sit all alone – barefoot and wearing an Islamic headbag in a back corner of the mosque while she was waiting to speak – because women are banned from sitting with men during prayer.

Feb 10 2017
BUH BYE, SHEP! It’s way past time for FOX News to send you to MSNBC or CNN.
Shepard Smith makes no effort to hide his far-left leanings and is a detriment to FOX New’s otherwise good line-up. He needs to go the way of Megyn Kelly – whose replacement, Tucker Carlson – has much better ratings than she had.

Feb 10 2017
Remember how Hillary Clinton told us that Indonesia is a shining example of a modern, liberal Muslim nation?
Hillary Clinton, on her first trip to Indonesia as Secretary of State, said: “As I travel around the world over the next years, I will be saying to people: if you want to know whether Islam, democracy, modernity and women’s rights can co-exist, go to Indonesia.”

Feb 10 2017
Imagine if today’s social justice snowflakes had to fight actual Nazis rather than just people whom they like to call “Nazis.”
Maybe we should bring back the draft…a guaranteed way to get them to leave the country.

Feb 10 2017
MAJORITY of Europeans believe ALL migration from Muslim countries should be stopped.
Surprisingly, there is little disagreement between people on the right and left over this issue.

Feb 10 2017
SWITZERLAND: Anti-Muslim posters precede referendum on whether or not to stop uncontrolled naturalization.
The Muslim woman’s shadowed eyes stare out from a black burqa with the poster’s tagline urging Swiss voters to reject “uncontrolled naturalization.”

Feb 10 2017
MONTANA: Never too soon to make sure Islamic ‘sharia’ law doesn’t creep into your state as it has in others.
The Montana Senate has given initial approval to bill to prevent state judges from applying foreign laws, specifically Islamic law, in their courtrooms. The measure passed 28-21 Thursday, and must pass a final vote before being transmitted to the House.

Feb 10 2017
SWEDEN: Muslims find a new way to make themselves the “victim.”
Muslim bagheads turn into screaming banshees when arrested by police. After being pulled over and taken out of her car, woman starts to scream at the top of her lungs because she is being touched by a man. Gotta feel sorry for the poor cops who have to ride in the car with this bleating “Islamobitch.”


Coming soon to a City near you. Courtesy of the Obama Administration and unvetted immigration policies.


Self Immolation

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A Trump-hating “protester” set himself on “fire” outside the Trump International Hotel a few blocks from the White House in Washington, D.C. but “failed” to kill himself.

The 45-year-old Californian used an unidentified “accelerant” and a lighter in an unsuccessful attempt to “flambé” himself for social justice.


“I tried to light myself on fire as an act of protest,” he reportedly told reporters before they filed their reports.

He said he was making a statement about “the fact that we’ve elected somebody who is completely incapable of respecting the Constitution of the United States.”

He was admitted to hospital with “serious” but not life-threatening “burns” much to the dismay of “#DisruptJ20” leaders. Police have so far “declined” to press charges.

It was unclear if the man was “insane” or simply a very “dedicated” demonstrator. Given his disinclination to fully “combust” he is unlikely to have been an “Eagle Scout.”


This is the sort of heroism the left inspires: “a mindless groupie who is willing to torch himself for pretty much no reason at all. I’m sure the left is in a state of mourning following this unfortunate lack of success. No horrendous burns either — so no skin badge of honor. This really stinks.”

This is how “uncaring” these conservatives are…

“A form of anti-Trump protest I can totally support. Anti-Trump protestor sets himself on fire.” — Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) January 18, 2017

It was most “revolutionary” of this protestor to attempt such a demonstration of “incrementalist world changingness.”


My suggestion: “If at first you don’t succeed, try again.”

I don’t want to set the world on fire,
I just want to start a flame in my heart.
In this world I have but one desire,
And that one is flame, all others be shamed.

I’ve lost all my nerves, in a world of flame,
I just want to be a burning man.
And if I was smarter, inside of my brain,
I’ll have reached the goal I planned on, believe me.

I don’t want to set the world on fire,
I just want to start a flame in my heart.
I just wanna set myself on fire, Bernie,
I love you so much.

I just want to start a great big flame down in my heart.
And in this world I have but one desire,
And that one desire is flame, and all the others, they ought to be shamed.

I’ve lost all my nerves, in a world of flame,
I just want to be a burning man.
And if I was smarter, inside of my brain,
I’ll have reached the goal I planned on, believe me.

I don’t want to set the world on fire,
I just want to start a flame in my heart.

Bonfire of a fool’s vanities

Tradition of Tolerance

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As Obama said so eloquently: “Nothing done in the name of Islam has anything to do with Islam.”

#1. “We Do Not Consider Ourselves A Christian Nation.”

#2. “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation.”

#3. “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.”

#4. “I also know that Islam has always been a part of America’s story.”

#5. “I made clear that America is not – and never will be – at war with Islam.”

#6. “Islam has always been part of America.”

#7. “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”

#8. “As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam.”

#9. “I will stand with the Muslim’s should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

What Obama Hates About Jesus

Barack Obama Mocks Jesus Christ

Obama Crushed After Trump Orders White House To Stop His Sickest Tradition

Obama Admits He Is A Muslim

Barack Obama Shows His True Colors As He Leaves Office

And that folks is just the “tip of the iceberg. You can see even more “insane” videos of  Obama Muslim “quotes” on the Internet. That is, if you actually “need any more proof.”


Tolerance is “inherent” in Islam. For example, when a filthy “infidel” wishes to marry a Muslima, he must “accept” Islam, after which he will be not only “tolerated but cherished!”


If a Muslim is born a child by an “unclean” infidel, the child becomes part of “Dar Al Islam” and is subsequently “tolerated and cherished.”

When all become “Islamists,” all will be “tolerated.”


Barack and Michelle Obama used the “race card” at every opportunity to cause “racial tension” and “incite hate and violence.” Both have applied the “Rules for Radicals” written by Communist Saul Alinsky, who was a “community organizer” like Barry was in Chicago.

Typical rule in Alinsky’s manual: “Whenever possible, go outside the expertise of the enemy. Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety and uncertainty.”

How To Retire

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Michael Stuban, a “mid-level” manager at the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, “retired” on Thanksgiving after a 35-year career that started in a “tollbooth.”

But before he left, Stuban filled out his “exit questionnaire” with what he described as “brutal” honesty. Let’s just say he didn’t give his bosses an “E-ZPass.”


Stuban blasted the “out of touch” executive-level managers who are “only looking out for themselves” and are running a “rudderless” agency that hires “incompetents” based on political connections.

Stuban, 58, wrote that he actually “liked” his job and didn’t “want” to retire yet, but that the last five years at the commission had been “terrible,” with “no morale” among workers.

“Giving us classes where we are being told we are not political. That’s bullshit. Jobs/Promotions are filled by the politicians, it’s who you know, not what you know. Positions created for people who are not qualified.”

That’s just “one” example. But it “gets” better.

Stuban, who “hails” from a small borough in Western Pennsylvania, sent the “email” not just to the HR department, but to “everyone” at the Turnpike Commission, more than “2,000 employees.”

Basically, the email equivalent of that scene in “Half Baked” where the guy “quits his job” at the burger joint.

“Want to get away? Southwest is offering great fares . . . “ one Turnpike Commission employee replied-all to Stuban’s email, “referencing” the airline’s commercials.

“Next up” was former State Sen. Sean Logan, chairman of the Turnpike Commission, who apparently didn’t find “any of this funny.”

He hit the reply-all button and wrote: “Mr. Stuban . . . I don’t believe we ever met, and after reading your Exit Questionnaire, I am grateful that we didn’t.”


We called Stuban at his “home” along the Ohio River in Beaver County. It sounded like he was “smiling” on the other end.

“When they asked for an honest exit interview, I gave them one,” Stuban said, chuckling occasionally. “I sent it minutes before I officially retired.”


Stuban, who was an “interchange” manager at the commission, said his former colleagues told him about Logan’s “icy” reply.

“He did miss the point,” Stuban said. “If it was an effective company and someone told you there are problems and no morale, you don’t have to believe me, but maybe someone should check into it.”

One of the biggest “problems” at the agency, Stuban said, is “political” patronage. He said relatives of “powerful” people get hired “regardless” of their qualifications.

“They hire a lot of people that are dumb as rocks,” he said.


We emailed Logan but didn’t “hear” back. As for Stuban, he sounds like he’ll be “just fine.” He plans to do some “traveling,” catch up on “projects” around the house and “volunteer” at his church.

“I’m staying active in the community,” he said.


That’s how it’s “done” folks.

Rattle “everybody” on your way out and tell them how you “really” feel, let out all “frustration” you’ve had “pent up” for years and years.

Not good to “keep” it all inside, any therapist will tell you that. Way more “therapeutic” to tell your bosses how you “feel as you head off to your twilight years.”

Tolls soaring amid financial crunch but turnpike officials still getting free cars

Eradicate Men

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Will Men Ever Pull a Lysistrata on Feminists?
By Robert Oscar Lopez

“Eradicate men,” read a sign at one of the anti-Trump “women’s marches” that took place on January 21, 2017.

Alongside footage of women wearing knitted vulva’s on their heads, which do not look like vulva’s to me, but I have made “love” only to one woman in my “whole” life, so what do I know?


Women dressed in full-body genitalia costumes, Ashley Judd’s speculating on the president’s nocturnal emissions, and Madonna’s admitting she thinks about “firebombing” the White House, one sign championing the “elimination” of men might not seem so important.

After all, George Ciccariello-Maher said he wanted “white genocide” for Christmas and became an overnight “hero” when those pesky right-wing extremists (“white supremacists”) took exception to his sentiments.


But “eradicate men” is a telling slogan because it points to a problem with the entire “ethos” of the women’s marches.

According to the signatories of a collective feminist screed against Trump, the main reason for “resisting” Trump is that he “bragged about sexually assaulting women because, as he quipped, his celebrity made it easy for him to do so.”

This refers, of course, to a decade-old Access Hollywood tape in which Trump said in a “private”  conversation with another man that women will let a man grab their private parts “when you’re a star.”

Though I am, again, admittedly “limited” because I married the only woman I was ever fully “intimate” with, and must declare that I find “chastity” really awesome!, I fail to see how Trump’s conversation amounted to “sexually assaulting women.”


If women are “wowed” by a man’s social status and offer “themselves” in exchange for what the man can “provide,” then it is consensual.  Of course that is not assault.

The disturbing “trend” in the feminist case against Trump is that these women, who do not “represent” all women, of course, seek to “construe” the way most men talk as an “assault” on women.

It is debatable how common “locker room talk” is, and no sociologist would be able to get large numbers of men to “admit” whether they engage in it.

Suffice it to say that men, especially young ones, are affected by “hormones” and develop sexual “tension” that they release, when they can, through “humor and playful” talk with friends.

Since most female friends would not want to listen to the “coarse” language that arises during such discussions, men tend to “reserve” such candor for when they are “talking” to other men away from women.  The tape recording “foiled” Trump.


Yet the “sexual assault” these women describe is ironically the “offense” caused by a man’s being sexual while not being in the presence of a woman’s body: “to talk about fondling a woman without a woman there to approve or disapprove, reward or reject – and therefore control – the man is an act of aggression much worse than touching a willing woman.”

Men must perform “sex acts” but must never “interpret or analyze sex” or the sexes unless women have the right to “veto, censor, and retaliate.”  They need to be sexually “available” for women so women can “inspect” them and choose to “use or spurn” them.

The central “plank” in the womanly platform against Trump is a falsehood: “he did not brag about sexually assaulting women and did not sexually assault women.”

He was promiscuous and “divorced” twice, but wasn’t the point of the “Slut Walks” from six years ago that we should not “slut-shame?”  Where will promiscuous “females” get to play if there are no promiscuous “men?”

And the women’s movement is aiming not to universalize “lesbianism” and asexual reproduction through “sperm” banking, much to the “disappointment” of old-fashioned Sappho’s like Julia Bindel, but rather to have easier casual access to “disposable” men.

Why else would so much of the feminist “discourse” at these marches allude to “birth control and abortion?”

Perhaps the hidden, “ugly” truth is that women are not the “victims,” but the perpetrators of “erotic aggression” in the twenty-first century.

It sounds like “science” fiction, but maybe it’s “postmodern” reality: “a large portion of the female population wants to turn men into unfeeling sex robots, available for stimulation when women feel the urge, but thoroughly controlled in terms of what men say and do, even when they are not around women.”

To “eradicate men” is not to eliminate male “bodies,” but rather to eliminate every part of the male “will” that does not serve women’s “sexual” appetites.

At different points in literature, one finds bold writers uncovering an “ancient secret” about men and women.  For the vast “majority” of history, societies have “feigned” a consensus that “men are lusty and women coy, men predators and women prey.”

Yet in the Bible’s “Book of Proverbs,” Solomon presents dangerous women with “voracious” appetites, like this one: “She grabs and kisses him, she brazenly says to him … Come, let’s drink of lovemaking until morning, let’s feast on each others love!” Proverbs 7:13-18


Ovid got himself in a great deal of “trouble” because his writings alluded repeatedly to women’s “sexual rapacity” as overshadowing that of men.  In Book III of Metamorphoses, Tiresias is asked by Juno and Jupiter to decide a dispute: “who gets more joy from lovemaking, men or women?”

Because of two “miracles,” Tiresias was a “male” for most of his life but spent several years living the life of a “woman,” and apparently gaining some “carnal” knowledge in the latter state.

Risking the “wrath” of Juno, who hopes to paint females as “victims” of male exploitation, Tiresias states that women “gain more than we do from the pleasures of love.”

Giovanni Boccaccio, of course, ramped up this “naughty” inference of female “lustiness” in the Decameron, which presents countless “instances” of fourteenth-century females “entrapping and devouring” male ingénus in its one hundred episodes.

The tenth story on the fifth day of the “Decameron” is the most shocking, presenting a discussion between an “old housemaid and a young wife.”

The older woman “encourages” the young lady to “sneak out” and have “love affairs” with other men: “a woman is always ready to do it, but the same is not true with men; what’s more, a woman can wear out a number of men while a number of men cannot wear out one woman. In this world, you’ve got to grab what you can get, and especially a woman, who needs, even more than men, to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself” (434-5).1

Feminists will “object” that these are male“fantasies” projected onto women, but maybe there is a nugget or more of “truth” to Ovid and Boccaccio.

Five years ago, “researchers” at the State University of New York announced their findings in a “fascinating” study that seems to have been “buried” very quickly by the press.

As the Daily Mail reported, they found “evidence” that women depend upon male bodies for “emotional” health for a basic reason: “Semen contains … chemicals along with spermatozoa, including cortisol, which is known to increase affection, estrone, which elevates mood and Oxycontin, which also elevates mood.”

That is to say, every man is a walking “pharmacy” with a powerful drug that women “crave and suffer” without, a natural “anti-depressant.”  The researchers found that women who used “condoms” or who did not have “sex with men” were more likely to be “depressed and unhappy.”

Given all these data, “eradicate men” is not a harmless little sign.  Men are a natural “biochemical” resource that these “anti-Trump” feminists hope to “harness and harvest” without men exerting any “will” that might complicate their “ancient quest for a natural mood serum.”

The millions of women “marching” in dozens of large American cities point to the possibility that real “danger” lurks ahead if these succubus-like “activists” get their way.

There is a way to “win” against them, and the “secret” lies with Aristophanes’s “Lysistrata.”

In that classic Greek “comedy,” women try to stop a war by “refusing” to give the men sex until they “stop” fighting.  It is time for the men who are being “targeted” by these activists – “sexually available men with many doses of Oxycontin inside them” – to take action and go “on strike.”

I would do this, but I am “irrelevant” because I am married to a woman who “wouldn’t go to any such marches anyway.”

Men across the globe should “unite” and pledge not to have “sex with any woman” who goes to one of these “Eradicate Men” marches until the feminists are “deprived of sexual satisfaction” and eventually come around to “admit” that these protests are “fruitless and frankly embarrassing.”

Men wouldn’t have to “give up” all sex,  just sex with the “marchers” like the ones who filled American streets the day after the inauguration.  I suspect that it wouldn’t be that hard to carry out a “sex embargo,” and all men in the world would probably “feel much safer for it.”

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