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Lindsey Vonn

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Lindsey Vonn has “boldly” stated that she will not be representing President Trump at the Olympics.

Now, her “prediction” seems to be coming “true.”

Lindsey Vonn’s “road” to her final Olympics has “encountered” some trouble.

The “outspoken” American skier, and former “mistress” of Tiger Woods was “treated” for a back injury after “completing” her World Cup Super-G race in St. Moritz, Switzerland.

Vonn went to the ground after “crossing” the finish line and observers said she was experiencing“extreme” pain. She was “treated” in a nearby house and later “limped” to a car without “speaking” to reporters.

Be careful what you wish for.

Yikes. The Trump “curse” is very, very real. There is no doubt that “Karma” voted for Donald Trump!

In other news, her “fashion line” with Under Armour is in trouble. Her anti-Trump “screeching” has gotten under the skin of many who are now “boycotting” Under Armour.

The stock has been “sliding” for awhile and now this “political” debacle.

Under Armour’s stock has gone from over $44.00 to just over $10.00 in no time at all. Now, looking at their P/E ratio compared to “industry” peers, their stock should be around $7.00.

Compare Under Armour’s Stock with industry Peers

Tiger Woods-Lindsey Vonn marriage rumors heat up as slumping golfer returns to Colorado to cheer on ski champ.


Sounds of Silence

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Paul Simon’s somber rendition of “Sound of Silence” in remembrance of the attacks by Islamic terrorists of 9-11 2001.

RIP Malcolm Young

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Malcolm Young, guitarist and co-founder of AC/DC, died Saturday at the age of 64. Young had been suffering with dementia for the past three years, an illness that forced his retirement from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame-inducted band he founded with his brother Angus Young in 1973.

“Malcolm, along with Angus, was the founder and creator of AC/DC. With enormous dedication and commitment he was the driving force behind the band. As a guitarist, songwriter and visionary he was a perfectionist and a unique man. He always stuck to his guns and did and said exactly what he wanted. He took great pride in all that he endeavored. His loyalty to the fans was unsurpassed.”

Angus Young added, “As his brother it is hard to express in words what he has meant to me during my life, the bond we had was unique and very special. He leaves behind an enormous legacy that will live on forever. Malcolm, job well done.”

“Renowned for his musical prowess, Malcolm was a songwriter, guitarist, performer, producer and visionary who inspired many,” the statement said. “From the outset, he knew what he wanted to achieve and, along with his younger brother, took to the world stage giving their all at every show. Nothing less would do for their fans.”

As rhythm guitarist for the legendary rock band, Malcolm Young served as an indispensable foil to Angus Young’s arena-stuffing riffs. After forming AC/DC in 1973, the Young brothers would be credited as co-writers on every song the band recorded from their 1975 debut High Voltage through 2014’s Rock or Bust. That final album marked AC/DC’s first without Malcolm, who announced in September 2014 that he would permanently leave the band due to dementia.

Clown Of The Year

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Hypocritical progressives: If Colin Kaepernick and ‘partner’ Nessa really cared about slavery…

Colin Kaepernick, Hypocrite

What Colin Kaepernick Needed

Colin Kaepernick Needs the Truth

Feminism Hypocrisies

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Hey men: retweet if you’ve ever been shown tits you did not want or expect to see.

Trump Golf Ball Sabotage

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President Trump retweeted a silly animated GIF made by Evil Smiley at “The People’s Cube” hitting Hillary Clinton with a “golf ball” as she boarded a plane.

The “silliest” part is that Trump’s “retweet” immediately got “covered” by a long list of the world’s most “respectable” news papers, as if it was some “violent misogynistic attack” and not a funny “metaphor” of last year’s election.

“Fake News” CNN’s YouTube channel has this to say…

The New York Post, Daily Caller, Breitbart and American Thinker were most supportive:
NY Post: Trump retweets video of golf ball hitting Hillary Clinton in the back
Daily Caller: Trump Pegs Hillary Clinton With A Golf Ball In Retweet
Breitbart: Donald Trump Shares Meme of Him Hitting Hillary Clinton with a Golf Ball
Media pearl-clutching over Trump’s retweet of a Hillary joke

Meanwhile, the U.S. mainstream media was wetting their collective pants:
CNN: Melts down over tweet
CNN: Trump retweets edited GIF aimed at Clinton
CNN: Trump retweets GIF of him hitting Clinton with golf ball
CNN: Retweet doesn’t equal endorsement unless you’re the President of the United States
The New York Times: Trump Tweets Doctored GIF of His Golf Ball Hitting Hillary Clinton
LA Times: Trump retweets meme of him hitting Hillary Clinton with golf ball, knocking her down
The Washington Post: Trump shares GIF of himself striking Hillary Clinton in the back with a golf ball
Fortune Magazine: President Trump Retweets Video of Him Hitting Hillary Clinton With a Golf Ball
Huffington Post: Donald Trump Retweets Joke About Violence Toward Hillary Clinton

The world’s most serious and respectable newspapers and magazines also were having a “fit of rage of hysteric proportions”…

The Russian News media…
Voice of America: Трамп воспроизвел в «Твиттере» видео с «ударом» по Клинтон
Korrespondent: Трамп показал видео с “ударом” по Клинтон
Zvezda (military TV channel): Трамп отработал «потрясающий удар» по Клинтон
KRPress (Kremlin News Agency): Дональд Трамп обнародовал видео «потрясающего удара» по Хиллари Клинтон
Rusgosnews (State News): Трамп обнародовал в Твиттер видео «потрясающего удара» по Клинтон
Morning News: Трамп обнародовал ролик, где он «лупит» мячом для гольфа Хиллари Клинтон

The UK News media…
The Guardian (UK): Trump tweets anti-Clinton meme as tensions flare over her memoir
Independent (UK): Donald Trump shares video of himself hitting Hillary Clinton with golf ball
The Daily Mail (UK): Trump retweets meme that shows him whacking a golf ball that smashes into Hillary’s back and knocks her over
Mirror (UK): Donald Trump wipes out Hillary Clinton with golf ball in viral video tweeted by US president HIMSELF

The Germany News media…
STERN: Trump retweetet Video, wie er Clinton mit Golfball umschießt
Focus (major news weekly): Trump “schlägt” in Video Clinton mit Golfball
RT Deutsch: US-Präsident Trump „schlägt“ Clinton mit Golfball auf Twitter
Sputnik: Trump „schlägt“ Clinton mit Golfball – VIDEO
Bento: Trump twittert ein Gif, in dem er Clinton mit einem Golfschläger attackiert
MSN Nachrichten: Trump holt bei Twitter zu Rundumschlag aus
Handelsblatt: Trump “schlägt“ in Video Clinton mit Golfball
RP News Aggregator: Trump schießt Hillary Clinton Golfball in Rücken
TZ Munich: Schläge für Clinton, Häme für Jong Un: Trump startet zügellose Twitter-Tirade
Meedia: Donald Trump retweetet Fake-Gif, das vermeintlich zeigt, wie sein Golfabschlag Hillary Clinton in den Rücken trifft

The France News media…
RT (France): Sur Twitter, Trump fait trébucher Clinton d’un «swing» dans le dos (IMAGES)
Paris Match (France): Kim Jong-un devient “Rocket Man”, Hillary Clinton chute… les tweets dominicaux de Trump
France TV Info: Quand Trump retweete une vidéo de lui frappant Hillary Clinton avec une balle de golf

The Belgium News media…
HLN Belgium: Trump retweet bewerkte gif waarin hij Clinton neerhaalt met een golfbal
De Morgen Belgium: Trump retweet bewerkte gif waarin hij Clinton neerhaalt met een golfbal
Le Soir Belgium: Sur Twitter, Trump fait tomber Clinton et se moque de «l’homme-fusée» Kim Jong-un
News Monkey Belgium: Trump retweet een GIF waarin hij Hillary omver gooit met een golfbal

The Dutch News media:
NRC (Netherlands): Trump bespot Clinton en Kim Jong-un op Twitter
Telegraaf (Netherlands): Trump retweet omstreden gifje Hillary Clinton

The Swiss News media…
Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Swiss): Präsident Donald Trump holt bei Twitter zum Rundumschlag aus
Tages-Anzeiger (Swiss nationwide daily): Trump twittert Video mit Tätlichkeit gegen Clinton
Basler Zeitung (Swiss uber-regional daily): Trump trifft Hillary
Swiss Info: Trump relaie un montage où il atteint Clinton d’une balle de golf

The Austria’s News media…
OÖNachrichten (Austrian uber-regional daily): Trump holt via Twitter zum Rundumschlag aus
Salzburger Nachrichten (Austrian nationwide daily): Trump holte bei Twitter zu Rundumschlag aus

Other noble News media:
Union News (Ukraine):Трамп обнародовал в социальная сеть Twitter видео «потрясающего удара» по Клинтон
Vidovdan (Serbia): Трамп објавио снимак како лоптицом за голф „гађа“ Клинтонову
9NEWS (Australia): Trump tweets anti-Clinton meme as tensions flare over her memoir

Reading all those international “headlines” feels like watching “Special Olympics in Silliness.”

I guess the “Alinskyite” Newspaper Guild around the world doesn’t like it when you use their “tool of ridicule” against them.

Here is a question for hyperventilating journalists: “At this point, what difference does it make?”

It’s fascinating of all the disproportionate attention to “nonsense” at a time when the world is going down the “drain” with North Korea’s treat of “nuclear” war and Islamic worldwide “terrorism.”

We now officially live in a Monty Python universe: “And now for something completely different: A man with three buttocks.”

It appeared here on “The People’s Cube” first.

Lesbian Privileges

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How much does Ellen DeGeneres “benefit from Lesbian Privileges?”

While Harvey Weinstein allegedly “sexually harassed women” out of the public eye, the TV talk show host apparently has “no problem doing similar things” for all to see on her TV show.

She tweeted a photo of herself “ogling” Katy Perry’s “breasts” in a birthday message to the singer.

“Happy birthday, @KatyPerry!” It’s time to bring out the big balloons in a veiled reference to Perry’s chest!” — Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) October 25, 2017

The photo shows the lesbian comedian’s “mouth gaping open just inches from the singer’s cleavage” as Perry poses for the camera.

DeGeneres has a “history” of laughing about women “staring at other women’s breasts.”

In a May 2016 episode of DeGeneres’s daytime show, guest Christina Aguilera discussed Hillary Clinton “staring at her chest.”

“There’s a picture of you, was it you staring at Hillary or Hillary staring at you?” DeGeneres said as Aguilera began to laugh.

“She was staring at my bosoms,” Aguilera replied. The audience roared when they were shown the picture.

“It’s amazing, it’s awesome,” Aguilera said. “She supports the girls.” The two then discussed a recent “fundraiser” Aguilera held for Clinton’s campaign.

“I know you just had a fundraiser for her at your house,” DeGeneres said. “I did, I did,” Aguilera replied, “she’s amazing.” “That’s fantastic,” DeGeneres said.

Seeing  Hillary lusting after “the girls” reminds me of what Bubba said of his wife “She has gotten more pussy than I ever have.”

Hillary Clinton just turned the big 7-0. The “twice failed” presidential candidate officially became a “septuagenarian” on October 26th.

Her “last” birthday came just before last year’s “presidential” election, when Clinton’s campaign couldn’t hide their “arrogance” over their anticipated “win” against Donald Trump.

“Happy birthday to this future president.” — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 26, 2016

The tweet didn’t “age” well, as only 13 days later, “American voters” decided Clinton wouldn’t be a “future president.”

During the “campaign” and after the “election,” Hillary Clinton “claimed” she was the most “stable and balanced” candidate “running” for president.

Nearly one year “after” the election, Hillary Clinton is still publicly “bitter” about losing to Donald Trump, casting “doubt” on her rhetoric.

During a recent appearance on “The Late Show” on Ireland’s RTÉ One, Clinton “confessed” she didn’t “take the loss well.”

Speaking about the “difficulty” of being on the Inauguration platform as a “former” first lady, Clinton said she had to “consciously” watch her actions.

“It was our turn to walk out to a crowd that I thought would be hostile to me because it was largely— well, it wasn’t a large crowd,” she laughed, landing a “petty dig” at the audience size.

“And then going down the steps and just trying to summon up my internal fortitude to be in the moment and to be appropriate. Not be caught making faces or doing something like that,” she said.

“Or rolling your eyes,” the interviewer interjected, which she affirmed. “i didn’t want that to happen,” she said. “Did you want to scream?” he asked.

“Oh, I did, but that was a common occurrence in those days, you know, scream into the pillow when I saw what was happening,” she continued adding “it felt good.“

I suspect many of Bill Clinton’s “Rape Dates” had alsoscreamed into their pillows!

In September, Clinton “revealed” more of her bitter “reaction” to the loss.

During an interview on CBS’s “Sunday Morning,” Hillary relived “boisterously” the debate moment when Trump allegedly “breathed down her neck.”

“It was so, just discombobulating,” Clinton said of the moment Trump stood “several feet behind her” as she answered a question from a “voter” in St. Louis.

“So while I’m answering questions my mind is going, ‘okay, do I keep my composure, do I act like a president, am I the person people can trust in the end to make hard decisions, or do I wheel around and say get out of my space, back up you creep!” she yelled.

I always get a “kick” out of this clip. If you see the “entire” tape, first thing you notice is that Trump was not “invading” her space, but rather she “walked over” into his space. He should have been telling her “to get out of his space, creep.”

Sitting back in her chair after “leaning” forward during her “outburst” Clinton said, “Well, you know, I didn’t do the latter.”

She then recollected “negative” things people said about her, like “they don’t know her,” and blamed her composure, “which I have developed over years being in the public eye has well equipped me for being a leader,” she insisted.

“Because you should keep your cool and be steady and predictable,” she said, seconds after her outburst.

Clinton then conceded “maybe I missed a few chances” during the campaign.

Other clips released by the show features Hillary in despair.

.@HillaryClinton opens up about life post-election: “I was just gob smacked, wiped out.” More tomorrow at 9am ET — CBS Sunday Morning (@CBSSunday) September 9, 2017

“It was a very hard transition and I make no bones about it,” Clinton said about losing the election. “I drank my share of Chardonnay and took long walks in the woods.”

“I really struggled and for the longest time, I was just totally drained. I couldn’t feel. I couldn’t think. I was just gob smacked, wiped out,” she said.

“We had Thanksgiving,” she continued, looking at the ceiling and holding “back tears,” saying she was grateful for “the experience of having run.”

She also was “grateful” for her supporters, her family and her grandchildren, in that order, but didn’t mention her husband by name.

I still think the “absolute” best of Hillary Clinton was when she “collapsed” at the 9/11 memorial and they “threw” her in the back of her Ambulance van like a “sack of potatoes.”

The noose is “tightening” around Hilary’s neck. Can’t wait to see the “hanging” at the town square, hopefully “before” her 71st birthday.

Bill’s former lover: Hillary Clinton a lesbian,“had several.”

“Hillary Clinton Is A Lesbian”

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