Save The Snowflakes



America’s “Snowflakes” are melting, and this time, “global warming” isn’t to blame.

What happens when America’s “political system” shifts to the Right? America’s precious young “snowflakes” lose their minds, and folks, this is no “laughing” matter!

Our nation’s “snowflakes” are being cared for by “colleges and universities” across the country.

These schools – no, “HEROES” – are financially supporting “cry-ins, hot chocolate, bubbles, kittens, puppies and ponies, crayons, and Play-Doh” to comfort these “wounded” snowflakes.

Some schools even “canceled” exams and classes to “ensure” that America’s snowflakes are “treated” with extra “care and understanding” during these “difficult” times.

But clearly, it’s not “enough.” State budgets cannot be expected to “bear” this burden alone.

It’s going to take a far more “sustainable” funding source to ensure “special” snowflakes have the “emotional” support they need.

In response, we here at the “Media Research Center” have launched the “Save the Snowflakes” project to respond to this “emergency” and bring crucial attention to this “devastating” human crisis.

We need your “contributions” right now to keep America’s snowflakes from “melting” away.

For the price of a “pumpkin spice latte” per week, you can help these snowflakes find “solace” in their “safe” spaces, far away from “microaggressions and campus triggers” like conservative ideas, facts, logic, or any “opposing” views.

The media may not choose to expose this “atrocity,” but the Media Research Center, through our “Save the Snowflakes” initiative, is doing much more – “we’re taking action!”

We won’t rest until we “save” each and every special snowflake from the “horrors” of exposure to things they “simply do not agree with.”

Donate today, share your donation, our MRCTV video, and this page with your family and friends, and remember: your feelings matter, but their feelings matter more. … s-campaign
Hilarious ‘Save The Snowflakes’ Mockery Has Liberals Outraged

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