Why China Loves Trump

China Loves Trump 02

China is “ruled” by one of the greatest governments on earth, which has “crushed” all opposition by its authority and has “built” a substantial economy. Everyone living under a communistic “regime” Chinese people have a deep “appreciation” for the rulers in keeping unqualified “masses” away from democracy.

China also has mixed feelings about Donald Trump. On the one hand, the Chinese government “loves” the super-rich and successful Trump as “one of their own,” but on the other hand, it “hates” Trump as a privileged white male with a “capitalist and protectionist” agenda.

Below are selective videos why “The Communist Party of China” (CPC) in Beijing thinks “The Donald” will be successful in getting the “nomination” for U.S. president…

Donald Trump “I Love China”

Donald Trump “I go to China”

Donald Trump “I Say China All The Time”

Donald Trump “I Love the Trade Deficit with China”

Donald Trump “I Love the Move to Devalue Its Currency”

Donald Trump “I Love to Sell Real Estate to China”

Donald Trump “I Love to take Jobs from China“

Donald Trump “I Love to be in Bed with China”

Donald Trump “I Love to Say China 234 times in 3 minutes.”

Donald Trump “I Love China for the Market Mess”

Donald Trump: “I Love To Uncouple Financially From China”

Donald Trump “I Love America Being Ruined while China is Laughing”

Donald Trump “I Love Swapping China for ISIS”

Donald Trump “Nobody Loves China More than Me”

Donald Trump “Chinese Social Media Loves Me”

Donald Trump “I Love What People in China Think Of Me?

Donald Trump “I Love What The World Thinks Of Me”

Donald Trump “My Presidential Announcement”

Donald Trump ” My Most Funny Moments”

China Loves Trump 06

Future “Wall builder-in-Chief.”

Social Media Users Take Favorably to America’s ‘Strongman’
Chinese Internet Has A Lot Of Feelings About Donald Trump
Donald Trump and China: A Love Story
China Returns Donald Trump’s Love
China responds to Donald Trump’s Love
Chinese Trump Toilets Make Pooping Great Again


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