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One thousand peaceful communists, socialists, anarchists, Black Lies Matter activists, devout Muslims refugees, immigration advocates with Mexican flags, and local “black” honor students of Marxism, disrupted a Chi-Congo meeting  of some twenty five thousand “Trump” supporters, leading to its “rally” cancellation.

ChiCongo 01

The Trump “crowd” had it coming because they had “conspired” to shut down everyone else’s “right to free speech” by buying tickets to the event, which was “closed” to those who didn’t have tickets.

ChiCongo 07

That was a grotesque “violation” of the protesters’ “right” to get inside, “jump” on the podium, “rip” Trump signs, and scream “Fuck Trump” into a TV camera.

ChiCongo 04

As the news of the event’s “cancellation” was announced, the protesters “peacefully” celebrated their victory by throwing “punches” at Trump supporters and police officers, “shouting” their objections, “flipping” middle fingers, “kicking” cars, and “walking” into the road to “block” traffic composed of gas-guzzling, “global-warming-causing” vehicles.

ChiCongo 06

Some of the “skirmishes” have been caught on camera, including this one, which personally “confronts” a Black Lies Matter “protester” with racist rhetoric.

It’s good to see that the “Black Lies Matter” honor students of Chicago found something more to do other than “ventilate” and get “lead” poisoning.

ChiCongo 10

I’m sure the rally was “in line” with Mayor Rahm Emanuel city’s “values.”

ChiCongo 08

Here are some examples what “illustrates” proper “Chi-Congo” values:

Pan Violence
Year in Review
Weekend in Chi-Congo

There are many more fine stories of the “Black Lies Matter” honor students turning their “lives” around and why it’s well “worth your time” to explore why “Chi-Congo” is a great place to live.

ChiCongo 11

Great news for the “Black Lies Matter” revolution!

ChiCongo 09

Obama signed a bill that makes it “mandatory” to have arrested protesters and friends at the Trump rally this weekend……“but they weren’t.”

ChiCongo 13

Bill HR-347 was “signed” by Barack Hussein Obama, making it a Federal “offense,” punishable by up to 10 years in prison, to “protest” anywhere the Secret Service might be “guarding” someone, including “presidential candidates.”

ChiCongo 14

Obviously, this “law” only applies when “conservatives” are protesting.

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