Stalking YouTubers

Stalking You Tubers 02

In their conference on the women’s “role” in Islam, male panelists were “debating” whether it was acceptable to “beat” women. Two half “nude” female protesters “jumped” on stage and were “promptly” beaten.

I guess we know “now” where those male Muslims stand on “beating” women…


I can just picture hundreds of administrators and student group leaders and social justice warriors staring “slack jawed” at their computers and iPhones “dumbfounded.”

“But…but he said…we have to listen to other points of view…that we don’t agree with? And we have to actually allow them onto campus? We have to actually take into consideration what other people think instead of censoring and banning viewpoints that differ from our own? But…why?”


New York Rats are the “most” creative.

And the best “fed” creatures in all of New York.

Fat Rats 01


Great Trump Quote…

“I appreciate the Romo question, Tony’s a great guy. You know who’s also a great guy? Tom Brady. Total winner. He hasn’t thrown an interception or lost a game since he put my hat in his locker.

Tom Brady Trump Hat

Also hasn’t broken his collarbone. Coincidence? I’m not sure, I can’t answer that. But the facts speak for themselves: everyone who’s endorsed Trump is having a great year, everyone who hasn’t isn’t.”


Ronda Rousey is the “best” female UFC fighter in the world. When asked about the “challenges” Rousey faces against Holly Holm in her upcoming fight, she said, “I knew that if I came in her face right away — uh, that sounded terrible. Not right away. I take my time.”

Rousey laughed it off as “snickering” erupted throughout the press conference.


When Madonna pulled “gay” Anderson Cooper onstage with her during her concert in Brooklyn Sunday night, she didn’t just dance and sing “Unapologetic Bitch” with him.

She humped him, spanked him and gave him a banana, too. “Anderson thanks for being my Bitch tonight!!! Hope you enjoyed the Banana!!!!!!” the 57-year-old later wrote on Instagram.


Trolling “Feminist” Film Festival

Steven Crowder went to a “feminist” film festival in his underwear and got “kicked” out.


Three recently “converted” Moose lift there “assess” to Allah in front of a brand new “Mooseque.”

Alaska Moose 01

Not even Alaska is “safe” from the Muslim invasion!


Now that Richard Nixon has thrown his “hat in the ring” do you think he could be “elected” president in 2016?

No, this is “not” a trick question. Amazing how “stupid” people are. America is doomed with “idiots” like these.


We Be Sisters discuss “Carly Farina and balls.”

The female candidate who “pretends” to have some.

We Be Sisters be tellin’ “Jeb Bush to listen to his mama.” 

The country has had “enough” Bushes.


The Endgame “Full White Genocide Documentary”

Perhaps it will take someone “like” Vladimir Putin to “save” the West from itself?


Donald Trump Campaign Rally at Oklahoma State Fair (9-25-15)

The event drew thousands and even included a special guest, Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty.”

Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Miami at Trump National Doral (10-23-15)

Protesters tried to “interrupt” the speech several times, but were met with chants of “U.S.A. U.S.A.” from supporters.


Donald Trump takes some “pot shots” at Democrat candidates for president

And he’s just “warming” up, folks.


The Taiwanese Animators take on “The Donald!”

And offer a sneak preview of the Democrat debate’s “enemy” combatants:

Even half way ’round the world, they can see Hillary for the untamed “shrew” she really is.


What Bill Whittle Loves About Donald Trump…


Dictatorships starting to look eerie familiar here at the White “Rainbow” Mosque in Washington D.C.


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