King Ibn-Charles III

We always knew Prince Charles was a dedicated “panderer” to and “apologist” for Islam. Now as King, he will only get much worse.

He expressed outrage at the publication of the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. And he calls Islam “one of the greatest treasuries of accumulated wisdom and spiritual knowledge available to humanity.”

King Ibn-Charles III. He probably thinks if he gets enough Muslims in the UK he can abolish Parliament and rule as an absolute Monarch. No problem, he’ll just merge the Church of England into Islam. The UK will be an Islamic country before the end of this Century.

This is a documentary on Princess Diana’s assassination that was perpetrated by Charles and British and French intelligence.

According to Prince Charles: Muslims beheading people isn’t the problem, internet service providers allowing beheading videos to be shown online is

Infamous Muslim-panderering Prince Charles praises Somali Muslim pirates for their environmental concern

ISLAM-PANDERING Prince Charles and his son Prince William refused to meet with President Trump because of his positions on Islam and climate change

Well, why wouldn’t the quran be read at Prince Charles’ coronation as King? England is likely to become an Islamic State within a few years.

Meet the Muslim princess Zaida, Spanish ancestor of the British royal family

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