School Shooters

Systematic studies reveal that there is one common factor that almost all mass murderers have in common.

An 18-year-old opened fire in a Texas elementary school yesterday, murdering 19 children and two teachers. One of the worst things a parent can discover is something that has now happened to families across Uvalde, Texas. But perhaps the worst thing a parent can discover is that he or she produced the monster who did this.

Details are continuing to emerge, but the murderer, Salvador Ramos, shot his grandmother before driving her vehicle to Robb Elementary School to murder more people. He abandoned the vehicle, apparently after crashing it in a large ditch, and continued to the school. Wearing a military-style vest and carrying one semiautomatic rifle, a handgun and extra ammunition, he entered the building and went into one classroom, murdering 21 people. Officers responded, some were lightly wounded, and a Border Patrol agent ended it by shooting and killing Ramos.

Read more at “What Motivates School Shooters?”

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