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China’s Mask Diplomacy

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China saw the coronavirus pandemic as “a window of opportunity to boost its influence” over Southeast Asian nations, the South China Morning Post wrote. By sending medical supplies, vaccines and personnel to Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and the Philippines, China was able to increase its soft power over them.

China first directed attention to Cambodia last March, donating hazmat suits, face masks and other necessities. The Chinese also sent a team of medical experts to provide education in handling the crisis. A few months later, China provided Cambodia with even more medical materials. China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency quoted Cambodian Health Minister Mam Bunheng as saying: “This assistance is a new testament to the unbreakable friendship, solidarity and cooperation between Cambodia and China.”

That “friendship, solidarity and cooperation” has continued. On February 7, Cambodia received 600,000 doses of Chinese-made covid-19 vaccines. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said that China was building testing labs, giving out test kits, and providing vaccines for Cambodia, according to Global Times. “China will continue to provide assistance to Cambodia’s fight against the outbreak as much as it can according to the needs of the Cambodian side,” Zhao said.

China has repeated this foreign policy in so many nations that it has been dubbed “covid-19 diplomacy” or “face mask diplomacy.”

Last April, Laos received over 2,000 test kits from China, in addition to a small group of medical staff to help the Laotians learn how to fight the virus. Xinhua News Agency quoted a hospital worker, saying, “I am grateful to have experienced Chinese medical staff in our country. We can learn directly from them to control the spread of the virus. The assistance makes me feel hopeful.”

This April, Laos received its fourth shipment of vaccines and more medical staff from China. Lao Deputy Prime Minister Kikeo Khaykhamphithoune said the help from China reflects the profound friendship between the two countries.

A similar pattern has developed in both Myanmar and Thailand, where China has provided a continuous stream of coronavirus aid from last spring until now. Last March, Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said relations between China and Thailand “will emerge even stronger in this joint campaign against the virus.”

Last July, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to give the Philippines access first when a vaccine was developed. President Xi agreed, and Chinese vaccines first arrived in the Philippines on February 28. Two months later, the Philippines received another half million doses from China.

The South China Morning Post stated that China “has managed to transform the pandemic into a strategic opportunity to assert its leadership role and expand its geopolitical influence.”

It’s a strange turn of events considering the virus originated in China, and the Chinese Communist Party directed its energies to deflecting blame instead of preventing a global pandemic.

Yet instead of blaming China, these countries in Southeast Asia are relying on China for help and looking to China for leadership.

Don’t Be Fooled by China’s Mask Diplomacy

Immunity Passport

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The communist state of China has called on the “World Health Organization” (WHO) to allow the country to lead the way in developing a global “vaccine passport”, which would control “freedom of movement” for the world’s population, in much the same manner as China’s current “system of social credit.”

Chinese state-sponsored news network Global Times wrote that China would “support the WHO on setting up a vaccination mutual recognition platform.”

The Global Times reported that Chinese “experts” would be happy to share their “experience” and “technical support” with the WHO, “as China is the most experienced country in using a health code system in the world,” the WHO being “the most proper organizer for the matter to ensure independence, fairness and data security.”

However, the full text of the article revealed reticence, at least publicly, from the WHO about the project. It referred to a press conference given by Dr. Michael Ryan, director of the “WHO Health Emergencies Program”, in which he mentioned the “real practical and ethical considerations” about using vaccine passports.

Notwithstanding Ryan’s public concern about the use of such passports, the Times advertised China’s capability in the area, saying it could be brought into use internationally “within 2-3 months and, optimistically, can be used for the Tokyo Olympic Games scheduled between July 23 and August 8.”

China itself could build an “international platform in just one week,” added Xiang Ligang, the director-general of Beijing-based “Information Consumption Alliance.”

But Xiang noted how it would be “better that the WHO, rather than any country or regional organization, be the organizer to ensure the independence, fairness and data security of the platform.”

While the WHO could “draft the rules, procedures and data format,” China was well equipped and ready to effectively build the platform, roll it out and enforce it, Xiang continued.

“China is very willing to provide support in sharing experience and techniques in setting up such a platform as the country has rich experience in this and has realized data sharing between the health code platforms of different Chinese provinces and regions.”

He declared that a Chinese partnership with the WHO would marry global promotion with “mature technology,” believing that it would also secure the public trust.

The comments were made as China launched its own “vaccine passport” via the social media platform WeChat. In addition to recording the user’s health information, vaccination status and COVID test results, the passport app also tracks the user’s location.

Yet, despite China launch of its own vaccine passport, and calling for global passports, the country’s “health experts” have ridiculed the European Union’s (EU) plan for vaccine passports.

They argued that the plan would fail due to new variants of COVID arising, the vaccines would not be effective enough, and thus vaccine passports would be meaningless.

The attack on the EU scheme seems entirely political and reveals China’s desire for ever-increasing global influence, as it seeks to be the orchestrator and designer of vaccine passports for the entire planet.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has been calling for a Chinese-run vaccine passport for some time. Back in November 2020, he spoke to a virtual G20 summit, calling on the countries there represented to follow China’s lead in producing and using vaccine passports.

Xi declared that COVID-19 had “exposed the deficiencies of global governance,” urging global leaders to submit to China’s plan for global tracking and surveillance.

Responding to Xi in November, the director of Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth, tweeted: “Beware of the Chinese government’s proposal for a global QR code system. An initial focus on health could easily become a Trojan Horse for broader political monitoring and exclusion, akin to the dangers associated with China’s social-credit system.”

The experience and mature technology, of which China recently boasted, refers to its social credit score system. For a number of years, the totalitarian state has been implementing a social credit system, which essentially bans citizens from aspects of daily life, depending on their record and credit score.

Numerous local versions exist, but the overall government version seeks to incorporate national records, so that anyone who runs a red light, or spends too much time playing computer games is given a low score.

The credit score builds a new “caste” system, leading to the phenomena of the “laolai”, who are those who have been declared “untrustworthy” by the Chinese Communist Party.

The founder of the Population Research Institute, Steven Mosher, described how the laolai are excluded from decent jobs, buying a house, or even taking fast public transport. Geographical data about the laolai is also available, so that they can be avoided by those deemed to be more trustworthy in the Chinese state.

“What it will actually create, of course, is a culture of fear and a nation of informants,” Mosher commented. “As the state progresses ever closer toward its goal of monitoring all of the activities of its citizens 24 hours a day, seven days a week, society itself becomes a virtual prison.”

China boasted recently that the social credit system now covers 1.1 billion people. Back in May 2019, Global Times released a similar boast about how “13.49 million individuals have been classified as untrustworthy and rejected access to 20.47 million plane tickets and 5.71 million high-speed train tickets for being dishonest.”

Beijing Biden

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The election of “Beijing Biden ” defies reality and commonsense. “Sniffy” Joe is a chronic “liar” and a demented “pedophile” who uses government to “enrich” himself and his family. He did badly in previous presidential primaries. Few attended his rallies when had them. Still, Biden was chosen by Democrat elitists.

The primaries were rigged in his favor. Why? Because elitists such as Hillary and Obama knew Biden was “corrupt” to the bone marrow. He would do whatever the “Deep Swamp” told him to do. Kamala “Ho” Harris likewise. Biden knew it was pre-rigged in his favor.

The aging old “sniffer” with his fake white teeth and bald head knew it would be stolen for him. Now he has a cabinet that is packed with “Deep State” operatives.

These are people who will do their best to expand the “swamp land” and most likely start new wars as they further strip from us our jobs, our liberty, and our dignity.

The Democrats will not admit any election wrong-doing whatsoever. They refuse to listen to witnesses who have signed sworn affidavits. The lying legacy media will not consider that election fraud occurred at all. They spew constant lies and tell us the election was clean as a whistle. They say Biden won. End of story.

Deal with it. They say we all need to shut up and move on, even though massive voter fraud and a stolen election is staring at us all straight in the face. Even foreign countries were involved in the steal—most notably the communist Chinese.

We need to do more than simply point out the massive fraud. We need to reverse the steal in the future. Voter ID, No computers. Drastically limit mail-in voting. Have paper ballots filled out by qualified voters in person.

Make sure officials from all parties get to watch the votes tallied by hand—polling place by polling place, precinct by precinct, county by county, state by state.

Get rid of the voting machines entirely. Let’s give the American people real elections results.

“Beijing Biden,” likes the communist Chinese. He does their bidding, for profit, of course.

We all know Hunter cut some terrific deals with communist-run businesses in China and raked in millions of dollars, thanks to his dad’s position as Vice President during the Obama administration.

Of course, his father, whom he refers to as “the big man” received a large percentage cut from all of Hunter’s dirty schemes, er, business deals.

“Sniffy” Joe Biden is a “career criminal” masquerading as a politician. Like Pelosi and many others, he has used his “career” to enrich himself and his family. He is a “liar, a plagiarist, a groping and fingering pedophile, a warmonger, and a grifter.”

He and his party arranged to have the presidential election stolen for him. Why would anyone think he would stop selling us all out now where he is in the White House? If they get away with blatantly stealing an election, the graft and corruption spewed by the “Deep State Swamp” will only intensify.

And now, thanks to a leak, we know that the China Communist Party has sent millions of citizens throughout the world to be infiltrated and embedded in multinational organizations and corporations. There, they steal technology and shape culture. Many spy on politicians, whom they like to compromise by means of “honey pots.”

Eric Swalwell, for example. The Chinese spies leverage these embarrassments while gathering information. Some of our politicians are completely compromised. They do China’s bidding. Hollywood and corporate media all show China in a glowing light.

Even the Canadian Prime Minister helped train Chinese troops. Too many of our presidents have bowed and kowtowed to the Chicoms.

China does not allow its citizens freedom of speech, freedom of travel, freedom to own firearms, or freedom of assembly. They don’t value freedom or western civilization. Worse, they think they’re the master race and like the Nazis, they want their own version of “lebensraum.”

Communists always strive for a monopoly of power and force for their party. They favor a concentration of absolute power, which is given to a tiny sliver or tyrannical rulers. Marx called it the dictatorship of the proletariat.

The socialist Democrats and the Silicon Valley billionaires want this, too. They want a Chinese-style system with the multi-billionaires running the show. What’s next for America, organ harvesting?

Joe Biden and his son Hunter are ruthless, immoral crooks. When traitorous criminals are not punished they become emboldened to commit even more outrageous crimes.

Now that “Beijing Joe” has managed to reach the White House, his criminal enterprise will expand exponentially. Look out for the “Super Deep Swamp!”

Those Neo-liberals running the so-called “Democratic Socialist Party” would all be delighted to see our country completely under the thumb of the Chinese communists with Joe riding along.

We better all “buckle up” because it’s going to be a “rough ride” for the next four years.

Big Tech Censorship

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Chinese state-run media, known for its censorship of “dissenting” viewpoints, pointed to Big Tech’s “banning” of President Donald Trump as evidence that there is no country with truly “free speech.”

Chinese state-run media condemned Twitter and Facebook’s censorship of President Donald Trump suggesting that the U.S., which is generally thought to represent “democracy”, isn’t democratic.

“The banning of the US president’s social media account for ‘risks of further incitement of violence’ shows that freedom of speech does indeed have boundaries in every society,” Chinese state-run Global Times editor-in-chief Hu Xijin wrote.

A January 9th editorial published in the state-run Global Times said the systematic Big Tech “crackdown” proves that there are limits to free speech in “every society.”

“The banning of the US president’s social media account for risks of further incitement of violence shows that freedom of speech does indeed have boundaries in every society, and humans are not capable of regulating freedom of speech in its full sense. This is a pity, but it’s also a reality,” Global Times editor-in-chief Hu Xijin wrote.

Xijin added that the “social media bans” of Trump are the result of a broader “degeneration” of the U.S. political system.

Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Reddit and other platforms suspended or banned the president in the aftermath of the January 6th “Save America” rally where Trump spoke before “Antifa” rally attendees stormed the Capitol building, Axios reported. On January 8th, Twitter was the first to permanently suspend Trump from using his account, citing potential “incitement of violence.”

Tens of thousands of conservative accounts were purged from Twitter in the aftermath of the riot.

While state media used the purge as evidence that “free speech” doesn’t exist in the U.S., Chinese social media websites, usually quick to ban posts that criticize the Chinese Communist Party, allowed users to openly criticize American censorship. Chinese users were given free reign to “rant” about American Big Tech companies.

“Legally he’s still the president,” one viral post on the popular Chinese social media platform Weibo said. “This is a coup.”

“A country as big as the United States can’t tolerate Trump’s mouth,” another popular post said. “U.S. democracy has died.”

Another post drew a parallel between the U.S. and “Saddam’s Iraq and Qaddafi Libya.” Political cartoonist Kuang Biao, whose drawings critical of the Chinese Communist Party have been regularly censored, was not censored when he posted a picture of Trump’s mouth sewn up.

In addition, a WeChat post written by well-known law professor He Weifang supporting “censorship” of Trump was “removed” from the platform. A link to the post now leads to a warning message saying the post had “violated rules.”

“When Twitter banned Trump, it was a private platform refusing to serve the president,” a Weibo user wrote. “When Weibo bans you, it’s simply executing government guidelines to censor an individual’s speech.”

In 2016, Chinese President Xi Jinping issued new rules ordering news outlets to serve the Chinese Communist Party, removing their independence, according to an article in a state-run news outlet praising the decision.

Businessman Ren Zhiqiang was “silenced” on social media for criticizing Jinping’s orders. In September, Zhiqiang was “sentenced” to 18 years in prison after he criticized China’s “coronavirus” response.

First Amendment Rights Being Eroded by Technocrats
How Big Tech censorship can get more personal, and hairier

Trade Deals & Human Rights

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Mid-December 2019, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said China was not planning to sign an investment deal with Europe that had been in the works since 2013. China was a “developing economy,” he said, and it shouldn’t be made to abide by the same standards as more advanced European economies. It looked like the deal was dead.

But on Dec. 30, 2020, Chinese President Xi Jinping conducted a video conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emmanuel Macron and other EU leaders. After the conference, they released a bombshell announcement: “The EU and China concluded in principle the negotiations for a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment.”

Why the “change in heart” by the Chinese? Why, after stalling for seven years, did Chairman Xi make a rare “personal” intervention to seal this “mammoth deal?”

Why did the Europeans, who present themselves as champions of “human rights and fair labor”, agree to more deeply intertwine their economy with that of the “shamelessly brutal” Chinese Communist Party?

And what does this mean for the United States’ efforts to pressure China into accepting a rules-based international economic model? These are vital questions with answers that have implications for all of us.

The deal’s main accomplishment is that it makes it easier for European companies to operate in China. It is also billed as doing the reverse—facilitating operations of Chinese firms in Europe—but in reality Europe has behaved far more fairly than China toward multinationals. So the “Comprehensive Agreement on Investment” was mainly about China assenting to correct that imbalance and give EU companies a more equal footing.

For decades, if a European firm wished to operate in China, it would have to set up a joint venture with a Chinese company and in the process, share intellectual property and sensitive technology. This was an appalling requirement. But if EU companies wanted access to China’s lucrative markets, they had no choice but to comply. Now the Chinese have agreed to end this requirement for EU companies in certain key industries including vehicles, computing services and health.

China also agreed to take the mask off its notoriously secretive government subsidies, and open China up to the EU’s various banks.

These are massive “concessions” from China. They would level the playing field to an unprecedented degree. The European Commission issued a statement calling the deal “the most ambitious outcome that China has ever agreed with a third country or economy.”

So why did China’s leadership agree to these unprecedented terms?

One of the main reasons this deal took so long to formalize was because China was stalling. The Chinese had become very used to breaking all the rules they could to give themselves trade advantages, so they stalled, understandably unwilling to offer the concessions to Europe that this deal requires.

But over the last year, China came under heavy criticism by several nations including the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. These nations are sounding the alarm over China’s “unlawful trade practices, deceitfulness with the coronavirus, atrocious human rights record in Xinjiang, illegal crackdown on Hong Kong, bullying of Taiwan, predatory loans to poor nations, and more.”

The English-speaking nations have sought to convince more countries to work with them to pressure China into adopting a liberal, rules-based international economic standard. And for a time, it seemed to be working. Just a month ago, the European Union called for a U.S.-EU dialogue to discuss the strategic challenge presented by China’s growing international assertiveness.”

So the Chinese feared that the ire of the U.S. could pull Europe in and leave China isolated from the West. It was that fear that prompted the Chinese to agree—albeit hollowly—to the concessions they made to Europe. And it was that same fear that spurred Xi Jinping to personally intervene to help clinch the “Comprehensive Agreement on Investment.”

Also relevant is that Chairman Xi expects Joe Biden to become president of the U.S. Xi believes Biden will reverse course on many measures the Trump administration has taken against Europe. For example, just last week, the Trump administration stepped up its trade dispute with Europe over aircraft subsidies and increased tariffs on Europe’s aircraft parts and wine.

Xi reckons that a Biden presidency would end such measures and work to strengthen trans-Atlantic ties. So he moved quickly on the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment, clinching it before Biden could assume office and begin coaxing Europe back toward America.

“Preventing a transatlantic front has been a top priority for the Chinese leadership and likely explains Xi Jinping’s eleventh-hour intervention to seal a deal. My take on the EU-China investment agreement for @laurnorman @wsj — Noah Barkin (@noahbarkin) December 30, 2020

So China’s motivations are clear. But the question about Europe remains.

The leaders and peoples of Europe often portray themselves as champions of human rights and international labor standards. And they know very well that the Chinese economy is run partly on slave labor. In the Xinjiang region, China has over a million members of the Muslim Uyghur minority detained in concentration camps, and many are bused around to various parts of Xinjiang and elsewhere in China to provide what often amounts to slave labor.

Salih Hudayar, the prime minister-in-exile of this region, which he and other Uyghurs call “East Turkistan” said: “Many of the goods that are made in China, especially like clothes, even the iPhones that we use, certain components are made with the forced labor of the Uyghurs and other peoples.”

This chilling statement is confirmed by research from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute. Using satellite imagery and on-the-ground reporting, it estimates that from 2017 to 2019 alone, some 80,000 Uyghur slave laborers were shipped “directly from detention camps” to other locations in China.

“Uyghurs for Sale: Groundbreaking Report from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute — Kaisu Pajari (@kmpajarigmailco) November 23, 2020

Merkel, Macron and other Europeans would be well aware of these facts. And they have also seen China’s unlawful crackdown on Hong Kong, illegal bullying in the Taiwan Strait and the South China Sea, repression of its general population, and even its wolf warrior diplomacy right there in Europe.

But still the Europeans sealed this deal that tacitly signs off on China’s abuses of its people and myriad other crimes. It is true that the EU expressed concerns about China’s behavior. But such statements ring just as hollow as China’s promises to consider possibly changing some of its practices.

The truth is that by signing this deal, European leaders have shown that they care less about how many Uyghurs are “detained, tortured, raped, sterilized and killed” than they do about better tapping into the Chinese markets—and reducing economic dependence on America.

To see Europe compromise so shamefully by making this deal with China may seem surprising. But this is actually the kind of development we should expect to see more and more in the months and years ahead.

Russia and Japan will also join this globe-girdling economic bloc. Together these countries will come to control worldwide trade and strangle America and some of its allies. When it happens, “there will be no help or sympathy from Asia.”

We should not be surprised to see Europe willingly ignore China’s terrible “human rights abuses and illegal trade practices.” We should actually expect the ties now strengthening between the EU and China to only grow more robust.

And even as China grows more powerful, aggressive and malicious, we should expect Europe to increasingly side with Beijing, and against America.

Joe Biden Inauguration

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Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Napoleon Bonaparte attend Joe Biden’s inauguration. They look at the heavy military presence, the FBI agents watching the small crowd, and a mob of media reporters.

This used to be a Soviet joke about a military parade in Moscow, but Soviet jokes are now becoming American reality.

With fellow travelers Kamala “Heels Up” Harris and “Fingering” Joe Biden sworn in as president and soon-to-be former-president under the watchful and approving eye of Comrade Xi Jinping.

Truly, it is, indeed, a glorious new day! We have so much to look forward to!

Chinese Compradors

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Comprador Tong Kingsin

China’s leaders understand all too well from their historical experience how to control America : use compradors
By Thomas Lifson

There is a very large, rich, and influential class of Americans who owe their wealth and standing to China, having mightily prospered through business ties to the Middle Kingdom. Every educated person in China understands the way such ties linking a wealthy elite beholden to foreign interests can be used to bring down even the mightiest of nations.

The word “comprador” (买办, pronounced mǎi bàn), referring to the Chinese businessmen that allied themselves with Western imperialists, becoming wealthy, and, in the view of the Chinese Communist Party betraying the nation, is a curse word among Communists.

“There are two kinds of bourgeoisie, the national bourgeoisie and the comprador-bourgeoisie. The comprador-bourgeoisie is always a running dog of imperialism. Mao Tse-Tung.” Some Experiences in Our Party’s History, 1956

Dex Bahr, elsewhere in American Thinker, correctly ties minimal media coverage of (and the previous suppression of) the story of the Swalwell spy scandal to the business interests of their corporate and individual masters.

What does Google/YouTube have in common with media outlets that have ignored the Swalwell Chinese spy scandal? CNN (Warner Media), NBC, MSNBC (Universal/Comcast), ABC/ESPN (Disney) and CBS (National Amusements) are all owned by companies that have been reported extensive business ties with Chinese Corporations which in turn are tied to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The owners of the New York Times, which include Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim who as of 2018 had a 15.4% stake, and perhaps as much as 17.4% if this account has it right, and at the Washington Post, where Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos bought it outright, also have business ventures with China based companies (Read this May 2020 story from the Federalist for further details).

I have been for years warning Americans that China’s Communist Party wants vengeance for the appalling depredations that Western countries inflicted on China when the first version of globalism arrived on their shores, resulting in the Opium Wars — fought to enforce the sale of opium over Chinese resistance, with the subsequent mass addiction and social decay that plunged China into poverty, violence, chaos, and humiliating subordination over the next three-and-a-half centuries.

Dangling Modifiers.

With a mere four centuries of our own history since the Pilgrims arrived on these shores, it is difficult for Americans to understand the weight of history on the Chinese mind. Their five millennia of recorded history, and their absolute dominance of their known world for thousands of years make it both natural and inevitable that China should dominate the world, and other nations pay tribute them, acknowledging their superior status.

Because the very legitimacy of the Chinese Communist Party depends on its struggle against the running dogs of imperialism, the mainland regime cannot let go of the desire for vengeance. In Taiwan historical reconciliation is widely accepted, and modern capitalist society, freely trading and prospering with the rest of the world as equals, is comfortable. Once liberated from communism, Chinese people can ignore the ignoble impulse to vengeance. It is ideology, not ethnicity, that makes China an enemy.

Make no mistake. Those business interests that are in bed with the Chinese Communists are regarded behind the walls of “Tien-an-Men” as despicable traitors to their own country, tools useful to the regime, to be discarded and crushed when the time arrives when power can be exercised from Beijing. It is a delusion to believe that they are going to democratize China and lift up the Chinese people to comfortable membership in the modern world economy as co-equals.

It is now time for Americans to understand how the Chinese themselves see their American domestic allies, including politicians like Eric Swalwell and Hunter Biden’s father already dancing to the tune of his masters, contemptible but useful pawns to be used to weaken and ultimately subdue their primary rival.

On Swalwell and China, the low press coverage might just be because of a China-co-opted corporate press
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Joe Biden, the Manchurian President

Persons of the Year 2020

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For the fourth consecutive year, President Donald J. Trump was robbed of his rightful place on the cover of TIME magazine’s “Person of the Year” issue.

The once-relevant publication didn’t have to choose Trump, who won the honor after defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016 and has deserved it every year of his presidency. There was an abundance of other worthy heroes the magazine could have celebrated for their achievements in 2020.

What about the front-line health care workers who, like Trump, put their lives on the line every day to combat a global pandemic? What about the scientists who, under Trump’s leadership, invented a revolutionary vaccine in record time? What about Trump’s children, who supported him every step of the way? What about the troops?

TIME decided to go in a different direction, however, as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were collectively named Person of the Year for “changing America’s story,” whatever that means. It’s not like they did anything heroic. Trump, on the other hand, personally defeated COVID-19 within his own body, and practically invented a vaccine for everyone else.

Biden’s achievements in 2020, physical and otherwise, are underwhelming by comparison. He had cosmetic surgery, struggled to overcome his cognitive decline, and broke his foot while attempting to play with his dog. If he can survive for a few more weeks, he will become the oldest president to be sworn into office.

Harris, on the other hand, wowed the media in 2020 by wearing trendy shoes. She is the first former lover of 2019 Washington Free Beacon Man of the Year Willie Brown to win a national election. She will also be the second person of color to serve as vice president.

And journalists wonder why so many people think they’re out of touch with facts and logic.

Pedophile Pope Francis

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Celibacy can be faked only for so long. It was just a matter of time before the world learned of “horny” Pope Francis Instagram “fetish.”

Natalia Garibotto’s Instagram pic of her dressed in a racy schoolgirl uniform in front of a locker, is the lucky recipient of that first “Like” and it shall forever reside in “His Holiness’” history. The Bang Energy model seems to understand the importance of this moment.

“My mum may hate my ass pics, but the Pope be double-tapping. At least I’m going to heaven,” Nata Gata, 27, quipped on the post that caught the attention of the “horny” Pope on his Instagram account. The “Like” has since been removed.

The Vatican has launched an internal investigation into how Pope Francis’ official Instagram account “liked” a sexy photo of the bare-bottomed Brazilian model. The Pope’s verified Instagram account has yet to comment on which person from his media team was responsible for the “Like” or if anyone will be fired for this transgression.

Nothing like a good ol’ internal Vatican probe to expose “Pedophile” Pope Francis secret fetish. Seems they are not happy that “horny” Francis is going around clicking “like” on racy ass pics on Instagram. Come on, Vatican, join us in the 21st century. You can still go to Heaven even if you get a little chubbed up for a few racy Instagram’s every now and again, that’s part of being alive. Part of being a sinful human being.

Ever since God’s creation man and woman have been trying to sneak around the Lord to get their rocks off. The Catholic church took a very ill-advised U-Turn at some point, but if now all they are doing is “double tapping” pictures on the internet, I think we can all consider that a major victory.

Personally I think “horny” ol’ Francis might have accidentally stumbled into a genius church marketing plan: “double taps for heaven.” If Catholics comes across a “racy” pic looking enticing simply “double tap” and you will go to Heaven while sexy Instagram models getting rid of their sins. Everyone wins.

I always thought Catholic priests were only into little altar boys.

The Roman Catholic Church has been mired in “pedophilia” scandals forever. On November 10, the Vatican issued a 461-page report on former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. The report acknowledged that bishops, cardinals, and even popes dismissed reports that McCarrick was a “homosexual pedophile”, allowing him to stay in power for decades.

Perhaps the most explosive revelation of the report is that Pope John Paul II, who was declared a Catholic saint in 2013, received numerous confirmed reports that McCarrick slept with seminarians, yet the pope still appointed him archbishop of Washington, D.C., in 2000. John Paul believed McCarrick’s denials rather than the findings of a Vatican investigation.

The report also revealed that Pope Benedict XVI asked McCarrick to retire in 2006 after Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò questioned the extent of McCarrick’s perverted sexual activities. But because McCarrick swore on his “oath as a bishop” that the allegations about him were false, Benedict decided not to order a full inquiry into his actions.

“Viganò’s superiors, Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone and Substitute Archbishop Sandri, shared Viganò’s concerns, and Cardinal Bertone presented the matter directly to Pope Benedict XVI,” the report says. “Ultimately, the path of a canonical process to resolve factual issues and possibly prescribe canonical penalties was not taken. Instead, the decision was made to appeal to McCarrick’s conscience and ecclesial spirit by indicating to him that he should maintain a lower profile and minimize travel for the good of the church.”

Pope Francis removed McCarrick from the clergy in 2018 after an investigation confirmed that McCarrick had sexually molested adult men and young boys. After Francis defrocked McCarrick, Archbishop Viganò published an 11-page testimonial revealing that he warned Francis that McCarrick was a “serial predator” in 2013, but that Francis did nothing about it for the next five years.

The new Vatican report alleges that neither Archbishop Viganò nor anyone else provided Francis with any documentation regarding allegations against McCarrick, except for rumors that he slept with adult men in the 1980s. It was not until Francis received allegations of sexual abuse from a former altar boy that he took action.

The new McCarrick report is an attempt by the Vatican to restore Francis’s credibility at a time when traditionalist Catholics—like Viganò—are calling on him to resign. The report faults John Paul II and Benedict XVI for McCarrick’s rise to prominence while sparing Francis. Now that Francis is promising to rid the Catholic Church of sex abuse, it looks like he may have escaped the penalty for any role he played in the cover-up.

Yet the McCarrick scandal goes far deeper than most realize! Cardinal McCarrick was active in United States politics for decades, controversially weighing in on a debate over whether pro-abortion politicians should be barred from Communion.

When U.S. bishops gathered in Denver in 2004 to decide whether Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry should be able to receive Communion, McCarrick said he thought it would not be “pastorally wise and prudent” to deny Communion to pro-abortion politicians because it could “turn the Eucharist into a perceived source of political combat.”

In addition to sexually abusing children and supporting pro-abortion politicians, McCarrick was also a chief architect of a secret Vatican concordat with China. During the papacy of John Paul II, Cardinal McCarrick became the first Western cardinal to set foot in mainland China since Mao Zedong’s Communist revolution. Between 1996 and 2016, McCarrick visited China eight times in an “unofficial” capacity to advocate for Vatican-Chinese reconciliation.

On two visits, McCarrick met with Fr. Shu-Jie Chen, vice rector of the Catholic Seminary in Beijing, and a member of the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association. According to a report from the U.S. Embassy to the Vatican, Fr. Shu-Jie Chen “downplayed persecution of the underground church” and called faithful Chinese Catholics “uneducated.” He wanted the Vatican and Chinese Catholics to start compromising with China’s Politburo.

Despite the stand John Paul II took against Communist Russia, Benedict XVI wanted the Vatican to reestablish diplomatic relations with Communist China. Allowing McCarrick to continue his “unofficial” missions to China was part of his strategy to make this happen. It was not until 2011 that Benedict forced McCarrick to withdraw from his diplomatic efforts because of allegations that he was sexually abusing minors. But Francis allowed him to resume his missions in 2013, just months into his pontificate.

McCarrick later suggested that the similarities between Xi Jinping and Pope Francis could be “a special gift for the world.” After his last visit to China in 2016, McCarrick said, “A lot of things that China worries about, Pope Francis worries about, about the care of poor, older people, children, our civilization and especially the ecology. I see a lot of things happening that would really open many doors because President Xi and his government are concerned about things that Pope Francis is concerned about.”

McCarrick may be out of the Catholic clergy, but the “secret deal” he helped Benedict and Francis negotiate with China is still in place. It gives an atheist regime a direct role in appointing Catholic bishops and does nothing to help the millions of underground Chinese Catholics suffering under Xi Jinping’s dictatorship. But neither John Paul, Benedict, nor Francis cared enough about Catholic children to investigate the pedophile allegations against McCarrick, so why would they care enough about Chinese Catholics to speak against Communist China?

McCarrick also helped the Obama administration enlist the help of Francis in establishing diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Communist Cuba, something Benedict began pushing the U.S. to do in 2012.

Amid the current Catholic pedophile scandal, many analysts make a lot of the apparent differences between popes Benedict and Francis. But they are not as different as most imagine. They disagree on civil unions for homosexual couples. They disagree on whether Lutheran housewives can take Communion with their Catholic husbands. And rumor has it, they may disagree on priestly celibacy requirements. But when it comes to covering a pedophile scandal so a sexual predator can help the Vatican establish diplomatic relations with Communist dictatorships, the two living popes are mostly in agreement!

“The Roman Catholic Church is mired in a pedophilia scandal in several nations. However, there is a far worse scandal in that church that we all should be deeply concerned about. Most of the media is not even exposing it. The real Vatican scandal revolves around the ratlines of the sixth head of the Holy Roman Empire—Germany and the Vatican in World War II.”

Germany fought to keep files sealed that detail Nazi Adolf Eichmann’s life on the run before Mossad agents captured him. Eichmann was a Nazi senior assault unit leader who escaped to Argentina after World War II with the help of Bishop Alois Karl Hudal, a Catholic cleric who ran Vatican ratlines helping former Nazis and Ustashi agents to find safe havens in overseas countries. Pope Pius XII allowed Hudal to smuggle Nazis into Argentina for the same reason that Pope Francis allowed McCarrick to open negotiations with Communist China: “to resurrect the Holy Roman Empire.”

Uki Goñi is an Argentine author whose research focuses on the Vatican’s role in helping Nazi criminals escape to Argentina. In a 2015 editorial for the New York Times, he wrote that you couldn’t understand Francis without acknowledging that his worldview was shaped in Juan Peron’s Argentina. That is why Pope Francis often warns about the “excesses of capitalism” while expressing sympathy for “communism” and other forms of “socialism.” He follows the sort of Catholic socialism that was practiced in Argentina during Peron’s presidency.

To resurrect the “Holy Roman Empire”, Benedict and Francis first need to defeat American capitalism. They need to convince Catholic nations across Europe and Latin America to adopt a more socialist way of running their economies. And what better way to accomplish this than a deal with the world’s leading Communist economy? Benedict may have told McCarrick to “maintain a lower profile and minimize travel for the good of the church,” but Francis sent him right back to China to continue his mission. The secret deal he helped lay the groundwork for may go a long way in helping the Vatican restructure the world economy.

The Bible describes a great church in the end time that holds significant political influence with “the kings of the earth.” It has special power over a union of nations described in symbolic terms as a “beast” (Revelation 17). This description can only apply to one church in modern history—a church that meddles in the affairs of nations and considers itself mother to all—a church aligned with the Holy Roman Empire.

Many prophecies reveal what this church will do in the time just ahead of us. In Isaiah 47, for example, God calls this church the “daughter of Babylon” and the “lady of kingdoms.” Verse 6 of this chapter prophesies that God will deliver His people—speaking of the modern-day nations descended from ancient Israel, more specifically the United States to this “lady of kingdoms” because of their many sins.

Today, many Catholic leaders are engaging in sexual perversion even as the Vatican negotiates with some of the world’s worst dictators. If Francis—or his successor—can bring Europe and China together in an alliance against the United States, then Americans and Jews will learn what it means to be victims of the “Holy Roman Empire!”

 Vatican Financial Scandal Deepens as Search Uncovers Cash, Gold Coins in Official’s Home

Fake Biden Coronation

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After days of deliberating over which states to call and when, every major news network in America was in perfect unison on Saturday, November 7, at 11:30 a.m. when they decided Joe Biden was the 46th president of the United States.

We have come to expect this from mainstream news commentators. They treated the Trump–Russia collusion narrative—a complete fabrication—like credible news. They treated President Donald Trump’s impeachment as if it weren’t a sham. They amplified the officials who politicized the covid-19 pandemic for the purposes of forcing the nation to shut down and harm the president. Now they are attempting to collude with Democrats to rig an election.

For four years, we have seen an avalanche of fake news, fake scandals and phony investigations based on specious and forged evidence. And in the last few months, we’ve seen all the fake polls designed to create an illusion—a fake narrative that led into a fraudulent and phony election full of fake votes that produced, according to the fake news, a fake president of the United States.

The propaganda wing of the Democratic Party has spoken, and they say Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. It doesn’t matter how many voting irregularities there were.

they ignore the inexplicable termination of counting on election night;
the laughable “Biden only” ballot drops during the dead of night;
the software “glitches” that swapped thousands of Trump votes for Biden;
the tens of thousands of votes submitted after Election Day;
the postal workers charged with backdating illegal ballots;
the improbably high percentage of voter turnout in Wisconsin and parts of Michigan;
the Republicans blocked from observing the counting process in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Atlanta;
the number of non-Nevada voters who voted for Biden in Nevada;
those who voted multiple times;
and the Election Day miracle that saw the graves of our fellow Americans open wide so tens of thousands of cadavers could vote for Joe Biden.

None of this matters to the media mob.

But at least a few, like South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, have denounced Joe Biden’s premature declaration of victory.

When news anchor George Stephanopoulos asked Governor Noem on Sunday if she would be willing to work with Biden to reduce covid-19 rates in her state, Noem said: “This is a premature conversation because we have not finished counting votes. There are states that have not been called, and back in 2000, Al Gore was given his day in court. We should give President Trump his day in court. Let the process unfold because, George, we live in a republic.”

Governor Noem makes a good point. If the media are so sure Joe Biden won fair and square, what are they afraid of? They gave former Vice President Al Gore 37 days to challenge the 2000 U.S. presidential election, but are now moving to impose Joe Biden on the country amid ongoing recount requests and legal battles. They want to make it look like a Biden presidency is inevitable. They want to run out the clock before the countless voter fraud allegations are thoroughly investigated.

Keep in mind, states have not yet certified their election results, recounts have not yet started in Wisconsin and Georgia, and the Supreme Court has not yet ruled on those Pennsylvania ballots that came in after the deadline.

On Election Day, the New York Times posted this revealing tweet: “The role of declaring the winner of a presidential election in the U.S. falls to the news media. The broadcast networks and cable news outlets have vowed to be prudent.”

They later deleted this tweet, saying, “We’ve deleted an earlier tweet that referred imprecisely to the role of the news media in the U.S. presidential election. The news media projects winners and reports results; it does not declare the winner of the election.”

After a severe backlash, the Times essentially apologized for overstepping its bounds. Then, five days later, they joined the media mob in declaring Joe Biden the winner! The news media’s role is to report facts, including credible evidence of election fraud, recounts and other pertinent information.

But it has instead colluded to declare a radical new administration. And the whole world is expected to follow along. Many people are following along. Even many conservatives and Christians who strongly oppose Biden and the radical Democratic Party feel there is nothing they can do.

But when practically every prominent and powerful voice says, “This is the way it’s going to be, no dissent tolerated”, that is when God’s servants speak up and say, “This is what God says!” Even though the mainstream media had declared Biden as the winner of the election, “that’s not going to remain that way, even though it certainly looks like it.”

The United States of America may soon experience its own miraculous victory as God intervenes as recorded in Scripture. The fight is far from over. President Donald Trump’s litigation effort is only starting.

As of today, it still is unclear to Americans who has won the 2020 presidential election. But adversaries of the United States were able to see one thing plainly: “The deep divides of American society that were made ever deeper by the election mean the nation is weakening, creating space for U.S. rivals to assert their will with a freer hand.”

Richard Berry, a commentator for, said that America’s democratic dysfunction has two world leaders particularly delighted. “Two presidents have emerged as clear winners of the U.S. election. Unfortunately, they’re sitting in Beijing and Moscow.”

It is not difficult to see how these two leaders, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, are “winners” of a divided and distracted America.

First, both of these men wish to better dominate their own nations, and a de-legitimized American democracy helps them tighten their dictatorial power grips. Peter Kammerer of the South China Morning Post explained: Xi and Putin have held on to power by convincing their citizens that their systems of government are superior to the democracies of the West.” And all of America’s dysfunction and division “have made it easy for the Chinese and Russian leaders to contend that democracy is broken, corrupt and damaging.”

Secondly, Putin and Xi both seek for their nations to dominate more of the globe. And both understand this can be achieved more quickly if America is divided and distracted.

Vasily Kashin, senior research fellow at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, said: “What is important is not Biden or Trump occupying the White House, but the degree of the American political and economic crisis. With the current course of events, that crisis can be expected to deepen, weakening the U.S. globally.”

And a globally weaker U.S. means the force that has prevented aggressor nations from running roughshod over the world for 75 years is now on the back foot. America is distracted by internal afflictions and thus less capable of policing the world—including by challenging Russian and Chinese adventurism beyond their borders.

“Sickness saps a nation’s vitality as surely as it does a man’s. Initiative and energy are diverted, consumed by internal battles. Americans are so fixated on the divisions that are devouring us, we have lost sight of the rest of the world, and of our example, and our obligation to lead. It truly is the world’s loss.”

Truly, America’s political crisis is the world’s loss. And it is Russia’s and China’s gain. It should come as no surprise to see how delighted many in Russia and China have been by the U.S.’s dysfunction.

China’s state-run Global Times, which functions as a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party, has breathlessly commented on America’s election troubles. It wrote “What is happening during the U.S. election is something that we could have never imaged in this ‘Beacon of Freedom. Disputes, chaos and the refusal of election results by certain candidates were supposed to take place in developing countries where political conditions were not stable and definitely not in a country like the U.S. But things have changed, all these have occurred in the U.S., and the U.S. is not synonymous to a stable, civilized and consensus-based society anymore.”

The publication added: “This is costing the U.S.’s international reputation as well.” Global Times editor in chief Hu Xijin tweeted on Election Day that the unrest and fear show that the “U.S. is in degradation.”

“Ahead of the election, some businesses in the US are boarding up their store windows fearing post-election unrest. This kind of unrest is usually complication of elections in poor countries, but people are worried it may appear in the US. The US is in degradation.” — Hu Xijin 胡锡进 (@HuXijin_GT) November 3, 2020

For decades, American supremacy has brought stability to much of the world. But as more and more power is being shifted away from us, the “freer hand” that Russia and China will have as America continues to succumb to its internal afflictions will only speed the shift of global power away from America and toward these other nations.

This shift in global power is deeply alarming and terrifying news. “People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.” (Luke 21:26)

Notice the very next verse! “At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.” (verse 27). These times of the Gentiles lead directly to the return of Jesus Christ!

Now that is good news!

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