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PTSD in Combat Veterans

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During an early morning interview on a southern California radio talk show, Senator Dianne Feinstein managed to “outrage” both the conservative and liberal parties when she made a “questionable” statement regarding “medical marijuana” and veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. As a result, her approval rating has “dropped” an unprecedented amount in only a single day.

Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Lexington, the host of “Morning California” on PBS of southern California, discussed current “hot topic” issues in the American conscious such as “gun control, gay marriage, and marijuana legalization.” However it was Feinstein’s comments at the end of the interview that left the talk show host “utterly” speechless.

“The last thing this country needs is to make a dangerous and addicting drug easily and readily available. What kind of message would that be if we federally allowed people to choose for themselves what they can and can’t put into their body? We have those regulations for a reason It’s bad enough that the American Public can just chow down willy-nilly on fattening foods with little restraint, why should we give them a substance that would make them want to eat even more?

Now we are hearing all this nonsense about how medical marijuana could alleviate the symptoms of PTSD in soldiers coming back from the Middle East. If individuals are having nightmares and panic attacks about the atrocities they have committed over seas while following orders from a war criminal like former President George Bush, then quite honestly they deserve it. We shouldn’t free them from their guilt any more then we should pardon a murderer or rapist for their crimes and free them from their prison cells.”

Almost immediately following her comments there was a public “outcry” over many different forms of social media. Such varied comments made were calling Feinstein “ignorant, tyrannical, idiotic and disgusting.” This does not include the “countless” other comments directed at the Senator that are “too vulgar” to be shown in this article.

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“This will be a very interesting case to observe” Said William Kelly, a professor of sociology and political science at the California Institute of Science. “Feinstein has in just a few sentences managed to upset people across the entire political spectrum in a severe way. This includes interest groups from conservatives, progressives, veteran groups, even marijuana advocates are lashing back at Feinstein. For someone like me who studies social sentiments and events, this is like being able to observe a lunar event that only happens once in a millennia.”

Individuals who were “interviewed” on the street were open about their “shock and disbelief” regarding Feinstein’s comments. Many said that it was too difficult to “articulate” their feelings without the use of “obscene” language. One man said “I’m definitely going to start paying more attention to who I vote for” before shaking his head and walking away without giving his name.

At the time of this article, Senator Feinstein’s office has “disconnected” their phones and have not replied to any emails. An inside tip has informed us about how a lot of her staff have immediately “resigned” from their positions attempting to “abandon ship” and to distance themselves as much as humanly possible from the now “‘toxic” Senator.

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Wondering what Feinstein “thinks” about our current “war criminal” Barack Obama? Stay tuned.

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