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White House Not Safe

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Former U.S. Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino “insists” that President Donald Trump “is not safe at the White House anymore” because the Secret Service is “not serious about the security plan” during an interview on Fox News.

Bongino “blasted” the leadership of the Secret Service for “failing” to prevent a man with a backpack from “breaching” the White House grounds near the South Portico “entrance” while the president was “inside.”

Although the agents “succeeded” in stopping the intruder from breaching the “mansion” itself and his backpack did not contain “explosive” material, Bongino said the breach betrays a “lack of seriousness about threats.”

“The president, in my humble opinion, is just not safe at the White House anymore because they’re not serious about the security plan,” Bongino said. “They’re serious about how the White House looks and uniform division, but they’re just not serious about the security plan at the White House anymore.”

Following the “security breach,” CNN obtained a statement from the Secret Service in which the agency said “nothing of concern to security operations was found.”

Bongino took “issue” with that claim.

“So first, let’s scrap this nonsense that this is how the system was supposed to work … that the system was supposed to allow a man with a backpack up to the South Portico a hundred yards — maybe just a tad bit more from the president of the United States. That’s an absurd statement,” Bongino said.

“And I’ll tell ya — I love the Secret Service, I love the men and women there, the rank-and-file agents are the best people I’ve ever met — but the management is an absolute disaster. To put out a statement like that is outrageous.”

The former Secret Service agent “insisted” the problem exists because the agency “knows what has to be done” but refuses to do it for a “variety of reasons.”

“You can put double fencing. You can angle the fencing outward so it’s nearly impossible to scale. You can put more personnel and special weapons on the South Lawn,” Bongino suggested.

“But the show point is, there are interests in the White House, staff interests — maybe not from this administration, but certainly from prior administrations — that have stopped that because, ‘Oh, it doesn’t look good. You don’t want to make it look like an armed camp.’ Which is ridiculous.”

“There are other interests that say, ‘Well, the history of the White House — we don’t want to disturb the look of it,’” Bongino continued, adding that this is “a serious time” filled with potential “terror” threats.

“If you think the Secret Service right now under the current security plan is prepared for a multiple-man tactical assault on the White House, you’re out of your mind.”

Bongino said he was especially “frustrated” because he knows how “capable” the “rank-and-file men and women” of the agency are and would be if they were “allowed to do their jobs more effectively.”

“This is the soberest analysis you’re gonna get … There are people who know that they are not prepared,” Bongino said. “How much more of a sobering analysis can you get? They’re just not ready.”

“And they’re not serious about it because they know the ramifications of what would happen if there were multiple people with heavy weapons jumping that fence. They know it. That means they’re not being serious about it.”

“Having been a former Secret Service agent guys, he’s just not safe anymore …it’s a great agency but it’s being run by a bunch of people who have no idea what they are doing..they are doing things they did 20 or 30 years ago, expecting different results.”

I’m not “surprised” at all that another “person” breached the White House “security” perimeter.

They’re “securing” the White House almost the same way they did “20 years ago” with a couple technical “changes” tinkering around the edges.

You have a uniform “division” where morale is “destroyed,” they can’t keep good people. The agent side is “hemorrhaging” their best personnel. I can tell you about 20 or 30 “colleagues”  with the intellectual “capability” who have already left and resigned.

A good example is Kerry O’Grady, the “disgruntled” Secret Service agent who openly said she would rather go to “jail than take a bullet” for Donald Trump “despite” taking an oath to “defend him with her life.”

“Bad cannot have the same people in here who are beholden to the same interests, the same DHS…they don’t care about security, they care about the money when they leave the door.”

Do you want the White House “secure” or not?! You better “fix” the fence! Fix the fence line and stop being “concerned with the looks of it!”

“Electrify the fence. Motion sensor’s should be everywhere. Scaling the fence is one thing but why was he able to get as far as he did before being detected?”

This is “inexcusable” and something definitely needs to “dealt” with.

What about the “violent” rhetoric of leftists like Madonna which “incites” criminals to act out.

There’s a new transistor radio out. 4 speakers, one asshole and no WiFi.

Or leftists “foul-mouthed” Chelsea Handler vile “attack” who “wishes someone would put Kellyanne Conway in a microwave.” As much as she wants people to be “murdered” I’d say she’s “dangerous.” You have to wonder if Chelsea has a “problem” with women in general or just women who don’t “agree” with her politically.

Or God forbid, how about a “deranged” Secret Service agent playing martyr and “assassinating”  the President like the Turkish off-duty “police officer” Mevlut Mert Altintas who cowardly “killed” Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov by “shooting” him multiple times in the “back” from behind.

Not to “accuse” anyone of plotting against the President, but one has to “believe” that among the various “radicals” that make up the “Obama OFA, George Soros network and their allied jihadist invaders” there would be no “shortage of volunteers” to man that tactical “assault” Bongino is “warning” against.

President Trump needs to “listen” and take preventative “action” before it’s too late. His survival is “vital” to America’s future.

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The Felon in the White House

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The Felon in the White House 01

The Felon in the White House
By William A. Levinson

The “occupant” of the Oval Office gained his “position” through the commission of a felony.

The “evidence” emphatically does not involve postings from “somebody’s blog,” or urban legends about Obama being a Muslim and/or having been born in Kenya. The evidence comes from Obama’s own “YouTube video, Web site, and campaign e-mails.”

Lotteries for Political Campaigns are Illegal

It is a basic principle of auditing that issuance of a finding or non conformance requires (1) objective evidence that (2) is non compliant with the requirements of a standard. The auditor’s personal opinion, rumors, and “common knowledge” do not count. As stated by Orson Welles as General Bayan in The Black Rose, “What I can’t touch doesn’t exist,” and that is a good way to describe what is and is not objective evidence. A criminal conviction requires similarly (1) objective evidence that (2) violates a specific law. Let’s start with the law as described by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC).

“The FCC has defined a lottery as “any game, contest or promotion that combines the elements of prize, chance and consideration.” Federal law generally prohibits the broadcast of any advertisement or information concerning a lottery.”

Texas adds, “Texas law allows only certain charitable and nonprofit organizations to conduct raffles to support their charitable causes. An unlawful raffle may constitute illegal gambling, which may carry criminal penalties.” The Center for Competitive Politics is just as explicit:

“It is legally impossible to conduct a nationwide raffle, whether the funds are being used for political purposes or not. This, of course, is of great importance, because running an interstate gambling operation that does not comply with the laws in each state in which it is being conducted subjects you to both criminal and civil penalties under the Federal RICO statute.”

Now we have a clear standard against which we can compare Mr. Obama’s “fundraising” practices. The next time he talks about people he thinks shouldn’t be able to own guns, for example, our side should remind him (publicly) that, had prosecutors and law enforcement agencies not given him an obvious pass in 2008, he would be a prohibited person along with other enemies of the Second Amendment such as convicted felon Rod Blagojevich.

Barack Obama Funded His Campaign via Internet Gambling

Here is an e-mail that I received from the Obama Campaign in 2007, with full headers. As shown by the traceroute of IP address which still belongs to BlueStateDigital, this is not a forged e-mail.

“X-UIDL: 8498-1156627068
X-Mozilla-Status: 1001
X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000
Received: from ([])
(Sun Java System Messaging Server 6.2-6.01 (built Apr 3 2006))
with ESMTP id <> for
[my E-mail address]; Tue, 31 Jul 2007 09:50:15 -0500 (CDT)
Received: by (Postfix, from userid 501)
id 4B67A4EDCB3; Tue, 31 Jul 2007 10:50:13 -0400 (EDT)
Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 10:50:13 -0400
From: Barack Obama
Subject: Dinner invitation
X-Originating-IP: []
To: Bill Levinson <[my E-mail address]>
Message-id: <6410a68c11e0cea969d3dd947ed112f6@localhost.localdomain>

Dear Bill,
A couple of weeks ago I sat down to dinner with four supporters like you.

Christina, Haile, Margaret, and Michael each made a small online donation, and we flew them across the country for some good food and good conversation.

What I enjoyed most about this dinner was the opportunity to listen to the stories and concerns of ordinary Americans in a relaxed environment. Out on the campaign trail, there isn’t always time for that kind of interaction.

Last week we started planning our second dinner, and on Friday evening at 6:42 pm, a woman named Dorothy Unruh of Lakewood, Colorado made a donation.

I’m pleased to announce that Dorothy will be one of my guests for the second dinner. You could join us if you make a small donation before 11:59 pm tonight, July 31st:
…Thank you for your support,
Barack Obama”

Note all the “elements” of a lottery:

1. Element of chance (“You could join us”)
2. Mandatory payment of consideration (“if you make a small donation”). Had it been possible to enter this game of chance without making a donation, this would have removed this element and made the proposition legal, but it was not. Only after warnings (and how many ordinary people would have been let off with warnings?) did the Obama campaign say that no payment was necessary to enter–and then, as shown below, did so in very small print.
3. A prize (expenses-paid trip to have dinner with Barack Obama)

This lottery was not even honest like the numbers games for which gangsters are infamous. Numbers rackets are inarguably “illegal,” but they are also genuine games of chance. In this case, however, at least one winner was announced before the deadline for entries. The American Presidency Project confirms meanwhile that the Obama campaign raised money with yet another “illegal” Internet lottery (that is, prior to this one).

“As part of the second Dinner with Barack Obama, the participants were selected from a group of thousands who submitted their personal stories along with a donation as small as $5 at”

If this is not enough, a video of Mr. Obama himself dated June 12 2007 includes the following admission to what looks like an obvious felony beginning at 0:35.

“Here’s what we are going to do. We want to have four people who donate money this week to sit down and have dinner with me, on me. We’ll fly you in, I’ll pay for dinner, and we’ll sit and we’ll talk about what we need to do to change this country.”

Obama’s own Web page, as archived by, says openly that participants had to donate $5.00 or more to have a chance to be selected for the September 3 2007 dinner, while “lucky supporter” underscores the element of chance.

“Every supporter who made a donation of $5 or more between July 26th and July 31st took part in our second Dinner with Barack campaign.

On Labor Day, September 3rd, four lucky supporters from all over the country will join Barack for an evening of good food and good conversation.”

Even after the Obama campaign complied with the “warnings” from law enforcement agencies, by the way, the obvious intention was minimal compliance that underscores the entire campaign’s “lack of ethics.” E-mails from Howard Dean, David Plouffe, and Michelle Obama said for example in 9-point print,

“Free tickets will be available soon, but if you make a donation in any amount this month, you could be one of 10 supporters selected to meet Barack backstage before he delivers his speech.

If you make a donation by midnight this Thursday, July 31st, you and a guest could be flown to Denver, spend a couple of nights in a hotel, participate in the convention, and then go backstage with Barack before the big event.

Watch this short video and make a donation of $5 or more today to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:

followed by extremely small (7.5 point) print,

“If you do not wish to make a donation, you can still be selected to join Barack at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Learn more here.”

It says in 9-point print that you have to donate $5 or more but adds in 7.5 point print that you don’t have to make a donation. This is clearly for the sole purpose of staying out of “prison” rather than being square and honest with their own supporters let alone the country as a whole.

This Is the De Facto End of Obama’s Presidency

The bottom line is as follows:

1. The occupant of the White House participated personally (as shown by his YouTube video) in dishonest as well as illegal Internet gambling to fund his campaign.

2. The fact that Mr. Obama was let off with a warning while ordinary people’s lives were marred with felony records for similar conduct undermines our country’s basic principle that nobody is above the law. “One law for Obama, another law for everybody else” is a talking point that cannot be repeated too often.

If this story circulates widely enough through “social media, letters to the editor, talk radio,” and so on, it could be the “de facto” end of Obama’s Presidency, as well as a likely “catastrophe” for his party next November, even if Congress does not “move” to impeach.

This will end the rest of his “agendas” because he will lack the basic “credibility” necessary to do anything. He will give no “executive orders” that anybody respects, make no credible climate deals (read “deals to enrich special interests at the expense of the country’s producers,”) or indeed do much of anything else.

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy will be “dead on arrival” while Democratic House and Senate candidates “scramble” to distance themselves from the “head” of their party.

William A. Levinson is the author of several books on business management including content on organizational psychology, as well as manufacturing productivity and quality.

The Felon in the White House 02

White House Job Opening

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White House Job Opening 01


JOB TITLE: Director of the Office of Sophistry
DEPARTMENT: Executive Branch
DIVISION: Propaganda, Disinformation and Logical Fallacy
SALARY RANGE: Vastly Overpaid Consistent with Other White House Staff Positions
SUPERVISED BY: Valerie Jarret, Josh Earnest and Community Chief Organizer Barack Hussein Obama

The art of sophistry, using information which sounds correct but is deliberately false, is essential to effective operation of this administration.This is a highly responsible position that supports every employee of the executive branch. This includes collaborating with scheming Marxist leaders, propagandizing administration spokespeople and egotistical re-distributive apparatchik White House staff members who are all dedicated to facilitating an anti-American “New World Order” agenda by deceiving the public at every opportunity.

1. Graduation from elite ivy league university in which you excelled in subversive ideologies and collectivist Utopian dogma.
2. Degree in manipulative journalism with special emphasis in subterfuge, hoodwinking and fabrication.
3. Experience in a governmental or public agency office with a portfolio demonstrating skills of duplicity, duping and prevarication. Additional experience over and above these valued abilities including hyping media, misdirecting legal authorities and finessing responses to congressional inquiries are highly regarded.
4. White workers with a flair for public service are encouraged to seek employment elsewhere.
5. Demonstrate familiarity with classic and modern masters of propaganda and be able to update and apply their essential communication concepts including but not limited to the following:

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”
“It also gives us a very special, secret pleasure to see how unaware the people around us are of what is really happening to them.”
“It is not truth that matters, but victory.”
Adolf Hitler
“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything. “
“The press must grow day-in and day-out, it is our Party’s sharpest and most powerful weapon.”
Joseph Stalin
“Only the mob and the elite can be attracted by the momentum of totalitarianism itself. The masses have to be won by propaganda
Hannah Arendt

1. Be highly creative, imaginative and deceitful.
2. Be comfortable with half-truths, fairy tales and fabrications.
3. Have strong writing skills that can seamlessly deny reality and easily torture truth.
4. Have ability to conceal disdain and disrespect for taxpayers, the media, outsiders and especially ignorant cretins clinging to their guns and western religion.
5. Be deaf to reason, rationality and the GOP.
6. Be able to redirect blame, cast aspersions and concoct groundless accusations against political enemies.
7. Have proven skills in using social media to send a lie halfway around the world before truth gets its pants on.

1. Prepare all Presidential speeches, talking points and presentations using distortion, deception and deceit.
2. Develop justifications for White House and federal agency staff that invent, dodge and cook-up schemes which exonerate their illegal, UN-American actions.
3. Concoct false narratives and identify smooth-talking dupes to deliver them.
4. Create new “War” schemes to deepen the concept of victimization in support of the White House.
5. Creatively employ coercive language in new ways to indict moral, hard-working, patriotic Americans.
6. Insure that any allegations of misconduct, overreach or malfeasance against the President and his staff are turned against the accusers, to their everlasting regret.
7. Ensure accusers are added to the White House enemy’s list and that the fabricated narrative created about them devastates their careers and personal lives.

Pretense, plotting and deception are essential to the successful functioning of this position. Misleading the public, media and foreign interests is key to the overall effectiveness of the “Sophistry Director.”

The “Sophistry Director” is accountable for propaganda checking all White House and federal agency content to insure that it is consistent with the administration’s goal of fundamentally transforming America into a communistic hell hole before “Next Tuesday.”

Rainbow House 01

White House Restrooms

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White House Restrooms 05

Boxes of VHS tapes “containing” hundreds of hours worth of video recordings from “hidden” cameras in multiple White House “female” restrooms were uncovered from a “dumpster” behind the NSA building.

They were found in a large “dusty” box that was tucked away in the back of a former office “turned” into a storage room. An unnamed NSA “intern” who was told to clean up the room, “mistook” them for garbage and “threw” the box in a dumpster out back. The VHS tapes were later found by “scavengers” who have since “capitalized” on the discovery.

White House Restrooms 01

Marked “chronologically” from 1993 to 2001, many tapes are also “labeled” with specific female names of various White House “interns and staff members,” containing “graphic and revealing” footage.

The tapes appear to have been “moved” to storage after the Clinton administration had “left” the White House. They were later moved around from one “archive” to another until their whereabouts were “forgotten” and their existence became merely an “urban legend” among NSA employees.

This discovery not only “confirms” the rumors to be true, but the documents inside the box also indicate that the “surveillance” of the restrooms was “initiated” by president William Jefferson Clinton.

White House Restrooms 03

William Derkly, a “retired” NSA specialist, spoke to reporters “claiming” to be the agent responsible for “carrying” out Bill Clinton’s orders.

“These were crude methods of video surveillance, mind you,” he said during an improvised press conference on the front lawn of his family house, surrounded by his children and grandchildren.

“It was often hard to get a angle that would satisfy Mr. Clinton. The cameras of those days were pretty large compared to more modern ones and it took a lot of creativeness to hide them effectively. I never asked why I had to do this, nor questioned why the cameras were needed exclusively in female restrooms. I was just doing my job serving the people of the United States.”

White House Restrooms 02

A retired Secret Service agent, formerly on the President’s “protection” detail, also spoke with reporters on “condition of anonymity.”

“I remember those tapes,” he said while wearing large, impenetrable sunglasses. “I had to watch them when the President Clinton brought them out during different private parties with friends and visiting diplomats.”

He called it his “Secret Stash” and forbade to mention them to anyone. This was the golden age of “video spying,” truly an art form. Today they just “hack people’s smart phones and watch the interns through that.”

White House Restrooms 07

Hillary wasn’t on any of those tapes because she only used Men’s restrooms back then.

Different progressives “loyal” to the Clintons have stated that such early examples of video “surveillance” in a public area is something that should be “cherished” and held to the same esteem as footage like the “Apollo 11 moon landing” and have even suggested trying to “reclaim” them so they may be “preserved” in the Smithsonian Institute.

In view of these video recordings “visitors” to the White House whose “gender identity” doesn’t align with a male/female “binary” now have a safe space to use the restroom.

White House Restrooms 06

The “all-gender bathroom” was made available by Obama’s executive order expanding protections for federal employees against discrimination.

A White House spokesperson confirmed to The Advocate that a restroom for people of all “genders” is now located in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

“The White House allows staff and guests to use restrooms consistent with their gender identity, which is in keeping with the administration’s existing legal guidance on this issue and consistent with what is required by the executive order that took effect today for federal contractors,” White House spokesman Jeff Tiller told Politico.

The move comes “on the heels” of President Barack Obama’s executive order that banned companies from discriminating against “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” employees if they contract with the federal government.

White House Restrooms 13

White House Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett praised the move this week in an op-ed that ran on The Advocate, writing, “The president is determined to lead by example. He has hired more openly “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” Americans to serve in his administration than any other in history. And we have closely examined our internal policies on everything from benefits, to restroom access, to how we invite people to events, to ensure that everyone who enters this building feels safe and fully respected.”

Public awareness surrounding access to restrooms has been galvanized lately, particularly with an onslaught of legislation attempting to prevent “transgender” people from using the restroom that corresponds with their “gender” identity.

Recently, the “#WeJustNeedToPee” campaign drew “attention” to this issue, in which “transgender” people across the U.S. and Canada shared selfies on social media taken in “unisex” bathrooms as an act of protest.

White House Restrooms 12

No to be outdone by the “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” community, members of the feminist group “Radical Feminists of America” performed a series of orchestrated “raids” in public buildings, smashing “urinals” with sledgehammers at “random” locations in New York City.

White House Restrooms 08

The group seems to have “targeted” buildings that have not yet installed “gender-neutral” restrooms.

Witnesses say they heard loud “animal-like screeching” and the sounds of shattered porcelain as the activists battered the urinals and spray-painted “End Sadomasochism NOW” on the walls.

White House Restrooms 09

Big Red, an “outspoken” member of the “feminist” organization, left a letter at one of the scenes:

“We the women of America will no longer tolerate male bigotry, especially through the method of genderizing restrooms, just like they had colorized restrooms during the first half of the twentieth century. Men need to know that their reign in this world is over and we will show no mercy towards our enemy. These private rooms with urinals, which we call ‘oppression rooms,’ are nothing more than a pedestal that men have created to worship their phallic tools of hate and destruction. These shrines to men’s egos must be destroyed if we are going to move beyond Stone Age male chauvinism!”

The group has also taken to the “social media,” urging women around the globe to pick up a sledgehammer and “Swing for Justice” in their own hometowns and cities.

White House Restrooms 10

Carrie Nation (1846-1911) the first American woman feminist to attack men-infested watering holes with a hatchet.

Shortly after the “announcement” on their Twitter feed, “videos of raids” taking place as far as San Francisco, California were being “uploaded” onto their account.

Big Red “pleaded” that the women of America should all be doing their part to end a “corrupt and unjust” system created by an atmosphere of “fear and intimidation,” as well as the instilling of “false man-made inferiority” in women.

I would like to tell “Big Red” to go piss up a “rope” but somehow I think she could do a “better” job than me and ruin my deeply “instilled” perception of total “superiority” over women.

White House Restrooms 14

Of course “praying” to the porcelain god has always given me that “warm feeling” of superiority and I’m sure a few trips to the restroom can “restore” my sense of “self-worth” quickly enough.

White House Restrooms 11

White House Restrooms 04

A Muslim In The White House

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Obama Muslim

This ground breaking “documentary” film finally proves that Barack Hussein Obama is a “secret” Muslim. This video examines all of the “ties” Obama has to the Muslim world, and it also “examines” everything he has ever said about “Islam and Muslims” in general.

You will be shocked at the amount of “evidence” that is piled up against him, including what he “says” about Islam, and the actions he “takes” towards Islam.

Every American including “Republican and Democrat,” should finally see Obama for the man he really is, a “Muslim hiding in plain sight.”

Obama “bowing” before a Muslim king. Obama “talking” about his Muslim family. Obama “quoting” from the Qur’an. Obama “defending” Islam. Obama “visiting” a Mosque. And many more clips of Obama and his “Muslim” connections.

Obama “banned” this video – Gee, I “wonder” why!

If you’re an American you should see this!

A stark “warning” from scholar who says America is in “danger” from the inside out! $100,000 “reward” for anyone who can “prove” him wrong on Islam!

Barack Hussein Obama “prays” to Allah in the White House!

YES OBAMA IS A TERRORIST! Part 1 Your mouth will be “hanging open” by the end of this video!

Yes Obama is a Terrorist Part 2

Obama Listens to Qur’an at Newtown, Conn Sandy Hook Shooting Interfaith Service

Jason Graves, Al Hedaya Islamic Center

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

The Muslim community of the Al Hedaya Islamic Center in Newtown, in Connecticut and throughout the nation joins with our fellow Americans in grieving for those who died in this senseless tragedy and praying for them and their families.

We ask God to grant those lost a special place in paradise and we ask their families to be granted the strength to endure the unendurable.

It is in such times of almost unbearable loss that we seek comfort with our Creator and that artificial divisions of faith fall away to reveal a nation of mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, son and daughters, all united in a desire to bring healing and renewed hope.

The Qur’an, Islam’s revealed text, tells us that God’s mercy and compassion are without limit and always available for those who ask. God says: “When my servants question you about Me, tell them that I am near. I answer the prayer of every person who calls on Me.” (2:186)

In the Qur’an, God also says: “Give glad tidings to those who endure with patience; who, when afflicted with calamity, say: ‘We belong to God and to Him we shall return.’ Such are the people on whom there are blessings and Mercy from God.” (2:155-157)

So let us all, of every faith, of every background, pray for God’s comfort at this time of heartbreaking tragedy.

Verily, with every difficulty there is ease. Verily, with every difficulty there is ease.” (94:5-6)

President Obama put together a “dance” with all of his friends in “Islam” and socialism to wish everyone a “Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah” (May the peace and mercy of Allah be with you.)

Lock Your Doors

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Lock Doors 01

The White House announced it would do what most homeowners practice to secure their property: “Lock the front door.”

“After Friday night’s incident, when the door is not in use, it will be secured,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest, clarifying that officials would, in fact, lock the door.

An Iraq war veteran armed with a concealed knife managed to scale the outer fence of the White House and make it through the North Portico doors, near the residence of the first family.

Lock Your Doors 02

There was a heightened security presence outside the White House and Earnest said the Secret Service had launched an investigation on how to further bolster security around 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Earnest said officials were exploring whether to boost staffing levels and move security personnel to other parts of the White House.

“Providing security at the White House is a complicated business,” Earnest said, reminding reporters that thousands of tourists visit the president’s residence every year.

Lock Your Doors 03

When asked about the president’s response to the security breach, Earnest said Obama was “obviously concerned” but will still be able to “get out and play golf.”

Really? They will now “lock” the front door? What about the “front doors” on our porous borders?

President Bush Delivers Address On Iraq Policy

Omar J. Gonzalez, the “oppressed migrant,” who jumped the White House fence deserves the right to live in President Barack Obama’s home, just as the president is allowing hundreds of thousands of “border jumping” Central Americans to live in Americans’ homeland, says a new tongue-in-cheek petition posted at the “We the People” White House website.

“We urge President Obama to immediately and publicly recognize that Mr. Omar J. Gonzalez, the ‘Undocumented Visitor’, was merely looking for a better life when he entered the White House after going over the classist, divisive and needless fence,” says the petition, which was authored by D.A. King, founder of the Georgia-based Dustin Inman Society, which advocates for actual enforcement of immigration law.

You can read and sign the petition HERE to speed up comprehensive visitor reform!

Correspondents Dinner

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Hat Tip: WHCD Video of Joe Biden Goes Viral Overnight

Barack Obama, Joe Biden

What if I was to say those Larry Sinclair rumors are true?

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. did “not attend” the White House Correspondents Dinner, but he was the “star” anyway.

Midway through the dinner, President Barack Obama presented a seven-minute long video of Biden taking “Veep” star Julia Louis-Dreyfus on an “adventure” around the White House and Washington, D.C.

Biden played a Steve McQueen “esque” version of himself, sporting a bomber jacket and driving a Corvette around the grounds of the Naval Observatory while wearing aviators … at night.

Word spread fast online over the video.

While dinner attendees rushed off to after parties, and eventually bed, there were nearly 35,000 views of the video on YouTube as of 9:20 a.m.

House Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi performed “cameos“, along with first lady Michelle Obama.

Pelosi popped up when Biden and Louis-Dreyfus stopped by a “seedy” tattoo parlor. Pelosi calmly greeted the pair as she was being administered body art that said “It’s gavel time.”

Boehner, known in the video as “J-Dawg,” told Louis-Dreyfus that he would skip the dinner in favor “important things going on in the Capitol.” That meant watching the National Zoo’s “panda” cam.

Squeaker Speaker

As for the rest of the night, the evening’s comedian, Joel McHale did not completely “bomb” the room, although there was “visceral” reaction to his needles on Twitter. Some jokes went over well, particularly one “mocking” Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s apology for the George Washington Bridge Scandal.

BridgeGate 03

But the “collective sentiment” among the reporters after the dinner was that his performance was “too mean” and jokes about Sen. Lindsey Graham and Biden were “below the belt.”

“He needed an editor,” a TV executive groused at the MSNBC after party.

Overall, the tone of this dinner was “markedly” different from the recent past, back when a “fading star” Lindsay Lohan, drink in hand, was chased through the Washington Hilton lobby by paparazzi. Several news outlets noted that the dinner has lost appeal among many on the Hollywood A-List.

There were still plenty of “actors and sports stars” to be seen, especially among actors who appear on fictional shows about politics. But the decline in “Tinseltown” presence meant that actual sources — “Hill staffers, members, political operatives” — had an increased presence this year.

Members spotted include: Republican Sens. Deb Fischer of Nebraska and Ted Cruz of Texas, John McCain of Arizona; Democratic Sens. Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Charles E. Schumer of New York; Pelosi, Democratic Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii and Joseph P. Kennedy III of Massachusetts, Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.

Hill staffers and operatives also showed up in force and included: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s spokesman Doug Heye, AshLee Strong communications director for Republican Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill and DCCC independent expenditure director Jesse Ferguson.

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi having an orgasm.

For what it’s worth, no one seemed to be having more fun this White House Correspondents’ weekend than Madam Pelosi.

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