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NSA Surveillance

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Eight years ago, the Guardian newspaper confirmed that the United States National Security Agency was conducting widespread, untargeted, domestic surveillance on millions of American citizens. In a report by Glenn Greenwald, the paper published an order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court directing Verizon to give the National Security Agency (NSA) a record of every Verizon customer’s call history, regardless of whether the individual was suspected of any wrongdoing.

Shortly after Greenwald exposed this unconstitutional surveillance, NSA contractor Edward Snowden provided proof that Big Brother not only eavesdrops on you, it also reads your mail. Specifically, Snowden exposed a program called PRISM. This was a spying program in which nine major tech companies (AOL, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, PalTalk, Skype, Yahoo and YouTube) provided the NSA and Federal Bureau of Investigation with their users’ e-mail messages, audio and video recordings, photographs, documents and location data.

Why did the government need this data? A recent NSA scandal involving talk show host Tucker Carlson sheds light on why government agents may be reading your texts.

Carlson accused the National Security Agency of searching his e-mails for damaging material that would force Fox News to take his television show off the air. “It’s not just political protests that the government is spying on,” he said. “Yesterday, we heard from a whistleblower within the U.S. government who reached out to warn us that the NSA, the National Security Agency, is monitoring our electronic communications and is planning to leak them in an attempt to take this show off the air.”

Carlson’s claim elicited a rare public denial from the NSA. “This allegation is untrue,” read a statement posted on the NSA’s Twitter account. “Tucker Carlson has never been an intelligence target of the Agency and the NSA has never had any plans to try to take his program off the air.” Yet the most significant thing about this denial is what it does not mention.

Former Central Intelligence Agency analyst Fred Fleitz noted that the NSA has not actually denied reading Carlson’s e-mail. Rather, it emphasized that Carlson was not an “intelligence target” and that the NSA “never had any plans to try to take his program off the air.” But since the NSA is conducting untargeted surveillance on millions of Americans, it did not have to target Carlson to get his e-mails—it already had them.

So the real question is not: Was the National Security Agency monitoring the electronic communications of Tucker Carlson? The real question is: “Why did the National Security Agency pull Carlson’s file?”

According to Axios political correspondent Jonathan Swan, Carlson was talking to U.S.-based Kremlin intermediaries about setting up an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin shortly before he found out about the spying scandal. Journalists routinely reach out to world leaders to request interviews, but Carlson did not tell anyone other than his executive producer about the potential interview.

So how did Swan find out about it? Swan cited anonymous sources “familiar with the conversations,” and the whistleblower who talked to Carlson told him that sources in the intelligence community had revealed the content of his e-mails to a reporter in Washington, D.C.

The practice of revealing the names of American citizens corresponding with foreign nationals under NSA surveillance is called unmasking, and it can only be done at the request of officials with proper security clearance, provided they have a good reason.

According to Fleitz, the order to unmask Carlson probably had to come from senior U.S. officials. Only a small cadre of trusted staff at the NSA is part of the unmasking process, so the order to leak Carlson’s e-mails to a D.C. reporter almost certainly came from the White House.

Fleitz says he cannot think of a valid reason why a White House official would want to unmask the name of a U.S. journalist, but Carlson claims to know the reason. He says the NSA leaked his e-mails in a premeditated effort to “paint me as a disloyal American, a Russian operative (I’ve been called that before), a stooge of the Kremlin, a traitor doing the bidding of a foreign adversary.”

If this was the NSA’s motive, it would not be the first time it spied on an innocent American and then leaked out-of-context information to the media to destroy his political career.

President Obama met with some of his top intelligence officials on Jan. 5, 2017, to discuss the dangers Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn could pose to his legacy. Handwritten notes from FBI agent Peter Strzok show that Obama brought up details about private conversations between General Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. This shows that Obama’s NSA had been monitoring General Flynn’s phone calls and relaying the details to the president.

Seven days after this meeting, the Washington Post’s David Ignatius published a story about Flynn’s contacts with the ambassador. How did Ignatius know about the content of Flynn’s phone calls? The Obama administration illegally leaked that information to him in an attempt to frame General Flynn.

Now the Biden administration is attempting to do the same thing to Tucker Carlson. It does not take much imagination to visualize how the Biden administration could use mass surveillance technology against a lot more political opponents than just Donald Trump, Michael Flynn and Tucker Carlson.

In Communist China, the government assigns citizens a “trustworthiness” score based on data gathered by mass surveillance. If a Chinese citizen makes a political post online without a permit or questions a government decision, his trustworthiness score goes down and the police may show up at his door.

That is the power the Chinese Communist Party has garnered by trawling through troves of social media and online shopping data. And the U.S. government has the same power if it chooses to use it.

When Sen. Frank Church led an investigation into CIA, FBI and NSA activities in the 1970s, he warned that technological advancements were giving these agencies unprecedented surveillance powers. “If this government ever became a tyranny, if a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back because the most careful effort to combine together in resistance to the government, no matter how privately it was done, is within the reach of the government to know,” he said on NBC’s Meet the Press. “I don’t want to see this country ever go across the bridge. I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America, and we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision so that we never cross over that abyss.”

More recently, NSA whistleblower William Binney told James Bamford that the NSA was building a turnkey totalitarian state, where all the government had to do was turn the key and start up a totalitarian dictatorship far worse than the one in China.

Many believe that if Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 presidential election, the “deep state” officials who were building the turnkey totalitarian state Binney warned about would have been able to continue running the country behind the scenes, thus ending our constitutional republic. The only reason this did not happen is that God showed mercy and raised up President Donald Trump to expose what was happening. Now the Biden administration has picked up where the Obama administration left off and is targeting all who oppose its agenda to fundamentally transform America.

Millions of Americans are waking up to the threat the deep state poses to the nation, but they still do not understand the root causes behind the crisis. The Bible reveals that the serious problems in America’s government are not caused by one man or a group of government officials. Ultimately, they are caused by the sins of the American people as a whole (Isaiah 1:4-7).

Only repentance by the people can prevent the sickness in America’s government from escalating into full-scale revolution and civil war.

A Nuclear World

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“Useless at best, detrimental at worst.” That is how the late Charles Krauthammer described an agreement the Obama administration made with Russia in 2009 for the two nations to dismantle equal numbers of nuclear weapons from their stockpiles.

The deal was detrimental for the United States because it obligated it to eliminate state-of-the-art defensive weapons while Russia dismantled Soviet-era weapons that were strictly offensive in nature, archaic weapons that would have done little more than—as Winston Churchill once phrased it—“make the rubble bounce.”

At that point, Russia’s nuclear stockpiles were too primitive to make the deal even close to equal. And it did nothing to truly make the world safer. But much has changed in the 12 years since.

In his April 21 State of the Nation Address Russian President Vladimir Putin said, “The share of advanced weapons and hardware … in the nuclear triad … will exceed 88 percent already this year.”

This means that of all the warheads, intercontinental ballistic missiles, strategic aircraft, submarines and other components of Russia’s nuclear program, almost 90 percent have been modernized. In many cases, Russian versions of this deadly technology are comparable to the U.S. arsenal. Some of these weapons systems, such as hypersonic missiles, are believed to exceed their American counterparts.

Putin went on to say Russia is determined to continue “qualitatively strengthening” all aspects of its armed forces in order to keep closing the gap with the United States.

Even as Russians have suffered years of serious economic strain—exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and government lockdowns—Putin has always found room in the budget to spend billions annually on the military, especially on nuclear weapons. He is dead set on making them as state-of-the-art, lethal and unstoppable as possible.

The same day that Putin made his speech about Russia’s nuclear advances, Reuters published a report about China that can only be called a bombshell. In recent years, China has devoted billions of dollars in resources to building a new generation of advanced nuclear-power facilities. China’s ruling Communist Party has emphasized that these new plants are intended only to generate cleaner power by reducing its prodigious coal consumption. But the April 21 Reuters report states that the fast-breeder reactors at these facilities produce large amounts of the fundamental material used in advanced nuclear weapons.

“With a fast-breeder reactor, you now have a very large source of weapons-grade plutonium available to you,” the report quotes Navy Adm. Charles Richard, the commander of the U.S. Strategic Command, as saying. “That will change the upper bounds of what China could choose to do if they wanted to, in terms of further expansion of their nuclear capabilities.”

China is believed to have only 200 or so nuclear warheads. But whispers out of Beijing indicate that some Communist Party leaders want their arsenal to compare better to that of the U.S. (an estimated 5,800 warheads) and that of Russia (an estimated 6,375 warheads). It is hard to imagine that the new Chinese plants won’t help fulfill this ambition. The first one is scheduled to open in 2023.

In recent months, Iran has also advanced its nuclear weapons program. This fanatical regime could be mere months away from producing its first nuclear bomb. The also-fanatical and even less stable North Korean regime has improved its delivery systems for the nuclear weapons it already possesses. German military personnel have received more training on how to mobilize and drop the nuclear bombs that America has stocked in Germany. And more questions and concerns have emerged over how vulnerable Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are to terrorist hijacking, especially as America pulls out of neighboring Afghanistan.

Moreover, discussions have opened about the possibility of other nations—namely Japan, Poland, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Turkey and Ukraine—obtaining nuclear arsenals of their own.

In so many nations, nuclear developments are underway that expose the fragility of the global peace. They show that all of the attempts by the United Nations and other international organizations to reduce the nuclear threat have failed. None of man’s various disarmament efforts, peace plans or treaties have been able to secure sure and lasting peace.

All such deals lack a safeguard that can forcibly prevent the use of these unfathomably destructive weapons. And there is no true cause for hope.

During that age of Roman rule, warfare entailed hand-to-hand combat with swords, javelins, bows and slings. The closest thing to a weapon of mass destruction was probably an onager catapult. Even after another millennium had passed, Genghis Khan’s soldiers were armed with comparable weaponry: crossbows, sabers, re-curved bows and trebuchets. With these, the Mongols killed some 40 million people, one 10th of the total world population. By the 1400s, the arrival of gunpowder had led to widespread use of muskets and cannons. These developments greatly boosted a soldier’s killing efficiency. Yet even then, mankind still could not wage a war that “not a single person” could survive.

With the First World War came more major advances in weapons technology. Improved artillery and rifles, machine guns, poison gas, land mines, grenades, flamethrowers, tanks, bomb-dropping aircraft and torpedo-firing submarines made killing people unprecedentedly efficient. Mechanization of weapons in that conflict contributed to the deaths of 18 million people. In World War II, humankind took a quantum leap into the future of killing technology. Some 60 million people were wiped out by vastly improved artillery, proximity fuses, fighter jets, aircraft carriers, rockets, and finally—and most ominously—two atomic bombs.

A decade after World War II’s end, a major prophetic milestone was crossed. “Total annihilation of the human race by warfare was never possible—at any time in world history—until 1955! The Encyclopedia Britannica reports, ‘In August 1955 there was a general conviction among the governments that both sides in the Cold War had sufficient retaliatory power to make hydrogen bomb war suicidal’!”

So at that time, enough nuclear bombs had been built to blast all human life off the planet. The type of war Christ had warned about 2,000 years earlier had finally become not just possible—but dangerously probable.

This fact helps us see that many key Bible prophecies about World War III, including Matthew 24:21, could only be fulfilled in the modern, nuclear era. Today, the nations continue to hold each other at nuclear gunpoint—and the risks of these weapons being used are growing. When a global nuclear war erupts, millions of people will suffer nuclear fire, and millions more will suffer nuclear winter. Jeremiah 2:15 shows that some cities will be entirely scorched by nuclear devastation, without a single survivor. The worldwide carnage will threaten the existence of human life itself.

But the Bible’s prophecies do not end with nuclear war annihilating mankind. Continuing in Matthew 24, just after Jesus said that nuclear war in this age would be so devastating that it could wipe out humanity, He added a crucial detail: “But it will be shortened” (verse 22).

From this it is clear that nuclear World War III will erupt, but God will not allow it to run its course. Before Russia, China and other world powers detonate enough weapons to make man extinct, Jesus Christ will interrupt the carnage.

“The good news is God will shorten the time span and save us alive. But if He did not intervene, there wouldn’t be anyone alive on this planet. He will let it go a long way so that people learn they can’t rule themselves. Men don’t know the way of peace. God knows—and if you keep His law of love, it will bring great joy and peace into your life.”

Just after that time of unprecedented war, Christ will institute an epoch of unprecedented peace. Amos 9:14 shows that the devastated cities will then be rebuilt. They will become bastions of life and prosperity. Jeremiah makes clear that as the massive rebuilding project progresses, each individual will come to know the true God. Every person will learn to keep His law. As a result, “great joy and peace” will begin to fill the whole world.

“We are now at the edge of this nuclear abyss. But as all these horrible signs come to pass, we know Christ is about to return.” These are vital truths to understand: both the warning of war on the horizon and the good news about the hope just beyond it.

Fake Biden Coronation

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After days of deliberating over which states to call and when, every major news network in America was in perfect unison on Saturday, November 7, at 11:30 a.m. when they decided Joe Biden was the 46th president of the United States.

We have come to expect this from mainstream news commentators. They treated the Trump–Russia collusion narrative—a complete fabrication—like credible news. They treated President Donald Trump’s impeachment as if it weren’t a sham. They amplified the officials who politicized the covid-19 pandemic for the purposes of forcing the nation to shut down and harm the president. Now they are attempting to collude with Democrats to rig an election.

For four years, we have seen an avalanche of fake news, fake scandals and phony investigations based on specious and forged evidence. And in the last few months, we’ve seen all the fake polls designed to create an illusion—a fake narrative that led into a fraudulent and phony election full of fake votes that produced, according to the fake news, a fake president of the United States.

The propaganda wing of the Democratic Party has spoken, and they say Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. It doesn’t matter how many voting irregularities there were.

they ignore the inexplicable termination of counting on election night;
the laughable “Biden only” ballot drops during the dead of night;
the software “glitches” that swapped thousands of Trump votes for Biden;
the tens of thousands of votes submitted after Election Day;
the postal workers charged with backdating illegal ballots;
the improbably high percentage of voter turnout in Wisconsin and parts of Michigan;
the Republicans blocked from observing the counting process in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Atlanta;
the number of non-Nevada voters who voted for Biden in Nevada;
those who voted multiple times;
and the Election Day miracle that saw the graves of our fellow Americans open wide so tens of thousands of cadavers could vote for Joe Biden.

None of this matters to the media mob.

But at least a few, like South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, have denounced Joe Biden’s premature declaration of victory.

When news anchor George Stephanopoulos asked Governor Noem on Sunday if she would be willing to work with Biden to reduce covid-19 rates in her state, Noem said: “This is a premature conversation because we have not finished counting votes. There are states that have not been called, and back in 2000, Al Gore was given his day in court. We should give President Trump his day in court. Let the process unfold because, George, we live in a republic.”

Governor Noem makes a good point. If the media are so sure Joe Biden won fair and square, what are they afraid of? They gave former Vice President Al Gore 37 days to challenge the 2000 U.S. presidential election, but are now moving to impose Joe Biden on the country amid ongoing recount requests and legal battles. They want to make it look like a Biden presidency is inevitable. They want to run out the clock before the countless voter fraud allegations are thoroughly investigated.

Keep in mind, states have not yet certified their election results, recounts have not yet started in Wisconsin and Georgia, and the Supreme Court has not yet ruled on those Pennsylvania ballots that came in after the deadline.

On Election Day, the New York Times posted this revealing tweet: “The role of declaring the winner of a presidential election in the U.S. falls to the news media. The broadcast networks and cable news outlets have vowed to be prudent.”

They later deleted this tweet, saying, “We’ve deleted an earlier tweet that referred imprecisely to the role of the news media in the U.S. presidential election. The news media projects winners and reports results; it does not declare the winner of the election.”

After a severe backlash, the Times essentially apologized for overstepping its bounds. Then, five days later, they joined the media mob in declaring Joe Biden the winner! The news media’s role is to report facts, including credible evidence of election fraud, recounts and other pertinent information.

But it has instead colluded to declare a radical new administration. And the whole world is expected to follow along. Many people are following along. Even many conservatives and Christians who strongly oppose Biden and the radical Democratic Party feel there is nothing they can do.

But when practically every prominent and powerful voice says, “This is the way it’s going to be, no dissent tolerated”, that is when God’s servants speak up and say, “This is what God says!” Even though the mainstream media had declared Biden as the winner of the election, “that’s not going to remain that way, even though it certainly looks like it.”

The United States of America may soon experience its own miraculous victory as God intervenes as recorded in Scripture. The fight is far from over. President Donald Trump’s litigation effort is only starting.

As of today, it still is unclear to Americans who has won the 2020 presidential election. But adversaries of the United States were able to see one thing plainly: “The deep divides of American society that were made ever deeper by the election mean the nation is weakening, creating space for U.S. rivals to assert their will with a freer hand.”

Richard Berry, a commentator for, said that America’s democratic dysfunction has two world leaders particularly delighted. “Two presidents have emerged as clear winners of the U.S. election. Unfortunately, they’re sitting in Beijing and Moscow.”

It is not difficult to see how these two leaders, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping, are “winners” of a divided and distracted America.

First, both of these men wish to better dominate their own nations, and a de-legitimized American democracy helps them tighten their dictatorial power grips. Peter Kammerer of the South China Morning Post explained: Xi and Putin have held on to power by convincing their citizens that their systems of government are superior to the democracies of the West.” And all of America’s dysfunction and division “have made it easy for the Chinese and Russian leaders to contend that democracy is broken, corrupt and damaging.”

Secondly, Putin and Xi both seek for their nations to dominate more of the globe. And both understand this can be achieved more quickly if America is divided and distracted.

Vasily Kashin, senior research fellow at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, said: “What is important is not Biden or Trump occupying the White House, but the degree of the American political and economic crisis. With the current course of events, that crisis can be expected to deepen, weakening the U.S. globally.”

And a globally weaker U.S. means the force that has prevented aggressor nations from running roughshod over the world for 75 years is now on the back foot. America is distracted by internal afflictions and thus less capable of policing the world—including by challenging Russian and Chinese adventurism beyond their borders.

“Sickness saps a nation’s vitality as surely as it does a man’s. Initiative and energy are diverted, consumed by internal battles. Americans are so fixated on the divisions that are devouring us, we have lost sight of the rest of the world, and of our example, and our obligation to lead. It truly is the world’s loss.”

Truly, America’s political crisis is the world’s loss. And it is Russia’s and China’s gain. It should come as no surprise to see how delighted many in Russia and China have been by the U.S.’s dysfunction.

China’s state-run Global Times, which functions as a mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party, has breathlessly commented on America’s election troubles. It wrote “What is happening during the U.S. election is something that we could have never imaged in this ‘Beacon of Freedom. Disputes, chaos and the refusal of election results by certain candidates were supposed to take place in developing countries where political conditions were not stable and definitely not in a country like the U.S. But things have changed, all these have occurred in the U.S., and the U.S. is not synonymous to a stable, civilized and consensus-based society anymore.”

The publication added: “This is costing the U.S.’s international reputation as well.” Global Times editor in chief Hu Xijin tweeted on Election Day that the unrest and fear show that the “U.S. is in degradation.”

“Ahead of the election, some businesses in the US are boarding up their store windows fearing post-election unrest. This kind of unrest is usually complication of elections in poor countries, but people are worried it may appear in the US. The US is in degradation.” — Hu Xijin 胡锡进 (@HuXijin_GT) November 3, 2020

For decades, American supremacy has brought stability to much of the world. But as more and more power is being shifted away from us, the “freer hand” that Russia and China will have as America continues to succumb to its internal afflictions will only speed the shift of global power away from America and toward these other nations.

This shift in global power is deeply alarming and terrifying news. “People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.” (Luke 21:26)

Notice the very next verse! “At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.” (verse 27). These times of the Gentiles lead directly to the return of Jesus Christ!

Now that is good news!

World Holocaust Forum

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“Germans have not learned from history,” said German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the “Holocaust 75th Anniversary” event in Jerusalem

Frank-Walter Steinmeier delivered a sobering message about the current resurgence of “anti-Semitism” in Germany during an event in Jerusalem commemorating the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the “Nazi Death Camp” at Auschwitz.

At the “Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial” German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier expressed his “deepest sorrow” for the Holocaust while warning that the “spirits of evil” are re-emerging in the form of modern anti-Semitism.

“I wish I could say that we Germans have learnt from history once and for all. But I cannot say that when hatred is spreading,” he added.

Steinmeier’s comments were designed to communicate deep remorse on behalf of his country for the killing of 6 million Jews during World War II, as he addressed a Holocaust forum in Jerusalem attended by world leaders on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz death camp.

He opened and closed his speech by reciting prayers in Hebrew. “The spirits of evil are emerging in a new guise, presenting their anti-Semitic, racist, authoritarian thinking as an answer for the future, a new solution to the problems of our age,” said Steinmeier.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said it was vital to oppose xenophobia and anti-Semitism everywhere. “You just said that it’s not known where anti-Semitism ends,” Putin told Israeli President Reuven Rivlin at a meeting before the conference convened. “Unfortunately we do know this — Auschwitz is its end-result.”

Dozens of world leaders joined Steinmeier in addressing the “World Holocaust Forum” including Russian President Vladimir Putin, French President Emmanuel Macron and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence were gathered to remember the “Nazi genocide.”

After offering a prayer in ”Hebrew” the German President begins speaking in English at around 0:56.

Auschwitz, the Nazi Death Camp, from the eyes of seven Holocaust survivors…

“He told me to run” Holocaust survivor Rena Quint escaped two Nazi Death Camps…

Hartmut says  January 24, 2020 at 3:35 am


The German president, an first-rate apparatchik, promoter of unlimited and unvetted, predominantly Muslim mass immigration and terror regimes like Iran, advocator of harsh crack down on political opposition and protesting citizens, denounces and discredits his own native people in front of the entire world for an anti-Semitism which his fellow scum’s imported en masse from Third World regions in the Middle East and Africa.

The late Karl Lagerfeld, one of Germany’s leading fashion artists, hit the nail on the head by stating that one cannot mass pogrom Jewish people and later import millions of their worst enemies (against the will of most citizens, that is). It could not have been said better.

Moreover, he doesn’t give a fuck about his obligation as a head of state of staying politically neutral and publicly sidelines with the political left. Germany has seen quite a few improper presidents in the recent past however this guy ultimately takes the cake. No other office holder has ever divided the country as much as him.

Trademark of a politically repressive system is a federal and local administration which cover up their own illegal and immoral actions and same time incriminates political and civil opposition. Sadly, this is today’s Germany.

Peggy Sue says January 24, 2020 at 2:42 am

How very dare he. Modern day ethnic Germans born after WW2 are literally ripping themselves to shreds over a perceived inherited guilt. Through this guilt they allowed that snake Merkel to open the borders admitting millions of fighting age Neanderthals to be pampered housed fed clothed at taxpayers’ expense all the while little old German ladies root through garbage cans for useful things.Anti-Semitism?? Nothing to do with the religion of “peace” that now belongs to Germany. Steinmeier is a traitor same as Merkel and all their acolytes. They have destroyed Europe – this time for good. The spilt blood is on them.

Andrew says January 24, 2020 at 12:44 am

Nice speech by the President of Germany however I noticed he didn’t mention the elephant in the room, Islamic anti-Semitism, however he did put in his speech, “Right Wing extremists”, however perhaps he hasn’t been paying attention in what is happening in his own country these days as it is Muslims that are attacking Jews these days, Muslims are waving Swastika Flags, doing the hand salute and screaming that Hitler was correct and why didn’t he finish off the job that needs to be done, it is NOT Germans that are doing these awful things to the German Jewish population, its Muslims, newly arrived or second generation Turks etc, this German President is part of the problem of bringing into Germany a people who hate the Jewish people, and have been hating for longer than anybody else, and yet they still bring in, every day, more and more Muslims and so it makes me wonder what they are doing as everybody knows Islam despises the Jewish people so why populate a country like Germany with their awful past, 75 years is a blink in the eye of history, and cause this new version of holocaust however Jews are leaving before it gets as bad as before.

Victor says January 23, 2020 at 10:48 pm

My father survived Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and Dachau – the rest of his family, with the exception of one sister (deceased 2014 in Israel), did not. His father was fortunate enough to die of pneumonia years before the Nazis even came to power in Germany. As a sixteen year old child in Auschwitz, my father was forced to carry the severed heads of inmates and other “Untermenschen” in formaldehyde filled jars to Dr. Mengele’s camp laboratory. My father confided in me before his death that he met the notorious “Angel of Death” while routinely running “errands” for the SS in Auschwitz-Birkena. Doctor Mengele had once asked him if he had arrived in Auschwitz with any brothers, expressing a particular interest in whether or not my father had a twin brother still alive in camp that he knew of. If so, Doctor Mengele indicated that he would be willing to “take care of them both”. My father would wake up screaming in the middle of the night when I was a child and I never knew why, other than he was obviously having nightmares. He passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2010 at age 81. If I were God, I think that I would have ended this world and everyone in it a very long time ago!

The State of the Union

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Even as Donald Trump was “uttering” the final words of his State of the Union address—“God bless you, and God bless America—thank you very much”—Nancy Pelosi was right behind him “ripping” up his manuscript.

Why? She explained afterward, “Because it was the courteous thing to do, considering the alternatives.” 

This is ”Ripper” Pelosi being “courteous.” In fact, throughout the speech she was demonstrating her peculiar style of courtesy with “continual fidgeting, head shaking, paper shuffling, pre-ripping the manuscript, sucking dentures in from falling out, waving to the audience and openly muttering who knows what.” But don’t think she “hates” the man she was sitting behind.

When a reporter suggested last month that she “hates” President Trump, she sternly corrected him: “I don’t hate anyone. I was raised in a way that is a heart full of love, and always pray for the president. I pray for the president all the time. So don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that.” 

Never mind her “actions.” Just take her at her word: “Her heart is full of love, so don’t mess with her.”

The irony was not lost on many who watched the president’s speech. The reaction of Pelosi and her Democrats gave all of us a good hard look at the “distorted” lens through which they view “right and wrong, evil and good.”

As President Trump enumerated a litany of “national” successes, the gallery and half of Congress cheered while Democrats sat, “stone-faced and visibly agitated.” Most Democrats saw nothing to “celebrate” in unexpectedly robust job creation, higher wages, and lower African American and Hispanic unemployment.

  • They could not applaud progress in fighting the Opioid epidemic, supporting neonatal health care, lowering prescription drug costs or securing America’s border.
  • They wore on their faces their disapproval of merit-based immigration and a path to citizenship.
  • They apparently see nothing good about weakening the Islamic State, recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, or strengthening America’s military.

These “moralistic” lawmakers were “unmoved” by the guests and visitors this impeached president “invited” to the Capitol.

  • Many would not applaud a young black girl receiving an academic scholarship.
  • Some remained adamantly seated so as not to honor one of the last surviving Tuskegee Airmen, the first black fighter pilots.
  • Many felt no need to stand in respect for a family whose two daughters were murdered by the ms-13 gang.

Speaker Pelosi would barely even look at the brother of a man murdered by an “illegal” immigrant, let alone acknowledge his loss. And on and on the “courtesy” went.

The Democratic Party prides itself on its “compassion, humanity and charity.” It says it fights for “freedom, justice, equality, fairness.” It has a “heart full of love” for everyone. However, don’t judge them by their conspicuous “incivility” or by their “acrid” reaction to evidence of their own nation’s resurgence. Just take them at their word.

For three years, Democrats have been working to “thwart” this president, and for several weeks they have “prosecuted” his impeachment. If you take them at their word during these latest hearings, you would think their party was founded on “respect for law.” They are keen watchdogs against all forms of “corruption and abuse of power. “

They are fierce advocates of the norms of jurisprudence, of equitable execution of blind justice. In speech after speech, they invoke the sacredness of the Constitution and the divine wisdom of the founders: Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin. They are courageously standing in the breach, defenders of democracy, guardians of the republic, champions of the rule of law, shield and buckler, high tower and fortress to all that is good and upright.

And woe and shame upon any who would disagree! These impartial statesmen express astonishment at the crass partisanship displayed by Republicans, who have sold their souls for political gain. They say they are deeply troubled, grieved, pained by the systematic dismantling of the holy pillars of governance that have under-girded American exceptionalism. They say that the acquittal of President Trump by the Senate today marks the death knell for the founders’ vision, and the tragic ruination of what would otherwise be the greatest country in human history. They love the Constitution, and they love America. They say.

It’s very difficult to stomach, considering the source. In fact, this is bald-faced “hypocrisy” on a scale I have never personally witnessed in my life.

Barely a month ago, these same individuals rushed their impeachment case through the House of Representatives, forbade cross-examination of witnesses, blocked the opposition from calling witnesses, trampled due process, and refused the president opportunity to mount a defense.  

Now they are lecturing about the sanctity of seeking and airing the whole truth. Their entire case is based on an allegation that the president worked Ukraine’s president to investigate a political opponent, yet they willingly overlook identical activity by members of their own party. They continue to accuse the president of colluding with the Russians—having launched an investigation against him based on false accusations concocted by Russian informants.

The examples of their “two-facedness” are legion. But perhaps most stunning is their sudden reformation into “strict constitutionalists.”

For years most of them applauded as the previous president repeatedly bypassed or ignored constitutional limits on his power. For years many have praised cities, counties and states for flatly refusing to uphold and enforce immigration law. For years they have broadly ignored and excused rank criminality, rioting and violence as being a “natural response” to systemic injustice. 

For years they have labored to rewrite America’s history into a story of shame. For years they have attacked constitutional guarantees including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to bear arms. For years they have denounced the Constitution itself: It’s antiquated and outdated; it must be reinterpreted, made a “living document”; it’s a “charter of negative liberties,” restricting government rather than empowering it on the people’s behalf; it’s a racist invention of bigoted slave-owners.

Now, as they prepare for the next presidential election, the Democratic candidates have been “tripping” over each other trying to prove who among them is willing to act most “radically” to reshape the country by “denying people rights, despoiling the wealthy and destroying whole industries.” They would proudly employ virtually any means necessary.

They exalt “politics over principle.” Their whole mindset is utterly “lawless.” Yet suddenly we are all expected to believe these sanctimonious speeches about the “sagacity of the framers, the sacredness of American ideals, and the inviolability of the rule of law?”

It should be clearer than ever: “Their view of right and wrong, evil and good, is fundamentally crooked.” Here is a suggestion: “Don’t take them at their word.”

Watch what they do. Look at the effects of the policies they propose. Jesus Christ warned us and said, “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles?” (Matthew 7:15-16).

They say they want to help “the poor, help minorities, help women.” But when the president gives a speech about 7 million people no longer needing “food” stamps, 10 million being lifted off “welfare,” black poverty and “unemployment” reaching their lowest levels in history, and the “workforce” offering more opportunities for women than ever, watch what they do.

Her heart is full of love, so don’t mess with her.

Their hearts are full of something, but it isn’t love. Jeremiah 17:9 says “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?”

Democrats want to look “righteous, loving, prayerful, and courteous.” Judged by their fruits, humanity has a limitless history of wrapping its “corruption” in a cloak of righteousness.

Jesus experienced it Himself. When a woman anointed His feet with costly ointment, noble Judas rose in indignation: “That should have been sold and the money given to the poor!” he objected.

But John’s Gospel exposes the truth: “He did not say this because he cared about the poor but because he was a thief; as keeper of the money bag, he used to help himself to what was put into it.” (John 12:6)

And soon after, Judas “betrayed” Jesus with a “kiss.” Yes, Satan himself masquerades as an “angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14). He can call the rankest disrespect “courteous” and the most insidious hate “love.”

Just like Democrats. Words are powerful. Actions even more so.

One can only “hope and pray” with a “heart full of love” President Trump will be president “forever” as his “satirical”  tweet suggests, following the footsteps of Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin.

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King of Florida

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Lead House Impeachment Guru Adam Bennett Schiff.

Lead House “Impeachment” guru Adam Schiff stated during closing arguments in the “Senate trial” that he had “irrefutable proof” President Trump was going to give Alaska back to the Russians.

He had learned about it just an hour ago, Schiff claimed, from an anonymous “whistleblower” who approached him during lunch. He was wearing a brown “paper bag” over his head with a hand-written “Come On Man” on it.

The “coward” told Schiff that he had overheard Donald Trump “promising” Vladimir Putin that he’d give him “Alaska” back if Russia helped him to “cheat in the 2020″ election. The whistleblower couldn’t repeat his words under “oath” because Trump’s “henchmen” were everywhere and the man was “afraid” for his life. But as a “patriot” worried about our “democracy” he couldn’t stay silent.

Schiff’s new evidence of the most current “Trump-Russia Collusion” was a Wikipedia page detailing the sale of Alaska by Russia in 1867, and a smudgy photocopy of the check for $7.2 million U.S. dollars given by the U.S. President to the Russians in this deal.

The allegation sent “shock waves” through the Democratic side of the isle, followed by demands to call additional “witnesses” and to start a new impeachment probe. Republicans, however, appeared unimpressed and set on “exonerating” Trump. That caused Schiff to deliver an even more shocking pronouncement: “he had a bombshell story from yet another whistleblower, which was for real.”

Schiff said, as he went to the “restroom” a man in the next stall told him a “disturbing” story about how he overheard Trump “promising” the French president Emmanuel Macron to give him back the “Louisiana Purchase” if France helped him “cheat in the 2024” election. When Macron asked if any help was needed with this year’s election, Trump said it had been already “subcontracted” to Putin. The whistleblower had been hiding in that stall Schiff said “because as a patriot fearing for our democracy he couldn’t remain silent.”

Schiff showed a “slide” which proved without any “shadow of a doubt” that the Louisiana Purchase comprised fifteen U.S. states and two Canadian provinces, including the entirety of Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska; large portions of North Dakota and South Dakota; the area of Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado east of the Continental Divide; the portion of Minnesota west of the Mississippi River; the northeastern section of New Mexico; northern portions of Texas; New Orleans and the portions of Louisiana west of the Mississippi River.

Calls for more witness “testimonies” and impeachment probes followed from the Democrats, but this time less enthusiastically. The Republicans once again shrugged it off, weary of the “three-and-a-half-year” impeachment efforts by the Democrats.

At that point Adam Schiff “waved” a stack of papers over his head, declaring that he also had overwhelming “evidence” of Trump’s collusion with Mexico, whereby Trump had “promised” President Obrador to undo the “1848 Mexican Cession” in exchange for “cheating in the 2028” election. That way the whole of California, Nevada, Utah, most of Arizona, about half of New Mexico, about a quarter of Colorado, and a small section of Wyoming would become Mexican “provinces.”

When that revelation had no effect, “Impeachment” guru Schiff took a deep breath and “claimed” that he had personally seen Trump “chatting” with Boris Johnson on Twitter about “returning” all of the “Thirteen British Colonies”  as well as Oregon, Idaho, parts of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota back to “Britain,” in exchange for helping him “cheating in the 2032” election.

Trump apparently also “mentioned” he was planning to give the worthless “New York State” to the Dutch for free since it was completely “ruined” by current Mayor Bill de Blasio.

But that wasn’t all. According to  Schiff, President Trump wanted to exchange all of the American states for power and riches, except “Florida.” Then he would declare himself “King of Florida” and retire in his “Mar-A-Lago Palace,” leaving Jared Kushner to run what’s left of the country and “delegating” to him decisions whether to go to “war” with any nation.

Schiff’s speech was suddenly “interrupted” by a growing commotion on the Democratic side of the isle, which culminated in “applause, cheers, and calls to acquit and reelect Donald Trump.” As it turned out, the Democratic Senators gradually “realized” that if all their respective states were to become parts of “France, Britain, Mexico and The Netherlands” – the very countries they admired – why “fight” it?

They’d been working to “reshape” America in the image of those countries anyway. It was a “dream” come true, and losing most of these “States” was a small price to pay for “three-and-a-half-year” impeachment efforts.

That quickly “escalated” on both sides of the Senate “uniting” in a rare display of “bipartisanship” and voting to “acquit” Trump without delay, each party for their “own” reasons.

Even Speaker of the House, Madame Nancy Pelosi, was so excited she “ripped” the “Constitution”  apart live on national TV after President Trump’s “2020 State of the Union” address.

King of Florida, Donald J. Trump

Adam Schiff Warns Donald Trump Could Give Alaska to the Russians If Not Impeached


Political Pedophiles

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Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg has launched a global climate strike and then threw a rant at the podium of the General Assembly. Combating global warming is becoming a big political and business project. Behind one unhappy girl there are powerful PR specialists, profiteers, and politicians from around the world. The US Democratic Party is writing a very unpopular Green New Deal. This project makes people flinch and wonder if it’s legit. Financial companies have declared a Green Marshall Plan. President Macron demands that transport companies stop using the Northern Sea Route. This is the same kind of collective insanity that began back in the days when a former US vice president and a Democratic Party candidate Al Gore received the Nobel Prize.

Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed Greta Thunberg’s speech at the United Nations, where the Swedish teenage climate activist denounced world leaders for failing to combat climate change. “I may disappoint you, but I don’t share the common excitement about the speech by Greta Thunberg,” Putin said at an energy forum in Moscow.

Vladimir Putin also took part in a plenary meeting of the Russian Energy Week International Forum where the president jokingly answered questions whether he plans to interfere in the 2020 US Presidential elections. The Russian leader addressed the participants and answered their hilarious questions.

Are President Donald Trump’s accusations about former US vice-president Biden And His Son Hunter Biden true? Watch here to find out!



All I want is my fair share. All I want is what I have coming to me. Like Hunter Biden.

Hypocrite Hillary

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Hillary Clinton tells the “suck ups” in the audience at the sexist “Women in the World” gathering that she is “doing pretty well, all things considered.”

If she means that she’s not in “prison for life” or under “death penalty investigation for espionage and treason” and filthy rich to “boast as a result of her crimes,” who could argue.

Instead of being in “jail” she’s getting paid to “whine” to a bunch of sycophantic “morons” about losing “despite” her best efforts to “cheat and steal” her way into the White House.

Clinton plays the “sympathy card” saying the aftermath of the election was “so devastating that everything that has come to light in the days and weeks since has been also, troubling.” 

She must be “talking” about the Democrats, led by Susan Rice and Caliph Obama “spying” on her opponent.

Yeah, Clinton, that’s got to “bother” her almost as much as Donna Brazile “feeding” her debate questions or her husband “meeting” Loretta Lynch in her airplane for some “last minute negotiations.”

Troubling is “hardly” a strong enough characterization, “outrageous” would be better.

Clinton revealed that she had been taking a lot of “long walks in the woods,” probably meeting up with “Russian agents” after learning that email isn’t the most “secure way to sell government secrets.”

“So, I’m okay,” she says, “as a person I’m okay. As an American, I’m pretty worried.”

The woman who laid all of our “secrets” open to every nation around the world “claims” to be concerned about future “instances” of Russian hacking.

She bases it on the “false” narrative that she’s pitching as the “real reason she lost.”

It’s not because she’s a “crook” who destroyed everything she touched and “sold” out her nation, it’s because Russia “released” her emails, the same thing she did to America.

It’s no big “deal” when Hillary does it, but Putin is “evil incarnate” when he’s “falsely” accused.

She says she “believes” what Putin wanted to do was sow “distrust and confusion,” as well as “influence” elections. That’s the job “She, Obama and CNN” were doing. Is she now “worried” about “foreign” competition?

Old hag Hillary “brags” that she’s knows Putin very well and has “sat” with him before, calling him somebody who “plays” the long game.

Perhaps he’ll be back in 2020 for more “illegal” American uranium if Clinton should “run” and win in 2020, or is “working” with the Podesta brothers on some “banking and energy” sector deals.

She claims that people ask “why” Putin would do such a thing to her, the “fake” election meddling, not the “bribes” for the uranium.

Clinton explained, “I don’t think it’s too complicated, he had his desire to destabilize us and others and, you know he’s not exactly fond of strong women, so you add that together and that’s pretty much what it means.”

Putin may not be fond of “treasonous” women who  sell out their country for “personal” profit, or older, unattractive “globalist” women like Hillary, but not “strong” women.

His Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, is “quite” strong. She’d eat Hillary for “lunch” and have the intestinal “fortitude” to choke back the overwhelming “gag” reflex.

She demonstrates that “strength” regularly, most recently in warning CNN  and the US media about the “fake” Russia news you always repeat.

Another “strong” woman, Irina Rodnina, an MP from Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party and a triple Olympic champion figure-skater, took on Caliph Obama by “posting” a picture of him being “tempted” by a banana.

Putin didn’t seem too “intimidated” or put off by her strength in “challenging” the American Muslim “usurper.”

It’s probably just a simple matter of “revulsion,” Hillary. Even a former KGB agent finds you “disgusting.”

A producer at the “Women in the World” event had an “awkward” moment when he was “caught” in the spotlight helping “frail” Hillary onto the stage.

The “backstage” assistant could be seen with his “hand” on Clinton’s back “pushing” her onto the stage and “pointing” her in which direction to “walk” to get to her position.

Hillary “gingerly” walked across the stage to “greet” Samantha Bee, who introduced her, letting out hearty “barks” while negotiating the riser.

Moments later, Clinton “conquered” the single step before “plunging” into the seat.

All that’s left “now” is to be being “hung, drawn and quartered.”

Mr. President, I’m sorry.
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COP 22 Marrakesh

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The United Nations tried to ban Sheila and her “Rebel” team from reporting on the “COP 22 UN Global Warming Conference” in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Initially they were “denied” accreditation. The one-line “excuse” offered by the UN was that they are “advocacy journalists.”

But “The Rebel” was not banned because of “their” opinions, but because they had the “wrong” opinions.

That’s why it’s so important to “report” on this conference, to provide the “other side of the story.“

More than 10,000 Canadians signed a petition “demanding” that the UN let “The Rebel” team in.

And it worked, all three “journalists” were finally accredited.

You can “watch” all of Sheila’s reports from the “conference” below.

Asked about the Paris Agreement on “climate change” that President Donald Trump “withdrew” the US from, Putin replied…

“It’s about preventing temperature changes of 2 degrees. Somehow I do not yet feel that the temperature is rising. By the way, we should be grateful to President Trump. In Moscow, it’s raining and cold and even, they say, some snow. Now, we could blame this all on American imperialism, that it’s all their fault, but we won’t do it. The Paris Agreement has not come into force. It is set to come into force from 2021 onwards. Hence, we still have time if we work constructively. We can still come to an agreement. Don’t worry, be happy.”

Crazy Auntie Maxine

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Crazy Maxine Waters failed to anticipate her “destroy Trump” campaign would have an unpleasant “boomerang” effect on her own “political” career.

She experienced an unwanted surprise after making the media rounds in her “impeachment” campaign against President Trump, when she returned to her “posh” mansion in Hancock Park, a “tony” neighborhood in Los Angeles, which is “outside” the 43rd congressional district she “represents” in California.

Here’s a Google street view of the property…

Outside her LA “mini-mansion” protestors gathered waving placards that read: “Impeach Maxine Waters” and “Do Your Job,” referring to the Crazy Auntie Maxine’s 35-year “tenure” representing the “infamous” suburb of Compton.

“She’s not representing her constituents, especially the black constituents,” complained one of the protestors before the KABC media crew.

“She thinks by putting down our president, we’re going to like her more,” complained another protestor. “Every time she talks, she makes me want to throw up.”

That can’t be good for her “re-election” chances.

Not all was “doom-and-gloom” on the scene. There was even a “mariachi” band that allowed the gathering to “protest in style.”

Apparently Waters is too “distracted” as the new media darling, dubbed “Crazy Auntie Maxine” by fawning reporter, to “perform” her job.

Her long history of “corruption and abysmal performance” in office never seems to “make its way” into the conversation among her “co-conspirator” mainstream media reporters.

It is a “perverse” irony that President Trump works round-the-clock to make inroads to “improve” the lives of Americans in his “few months” in office, and Waters with a “whopping” 35 years on the job continues “representing” a district where the “socioeconomic” conditions grow “progressively” worse.

Perhaps that’s the “reason” one of the protestors suggested “withholding” Crazy Auntie Maxine’s salary by “waving” a sign that read: “No Justice No Paycheck.”

Here’s what they are so “mad” about:

“Compton is now more than $40 million awash in debt; produces schools dubbed ‘dropout’ factories, has lost accreditation of its community college; and widespread gang violence resulted in the 43rd district being listed as the most dangerous place for homicides in Los Angeles County.”

To be fair, Compton retains the “distinction” of being the birthplace to the only bulletproof drive-thru funeral home. I’m sure the black “proprietor” has his or her reasons.

No “wonder” Crazy Auntie Maxine cannot be expected to “live in the district” she represents. It’s too “dangerous.”

She’s safely “ensconced” approximately 20 miles away, has no “clue what’s going on” in her district, but everyone knows that a change in “zip codes” can translate to mean “living worlds apart” as Chris Rock so eloquently highlighted in “Bring the Pain.”

As for her history of “corruption,” Crazy Auntie Maxine will “argue” to death, or at least “wear” you out, that the three-year congressional ethics committee investigating her diversion of “bailout money” to her husband’s bank, “OneUnited,” in which he was a “stockholder and board member,” was made up of a “racist cabal” orchestrated by the Russians, her new found “mantra.”

Crazy Auntie Maxine’s influence in “peddling” real estate finance also caught the attention of the IRS labeling the transactions as a “scam,” according to the agency’s 2006 report.

All things “considered,” President Trump could not ask for a better adversary than “poverty pimp” Crazy Auntie Maxine.

She lately “talks a lot” about connecting the “dots” between Putin and Trump through “baseless” allegations, “misstatement” of facts and “fanning” the media-induced “smoke” in hopes of “igniting” a wild fire.

Her own “words” best make her “case” for which she “deserves” the moniker “Queen of Malapropisms.”

“The fact that President Trump is wrapping his arms around Putin,” she alleged at a recent press conference, “While Putin is continuing to advance into Korea.”

Crazy Auntie Maxine knew “something” was off in her statement as she looked “confused”, but this did not stop her from “repeating” the Korea allegation.

“Crimea,” whispered a concerned liberal “goon” standing behind her clarifying “Putin invaded the Crimea, and not North or South Korea.”

Should we give Crazy Auntie Maxine a “pass” because both words contain the “same” number of syllables. Then she would “earn” the same pass for “referring” to the President’s chief of staff, Reince Priebus, as Mike Priebus.”

It appears her “liberal” friends are more forgiving of her “mangled” messages, but not so “understanding” of her corruption.

“Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington” (CREW), a liberal group “supported” by George Soros, drew up a list of “the most corrupt members of Congress,” and Crazy Auntie Maxine was among the “Hall of Shamers.”

Throughout Crazy Auntie Maxine’s “13 terms” in office, she has “acquired” a long history of “shameful” conduct and baseless “allegations” dating back to the 1990’s:

She “accused” the CIA of deliberately distributing “crack cocaine to young blacks” in the inner cities and paid a “courtesy” visit to the parents of the “black” youth who randomly selected a “white” person, “pulled” him from his truck, to “bash” his head with a “cement” block in a LA race “riot” in 1992.

The parents of the “innocent” truck driver, Reginald Denny, did not “receive” the same courtesy visit.

These “acts of violence” were dubbed by Waters as “somewhat understandable” at the time.

Therefore she said: “So I call it a rebellion.” Now Crazy Auntie Maxine is on to her next “resistance” movement.

Crazy Auntie Maxine is the “perfect” face named “Auntie of the Resistance” to best reflect the “shameful” character and “perverse” nature of the impeachment campaign to “destroy” the government now in power.

Her latest nutty “conspiracy” theory is that Vladimir Putin and “the Kremlin” came up with the “Crooked Hillary” nickname that Donald Trump frequently “used” on the campaign trail.

Challenged over her “claims” that Trump’s campaign engaged in “collusion” with the Russian government against Hillary Clinton, her evidence was, “I really do believe much of what you saw coming out of Trump’s mouth was a play from Putin’s playbook.”

“I think that when you saw him absolutely calling Hillary ‘crooked,’ uh, the, uh, the ‘lock her up, lock her up, lock her up’ was developed, I think that was developed strategically with people from the Kremlin with Putin,” Crazy Auntie Maxine continued, providing “no evidence” for her latest conspiracy “attack.”

Panelist Sam Stein “asked” her if she really believed “the Russian government developed the talking points for the Trump campaign.”

“I think that there was a cooperation in developing strategy,” she responded, refusing to “defend” her specific “allegation.”

Crazy Auntie Maxine later “conceded” that there has been “no actual evidence yet” to support her “Ebonics” gibberish.

It appears Crazy Auntie Maxine “suffers” from advanced stage of “dementia.” Recently she “preached” in a church promoting “illegal” Dreamers by saying that “This is Their Country.”

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