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Escalation in Ukraine

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Because of the US president’s recent remarks, it is likely that this conflict will drag on.

On Friday, reports began emanating from Russia’s military command that they were changing the objectives of what many Western analysts claim has been Moscow’s flagging invasion of Ukraine.

Whether or not the West’s instant claims that Russia had failed at the outset of its illegal invasion of its proto-democratic neighbor Ukraine, the fact remained that Russia’s leader, Vladimir Putin, was clearly under political pressure to succeed in Ukraine as quickly as possible.

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Ukrainian Invasion

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To achieve anything less than a decisive victory would be a humiliating loss of face.

The world has looked on with cautious optimism as the people of Ukraine have put up a formidable fight against Russia’s murderous invasion of their country. The Ukrainians have punched above their weight, held much of their ground, and have reminded a cynical world of what mettle and selflessness are.

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The War In Ukraine 

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The relationship between Russia and Ukraine is a “terrible kinship.” Just as the relationship China has with the Uyghurs.

Humanity is currently witnessing the horrors of how some “brotherhoods” work in the world. Nowhere is this clearer and more terrifying than in China’s relationship with the Uyghurs and Russia’s relationship with Ukraine.

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Pope Meets Putin

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The Ukraine crisis is also about religion.

The Vatican’s role in Ukraine is perplexing to many. Ukrainian Christians are crying out to Pope Francis—but are ignored. The pope has condemned Islamic terrorism as well as the Jan. 6, 2021, United States Capitol protests. He has strongly opposed other conflicts and leaders. But he refuses to say anything negative about Russian President Vladimir Putin and the bloodshed he threatens in Ukraine. His message to Ukrainians can be, at best, interpreted as one of appeasement and, at worst, of surrender.

Though it appears the pope is looking the other way, there are indications the Vatican has deep personal interests in the conflict. These interests seem to be known by high-ranking German military officers but have been hid from the public. The Vatican and Moscow may have made a historic, well-calculated deal.

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The Joe Biden Theory

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The Joe Biden Theory and the Ukrainian MacGuffin
By Oleg Atbashian

Correct me if I’m wrong, but my earlier Joe Biden theory becomes confirmed more and more every day. Let’s start from the beginning.

1. At first Biden is reluctant to run. But in the spring of 2019 he got news about Trump investigating his corruption in Ukraine – and he immediately enters the race on 4/25/19. On the trail he looks old, tired, and his heart just isn’t in it. Why do it then? Because it’s about a lot more things than simply running for president.

2. If Trump isn’t stopped, the entire Biden family’s dirt will come out. At this point, the only way to avoid or at least to delay it is Biden being in the race: the news of his corruption can then be discredited as usual electioneering and Trump’s dirty tricks.

3. Biden may not be the only one who took dirty money from Ukrainian oligarchs, plus Democrats used Ukrainian politicians to dig up dirt on Trump’s team in 2016. Now their lives and careers depend on their ability to stop Trump’s investigation and to muddle the issue. They also know they can’t beat Trump in 2020, all they can do is try to impeach him in order to shut him up. They have loyal spies in the White House and wait for an opportune moment to pounce.

4. Trump’s phone call with Ukraine becomes such a moment. The Dems quickly compose a play about a concerned whistleblower and stage it in the House. They charge Trump with exactly what they themselves have done – getting help from a foreign government in order to dig up dirt on a political rival, followed by a cover-up.

5. These charges only make sense if Biden is running against Trump in a general election, which he isn’t. As a minimum, he must be a front-runner in the primaries, and so the DNC throws him into the mix of candidates and artificially inflates his status. The entire impeachment scheme is predicated on Biden running and winning the primaries. Without him posing as Trump’s rival, the Democrats won’t be able to claim that Trump wanted to steal an election. So old Joe must make a good face and keep running even if he eventually collapses and pays with his life to save the swamp.

6. The Senate acquits Trump and the Dems switch to harassing him about Roger Stone. It no longer matters if Biden is a forerunner, he has outlived his usefulness. The DNC pulls the plug and the sad old Joe is done, unless the Dems can use him later to cheat Bernie out of a win. His numbers are in the gutter.

7. What are the Dems covering up in Ukraine? It must be big if they staged an impeachment and risked their entire political capital over it. Otherwise they wouldn’t have spied on Rudy Giuliani in Ukraine trying to tarnish his investigation and to besmirch him personally. They even identified Giuliani’s two Ukrainian associates and had them arrested for exceeding a political campaign donation. If Michael Cohen’s story is any indication, the men were likely threatened with imprisonment and then offered a deal in exchange for dirt on Giuliani and Trump.

8. Wouldn’t you want to know what that Ukrainian MacGuffin really is? I have a theory about that, too, but that’s a story for another time.

CrowdStrike: a Conspiracy Wrapped in a Conspiracy Inside a Conspiracy

CrowdStrike Conspiracy

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CrowdStrike Conspiracy
By Oleg Atbashian

“CrowdStrike” is a conspiracy wrapped in a conspiracy inside a conspiracy theory that exposes the Democrats’ desperation and panic. 

In the last few days, media talking heads have been saying the word “CrowdStrike” a lot, defining it as a wild conspiracy theory originating in Moscow. They were joined by Chris Wallace at Fox News, who informed us that president Trump and his ill-informed fans believe in a crazy idea that the DNC wasn’t hacked by the Russians but by some Ukrainian group named “CrowdStrike” that stole the DNC server and brought it to Ukraine , and that it was Ukraine that meddled in our 2016 election and not Russia.

A crazy idea indeed. Except that neither Trump nor his fans had ever heard of it until the Democrat-media complex condescendingly informed them that these are their beliefs.

Let’s look at the facts:

Fact 1. In 2016 the DNC hired the Ukrainian-owned firm CrowdStrike to analyze their server and investigate a data breach.

Fact 2. CrowdStrike experts determined that the culprit was Russia.

Fact 3. The FBI never received access to the DNC server, so the Russian connection was never officially confirmed and continues to be an allegation coming from the DNC and its Ukrainian-owned contractor.

Fact 4. Absent the official verdict, other theories continue to circulate, including the possibility that the theft was an inside job by a DNC employee, who simply copied the files to a USB drive and sent it to WikiLeaks.

None of these facts was ever disputed by anyone. The media largely ignored them except for the part about the Russian hackers, which boosted their own, now debunked, wild conspiracy theory that Trump was a Russian agent.

Now that Trump had asked the newly elected Ukrainian president Zelensky to look into “CrowdStrike” during that fateful July phone call, the media all at once started telling us that “CrowdStrike” is a code word for a conspiracy theory so insane that only Trump could believe in it, which is just more proof of how insane he is.

But if Trump had really said what Mr. Wallace and the media claim, Ukrainians would be the first to call him on it and the impeachment would’ve been over by now. Instead, Ukrainians back Trump every step of the way.

So where did this pretzel-shaped fake news come from, and why is it being peddled now?

Note this is a classic case study of propaganda and media manipulation:

  1. Take an idea or a story that you wish to go away and make up an obviously bogus story with the same names and details as the real one.
  2. Start planting it simultaneously on media channels until the fake story supplants the real one, while claiming this is what your opponents really believe.
  3. Have various fact-checking outlets debunk your fake story as an absurd conspiracy theory. Ridicule those who allegedly believe in it. Better yet, have late night comedians do it for you.
  4. Once your opponent is brought down, mercilessly plant your boot on his face and never let up.

This mass manipulation technology had been tested and perfected by the Soviet propaganda machine, both domestically and overseas, where it was successfully deployed by the KGB. The Kremlin still uses it, although it can no longer afford it on the same grandiose scale. In this sense, the Democratic think tanks are the true successors of the KGB in deviousness, scope, and worldwide reach of fake narratives. How they inherited these methods from the KGB is a story for another day.

For a long time this technology was allowing the Democrats to delegitimize opposition by convincing large numbers of Americans that Republicans are…

  • Haters
  • Racists
  • Fascists
  • Deniers of science
  • Destroyers of the environment
  • Heartless sellouts to corporate interests
  • And so on – the list is endless.

The Soviet communists had aptly named it “disinformation,” which is a cut above the English word “misinformation.” It includes a variety of methods for a variety of needs, from bringing down an opponent to revising history to creating a new historical reality altogether. In this sense, most Hollywood movies on historical subjects today disinform us about history, supplanting it with a bogus “progressive” narrative. The Soviet term for such art was “socialist realism.”

Long story short, the Democrat-media complex has successfully convinced one half of the world that Trump is a Russian agent. Now they’re acting as if they’d spent the last three years in a coma, unaware of any bombshell stories about collusion. And bombshell stories without any continuation are a telltale sign of fake narratives. The only consequence of these bombshells is mass amnesia among the foot soldiers.

The “Trump-Russian” outrage is dead, long live the “Trump-Ukraine” outrage. And when that outrage is dead, the next outrage that will be just outrageous.

The current impeachment narrative alleges that Trump used military aid as leverage in asking Ukraine to dig up dirt on Joe Biden (which implies the Democrats know Biden is dirty, otherwise why bother?). What’s not in this picture is CrowdStrike. Even though Trump mentioned it in the phone call, it has nothing to do with the Biden’s nor the Javelin missiles. CrowdStrike has nothing to do with impeachment. We’re told it’s just a silly conspiracy theory in Trump’s head, that it’s a nonissue.

But then why fabricate fake news about it and plant blatant lies simultaneously in all media outlets from Mother Jones to Fox News? Why risk being exposed over such a nonissue? Perhaps because it’s more important than the story suggests.

Only a computer illiterate would think that CrowdStrike needed to take the physical DNC server to Ukraine in order to analyze it. Any computer can be cloned and its digital image can be sent anywhere on the planet in the form of ones and zeroes. It can also exist in multiple digital copies, carrying not just confidential archives, but also history logs and other content that can reveal to an expert whether the hacking occurred, and if so, by whom.

The copies of the DNC server on CrowdStrike computers are likely to hold the key to understanding what really happened during the 2016 election, the origin of the anti-Trump witch hunt, and the toxic cloud of lies that had been hanging over the world and poisoning minds during the last three years.

And now the new Ukrainian government might subpoena these copies from CrowdStrike and finally pass them to FBI experts, which should’ve been done three years ago. The danger of this happening is a much greater incentive for the Democrats to preemptively destroy Trump than all the dirt Joe Biden had been rolling in as Obama’s vice president.

This gives the supposedly innocuous reference to “CrowdStrike” during Trump’s call a lot more gravity and the previously incoherent part of the transcript begins to make sense.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it. I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine, they say CrowdStrike… I guess you have one of your wealthy people… The server, they say Ukraine has it. There are a lot of things that went on, the whole situation.”

If you read the transcript on the day it was released, you probably didn’t understand what Trump was even talking about, let alone what had caused such a disproportionate outrage, complete with whistle blowing and calls for impeachment. What in that mild conversation could possibly terrify the Democrats so much? They were terrified because, unlike most Americans, the Democrats knew exactly what Trump was talking about. And now you know, too.

The fraudulent “CrowdStrike Conspiracy” deflection is not a show of the Democrats’ strength. Instead, It betrays their desperation and panic, which tells us that Trump is squarely over the target.

It also helps us to see who at Fox News can be trusted to tell us the truth. And it ain’t Chris Wallace.

Our friend Doug Ross of Doug Ross @ Journal, who used to be involved in cyber for USG customers, sent us this correction:

“Hard drive firmware and potential physical implants must be reviewed for any compromise. What is insane is that the USG has the best digital forensic capabilities in the world, far beyond what CrowdStrike could muster. The fact that the servers were hidden from the FBI is the real scandal.”

Thanks, Doug. Even so, the main premise remains. The hardware could be inspected by “CrowdStrike” experts on location, but that doesn’t mean the backup didn’t exist in the company’s Ukrainian office.

Spam Alert

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If your mailbox is getting filled with emails promising “lucrative money transfers” from Eastern Europe to your “personal” checking account coming from “Hunter Biden,” son of former Vice President Joe Biden, “do not respond.”

Thousands of people in Eastern Europe and around the world have reportedly been “scammed” by such proposals in recent years.

The emails usually contain “urgent” business proposals, from shipments of “thermal blankets” for the military to wiring millions of dollars to your “savings” account for a 30% portion of the amount. In addition to losing money, “victims of these scams”, such as, the previous “Government of Ukraine” and some of its shady American “businesses partners” must now answer very “uncomfortable” questions during the ongoing “impeachment” proceedings.

As of late, the mailings also contain an added “request” from Hunter Biden, the son of the former vice president Joe Biden, to help him to “relocate” to the recipients’ countries due to a worsening “criminal” climate in the homeland.

Greetings, my prospective rich and powerful friends in foreign governments,

This email may come to you as a surprise because you do not know me. I am Hunter Biden, son of the former vice president Joe Biden, seeking for an avenue to enter into an urgent but lucrative business transaction without delay. My poor father was a strong supporter of the ousted president Barack Obama, for which he had received control over one billion US dollars to be distributed among trusted friends and associates with reputable credit history, like yourself.

Right now my father is suffering from dementia and doesn’t remember where he put that one billion dollars. That leaves me as the only heir with access to my father’s fortune in the banks of Lagos, Tripoli, and Benin. Please be aware that the unlawful regime of Donald Trump wants this money back, so we better act fast. Additionally, I have keys to the crates with unmarked bills in the amount of 50 million dollars, Euros, and Dinars, kept in a safe cargo area in a friendly Middle Eastern country. Half of this money can be yours if you allow me to become your business partner and if you follow my detailed instructions.

After Trump overthrew my father’s democratic regime, I have lost my sustenance as a military officer and my family has been harassed and threatened with dirty investigations. I cannot disclose any sources, but I’m in possession of sensitive inside information which I’m willing to share with you because I trust you to keep this confidential. Believe me when I say that very soon, with the help of faithful friends like yourself and others who have previously become my trusted business partners, Trump will be toppled and my poor father will regain his rightful seat in the White House. Our family will generously reward those instrumental in our comeback. This could also be you if you respond to this letter within a day or two.

Trump’s criminal tentacles have now reached the State Department and the Department of Justice, which makes it unsafe for us to conduct international transactions as usual. That is why I am offering to receive your contribution in the form of placing me on the Board of Directors of one of your national corporations with a salary equal or exceeding $83,000 a month.

These low monthly payments will guarantee that your government receives all the needed international aid, preferential trade agreements, IMF loans, modern weaponry, plus a positive media image to help perpetuate your power regardless of your political ideology. And if you also hire my uncle James, I can promise you highly classified intelligence sharing. All this will be yours as soon as my father becomes President and I take control of his executive office. My father has never denied me anything, and given his declining state of mind he is not going to start now.

I’m also asking you for a small personal favor. I wish to temporarily relocate to your country due to the poor conditions in the US, where I am fully exposed to prosecution, media inquiries, and congressional subpoenas. Your immediate response will guarantee you a better outcome.

Remain blessed and confidential,
Hunter Biden
Son of soon-to-be president Joe Biden

Russia Capitulates

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Russia Capitulates 04President Obama issued a firm “admonition” to Russian Vladimir Putin and said Moscow must respect Ukraine’s borders.

“Just days after the world came to Russia for the Olympic Games, it would invite the condemnation of nations around the world if it invades or otherwise meddles militarily in Ukraine,” the president said.

“And indeed, the United States will stand with the international community in affirming there will be costs for any military intervention in Ukraine.”

Minutes after issuing this “stern warning” to Russia and saying there will be a “price to pay” if it interferes militarily in Ukraine, Obama headed to a “happy hour” with fellow Democrats.

Russia Capitulates 05

“Well, it’s Friday. It’s after 5 o’clock. So, this is now officially happy hour with the Democratic party,” the president told his cohorts. “I can do that. It is an executive action. I have the authority.”

An audience member then asked the president to “tell us about your plans for nuclear war with Russia.”

“What the heck are you talking about?” Obama said to laughter and applause. “No, no, don’t worry about it. We’re OK. Have a seat. I don’t know anything about that plan. I don’t know what you’ve been reading. Let me return to what I was talking about. See, he thought happy hour started earlier.”

Russia Capitulates 03

Why is the Janitor answering the Presidents phone?

As a result of Obama’s stern “red line” warning Putin has announced that the whole of Russia will “capitulate” and annex itself to the “entirety” of Ukraine.

In a “sullen” press conference, Putin indicated that the “transitional” agreement calls for “relocating” the Ukrainian capital Kiev to Moscow, adding that he has “stepped down” as president of Russia and has been “appointed” president of greater Ukraine effective immediately.

Russia Capitulates 00

Mainstream media agreed that this indeed is a “glorious” day for Greater Ukraine and Obama’s “brilliant” foreign policy play, which has once again “defeated” the threat of war with the “great bear” of the east.

Russia Capitulates 02

Russia Capitulates 01

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