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Transgender LeBron

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Because common sense has died in America, some biological men have been able to participate in women’s sports as transgender athletes.

The idea, of course, is absurd. Women’s sports will end if men who “identify” as women can compete against biological women. Yet, the Left remains open to the idea, and has even encouraged it. So maybe the thought of one particular man — LeBron James — competing against women will change their minds?

At Saturday’s Turning Point Action “Rally to Protect Our Elections!” event in Phoenix, AZ, former President Donald Trump offered the idea of LeBron, the Left’s most useful pawn, competing in women’s sports.

“I’ll be honest, we all like to win,” Trump said while criticizing a transgender weightlifter. “If I were a coach, I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t be talking to too many women, as we know women. I’d be getting some of these people that, they’re women. Somebody said that if LeBron James ever decided to get the operation, how would he be? How would he be on the court?”

The media quickly scoffed at Trump’s comment, but audiences can’t shake this visual from their minds. LeBron may be a beta male, but he’s a 6-foot-9, 260-pound power forward who runs the basketball court like a 5-10 point guard.

Speaking of LeBron’s ratings, Trump slammed those too. “LeBron James? You can have him,” Trump went on at Saturday’s rally. “Did you see the basketball ratings, which were terrible, but they went up after his team was defeated.”

Trump is correct. And you heard it here first. I argued the day after the Suns bounced the race-baiting fraud from the playoffs that the NBA was instantly more enjoyable to watch.

By the way, if you are waiting for LeBron to comment on this issue — stop. LeBron speaks only about social issues that further his brand. Plus, Trump has put him in a no-win situation. LeBron would either a) have to agree with the woke losers and say he’s not superior to women basketball players, which he would never do; or b) admit the idea is ridiculous and thus alienate the few remaining woke losers who still watch his games on TV.

There are two truths to recognize here: LeBron James is the worst, and men should not compete against women in sports. Anyway, detractors of those two truths want to silence Trump. Hmm.

LeBron better stick to commenting on police shootings for now.

Shortly after he lost on the court, LeBron went on to promote his Space Jam movie, which could now lose hundreds of millions of dollars without China’s support and has been universally scorned by critics. You can’t help but laugh.

He’s just a kid from Akron with a clown nose on. LeBron James’ hometown of Akron, Ohio did a little post-production editing to a mural depicting James and his Space Jam co-stars. Along with a clown nose, the artists plastered the phrase “LA FLOP” across the mural.

“Someone vandalized a LeBron James Space Jam mural…SMH.” @PIX11News) — Hoop Central (@TheHoopCentral) July 27, 2021

The rendering of James and the cast of Looney Tunes characters is located just minutes from James’ I Promise School near downtown Akron.

“LA Flop” is an artistic nod to James’ uncanny ability to dramatize even the mildest of fouls. As for the clown nose, there are any number of reasons to depict James in a comical manner: his lack of support for the police, failure to address China, injury complaints, constant need for attention, etc.

The defaced mural is just the latest example of LeBron’s summertime blues. First, his Lakers exited the playoffs in the opening round, then his new movie garnered the type of reviews that could secure the prestigious Golden Raspberry Award, bestie Chris Paul lost in the Finals, and now, his hometown is depicting him as a flopping clown.

Not coincidentally, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Tweety and the Tasmanian Devil’s likenesses were unblemished.

If LeBron wants to catch the person who did this, maybe he should contact the police. Oh, wait…

Transgender Kids

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A short time ago, “transgender kids” was a phrase that marked you as one of those “hysterical” social conservatives who, when proven right, subsequently got called “bigoted” for pointing that out.

Trans kids are so “trendy” these days that the hapless Elizabeth Warren promised she’d have one approve her Education Secretary, while “Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden torched female athletics with a radical executive order that should jolt any of those “gullible innocents” who were sure he’d be a “moderate Democrat,” a long-extinct species hunted to death by “zealous” progressives.

Trans kids, of course, need “accessories”, since they weren’t born with the ones that fit the gender as which they wish to present.

A cottage industry to service this need has popped up, with packers for girls who identify as boys to put in their underwear to mimic a penis. The sophisticated ones are advertised as capable of permitting “gender dysphoric girls” to pee standing up just like a real boy.

Binders, which girls can use to “flatten their breasts” and present as male prior to obtaining “double mastectomies”; and a wide range of carefully tailored apparel.

The newest of these clothing brands is called “Rubies”, produced by a Toronto dad, Jamie Alexander. Alexander’s child was born “male.” He began identifying as “female” in third grade and adopted the name “Ruby.”

According to Alexander, Ruby had a hard time finding “bikini bottoms that made him feel both comfortable and confident as a transgender girl,” Today reported.

This, obviously, is because revealing female swimwear does not hide male genitalia effectively. Thus, the new clothing brand was born — to much media acclaim.

We used to say: “Be who you are, be comfortable in your body!” Now we design entire clothing lines to help children “conceal” their body parts and present themselves as a different gender.

Reading media coverage of the “transgender kids” trend always strikes me as particularly tragic. Today’s coverage is a good example of this, describing the creation of this new line as having “the specific goal of producing form-fitting clothing for transgender children up to a size 20. His first product: the Ruby Shaping Bikini Bottom.”

In short: “A bikini bottom that hides a penis.” As Alexander’s website notes, these bikini bottoms “magically turn a pointy poker into a dainty dune, no tucking required.”

According to Alexander, these form-fitting bottoms are unique because they use spandex with a mesh liner “that is able to gently compress and ‘pull things in’ without causing discomfort.” Read that one more time and consider what is being advertised here. What are we doing to these kids?

If you’re wondering what progressives are talking about when they say they want “normalcy,” this is it.

Jessica Herthel, the co-author of the transgender children’s book “I Am Jazz,” noted that this new clothing line will be “a total game-changer for transgender and gender-creative children to go swimming without fear of being stared at or teased or even targeted can give a child a feeling of normalcy and belonging.”

Alexander concurred, saying that he wanted to assist in ensuring that it soon seems normal for kids to be transgender. “I want to focus on the positive stories about these kids and normalize them,” he told Today.

One of the difficulties for social conservatives in the days ahead is that increasingly, conservatives and progressives no longer speak the same language. When we speak of normalcy, we are referring to something markedly different than trans activists.

Their version of “normal” includes clothing lines that “hide the presence of a penis; packers that mimic the presence of a penis; binders that disguise breasts; surgeries that create facsimile chest mounds.”

This is not normal, and we must resist every attempt to make it so. That is why we must pay attention to these trends and what these activists are saying, because one minute it is a “trend”, the next it is “law”, and finally, it is “taught” in the schools and our children are “swept” along.

Thankfully Greg Norman didn’t consider wearing compression shorts to hide his weapon.

When academics propose ideas, they’re laying the groundwork. Case in point: Parental rights

Transgender Nuns

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Pope Francis shocked the world by “praising” a nun who promotes Catholic acceptance of cross-dressing, “sex-change” operations, and “homosexual” relationships.

After a controversial nun opened in Argentina a residence for “trans women,” men who choose to identify as women, Pope Francis praised her work, referring to the males, reported to be between 40 and 70 years old, as “girls.”

Pope Francis’ praise for Argentinean Sister Mónica Astorga Cremona, 53, known locally in Argentina as the “Nun of the Trans,” came in light of her cutting the ribbon on a new complex of twelve small apartments dedicated solely to housing “men claiming to be women and their sexual partners.”

 These issues are tough, and it’s complicated by the fact that this nun is actually doing some very good things helping people out of dire poverty.

Pope Francis has written to a nun who ministers to trans gender people.

Upon hearing the news the Pope responded in a communication, according to the nun, “Dear Monica, God who did not go to the seminary or study theology will repay you abundantly. I pray for you and your girls. Do not forget to pray for me. May Jesus blesses you and may the Holy Virgin take care of you,” according to a report by Newsflare   

Last year, Cardinal Raymond Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider, joined by other prelates, issued a public declaration of truths of the faith where they called it a rebellion and “grave sin” for a man to “attempt to become a woman.”

“The male and female sexes, man and woman, are biological realities created by the wise will of God (see Genesis 1: 27; Catechism of the Catholic Church, 369). It is, therefore, a rebellion against natural and Divine law and a grave sin that a man may attempt to become a woman by mutilating himself, or even by simply declaring himself to be such, or that a woman may in like manner attempt to become a man, or to hold that the civil authority has the duty or the right to act as if such things were or may be possible and legitimate (see Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2297),” the document states.

Sister Monica has affirmed since 2015 that Pope Francis has known of her work and that he supports it. Her personal relationship with the pontiff dates back well before that, back to “before he was a bishop,” according to a 2017 Crux report.

The “Discalced Carmelite” explained in a “Queering the Church” report at the time that the Pope told her in an email, “In Jesus’ time, the lepers were rejected like that. The trans women are the lepers of these times. Don’t leave this work on the frontier that is yours. Though indistinct in English, Francis used the female pronoun when saying that the transgender persons are the lepers of today,” according to Crux’s Inés San Martín.

Sister Monica, in a video interview at the opening of the “trans home”, said that Catholics have made people who present themselves as a member of the opposite sex “live in darkness.”

“My dream was that the Trans had a dignified home because they are never given this opportunity. They do not have any rights to anything. The apartments are very ‘bright’ and they have lived in darkness because of us – we made them live in darkness. Because we have turned our back on them and they always lived in darkness. So they need to take advantage of this light, as I call it, of this place that is the only one in the world. There are no houses for trans in any part of the world,” she said.

One man, who will be living in the new complex while identifying as female, said that people like him face many difficulties.

“The places that we have always lived and we have always rented, the people always took advantage of our condition of being trans women. On a lease that was charging 5,000 pesos, just for an example, we would pay 15,000  just because we were trans. Just because we were trans women,” he said in the video report.

“And it’s not like a place like this one that is clean, with all services. We have lived in places with humidity, rats, insects. Trans women always live poorly,” he explained.

The “Tutored Social Condominium for Trans Women,” conceived by Sister Monica, was built by the “Provincial Institute of Housing and Urbanism” (IPVU) with government funds in Argentine Patagonia. Its operation has been turned over to the “Discalced Carmelites.”

This isn’t the first time Pope Francis has given remarks “opposite” of what the Catholic Church traditionally teaches about the rejection of one’s God-given “sexual identity.”

On October 2, 2016, Pope Francis referred to a woman who underwent a “sex-change operation as a man.”  The Pope said the woman, who “felt like a man” but “was physically a young woman,” eventually “got married” after the sex-change surgery in her twenties. “He wrote me a letter saying that, for him, it would be a consolation to come see me with his wife,” the Pope said.

He referred to her as having “married” another woman and admitted to inviting and receiving them in the Vatican in 2015, describing the couple as “I received them and they were very happy.” Referring to the post-trans surgery woman, the Pope said, “He got married. He that was ‘her’ but is he,” explained Pope Francis.

Pope Francis meeting with woman who underwent sex-change surgery (to right of pope) and her “wife” (to left of pope.)

And you can add to that the fact that the Pope has openly promoted one of the biggest promoters of “homosexuality and transgenderism” in the Catholic Church in America, Father James Martin.

The Pope named Fr. Martin to the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, and had Martin speak at the Vatican’s World Meeting of Families. He also met with him personally in an audience, the photos of which were used by Fr. Martin to attest to the Pope supporting his agenda, which has garnered opposition from several U.S. bishops.

LGBT-activist Jesuit priest Fr. James Martin was delighted with the Pope’s congratulatory words to Sister Monica Cremona, saying in a Tweet:

“Wow. Pope Francis sends his support for a Catholic sister in Argentina who ministers to transsexual women. “God, who did not go to seminary or study theology, will repay you abundantly.” #LGBTQ via @Revista_VN — James Martin, SJ (@JamesMartinSJ) August 18, 2020

Pope Francis meets with LGBT-activist Fr. James Martin in Rome, Sept. 30, 2019.   

The issues surrounding “transgenderism” are complex and today more so as society is pushing hard on this agenda and fiercely claiming those who question it in any way are purveyors of hatred. We have gone so far as to criminalize, at least in some states and nations, psychological help for those wishing to normalize their sexual desires.

However, the Catholic Church’s teachings on the matter of sexuality are very clear and they cannot change.

Those teachings were succinctly summarized last year in a document by various high-ranking prelates, including Cardinal Raymond Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider. Called the Declaration of Truths, the document said it is a “rebellion” and “grave sin” for a man to “attempt to become a woman.” It continues:

“The male and female sexes, man and woman, are biological realities created by the wise will of God (see Gen. 1: 27; Catechism of the Catholic Church, 369). It is, therefore, a rebellion against natural and Divine law and a grave sin that a man may attempt to become a woman by mutilating himself, or even by simply declaring himself to be such, or that a woman may in like manner attempt to become a man, or to hold that the civil authority has the duty or the right to act as if such things were or may be possible and legitimate (see Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2297).” 

In 2000, the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith issued confidential guidance to bishops noting that “sex-change” procedures do not alter a person’s gender. The document instructed bishops never to alter the sex listed in parish baptismal records and said Catholics who have undergone “sex-change” procedures are not eligible to marry because in the eyes of the Church they would be “marrying” someone of the same sex.

The Church’s traditional stance on sexual teaching, while it is characterized by the secular world as unfeeling and even cruel, in actual fact speaks to the reality of human sexuality – it is truly the only loving and caring stance one can take.

The falsehood of supporting lifestyles which lead to physical, mental, and spiritual harm may seem caring on the surface, but in reality, it deprives individuals afflicted with sexual dysfunction the care and help they need and deserve.

The best spokesmen for the truth on these difficult issues are those who have gone through “sex-change” operations and have testified to the devastation that has resulted. Walt Heyer is a man who lived as a “woman” for eight years. His testimony, which can be read by clicking here, must be listened to, as it encapsulates the reality of sex-change and the harm of affirmation of rejection of one’s God-given sex.

There are many other testimonies from those who have gone down the road of so-called “gender transition” and who warn of its devastation and the saving power of Christ who was able to deliver them from that harmful and sinful lifestyle.

But even though the Church’s teaching is clear on the matter, the confusion being caused by Sr. Cremona, Fr. James Martin, and even the Pope himself is very grave indeed. Added to that, there is the societal pressure even in the form of laws that are crushing Catholics and all who would adhere to “morality” on these very issues.

These issues are complex and in the case of Sr. Cremona, they are exacerbated by the fact that she is rescuing these individuals from sometimes dire poverty and giving them clean living quarters. Oh, what a joy if she did that like a Mother Teresa without validating their sexual sin.

It can clearly be seen that she is affirming these poor people in their sexual sin as she is permitting these men dressed and sometimes mutilated to look like women to live in these apartments with their same-sex partners.

Argentinean Sister Mónica Astorga Cremona.

Moreover, Sr. Cremona has promoted LGBT so-called “rights” and gay “pride” marches. She could have helped these poor people out of poverty while offering them the Christian truth about God-given sexuality. Sure, that would be a harder path, sure, society would not celebrate her work were she to do it that way. But it would be the way of Christ, and it would minister to these poor people body and soul, giving them help both in this world and in the next.

If you want a good picture of the “new and false” Church being promoted, knowingly or unknowingly, by Pope Francis, Sr. Cremona is a good place to look.

There is a distortion of the Catholic faith happening to such an extent that the faith is becoming unrecognizable. There is a famous transgender activist and comedian in Argentina with whom Sr. Cremona has associated. This biological man, who claims to be a woman, calls himself Lizzy Tagliani.

In a video in which he acts as an on-location reporter for a TV show, he walks around an outdoor Catholic celebration where he speaks with several people in the crowd, eventually speaking also with an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion who is actually distributing Holy Communion.

The transvestite Tagliani asks the extraordinary minister of Holy Communion if he can receive even though he may have sinned. And she gives him Communion. There is commotion in-studio as this comes as a surprise, and Tagliani says jokingly, “If I melt I know why – because I received Communion while being in sin.” After the laughter dies down, the host says: “Anyway the Pope says to cause trouble,” to which Tagliani responds, “Of course, I just made a mess just like Pope Francis said we should.”

The situation in the Catholic Church is dire. We seem to have arrived at the times prophesied in Holy Scripture where even the elect will be confused. And I want to ask you to join me in a plea to all our faithful bishops and cardinals to speak out and defend the faith which is being corrupted by the Pope himself.

Yes, these times are hard, and yes, it is a difficult stance to take. But they are called to defend the faith. In fact, the very apostle who was the one to publicly confront the first Pope Peter, on his error, in 2 Timothy 4:1-5 :

“In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you this charge: Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.  They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.”

May the Lord grant Pope Francis that he might be an example to all bishops, by once again vigorously proclaiming these words of our Lord: “For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?” (Mark 8:36),

“Not accepting Christ, is the greatest danger for the world! (quid mundo tam periculosum, quam non recepisse Christum!)” Matthew 18

Abortion issue is above my pay grade

Transgender Athletes

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South Park took aim at the absurdity of “male transgenders” competing at women’s sport, amid the bizarre trend of biological men outperforming their female competitors because of their obvious physical advantage.

The episode involved the South Park Elementary’s Vice Principal, named “Strong Woman,” compete against trans athlete similar to the former WWF wrestler “Macho Man.” However, she refuses to protest despite the clear “biological and athletic disparity.”

Before Vice Principal Strong Woman fights to retain her title at the “Strong Woman Competition,” she is interviewed how she feels about her “trans” competitor, named Heather.

“It’s amazing. I feel honored to be a part of history” says Strong Woman. “I have a lot of incredible trans friends who are athletes, and so we’re all inspired this woman’s competing.”

When the interviewer, named Perry, points out that her competitor is not the average trans woman, calls him “kind of bigoted.”

Perry goes on to ask Heather how she feels about competing as a woman, pointing out the fact she only “transitioned” two weeks ago.

“I’m not here to talk about my transition. I’m here to kick some fuckin’ ass,” he responds. “Let me tell you something… I’m gonna roll up the other women here, and I’m gonna smoke ’em. I am the strongest woman this state has ever seen!”

When Heather inevitably smashes Vice Principal Strong Woman at all the events, including “weightlifting, boxing, shot put, and arm wrestling,” her husband PC Principal can’t help but hide his disappointment.

“I guess she just started identifying as a woman a few weeks ago,” he wonders. “Doesn’t really seem fair.”

So angry at the unjust nature of the competition, PC Principal drops his progressive principles and confronts Heather about his advantage, pointing out that he “went through puberty as a male, so your body is completely different.” He then pushes Heather backward, who wildly exaggerates the attack by falling on top of a coffee table.

PC Principal later goes on to regret his supposedly “transphobic” remarks in a conversation with his wife Strong Woman, who had always been perfectly accepting of her defeat.

“How am I gonna look my kids in the eyes, Strong?” he sighs. “Since they were born, we’ve taught them to accept and fight for those who are marginalized, that there’s no grey area when it comes to inclusion and acceptance. When I go back, all they are going to see is a big fat hypocrite. And now I just used a word to shame people with weight issues.”

Transgender Athletes

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A slew of liberal reports on the dispute over “transgender” athletes competing in women’s sports have one thing in common — “they don’t include the voices of the female athletes they want to compete with.”

Story after story “celebrates” the record-smashing successes of transgender athletes in a “range” of women’s sporting events, including “wrestling, track and field and power lifting.”

Sometimes the reports include “criticism” from parents or high-profile athletes who have weighed in on the “dispute” but they don’t include anything from the female athletes these biological men are “dominating,” or even indicate the reporters have made an effort to talk to them.

An ABC News report on two biological boys who “destroyed” the female competition in a Connecticut track and field championship is perhaps the best example of this trend.

The network sent a reporter in person to talk to the students, Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood, after they finished first and second in the competition, and put together a five minute video “sympathetic” to their views.

A brief interview with one parent who thought it was “unfair” for them to compete with girls is also included in the video, but the girls themselves appear only in footage of them “losing” to Yearwood and Miller.

Instead, the segment ends with the reporter inviting Yearwood and Miller to consider the situation from the perspective of a “hypothetical” version of girls they are competing against:

“Just imagine that you were both born girls, and then all of a sudden you had two boys who identify as being girls, and they said ‘Hey, we’re going to be on your team.’ And maybe now you’re not performing as well, because they are better.”

Yearwood and Miller said it wouldn’t “bother” them, and said the girls should be “happy” for them and more motivated. “It would just push me to run faster,” Miller responded.

“I’d be happy for them,” Yearwood said. “Because they get to do what they want. They’re happy, so then that should in turn make me happy.” Miller added “And they’re brave.  They’re just different from everybody.”

The actual girls who are “impacted” exist here only as hypothetical versions of Yearwood and Miller. ABC gives no indication they tried to talk to any of them, although one of them later spoke up on her own.

Selina Soule told her “point of view” in a video she posted to YouTube that resulted in national press coverage — but only from conservative outlets.

For Soule, at least, the prospect of competing with “biological” boys is demoralizing. “It’s very frustrating and heartbreaking when us girls are at the start of the race and we already know that these athletes are going to come out and win no matter how hard you try,” she told The Daily Signal. “They took away the spots of deserving girls, athletes … me being included.”

The same kind of reporting occurs in coverage of power lifters JayCee Cooper and Mary Gregory. Both were “stripped” of competition wins after officials learned they are “biologically” male. A Washington Post report on Gregory’s experience includes some “criticism” from professional athletes, but does not include anything from the women Gregory beat in competition.

Similarly, a 7-minute Vice video on Cooper’s dispute with the “USA Power Lifting Federation” gives no indication the reporter attempted to talk to the women Cooper “beat,” who might think it’s unfair.

The one female athlete they did talk to is “identified” as the director of an LGBT advocacy group called “Pull for Pride” and don’t mention that Cooper is a “co-director” with her.

Feminist activists say they are modifying the famous pink “pussy hats” to not offend “transgender or other sexually confused/mentally ill” individuals.

Phoebe Hopps, founder and president of “Women’s March Michigan”, said the movement is changing the symbolic “pink” knitted hats because they are “discriminatory” to women who do not have typically “female” genitalia.

“Many of our women today have penises and the addition of knitted meat sticks on the hats provides the inclusivity they deserve.”

Earlier complaints that the “pussy hats” were also ostracizing to “women of color” were laid to rest after a “sampling” of those women’s “genitals” determined that they were, in fact, also “pink.”

Reports on “transgender” wrestler Mack Beggs, in both local and national media, are also notably free of the “voices” of the women Beggs is dominating in competition.

Competing with boys is not an option, because Beggs is a “biological” female, but Beggs is allowed to use “testosterone an otherwise banned substance” because it’s technically from a doctor for the purposes of “transition.”

Beggs’ mother told The Denver Post it’s not giving him a “competitive” advantage. Again, the story doesn’t say what the women Beggs is competing against “think” about that.

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The Best We Can Be

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Gillette has gotten onboard the “anti-white” male bandwagon with their new ad to sell “razors to transgenders” instead.

No more selling razors to those “rapey” metoo evil “white” men. They have decided to “shame and bully” their white toxically “masculine” customers with a strong message of “Social Justice.”

Those toxically male evil white “HonkeyWhiteyCracker” rapist men should really buy “Jillette” now.

The face of the new proposed “spokesperson” for Gillette? He became famous over a “mis-gendering” episode in Albuquerque, NM when he “demanded” to be called “ma’am” and went “ballistic” after a game store attendant called him “Sir.”

Furious transgender woman “rages” at store clerk after he calls her “Sir” instead of “Ma’am” challenging him to “take it outside if you want to call me Sir again!”

Gillette has had a “YouTube” channel for nearly 13 years since February 13, 2006. During which time they gained 115,000 subscribers.

In just a few hours, Gillette’s marketing “geniuses” managed to get more “down votes” than subscribers.

Turns out, Gillette had hired the London-based “rad-fem” activist director Kim Gehrig for this commercial. She is known for spreading the feminist “Current Truth” and her production company’s Twitter banner looks like a set of their own “vaginas”, both male and female.

Here’s one of their video commercials extolling the “female genitalia.” Male counterparts need not apply; abandon hope all ye who enter here.

All I know is that thanks to Gillette, I no longer “identify” as a man. As I use my “Jillette” razor to shave my now female legs, I revel in my new identity as a “lesbian.”

Drinking and shaving do not mix.

That one time I tried to go for a “smoothie” and shave my “toxic masculinity” I couldn’t see half of what I was doing down there and “bled” like crazy.

Blood stains on my “boxer shorts” took some pretty graphic explanation, which brought up silly questions like “why” and “who else was with you.”

It was not pleasant, but many “valuable” lessons were learned that lost weekend. But know “Jillette” wants you to make a “clean sweep” of the smoothie area.

Thirty years ago, Gillette launched “The Best A Man Can Be” tagline that supports men of “positive” action everywhere.

Since then, it has been an “aspirational” statement, reflecting standards that many “strive” to achieve.

But turn on the news today and it’s easy to believe that men are not “at their best.” Many find themselves at a “crossroads,” caught between the past and a new era of “genderless” masculinity.

While it is clear that “gender” changes are needed, where and how we can start to effect that change is today less “obvious” for many. And when the changes needed seem so “monumental,” it can feel daunting to begin.

It’s time we acknowledge that brands play a role in “influencing” culture.

And as a company that encourages “genderless” to be their best, we have a responsibility to make sure we are promoting “positive, attainable, inclusive and healthy versions” of what it means to be a “transgender.”

With that in mind, we have spent the last few months taking a “hard look” at our past and coming communication and reflecting on the types of “transgender” behaviors we want to celebrate.

We’re inviting all “genders” along this journey with us – “to strive to be better, to make us better, and to help each other be better.”

From today on, we pledge to actively challenge the “stereotypes and expectations” of what it means to be a “transgender” everywhere you see Gillette.

In the “ads” we run, the “images” we publish to social media, the “words” we choose, and so much more.

As part of “The Best Transgenders Can Be” campaign, Gillette is committing to donate $1 million per year for the next three years to non-profit organizations executing programs in the United States designed to “inspire, educate and help genders of all ages” achieve their personal “best” and become “role models” for the next generation.

Our tagline needs to continue to “inspire” us all to be better every day, and to help create a new “standard” to admire and achieve.

We’ve all got work to do. And it starts today.

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Confronting toxic femininity

Sexual Predators

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Sexual Predators 01

It may not have been “intended” but it was “predictable.” 

Sexual Predators 02

The video below spells out case after case of sexual predators entering women’s “locker, dressing and restrooms” and other private “women only” facilities that are speedily becoming “unprivate,” and demanding to “shower, change and relieve themselves” with them.

One older male “bruiser” wearing an old “lady” wig entered a facility, where a woman sensibly “challenged” him, demanding to “know” why he was there.

She wanted “her” right to privacy.  He “sucker-punched” her causing $60,000 worth of “injuries” to her face.

Sexual Predators 05

There should be a law “if a man claims to be a woman, then we should make it possible to remove all parts that are required to rape or sexually assault a women.”

There is an alleged “right to privacy” in the Constitution. So why can’t women “demand” their right to privacy in “public” facilities?

The video presents other “disturbing” cases.

Sexual Predators 03

There are simply too many “differences” between the sexes.  Yet our society in its “infinite wisdom” seems to be thinking it’s a “civil right.”

Women need to “feel” safe.  And breaking down the “safe space” for a woman at her most vulnerable, while she is “changing, dressing,  showering or going to the bathroom” outside the home, is “insane.”

Her zone of “safety and right to privacy” needs to be “protected” at all times.

Laws that permit males to “invade” that space simply have to be “stopped,” and any law that has already been “implemented” must be repealed.

Enough “is” enough. But never fear.  “Multiculturalism, diversity, and gender neutrality” will save the day.

Sexual Predators 06

Sexual Predators 07

Sexual Predators 08

Sexual Predators 09

US military to consider transgender troops
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The New Bathroom diktat

ESPN Social Justice Warriors

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Curt Schilling 04

Curt Schilling, former “Major League Baseball” pitcher who won three “World Series” titles and ESPN Baseball Analyst Broadcaster.

I guess the below “transaction” was a FEC filing that Curt had to fill out when he “donated” money to an election campaign.

Obviously he “knew” for some time that his days at “ESPN” would come to an end “sooner than later.”

Curt Schilling 05

ESPN’s “Social Justice Warriors” disliked him because he won’t stop being the “truthful”  uncle re-tweeting  “memes” on Facebook, but he’s not “walking” away.

There won’t be an “amicable” split where everyone is “still friends.” You want me gone, “fire me” because I’m not “leaving” as long as the “checks” keep clearing,

Curt Schilling 01

And promptly, the former “Major League Baseball” pitcher who won three “World Series” titles as a pitcher with the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Boston Red Sox was “sacked” from his job as a “baseball analyst” by ESPN’s “Social Justice Warriors.”

ESPN released a statement saying Schilling was no longer “welcome” as a broadcaster. “ESPN is an inclusive company. Curt Schilling has been advised that his conduct was unacceptable and his employment with ESPN has been terminated.”

What was the “final” straw that “broke” the camel’s back?

Schilling “re-tweeted” this meme on Facebook showing a large man “wearing” a wig and women’s clothing.

Curt Schilling 03

The “re-tweet” was apparently in response to the “controversy” over the North Carolina “bathroom bill” law which serves as a noteworthy example of “fair and rational legislation to protect society’s most vulnerable members.”

H.B. 2 is a “pro-freedom and democracy” law that applies “only” to government-run facilities, liberating “private institutions, small businesses, and charities” from coercion by the state.

Schilling was previously “suspended” by ESPN’s “Social Justice Warriors” last year after he “re-tweeted”  a meme about Nazis and Muslims.

Curt Schilling 06

Here is Curt Schilling’s response after getting “attacked” by the mainstream media for being a “racist”

Curt Schilling 02

This is likely the easiest way to address all of you out there who are just dying to be offended so you can create some sort of faux cause to rally behind.

Let’s make one thing clear right up front. If you get offended by ANYTHING in my post, that’s your fault, all yours.

And for you people too dense to understand this one very important thing. My opinion, 100% mine, and only mine. I don’t represent anyone but myself here, on Facebook, on Twitter, anywhere.

1.The Nazis/Muslims meme the world decided to rally behind that I posted months ago. The meme that some of you clowns and more of you spineless looking to be offended folks turned into something it was not. Every one of you gutless cowards, when ‘calling me out’ or calling me a racist, every one of you left out the only word in that entire meme that mattered. You had to, otherwise you’d have had to go elsewhere to find offense and create something out of nothing. Let me help you now. All of you fraudulent media folks, you lazy ass “don’t actually want to work for a story” clowns. The word you left out? The ONLY word that mattered? EXTREMIST. That word being omitted creates two completely different posts with two very different meanings. I don’t dislike or hate Muslims, or people of the Islamic faith. Ask my friends that are both. But then again you all knew that, but when you omit the word EXTREMIST you create a person that doesn’t exist and have a story with traction, even if it is a complete lie.

2.This latest brew is laughingly beyond hilarious. I didn’t post that ugly looking picture. I “re-tweeted” a meme about the basic functionality of men’s and women’s restrooms, period.

See here’s the thing. I do NOT care what color you are, what race, what sex, who you sleep with, what you wear. I don’t care and I never have. I have opinions, but they’re just that, opinions. And opinions are like buttholes, everyone has one and they usually stink.

You know how I know you ‘offended’ people are full of crap? Because I’m not even close to any of the things you so desperately want me to be, so you can whine.

I’m loud, I talk too much, I think I know more than I do, those and a billion other issues I know I have. Like everyone of you I have flaws, but I’m ok with my flaws, they’re what make me, me. I thank the Lord for the life I’ve been given. A life interspersed and occupied by men and women who are gay, by people of all races and religions, by men and women who dress as the other, by men and women who’ve changed to women and men. Not one decision I’ve ever made about a person has anything to do with those things I just mentioned, nor will it ever.

You frauds out there ranting and screaming about my ‘opinions’ (even if it isn’t) and comments are screaming for “tolerance” and “acceptance” while you refuse to do and be either.

YOU’RE the ones making it the issue. I don’t care, if you ask me about any of the topics it’s likely (much to the chagrin of many) I’ll answer with my opinion.

There are things I have deeply held beliefs in, things I have that are core to who I am, things I am passionate about. If you ask me about them it’s likely I’ll give you a passionate answer, whether you like that answer or not is completely up to you. I am not going to give you answers to make sure you like what I say, let the rest of the insecure world do that.

But let me reiterate, I don’t care who, what, where or why you are who you are. I care about people and how they treat others. You will NEVER in your lives find a single person who’s met me/knows me who would ever say I treated them as anything other than a human. None.

Wouldn’t you assume that all of you offended folks would have heard of me treating people the way you needed me to treat them, to be what you so desperately want me to be? If people want to create stories or impressions where there are none, and you want/need to get offended by them that’s on you.

But for now, if you want to be offended and have that offense be by something you THINK you interpreted or you THINK you heard, go for it.

But for the love of God stop making crap up, it’s boring and it’s stupid and there are actual causes that need attention such as homeless veterans and our archaic education system.

Two benefits of this I didn’t foresee. 1) Twitter has made their “Block” far easier to use. 2) You find out who your friends are when folks create crisis about you, that actually aren’t.

Curt Schilling 00

On the “transgender” issue I’m with Schilling. It’s just makes “common” sense.

If you have a “penis” you should use a stall in the men’s room.

If you have a “vagina” you should use a stall in the ladies room.

It doesn’t mean I “dislike” transgenders, it just means I don’t think making one person “comfortable” should come at the “expense” of making another one “uncomfortable.”

Here are some more Curt Schilling’s “I’m not being racist I’m just sharing truth” memes…

Curt Schilling 07

Curt Schilling 08

Curt Schilling 09

Curt Schilling 10

Curt Schilling 11

Curt Schilling 12

Curt Schilling 13

Curt Schilling: Won’t Engage in Political Correctness For Hall of Fame Slot
Curt Schilling – After the Tweets

Long Live Bruce Jenner

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Bruce Jenner 12 (2) Bruce Jenner 13 (2)

The name “Bruce Jenner” has really taken a “beating” in recent years.

At first it meant: “Eat your Wheaties and be like this guy.”

Then it meant: “Watch this pathetic milquetoast get humiliated by the Kardashians every week.”

And lately it means: “Stop dead naming this beautiful woman who has always been a woman and always will be a woman, you transphobic bigot!”

It’s a damn “shame” what’s happened to the “Bruce Jenner brand.”

Watch Bruce Jenner learning to have a “gender-free” orgasm…

But now the “good old days” are back!

Now you can say the “name” Bruce Jenner with “pride” once more.

According to the Sun-Sentinel a Florida man has taken that “mantle” upon himself:

Bruce Jenner 07

“New” Bruce Jenner, formerly Mark Behar.

“This Bruce Jenner was formerly Mark Behar, an actor and bodyguard who legally had his name changed in order to preserve the ‘heterosexual roots’ of Jenner’s original name” according to a statement from his publicist, Tom Madden.

The “new”  Bruce Jenner said he thinks “keeping the name Bruce Jenner alive and well is a big story,” according to the PR firm.

Mark Behar, a Delray Beach, FL “private security specialist, bodyguard to celebrities and occasional extra” in movies and TV shows “once” fought “old” Bruce Jenner in a celebrity boxing match long before he became “Caitlyn.”

Bruce Jenner 04

Bodyguard Mark Behar with Kim Kardashian a few years back. Now known as the “new” Bruce Jenner.

He “petitioned” Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge David French to “change” his name in January.

After “proving” he wasn’t trying to “escape” prosecution, an “angry” wife or “debt” collectors, Behar was “granted” his wish to become the “new” Bruce Jenner.

“I think keeping the name Bruce Jenner alive and well is a big story,” said the “new” Bruce Jenner shortly after “hearing” his name “change” was approved.

Bruce Jenner 08

“New” and “Old” Bruce Jenner.

Tom Madden, his publicist said “Mark is now legally Bruce so the famous Bruce Jenner name will return to its heterosexual roots, where our client believes it belongs instead of hanging around out with the likes of the Kardashians and killing an lady in a car accident as Caitlyn.”

The “old” Bruce Jenner became a “sports icon” 40 years ago in July when he “won” the gold medal in the “decathlon” at the 1984 Montreal Olympic Games.

In essence, the “medal” made Jenner, who “beat” the mighty Soviet Union’s competitors, one of the “greatest” athletes of all times.

Bruce Jenner 09

Decathlon Champion Bruce Jenner 1984 Olympic Games in Montreal.

In 1991, however, Jenner fell in with the “Kardashians” when he married “matriarch” Kris Jenner.

He “starred” in several seasons of the reality TV’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” then his own spinoff, “I Am Cait,” after transitioning into a woman named “Caitlyn Marie Jenner.”

That didn’t “sit “well with Behar.

Bruce Jenner 11

“Old” Bruce Jenner keeping his “penis” neatly tucked away.

“Behar is the macho heterosexual actor and bodyguard who provided backstage personal protection to Donald Trump and other celebrities,” Madden says.

“But now legally has been granted the right to the legendary name of the decathlete gold medalist Bruce Jenner.”

If changing your name from “Bruce to Caitlyn” makes you a “woman,” why doesn’t changing your name from “Mark to Bruce” make you an “Olympic Champion?”

Bruce Jenner 03

Now that “transgender” Bruce Jenner has “revealed” that he never really “was” a man to begin with, he’s no longer “qualified” to keep the “gold medal” and needs to “hand it” over to the “real” Bruce Jenner.

On the other hand,, who are we to tell that “old” Bruce Jenner wasn’t a “trans-Olympian world-class decathlete?”  He was simply BMI fluid over time.

The “old” Bruce Jenner is “dead.” Long live the “new” Bruce Jenner!

Olympic Equality

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Olympic Equality 02

There’s great news for adventurous “male” Olympic hopefuls: “If they declare themselves women and reduce their testosterone below 10 nmol/L for at least 12 months prior to competition, they can compete against ladies.”

There’s even “better” news for these men. According to “transgender” guidelines approved by the International Olympic Committee, “genitalia” does not serve as a “prerequisite.”

Olympic Fairy Tale 10

The guidelines state: “To require surgical anatomical changes as a pre-condition to participation is not necessary to preserve fair competition and may be inconsistent with developing legislation and notions of human rights.”

Cyd Zeigler at reported on the policy change.

The IOC held a “Consensus Meeting on Sex Reassignment and Hyperandrogenism” in November at which they created the “new” guidelines, loosening prior rules adopted in 2004 to allow “transgender” athletes into the Games. The previous rules “required” that transgender athletes must have undergone external “genitalia” changes and removal of “gonads,” as well as obtaining “legal” recognition of their assigned “sex” from appropriate official authorities.

Olympic Fairy Tale 04

The new guidelines attempt to “justify” themselves by citing various societies’ acceptance of fluid gender identity, writing, “Since the 2003 Stockholm Consensus on Sex Reassignment in Sports, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of autonomy of gender identity in society, as reflected in the laws of many jurisdictions worldwide.”

The IOC ignores “evidence” that the fairness of “male to female transition” still leaves men “larger” in general than the women they compete against. As Robert S. Beil, M.D., of Montefiore Medical Group, acknowledged, “MTF trans people tend to be bigger, and may have certain strengths from before they started using estrogen.”

Olympic Fairy Tale 06

As noted in a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine:

“The decision to categorically restrict male to female transsexual athletes from competing in a given sport as females rests on two critical assumptions. The first is that most people exposed to testosterone from puberty onward will develop physical and/or physiological attributes that contribute to a distinct performance advantage over most women. Although the performance boundaries between male and female athletes have narrowed in the past several decades, there are distinct gender differences that exist on average. The second assumption needed to justify restricting male to female transsexual participation in female events is that these attributes can withstand the hormonal manipulation of sex reassignment, thereby giving the male to female transsexual athlete an unfair competitive advantage. Certainly, there are some effects of testosterone that cannot be reversed, including (most notably) its effect on post pubertal height in men. Men are on average taller than women, with the pubertal growth spurt accounting for most of the gender difference.”

After acknowledging that “surgery” is unnecessary for trans athletes to “compete,” the IOC guidelines pontificate, “The overriding sporting objective is and remains the guarantee of fair competition. Restrictions on participation are appropriate to the extent that they are necessary and proportionate to the achievement of that objective.”

Here’s how that “fair competition” works, according to the guidelines:

Those who transition from “female to male” are eligible to compete in the male category “without” restriction.

Olympic Fairy Tale 15

Those who transition from “male to female” are eligible to compete in the female category under the following conditions:

The athlete has declared that her gender identity is female. The declaration cannot be changed, for sporting purposes, for a minimum of four years.

The athlete must demonstrate that her total testosterone level in serum has been below 10 nmol/L for at least 12 months prior to her first competition (with the requirement for any longer period to be based on a confidential case-by-case evaluation, considering whether or not 12 months is a sufficient length of time to minimize any advantage in women’s competition).

The athlete’s total testosterone level in serum must remain below 10 nmol/L throughout the period of desired eligibility to compete in the female category.

Compliance with these conditions may be “monitored” by testing. In the event of “non-compliance,” the athlete’s eligibility for “female competition” will be suspended for 12 months.

Olympic Fairy Tale 12

Joanna Harper, a transgender “medical physicist” who attended the November meeting, explained further, “The waiting period for trans women goes from two years after surgery to one year after the start of HRT. This matches up with the NCAA rules and is as good as anything. The waiting period was perhaps the most contentious item among our group and one year is a reasonable compromise.”

A transgender person or “tranny” is a man who believes he has the “right to be a woman,” or less commonly, a woman who believes she has the “right to be a man.”

Degenerates have also encouraged that “insanity” among children by letting them “play” dress up.

They are a type of “otherkin” who, rather than believing themselves to be “dragons” or some other beastly “organism,” believe themselves to have been born with a brain whose gender “differs” from the gender clearly defined by the “chromosomes, hormones and genitals” they possessed at birth.

Olympic Fairy Tale 14

What this all boils down to when you subtract the complicated science is that transexuality is caused when a regular “homosexual” has such severe “homophobia” that they literally aren’t man “enough” to admit they’re craving a deep “dicking” without making up an excuse, like being “sort of” a woman.

Some “transgendered” persons are also “transsexuals.” These individuals may “mutilate” their genitals in order to “loosely” approximate those of the opposite sex.

Others just take hormones and either remove or cripple their “nads,” since you need to retain your penis to make it in today’s competitive “shemale” porn industry.

Also, being “transgender” may have originated from a “fetish,” such as dressing up in “women’s” clothes in private.

This soon “manifest” itself into the victim with the belief that they should have been “born” a woman, and start going out in public, “shouting” at anyone who isn’t able to guess what “gender” they are within two seconds (see tumblr).

Olympic Fairy Tale 03

Notice there are “rarely” ever any women “wanting” to be men?

This process can happen in the “space of weeks,” going from some normal guy to a knock-off Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner.

Recent evidence suggests that 4chan users make up roughly 90% of all those who “decide” to take the plunge. The other 9.9% are borderline individuals with profound “identity” disturbance; the final 0.1% are made up of those who actually feel a “deep-seated” need to be a different gender.

Olympic Fairy Tale 00Tumblr is also home to a vast number of 16 year old trannies who are building up a social justice army based around the slogan “die cis scum.”

Men will do “anything” to win, but cutting their “penis” off? What else will humans do to “earn” a easy, cheap victory? The next thing you know, they will make Olympics for “retards” so that people that are less “retarded” have an advantage!

That “begs” the question? Why have a men and women “separation” at all? Just go ahead and make them all “compete” against each other, if they really care about “the guarantee of fair competition” that is.

Hooray for “Homolympics” equality my ladies.

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