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Target Restroom Horror

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81 year old Cynthia Cunningham was “hospitalized” during the early morning hours after she was found barely “conscious” in Target’s “genderless” restroom.

The elderly woman “fell” into the toilet becoming “stuck” in the commode because the “transgender” seat was left up.

According to the “victim’s” family, Cunningham went “missing” after she went into town to “buy” her grandson a “birthday card and video game.”

The “frail” women with “poor” eyesight and a “weak” bladder was recorded on security cameras “rushing” into the Target restroom a half-hour before the store “closed” only to not “emerge” until EMT’s carried her out on a “stretcher” the next morning.

“It’s horrendous” stated Bradley Cunningham, the victims forty year old son. “We were worried sick all night long and we’re out looking for her. I can’t believe she was trapped in a Target toilet for ten hours all because of a lifted seat in the genderless room.”

Surveillance “footage” showed that the staff “locked” up the store and failed to “check” the restrooms before going home. This left Cunningham “screaming” for help all night long.

When she was “discovered” the following morning by an employee she could not “stand” on her own and her voice was so “hoarse” she hardly could speak.

The only “signs” of life were her shallow “breaths and slight eye movements.” The incident was made all the “worse” when the automated lights “shut off” leaving her to suffer in the “pitch black” all alone throughout the night.

College and university students in the San Francisco area were quick to “condemn” Cynthia Cunningham saying that her “injury” was a result of her own “ignorance” about the struggles and hardships “transgender” people facing everyday in today’s world.

Steven Brandenburg, a campus leader and organizer for “progressive” demonstrations at USC called for a “protest” outside the hospital Cunningham was admitted.

“We need to highlight and shame ignorance and bigotry wherever it may be found.” Brandenburg posted on his twitter feed.

“This biased and transphobic relic of a bygone era clearly demonstrates how society marginalizes the challenges transgender people have when finding acceptance and understanding among the mainstream straight population. If Cynthia Cunningham would have educated herself a bit more she would not be in the situation she is now.”

There is no “word” about Cunningham’s condition but she will soon be “moved” to another hospital to avoid the student “protesters” who have been “turning” up at the hospital campus “damaging” property throughout the day.

No one said the “struggle” for gender equity in Target restrooms would be easy. No one said there would not be “collateral” damage.

“Granny” Cunningham took a “bullet” for Social Justice!

Let’s not “forget” our progressive  “brothers and sisters” who are forced to “use” genderless toilets “one handed.”


Orgy Parties At Target

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Target Glory Holes 00

Shopping in Target is undeniably an “erotic” experience.

The way that the “red and white” colors contrast with the “items on the shelves” is enough to create a “literal mental orgy.”

Now, if your local Target store suddenly erupts into an “eyes wide shut” scenario, no one will be surprised.

Because Target is a special, unstoppable brand of “porn-induced orgy parties.”

Target people doing their “regular” shopping got a brief taste when suddenly the “music” stopped and all they could “hear” over the intercom was very loud “porn” with lots of extremely NSFW language getting shoppers “erotic juices” flowing.

How people “managed” to prevent basic “mating instincts” from taking over, we’ll never know.

A young mother said: “People offered to help me cover my twins’ ears…others threw their stuff down and walked out. Employees were running around everywhere. Picking and hanging up phones, which worked for about two minutes before it started up again.”

“We can’t do this right here in the store” male shoppers said, buttoning up their shirts and saving shoppers from a smothering “flesh tsunami.”

Future Target “sex apocalypses” are cancelled until all restrooms are “genderless.”

Flush-Target-Ad 01

Shortly following the announcement that Target will observe a “gender neutral” policy for their restrooms, “orgy parties” have been promptly organized by various “transsexual” lovers.

Unfortunate shoppers who “happen to be” in the restroom at the time, some with their children, became unwitting “spectators” to some of the most blatant “debauchery” in decades.

One mother who was in the Ladies restroom with her 9 year old daughter described one of these “horrifying” events saying a number of “creepy” looking men and women “walked” in and immediately began “stripping and petting” each other.

One cisgender “grabbed” the Mother’s hair and tried to pull her into the pile of “nude” people engaged in sexual intercourse but she manage to “escape” from the bathroom with her daughter leaving behind “scarred”memories.

While there has been “multiple” reports across the country of these “types of events” it is far from the only kind of extreme “sexual behavior” observed in Target Restrooms.

Target Glory Holes 01

Another problem that the department store has been “dealing” with is the large number of “Glory Holes” popping up across the country in Target restrooms.

In a very short time, Target “gender neutral” bathrooms have become one of the most “dangerous” places, comparable to run down “truck stops and highway rest areas” which are notorious stalking grounds for “sexual predators.”

Target Glory Holes 02

Someone posted an “advisory notice” informing shoppers that for the “time being” Target bathrooms are not a “suitable” place for families or “vulnerable” individuals under the current Target “restroom” policy.

“I was very shocked when I first saw it,” said Michelle Obama, a frequent Target shopper, who found the sign.

”At first I was a little confused. I took it as fact. Heterosexual cisgender men were allowed in the bathroom now,” said Michelle.

Target Glory Holes 05jpg

Where will Michelle Obama take a leak while shopping for snacks and all things Spandex?

But then, she found out more about Target’s policy that says it allows “transgender”people to use the restroom corresponding with their “gender identity.”

That’s when Flotus got “angry” at whoever posted the sign.

“I realized it was obviously somebody who was transphobic or somebody who wanted to basically state that transgender women are men and that’s not OK with me,” she said.

It’s not OK with Andrea Zekis either. “I belong in a women’s restroom because I’m a woman,” said Zekis.

Transgender 03

Zekis said as a “transgender” woman, she just wants “what everyone else wants, a restroom that’s safe and private.”

“It’d be completely inappropriate for me to use the men’s room. So I see that as someone who just doesn’t understand transgender people and their experiences,” Zekis said.

She and other advocates said “transgender people often face discrimination and violence.”

Target Glory Holes 03

“Signs like that create an even more hostile climate for transgender people who are among the most vulnerable in our communities,” said Jeana Frazzini, co-executive director for Basic Rights Oregon.

Zekis said “depression and suicide” in the transgender community are very “real” issues.

“The hate and misunderstanding towards transgender people has a cost and it’s in the lives of young people and it’s the lives of people who don’t have a place,” said Zekis.

“That language you saw in that bathroom is telling some trans people that they don’t belong.”

Michelle Fat Ass 06

Transgender Michelle Obama?

A Target spokesperson said they’re “trying” to find out who “put up the sign.”

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama said she “won’t be shopping” at Target until she knows it “wasn’t a Target employee” who put the sign up.

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Racism at Target

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Michelle Racism 03

People magazine published excerpts from a forthcoming “interview” with the Obama’s in which they relate their “own” personal experiences with “racism” before coming to the White House.

President Obama mentioned “two” experiences:

1. Being handed keys at a valet station while waiting for his car.
2. Being mistaken for a waiter while at a formal dinner dressed in a tuxedo.


“There’s no black male my age, who’s a professional, who hasn’t come out of a restaurant and is waiting for their car and somebody didn’t hand them their car keys.”

Who would have “imagined” Michelle Obama being the “victim” of “racism” at Target?

Michelle Racism 01

For her part, Michelle Obama “appears” to be claiming she was, but this is at “odds” with how she previously told the story. Here she offers the following example:

“I tell this story – I mean, even as the first lady – during that wonderfully publicized trip I took to Target, not highly disguised, the only person who came up to me in the store was a woman who asked me to help her take something off a shelf. Because she didn’t see me as the first lady, she saw me as someone who could help her. Those kinds of things happen in life. So it isn’t anything new.”

In the context in which it appears, the First Lady seems to be “claiming” this incident is an example of “racial” bias.

Michelle Racism 07

It comes right after a paragraph in which Michelle “describes” her husband’s difficulties getting a “cab” in Chicago.

The very next paragraph describes the interview as touching on “the national discussion of race and racial profiling.”

Of course “short” people often ask “tall” people like Michelle who is 5’11” for “help” in stores all the time.

There’s nothing “racial or condescending” about it.

In fact, being asked for “help” reaching something is really the opposite of “belittling” them.

Michelle Racism 04

As for the First Lady’s “experience,” it’s important to note that she was “dressed down” in slacks and wearing a “baseball cap and dark sunglasses” on her trip to Target.

She even “pushed” her own cart. And when the First Lady told this “story” on David Letterman’s show, there was not a “hint” of any “racial” connotation.

On the contrary, Michelle “emphasized” that the woman who asked was “short” and simply didn’t “recognized” her:

“I have to tell you something about this trip though. No one knew that was me. Because a woman actually walked up to me, right –I was in the detergent aisle– and she said, I kid you not, she said ‘Excuse me, I just have to ask you something.’ And I thought cover’s blown. She said, ‘Can you reach on that shelf and hand me the detergent?’ I kid you not. And the only thing she said–I reached up cause she was short–I reached up and pulled it down. She said ‘Well, you didn’t have to make it look so easy.’ That was my interaction. I felt so good…She had no idea who I was. I thought as soon as she walked up I looked my–I was with my assistant–and I said this is it. It’s over. We’re going to have to leave; she just needed the detergent.”

Is it likely someone could “fail” to recognize the First Lady? Anyone who has ever watched a segment of Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking” knows that most “ordinary” Americans are not very familiar with “politicians.”

In this video a young woman does “recognize” a photo of Mrs. Obama but when asked for her name says it’s “Windy.”

Add a “hat and dark glasses” to the photo and chances are a lot of Americans wouldn’t recognize the “First Lady,” especially if she was “pushing” a cart at Target.

Really, what are the odds?

As it stands now, People Magazine is “framing” this as the First Lady’s example of a “recent” experience with “racism.”

If accurate, this seems a very “odd” story to present as evidence of “racial” bias.

Back in 2011, Obama’s “top” adviser, Valerie Jarrett, “mistook” a four-star general for a “waiter” during a fancy dinner hosted by the Alfalfa Club.

Michelle Racism 06

According to a source, as the general “walked” by Jarrett’s table, she “signaled” to him that she wanted more “libation.”

“I’d like another glass of wine,” she reportedly said. Like a gentleman, the “career military” man didn’t make a “fuss” of the matter.

“The guy dutifully went up and got her a glass of wine, and then came back and gave it to her and took a seat at the table,” the source said.

“Everyone is in tuxedos and gowns at this thing, but the military people are in full dress uniform.”

Considering it was Valerie Jarrett, I’m sure she knew “exactly” who she was “demeaning.”

Michelle Racism 05

Or how about being the “guy” who asked Obama to get him a cup of coffee and a “pig in a blanket” a decade ago before he “became” President?

Do you even “tell” that story? Because make no “mistake” people love to tell “President” stories.

If you’ve ever “met” someone who has met President Obama you’ll know almost “immediately” because that will be the “first thing” they tell you.


“I met the President once.” “Oh yeah? Where?” “Um-mm, well it was outside of Gibson’s, I tried to get him to park my Lexus, handed him a quarter, and called him boy, but the details aren’t really important, what’s important is I met him.”

“Racism” is obviously what put this trio of “ingrates” in the White House. These Democrat “race” hustlers are shameless.

Members of the “Democratic” party 150 years ago would have seen Valerie, Michelle and her “worthless” husband all “picking” cotton today on some southern plantation.

Michelle Racism 02

If not for “Republicans” that is. Doesn’t get any more “backwards” than this.

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