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Kenyan Imposter

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Was Trump Laid Low Just to Satisfy Barack Obama’s Ego?
By Jeannie DeAngelis

After studying the Kenyan Imposter for 14 years, it’s evident that the former president was, and is, a thin-skinned, vindictive, narcissistic, self-obsessed child.  Condescending Barack Obama has proven that accolades are his life’s blood.  When accolades turn into differing opinions, the former POTUS soothes his wounded ego by publicly disgracing his critics.

Barack Obama thinks so highly of himself that disagreeing with anything he says makes all challengers the target of mockery and ruin.

Take, for instance, the former president spending eight years sharing his distaste for what he believes is a deeply flawed nation.  If critics dared challenge Obama’s plan to fundamentally transform the United States of America” into a Saul Alinsky nightmare, they often met with acerbic pushback.

Throughout his presidency, Obama consistently admonished or sarcastically insulted his critics.  To punish conservatives, the former president creatively weaponized a federal agency and sicced the IRS on detractors he referred to as teabaggers.”

By articulating his disdain for bitter gun-clinging Judeo-Christians, Obama found a way to openly reaffirm his deep-seated hate for the First and Second Amendments.  Then, in an attempt to make his true feelings known to his detractors, Obama vilified law enforcement and the U.S. militarycensored and surveilled U.S. citizens, and deprecated right-leaning news anchors.

A spiteful Obama imposed his vision on the rebellious by resettling middle-class neighborhoods with unvetted putative refugees, destroying jobs, waving thousands of medically compromised illegals over the border, and insulting Israel by sharing American wealth with genocidal regimes.

In other words, if Bathhouse Barry sensed disapproval, detractors could expect to be tacitly schooled in a backhanded, albeit painful way.

Fast-forward to 2016, and in the race for the White House, an “America First” non-politician caused Obama’s Marxist momentum to come to a screeching halt.  The election of Donald Trump symbolized the antithesis of everything the progressive left stood for.  Trump campaigned on reverence for God and respect for the sanctity of life.  He inspired patriotism and had workable plans to create jobs and renew the economy — all of the things Barack had spent eight years attempting to destroy.

In one night, Barry Soetoro’s Marxist takeover was sidelined by a populist billionaire who dared to disagree with the left’s doctrine.  Imagine Obama’s embarrassment — all that “Hope and Change,” crushed by the weight of a guy with bad hair who hailed from Queens.  Let’s just say that after Hillary lost, she probably wasn’t the only one smashing vases and sticking pins into voodoo dolls.

Rest assured: Hillary’s slap-down was most definitely personalized by the touchy “all about me” narcissist as a total rejection of his anti-American radicalism.  Hence his admitted desire for a third term.”

Nevertheless, if “past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior,” after that crushing loss, Obama most likely invested his time making sure there would be hell to pay.  That’s why, based on the former president’s typical response to humiliation, from that night forward, Barack likely slept little and planned much.

Thanks to orchestrated overkill, some Americans believe that Trump lost to a guy with dementia, was impeached twice, will lose the right to run for a second run, and might be denied a presidential library.  No Twitter, no Facebook, no nothing.

Although pure speculation, that sort of heavy-handedness indicates that it might have been Obama all along concocting an attack to purge “Orange Man Bad” from the collective consciousness.  In Barack’s sick, twisted mind, the former president probably is deluded enough to believe he can re-establish his legacy by making a complete ass out of someone who dared confront the progressive global vision Obama took mainstream.

With that in mind, since President Trump took office, it’s hard to not smell Obama’s obsessive stink all over a calculated effort to destroy a good man.

Of late, those carefully crafted plans include acrimony and suspicious ACORNish activity, not to mention a year-long lockdown and Rules for Radicals” style chaos.  Recently, Americans witnessed a sham inauguration and post-inaugural mischief where every executive order Joe the Automaton signed reeked with the stench of Obama’s malicious effort to reinstate himself as all-knowing redeemer.

Lest we forget, Kamala “I’m Speaking Harris has had a longstanding relationship with former president Obama.  Thus the reason for her meteoric rise from the shadows of Willie Brown’s “love shack” to the vice presidency.  Unfortunately for America, besides having a cackle from hell, the best-looking attorney general on the planet also has Barry’s slimy fingerprints all over her high tops.

Then there’s the return of the posse of familiar co-conspirators who emerged from the political ash heap of history to take up where the Obama era left off.  Those throwbacks include the likes of White House press secretary Jen Pink Hat Psaki and domestic secretary Susan Rice, who, on behalf of her old boss, would be more than willing to rise from a cobwebbed crypt to deliver social and economic pain to 74 million of Trump’s loyal supporters.

Considering that, and more, it’s hard to deny that Joe “Marionette” Biden is probably being nudged around by a syndicate of Obama-directed operatives.

Trust me: since 2016, the former president’s goal has been not only to help Democrats win back the White House, nor has it been merely to complete the anti-American job he had hoped Hillary would finish.  Oh, no!  Based on Obama’s track record of revenge, with the help of the media and Big Tech, Alinsky’s star agitator may be the one who instituted a plan to soothe his wounded ego by making sure Donald Trump, his family, and his supporters are permanently blackballed and publicly disgraced.

That’s why, if all goes according to plan, there will be an “Obama-inspired, Pelosi-goaded, RINO-supported” impeachment trial designed expressly to put Trump and his supporters on notice that “punitive reprisal” awaits anyone who defies the tenets Barack Obama spent eight years cramming down America’s throat.

In the meantime, the former “community organizer” is probably stirring a massive vat of warm tar and plucking bushels full of chicken feathers for the impending walk of shame he hopes will be the death knell for Donald Trump’s reputation.

Hence, what the world is witnessing isn’t only an Obama Redux dressed up in a Biden suit; this is about extracting “political blood” for an insufferable egomaniac named Barack Obama, whose thirst for retribution remains unquenchable until all his critics are destroyed.

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Muslim Ban

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In a speech to American Muslim voters, Joe Biden publicly promised that he would “overturn” President Trump’s Muslim Ban on the very first day of his presidency. 

“I will end the Muslim Ban on Day one.” Biden boastfully said at the Million Muslim Voters Summit, an online event hosted by the American Muslim political group Emgage Action.

What Biden calls Trump’s “Muslim Ban” only applies to high-risk countries where “Islamic terrorism” is a problem, and not even all Muslim countries where it is a problem, so  it can hardly be called a “Muslim Ban.”

The ban initially “restricted” travel from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad, Venezuela and North Korea. Chad was later removed from the list. The United States Supreme Court’s majority argued that the policy was not a Muslim ban, citing the inclusion of North Korea and Venezuela and the administration’s process of granting exemptions.

In February 2020, President Trump added Africa’s biggest country, Nigeria, Myanmar, Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan and Tanzania, to his restricted travel list. The ban will also prevent immigrants from Sudan and Tanzania from moving to the United States through the diversity visa lottery.

Considering that there are 56 Muslim-majority countries, these restrictions on just a few Muslim countries, hardly constitute a “Muslim ban.”  Even Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. wrote that Mr. Trump had the “statutory authority” to make national security judgments in the realm of immigration.

Biden and his surrogates say they intend to act quickly on the following:

Middle East: Restore assistance to the Palestinian Authority that the Trump administration has eliminated, as well as to agencies that support Palestinian refugees. Biden hasn’t said he will reverse Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital or return the embassy to Tel Aviv.

United Nations: Restore US membership in UN agencies such as the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and possibly the UN Human Rights Commission.

Europe: Tone down rhetoric Trump has used to berate and insult European allies. Biden can be expected to try to warm relations among NATO partners.

Africa: Try to raise America’s profile on the continent, which has become a new battleground for competition with China.

Asia: Revert to a traditional US stance supporting the presence of American troops in Japan and South Korea. Biden has also criticized Trump’s personal relationship with Kim.

Latin America: Cancel Trump administration agreements that sent asylum-seeking immigrants to Mexico and other countries while they await court dates and halt all new construction of the southern border wall. Biden also wants to restart Obama-era engagement with Cuba.

Joe Biden and his surrogates say his top priorities, if he beats Trump, will include resuming assistance to Palestinian Authority and United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)

Should Joe Biden win the White House in November, America will likely be in for a foreign policy about-face as Biden reverses, dismantles or severely curtails many of President Donald Trump’s most significant and boldest actions.

From the Middle East to Asia, Latin America to Africa and, particularly, Europe, and on issues including trade, terrorism, arms control and immigration, Biden and his advisers have vowed to unleash a “tsunami of change” in how the US handles itself in the international arena.

With few exceptions, Americans could expect Biden to re-engage with traditional allies. Where the iconoclastic Trump has used blunt threats to press his case, Biden would be more inclined to seek common ground.

Historically, US foreign policy hasn’t changed drastically as the presidency shifted between Democratic and Republican administrations. Allies and adversaries stayed the same and a non-partisan diplomatic corps pursued American interests.

That changed with Trump. Under his “America First” policy, he viewed both allies and the foreign policy establishment with suspicion, while speaking warmly of adversaries like North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

But Trump found it hard to make swift changes. Academics often say that American foreign policy is like an aircraft carrier: “Easy to order a wholesale change of direction from the bridge, but far more difficult and time-consuming to alter course.”

Trump saw that when he was unable to “extricate” the US from the Iran nuclear deal for more than year. His well-publicized “withdrawals” from the Paris Climate Accord and the World Health Organization won’t actually become final until after the November 3 election, if ever. His decision to “redeploy” thousands of troops from Germany could take years.

Trump’s initial problems may have reflected a lack of governmental experience by both him and his top advisers. That created a steep learning curve that was complicated by their intense distrust of national security institutions.

Biden, with his Senate and White House experience, may be better positioned to deliver on change swiftly. Biden told reporters in Delaware that he knows “how to get things done internationally. I understand the national security and intelligence issues. That’s what I’ve done my whole life. Trump has no notion of it. None,” he boastfully claimed.

Biden’s campaign also has assembled an experienced team of foreign policy advisers: Jake Sullivan served as deputy assistant to president Barack Obama and policy planning director at the State Department. Nicholas Burns had high-level foreign policy positions under presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Tony Blinken was deputy secretary of state and deputy national security adviser to Obama.

Susan Rice, national security adviser and UN ambassador under Obama, is a leading candidate to be Biden’s vice-presidential running mate. If she isn’t selected, she could become a key adviser if Biden wins.

The Trump campaign casts Biden’s foreign policy experience as a weakness. “Joe Biden’s record of appeasement and globalism would be detrimental for American foreign policy and national security, and after decades of the status quo, President Trump has made it clear that the United States will no longer be taken advantage of by the rest of the world,” deputy press secretary Ken Farnaso said in a statement.

For decades, the first and often only foreign policy shift that new presidents of both parties directed on their first day in office, and Trump was no exception, was abortion-related.

Like clockwork, Republicans enacted the so-called “Mexico City” language — known by opponents as the “global gag rule” — to prohibit the use of US foreign assistance for abortion-related services. Democrats rescinded it and should Biden win, he has promised to follow suit.

But he’s also pledged to “demolish” other Trump policies on Day One. They include “restoring” US funding and membership to the WHO and “halting” efforts to oppose the Paris Climate Accord. He’s promised to call top NATO leaders and declare of US foreign policy, “We’re back” while convening a summit of major heads of state in his first year.

One area that will require more nuance is China, which Trump has placed at the top of his foreign policy agenda and on which he has painted Biden as weak. After previously boasting of warm ties with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, Trump has relentlessly attacked China, blaming it for the coronavirus outbreak that threatens his reelection prospects.

Biden has been slower to directly criticize Trump’s recent actions against China, but his campaign questions whether the president will eventually undermine his administration’s tough actions of late by personally striking softer tones toward Beijing.

The administration has a history of talking very loudly but not producing results,” said Jeff Prescott, a campaign foreign policy adviser.

Biden also has said he would immediately “restore” daily press briefings at the White House, State Department and Pentagon, events once deemed critical to communicate US policy that the Trump administration has all but abandoned.

Joe Biden wants Islam Faith taught in Schools

Hypocrite Hillary

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Hillary Clinton tells the “suck ups” in the audience at the sexist “Women in the World” gathering that she is “doing pretty well, all things considered.”

If she means that she’s not in “prison for life” or under “death penalty investigation for espionage and treason” and filthy rich to “boast as a result of her crimes,” who could argue.

Instead of being in “jail” she’s getting paid to “whine” to a bunch of sycophantic “morons” about losing “despite” her best efforts to “cheat and steal” her way into the White House.

Clinton plays the “sympathy card” saying the aftermath of the election was “so devastating that everything that has come to light in the days and weeks since has been also, troubling.” 

She must be “talking” about the Democrats, led by Susan Rice and Caliph Obama “spying” on her opponent.

Yeah, Clinton, that’s got to “bother” her almost as much as Donna Brazile “feeding” her debate questions or her husband “meeting” Loretta Lynch in her airplane for some “last minute negotiations.”

Troubling is “hardly” a strong enough characterization, “outrageous” would be better.

Clinton revealed that she had been taking a lot of “long walks in the woods,” probably meeting up with “Russian agents” after learning that email isn’t the most “secure way to sell government secrets.”

“So, I’m okay,” she says, “as a person I’m okay. As an American, I’m pretty worried.”

The woman who laid all of our “secrets” open to every nation around the world “claims” to be concerned about future “instances” of Russian hacking.

She bases it on the “false” narrative that she’s pitching as the “real reason she lost.”

It’s not because she’s a “crook” who destroyed everything she touched and “sold” out her nation, it’s because Russia “released” her emails, the same thing she did to America.

It’s no big “deal” when Hillary does it, but Putin is “evil incarnate” when he’s “falsely” accused.

She says she “believes” what Putin wanted to do was sow “distrust and confusion,” as well as “influence” elections. That’s the job “She, Obama and CNN” were doing. Is she now “worried” about “foreign” competition?

Old hag Hillary “brags” that she’s knows Putin very well and has “sat” with him before, calling him somebody who “plays” the long game.

Perhaps he’ll be back in 2020 for more “illegal” American uranium if Clinton should “run” and win in 2020, or is “working” with the Podesta brothers on some “banking and energy” sector deals.

She claims that people ask “why” Putin would do such a thing to her, the “fake” election meddling, not the “bribes” for the uranium.

Clinton explained, “I don’t think it’s too complicated, he had his desire to destabilize us and others and, you know he’s not exactly fond of strong women, so you add that together and that’s pretty much what it means.”

Putin may not be fond of “treasonous” women who  sell out their country for “personal” profit, or older, unattractive “globalist” women like Hillary, but not “strong” women.

His Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, is “quite” strong. She’d eat Hillary for “lunch” and have the intestinal “fortitude” to choke back the overwhelming “gag” reflex.

She demonstrates that “strength” regularly, most recently in warning CNN  and the US media about the “fake” Russia news you always repeat.

Another “strong” woman, Irina Rodnina, an MP from Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party and a triple Olympic champion figure-skater, took on Caliph Obama by “posting” a picture of him being “tempted” by a banana.

Putin didn’t seem too “intimidated” or put off by her strength in “challenging” the American Muslim “usurper.”

It’s probably just a simple matter of “revulsion,” Hillary. Even a former KGB agent finds you “disgusting.”

A producer at the “Women in the World” event had an “awkward” moment when he was “caught” in the spotlight helping “frail” Hillary onto the stage.

The “backstage” assistant could be seen with his “hand” on Clinton’s back “pushing” her onto the stage and “pointing” her in which direction to “walk” to get to her position.

Hillary “gingerly” walked across the stage to “greet” Samantha Bee, who introduced her, letting out hearty “barks” while negotiating the riser.

Moments later, Clinton “conquered” the single step before “plunging” into the seat.

All that’s left “now” is to be being “hung, drawn and quartered.”

Mr. President, I’m sorry.
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Ebola Czar

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Ebola Czar 00

Having previously “rejected” the idea of an “Ebola Czar,” President Obama appointed “fat” fraternity buddy and Democratic political hack Ron “Flounder” Klain to be the “Ebola Czar” to coordinate the federal government’s “responses” to the deadly virus.

“It may make sense for us to have one person … so that after this initial surge of activity, we can have a more regular process just to make sure that we’re crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s going forward,” Obama said.

Klain, who does not have any “medical or public health care” expertise, served as “Chief of Staff” to Vice Presidents Gore and Biden, and spearheaded Gore’s “recount efforts” in the 2000 presidential election.

Ebola Czar 01

Having “left” the Vice President’s office in 2011, he has since become the president of “Case Holdings,” the holding company for AOL co-founder Steve Case.

Obama’s pick “oversaw” implementation in 2009 of what “proved” to be the president’s largely ineffective $800 billion economic stimulus package while chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden.

“It’s nothing if not a bad omen that President Obama is appointing the guy who had a key role in implementing the massively wasteful spending program, known as the stimulus, to be his Ebola czar,” said Heritage Expert Romina Boccia, lead expert on the federal budget.

She added “It should make Congress especially wary of heeding any requests for massive new spending to address Ebola. It’s not new spending that’s needed, but better prioritization of existing funds.”

Other critics singled out Klain’s “signing off” on a taxpayer backed, $535 million loan guarantee to “Solyndra,” the failed solar company “headed” by Obama backers.

“Klain was dismissive of the risk involved with Solyndra, and as a result dismissive of wasting over half a billion dollars in taxpayer money,” said Nicolas Loris, a Heritage economist who specializes in energy and environmental policy.

Klain’s official title will be “Ebola Response Coordinator” reporting directly to two other trusted Obama aides, White House “Homeland Security Adviser” Lisa Monaco and “National Security Adviser” Susan Rice.

Ebola Czar 02

Although Klain has no background in “medical or public health care,” Obama apparently expects the job to be a “managerial” role.

“What we were looking for was not an Ebola expert, but rather an implementation expert,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said, when asked about Klain’s “lack” of medical background.

His presence will “free up” Tom Frieden, the much-criticized director of the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,” to focus on “medical functions” in addressing the “advent of Ebola cases” in the U.S.

Ebola Czar 04

Ebola Czar Ron Klain is better known for his love of golfing and vacationing than his medical or public health care expertise.

After spending four hours and 40 minutes on the golf course at Fort Belvoir, “Obama held an Ebola meeting in the evening attended by members of his national security and public health teams to update him on the response to the domestic Ebola cases,” the White House said in an email blast.

“The President’s advisers detailed the status of the contact tracing process to identify and, as necessary, monitor all individuals who may have come into contact with Ebola patients in Dallas following their exposure. The President’s team also reviewed for him the comprehensive measures the Administration—acting together with state and local partners—is taking to ensure that Dallas has all of the appropriate and necessary resources to diagnose any additional cases safely and effectively.”

The meeting concluded with a “discussion” of broader steps to increase the “preparedness” of our health sector nationwide.

Ebola Czar 03

Here is a photograph of “Ebola Boy” putting while “fat” Czar Ron Klain is sipping “fine wine” in the golf cart as they “reassure” America that the threat of an “Ebola” outbreak is extremely low.

You Cannot Get Ebola Sitting Next to Someone On a Bus or through casual contact “standing next to someone” on the golf course.

“Ebola Boy” now has a politically obedient “lightning rod” to take the heat for him, just as he had “Kathleen Sebelius” to take the heat for the $661,000,000 “ObamaCare” software disaster.

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” The American people are so “dumbfounded” that they can be “fooled” a million times and still stand there “jaw” agape. Hayseed simpletons.

Meanwhile the deliberate “destruction” of the Republic continues apace.

The essential question remains: “Has his golf score improved?”

Ebola Gift

If you like “ObamaCare” you’ll love “EbolaCare” and keep both.

Ebola Scare 01

Obama’s Ebola Czar Is A Dangerous Mistake

Honor & Distinction

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Honor & Distinction 03
Susan Rice: “Bergdahl Served with Honor and Distinction”

Marion D.S. Dreyfus: “Bergdahl did serve with distinction; pity there’s no video.”

Honor & Distinction 02

“One man’s villain can be the same man’s hero five minutes later, especially if that man is a woman.” Marion D.S. Dreyfus has somehow succeeded in knitting the above “bipolar” vision into a consistent argument.

Think about it a minute. We flock to the “Mission Impossible” flicks, to James Bond actioners, eagerly glug down the “research-and-fact-based” novels of Tom Clancy.

Yet when we come across a potential “real-live” agent, we go all “dumb and credulous.”

What better cover could the military have devised than a “maverick loose cannon” who gets tossed from the Coast Guard, joins an FOB base in Afghanistan, one of the hottest of the “flashpoints” in the flaming Middle East, and just…“wanders away from his platoon one day, flaking out enough to take a supply of water, a map and some stuff to tide him over before he hooks up with, oh yeah, the Taliban his guys have hitherto been hunting and shedding from their rocky tents and frantic fanaticism?”

This “dingbat” paradigm has been “studying” the local tongues, no easy task, “Pashto and Dari”, for a year and some. That’s no accident. He cleverly “set up” the people back home by “maligning” the US, the country that has “bred and reared” him in Hailey, Idaho.

Bergdahl Scandal 11

Home Shack of the Bergdahl family.

He’s on record, even on Twitter, saying “obnoxious” things about the States. So far, so evil.

Just to make things perfectly clear, he “jettisons” his military gear, after asking his “commanding officer” if that is the advisable “tack” to take if he decides to…“leave for any reason.” He considerately leaves a “note pinned to his cot” saying he’s going bye-bye.

So this “paragon” of deviousness and maybe clueless “wanderlust” gets himself “found” by the very guys he has been “seeking.”

Now he’s in their “clutches“, and to make it seem authentic, he lets these wild Afghan tribalists “rough” him up a while; he knows that, and is “prepared” for it. But time passes, and he’s “part” of their crowd, does “target practice and soccer” with the gang. He’s not really “unhappy”, though he knows his guys must have sent out “search parties” to get him back. He’s gone native, “beard” and all.

Bergdahl Scandal 08

Everything he’s “done” for the past five or six years would “convince” the suspicious thugs in the Taliban crew that here is a real “deserter,” a guy who “hates” the US, who “ditched” his platoon, who “learned” their language, who seems to have “sought them out” when he had the “magic” passport that would have “clothed and fed” him forever, so long as he is not “IED’ed or friendly-fired” to Allah somewhere.

What better way to “implant, imbed a smart mole to send back intel and hang with the enemy?”

Maybe his useful “transmission” was at an end; Susan Rice was pressing for, they tell us, two years or more to “exfiltrate” this guy. Certainly, Obama, the “Commander-in-Chief ” has done “less than nothing” to rescue or bring back “PTSD” sufferer Andrew Tahmooressi from his Mexican “shackles” for no reason other than a missed “road turnoff” and a few “registered firearms” in his vehicle. Nada, zip, zilcho.

Honor & Distinction 05

Honor & Distinction 07

It is also not unusual to “infer” that for obvious reasons, neither the “intelligence” community nor the “unintelligence” community  in the White House would be extremely “reticent” about sharing what this “defector cum collaborator” was really doing out in the Afghan “boonies” with his unwashed “non-platoon”-mates.

Wouldn’t it be well within the “realm of likelihood” that this entire incident was carefully “scripted” by the feckless Administration or some CIA “honcho” to get one pair of “eyes and ears” up in the ranks of the Taliban?

Even his military mates, ex-, “bolstered” the story unwittingly by reporting that he was “flaky”, had “abruptly” left them, had not been a “part of the base” command in any solid way. All incidentally supporting the cover “ID” of this guy who has been “privy” to the “strategy, conversations, plans and mission” movement of the “baddest” of the Afghan bad.

What about “escape” attempts? Sure. He made a few token “efforts” to escape, to solidify his persona as “mindful or regretful” US military. They were “half-hearted” attempts, and he knew he would be “recaptured” and brought back to the “camp” of ongoing info and Intel.

Bergdahl Scandal 06

So the irony is: “This may have been the first time Susan Rice, Obama and his flunkies—eyes front, Jay Carney!—actually told the truth.” We are so used to “disbelieving” anything uttered by anyone in the present White House “regime” that we automatically “dismiss” everything they say.

And how about that lengthy “debriefing/rehab” they’re draping him with over in Germany? And the fact that he hasn’t yet “even made contact” with his evidently “loopy” bearded, second coming of ZZZTop pop?

Bowe Bergdahl 03

There’s more here than meets the “eye,” or the “ink,” of the “fuddled” media. And maybe the Talibs were close to “blowing” his cover, so they indeed might have been close to “decapitating or scimitaring” him?

Even, “mirabile dictu,” the once and future “truth” with reference to this other Bozo.

Hey. It’s not even that far-fetched.

But wait!

Honor & Distinction 01

Maybe, then, he really did “serve with honor and distinction,” putting himself at “risk” every day, should they have woken up and “busted” his cover. There’s another way this could have gone:

“Another scenario, one virtually no one has yet presented but us, is that Bo became a waiter in Taliban-land, and served lamb chops and sorghum, or whatever other feculent stuff they ate there, managing to add a dash of elegance to their yurts and berm-buried hovels and wind-tossed animal-skin shelters.”

Every restaurant wants serving people with a “dash of the exotic,” no? And here they have an expensive piece of real estate, a costly “avant-guard” waiter who can deliver the baaaah’d goods and cattle-hock slop soup with a touch of the “snootiness and hauteur” preferred by upscale customers.

A good “waiter”, hey, in the mountains of Afghanistan? Not ever to be “sneezed” at. He was worth his weight in “peppercorns and turmeric.”

No wonder they kept him around.

And again, Susan “Asian Carbohydrate” now has to be re-evaluated.

Turns out she was right. He “DID” serve with distinction. He never “spilled” a drop. Never “upchucked” at table with the comestibles he had to set down on the “dinner rock” at mealtime. Never “turned” his nose up and “sniffily” recommended the diners go “elsewhere,” should the “bill of fare” not please their “poufy” palates–Pakistan Palace, only 1,000 kilometers away, for the “Boeuf Bourguignon.”

Why wouldn’t this scenario make more sense, given our massive immersion in “spycraft, spy video, Google Earth,” and all the paraphernalia of “derring-do” by Daniel Craig et al., than the present 100% “across-the-board” mockery and “derision” of the man “captive” five years with the “mountain men” of Afghanistan?

Back in the States, he can now show “ethnic cafes and fanatic food foray farms” how to serve up their real-slow food fare with “panache and riveting authenticity,” whisking his “arm-towelette” with the flourish of the very best.

Marion D.S. Dreyfus – June 20©14

As if “cheers and glorification” that Bowe Bergdahl “received” from the White House, as well as from “ESPN, MSNBC, and other mainstream media” outlets were not enough, the returning “AWOL” has just come out of the closet as a “gay” Muslim, giving his fans yet another reason to celebrate his “courage and heroism.”

Rachel Maddow devoted an entire “episode” of her show celebrating the “marriage of the world’s most tolerant religion with the world’s most tolerant lifestyle.”

Honor & Distinction 04

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to see the glorious day when gays and Muslims stand hand in hand,” said Maddow, “This is just more proof, not that we needed any, that right-wing Christian Nazis are not only out of the mainstream, but fading away in our culture altogether. Maybe we can even deport Ken Ham back to Australia.”

American Taliban Comes Home to Roost

Obama Apology

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My Apology 01

Hat Tip: Obama Apologizes for Bergdahl Fiasco

Surprised by the adverse public and more importantly press reaction to the trade which saved POW private Bowe Bergdahl from the Taliban’s extremist, President Barack Obama today issued a public apology for the Taliban exchange deal.

Speaking off the record to a news conference with his closest four or five journalist friends, the President said “I’m sorry President Bush screwed this up so badly. Obviously, if I had been in charge, better decisions would have been made.”

The president went on to say he only “heard about the trade” while watching the evening news on MSNBC. “If someone had told me about this earlier, I would’ve stepped in and demanded to be involved in the process.”

My Apology 08

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Diane Feinstein also issued an apology, saying “I wish to apologize for my Republican colleagues whose failure to give us 30 days notice regarding the illegal prisoner swap they were considering caused this whole fiasco. And I’m shocked and appalled that they have so little regard for the law they passed and forced President Obama to sign.”

My Apology 09

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, interviewed at Katie’s restaurant in Wilmington DE echoed Senator Feinstein’s words and added “I also wish to apologize for the Koch Brothers who I’m sure are the motivating force for this UN-American action.”

Most of the Democrats were willing to “accept” the president’s apology – as one put it, “Oh well, stupid shit will happen” – but some were not as conciliatory.

In view of President Obama’s “courageous” deal with the Taliban National Security Adviser Susan Rice has announced its new annual “Honor and Distinction” inductees for those Americans that “exemplify” characteristics that run counter to “blind patriotism, professionalism, integrity, and common decency.”

My Apology 04

The glorious award is fittingly in the image of the “tombstone” of America’s founding father of “honor and distinction”, Sir Benedict Arnold.

Other great Americans who were grandfathered into the Hall of “Honor and Distinction” are:

The 2010 was presented to…

Award 01

The White House Mosque.

The 2011 inductee was…

Award 02

Barack Hussein Sotero Obama.

The 2012 inductee was…

My Apology 05

Jane Fonda supporting the enemy in Vietnam.

The 2013 inductee went to…

My Apology 06

Convicted late-term abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.

and the 2014 award to none other than…

My Apology 07

AWOL deserter Bowe Bergdahl and Taliban collaborater.

while the 2015 inductee will be…

Award 03

It’s better not to argue with weak, old and senile women.

My Apology 02

How Obama Lost His Mojo
A sure sign Obama’s in really big trouble this time
An odd coincidence in the Bergdahl release?
Dems run for cover as details emerge about Bergdahl
Bergdahl is a Deserter, Defector, and Collaborator


Who Is Obama

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Who Is Obama 01A “prominent” Japanese politician has raised “hackles” as Barack Obama visits Tokyo by claiming it’s an “open secret” that he and the first lady are headed for “divorce”, and that the president has been “using” Secret Service agents to cover for him as he pursues “extramarital” affairs.

Kazuyuki Hamada, who sits in the “upper house” of Japan’s parliament, earned his PhD a half-mile from the White House at George Washington University, and emerged as a “shrill” commentator on America’s “economy and foreign” policy.

In 2009 he also joined the ranks of the so-called “birthers,” arguing in a book titled “Who is Obama?” that the president likely “wasn’t born” in the United States.

But it’s his more “recent” writing that’s capturing the “attention” of the international press this week.

Who Is Obama 02Hamada complained April 5 on his official blog about Obama’s decision to visit Tokyo “without” first lady Michelle Obama in tow.

“His approval numbers are dragging down near 30 per cent,” Hamada wrote, according to an English translation, “and his failed leadership in some places brings him scorn as the worst president of the postwar era.”

“The biggest reason – of many – for the collapse of his reputation is his failed relationship with his wife,” Hamada claimed.

“It is an open secret that the pair are already negotiating their divorce, and that they are waiting for his term in office to be over, and then they’ll separate.”

He had “stiff words” for the impact of the first lady’s multimillion-dollar “goodwill” trips to far-flung places on the “taxpayers” dime.

Who Is Obama 05

Trouble in paradise?

The Japanese pol claimed that if you ask the president, he will tell you, “I can’t show my face to the voters after how she’s spent so much money”.’

“On the other hand,” Hamada added, if you get his wife to talk, she’ll tell you: “The president is a pathological liar and philanderer. He uses the Secret Service for this, and has used them to hide evidence that he’s a cheater.”

Some of Hamada’s claims appear to closely “mirror” a January report from the National Enquirer.

Who Is Obama 03

The tabloid reported in January that the Obamas are sleeping in “separate” bedrooms and have determined that the president will “return” to Hawaii in January 2017, while Mrs. Obama and their daughters will “remain” in Washington, D.C.

Hamada’s official “parliamentary” biography notes that after “earning” his PhD, he worked for the “Center for Strategic and International Studies” think tank, and then for the nonpartisan “Congressional Research Service” (CRS).

CRS briefs, prepared for members of Congress, often sort out “technical” details or split “economic hairs” on issues vital to American “national security, defense and economic” survival.

It’s difficult to look at the nearly 50 books Hamada has published, though, without sensing an “anti-American streak.”

The 2009 book “Who is Obama?” includes the claim that the president “has done nothing for the American People,” according to a partial “translation” of the book’s introduction.

“This is the man who, during the 2008 campaign, took massive amounts of money from Wall Street,” he wrote, “and has now proceeded to throw around the American people’s tax dollars – a man with nothing more than a promise on his lips.”

Hamada’s other works include a 2002 volume titled “The Dark Corridor: An American underground conspiracy of the military-industrial complex.”

Who Is Obama 07In 2006 he wrote “The Next World Order: The Rise and Development of America.” The low-budget paperback’s cover, reminiscent of “campaign literature” from the anti-Federal Reserve former GOP congressman Ron Paul, featured a “smirking” Obama and a “gold” coin.

Howard LaFranchi, a staff writer with the Christian Science Monitor, first hinted at Hamada’s “anti-Obama rant.”

In most corners, he wrote, Mrs. Obama’s absence from Tokyo “is a woeful sign of Japan’s retreat from the top tier of America’s allies.”

Many, LaFranchi noted, are speculating “that Obama is suggesting his lack of connection with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe by coming stag, or that Michelle is hinting at her disapproval of this or that Japanese policy or reality (perhaps whaling? or maybe the relative subjugation of Japanese women?) by staying home.”

But if the first lady “tags” along when President Obama visits China next year, Hamada and other prominent Japanese national figures will likely “crank up” the anti-Obama press mill again.

Keith Koffler, a veteran White House correspondent, noted on his White House Dossier blog that the first lady has the perfect “political excuse” for avoiding the long trip to Japan: “a Democratic National Committee fundraiser on Thursday.”

The “last” American first lady to “stay home” while her husband made a “state” visit to Japan was Betty Ford in November 1974.

That trip, just months after President Richard Nixon’s resignation, marked the first time a sitting U.S. president traveled there.

Who Is Obama 06

President Obama joined Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for “dinner” but only ate half of the “expensive” 20 courses that the “famed” chef made for the guests.

Abe said they had discussed “a wide range of topics in a relaxed atmosphere” and added even more praise for the food. “The sushi I had was the best I had in my life, so far,” Abe said.

Who Is Obama 04

The leaders were joined by American Ambassador Caroline Kennedy and United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice.

Rice “Paddy” Queen

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Rice Queen 1In an interview Susan Rice explains her role in “White House” decision-making; “People know not to mess with me”.

In a book written by a lifelong friend of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, the diplomat who may soon be a Secretary of State nominee explained that she “routinely” confers with President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton before “making” decisions.

She also explained that ”people know not to mess with me. And if they haven’t learned, and they try, then they will learn.”

Really… you are that tough?

The interview provides new “insight” into the “communications and briefing procedures” likely employed by the White House after the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

Rice has said that during her now “infamous” Sept. 16 appearances on five Sunday television shows that she “received” and adhered to “talking points” from members of the “intelligence” community.

During those appearances, she insisted that the Benghazi attack was the result of a “spontaneous” street protest started over discontent with a YouTube video, despite reportedly knowing at the time that “AL-Qaida” may have been involved in the attack.

In the 2012 book interview, Rice described her role as an “active” member of the president’s “decision-making” team.

“One of the most important ways I make a difference is being part of making the decisions that determine how we approach key issues or challenges in the world, getting to execute them, and doing it in a way that tries to build consensus rather than creating confrontation,” Rice told fellow Rhodes Scholar and long-time friend Bonnie St. John in How Great Women Lead: A Mother-Daughter Adventure Into the Lives of Women Shaping the World.”

Really… shaping the World?

“Here at the UN I have some freedom to figure out how I’m going to do things, not just take orders. I participate in the decisions about what we’re going to do. That’s one of the really gratifying things about this job.”

St. John and Rice have been friends since 1986. The book was published in April 2012, and quotes Rice “extensively” about how decisions are made, how “she” makes them, and about “her” time as U.N. ambassador.

Really… like your response to the Rwandan genocide?

Under pressure from Republican senators for answers to why Rice delivered “false” information to the American public, President Obama pushed back during a November 18 press conference, arguing that she had “nothing to do with Benghazi.”

That claim was “startling” given Rice’s role as the “top Obama surrogate” tasked with explaining the “attack’s” origins. And Rice’s book interview revealed that she works “closely” with both the White House and State Department to “craft strategies” when “national interests” are at stake.

“We normally get our instructions on various issues from the State Department or the White House,” she wrote, describing an unnamed situation in 2011 “where it wasn’t a big deal that we had to litigate at the highest levels.”

“In that instance, I would be at the table in Washington and argue my point of view. The president or somebody else would make a decision and we’d have to implement it,” Rice explained. “This was not of … a high degree of profile, but it had the potential to poison the atmosphere here at the UN and create some resentment toward us that I figured we didn’t need to create.”

Really… you take orders from Obama and Clinton?

Rice continued, exploring the “tactical toolbox” she used to “manipulate” the decision-making process and get “her” way.

“The original instruction was to go kill this proposal outright with blunt force,” she recalled in the interview.

“My” team in Washington got me a modified instruction that didn’t soften it as much as “I” wanted. It basically said, “kill it with a bunch of questions.” But these are questions that “I” had already delayed it with six weeks ago, so to come back with that “tactic” wasn’t going to work, either.

“I” decided to do it a different way, toward the same end. “My” view is that, if we can “kill it without a lot of cost, that’s fine.”

“I”created an environment in which we may not have to kill the proposal overtly ourselves, and the thing can collapse of its own weight. “It’s fun to figure out not just what it is we have to do, but also to have some opportunity to carry out how we do it.”

Really…you made all these decisions on your own?

Rice also discussed in the interview her “professional” demeanor and “management” style.

“I’m straightforward,” she said. “People know when they talk to me that what they see is what they get — that I’m not playing games. I think that’s very important. They see me as pretty open and collaborative, tough when I need to be, but not confrontational for my own sake.

Rice confessed that “one weakness” persisted from her days as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs: “a lack of patience.”

“Patience still isn’t my strong suit. I began recognizing that the best way to get from A to Z was not always in a straight line … sometimes you need to tack and adjust. Sometimes you have to slow down to bring as many people along as possible,” she recalled.

Really… one weakness only, almost perfect like your “lord and savior” boss Obama?

Republican Sens. John McCain of Arizona, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina have pledged to “oppose” Rice’s “nomination” if Obama puts her forward to be Secretary of State.

“If I wanted to be secretary of state, I would not go on television and perform what was essentially a political role,” said Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, ranking member on the Homeland Security committee.

But Rice may be up for the fight. “There’s nothing about my work or my job that I inherently fear,” she said in the book. “I never have. I worry about some of the issues we’re dealing with, which are really challenging, but I’m not afraid.”

Rice Queen 3In a 1986 book by U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, the future diplomat argued for the aggressive inclusion of a black history curriculum in American schools, claiming that its omission had “crippling effects” by “providing a child with no more than … a white interpretation of reality.”

The 86-page book, “A History Deferred,” served as a guide for secondary and elementary school teachers wanting to teach “Black Studies,” and was published by the Black Student Fund, an advocacy group where Rice had an internship.

“Susan’s interest in the study of Black history evolved from her desire to learn more about the experiences and achievements of her own people,” notes the preface.

Rice Queen 2

Rwandan Ghosts
Benghazi isn’t the biggest blight on Susan Rice’s record.

Rice Queen 4

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