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Super Bowl 2015

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Super Bowl 2015

Superbowl 2015 02

The Good…

The Bad…

The Ugly…

Worst NFL Sports Moment In History

See you at Super Bowl 50 in 2016

Super Bowl 50

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Super Bowl 50

“Roman” numerals will be taking a “one-year” break from the Super Bowl.

Due to concerns over using a sole “L” for the 50th Super Bowl logo, the 2016 NFL championship will be known as “Super Bowl 50. “The league has used a “Roman” numeral to denote every title game since “Super Bowl V.”

The news was first “reported” by ESPN’s Darren Rovell. The change will only be “temporary,” however. Starting in 2017, Roman numerals are back for “Super Bowl LI.”

Foregoing the use of Super Bowl L drew some early “criticism” that the league was “dumbing” things down for America, as if “clinging” to an “archaic counting system” that was obviously “created” without any foresight means we’re a “nation of dunces.”

Super Bowl 50 01

That’s nonsense. Roman numerals are like cursive: “meaningless in the real world and not as pretty to look at as people think.”

Because the playoffs occur in a “different” calendar year than the regular season, the league “claims” they can’t have the Super Bowl identified by “year,” like the NBA Finals or World Series. It’d be “too” confusing.

For example, the Seahawks “won” the Super Bowl in 2014 but are the “champions” of the 2013 season. It’s easier to say the team won “Super Bowl XLVIII.”

Actually, it’s easier to say “Super Bowl 48,” but that would be “too confusing” for the NFL “honchos.”

NFL: Super Bowl XLVIII-Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks

Counting Super Bowls “chronologically” by year would be the best way to “deal” with that problem.

But who says it has to be “Roman” numerals? They’re antiquated, awkward and unwieldy. Foregoing the “L” was an easy call. Why go back though? Make a “clean” break there. Things might look good for the “next” eight years, but then we hit “Super Bowl LIX,” which is ridiculous.

Decades later, they’ll get to “Super Bowl LXXXVIII” which won’t fit on a T-shirt and “Super Bowl XCIV,” which sounds like a military “spying” operation.

Super Bowl “L” was the perfect time to “ditch” the numerals, but the NFL “blinked” and now we seem to be “stuck” with them forever.

The most “asinine” tradition in all of sports is counting the Super Bowl with “Roman” numerals. Completely pointless. All it does is make it impossible for “most people” to figure out what Super Bowl you’re talking about.

I can’t believe they were worried about using a single “L” for the design. That was the main concern, not the fact that we’re using a number system “comprised of letters” that hasn’t been legitimately used for 2000 years.

Super Bowl 50 04

Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

I mean why don’t we just use Egyptian “hieroglyphs?” Or perhaps some “Cuneiform” script? I’ll break out my “Rosetta Stone” to figure out which Super Bowl we’re talking about.

Super Bowl 50 03

Cuneiform Script.

The NFL should get “rid” of the Roman numerals and just use the actual “chronologically year” like the rest of anything we keep track of in “today’s” world.

M.I.A. Finger

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Bridgestone Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show

The NFL has been “secretly” pursuing M.I.A. in “arbitration” in the aftermath of “Super Bowl XLVI” on February 5, 2012.

During that event, watched by nearly 167 million TV households, the Sri Lankan singer rapper extended her “middle” finger during a performance of “Give Me All Your Luvin” and mouthed a profane “fuck you all” into the camera during her rap solo.

M.I.A., whose real name is Maya Arulpragasam, wasn’t “paid” for her free performance alongside Madonna and Nicki Minaj as is “customary” of the league.

MIA Finger 03

She did enter into an agreement acknowledging “the great value of the goodwill associated with the NFL and the tremendous public respect and reputation for wholesomeness enjoyed by the NFL.”

Nevertheless, the NFL spent the first two years of arbitration demanding “$1.5 million for allegedly breaching her performance contract and tarnishing its goodwill and reputation.”

Now the NFL has added an “additional” claim, seeking $15.1 million more in “restitution” as the alleged “value of public exposure” she received by appearing for an approximately “two minute segment” during Madonna’s performance.

The figure is based on what advertisers would have paid for “ads” during this time. “The claim for restitution lacks any basis in law, fact, or logic,” say M.I.A.’s response papers read.

The “steep increase” comes after M.I.A. took the legal battle public last September and released a YouTube video in which she accused the NFL of turning her into a “scapegoat” and that the behavior of the “teenage cheerleaders” at the game was much worse.

M.I.A.’s legal team has responded to the demands by calling it an attempt to “bully” the artist, and accuse the sports organization of “making an example of her for daring to challenge the NFL”.

MIA Finger 02

Shortly after the performance, a source inside M.I.A.’s camp claimed the rapper was struck with “a case of adrenaline and nerves.”

“She wasn’t thinking,” said the source, who requested anonymity but was with the artist at Lucas Oil Stadium. “It wasn’t any kind of statement. She was caught in the moment and she’s incredibly sorry.”

How absurd is this? $16 million for a “middle finger” malfunction? Does this mean Janet Jackson’s “nipple gate” is worth like $50million?

Seriously, watch that video clip and then try to “comprehend” that action costing “sixteen” million dollars.

I guess the NFL wants to send the message that while “brutal violence, crippling head injuries, on-field Niggerization and females in sexually provocative position” are perfectly okay, but flashing a finger for half a second is not “tolerated” and will cost you $16 million.

Lesson to be learned: “Be careful who you flip off.”

Middle Finger Malfunction
NFL seeks staggering $16.6 MILLION from M.I.A.

Collectivize the NFL!

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NFL 01Now that the Super Bowl is over it is time to rethink professional football.

Many young progs are running around claiming “team ownership”, touting that it is “their” team is the best.

The “ugly” truth is that the teams are owned by some bourgeois “one percenter” and they owe you, “the fans,” nothing.

They are “exploiting” you and getting “rich” as a result.

NFL 02

Football is a “business” and you have been tricked into buying “branded” items to advertise for them with “no compensation!”

Stop being “exploited!”

The last big game also showed “disparity” in awarding points. Denver worked so “hard to get to the game” and yet they were not “rewarded fairly” for their efforts.

NFL 03

This “inequality” must not be allowed to “poison” the minds of the collective!

We must therefore look to the glorious progressive “stockholders” in Green Bay that holds “ownership” of their team, and call for all “football teams” to be collectivized.

End the “exploitation” of the fans by the bourgeoisie! We must also demand that “all points” are distributed equally.

Remember in the glorious progressive world of “Next Tuesday” there are no winners and losers, “only winners!”

Every team should get a “trophy” at the end of the year,  just like the “pee-wee” soccer leagues around the country. It is only fair.

NFL 04

National Football League of the Soviet Socialist Republic!

Overheard on the street…

Football players should be in a circle passing the ball clockwise to ensure equal time. Anyone holding the ball too long should go to reeducation camp to teach them about community sharing

Sports leagues by definition are socialist, even if they don’t get any outside taxpayer assistance in the form of stadium deals.

The principles of free-market economics break down completely in sports because a sports league can’t exist if a sizeable number of its teams are going out of business. So a sports league like the NFL must walk a fine line between competition on the field and financial equality off the field.

Personally, I think the NFL goes way overboard when it comes to equality, to the point that is has practically legislated equality into its operations. Nowadays, an NFL team doesn’t have to do much to build a competitive team. Between the salary cap, non-guaranteed contracts, and draft rules, you’re almost at the point where a team just has to sit around and wait for its turn to be a Super Bowl contender.

This is satire but it would serve the NFL right if something like this did come to pass after the stunt they pulled in favor of tyranny and against religious freedom this past week.

Of course, the NFL already is largely socialist in design. Profit sharing, worse records yield high draft picks, millionaire union members, begging the local communities pay for their stadiums, etc.

I think they should lose their tax-exempt status.

A fine plan, comrade, but unfortunately the people aren’t ready for its full inception. As a temporary measure – only temporary, mind you, until the people are better acquainted with the nuances of advanced social thought – the referees will receive all the points and distribute them according to the axioms of class solidarity and the proper management of the relations of production. There will, naturally, have to be quite a few more referees to see that all of the rules enacted by a benevolent state are applied, and certain…penalties…administered to players who object to the arrangement.

The necessity for the referees will diminish as the players gradually come to accept the precepts of social justice, and the referees as a class will slowly wither away, leaving behind them a new, fairer, and more equitable game. In the meantime, though…well, it will be very good to be a referee. Up the revolution!

The one thing I can agree with is with respect to advertising for particular team by wearing branded clothing.

Whenever I see some adult pot-bellied male sporting a $150 Patriots jersey or a $35 Jets cap, I want to scream out at him to have some pride and self-respect. You are not “on the team” just because you purchased some overpriced piece of merchandise. You are being a tool! You are also being a fool! Grow up.

After PC insanity, fags on parade, and $128,500 per family for tickets/parking/concessions I had it with football.

City of Green Bay does not own the team. It is owned by hundreds of thousands of individual stockholders like myself.

Why wasn’t the NFL charged with extortion when they threatened the AZ Gov with pulling the Super Bowl if she didn’t veto the bill?

Nice Anti-Trust Exemption you’ve got there….hate to see anything bad happen to it. That explains why the NFL is so PC these days.

The NFL – America’s Socialist Pastime
Sorry, Bill Maher, the NFL is not socialist
Labor Dispute Threatens the NFL
NFL using Obama’s “spreading the wealth” plan
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NFL Lip Readings
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Most Famous 2012 Super Bowl Quotes

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Most famous quote overheard at the Super Bowl XLVI

“My husband cannot fucking throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times.”
Gisele Caroline Bündchen, wife of Tom Brady after Super Bowl defeat

Most famous quote overheard in response

She just needs to continue to stay cute and shut up,”

New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs

The Super Bowl is routinely viewed by more than 100 million people, and is the biggest TV event of the year.

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