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The Christian Suicide Cult

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The Christian Suicide Cult 01

The Christian Suicide Cult
By Ronald Cherry

In a sermon delivered from a pulpit, a “clergyman” instructed the congregation that it was “UN-American” to oppose the immigration of “tens of thousands” of Muslims from the Middle East, possibly “millions” if the Obama administration has its way.

The clergyman “acknowledged” that there would be an inherent “danger” to Americans because of increased Muslim immigration, as we intuitively know with the “San Bernardino and Paris massacres” fresh on our minds, and also not forgetting so many other episodes of “mass murder” committed by Muslim “jihadists” against their Christian “neighbors” over the last 15 years – make that over the last 1,400 years.

The still surreal “mass murder” of nearly 3,000 Americans in “New York” at the hands of Muslim “jihadists” on 9/11/2001 seems like yesterday to me, as does the “Boston Marathon” bombing. I have not forgotten.

Incredibly, the clergyman, with a “straight face,” after pointing out the increasingly “obvious danger” from Muslim immigration and the increased “risk of maiming or death” for us and our children, said this was the “price we’d have to pay” for being Christians, while “scolding” the congregation not to “live” in fear.

The Christian Suicide Cult 02

As “justification” for this, the clergyman reminded us of the “martyred” 1st-century Roman Christians, not realizing, I suppose, that they were “helpless and disarmed” subjects of a totalitarian Roman Emperor, not “free men and women” living in a constitutional republic “dedicated” to securing the people’s “life, liberty, and creative pursuit of happiness.”

Next we were told that “gun” violence, which is actually “human” violence, in the United States is a great national “sin,” leaving us to draw the inference that American “gun ownership” is the real problem, not the “Islamic” doctrine of violent “mass-murdering jihad.”

The clergyman “enumerated” multiple episodes of mass-murder in America, including “Sandy Hook” and the recent jihads in “Chattanooga and San Bernardino,” implying that our problem in America is “gun” ownership, not “human” evil.

The Christian Suicide Cult 03

Somehow the clergyman “failed” to tell the congregation that, “despite” these recent highly publicized episodes, American “gun ownership along with concealed carry permits” have surged in recent years, while at the same time “murders and violent crime” have decreased by 25 percent.

Or that in Plano, Texas, where “gun ownership” is very high, the murder rate per capita is “0.04,” which if Plano were a nation would “rank” it 211 in murder out of 218 nations.

Throw out the “gun violence” of the largely “Democrat” big cities such as Detroit, where the “murder” rate per capita is “54.6,” and you have a nearly nonexistent problem.

I resisted the “urge to walk out” during this episode of “leftist” propaganda “disguised” as a sermon, and instead politely “shook” the clergyman’s hand “exiting” the church.

The Christian Suicide Cult 04

The “thought” crossed my mind that some of our “churches” have been perverted into “suicide” cults.

That’s not for me and my family.

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