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Cenk Uygur’s Sex Rules with Animals

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Turkish “Muslim” Cenk Uygur, who wants to “run” for Congress denies the “Armenian Genocide” but wants you to know “Sex with Animals” is just fine with him.

Cenk Uygur, a former MSNBC commentator and founder of “The Young Turks”, a far left activism website, announced his candidacy for the 2020 special election in California’s 25th Congressional district to succeed “lesbian” Katie Hill, who resigned in “disgrace for sexual harassment of her staff.”

Not only does Uygur deny the “Armenian Genocide” in which more than one million Christians were “slaughtered” by the Turkish “Muslim Ottomans”, also known as “The Young Turks”, he also described women as “genetically flawed” because they don’t want to have “sex with him as frequently as he considers desirable.”

Cenk Uygur is a “sick” Muslim and needs to be “exposed” to what he really is.

How in the world do we get such “bestiality” loving Muslim candidates running for United States Congress?

Here is a photo of Cenk Uygur pleasuring his horse mentioned in the above video.

He is likely to be worse than “throupler” Katie Hill who resigned from office. It is too bad that people do not use their “heads” and think about the people they are trying to “vote” into office.

Cenk Uygur is just another filthy, disgusting Turkish “evil” scum who thinks “bestiality” is okay with the “consent” of the animal. He is basically a “communist” backed by “Act Blue”, a Soros-Brock organization.

Uygur has a long history of “sexism, racism and anti-Semitic views.” If people vote for him they can’t be called conservatives. This man is the “spawn of hell.”

Even “Socialist” Bernie Sanders wants to have “nothing to do” with Cenk Uygur and “retracted” his earlier endorsement.

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Jameela Jamil Liberty

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“Spawn of Hell” Jameela Jamil, of NBC’s “The Good Place,” took to Twitter recently to trumpet her “love for abortion”, saying “My life is more important to me than an unborn fetus’ one. Suck on that.”

A lovely, unselfish sentiment from a “murderous” feminist born to a Indian father and Pakistani mother.

In an interview with “feminist icon” Gloria Steinem published in Harper’s Bazaar magazine earlier this year, Jameela Jamil “proudly” let the readers know:

“I’m someone who’s had an abortion, and I feel like I need to make sure that we prove it’s not always just emergencies. People have abortions, sometimes a woman just wants her liberty, and we have to normalize that it’s okay just to make that choice for yourself, because your life is as important as a newborn life that doesn’t even exist yet. Abortion isn’t just for emergencies anymore! Let’s have ‘em for freedom! For fun! For shits and giggles! Just because we can! We have to normalize infanticide. It’s just a choice that you get to make for yourself, because your life is as important as a newborn life! Especially one that doesn’t exist yet!”

God the Creator said to Jameela:

“It wouldn’t be a newborn life if it wasn’t alive and didn’t even exist yet, would it? Moreover, if it didn’t exist, you wouldn’t need an abortion, would you? You don’t remove something from your womb that isn’t there in the first place, Jameela. Interesting that you accidentally used the term newborn to describe an unborn fetus that doesn’t even exist yet, as well. “

Steinem told the actress, who has previously stated that the abortion she got when she was young was “the best decision” she has ever made: “It took me a while to understand that the first step in every authoritarian regime is controlling reproduction, and that means controlling us. Unless we — men and women — have power over our own bodies and voices, there is no such thing as democracy.”

No, Gloria, the first steps “authoritarian regimes” take are preventing people from defending themselves, shutting down free speech, and gaining control of the media and the schools. These are things people of your “political ilk” are wont to do.

Abortion-rights activists “have” control over their own bodies, they just choose not to exercise it. Twice. In “deciding” to have sex and in “deciding” not to use birth control.

As Jameela said “I had an abortion when I was young, and it was the best decision I have ever made. Both for me, and for the baby I didn’t want, and wasn’t ready for, emotionally, psychologically and financially. So many children will end up in foster homes. So many lives ruined. So very cruel.”  

Not to mention that all these “concerns” of her could have been avoided by not having “irresponsible” and “unprotected” sex when you are not “ready.”

It’s always “easier” to blame someone else for your own “selfish” desires and actions.

Jamil also issued a separate tweet, “blasting” pro-life advocates stating: “You people are pro-birth. Not pro-life.” Good one. Although that is a “distinction” without a difference. Or a distinction, come to think of it. For many, being “born” seems to be a pre-requisite for being “alive.”

Jamil took some flak for her “idiotic” remarks, prompting her to get back on her Twitter horse, telling those who dared to take issue with her, “I said what I fucking said and you’re clueless if you think I’m going to take it back.”

Well, Jameela, if you hadn’t done the irresponsible “fucking” you did, you wouldn’t have “needed” an abortion. You’ll have to live with that “murderous” choice your entire life and even account for it afterwards.

Hope you are enjoying your time in hell. “Suck on that”, Jameela Jamil. So there! I said what I said and you’re clueless if you think I’m going to take it back.

Too bad her Pakistani mother didn’t have the same “abortion” liberty. The world would have been a much better place without “Spawn of Hell” Jameela Jamil.

Jameela Jamil comparing abortions to landlords.

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