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European Cougar Dens

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that “millions” of Europeans were “counting” on the success of “incoming” French president Emmanuel Macron.

“Macron carries the hopes of millions of French people and also many in Germany and across Europe,” she told reporters, saying she was “very pleased” by his victory.

“He led a courageous, pro-European campaign and stands for openness to the world and decisively for the social market economy.”

As France commemorated “victory” over the Nazis in World War II, Merkel said the two countries had “over the decades developed a solid friendship” whose preservation had become a “pillar of German policy.”

“Waving the commemorative medal of the necropolis of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette, cemetery for 45,000 combatants from the First World War, Emmanuel Macron declared that the war had been started by leaders who believed “We are in better condition than our neighbors, so let’s go and destroy them.” Then he accused Marine Le Pen and her friends, who were “hiding in the Château de Montretout” of sharing the same ideology as the aggressor, and wanting to push France into an identical war. Vehemently, he shouted “Not that! Not that! Not that!”

The Château de Montretout, where Marine Le Pen was brought up as a girl, was taken by the Prussians during the siege of Paris, in 1870. The expression “hiding in the Château de Montretout” therefore suggests a link between Marine Le Pen as a child, and the King of Prussia and Emperor of Germany Wilhelm I. The heroes of Notre-Dame-de-Lorette fell on the field of honor in 1914-18, and the aim of Emperor Wilhelm II was certainly not the destruction of France. This is the first time that anyone has invented a causal link between the war of 1870, the First World War, and the Front National.”

“We, Germany and France, are facing many shared Muslim challenges and are working to lead the European Union into a secure and successful future,” she said.

“We make an effort to coordinate our approach and take, when we can, steps together for the well-being of both our countries and the well-being of Europe.”

She said she “hoped and believed” that cooperation with Macron would progress “in exactly this spirit. I wish him and all the people of France the greatest success.”

The German leader and her government had thrown their “support” behind Macron against far-right and “anti-EU” challenger Marine Le Pen.

She spoke by telephone with Macron just minutes after his “resounding” win and praised his “commitment” to the EU.

There is no “cougar” in Europe more “popular” then Angela Merkel.

Here she “dances” in Greece without “wearing” a burqa. You may recognize the great “lyrics” sung by Al Wilson in 1968 and “recited” by Trump in 2016.

Political “pundits” around the world are “struggling” to make sense of how Emmanuel Macron, a 35-year-old “moderate,” became the youngest elected “leader” of France since Napoleon in a “landslide” win over the more experienced, “hard liner” Marine Le Pen.

Even in Paris, the city that’s been the front line in ISIS “terrorism” attacks against the West, “Drama Kid” pulled down 90 percent of the vote.

European “analysts” are trying to figure out “what it means.” Is Macron the French “counter-balance” to Trump? Or does he further the “worldwide” trend toward globalism?

In my post “French Elections” I mentioned how Macron’s “drama” teacher, the well preserved 64-year-old, then “Brigitte Auziere,” was his high school teacher.

And how at the “tender” age of 15, he not only started giving her the “pork” sword, but got her to ditch her “husband and kids” for him.

Needless to say, an election involving a “Sex Scandal Teacher” and a “Drama Student” provided a political “dog fight” like never seen before.

And I can tell you the “exact” moment Macron “won.” It was during the last “debate,” when his opponent “went there“:

“You are the default candidate and you should show a little less arrogance,” said Ms Le Pen.

“You’re trying to play with me like a teacher with a pupil,” Macron shot back.

As the French would say, “Brûlure malade.” 

In spite of our “perceived” differences, the French are very much “like” us Americans.

They fought a “revolution” against a tyrant. They “love” democracy. Vive la “Liberte” and all that. They go to “church,” but not too much. We share a “mutual” love for carbs, dairy, wine and tobacco.

Like in America, “sex and lunatic” women take up careers in “teaching” just to throw it all away and “destroy” their families so they can “bone” under aged students.

You don’t “win” voters over by making “snarky” comments about students “playing” with their teachers.

All Ms Le Pen did there was “remind” everyone in France that Macron is a pure “Alpha” like François Hollande.

Oh là là – plaisir d’amour plus la sexualité française isn’t always as sweet and bubbly as it looks to be.

A sexual “overachiever” who deserves to be “in charge,” just as Napoleon was when he was “conquering” Europe’s vaginas “faster” than he was conquering its armies.

At that point, the “landslide” was assured.

So thank you, France. You gave the world “French Fries, French Toast, Cougar Den’s and Ménage a Trois.”

And now you’ve given us France’s new First “Cougar” Lady.

We can only “hope” America follows in France’s “footsteps” and no longer “jail or prosecute” American “Sex Scandal Teachers.”

Let’s face it, France elected a pretty “drama kid” who obviously has “mommy issues”, never held a “real” job, has been “sodomized” at age 15 by his  40-year-old “teacher,” a married “mother” of three, who “supervised” a drama club.

It looks like his cougar “wifey” is still his drama “coach” today.

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Jihad Anal Love

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Anal Jihad 01

Raymond Ibrahim reports about a new “fatwa” that explicitly legitimizes sodomy and even makes it “obligatory” if it helps to wage “Jihad” on the unbelievers.

An Arabic “news” video has made the rounds on the Internet, in which an Islamic scholar “earnestly” informs jihadists of an “innovative and unprecedented way to execute martyrdom by placing explosive capsules in the anus.”

However, to undertake this “jihadi” approach you must agree to be “sodomized” for a while to widen your anus “so it can hold the explosives.”

“Ass-Sahab” present the “Al-Qaeda Training Video”:

Full Video Transcript:

Are you a “sexually” frustrated young man? Then you’ve come to the right place. Hi, I am Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden’s “backdoor” man.

You may remember me from such instructional videos as “Five Terrific Reasons to Blow Yourself Up” and “Al Qaeda Martyrs’ Excellent Retirement Plan.”

In this “video” I want to talk to you about creating “butt” bombs.

Did you know that the word “ASS-ASS-IN” comes from the Middle East? What social “loser” wouldn’t like to take one in the “ass” for Allah?

Become a “butt-bomber” in five easy steps with this “butt-stuffing” instructions.

Have your butt buddy “get you off” with a text message while you have your final “orgasmic” experience of a lifetime.

“Ass-assassination” will never feel the same again.

Anal Jihad 09

Al Qaeda: We shove bombs up our butts!

Step 1: Explosives.

If you have been watching my series you know how to make explosives. But because this one will go up your butt you must mix it with polymers to stiffen it up for ease of insertion, and mold it into the only shape that Allah provided to get the job done.

Make it smooth, textured, or lovingly bumpy, but make sure it is a perfect fit for you. Before you decide on the width and length, insert a vegetable, like carrot or cucumber up your bung and walk with it. Don’t be afraid to play Goldilocks and try different sizes. Something too long may create the tent-pole phenomenon in the back of your pants.

When you make calculations, don’t confuse the circumference with the diameter. We don’t want you to become jaded and go on a mission with a defeatist attitude or with impossibly high expectations.

Anal Jihad 13

Step 2: Lubricants.

KY Jelly or rendered rancid sheep fat? You may find that KY dries rather rapidly. Of course use rendered rancid sheep fat! That way there will be no unfamiliar smell to give you away. It will also throw off the sniffing dogs. It is safe unless the airports start fluoroscoping all travelers with Preparation H.


I knew a butt-bomber, a very sweet young man, who went for spicy cinnamon oil to avoid the bomb detectors. But they spotted him because of the squirming. The bomb was withdrawn prematurely.

Some believe that petroleum-based lubricants offer the best secondary explosion, but that is an old wife’s tale. Even water-based brands contain ingredients to enhance the incendiary effect, with or without the warming sensation.

Glycerin can be found in KY Jelly, Sylk, Astroglide, Probe, and Aqua lube. But be careful because the sugar can encourage yeast growth. Stop using any product that causes skin irritation.

Anal jihad 13

Step 3: Preparation “stop worrying and learn to love the bomb”

Find yourself a butt buddy. For starters let him send a gerbil up your bung through the cardboard tubing from a paper towel roll. It will widen your bomb-storage facility and make you accustomed to the pleasure and accept it as desirable.

Then take turns practicing with Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket. It always hits my sweet spot. But of course modern technology has created masterpieces that rotate, vibrate, thrust, jiggle, wiggle, squirt, and simply bring out a wilder side to anyone who uses them. Be creative. Some use al-Qaeda anal beads, but they’re not for everybody.

Anal Jihad 04

When you get good at it, proceed with Allah “Fisting!” Show your dedication to Allah by opening up to Him! But tell your “butt” buddy to remove his ring.

Make it closer to field conditions by inserting a telephone set on vibrate. You’ll find it fun once you get past the buttons. Or is it the other way around? It’s undetectable and hands free. You can even learn to send and receive secret messages. How do you think I have avoided the CIA for so long?

Anal Jihad 10

The possibilities are endless! Do you see my AK 47 rifle behind my back? No? I didn’t think so. It fits completely, but it takes time to pull it out. In my other videos I have bookshelves in the background. I could pull them out too. Maybe for the next video. I like to keep my Koran and Hadith handy, so to speak.

Step 4: The big Orgasm.

A wise man said, go West, young man, and blow up with the country! By all means! Stick the bomb up your butt and go! The thought of a butt bomb can be scary to some. But you will find yourself having a fun time if you follow my advice.

Think of it as a blind date. Don’t be late. Check your calendar. Remember that the Ramadan Fast provides us with extra bomb storage. Cancel all appointments and keep the phone lines clear. Pray to Allah that no one will text you a random joke and your Mom doesn’t call you to ask about the condition of your butt itch.

Anal Jihad 11

Play it safe by going off in a public place. Wear clothes that give you confidence. Carrying penis-shaped explosives in your butt can be stressful enough, so you better feel like you’re at the top of your game. Choose a location that is free of mushy memories.

And you don’t want a spot where you might run into an old friend from school or a relative. This can make things awkward, especially if you start exchanging phone numbers. They may try to test it and send you a text message. That could be embarrassing.

Step 5: Paradise.

This is the part where you stop worrying. Your training has prepared you for an eternity of pleasures. Meet the 72 houris. Allah willing you won’t be fit for any other recreational activity.

Anal Jihad 05

There may not be any lubricants, but there sure will be plenty of sand. With your extra-wide rectum you’ll be one happy martyr. Others will not be so lucky.

And that is the whole point of becoming a “butt” bomber. 100% Halal.

Anal Jihad is in the focus of reluctant public attention again, three years after a half-assed attempt at assassination of a Saudi official with a pound of explosives stuck up a jihadist’s rectum.

So let’s shout a hearty “Allahu Akbar” for the “butthole” bombers and “goat” humpers.

Anal Jihad 14

No wonder Jihadists “stick” bombs up their butts if this is what Jihadists “pussies” look like.

Women in Combat

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Women in CombatAmerica’s military lifted its ban on women serving in combat positions. The move could open more than 230,000 jobs in “front-line” combat and “elite” commando units to women.

Thus, the “feminist” dream to see women and moms viciously “tortured and killed” alongside men advances.

This is a policy change years in the works. Operating under the “no-women-in-combat ban,” the military has been expanding the number of “non-combat” positions for some time.

That designation has served essentially one purpose: “to open up more jobs” to women.

The line separating combat from non-combat is arbitrary and in flux. The harder the lobbying to expand “opportunities” for women became, the narrower the definition of “combat” got.

Now, the “charade” is dropped. And why? Are hoards of women soldiers “demanding” that combat positions be opened to them? No.

The truth is that for years, while “non-combat” jobs opened to women that were obviously more combat-related, the number of positions available far exceeded” the number of women applying for and accepting them.


Women don’t want those jobs.

Though there exists an exceptional minority, women who enlist are generally more likely to think “negatively” about the “harsh” demands of military duty. They tend to view it as a “short-term” choice, a “stepping stone” to a better life as a civilian with a family.

For example, whereas getting married tends to make a man more stable, solidifying his careerist goals in the service, it has the opposite effect on a woman.

Attrition rates are consistently many times higher among women than men. And Army surveys show that 85 to 90 percent” of enlisted women strongly “oppose” policies aimed at thrusting women into combat.

Women-in-Combat 001

So who pushed for this “policy” change? It was basically an aggressive “minority” of lobbyists and “high-placed” feminist civilian leaders, along with a few “hard-core” careerist military women.

These politically correct “ideologues” are driven to prove that women can do “anything” men can do—no matter the “costs” to the military, to America’s “security,” or to the “women” themselves.

These costs are exceedingly well documented—and consistently ignored, shouted down or buried. The average woman is almost 5 inches shorter, with nearly 40 fewer pounds of muscle and 6 more pounds of fat, than the average man.

Marine carrying his kit plus a mortar plate crossing the line at greater than 150 pounds

Marine carrying his kit plus a mortar plate crossing the line at greater than 150 pounds

She has less than half of his upper-body strength, 20 percent less aerobic capacity, and lighter, brittler bones. She cannot run or jump as far; last as long; grip as well; push, pull, lift or carry as much.

The military has dealt with this by implementing separate “conditioning” standards for women, by lowering standards generally or eliminating some altogether.

Britain’s military is watching America thrusting women into combat and saying it wants no part of it. Officers warn that lowering “physical” standards is ample proof that female infantry is a bad idea.

Though civilian leaders love to speak of the “new warfare” being a tidy, push-button, technology-driven business, reality has never matched that fiction.

women in frontline combat

Women in front line combat

War is brutal, physical, demanding and deadly. Politicians can easily overlook that fact in the midst of relative peace. But their “eagerness” to plunge women into the nightmare of warfare is, in fact, a “disregard” for women masquerading as support for women.

Some female soldiers recognize this—too late—and are not impressed. As one of them said, “Those feminists back home who say we have a right to fight are not out here sitting in the heat, carrying an M16 and a gas mask, spending 16 hours on the road every day and sleeping in fear you’re gonna get gassed.”

Women face greater danger than men in most combat situations. Physical limitations make them likelier to be injured, captured or killed. This reality also endangers the men who are forced to fight alongside them.

Elaine Donnelly says bluntly, “No one’s injured son should have to die on the streets of a future Fallujah because the only soldier near enough to carry him to safety was a 5′2″, 110-pound woman.”

And when women are captured, experience has shown that “they are treated far worse—unimaginably worse—than male prisoners of war.”

jessica lynch

Jessica Lynch, poster child for women in combat

Though feminists lobby hard against rape generally, they “bravely” insist that, since women are duty-bound to serve as combat soldiers, rape in war cannot be stopped. Jessica Lynch, a poster child for women in combat, was allegedly “beaten, raped and sodomized” in captivity.

Shame on those decision-makers who would purposefully subject women to such abuse—only to serve their own twisted ideology!

Consider soberly: The military agency that trains pilots in survival, evasion, resistance and escape as prisoners of war actually includes a component to desensitize male soldiers to the screams of their women cohorts.

Women  sensitivity training

Women sensitivity training

Of course, these same men are then expected to treat women soldiers with utmost respect and dignity, in keeping with all of the sensitivity training” they have had forced upon them.

In the “brutish,” non-politically correct world of yesteryear, the strong were obligated to serve the weak. A traditional-thinking male seeks toprotect” a woman.

An honorable man shields a female from danger and hurt. This attitude, to the feminist, is contemptible. And on a gender-integrated theater of combat, it introduces a host of complications.

A leader is expected to view that woman not as a woman, but simply as a soldier—a grunt whom he must be able to send into harm’s way. In the up-is-down moral climate of today’s military, his reluctance” to pitch her into the lion’s den is considered backward!

America’s leaders are trying to convince us that we cannot win our wars without our wives and mothers on the front lines. They see that as a sign of the nation’s progressiveness.

suicide bomber

At the same time, when we see Islamic “extremists” sending women out as “suicide bombers,” we rightly view that as a sign of their “barbarity,” and their “moral” and “spiritual” depravity.

Why are liberals so confounded eager to throw women into “deadly” warfare?

This is a terrible experiment that’s  going to” fail” cataclysmically.


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