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UN COP24 Conference

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Swedish teenage “climate activist” Greta Thunberg sported her infamous “Trump death stare” as she joined protesters in Madrid following a UN climate summit where she told world leaders her movement is “getting bigger and louder.”

Greta Thunberg sports her infamous Trump death stare.

The 16-year-old “school dropout” pictured with other young people clutching her famed “school strike for climate” banner in the Spanish capital was demanding further action.

“We no longer have time to leave out the science, accusing world leader of clever accounting and creative PR to avoid action on the climate crisis. The world’s rapidly declining carbon budgets would be gone within eight years based on current emission levels.  How do you respond to the fact that basically nothing is being done about this without feeling the slightest bit of anger? And how do you communicate this without sounding alarmist? I would really like to know,” she lectured the global audience.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse gave a press conference during the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 at the “IFEMA – Feria de Madrid” exhibition center after the event’s original host Chile withdrew last month due to “deadly riots” over economic inequality.

Canadian Journalist Sheila Gunn Reid and Keean Bexte at “Rebel News” were also in Madrid for the purpose to expose the “hypocrisy on display” at this year’s “UN COP24 Conference.”

Bureaucrats, politicians, and 16-year-old climate “alarmist” Greta Thunberg were “reminding” everyone that the world is only “eight” years away from a “climate change” driven catastrophe.

But unlike the mainstream media reporters inside this “cacophony of climate craziness” Sheila and Keean were covering the conference by telling the “other side of the story!”

At the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid, the delegates are being kept safe and sound behind a huge fence topped with barbed wire”…

We asked attendees at the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid for their opinions about “garbage littering” and “single use plastics” before telling them that it was Greta’s “mess” they’re looking at.

It’s so important to take a “good look around” at the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid because you’ll never know what you might “just come across.”

Canadian “anti-oil activists” are busy making their mark in Madrid by fighting against “indigenous” jobs as part of their protest to stop a “Fort McMurray” oil sand mine.

For the climate “crusaders” who are attending the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid, parking is a “luxury”, not because it is in “short supply”, but because the lots are full of “gas guzzling” vehicles. Well, apart from “one” parking lot: “the one for electric vehicles, that one is almost completely empty!”

It’s our third day on the ground here in Madrid at the UN Climate Change Conference and some things “never” change like “litterbugs and trash” everywhere.

We also learned at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid, that population control is “one way to save the planet!”

Keean Bexte and I visited “pollution pods”, an interactive pollution experience meant to replicate the air quality in some of the world’s dirtiest cities like “London, São Paulo, New Delhi and Beijing.”

It’s the second day of our visit to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Madrid and things are getting “weird.”

Marc Morano of “Climate Depot” is a frequent Rebel News guest and a fellow locked-out traveler. I caught up with him Madrid.

The conference centre that houses the UN climate change conference this year in Madrid is enormous.”

“Hypocrisy” is the theme of the UN Climate Change Conference here in Madrid.

The “Green Zone” is where locals and Climate Alarmists from around the world meet. It’s effectively a climate change trade show.

At the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid, the delegates are being kept safe and sound behind a huge fence topped with barbed wire.”

Tracking down Greta Thunberg and covering her “climate rally” in Edmonton was one of our biggest “video hit” of the year!

Why? Because ordinary people are tired of being lectured to by the left-wing, “Eco-radical” elites of the United Nations. They are desperate for the “other sideof the story, the side of the “minivan-driving hockey mom, oil patch dad and hard-working roughneck.”

And since our journalistic mission at “Rebel News” is to go beyond the mainstream media narrative, we’ve made it a priority to cover the big UN climate change conferences in Morocco, Germany, and Poland.

We have to personally “scrutinize” the politicians, unelected bureaucrats and international elites who are making our lives more “expensive” by the day, because if not, who else will?

This time, the conference was in Madrid and instead of going with a cameraman, I was going with my friend Keean Bexte. After all, two trouble making “Rebels” are always better than one, and Keean is not afraid to speak “truth” to power!

Keean and I are self-contained, we do most of our work in the field with our cell phones. We’re sick and tired of being lectured to by a “stroppy” teenager and her “adult” enablers at the United Nations.

 “How Dare You” Greta, how dare you have the audacity to order us and our fellow conservatives when you are not even practicing what you preach!

Greta Thunberg sports her infamous Trump death stare
Pelosi: We’re Still in to Fight Global Warming

Save the Christians of Iraq

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Rebel News has teamed up with The Nazarene Fund to raise money for the Christian refugees in Syria and Iraq. That’s one of the world’s most ancient Christian communities, they even still pray in Aramaic, the language Jesus himself spoke.

But Iraq’s Christians are in grave jeopardy — first, from the genocide perpetrated by ISIS terrorists, and now by other Muslim extremists, including those supported by Iran.

Sheila Gunn Reid of “Rebel News” recently travelled to Iraq to meet some of these Christian families first-hand, and to inspect the work done by the registered charity, The Nazarene Fund. You can see her video reports below.

But it’s not enough just to tell their story — “we need to help.”

Please join our Christmas campaign to raise $10,000 to help “rescue and relocate” these Christian families. 100% of the proceeds will support The Nazarene Fund’s projects that Sheila personally observed in action. If we meet our $10,000 goal, we’ll aim higher — there is so much work that has to be done.

And if you support Sheila’s journalism, please click here, to contribute to a separate journalism fund, to cover the costs of her flight to Iraq — which totaled just over $2,000. We are keeping the two funds separate — this one on Indiegogo is solely for the Christian relief, and this one is for our costs, including travel to Iraq.

Thank you and “Merry Christmas” to all.

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