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Secret Deal With Russia

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Siding with Russia against Ukraine exposes Germany’s secret pact—and its dangerous intentions.

I have believed for many years that Germany and Russia may have secretly signed a modern-day “Hitler-Stalin” pact. Germany’s reaction to Russia’s attack on Ukraine has exposed the existence of this deal. It also shows how far the Germans are willing to go to keep this deal intact.

Why is it worth so much to the Germans to continue siding with the Russians against Ukraine and most of the West?

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Russia and America 

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New think tank survey shows mainland Chinese support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and frown broadly on the US.

A new survey of over 3,000 mainland Chinese respondents shows that public perceptions of Russia have improved over the past three years, with Russia now being the country the Chinese public now favors the most, closely followed by Pakistan. 

The survey, which was conducted by the Central European Institute of Asian Studies think tank in March after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and released on May 12, suggests the Chinese public largely supports Moscow’s aggression, while public views about the US have significantly worsened in recent years, according to the survey’s organizers. 

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Russia becomes an Asian nation

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Sanctions may be empowering Russia to create the pathways for financial and economic independence from the West.

Russia, according to a recent caustic headline in Bloomberg, is facing “reverse industrialization” due to the US-led sanctions regime that has been imposed upon Russia for its illegal invasion of its neighbor, Ukraine.

Certainly, the American sanctions have done much harm in the near term to Russia’s economy (and, therefore, its political stability at home and its long-term ability to conduct wide-ranging military operations). 

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Sanctions Against Russia 

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Are sanctions actually helping build the prophesied “mart of nations”?

Within minutes of Russian President Vladimir Putin announcing the recognition of two regions of Ukraine as breakaway republics on February 21, rocket attacks began raining down on Ukrainian cities. The insurgency war that began in 2014 became a full ground invasion. This is the first war of a first-rate power against a Western nation since the end of World War II.

What was the United States’ and other Western nations’ response to this raw aggression? Economic sanctions. This has been the go-to foreign-policy tool to try to coerce and punish regimes that oppose the present status quo of the balance of power. Russia has more or less faced sanctions constantly for the past 30 years, but the latest round of sanctions are intended to isolate and cut off Russia’s economy from the West.

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Russia, Russia

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United States Special Counsel John Durham has handed out another indictment relating to the targeting of Donald Trump with the infamous Steele dossier. The third arrest from Durham’s investigation is a Russia-born man living in Washington, D.C., named Igor Danchenko—a “great Democrat.” Durham indicted him on November 4 for lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2017. He was a primary source for former British spy Christopher Steele, who produced the dossier. Through Danchenko, other individuals are being implicated.

“What the indictment does is show us what Durham has, and he has a lot of new information,” commentator Jonathan Turley told Fox News. “One of the figures that he does not name, that features prominently in this indictment, is referred to as PR Executive-1. And this figure features greatly in these allegations. They describe meetings in Moscow with rather shady Russian figures involving this executive, involving Danchenko.”

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Internet Censorship

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We are entering the twilight years of a “free” Internet. An Internet where anyone can post anything, and anyone can find it and read it. The continued existence of this online freedom, with all “the good, the bad and the ugly” that it produces, faces a range of threats.

The big social networks like “Google, Face Book and Twitter” are censoring what people can read and “kicking” more and more users “off” their sites. The freedom the Internet gives is becoming freedom for these big companies to “spy” on users and control “freedom of speech.” But one of the biggest “threats” to the Internet comes from governments.

Authoritarian governments have always tried to “control” what people say. If individuals can plan and “organize” freely, they can plan to “overthrow” the government. Dictators also tend to “control” the press. But that’s much less “effective” if citizens can get “online” to post the truth.

The sun set on Internet “freedom” in China a long time ago. China is now bidding to “control” crucial pieces of Internet “infrastructure” far beyond its borders. The Russian government passed a new law that will “tighten the noose” on Internet freedom there. The European Union is “weaponizing” its power to regulate the Internet. The end of the Internet as we know it is nigh.

Nearly 1 billion people use the Internet in China, but their Internet is not our Internet. The government “blocks” most foreign websites. Sites that are allowed, but based outside of China, “load” more slowly. And the government monitors what you look at online: “Google, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia” are all blocked. Some companies have much more “restricted” versions of their sites available. It’s all part of what senior fellow Elizabeth Economy, from the “Council on Foreign Relations” called “the largest and most sophisticated online censorship operation in the world.” In 2013, experts estimated over 2 million were employed in “online censorship” reading and deleting social media posts.

Chinese leaders have proved so successful at “blocking” news it doesn’t want their people to see, that this “expertise” has become one of the latest “Made in China” exports.

“China, in other words, appears to be floating the first competitive alternative to the open Internet—a model that it is steadily proliferating around the world,” Samm Sacks, of the “Center for Strategic and International Studies” wrote in the Atlantic last year. “As that model spreads, whether through Beijing’s own efforts or through the model’s inherent appeal for certain developing countries with more similarities to China than the West, we cannot take for granted that the Internet will remain a place of free expression where open markets can flourish.”

“Chinese partners like Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt engage in aggressive online content control,” wrote Sacks. Foreign Policy wrote last year, “Across sub-Saharan Africa, free expression is being unjustly curtailed, and the Internet is increasingly being used by authorities to censor and surveil citizens.” Often Chinese experts make it possible. Beginning in 2015, China helped Tanzania build its own “Great Internet Firewall.”

Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a new law calling on Russia to develop its own Internet. Under this setup, Russia should be able to completely disconnect itself from the World Wide Web—but have all websites within Russia continue to function. “The new law would provide for central control of all Internet traffic, and in essence, remove the need for data to be sent to and received from overseas servers,” explained Forbes. “This control would clearly introduce traffic monitoring and stark censorship of sites that could be visited by Russian users.”

The Russian government already blocks websites, though not quite on the same scale as China. What this new law is attempting, however, is even more ambitious. “No country has ever tried to build its own Internet architecture before,” wrote Time. “Even China, the world leader when it comes to Internet censorship, has built its ‘Great Firewall’ on the existing global DNS (Domain Name System) filtering traffic, but is still part of the same worldwide addressing system.”

Because it is so ambitious, Russia’s attempt may fail. But former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has warned that the Internet could “split” in two within 10 to 15 years. One version would be “free and open” and centered on America. Another would be “heavily restricted” and led by China and Russia.

Underlying these “fears” is the fact that China is literally “building” a new Internet. The quest of Chinese firm Huawei to build “5G Internet” across the world is the most visible “manifestation” of this.

5G (fifth generation) Internet “infrastructure” is a major upgrade that “transmits” information much more rapidly. A mobile phone on 5G is expected to have an average “download” speed of 1 GBps, faster than your top-of-the-line current home “fiber optic” connection.

It can also handle more “connected” devices. So it will become the backbone of the “Internet of things.” As cars, roads and even fridges all begin to talk to each other, they’ll be doing it largely through the 5G network.

“We think the stakes couldn’t be higher with regard to 5G technology, because of all of the things we build out over the coming years on top of that tech,” Rob Strayer, the deputy assistant secretary for cyber and international communications at the United States State Department, told BBC. “This is truly a monumental decision being made now.”

Huawei is the world’s largest telecom equipment manufacturer, and like all big Chinese companies, it is “controlled” by the Chinese government. The Central Intelligence Agency claims that Huawei receives money from China’s security services. Despite this, it will be building much of the 5G infrastructure. Europe is seriously “considering” using Huawei. Even the United Kingdom has “decided” to use Huawei, though it will “jeopardize” close security relations with the U.S.

But this isn’t the only piece of Chinese control infrastructure. As part of its “Belt and Road Initiative”, China is building and upgrading “networks” all across central Asia. A Pentagon report in January warned that this “Digital Silk Road” project could “enable politically motivated censorship.”

Huawei is also “moving” out to sea. Huawei Marine has worked on over 100 undersea cable projects, becoming the world’s fourth-largest “undersea cable company.”

“While the U.S. wages a high-profile campaign to exclude China’s Huawei Technologies Co. from next-generation mobile networks over fears of espionage, the company is embedding itself into undersea cable networks that ferry nearly all of the world’s Internet data,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

It warned that American officials “say the company’s knowledge of and access to undersea cables could allow China to attach devices that divert or monitor data traffic—or, in a conflict, to sever links to entire nations. Such interference could be done remotely ….”

Britain’s national security adviser, Mark Sedwill, warned in 2017 that attacks on these cables could have “the same effect as used to be achieved in, say, World War II by bombing the London docks or taking out a power station.”

China, with all its experience “spying” on the Internet use of its 1.4 billion citizens, could soon “spy” on the world.

In March 2015, China unveiled its  new “great cannon”weapon. Its first target was“Virtual Private Network” (VPN) websites that helped Chinese Internet users get “around” its firewall. The cannon “weaponized” China’s 800 million Internet users. It took users of “Baidu”, China’s equivalent of Google, and directed them to the target websites. Before long, these sites were “flooded” with more traffic than they could handle, and “knocked” offline.

In his book “The Great Firewall of China”, James Griffiths describes this as a crucial moment “when the architects of the Great Firewall turned their attention to the rest of the world, unwilling to tolerate challenges to their dominance wherever they came from.”

“It was a message,” writes Griffiths, “a new front in China’s war on the Internet.”

Already companies have to be very careful about what they do online. Last year, an employee running the Marriott International Twitter account “liked” a tweet from Friends of Tibet, a Tibetan separatist group. It seemed a reasonable thing to do. The group had “praised” Marriott for listing Tibet as a “separate” country from China.

The Chinese government responded by “blocking” Marriott’s website and mobile app for a week. Marriott caved. They fired the employee and posted a groveling tweet.

“Marriott International respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China. We don’t support separatist groups that subvert the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China. We sincerely apologize for any actions that may have suggested otherwise.”

With China “controlling” more and more of the Internet, will this “offensive” action continue? How long before large companies no longer “host” content that China disagrees with?

WordPress is “banned” in China. Could China start targeting “weblogs” like ours beyond their borders?

We’re moving into a time of “authoritarian rulers” who won’t allow free speech, “online or off.”

From Russia With Love

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During a press conference, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova dropped a “bombshell” that her country has “damaging” information the Obama administration “asked” them to “keep secret” but they just “might leak it.”

While answering a question about how she sees “the future of Russian-US diplomatic relations in the context of the current atmosphere in Washington,” Zakharova said they have “soured” over the last few years.

She used as her example, the announcement of “details for official visits,” according to an English transcript provided by the Kremlin.

“To tell the truth, over the past few years we’ve seen many strange things happen in Washington in connection with preparations for visits or talks by our foreign ministers. The US Department of State has more than once asked us not to announce planned visits until the last minute. This is not our tradition. We have been operating openly for years, but we have respected the requests we have received from our colleagues in Washington in the past few years.

But what happened after that? First, the US Department of State asked us to keep the planned visit quiet and not to announce it until the last possible minute, until we coordinated the date. We did as they asked. But a day or two later the information was leaked by the US State Department and sometimes by the US administration. Frankly, this put Russia and the media in a strange situation, because they didn’t know who to believe – the official agencies or the many leaks.”

She said the Russian government would be “transparent about such visits.”

“As I said, such cases in our relations with the US Department of State have become a bad tradition over the past few years. So, I can say in response to your question that we will make the date and format of contacts between the Russian and US foreign ministers public after we coordinate them. We won’t keep them quiet.

At this point, I don’t have any information I can share with you. I can say that this visit and such contacts are possible in principle, but it would be premature to talk about time frames.”

She then said if things “continue” on the present course, it may be “damaging” for former President Barack Obama.

“Also, I would like to say that if the practice of leaking information that concerns not just the United States but also Russia, which has become a tradition in Washington in the past few years, continues, there will come a day when the media will publish leaks about the things that Washington asked us to keep secret, for example, things that happened during President Obama’s terms in office. Believe me, this could be very interesting information.”

Our American colleagues must decide if they respect the diplomatic procedure, if they keep their word on the arrangements made between us, primarily arrangements made at their own request, or we create a few very nice surprises for each other.”

I wonder if that “includes” whatever President Obama was talking about with “outgoing” Russian President Dmitri Medvedev?

Medvedev: “I will transmit this information to Vladimir.” — ZeroPointNow (@ZeroPointNow) March 28, 2017

This alone should have “cost” Obama the election but he was given a “pass” by the lame stream media.

After Obama said he could be more “flexible” he promptly removed the “European Missile Shields” emboldening the Russians to “take” Crimea and “attack” the Ukraine!

Proof that Obama was “always” trying to do as much “damage” to the USA and the free World as possible!

Can you imagine the “headlines this would have made if this was “about” a Trump administration official.

But “because” it is about Barack Obama, the “worst presidents in US history,” the liberal mainstream media “ignores” this story completely.

“Caliph” Obama along with the “criminal” Clinton’s belong in “GITMO” for life!

As long as Obama “loyalists” still hiding in the White House and continue to “leak” Intel, it’s “inevitable” that Russia eventually will “drop a bombshell” about Obama.

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Obama’s Secret Cyber Attack

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Rick Moran wrote a piece at the American Thinker pointing out that the Obama administration was preparing to “send a message” to Russia and its “geo-poker” playing leader, Vladimir Putin.

Following the Democrat party’s and Clinton campaign’s “talking points” that the WikiLeaks releases of “embarrassing” emails were the work of Russian “intelligence,” Obama was damn well going to show those “sneaky” Russians that they couldn’t get away with such “blatant” interference in an American “presidential” election.

According to CIA officials, they were “tasked” by the White House to deliver the “Commander-in-Chief” a range of options.

According to NBC News, what Obama quite publicly has “selected” to do is to conduct a “secret retaliatory cyber warfare attack on the Russians.

Never mind that Obama and Hillary were quite critical of Russia’s “Duma Congressional Elections” back in 2011, our sovereign leader simply cannot tolerate this “pushy” Putin prying into our presidential politics.


This royal “outrage” has resulted in our grandly-announced “secret cyber-attack” on these “nefarious” Russians, an announcement that immediately got Putin’s “attention” and gave that Bolshevik “bully” pause for thought.

Yep, he thought about it all right, just long enough to assemble a “naval task force” in the Baltic and sail it with “all flags flying” right down through the English Channel, blowing “black bolshie smoke” throughout the entire “in-your-face Obama” transit.

I’d love to be the “fly on the wall” to catch the expression on Obama’s face when he “reviews” the intelligence videos of this Russian carrier sailing “merrily” through waters long-considered “off limits” to Russian naval vessels.


That is one huge Slavic “middle finger” and it clearly demonstrates to the world that American “voters” just might learn something from their Russian “counterparts” when it comes to electing a national leader with some “steel in his spine.”

I know it sounds “counter-intuitive,” folks, but seriously, don’t you think our great leader “pales” just a bit compared to “Steel Vlad” in this geopolitical jousting?

Ask the president of the Philippines for starters. He’s likely at the top of a “growing and very long list.”


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is known for saying things that are quite “scandalous” and many would consider “unsayable.”

However, his outspoken style and “crime-fighting” record is making him quite “popular” with many Filipinos.

I think it is becoming clearly “evident” to the entire world that there is a markedly “difference” between the makings of a “Russian KGB Colonel” and that of a “Chicago Community Organizer.”


Obama’s “legacy” has sailed… and future scholars may require “scuba gears…”


From Russia with Love.

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Toilet Terrorists

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Putin 03

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he does not “regret” saying this famous phrase over a decade ago on “wasting terrorists in the outhouse.”

In September 1999, when he briefly served as “prime minister” during Boris Yeltsin’s presidency, Putin told Russian TV:

“We are going to pursue terrorists everywhere. If they are in the airport, we will pursue them in the airport. And if we capture them in the toilet, then we will waste them in the outhouse. … The issue has been resolved once and for all”.

This “phrase” is, probably, the most well-known of Putin’s, at one time being “considered” as something like his unofficial “pre-election” slogan.

He recalled that “initially” he felt regret for having used such “language,” which was not really “appropriate” for an “official” of his stature.

“I had gone somewhere on a visit and returned to St. Petersburg absolutely upset. A friend asked me what was wrong. I said I had blurted out something unpleasant, something which was out of place. Too bad. Being at such a high level [of officialdom], I should not have been wagging my tongue like that,” the Prime Minister said. His friend, in response, noted that “a taxi driver just told me that a guy had appeared in the government who was saying the right things.”

Today, sixteen years later, Putin said that the “form” in which he presented his “thought” was, perhaps, not correct “rhetoric.” But the “meaning” behind it was the “right” idea.

Thinking back to 2000, when he “won” the presidential election for the first time, Putin said that the country was living in the conditions of a “civil war.”

Now, despite all of the “hardships, terrorist attacks,” and victims, “the situation is completely different.”

Speaking about “terrorists,” the premier said that those who are still remaining “have been driven into caves.”

According to the president, it is important to act “honestly and reasonably.”

Putin believes that “honesty” is the most important quality for a “presidential candidate,” as well as for any other top “official or head” of a large enterprise.

When a worker told the Russian President that he had a “son” and was wondering what “qualities” should be expected of anyone “aspiring” to the nation’s highest office, Putin replied:

“What is needed to become a president? In my opinion, the most important quality is honesty. It should be honesty in everything – in relations with one’s family, colleagues, and the state.”

He added that he is deeply convinced that this quality is not only crucial for a president, but also for a regional head or the manager of a large business. “Then, of course, one needs knowledge, professionalism, skills in building relationships with people,” he noted.

A dishonest person, “who cannot keep his word”, should not be allowed to lead a group of people, let alone the state, Putin emphasized.

Answering a female worker’s question on what “achievements” he considered to be his most “important,” Putin said:

That a lot has been done for Russia’s development over the past decade. There is still a lot of work to be done though.

They main task for authorities is to ensure a normal life for the people. In that respect, the number of the poor has “decreased significantly” in recent years, though there are still a lot of people living in poverty and that needs to be worked on.

He recalled that the country’s economy has doubled during the years of his presidency and premiership. “It is very considerable for any country,” he noted.

As to what has “yet to be done,” the head of the government said that the country needs “new instruments, new people, new ideas, deep modernization and innovative processes, in order to provide for rapid economic growth, the social sector, and the strengthening of the political fundamentals of our society.”

If you think this is “empty” talk, think again. Russia’s air force just used its bombers to lay waste to a major stronghold of the Islamic State.

The Russian air force just pulled off one of the “biggest and most complex” heavy bomber missions in modern history, sending no fewer than 25 “Backfire, Bear, and Blackjack” bombers on a coordinated, long-range “air raid” against alleged ISIS forces in Syria.

Putin ain’t “playing” around. Here watch a Russian “call of duty” blowing up an ISIS controlled “oil” facility…

All the world leaders are “talking” about coming together in “unity” to claim terror cannot “defeat” us.

Putin 02

Not Vladimir, he’s “terrorizing” the terrorists. If you’re a terrorist every “shit” you take you’ll be thinking that Putin is about to “kick” that door in and “snap” your neck.

He’s coming, and “hell” is coming with him!

Putin 01

Darth Lenin

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Darth Lenin 01

One man said of the revamp: “New heroes replace old ones, and this is how the world goes round.”

Ukrainians have “transformed” a statue of Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin into Darth Vader in the city of Odessa.

The absurd but highly “symbolic” move comes just before the “release” of the latest Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens.”

The founder of the former “communist” Soviet Union, has long been “despised” by many Ukrainians.

Darth Lenin 05

Vladimir Lenin, founder of the former communist Soviet Union.

In April, the government passed a law, ordering all “symbols” of the Soviet era to be “removed” from the country.

“After the anti-communism law was adopted earlier this year, we had to decide what to do with the monument of Lenin,” Oleksandr Milov, the “sculptor” of the new statue, told the AFP news agency.

“Honestly, I did not like the idea of destroying it, so we decided on a more flexible solution,” he said, adding that they were planning to install a “Wi-Fi” router on the statue’s head so that he can “communicate with the other Siths.”

Darth Lenin 06

The tall statue is now Darth Vader, having been given the Star Wars villain’s iconic black mask and helmet which emits free Wi-Fi to all passers-by.

The people of the eastern European country are increasingly “embracing” the western culture, a transition that “angers” Russia, which has been involved in a pro-Moscow “separatist insurgency” in the Ukraine’s eastern parts .

Darth Vader, “a villainous masked character fighting against the forces of good,” is a popular character in George Lucas’ movies.

Darth Lenin 03

The sculpture of the communist leader in the city of Odessa was going to be removed by the government under DE-communization laws until it was transformed into Darth Vader.

A Darth Vader “movement” has surfaced in Ukrainian politics, with several “Dark Lords” running as candidates for the mayor-ship of the capital Kyiv and Odessa.

One masked man ran for last year’s “presidential” elections, only to be denied “registration” by authorities after he refused to “disclose” his real identify.

Darth Lenin 04

The tall statue is now Darth Vader, having been given the Star Wars villain’s iconic black helmet and mask.

Darth “Sidious,” was recently “elected” to a seat on the “city council” of Odessa, Ukraine’s fourth largest city.

Darth “Chewbacca,” however, was arrested for unlawfully “canvassing” for the country’s Internet Party.

He was stopped by police while driving Darth “Vader” to a polling station in Odessa where the pair were “campaigning” for Vader in the “mayoral” elections.

Ukraine’s local election law “forbids” candidates from canvassing on the “day of voting” and Chewbacca was taken into “custody” after failing to show police his ID.

Most of these Ukrainian Darth Vader’s represent a small “Pirate Party” of Ukraine, one of more than 40 groups in the world that advocate the “defense” of Internet freedoms and “limits” on copyright laws.

Underneath it is still the same Vladimir Lenin effigy, but on the outside it’s something from a galaxy far, far away.

Warehouse manager Semyon Horbunov, on whose land the statue sits, said: “Everything flows and nothing abides. New heroes replace old ones, and this is how the world goes round.”

Darth Lenin 07

Oleksandr Milov, a sculptor from Odessa, attends the inauguration ceremony of a Darth Vader monument. He is happy with the remodeling, which emits Wi-Fi from its helmet

Sculptor Oleksandr Milov told Ukraine Today: “The bronze Lenin was left inside, so that the grateful or not-so-grateful descendants could exhume him, if needed.”

Earlier this year, Ukraine’s parliament passed a bill “banning” communist propaganda. The April ruling “prohibited” revolutionary text from being on any “monuments, places or street names.”

Darth Lenin 02

Underneath the new exterior remains the same Vladimir Lenin but on the outside it’s Darth Vader.

It spelled the “end” for hundreds of statues of Lenin across the country, but as Odessa’s newly “transformed” monument no longer “depicts” the Bolshevik leader, it will now be “spared.”

You got to hand it to the Ukrainians, they are very creative and cool.

The force is still with Darth Vader; not Lenin

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