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China’s Mask Diplomacy

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China saw the coronavirus pandemic as “a window of opportunity to boost its influence” over Southeast Asian nations, the South China Morning Post wrote. By sending medical supplies, vaccines and personnel to Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and the Philippines, China was able to increase its soft power over them.

China first directed attention to Cambodia last March, donating hazmat suits, face masks and other necessities. The Chinese also sent a team of medical experts to provide education in handling the crisis. A few months later, China provided Cambodia with even more medical materials. China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency quoted Cambodian Health Minister Mam Bunheng as saying: “This assistance is a new testament to the unbreakable friendship, solidarity and cooperation between Cambodia and China.”

That “friendship, solidarity and cooperation” has continued. On February 7, Cambodia received 600,000 doses of Chinese-made covid-19 vaccines. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said that China was building testing labs, giving out test kits, and providing vaccines for Cambodia, according to Global Times. “China will continue to provide assistance to Cambodia’s fight against the outbreak as much as it can according to the needs of the Cambodian side,” Zhao said.

China has repeated this foreign policy in so many nations that it has been dubbed “covid-19 diplomacy” or “face mask diplomacy.”

Last April, Laos received over 2,000 test kits from China, in addition to a small group of medical staff to help the Laotians learn how to fight the virus. Xinhua News Agency quoted a hospital worker, saying, “I am grateful to have experienced Chinese medical staff in our country. We can learn directly from them to control the spread of the virus. The assistance makes me feel hopeful.”

This April, Laos received its fourth shipment of vaccines and more medical staff from China. Lao Deputy Prime Minister Kikeo Khaykhamphithoune said the help from China reflects the profound friendship between the two countries.

A similar pattern has developed in both Myanmar and Thailand, where China has provided a continuous stream of coronavirus aid from last spring until now. Last March, Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said relations between China and Thailand “will emerge even stronger in this joint campaign against the virus.”

Last July, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to give the Philippines access first when a vaccine was developed. President Xi agreed, and Chinese vaccines first arrived in the Philippines on February 28. Two months later, the Philippines received another half million doses from China.

The South China Morning Post stated that China “has managed to transform the pandemic into a strategic opportunity to assert its leadership role and expand its geopolitical influence.”

It’s a strange turn of events considering the virus originated in China, and the Chinese Communist Party directed its energies to deflecting blame instead of preventing a global pandemic.

Yet instead of blaming China, these countries in Southeast Asia are relying on China for help and looking to China for leadership.

Don’t Be Fooled by China’s Mask Diplomacy

Obama’s Secret Cyber Attack

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Rick Moran wrote a piece at the American Thinker pointing out that the Obama administration was preparing to “send a message” to Russia and its “geo-poker” playing leader, Vladimir Putin.

Following the Democrat party’s and Clinton campaign’s “talking points” that the WikiLeaks releases of “embarrassing” emails were the work of Russian “intelligence,” Obama was damn well going to show those “sneaky” Russians that they couldn’t get away with such “blatant” interference in an American “presidential” election.

According to CIA officials, they were “tasked” by the White House to deliver the “Commander-in-Chief” a range of options.

According to NBC News, what Obama quite publicly has “selected” to do is to conduct a “secret retaliatory cyber warfare attack on the Russians.

Never mind that Obama and Hillary were quite critical of Russia’s “Duma Congressional Elections” back in 2011, our sovereign leader simply cannot tolerate this “pushy” Putin prying into our presidential politics.


This royal “outrage” has resulted in our grandly-announced “secret cyber-attack” on these “nefarious” Russians, an announcement that immediately got Putin’s “attention” and gave that Bolshevik “bully” pause for thought.

Yep, he thought about it all right, just long enough to assemble a “naval task force” in the Baltic and sail it with “all flags flying” right down through the English Channel, blowing “black bolshie smoke” throughout the entire “in-your-face Obama” transit.

I’d love to be the “fly on the wall” to catch the expression on Obama’s face when he “reviews” the intelligence videos of this Russian carrier sailing “merrily” through waters long-considered “off limits” to Russian naval vessels.


That is one huge Slavic “middle finger” and it clearly demonstrates to the world that American “voters” just might learn something from their Russian “counterparts” when it comes to electing a national leader with some “steel in his spine.”

I know it sounds “counter-intuitive,” folks, but seriously, don’t you think our great leader “pales” just a bit compared to “Steel Vlad” in this geopolitical jousting?

Ask the president of the Philippines for starters. He’s likely at the top of a “growing and very long list.”


Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is known for saying things that are quite “scandalous” and many would consider “unsayable.”

However, his outspoken style and “crime-fighting” record is making him quite “popular” with many Filipinos.

I think it is becoming clearly “evident” to the entire world that there is a markedly “difference” between the makings of a “Russian KGB Colonel” and that of a “Chicago Community Organizer.”


Obama’s “legacy” has sailed… and future scholars may require “scuba gears…”


From Russia with Love.

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