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Cuban Political Prisoners

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Che Obama 18

At a joint press conference with El Che Obama, Cuban “dictator” Raúl Castro was asked about “political prisoners” being held by his government.

“Why are there Cuban political prisoners in your country?” CNN reporter Jim Acosta asked.

Raúl Castro immediately went off on the question saying, “Give me the list right now of political prisoners to let go of them. Mention it now, which political prisoners?”

“Tell me the name or the names or when we conclude the press conference you give me a list of the prisoners. And if there are political prisoners then before night falls, they will be free. There!” said the dictator.

When Obama was asked by ABC News anchor David Muir “if he would provide Castro with a list of political prisoners to call the dictator’s public bluff,” Obama refused.

“The truth of the matter is, we’ve given him lists in the past,” Obama said, “and they have responded intermittently to our engagement. And this, I think, is an example of why it was my belief that this would be a more successful mechanism for us to advance the values that we care about than an embargo, and silence, and no communications.”

That begs the question then “why didn’t Obama bring a copy of the past list given to Castro with him to Cuba?”

Earlier in the press conference Castro also said, “Both countries can cooperate and coexist in a civilized manner that is mutually beneficial and rise above the differences we have and will likely continue to have.”

Issues regarding “human rights” remain one of the core “disagreements” between the U.S. and Cuba in spite of “normalized” relations via the reestablishment of “diplomatic” ties.

Shortly before Obama’s arrival in Havana, several protesters from “The Ladies In White” were violently arrested by Cuban authorities.

Obama is to be given “credit” for raising the issues of “civil liberties and free elections” with Raúl Castro, and saying that Cubans should be “free to speak their minds and protest” against their government without fear of “arbitrary detentions.”

Being raised and educated by “liberal” Progressives who have argued for nearly “six” decades that Cuba is a socialist “paradise,” Obama did not “go” far enough.

Che Obama 15

Here are some of the questions “weak, limply and wimpy” El Che Obama should have “asked” Raúl Castro:

  1. When will you allow free and open elections to be held in Cuba, as promised by your brother Fidel shortly after he took command of the country in 1959? How long will the Cuban people have to wait to exercise this basic right of a democracy?
  1. When will you open your government’s archives to allow historians and others to document just how many Cubans have been executed at the order of your brother and other communist officials? The figure given in “The Black Book of Communism” is between 15,000 and 17,000. Is that too high or too low an estimate?
  1. When will you release all political prisoners, especially the husbands, sons, fathers, and friends of the “Ladies in White,” who have provided you with the names of those who are in jail for speaking out for libertad? “The Black Book of Communism” estimates that 100,000 Cubans have been placed in prisons and forced labor camps for “political” reasons. Is that figure too high or too low?
  1. When will you allow the free market to truly operate in Cuba so that the average worker will be able to earn a decent wage rather than the penurious $20 a month he presently receives? When will you allow credit cards—an essential instrument of modern commerce—to be used and accepted? When will you allow open Internet and Wifi for Cuban people?
  1. When will your brother Fidel admit that Che Guevara—admired by many young Americans—was not a high-minded revolutionary, but a cold-blooded murderer who functioned as Fidel’s personal executioner? Isn’t it true that he was a great admirer of China’s Cultural Revolution and that it was he, not Fidel, who invented Cuba’s first “corrective labor camp”—i.e., a gulag?
  1. Isn’t it true that Cuba is not a socialist “paradise,” but a troubled third-world country ruled by a communist regime that discourages religion, denies freedom of the press and of speech, bars legitimate elections, treats the judiciary as a lapdog, and reveres the Communist Party above all things?

Any “meaningful and enduring” relationship between Cuba and America must be based on the “truth.” And the truth about what “communism” has done to the Cuban people for nearly sixty years has “yet to be told.”

This is the hand of a weak, limply and wimpy leader…

Che Obama 07

“Let’s give a big hand to this stupid gringo. He sold out America for a smile and a photo op.”

Obama: They make fun of me. They say I am weak, limply and wimpy. They say I was born in Africa and I am Michelle’s bitch. Oh, Godfather, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do…

Raúl: You can act like a Man!  What’s the matter with you? Is this what you’ve become, a Hollywood Finocchio who cries like a woman? “Oh, what do I do? What do I do?” What is that nonsense? Ridiculous!

Che Obama 19

Obama’s Human Rights Contribution.

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Che Obama

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Che Obama 01Obama Fails Cuban Freedom Again
By Raoul Lowery Contreras

Susan Rice, President Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor, looked into the television camera and “declared” that the American 55-year-long “trade embargo with Cuba had failed.”

President Obama’s history-making “visit” this week to Cuba, she said, lays to rest that 55-year-long “failure.” She and the president “neglected” to mention that it was President John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, who “created and implemented” the embargo.

Che Obama 03

She’s “wrong.” Obama’s visit symbolizes his “failure to help Cubans be free,” not that the “embargo” failed.

President Obama’s visit to Cuba “reflects” the failure of Obama’s “policy” towards Cuba that, while foreseen for the past seven years, is a bitter “insult” to the Cubans who have risked their lives to “escape” from the island dictatorship.

It also “insults” all people who strive for “liberty” for all.

Thousands of Cubans are in “prison” for demanding “human rights.” Some were “arrested” even as President Obama’s Air Force One was “in the air on the way to Havana” according to reports.

Che Obama 06

A mural in Havana depicting (from left) Cuban Communist party founder, Julio Antonio Mella, and revolutionary leaders Camilo Cienfuegos and Che Guevara.

Cuba’s “Communist” apparatchiks are busy “negotiating” business deals with China, “begging” Venezuela for free oil, “making” sure Cubans do not have “access” to the Internet, and “filling” their prisons with people seeking “democratic” rights.

Dictator Raul Castro says the United States owes Cuba billions for the “damage” he claims the United States “inflicted” with John F. Kennedy’s “embargo.” That, by the way, is an “admission” that the embargo worked “contrary” to Susan Rice’s falsities.

Americans have been “imprisoned” by Cuba on flimsy and false charges for years, even as more than five dozen “convicted and/or charged” American criminals “live and work” in Cuba under the dictatorship’s “protection and on its payroll.”

Cuba Obama 03

President Obama had fantastic “leverage” and opportunities to “negotiate” terms with Cuba that “benefited” the Cuban people by making the “dictatorship” embark on new “paradigms of governance” that would benefit the Cuban people.

That is, if he had “seriously” negotiated for “freedom” for all.

If you, Raul Castro, want the embargo ended then quit arresting people every weekend when they march for free speech and democratic elections. Raul, if you want Americans to come to Cuba to visit and spend money, fine, but you have to allow American communications companies to enter Cuba with their modern services and an Internet that you do not interfere with.

If you want Americans to come to Cuba for any reason, for business or tourism, you must put every American criminal hiding in Cuba on a plane we will send at no cost to Cuba to bring them back escorted by U.S. Marshals. That includes the cop killer and the terror bomber.

If you want full diplomatic relations with the United States and unrestricted trade relations, you must allow full ingress and egress to Cuba for Cubans.

You must compensate all claims proved for property expropriated by your government of Americans, American and foreign companies, Cubans and Cuban companies on January 1st, 1959, or after.

If you move your people towards freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, political freedom, free political parties and elections, and return all convicted or charged American criminals to the United States, President Obama will visit Cuba and watch a baseball game with you.

Unfortunately, we do not have a president who wanted “anything” from Cuba. He only wants future “leftist” historians to write well about his “presidency” like the mainstream American “press” does as he visits Cuba.

Che Obama 02

That mainstream press agrees with his Cuban “gift” policy as it does with his closing our naval base at “Guantanamo Bay” and its prison for “enemy” combatants of the ongoing war on “terrorism.”

The president’s people point to public “polling” that says a majority of Americans “support” his one-sided gifts to the Cuban dictatorship.

What they don’t “mention” is that Congress is the “only” institution that can “relieve, change, or end the embargo.”

Obama can “lift” visit restrictions on people, he can “allow” airlines to go to Cuba because only he can “deal” with foreign countries but he cannot “end the embargo” on his own.

Che Obama 05

Fridge magnets, including one of Barack Obama, at a market in Havana ahead of the US president’s visit.

One can only “hope” that the President of the United States is “uncomfortable” in Havana while Cubans are in “prison” for the crime of “asking” for freedom.

The president could have “forced” the Cuban government to “ease” restrictions on freedom that Americans “cherish” and he did not.

He simply isn’t “capable” of being a “freedom fighter” even on a “philosophical” level.

Viva Cuba Libre!

I understand a Mariachi version of the “Star Spangled Banner” was played when “Che Obama” landed on the tarmac of the Cuban Airport.

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Civil Society Initiative

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Civil Society Forum 06

Revolutionary-In-Chief Barack Hussein Obama

Remarks by Revolutionary-In-Chief Obama at the Civil Society Forum
Hotel El Panama
Panama City, Panama

Buenas tardes. Thank you, President Varela. Thank you very much, Panama, for hosting this Summit of the Americas. And I thank everybody who’s traveled here from across the region for the courageous work that you do to defend freedom and human rights, and to promote equality and opportunity and justice across our hemisphere and around the world.

Civil Society Forum 00

I am proud to be with you at this first-ever official gathering of civil society leaders at the Summit of the Americas. And I’m pleased to have Cuba represented with us at this summit for the very first time.

I am here for a very simple reason. I believe that strong, successful countries require strong and vibrant civil societies. I know that throughout history, human progress has been propelled not just by famous leaders, not just by states, but by ordinary men and women who believe that change is possible; by citizens who are willing to stand up against incredible odds and great danger not only to protect their own rights, but to extend rights to others.

I had a chance to reflect on this last month when I was in the small town of Selma, Alabama. Some of you may have heard of it. It’s a place where, 50 years ago, African-Americans marched in peaceful, nonviolent protest — not to ask for special treatment but to be treated equally, in accordance with the founding documents of our Declaration of Independence, our Bill of Rights. They were part of a civil rights movement that had endured violence and repression for decades, and would endure it again that day, as many of the marchers were beaten.

Civil Society Forum 05

But they kept marching. And despite the beatings of that day, they came back, and more returned. And the conscience of a nation was stirred. Their efforts bent, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, the arc of the moral universe towards justice. And it was their vision for a more fair and just and inclusive and generous society that ultimately triumphed. And the only reason I stand here today as the Revolutionary-In-Chief is because those ordinary people — maids, and janitors, and schoolteachers — were willing to endure hardship.

And that’s why I believe so strongly in the work that you do. It’s the dreamers — no matter how humble or poor or seemingly powerless — that are able to change the course of human events. I saw it in South Africa, where citizens stood up to the scourge of apartheid. I saw it in Europe, where Poles marched in Solidarity to help bring down the Iron Curtain. In Argentina, where mothers of the disappeared spoke out against the Dirty War. It’s the story of my country, where citizens worked to abolish slavery, and establish women’s rights and workers’ rights, and rights for gays and lesbians.

Civil Society Forum 02

It’s not to say that my country is perfect — we are not. And that’s the point. We always have to have citizens who are willing to question and push our government, and identify injustice. We have to wrestle with our own challenges — from issues of race to policing to inequality. But what makes me most proud about the extraordinary example of the United States is not that we’re perfect, but that we struggle with it, and we have this open space in which society can continually try to make us a more perfect union.

I’ve stood up, at great cost, for freedom and human dignity, not just in my own country, but elsewhere. I’m proud of that. And I embrace our ability to become better through our democracy. And that requires more than just the work of government. It demands the hard and frustrating, sometimes, but absolutely vital work of ordinary citizens coming together to make common cause.

Civil Society Forum 01

Raul and Fidel Castro.

So “civil society” is the conscience of our countries. It’s the catalyst of change. It’s why strong nations don’t fear active citizens. Strong nations embrace and support and empower active citizens. And by the way, it’s not as if active citizens are always right — they’re not. Sometimes people start yelling at me or arguing at me, and I think, you don’t know what you’re talking about. But sometimes they do. And the question is not whether they’re always right; the question is, do you have a society in which that conversation, that debate can be tested and ideas are tested in the marketplace.

And because of the efforts of “civil society,” now, by and large, there’s a consensus in the Americas on democracy and human rights, and social development and social inclusiveness. I recognize there’s strong differences about the role of “civil society,” but I believe we can all benefit from open and tolerant and inclusive dialogue. And we should reject violence or intimidation that’s aimed at silencing people’s voices.

The freedom to be heard is a principle that the Americas at large is committed to. And that doesn’t mean, as I said, that we’re going to agree on every issue. But we should address those issue candidly and honestly and civilly, and welcome the voices of all of our people into the debates that shape the future of the hemisphere.

Civil Society Forum 03

Just to take one example. As the United States begins a new chapter in my relationship with Cuba, I hope it will create an environment that improves the lives of the Cuban people -– not because it’s imposed by me, but through the talent and ingenuity and aspirations, and the conversation among Cubans from all walks of life so they can decide what the best course is for their prosperity.

As I move toward the process of normalization, we’ll have our differences, government to government, with Cuba on many issues — just as I differ at times with other nations within the Americas; just as I differ with our closest allies. There’s nothing wrong with that. But I’m here to say that when I do speak out, we’re going to do so because the United States of America does believe, and will always stand for, a certain set of universal values. And when I do partner with “civil society,” it’s because I believe our relationship should be with governments and with the peoples that they represent.

It’s also because I believe that your work is more important than ever. Here in the Americas, inequality still locks too many people out of our economies. Discrimination still locks too many out of our societies. Around the world, there are still too many places where laws are passed to stifle civil society, where governments cut off funding for groups that they don’t agree with. Where entrepreneurs are crushed under corruption. Where activists and journalists are locked up on trumped-up charges because they dare to be critical of their governments. Where the way you look, or how you pray, or who you love can get you imprisoned or killed.

Civil Society Forum 09

People drive in Havana past a billboard that reads in Spanish, “Blockade, the longest genocide in history,” a reference to the U.S. trade embargo imposed on Cuba.

And whether it’s crackdowns on free expression in Russia or China, or restrictions on freedom of association and assembly in Egypt, or prison camps run by the North Korean regime — human rights and fundamental freedoms are still at risk around the world. And when that happens, I believe we have a moral obligation to speak out.

I also know that our support for civil society is not just about what we’re against, but also what we’re for. Because we’ve noticed that governments that are more responsive and effective are typically governments where the people are free to assemble, and speak their minds, and petition their leaders, and hold us accountable.

I know that our economies attract more trade and investment when citizens are free to start a new business without paying a bribe. I know that our societies are more likely to succeed when all our people — regardless of color, or class, or creed, or sexual orientation, or gender — are free to live and pray and love as they choose. That’s what I believe.

Civil Society Forum 07

And, increasingly, civil society is a source of ideas — about everything from promoting transparency and free expression, to reversing inequality and rescuing our environment. And that’s why, as part of my stand with “Civil Society Initiative,” we’ve joined with people around the world to push back on those who deny your right to be heard. I’ve made it a mission of my government not only to protect civil society groups, but to partner with you and empower you with the knowledge and the technology and the resources to put your ideas into action. And the U.S. supports the efforts to establish a permanent, meaningful role for civil societies in future Summits of the Americas.

So let me just say, when the United States sees space closing for civil society, I will work to open it. When efforts are made to wall you off from the world, I’ll try to connect you with each other. When you are silenced, I’ll try to speak out alongside you. And when you’re suppressed, I want to help strengthen you. As you work for change, the United States will stand up alongside you every step of the way. I am respectful of the difference among our countries. The days in which my agenda in this hemisphere so often presumed that the United States could meddle with impunity, those days are past.

Barack Obama, Raul Castro

But I do have to be very clear that when I speak out on behalf of somebody who’s been imprisoned for no other reason than because they spoke truth to power, when I am helping an organization that is trying to empower a minority group inside a country to get more access to resources, we’re not doing that because it serves our own interests; we’re doing it because I think it’s the right thing to do. And that’s important.

And I hope that all the other countries at the Summit of the Americas will join me in seeing that it’s important. Because sometimes, as difficult as it is, it’s important for me to be able to speak honestly and candidly on behalf of people who are vulnerable and people who are powerless, people who are voiceless. I know, because there was a time in my own country where there were groups that were voiceless and powerless. And because of world opinion, that helped to change those circumstance. I have a debt to pay, because the voices of ordinary people have made me better. That’s a debt that I want to make sure I repay in this hemisphere and around the world.

Thank you very much, everybody. Allah bless you.

Civil Society Forum 04

“The Cold War has been over for a long time,” Obama said during opening remarks at the summit Saturday. “I’m not interested in fighting battles, frankly, that began before I was born.”

“It is time for us to try something new,” he said. ‎”We are now in a position to move on a path toward the future.”

It’s nice to know that Obama’s making new friends, especially with a ruthless killer like Raul.

Sounds about right for a “peace-and-social-justice-loving” liberal community organizer like Barry.

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McDonald’s in Cuba!

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McDonalds in Cuba 01

Our ever so “benevolent and gracious” President extraordinaire, Barack Hussein Obama has made the “fantastic” decision of opening up “Tourist” travel to the island “paradise” of communistic Cuba at the personal “request” of Pope Francis!

McDonalds in Cuba 05

This is “extraordinary” news for people who wish to “discover” the wonderful world of “Next Tuesday” a mere 90 miles from America’s shores.

McDonalds in Cuba 07

This realization calls for “celebration” as people begin to “flock” to the wondrous tropical “Island” known only to a “selective” few.

The “secret” of that untouched “Utopia” fostered by the “Castro” brothers has “finally” be lifted.

McDonalds in Cuba 10

What will happen when “too many” discover the virtual “heaven on earth” of socialism and “want” to stay?

No longer will the “success” of socialism be “hidden” from view and all will “wish” to partake in this “new” found freedom.

McDonalds in Cuba 08
This is “great” news for the oppressed, “minimum wage” earners of McDonald’s in America!

Imagine the “flood” of underprivileged workers “streaming” south to the island “paradise” of Cuba!


Why work for “slave” wages in America when you can pick up a “cool” $9 an hour… Oh, wait… that’s “$9 a month” minimum wage for a 44 hour week. “Oops!” My bad. Disregard…

Castro once “promised” workers 30% share of “profits,” but now pays “doctors” only a paltry 7%.

Why isn’t Cuba “held” to the same moral standard as McDonald’s?

McDonalds in Cuba 03

Seems to me we could learn a “lesson or two” from Havana.

Here is a “tribute” to President Obama’s “decision” on Cuba.

As everyone knows, the U.S. has “persecuted” those great and compassionate leaders, “Fidel and Raul” Castro, for so “many” years.

McDonalds in Cuba 06

And who wouldn’t “love” a guy like Obama who “killed” the rich and “liberated” their assets for the “poor.”

Now that’s what is called real “community organizing.”

Obviously, the “selfish” thousands who “escaped” from Cuba to the U.S. over the years did not “appreciate” all that Obama had “done” for them by “normalizing” relations with Cuba.

McDonalds in Cuba 04

The Castro’s Are Free At Last!

Obama: His Holiness Pope Francis issued a personal appeal to me.

Castro, 1; Obama, Big Zero!

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Security Breach

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South Africa Mandela InterpreterWhile presiding over the funeral of former President Nelson Mandela, President Barack Obama introduced a new form of Sign Language security which will be used from now on to “unite” people all over the World into a single “communication system” equally significant to all.

The secret to learning this new progressive “Sign Language System” is in the realization that viewers brings their own “meaning to the gestures”, and that each Interpreter uses his or her own “feelings” to determine the meaning of the gestures.

The truth of what is being said is entirely “subjective”, thus allowing for greater “freedom” from possible conflict and misunderstanding.

What the person is “communicating” is not as important as how one “feels.”

White House officials say this will help Security forces track down those with “revolutionary”  tendencies since their communications will be subject to proper “interpretation” rather than some strained attempt at “objectivity.”

After being “screened” by South African security forces and our own U.S. Secret Security agents, Interpreter Thamsanqa Jantjie “courageously” translated through four hours of speeches for “notable” leaders around the world.

Security Breach 02

In a “salute” to the Interpreter’s efforts, Obama also “demonstrated” his own sign language skills by “bowing to and shaking” the hand of Revolutionary Raul Castro of the People’s Democratic Socialist Republic of Cuba.

The new progressive “Sign Language System” is unprecedented, because it is a complete break from the “tyranny” of traditional signing systems and introduces new “gestures” organized in a completely new “grammatical” fashion.

It is derived largely from the text of the “Affordable Healthcare Act”, better known as “ObamaCare” which some are comparing to the “Rosetta Stone” language system in terms of helping the world move into this new way of “expressing” truth.

This new system “transcends” language barriers and will help usher in a new era of international “equality” for all hearing impaired world citizens.

I am glad Thamsanqa Jantjie did not have “ill” intent in his heart.  He could have been a “suicide” bomber.

Thank goodness he was “trying” so hard to look like he knew what he was doing that he “forgot” to detonate the bomb!

I am sure a half-dozen “spy thriller” writers are smacking their heads right now trying to whip this into their next “textbooks” for assassination techniques.

If you want a perfect opportunity to insert your suicide “assassin” on stage, there you are, rotate him or her in as an “interpreter” for the deaf.

How in the world does a person who knows nothing about signing end up on the stage of one of the biggest and most televised events around the world?

How is it that our security surveillance system knows what I eat for breakfast every day but don’t know a man three feet from all those Heads of States has serious mental issues and is prone to violence?

This is a far more serious issue than giving “offense” to the deaf; this is a “collateral” issue.

The heart of it is how so many officials were “exposed” without anyone realizing the company that hired this guy was a “sham” and the Interpreter a “mental” patient.

Why didn’t our Secret Service “vet” the situation and people before Obama spoke?

We have NSA “listening”to everything that is said around the world but apparently we are “unable” to protect the president!

Nothing to joke about here at all. Truly frightening that he could be that close to all those speakers.

Obviously a huge “security failure of epic proportions.”

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