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Pillow Sales Tactic

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Pillow Sales Tactic 01

In a ruling that will be welcomed by “philanderers” everywhere, a court in Japan has said that a husband who “sleeps” with another woman is not committing adultery as long as the sex is done for “business” purposes.

A decision by the Tokyo District Court to “reject” a compensation case against a night club “hostess” who had a long-running “sexual relationship” with one of her clients effectively “endorses” adultery, experts say.

The ruling said the man’s wife was ”ineligible” for compensation from the hostess because of the business “motive” for the relationship — “to retain a good customer.”

Similar suits in the past have “awarded” damages against a “third” party who had a “sexual” relationship with a “married” person, in what is considered a “measure” to support marriage.

Pillow Sales Tactic 02

The “ruling” by presiding Judge Masamitsu Shiseki is “discussed” in the current edition of legal magazine “Hanrei Times,” which covers court cases.

The magazine quoted “judicial” experts as saying it was the first-ever “case” to discuss the legitimacy of so-called “makura eigyo,” which roughly translates as “pillow sales tactic.”

“Makura eigyo” refers to a hostess maintaining a “sexual relationship” with a customer to ensure that he “continues to visit the club regularly.”

Some experts say the case may set a new “precedent” justifying extramarital affairs — as long as the third party is “motivated” by business interests.

In the lawsuit, the man’s wife “demanded” ¥4 million ($32,000) from the hostess for “psychological” distress.

She alleged that the woman had “conducted” a sexual relationship with her husband, a company president, for over “seven” years.

Pillow Business

But the court dismissed the “claim,” with the judge comparing the hostess to a “prostitute,” saying that the only difference is whether she received “payment” for sexual intercourse “directly” or “indirectly.”

As long as the “intercourse” is for business, it “does not harm the marital relationship at all,” the judge said.

The wife did not “appeal” the ruling, and the “case” was finalized.

Lawyer Katsuyuki Aoshima, who represented the wife in court, expressed strong “concerns” about the decision, calling it “a vicious precedent.”

“The judge did not need to introduce a new standard of allowing a sexual relationship outside marriage, introducing the word ‘makura eigyo’ out of nowhere,” Aoshima said.

He said “neither” defendant nor plaintiff had brought up the “phrase” in court. He added that the judge should have focused more on “determining” the facts, as the hostess denied having had “sexual intercourse” with the man.

“Without spending much time on confirming what happened, the judge concluded that the intercourse was a typical case of makura eigyo,” the lawyer said.

Aoshima said he “fears” the case may help “weaken” legal protections “against” adultery.

Pillow Sales Tactic 04

“Citizens should discuss whether compensation should be made by a hostess having a sexual relationship with a married man. A judgment like this case shouldn’t be set as a new standard without clear and logical reasoning,” he said.

Let’s not be “prudes” here… “sex sells,” in all its various forms and media. A pretty “face” and a nice turn of the “ankle” can attract better sales.

Sex isn’t something that should ever be “regulated” by the government. If two grown up people want to “fornicate” then who is any other “human” to say you can’t?

Honestly who “cares” what the courts say? Whether it’s for business or not. That’s not the problem with “adultery.” That’s not why people don’t “cheat.”

The problem is what “your” wife says. That’s who you got to “watch” out for. Do you think President Obama “cares” whether it’s illegal or not? He would have “sex” with everybody if he wasn’t “afraid of getting caught” by Michelle.

Unfortunately, I don’t think most women will buy the “well adultery is legal according to the Supreme Court so I can bang whoever I want now” excuse. Most women think “monogamy” is natural.

Pillow Sales Tactic 05

Moral of the story? “Next time you cheat on your wife, just let her know it was strictly business, nothing personal.”

Amazon Echo

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Amazon Echo 01

Amazon surprised everyone when it introduced its “voice-controlled” speaker, called Echo.

Like “Siri” or Google “Now,” Amazon Echo can “answer questions, play music, create alarms and reminders, and give you information about the news or the weather.”

And it’s all “hands-free,” so you can address the Echo from “anywhere” in the room and it can “hear” your requests.

Of course, people “quickly” started having fun with Amazon’s new “futuristic” toy.

Most notably, YouTube user Barry Mannifold made a few “modifications” to Amazon’s introductory video and shared his “work” with the Internet community.

It quickly “racked” up 1.2 million views in less “than a day” on the Web.

The video is “actually” quite brilliant. Mind you, Mannifold’s “parody” includes one word that’s “NSFW,” so if you have young “kids or coworkers” around, maybe “throw” on a pair of headphones.

Well that’s “all” folks. 5,000 years of “collective” knowledge to “phase” out humanity.

Here is what Amazon “Echo” didn’t tell you…

Amazon Echo 03

A “Black” guy, a “Prostitute” and a “Jew” walk into a bar. They sit down and begin to “discuss” their sex lives.

The “Black” guy says “Man I get all the sex I want, I’m the only black guy in this town and all these woman want a piece of me!”

The “Prostitute” responds with “You think you get a lot of sex!? I get paid for it. Every day I get endless amounts of sex and I don’t even have to leave the house for it!”

The “Jew”, quiet up to this points puts down his beer. “You guys think you get to screw a lot of people? I work for Goldman Sachs…”

Amazon Echo 02

Granny Escort

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Granny Escort 00

Grand Dame Sheila Vogel-Coupe.

As one of the oldest “practitioners” of the world’s oldest “profession,” 85-year-old Sheila Vogel-Coupe would have good reason to retire. But she’s “digging in her heels.”

“I don’t think I will ever stop,” Vogel-Coupe told outlets ahead of a British Channel 4 documentary, “My Granny the Escort,” about her and two other elderly hookers.

Vogel-Coupe, said to be Britain’s oldest “prostitute,” reportedly earns about $420 per hour and was “servicing” as many as 10 clients a day until she underwent “surgery” to have part of her “intestines” removed, notes British tabloid Metro.

Most great-grandmothers, having undergone surgery involving 33 cm of intestine being removed, might take it “easy” afterwards, perhaps “recovering” with a cup of tea in front of daytime TV nursing herself back to health in a rather less traditional way.

The mother of three, grandmother of 3 and great-grandmother of 2, only became a “prostitute” four years ago, at the ripe old age of 81.

She says she missed having “male” company since the death of her aeronautical engineer husband in 2004, and turned to “selling” her body as a “solution” to loneliness.

Knocking “boots for loot” has become a labor of love. Sheila explains her unusual late-life career choice: “The most important reason is because I love sex. Even thinking about it makes me feel better,” she says.

“Young men see something about me. It is a nice feeling. Often men call me up and they say please go on talking because you’re turning me on. I’m very sexy.”

During her recovery period Sheila says she’s had to turn down a string of men. She shows the camera one text that reads: “How’s my sexy young woman doing this week?” then boasts: “It’s from an accountant.”

Granny Escort 02

Sitting in her chair with a head of grey hair, a buttoned-up cardigan and a beaming smile.

As Britain’s reputed oldest “lady of the night”, Sheila Vogel-Coupe, grandmother of Katie Waissel, who shot to fame in 2010’s “X-Factor,” is sticking to her “sideline of pleasuring” male clients.

Sadly, if not surprisingly, Sheila’s career choice has created “rifts” in her family, so much so that she only remains on speaking terms with one of her three daughters and a grandson.

Granny Escort 05

Sheila Vogel-Coupe and Grandson Danny Lee.

At the time of the expose in 2010 Sheila described Katie’s reaction as “vicious and vile”. She screamed and shouted at me, saying “What are you doing to Mummy, what are you doing to the family?”

She thinks I “heaped” shame on them. But I told her, “I’m doing what I enjoy – just leave me to do what I want to do.” “I’m proud to be a prostitute. I love what I do. I love sex,” she said. She even has “extended” an invitation to X Factor supremo Cowell: “Simon’s welcome any time.”

Granny Escort 03

Sheila Vogel-Coupe, grandmother of Katie Waissel.

Katie’s sister Natalie Davis said in a statement: “We were completely shocked and devastated to hear the news that my grandmother has been conducting immoral activities, including prostitution and pornography.”

“We, as a family, disassociate ourselves wholly from these activities and from any future stories that arise from them.” In the aftermath, Sheila “admitted” to reporters that Katie’s mother Diana was “furious” with her actions.

Diana called me a “fucking whore” and her husband called me a “wrinkly saggy” old lady. “The family are very embarrassed about it and Diana is making a big thing out of it to try to get Katie publicity and sympathy.”

“You’d think I had committed a murder,” Sheila says of her family’s reaction to the expose, which she was tricked into by a reporter from newspaper “New of The World,” which has since been shut down.

Granny Escort 01

You’d be forgiven for thinking Sheila Vogel-Coupe was just like any other grandmother. But that is exactly what she is not.

They couldn’t believe it. I said, “What do you think I’ve done?” But everyone thinks about things differently I guess. “They wanted me to promise I would never do it again, but I told them to stuff it.”

Since then only her daughter Josie has forgiven her mother for revealing her shocking secret. “It is difficult,” admits Josie. “But if I told her not to do it, she’d still do it but wouldn’t tell me.” If she goes off to a hotel I make her ring me first and after since there are some nutcases around. “She’ll never stop because she wouldn’t be happy,” she adds.

Although she’s “lightened” her workload, she’s hoping to get back to “work” full time, and is proud that she’s still seeing “clients” only 8 weeks after her surgery.

Grand Dame Vogel-Coupe can be found as Cecilia Bird on the Mature Courtesans website, where her “age” is listed as 80, has been “happily” married twice and “outlived” both of her husband’s.

She has “bedded” men as young as 20 and even made “kinky” sex tapes, which she proudly plays on the Channel 4 documentary. “It makes me feel good that at the age I am, I’ve preserved my body so well and men love it. It’s lovely to still be sexy at my age. I mean, look at this,” announces Sheila.

So does she do it for the sexual thrills or the company? “I think it’s both,” Sheila admits. “It doesn’t begin and end with sex, there’s also companionship. I’ve been on my own for the last 8 or 9 years and I do get lonely. So I do like the companionship of a gentleman.”

“I really have no inhibitions,” she adds, and says she doesn’t feel guilty about seeing clients who are married. “Some of my clients have a fetish and want to call me mummy, auntie or grandma. I think it is a bit weird,” Sheila told The Sun back in 2010.

It seems to be the “in” thing. All the younger men “want” older women and I’m the oldest one at my agency, possibly the oldest in the country.

Granny Escort 04

It makes me feel proud that, at my age, I’ve preserved my body so well and men love it.

I asked one, “What do you want with an old lady like me?” He said, “Because you’re experienced, intelligent. Give me some intelligent conversation.”

Twice-married Sheila, who has also “appeared” in a porn film, is defiant. “I work as a prostitute because I love it,” she declared. “It gives me great satisfaction and keeps me young. I could go on for years yet. Why should I stop?”

“I think of myself as a refined lady giving a very special service men are not going to get anywhere else.” I’ve had a few celebrity clients but I would never say who they were. They worked in the music industry and TV and things.

“I like to make men happy and content. I have no inhibitions. I love people. I’m an outgoing personality who lives in the 21st century.”

Granny Escort 06

Feminist Sandra Fluke

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Sandra Fluke 00

Heroic Sandra Fluke is the woman who couldn’t get “screwed” without taxpayer help and is now running to “screw” taxpayers.

In a surprising “turnabout,” women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke will not run for retiring Rep. Henry Waxman’s (D-Calif.) seat, and instead said she plans to run for a spot in the California “State” Senate.

“I am extremely moved by the outpouring of local and national support I have received since I announced that I was considering running for office,” Fluke said in a statement.

“While I strongly considered offering my candidacy for Congress, I feel there is a better way to advance the causes that are important to our community.”

She said she hopes to run for the state “Senate” post held by Ted Lieu, who has his “eyes” on Waxman’s seat. The district, California’s 26th, includes “West Hollywood, West Los Angeles, and Santa Monica.”

“I believe that the families and communities of this district – from West Hollywood to West LA and from Santa Monica to Torrance and beyond – deserve to have a fresh perspective from a new generation of progressive leadership in Sacramento, and I am eager to get to work fighting for the causes that matter most to our future as a community, state and nation,” Fluke said in the statement.

Sandra Fluke 04

Just last week, Fluke told a local radio station that she was “strongly considering” running for the seat held by the 40-year veteran of Congress. She then filed the necessary “paperwork” to run with the California Democratic Party.

Fluke came into the “spotlight” in 2012 when she was denied the opportunity to testify at a House oversight hearing on ObamaCare’s “contraception” mandate.

Sandra Fluke 03

Sandra’s “trophy” dorm room at college…

Rush Limbaugh then called her a “prostitute” and a “slut” on his show, and she became an “icon” for the left and women’s issues.

Touching, very touching.

Petti Women 01

Although this “look back” was entertaining, it didn’t capture the “true essence” of Ms. Fluke in my opinion.

Not a “deep enough probing” into Ms. Fluke and her various “positions”, most of which occurred while on her back.

Her political campaign sounds like a Polish “sex” manual… “she was in, then she was out, then she was in, then she was out…now she’s back in?”

This campaign, I am sure, will go “around” the world, and no doubt result in “happy” endings for all her constituents!

She will be working the polls right through “erection” night and be as “flexible” in her positions as needed to “garner” support.

One can only hope “ObamaCare” will pay for rug burns.

Vote “Sandra” and get “Fluked!”

Sandra Fluke 01

Street Walkers

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dea logoTwo U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents “facilitated a sexual encounter” between a prostitute and a U.S. Secret Service agent days before Obama visited Colombia for a summit meeting in April 2012, according to a Justice Department investigation.

According to DEA agents “sex work” is a form of “wage” labor which is best considered a form of “service” work.

Although sometimes “sex work” may be linked to compulsion, this should not obscure the reality that most “sex work” is voluntary and an expression of personal choice.

Furthermore, “sex work” is very varied, and may be a rational and better rewarded choice than other available employment opportunities.

The negative and degrading aspects of “sex work” can be ameliorated by regulation and employment rights according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Welcome Secret Service

“Sex work” is regulated by the same sort of social and legal structures, and employment interactions as conventional work, and in so far that it involves negotiation and mediation, then collectivization, and trade union membership, provides leverage for the benefit of the “sex workers.”

Many of the particular characteristics of the “sex work” industry are shared with other conventional forms of work; for example, one model of commercial relationship between “brothel” operators and “sex workers” can be analogous to the business model in the hairdressing industry, where one hairdresser rents a chair in a salon owned by someone else.


The shared interest of “sex workers” and better “employers” in promoting regulation and squeezing out criminality and rogue pimps can be collectively organized through “union” friendly management under the careful “protection” of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Sex workers should never give up their attempts to make their working lives “better” in the here and now through “sex trade union” projects and initiatives.

Street Walker’s Union Creed:  Bend over, no union label, no deal…

Street Walkers

Always “remind” your customers to “look” for the “union” label.

Hillary giving Head

 Any old prostitute will do…

Gay is a Choice

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Robert Oscar Lopez

Robert Oscar Lopez

Yes, Gay is a Choice. Get over it.
By Robert Oscar Lopez

According to Peter Schmidt in the Chronicle of Higher Education, yet another individual working in higher education has been demolished for saying the wrong thing about “homosexuality.”

The basis on which to define people as “anti-gay” has, however, taken a turn to the absurd and eerie.

Crystal Dixon

Crystal Dixon

Unlike Angela McCaskill, who was nearly fired from Gallaudet University for signing a petition on “gay marriage,” Crystal Dixon of the University of Toledo was fired for writing an editorial” in a local newspaper.

She referred to “Exodus” and mentioned people who chose to leave the “gay” lifestyle.

For this column I will stick to the “gay male angle,” since I have but 1,200 words.

Even if we accepted, for argument’s sake (which I do not accept), that McCaskill was “anti-gay” because she signed a petition, the case against Dixon is based purely on “wild” assumptions about sex.

commando lube

Anal Sex

To fire Dixon, one must accept that “gay men” cannot stop themselves from having “anal” sex or engaging in “fellatio.”

Without “anal”sex or “fellatio,” it would seem that a “gay male couple” is tough to distinguish from roommates who like to “kiss” each other once in a while.

These assumptions “bestialize” and “infantilize” gay men. While I have tired of penning editorials about “gay” controversies, the situation is dire.

I feel compelled to write a column once again emphasizing a basic reality: “gay sex is a choice.”  

Nobody lacks the power to refrain from having “gay sex.”  Get.  Over.  It.



Dixon said that “gays” had the “choice” to leave the “lifestyle.”

In other words, stop engaging in “anal” sex and “fellatio.”

 According to her detractors, such was tantamount to being anti-gay.

Her detractors are following the lead of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which lists “conversion therapy” as a hate crime.

Scroll through the comments section of any article about these issues.

You will see a “roll call” of gays and pro-gay supporters, issuing confident testimonials that nobody has ever changed from “gay to straight.”

It’s fine to change from “straight to gay,” according to these tribunes, because that’s simply “coming out” of the closet.

They allude, at various times, to Simon LeVay’s 1991 brain study or problematic decades-old research into identical twins, if not warped evolutionary logic from ideologues like David Barash or anecdotes about someone they know.

Gay Switch

Gay Switch

The research has spoken!  Anyone who says you can “change” your sexuality is a “lying, right-wing bigot!”  To which I say the following:

Does anybody”who uses the term LGBT remember the “B” in that God-forsaken acronym?  Hello?  There are bisexuals.  I am one of them.  Why include us in these categories if you think we don’t exist?

Dating and marriage don’t magically happen, like going to the bathroom or breathing.  They take “conscious” choices: Where do you hang out?  What are you looking for?  What type of partner shares your goals?

Whether to hang out in gay clubs or straight clubs makes a huge difference; these are completely different cultures.  We choose the life we want to live” or leave, for that matter.

Manhattan Sex Club

Manhattan Sex Club

Even gay men still choose which “sex acts” they commit.

I hate to admit this, but I worked as a housekeeper in a “gay sex club” in Manhattan in the early 1990s, when I was desperate for work.

I witnessed, literally, thousands of men having “sex” in the open, with me having to go clean up after them.  Very rarely (thank the Lord) did they engage in “anal” sex.

I have known, personally, scores of gay male couples that barely have any sex at all after they have been together for a while.

They start preferring Monday Night Football”and hitting the sack early.  A large portion of the sex club patrons came to watch and then went home.

If “Gays” can choose what kind of sex to have, they can also choose not to have sex at all.  It’s a choice.


In the lurid job I held in a Manhattan sex club, I learned some other things as well.  Many men get involved in the “gay scene” for unexpected reasons.

Many of them want “fast and inexpensive sex,” sometimes because they have “trouble” with women.  They can go to a “bathhouse” or a “cruising zone” and pick up men without “paying” the fortune they’d have to spend on a “prostitute.”

Moreover, a lot of times I saw people who were addicted to “drugs” and addicted to “anonymous” sex; the two “compulsions” were linked somehow, and there was no way for such people to quit their “addiction” without quitting their “homosexuality.”

These folks often ended up on the AA circuit or joining a church and getting baptized.

Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission

Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission

A lot of men come to the “gay sex scene” in order to engage in “bondage and sadomasochism,” because they were “raped” as boys.

The aftereffects of “sexual assault,” as we know from studying “female rape victims,” are complicated and often lead people to repeat or recreate the assault scene.

Many of these “mentally” scarred men did not even have sex in sex clubs, even though they sought male partners to enact their “eroticized” simulations.

Straight men do not “magically” reach puberty with a fully “functional” sex life because of their nature.

They struggle with “impotence,” might be “late bloomers,” get embarrassingly “aroused” in all-male environments occasionally, and sometimes can’t find “women” they are attracted to.

To address these issues, many men in relationships with women have to work through their “difficulties” by talking things over with someone else, who might be a chaplain or even a counselor.

Are they all “gay?”  No!



Lastly, I am left with my “own” life story.  I can’t change it.  I went from being in the “gay” lifestyle to marrying a woman, having a daughter, and living a happy “heterosexual” life.

Consider the “difference” that twenty years make.  Twenty years ago, I had never been with a “woman,” but I had had relations with “quite” a few men.

Virtually all of my friends were “gays, lesbians,” or women who enjoyed “gay” company.  I found girls pretty, but I was scared of them.  Most of them were not attracted to me because I was “effeminate.”

Now I am twelve years into a “happy” and “faithful” marriage to a woman.  I “sinned” at different times, but talking things over with people helped me overcome my “harmful” behavior.

I “begged” God for forgiveness.  You couldn’t “pay” me to have sex with a “man” at this point in my life.  I don’t feel the “urge” maybe because I’m in my forties and one “calms” down in middle age, or maybe because it just wasn’t “right” for me all along.

There’s no point in obsessing over my “sexual ontology,” never mind obsessing over other people’s.  I have to tend to the garden out back, as Voltaire would say in Candide.”  

We have better things to do with our time — especially “gay men,” who have chosen to go into a dating scene that’s small, often “incestuous, vulnerable to disease, and sometimes cold.”

If that’s what they want, I salute them and wish them the best.  If they want something else in life, I won’t judge them for it.

Barney Touche

Barney grabbing Ass

Crystal Dixon pointed out something that no amount of “peer” reviewed research can disprove.

“Gay” is not the new “black.” 

“Gay is about sex and genitalia.” 

People we call “gay” make “choices” about what they do with their “genitals.”

Blacks do not make “choices” about the “color” of their skin.  Period.

If one is going to fire Crystal Dixon for harming “gay men” by reminding all of us that no “penis” is beyond the “executive decisions” of its owner, then one might as well “fire” all the “humanities” professors in the United States, starting with me, because it seems that “millennia” of human civilization do not count, and the most advanced nation in the world now expects men to live like “rutting, uncontrolled animals.”

In short, it’s time for “gay” rights activists to get off their “high” horses and let other “people” live.

Robert Oscar Lopez is the author of three new books based on his time in the gay lifestyle, to be published by the owner of the Runaway Pen in 2013.

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