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The two most powerful Catholics in the world just discussed two of the most dangerous issues in the world. These issues are dangerous because they are being exploited by powerful people.

Joe Biden visited Pope Francis at the Vatican on October 29. We don’t know exactly what was said; even before the two greeted each other, the Vatican ordered all cameras turned off. But it has emerged that they discussed two issues that elites have exploited more than any other: the climate and covid-19.

Biden and those behind him, including Barack Obama, are already trillions of dollars deep into leveraging these concerns to fundamentally transform the United States. Their infamous Build Back Better plan spends $555 billion on new grants and loans to entice or force businesses and consumers to switch to energy technologies like wind and solar power. This is the most significant climate bill in history, so Biden is eager to use it to bolster his status at the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. He, Obama, Prince Charles, activist Greta Thunberg and roughly 25,000 other attendees are being hosted by the United Kingdom and Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Read more at “Blackout: Your Energy Supplies and Your Rights Are Fading Fast”

Prince Charles Coronation

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China did it again. At long last, the moment we have all been waiting for, the long coming “coronation” of Prince Charles.

Many were wondering if he would be “passed” over for his son, William; but the Chinese could “wait no longer” and did what the British have long “hesitated” doing.

With PM Boris Johnson also having the “Chinese Wuhan Virus” where could all of this lead the U.K.?

If the Queen and Chuck “succumb” to their Coronations, then William gets the throne, but he too may be carrying the “Chinese Corona virus”… so then the Royal Scepter goes to run away “wimp” Harry, unqualified in the running, which then would “coronate” Queen Meghan to the throne, ruling England with an “iron fist” from Hollywood, California.

Cheers and “celebrate” with Polly Boiko’s Quarantini”

Cathedral Koran Reading

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A chaplain to the Queen “resigned” after publicly “criticizing a church that allowed a cathedral Koran reading during its service as part of an “interfaith” project.

Rev Gavin Ashenden, who until this week was one of the 33 special “chaplains” to the Queen, said the reading was “a fairly serious error” and one which he had a “duty” to speak out about.

“There are things we should not tolerate because they are destructive,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Sunday program. “I don’t accept the rather feeble accusation that intolerance is a bad thing.”


During a “service” at St Mary’s Episcopal in Glasgow earlier this month to mark the “Feast of the Epiphany,” there was a reading of a “passage” from the Koran which said that “Jesus was not the son of God.”

The “cathedral” in Kelvinbridge had “invited” local Muslim worshipers to “contribute” to the service, which was “aimed” at improving relations between “Christians and Muslims” in Glasgow.


But police were “called” after members of the church received “hate-filled messages” from far-right “extremists” after the service.

The Bishop of St Andrews, Dunkeld and Dunblane, the Most Rev David Chillingworth, said that the “Scottish Episcopal Church” would review the work of St Mary’s. He said the church was “deeply distressed at the offense which has been caused.”

Dr Ashenden wrote a “letter” to The Times newspaper earlier this week, where he called on the church to apologize to Christians “suffering dreadful persecution at the hands of Muslims” and added that the “denigration” of Jesus in Christian worship would be called “blasphemy” by some.


He told BBC Radio 4 on Sunday:

“The problem with what happened in Glasgow was that although it was presented as a way of building bridges and a way of educating people it was done badly in the wrong way in the wrong place in the wrong context.”

“It should not happen in the holy Eucharist and particularly a Eucharist whose main intention is to celebrate Christ the word made flesh come into the world.”

“To have a reading from the Koran at that point was a fairly serious error for the Christian worshiping community, but to choose the reading they chose doubled the error. Of all passages you might have read likely to cause offense, that was one of the most problematic.”


He said that he had to make a choice between the “important honor” of continuing in the role of “royal” chaplain, and having the “ability” to speak out on matters he felt “strongly” about.

“I think it’s clear to me that accepting the role of chaplain to the Queen does not give one a platform where one can speak controversially in the public space.” 

“So in those circumstances I think one has to choose between whether one wants to accept an important honor or whether one chooses to continue a debate in the public space.”

“I am fairly clear in my own mind that my duty to my conscience, to my order, to my understanding of Christianity and my vocation is that I am supposed to be speaking out in the public space on behalf of the Christ I serve.”

Islamic State of England 06

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson said: “Dr. Gavin Ashenden has tendered his resignation from the honorary position of Chaplain to The Queen. The Royal Household has accepted the resignation with immediate effect.”

Islamic State of England 07

Queen’s Chaplain Who Questioned Quran Prayers in Cathedral Steps Down
Islamic State of England

Islamic State of England

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Islamic State of England 01

The Church of England has “surrendered” without so much as “firing” a shot. Vanquished.

A senior Church of England “bishop” said that Prince Charles’s “coronation” service should be opened with a reading from the Koran.

Why? Why not a “Christian, Jewish, Hindu or Sikh” prayer?

Why “Islamic,” especially since so many “bloody wars” are being waged in the cause of “Islamic” imperialism?

Islamic State of England 04

Another “nail” in the coffin, another “stake” in heart of the “once” great Britain, now the “Islamic State of England.”

People are just so “disappointed” when senior Church of England figures lose “confidence” in the claims of the Christian faith.

Disappointed? They are “crushed.” I am sure that Prince Charles “sanctioned” this craven “act of submission.”

Islamic State of England 07

Oriana Fallaci, the Italian best-selling journalist who, with her book “The Rage and the Pride” was post-9/11 among the first to “alert” the West to the “dangers” of Islam, called him “babbeo,” a Tuscan term which could be “reserved” for the village idiot.

The gesture would be a “creative act of accommodation” to make Muslims feel “embraced” by the nation, Lord Harries of Pentregarth said.

But critics “attacked” the idea, accusing the Church of “losing confidence” in its own institutions and traditions.

Islamic State of England 02

Lord Harries of Pentregarth.

Lord Harries, a former Bishop of Oxford and a leading CofE “liberal thinker”, said he was sure Charles’s coronation would give “scope” to leaders of non-Christian “religions” to give their “blessing” to the new King.

Harris, who continues to “serve” as an assistant bishop in the “diocese” of Southwark, made the suggestion about the “Koran” during a House of Lords debate.

Islamic State of England 08

He told “peers” the Church of England should take the lead in “exercising its historic position in a hospitable way.”

He said that at a “civic” service in Bristol Cathedral last year authorities had “agreed” to a reading of the “opening passage” of the Koran before the “beginning” of the Christian ritual.

He said: “It was a brilliant creative act of accommodation that made the Muslim high sheriff feel, as she said, warmly embraced but did not alienate the core congregation.”

“That principle of hospitality can and should be reflected in many public ceremonies, including the next coronation service.”

Islamic State of England 06

Lord Harries’ suggestion comes more than 20 years after the Prince first said he would prefer to be seen as “Defender of Faith” rather than be known by the monarch’s title of “Defender of the Faith.”

Charles said in 1994 he “always felt the Catholic subjects of the sovereign are equally as important as the Anglican ones, as the Protestant ones.”

“Likewise, I think that Islamic subjects, or the Hindu subjects, or the Zoroastrian subjects of the sovereign, are of equal and vital importance.”

Islamic State of England 09

In 2006 the Prince made known that he wanted a “multi-faith” coronation that would be more “focused and telecentric” than his mother’s in 1953.

However traditionalist Christians “condemned” Lord Harries’s idea.

Simon Calvert of the Christian Institute think-tank said: “Most people will be amazed at the idea that a Christian leader would consider the use of the Koran at a Christian service in a Christian abbey. People are just so disappointed when senior Church of England figures lose confidence in the claims of the Christian faith.”

Islamic State of England 10

R.I.P. David Haines (UK). Let’s pray your death was not in vain.

Andrea Minichiello Williams, a member of the CofE’s parliament, the General Synod, and head of the Christian Concern pressure group, said: “At a time when we are looking at what British values mean, we cannot have values in a vacuum. British values stem from our Christian heritage. We cannot pretend all religions are the same, or have the same benefits and outcomes for the nation.”

Douglas Murray, associate editor of the Spectator, said if Muslims were included in the coronation service, there must be room to for “Hindus, Sikhs, and Atheists.”

Islamic State of England 05

R.I.P. Alan Henning (UK). Let’s pray your death was not in vain.

He added: “If there were to be a reading from the Koran at the coronation, surely as a matter of reciprocity, all mosques in the UK should have prayers for the King and the Armed Forces every week at Friday prayers.”

Britain eurabia

Islamic Republic of Great Britain under President Charles Windsor?
A Fantasy-driven Muslim World can Never Become Modern

According to Prince Charles: Muslims beheading people isn’t the problem, internet service providers allowing beheading videos to be shown online is

The Milk Sprayer

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Got Milk 04

A mother came up with an unusual tactic to steal from a pharmacy.

Police in Darmstadt, Germany are hunting a “busty” female who decided to “steal” from a pharmacy by “spraying” the clerk with her “breast” milk.

The woman, dubbed “The Milk Sprayer”, between the age 35 and 40, bought a 20 Euro “vacuum pump” from the drugstore and “paid” for it with a 200 Euro note.

As the cashier tried to give her 180 Euros in change, the “lactating bandit” ripped open her blouse, “pulled out” one of her “engorged” breasts and sprayed “breast milk” into the clerk’s eyes to “prevent” him from seeing her other hand “removing” cash from the drawer, according to police spokesman Ferdinand Derigs.

Got Milk 01

“She then moved on to the second cashier and sent an eyeful in her direction” too.

Employees said she “exerted pressure with her fingers to spray us with milk.”

Police say after the breast milk “attack” the woman fumbled around the store “feigning” confusion.

Ignoring the “pleas” of staff and customers to cover herself up she was “forced” out the door, with her “breasts still on display,” when employees discovered 100 Euros “missing” from the cash register.

“She created the confusion to steal,” added Derigs. This was a most “unusual” strange crime. We have never dealt with such a “lactating” robbery before.”

The woman was described as “strong, with long dark hair tied into a pony tail” and she spoke in a “foreign” language.

Apparently satisfied with her “handiwork,” she left the “breast pump and the change” behind that she paid for.

In essence, she “paid” 200 Euros to “steal” 100 Euros. Not exactly a great progressive “financial” move.

What I find to be most “appalling” is that it took this shocking “breast milk” robbery to make our progressives finally recognize what the “rest of us” have known for centuries: “There must be strict breast control laws.”

Got Milk 13

But, apparently, not all “progressive” have experienced this epiphany. Noted “lactation” author Gabrielle Palmer “strenuously” objected to any proposal for breast-control laws.”

Regarding such proposals she said: “That’s not what I meant in my book subtitled: “When Breasts Are Bad for Business.”

Got Milk 10

Objecting Bloomberg’s proposal to ban “high-capacity breasts,” Hillary Clinton made it clear that “high-capacity breasts” deserve “admiration” rather than “condemnation.”

Got Milk 11

Also “rebuking” Bloomberg for his proposal, Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxcohontas” Warren said, “To ban high-capacity breasts would constitute a sexist insult to me since I was the first woman to take the N.J. Bar exam while breastfeeding.”

Got Milk 09

It would also constitute an “insult” to the memory of my predecessor whom I “defeated” in the Senate race in Massachusetts, who, in his “heydays,” was best known for his “high-capacity Man Boobs.”

Even worse, it appears that Australia, which had until recently been making steadily “progressive” progress has now afforded “political” recognition for the “Right to Bare Breasts,” especially at political and “electoral” events even though they still reject the “Right to Bear Arms”.

Got Milk 08Indeed, an “objective” observer would say that Australian “politics” have gone “topless” and are now dominated by “high-capacity” breasts.

Got Milk 12

Don’t squeeze, I am lactating.

And, as often is the case, when you live a life of “cultural isolation” at Buckingham Palace, Prince Charles “behavior” can be misinterpret by women as being “groped” against their will.

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