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Jihawg Ammo 01You’ve probably already heard about the bizarre, Islamist slaughter of an off-duty British soldier in broad daylight on a busy street in London in May.

The two “assailants” struck the victim with a “car,” then jumped out and began “hacking and slashing” him with knives and a “meat” cleaver.

The murderers then “strutted” around the victim’s body for 15 to 20 minutes until “armed” police arrived, upon which the self-proclaimed “jihadists” launched an “assault” on the police and were “shot.”

Jihawg Ammo 09

Several aspects of this “tragic” story stand out as being “particularly” odd.

The fact that the attack “occurred” in the middle of the day on a “busy” city street and that there were “numerous” witnesses to the atrocity – including at least one “uniformed” London police officer – and yet “no one” made any effort to render aid to the victim until the attack was over.

Three women have been “heralded” as heroes for approaching the victim’s almost “beheaded” body and making a show of “empathy,” but no one made any effort to “stop” the assault in progress.

Most strange is the way the attackers “waited” around after the slaughter, “strutting and bragging,” but not particularly “threatening” or “attempting” to harm any of the onlookers, until armed “police” units finally arrived, at which point the murderers “commenced” what could only be characterized as a “suicide” attack – having brought “knives” to a gunfight.

A frequent question I’ve seen “repeatedly” around the Web and in reports is “why” the attackers just waited “around” for the armed police.

Why didn’t they “flee” or continued “attacking” others, as one might expect from a couple of “crazed” murderers? What were they “waiting” for?

The answer to that question is very significant.

Jihawg Ammo 10These men were waiting for their “tickets to Paradise – and 72 virgins.” They engaged in their act of jihad, killing an “infidel aggressor, enemy of Islam,” and then waited around for the armed police to show up so they could “die” in battle for Allah’s honor, “martyrs,” and therefore elected for “rewards” in Paradise.

The plan was “short-circuited” to a degree by the London cops’ “failure” to actually kill the men. Both were seriously “wounded” and taken to a nearby hospital where they were “treated” for their injuries.

Whether “martyrs” for Allah actually receive a “reward” of 72 virgins in “Paradise” is open for debate among Muslims. There are debates about “literal” interpretations of the “Qur’an,” just as there are debates about “literal” interpretations of the “Christian” Bible.

What is certain is that many “Islamist” preachers use the “promise” of this reward in “encouraging” young men to engage in jihad, kill infidels and murder the “enemies of Islam.” And apparently, at least some young men are convinced.

So how do you “deal” with religious extremists who “believe” that dying for their faith is an “Express Ticket” to Paradise?

Killing them seems to just “give” them what they “think” they want. Only wounding them, as in this recent case, leaves the “messy” business of a public trial, and in a “civilized” country like England, where they have abolished the death penalty.

This means that these men will probably live out their lives as “wards” of the government, living “martyrs” for their cause and “teachers” for future generations of young Muslim “hooligans” who will sit at their feet in taxpayer-funded, prison “Islamic study centers.”

Jihawg Ammo 02

Pork-infused paint makes these bullets “unclean.”

Now a company in northern Idaho has come up with a “culturally” sensitive approach.

Jihawg Ammo has developed a “proprietary” system for infusing “ballistic” paint with pork. The special “pork-infused” paint is then applied to the “bullets” of loaded ammunition. The inclusion of “pork” in the paint makes the bullets “haraam,” or unclean.

Under Islamic law, anyone who comes in “contact” with any haraam item is then “unclean” and must engage in a “cleansing” ritual. No “unclean” person can be “admitted” into Paradise. “Do not pass Go. Do not collect 72 virgins.”

The “objective” of Jihawg Ammo is not to “insult” Muslims, nor even to send a “terrorist” to Hell. The objective is to “serve” as a deterrent – “to place the promise of instant passage to Paradise into doubt.”

Without the “promise” of Paradise, how many Muslim “literalists” would be willing to lay their “lives and eternal souls”  on the line to engage in “acts” of terrorism?

Jihawg Ammo 07

Jihawg Ammo’s company slogan is “Peace through Pork.” They sell their specially “treated” ammunition for “defensive” purposes only.

While some will choose to be “offended” by the entire concept of Jihawg Ammo’s “haraam” ammunition, the makers of Jihawg counter that “threatening” a murderer with “eternal” damnation is not a new concept.

They “reiterate” that their ammunition is intended as a “deterrent” to would be terrorists, not a “threat or insult” to peaceful Muslims.

Jihawg Ammo 03

Readers of this blog are in the “unique” position of being among the “first” to learn of this new, pork-painted ammunition, and as such have the “opportunity” to be thought leaders on the “social merits” of the product.

As a broader “audience” begins to learn about Jihawg Ammo, there will “undoubtedly” be much debate of the “cultural insensitivity” of the product and its makers.

In anticipation of that “debate,” the folks at Jihawg ask how culturally “insensitive” it is to slaughter “innocents” in the name of “one’s” religion?

Jihawg Ammo 05

Jihawg Ammo’s full line of “terrorist-deterrent” ammunition, and their accompanying line of apparel and accessories, featuring slogans like “Pigs Do Fly” and “Do 72 Virgins a Favor,” are available at and should soon be available at “select” retailers around the country.

I could write many “mean and angry” words, but I will just point out that pork is only “haraam” when eaten knowingly and willingly.

Jihawg Ammo 06

Never mind the Qur’an “rider” that allows “consumption” of pork when necessary, “But he who is driven by necessity, being neither disobedient nor exceeding the limit, then surely, Allah is Most Forgiving, Merciful.”

Jihawg Ammo 04

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