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Pope Francis Great Reset

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In a message to the “Paris Forum on Peace”, Catholic “Cult” Leader Pope Francis painted a dire picture of a pre-coronavirus world dominated by “corruption, war and capitalistic oppression.”

“The reality we knew before the pandemic was that wealth and economic growth were reserved for a minority while millions of people were unable to meet the most basic needs and lead a dignified life. A world in which our Earth was plundered by a myopic exploitation of resources, by pollution, by disposable consumerism, and wounded by wars and experiments with weapons of mass destruction,” Francis said.

“I therefore renew my appeal. Let us take care of our Mother Earth, let us overcome the temptation of selfishness that makes us predators of resources, let us cultivate respect for the gifts of the Earth and creation, let us finally inaugurate an Eco-sustainable lifestyle and society,” he added.

“Return to normal would also mean a return to old social structures inspired by self-sufficiency, nationalism, protectionism, individualism and isolation and excluding our poorest brothers and sisters. Is this a future we can choose? In this globalized but torn world, the decisions we make today to get out of the crisis determine the route of the generations to come? We need a new way out to come out better than before. Hope invites us to dream big and give space to the imagination for new possibilities. Hope is bold and incentivizes action based on the knowledge that reality can be changed,” he declared.

“Woke Pope Francis goes all in! Calls for Green economics, Green spirituality and Green education”! — Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) May 25, 2021

Our conscience calls us “not to follow the easy way of returning to a normality marked by injustice, but to accept the challenge of assuming the crisis as a concrete opportunity for conversion, transformation, to rethink our lifestyle and our economic and social system,” he continued.

The pontiff’s vision for a new world begins with “a concrete collective commitment in favor of integral disarmament. World military spending has now exceeded the level recorded at the end of the cold war and is systematically increasing every year,” he noted.

The Catholic “Cult” Leader criticized arguments based on deterrence as “an abused idea” that in many cases “has been found to be fallacious, leading to major humanitarian tragedies.”

“It should also be emphasized that the logic of deterrence has been associated with the logic of the liberal market that armaments can be considered on a par with all other manufactured products and therefore, as freely marketable worldwide. It is therefore no coincidence that for years we have uncritically witnessed the expansion of the arms market globally,” he warned.

Humanity needs a “great global reset because the unjust, pre-pandemic world is not worth going back to”, Cult Leader Francis asserted.

He’s vision for a new world begins with “a concrete collective commitment in favor of integral disarmament, the pre-pandemic world must be done away with, all militaries around the world dismantled, and the earth is our mother who needs to be worshiped and protected.”

Does the “Vicar of Christ” not know that God has already ordained the global “Battle of Armageddon” and has already foretold the complete destruction of Planet Earth in 2 Peter 3?

“For God has put it into their hearts to accomplish his purpose by agreeing to hand over to the beast their royal authority, until God’s words are fulfilled. The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the earth.” (Revelation 17:17-18)

Why does Frankie speak as if Bible prophecy does not exist? Does the Catholic “Cult” Leader not know that when Jesus gave the revelation to His servant John that God devoted two whole chapters, 17 and 18 to the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican respectively?

Fake pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio may not ever read or preached the gospel, and he may not ever mentioned Bible prophecy he is supposed to be the “key holder” of, but you can bet your last ten cents this “communist” is sure going to help fulfill it.

Good Catholic Hypocrites 

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Hypocrite Catholic “Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden revealed that Catholic “Cult Leader” Pope Francis told him he’s a “good Catholic” and that the two men did not discuss the controversial issue of abortion during their 75-minute sit down behind the closed doors of the Vatican. He also said the pope told him to keep receiving communion.

The corrupt Vatican “cult leader” Pope Francis, welcomed child transgender advocate and due date abortion champion “Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden to the Vatican, offering no words of rebuke, and called him a “good Catholic.” It’s a good thing Catholics know nothing about the Bible, because if they did, they would be really mad.

Remember Pope Pius XII who signed a concordat with Adolf Hitler? Guess Hitler was a “good Catholic”, too.

“Give her as much torment and grief as the glory and luxury she gave herself. In her heart she boasts, I sit enthroned as queen. I am not a widow; I will never mourn.Therefore in one day her plagues will overtake her: death, mourning and famine. She will be consumed by fire, for mighty is the Lord God who judges her.“ (Revelation 18:7-8)

Sitting across from the “unholy” Catholic cult master, the nearly-octogenarian Joe looked so weak and frail that a decent wind could fling him against the wall. By comparison, Francis looked positively youthful, yet 6 years old than Biden. For his part, hypocrite abortionist Biden kissed the ring and acknowledged the real power in the room, satanic though it may be, calling the pope the “most significant warrior for peace” he’s ever met. Come to think of it, so did Billy Graham. Birds of a feather and all that.

“Fraud-In-Chief” Biden, the nation’s second Catholic president, met with the Vatican “cult leader” amid pressure from conservative Catholics in the United States about his abortion stance. “We just talked about the fact he was happy that I was a good Catholic and I should keep receiving communion,” Biden said after the meeting.

The U.S. Conference of Bishops is weighing whether to admonish hypocrite Catholic politicians like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, who support a woman’s right to an abortion – which Catholics consider a sin – yet also take Holy Communion at mass.

Biden said he did not take communion in Rome. Asked whether he and Pope Francis discussed the U.S. Conference of Bishops, the president replied that’s a “private conversation.” He also said that he and the pontiff exchanged prayers for one another. “Fraud-In-Chief” said he prayed for “peace.” And he revealed “cult leader” Francis blessed his son Beau’s rosary beads that he wears around his wrist. Beau Biden died in 2015 from brain cancer.

He said they talked about climate change, including the “need” and “moral responsibility” to deal with it during their meeting. I guess “murdering babies in the womb” or after birth does not require any “moral responsibility.”

Biden’s time with the pope was longer than either of his two predecessors’ with the pontiff. He was scheduled to be with the “cult leader” for only an hour but received extra time. In 2017, Francis met then President Donald Trump for 30 minutes and, in 2014, Francis met with then President Barack Obama for 52 minutes. Biden’s meeting with Pope John Paul, in 1980, in contrast, was only 45 minutes.

The meeting was “wonderful,” Catholic hypocrite Biden told reporters afterwards. During their meeting, “Fraud-In-Chief” Biden presented “cult leader” Francis a woven chasuble, or liturgical vestment, made in 1930 by the famed papal tailor Gamarelli and used by the pope’s Jesuit order in the U.S., where it was held in the archives of Holy Trinity Church, Biden’s regular parish in Washington. Womanizer President John F. Kennedy, the first Catholic U.S. president, also worshipped at Holy Trinity.

“I hope you find this gift from the United States appropriate,” Biden said. He also presented the “cult leader” with a presidential challenge coin. “I’m not sure this is appropriate, but there’s a tradition in America. That the president has what is called a command coin,” Biden explained. “Fraud-In-Chief” Biden said it was meant for “warriors and leaders. And you are the most significant warrior for peace I’ve ever met,” Biden lied to the pope.

“Fraud-In-Chief” Joe bragged that while the U.S. seal adorned the front of it, the back was unique. “But I know my son would want me to give this to you because on the back of it I have the state of Delaware and the 261st, the unit my son served with,” he said, referencing the late Beau Biden and his service in Iraq with the Delaware Army National Guard.

“The tradition is, and I’m only kidding about this, the next time I see you don’t have it, you have to buy the drinks,” senile Joe continued. “I’m the only Irishman you’ve ever met who’s never had a drink,” he quipped.

The Vatican “cult leader”  spoke back to Biden in Italian, though was heard making a joke about whiskey. Meanwhile, Pope Francis, 84, gave Biden, 78, a ceramic tile depicting the iconography of the pilgrim, as well as a collection of the pope´s main teaching documents, the Vatican said.

Fox News host makes must-see emotional plea to end abortion as he addresses the war on the unborn. He includes some facts that you probably didn’t know before.

And if you think that “cult leader” Pope Francis is against abortion, you are deluded to a degree that is both appalling and pathetic. Pope Francis warmly welcomed abortionist Nancy Pelosi at the Vatican greeting her with the Masonic handshake as the two exchanged knowing glances.

Nancy Pelosi is the most-powerful woman in America, and willing co-conspirator with the Jesuit papal monarch. Who cares about a little thing like the murder of tens of millions of babies when you have much bigger fish to fry? Not these two.

What Pope Said To Biden Is Unconfirmed

Fake news or new Catholic beliefs? You decide.

Joe Biden is a Notorious Liar

Biden’s weird weekend in Rome

Cultural Marxists

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During a pre-election prayer session in support of Black Lives Matter, the pastor of St. Xavier Catholic Church in New York City instructed white congregants that they must renounce their white privilege to help “transform the church culture.” Using the noble cause of racial equality as a fig leaf, Black Lives Matter is in fact a violent political organization whose Marxist ideology is anti-American—anti-Christian—in the most profound meaning of those terms. In many churches across America, cultural Marxists in the pulpit are quietly supplanting traditional Christian values with those of the hammer and sickle.

“Cultural Marxism” is the gradual process of grinding down western democracies by subverting the pillars of their culture, the structures and institutions of family, religion, education, politics, law, the arts and the media, as they provide the social cohesion necessary to a functioning society. Challenge the legitimacy of these institutions, and a capitalist society can be overthrown from within without firing a shot. Known as the father of cultural Marxism, 20th century Italian communist Antonio Gramsci summarized his stratagem for dismantling Christian nations thusly:

“Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity. Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society.”

Gramsci referred to his stratagem as “the long march through the institutions,” i.e. infiltrating a society’s cultural institutions and gradually supplanting their traditional values and principles with those of communism. Operating via stealth and deception, Gramsci’s disciples in this country have diligently labored to grind down every cultural institution in America, including its predominant religion, Christianity.

Communism cannot flourish in a society with a strong religious footing. In his best-selling book, “The Naked Communist,” former FBI Special Agent Cleon Skousen listed 45 communist goals to subvert America from within. Two of those goals pertain to diminishing Christianity:

Goal No. 27 calls on communist warriors to infiltrate churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Revealed religion is based on Scripture; the communist concept of social religion teaches citizens to look to government, rather than God, for their daily salvation. Scriptural religion is about individual salvation; social religion is about collective salvation, a concept that does not exist in Christianity. In many churches on the religious left, the communist goal of replacing revealed religion with social religion has largely been accomplished, as evidenced by the constant refrain of religious-left pastors who sermonize about their undying commitment to the cause of “social justice.” The term refers to justice within a society that allocates wealth according to Marxism’s foremost command: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

Goal No. 28 calls on communist warriors to infiltrate schools and eliminate prayer and every type of religious expression on the grounds that it violates the principle of separation of church and state.

Cultural Marxism has a simple message to Christians: sit down and shut up. In attempting to drive Christianity from the public square, cultural Marxists in our midst, nearly all of whom vote Democrat, routinely mock and ridicule Christianity and its believers. The following sacrileges were carried out by members of the entertainment industry:

– Bill Maher began one of his programs on HBO with an attack on Christianity by comparing Holy Communion to gay sex.

– On his nationally-syndicated radio show, Howard Stern said, “If I was president, I would have you pro-lifers gassed. I would have you marched into the ovens.”

– Upon receiving an award for her cable reality show, comedienne Kathy Griffin said, “A lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this. No one had less to do with this award than Jesus. All I can say is suck it, Jesus.”

– In an episode of HBO’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” the star of the show, Larry David, urinated on a picture of Jesus.

– In an in-your-face to Christians, the Netflix film, “The First Temptation of Christ,” portrays Jesus as a homosexual, and depicts God the Father as a lecherous seducer of women.

Using “diversity, equity and inclusion” as justification, cultural Marxists throughout our society regularly scold, threaten and punish Christians, as well as censor religious activities by Christians and Christian organizations:

– Employee of major package shipper ordered on administrative leave for wearing a Christian cross on her dress while at work.

– Christmas decorations banned at Florida’s turnpike toll booths.

– NBC edited out “under God” from pledge of allegiance sung by children during broadcast of U.S. Open golf tournament.

– Pentagon orders Air Force officer to remove Bible from his desk.

– Court of Appeals upholds school district’s ban on Christmas carols.

– The ACLU filed suit to force removal of 8-foot cross erected on remote federal land

to honor soldiers killed in war. See video about the Mojave Desert Cross here.

– Army warns soldiers that pro-life Christians are “tearing the country apart” and constitute a “radical threat to the nation.”

– Obama DOJ defunds at-risk youth program after it refused to ban prayer.

– VA hospital refuses “Merry Christmas” cards sent by 4th graders to sick and wounded veterans.

– High school prohibits valedictorian from telling how Jesus changed his life.

– Military base takes down Nativity scene after atheists complain.

– Federal judge prohibits high school band from playing “How Great Thou Art.”

– Texas school bans Christmas trees, red & green colors from holiday party due to fear of “offending others.”

“Introduction to Humanities” professor fails student because she refused to renounce her Christian faith.

– University prohibits Christian club from setting up table at meet-and-greet for new students.

– Children banned from saying “Merry Christmas” at elementary school’s “Winter Party.”

– High school prohibits students from praying together, cites “separation of church and state.”

– University de-certifies campus Christian club for insisting on having a Christian as its leader.

– Government tells ministry that feeds the poor to remove portrait of Jesus.

– University’s diversity guidelines warn: “Make sure your holiday party isn’t a Christmas party in disguise.”

The above instances are but the tip of a massive iceberg aimed squarely at driving every vestige of Christianity from the public arena.

Disciples of Antonio Gramsci have infiltrated top leadership positions of every major branch of the Christian religion, including the Catholic Church. In February 2020, Pope Francis announced his support for the Global Education Pact, a United Nations-backed initiative that will usher in a “new humanism,” under which God “withdraws” so all of humankind can be “free.”

Under the Pact, children of the world will be indoctrinated with social justice Marxist propaganda designed to pave the way for a New World Order under the banner of global communism. Operating by stealth and deception, Marxists have seized control of the Vatican in a way that went virtually unnoticed by most Catholics until after the fact, just as Gramsci planned. While pretending to do God’s bidding, Marxists in the Vatican hiding under the ecclesiastical robes of the Christian faith are knowingly subverting their professed religion from within.

To understand the importance of religion to a free society, watch and share the brief presentation below by Harvard Business School professor, Clay Christensen.

Straight From The Marxist Playbook: Evidence Of Election Manipulation Mounts

Marxist Pope Francis

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So, why doesn’t this Marxist Pope tear down the 20-foot wall surrounding the Vatican?

Pope Francis calls for “no more walls” and encourages mass immigration from Africa and the Middle East to the West. He said the Church of today is called to “widen her tent to embrace everyone,” especially illegal immigrants and foreigners.

We are “called to work together so that there will be no more walls that separate us, no longer others, but only a single ‘we,’ encompassing all of humanity,” the pontiff said in his Message for the 2021 World Day of Migrants and Refugees, which will be celebrated next September 26.

We must “make every effort to break down the walls that separate us and, in acknowledging our profound interconnection, build bridges that foster a culture of encounter,” the pope said. “Today’s migration movements offer an opportunity for us to overcome our fears and let ourselves be enriched by the diversity of each person’s gifts.”

“Then, if we so desire, we can transform borders into privileged places of encounter, where the miracle of an ever wider ‘we’ can come about,” he added.

The pope said that Catholics, in particular, have the chance to grow in their faith by welcoming people different from themselves (especially the ones that will kill them if they don’t leave Christianity and accept Islam?).

“In encountering the diversity of foreigners, migrants and refugees, and in the intercultural dialogue that can emerge from this encounter, we have an opportunity to grow as Church and to enrich one another,” he said.

The unity of the human race “is broken and fragmented, wounded and disfigured,” Francis said, due in large part to nationalism and individualism.

“Our ‘we,’ both in the wider world and within the Church, is crumbling and cracking due to myopic and aggressive forms of nationalism and radical individualism,” he said. “And the highest price is being paid by those who most easily become viewed as others: foreigners, migrants, the marginalized, those living on the existential peripheries.”

“Among those dwelling in those existential peripheries, we find many migrants and refugees, displaced persons and victims of trafficking, to whom the Lord wants his love to be manifested and his salvation preached,” he added.

The pope also said that the current influx of migrants in many parts of the world “can be seen as a new ‘frontier’ for mission, a privileged opportunity to proclaim Jesus Christ and the Gospel message.”

By welcoming migrants, our societies “will have a ‘colorful’ future, enriched by diversity and by cultural exchanges,” he said.

In his boldest proposal, the pope called for “a commitment that makes no distinction between natives and foreigners, between residents and guests, since it is a matter of a treasure we hold in common, from whose care and benefits no one should be excluded.”

“We are called to dream together, fearlessly, as a single human family, as companions on the same journey, as sons and daughters of the same earth that is our common home, sisters and brothers all,” he concluded.

Just like designated terrorist group CAIR, Pope Francis claims that Islamic terrorism has “nothing to do with Islam.”

Japan’s brilliant smack down of the Marxist Pope and his globalist mass Muslim migration agenda.

Pope Francis certainly picked the wrong country in which to demand that it open its borders to mass Muslim immigration. Unlike Europe and other nations in the West, Japan has its eyes wide open to the negative impact (terror attacks/welfare-dependency/soaring crime & rape stats) that Islam and its followers have brought to the rest of the world.

And the Japanese aren’t having any of it. Japan has offered zero resettlement places for refugees from Syria, according to Amnesty International, although the Japan Association for Refugees says three were granted refugee status in 2013.

The Catholic Deep Church

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A Catholic Archbishop who formerly served as the Vatican’s ambassador to the United States is accusing elements of the Catholic hierarchy of operating as a “Deep Church” working in conjunction with the American “Deep State.”

Archbishop Viganò is known as something of a conservative “dissident” within the Catholic episcopate, most notably publicly accusing Pope Francis and other senior Vatican officials of failing to act after being made aware of credible accusations of sexual abuse against now-disgraced American ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick.

The missive can be read in full at LifeSiteNews. In the letter, Viganò speaks critically of Pope Francis, a practice that is exceptionally rare within the college of Catholic bishops, let alone on the part of an Archbishop who recently served as a prominent member of the Church’s diplomatic hierarchy. Archbishop Viganò speaks of the traditional Jesuit, a religious order in which the Pope began his clerical career, practice of declining positions of authority in the Catholic hierarchy.

Viganò pointed to what he identifies as a “Deep Church” in the letter, arguing that elements within the Catholic hierarchy are working to utilize the Catholic Church to advance a vision of “global Neo-liberal authoritarianism.” He references major Catholic bishops in the United States who seem to have at least implicitly “endorsed” Joe Biden, a staunchly “pro-abortion” Democrat.

“The United States is witnessing the highest levels and centers of cultural influence of the American Catholic Church shamelessly siding in favor of the Democratic candidate and more generally in favor of the entire apparatus that has been consolidating in recent decades within the public administration. The Deep State, Trump’s sworn enemy, is joined by a Deep Church that spares no criticisms and accusations against the incumbent President while winking indecorously with Biden and BLM, slavishly following the narration imposed by the mainstream. It matters little that Trump is openly pro-life and defends the non-negotiable principles that the Democrats have renounced. The important thing is to transform the Catholic Church into the spiritual arm of the New World Order, so as to have an imprimatur from the highest moral authority in the world, something that was impossible with Benedict XVI.”

Senior American Catholic leaders such as Cardinal Joseph Tobin, the Archbishop of Newark, have essentially endorsed the unlimited abortion supporter.

Viganò goes on to rebuke nominally “Catholic” left-wing American politicians for their support of far-left, anti-Christian political causes.

“Prodi and Gentiloni in Italy – and we would also add Premier Conte, given his origin and his education – have their counterparts on the American side in so-called Catholic personalities like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Andrew Cuomo: all of them proudly support abortion and gender indoctrination, and all of them are proudly in favor of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter movements that are setting entire American cities on fire.”

Viganò also points to the “abandonment of the Chinese Catholic community” he identifies a recent secret agreement between the Vatican and the Communist Chinese government and lauding Secretary of State Michael Pompeo for condemning the agreement.

“Why does the Vatican, which is silent in the face of the Democratic party’s support for abortion and the violation of the most basic human rights in China, consider the Trump Administration to have no right to interfere in an agreement that has obvious repercussions in the international political balance?”

Quite the striking language from the Archbishop. American Catholics who seek to vote in accordance with Catholic moral teaching have serious questions to ask about the Church hierarchy’s fidelity to their religion as it pertains to the public sphere.

Saint Gregory the Great.

Pedophile Pope Francis

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Celibacy can be faked only for so long. It was just a matter of time before the world learned of “horny” Pope Francis Instagram “fetish.”

Natalia Garibotto’s Instagram pic of her dressed in a racy schoolgirl uniform in front of a locker, is the lucky recipient of that first “Like” and it shall forever reside in “His Holiness’” history. The Bang Energy model seems to understand the importance of this moment.

“My mum may hate my ass pics, but the Pope be double-tapping. At least I’m going to heaven,” Nata Gata, 27, quipped on the post that caught the attention of the “horny” Pope on his Instagram account. The “Like” has since been removed.

The Vatican has launched an internal investigation into how Pope Francis’ official Instagram account “liked” a sexy photo of the bare-bottomed Brazilian model. The Pope’s verified Instagram account has yet to comment on which person from his media team was responsible for the “Like” or if anyone will be fired for this transgression.

Nothing like a good ol’ internal Vatican probe to expose “Pedophile” Pope Francis secret fetish. Seems they are not happy that “horny” Francis is going around clicking “like” on racy ass pics on Instagram. Come on, Vatican, join us in the 21st century. You can still go to Heaven even if you get a little chubbed up for a few racy Instagram’s every now and again, that’s part of being alive. Part of being a sinful human being.

Ever since God’s creation man and woman have been trying to sneak around the Lord to get their rocks off. The Catholic church took a very ill-advised U-Turn at some point, but if now all they are doing is “double tapping” pictures on the internet, I think we can all consider that a major victory.

Personally I think “horny” ol’ Francis might have accidentally stumbled into a genius church marketing plan: “double taps for heaven.” If Catholics comes across a “racy” pic looking enticing simply “double tap” and you will go to Heaven while sexy Instagram models getting rid of their sins. Everyone wins.

I always thought Catholic priests were only into little altar boys.

The Roman Catholic Church has been mired in “pedophilia” scandals forever. On November 10, the Vatican issued a 461-page report on former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. The report acknowledged that bishops, cardinals, and even popes dismissed reports that McCarrick was a “homosexual pedophile”, allowing him to stay in power for decades.

Perhaps the most explosive revelation of the report is that Pope John Paul II, who was declared a Catholic saint in 2013, received numerous confirmed reports that McCarrick slept with seminarians, yet the pope still appointed him archbishop of Washington, D.C., in 2000. John Paul believed McCarrick’s denials rather than the findings of a Vatican investigation.

The report also revealed that Pope Benedict XVI asked McCarrick to retire in 2006 after Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò questioned the extent of McCarrick’s perverted sexual activities. But because McCarrick swore on his “oath as a bishop” that the allegations about him were false, Benedict decided not to order a full inquiry into his actions.

“Viganò’s superiors, Secretary of State Cardinal Bertone and Substitute Archbishop Sandri, shared Viganò’s concerns, and Cardinal Bertone presented the matter directly to Pope Benedict XVI,” the report says. “Ultimately, the path of a canonical process to resolve factual issues and possibly prescribe canonical penalties was not taken. Instead, the decision was made to appeal to McCarrick’s conscience and ecclesial spirit by indicating to him that he should maintain a lower profile and minimize travel for the good of the church.”

Pope Francis removed McCarrick from the clergy in 2018 after an investigation confirmed that McCarrick had sexually molested adult men and young boys. After Francis defrocked McCarrick, Archbishop Viganò published an 11-page testimonial revealing that he warned Francis that McCarrick was a “serial predator” in 2013, but that Francis did nothing about it for the next five years.

The new Vatican report alleges that neither Archbishop Viganò nor anyone else provided Francis with any documentation regarding allegations against McCarrick, except for rumors that he slept with adult men in the 1980s. It was not until Francis received allegations of sexual abuse from a former altar boy that he took action.

The new McCarrick report is an attempt by the Vatican to restore Francis’s credibility at a time when traditionalist Catholics—like Viganò—are calling on him to resign. The report faults John Paul II and Benedict XVI for McCarrick’s rise to prominence while sparing Francis. Now that Francis is promising to rid the Catholic Church of sex abuse, it looks like he may have escaped the penalty for any role he played in the cover-up.

Yet the McCarrick scandal goes far deeper than most realize! Cardinal McCarrick was active in United States politics for decades, controversially weighing in on a debate over whether pro-abortion politicians should be barred from Communion.

When U.S. bishops gathered in Denver in 2004 to decide whether Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry should be able to receive Communion, McCarrick said he thought it would not be “pastorally wise and prudent” to deny Communion to pro-abortion politicians because it could “turn the Eucharist into a perceived source of political combat.”

In addition to sexually abusing children and supporting pro-abortion politicians, McCarrick was also a chief architect of a secret Vatican concordat with China. During the papacy of John Paul II, Cardinal McCarrick became the first Western cardinal to set foot in mainland China since Mao Zedong’s Communist revolution. Between 1996 and 2016, McCarrick visited China eight times in an “unofficial” capacity to advocate for Vatican-Chinese reconciliation.

On two visits, McCarrick met with Fr. Shu-Jie Chen, vice rector of the Catholic Seminary in Beijing, and a member of the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association. According to a report from the U.S. Embassy to the Vatican, Fr. Shu-Jie Chen “downplayed persecution of the underground church” and called faithful Chinese Catholics “uneducated.” He wanted the Vatican and Chinese Catholics to start compromising with China’s Politburo.

Despite the stand John Paul II took against Communist Russia, Benedict XVI wanted the Vatican to reestablish diplomatic relations with Communist China. Allowing McCarrick to continue his “unofficial” missions to China was part of his strategy to make this happen. It was not until 2011 that Benedict forced McCarrick to withdraw from his diplomatic efforts because of allegations that he was sexually abusing minors. But Francis allowed him to resume his missions in 2013, just months into his pontificate.

McCarrick later suggested that the similarities between Xi Jinping and Pope Francis could be “a special gift for the world.” After his last visit to China in 2016, McCarrick said, “A lot of things that China worries about, Pope Francis worries about, about the care of poor, older people, children, our civilization and especially the ecology. I see a lot of things happening that would really open many doors because President Xi and his government are concerned about things that Pope Francis is concerned about.”

McCarrick may be out of the Catholic clergy, but the “secret deal” he helped Benedict and Francis negotiate with China is still in place. It gives an atheist regime a direct role in appointing Catholic bishops and does nothing to help the millions of underground Chinese Catholics suffering under Xi Jinping’s dictatorship. But neither John Paul, Benedict, nor Francis cared enough about Catholic children to investigate the pedophile allegations against McCarrick, so why would they care enough about Chinese Catholics to speak against Communist China?

McCarrick also helped the Obama administration enlist the help of Francis in establishing diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Communist Cuba, something Benedict began pushing the U.S. to do in 2012.

Amid the current Catholic pedophile scandal, many analysts make a lot of the apparent differences between popes Benedict and Francis. But they are not as different as most imagine. They disagree on civil unions for homosexual couples. They disagree on whether Lutheran housewives can take Communion with their Catholic husbands. And rumor has it, they may disagree on priestly celibacy requirements. But when it comes to covering a pedophile scandal so a sexual predator can help the Vatican establish diplomatic relations with Communist dictatorships, the two living popes are mostly in agreement!

“The Roman Catholic Church is mired in a pedophilia scandal in several nations. However, there is a far worse scandal in that church that we all should be deeply concerned about. Most of the media is not even exposing it. The real Vatican scandal revolves around the ratlines of the sixth head of the Holy Roman Empire—Germany and the Vatican in World War II.”

Germany fought to keep files sealed that detail Nazi Adolf Eichmann’s life on the run before Mossad agents captured him. Eichmann was a Nazi senior assault unit leader who escaped to Argentina after World War II with the help of Bishop Alois Karl Hudal, a Catholic cleric who ran Vatican ratlines helping former Nazis and Ustashi agents to find safe havens in overseas countries. Pope Pius XII allowed Hudal to smuggle Nazis into Argentina for the same reason that Pope Francis allowed McCarrick to open negotiations with Communist China: “to resurrect the Holy Roman Empire.”

Uki Goñi is an Argentine author whose research focuses on the Vatican’s role in helping Nazi criminals escape to Argentina. In a 2015 editorial for the New York Times, he wrote that you couldn’t understand Francis without acknowledging that his worldview was shaped in Juan Peron’s Argentina. That is why Pope Francis often warns about the “excesses of capitalism” while expressing sympathy for “communism” and other forms of “socialism.” He follows the sort of Catholic socialism that was practiced in Argentina during Peron’s presidency.

To resurrect the “Holy Roman Empire”, Benedict and Francis first need to defeat American capitalism. They need to convince Catholic nations across Europe and Latin America to adopt a more socialist way of running their economies. And what better way to accomplish this than a deal with the world’s leading Communist economy? Benedict may have told McCarrick to “maintain a lower profile and minimize travel for the good of the church,” but Francis sent him right back to China to continue his mission. The secret deal he helped lay the groundwork for may go a long way in helping the Vatican restructure the world economy.

The Bible describes a great church in the end time that holds significant political influence with “the kings of the earth.” It has special power over a union of nations described in symbolic terms as a “beast” (Revelation 17). This description can only apply to one church in modern history—a church that meddles in the affairs of nations and considers itself mother to all—a church aligned with the Holy Roman Empire.

Many prophecies reveal what this church will do in the time just ahead of us. In Isaiah 47, for example, God calls this church the “daughter of Babylon” and the “lady of kingdoms.” Verse 6 of this chapter prophesies that God will deliver His people—speaking of the modern-day nations descended from ancient Israel, more specifically the United States to this “lady of kingdoms” because of their many sins.

Today, many Catholic leaders are engaging in sexual perversion even as the Vatican negotiates with some of the world’s worst dictators. If Francis—or his successor—can bring Europe and China together in an alliance against the United States, then Americans and Jews will learn what it means to be victims of the “Holy Roman Empire!”

 Vatican Financial Scandal Deepens as Search Uncovers Cash, Gold Coins in Official’s Home

Fratelli Tutti

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The pope published one of his longest and most important letters “Fratelli Tutti” on politics this month, and it is being seen as a direct “intervention” in the United States election.

Washington Post columnist E. J. Dionne Jr. called it “the pope’s unexpected election message. We are not accustomed to a hearing from a pope, a month before Election Day, who criticizes ‘myopic, extremist, resentful and aggressive nationalism,’ and castigates those who, through their actions, cast immigrants as ‘less worthy, less important, less human,” he wrote.

Former Tablet editor Catherine Pepinster wrote in the Guardian that the encyclical’s “message means the pope has waded right into some of the key issues dominating the U.S. presidential election.”

She noted that “the Democrats may well be cheered” by much of what the pope wrote. “This clarion call from across the Atlantic could well be an election clincher,” she concluded.

“Fratelli Tutti” doesn’t mention U.S. politics. It’s the pope’s discussion on how all men can be brothers. Nevertheless, the document makes clear what he thinks about President Donald Trump, and even attacks the foundations of America’s political and economic systems.

Further evidence of the Pope’s views comes from the way he has treated both sides of the campaign. In September, when U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wanted to meet with the pope, he was denied. The Vatican said the pope wanted to avoid giving the impression he supported any particular candidate before the election. Yet he is apparently fine with publishing a document that strongly implies he supports the Democrats.

The encyclical’s political undertones have made some right-wing Catholics its biggest critics.

It strongly supports migrants, condemning “certain populist political regimes, as well as certain liberal economic approaches” that “maintain that an influx of migrants is to be prevented at all costs.” He singles out Latino immigration into the U.S. for praise, saying these people bring “values and possibilities that can greatly enrich the United States.”

The pope’s biggest criticism is of those who want to build walls. He warned that “those who raise walls will end up as slaves within the very walls they have built.”

But his criticisms go beyond Mr. Trump. They target the foundation of the American republic.

“Certain economically prosperous countries tend to be proposed as cultural models for less-developed countries,” writes the pope. It’s pretty clear which country he’s talking about. For other countries to copy the United States, he writes, would be a “shallow and pathetic desire to imitate others,” which “leads to copying and consuming in place of creating, and fosters low national self-esteem.”

Chapter 3 of the letter doesn’t specifically mention the U.S. Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. But it’s clearly a criticism of the foundations of American politics. It’s lengthy, and my summary will just hit the high spots, but it mirrors many criticisms raised by the American left.

Equality, the pope writes, is not “achieved by an abstract proclamation that all men and women are equal.” To proclaim that all are free, yet stand back and allow individuals to pursue happiness in their own way, is not enough, says the pope. This leads to “radical individualism,” which is “a virus that is extremely difficult to eliminate.”

“Some people are born into economically stable families, receive a fine education, grow up well nourished, or naturally possess great talent,” he writes. “They will certainly not need a proactive state; they need only claim their freedom.” Everyone else, though, needs something more “proactive.” How similar to former President Barack Obama’s complaint that the US Constitution “says what the states can’t do to you, says what the federal government can’t do to you, but it doesn’t say what the federal government or the state government must do on your behalf.”

The pope says a society cannot be built on the foundation of individual rights. The rights of the individual must instead be “harmoniously ordered to the greater good. Words like freedom, democracy or fraternity prove meaningless unless our economic and social system no longer produces even a single victim, a single person cast aside.”

To achieve this goal, the world must think about property differently. One of the pope’s subheads is “Re-envisaging the Social Role of Property.” Here he says that “the Christian tradition has never recognized the right to private property as absolute or inviolable, and has stressed the social purpose of all forms of private property. … The principle of the common use of created goods is the ‘first principle of the whole ethical and social order’” (here the pope is quoting from himself—as he does in much of this letter). He quotes various Catholic figures arguing that we do not own our property—it belongs to the poor.

My aim here is not to refute what the pope is saying; this idea that equal rights requires a “proactive” government to redistribute wealth has been refuted by American thinkers often over the last 200 or 300 years. Instead, I want to point out the pope is preaching as doctrine a political and economic system completely at odds with America’s Constitution. The American way, he argues, is immoral. The world needs something else.

He is also critical of America’s role in the world. He talks about how the Holocaust must not be forgotten. Then in the next paragraph, he says, “Nor must we forget the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,” implying that America’s use of atomic weapons to end that war was a crime as evil as Nazi Germany’s murder of 6 million Jews.

The world needs a new political and economic system, the pope says. He calls for the reform of “the United Nations Organization, and likewise of economic institutions and international finance, so that the concept of the family of nations can acquire real teeth.” He repeats his earlier calls for a new global economy “more attentive to ethical principles, and new ways of regulating speculative financial practices.”

In the last presidential election the pope visited the U.S.-Mexico border and declared, “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian.”

Pope Francis is very politically minded, and he says so himself. Even as he spoke about Trump, the pope called himself a “political animal.” Back in 2013, he said, “A good Catholic meddles in politics. He sees it as part of his religious duty.” He intervened against President Trump then, and he is doing so again.

The pope has called free-market capitalism “a new tyranny” and “the dung of the devil.” Pope Francis has made clear that he is “staunchly opposed to some of America’s foundational ideals.” In this latest letter, Pope Francis made this clearer than ever.

The Catholic Church is a great and powerful false church, with political influence, involved with kings, presidents and elections. Believe it or not, Satan the devil is unleashing a multi-pronged attack on what has until recently been the most powerful single nation in history.

He is working within the population by encouraging sin and perversion. He is turning factions within our people against one another, stirring hatred and violence that are tearing us apart. He is working from within the nation through leaders that are destroying America’s values and embracing lawlessness and corruption. At the same time, he is fomenting hatred among America’s enemies, empowering them to aggressively work against the nation’s interests.

In this encyclical, Pope Francis has revealed himself, more than ever before, as one of these enemies. The leader of the world’s largest organized “cult” religion has clearly set himself in opposition to the world’s greatest superpower, in the same way that the Catholic Church earlier worked against the Soviet Union.

His views are not shared by many U.S. Catholics. Polls suggest American Catholics favor President Trump over Joe Biden. I’m sure many other Catholics around the world also disagree with Pope Francis.

Nevertheless, the pope wields huge power and is steering the world against America. He is one of the greatest critics making an extremely dangerous foray into American politics.

Pope’s New Vision of Fraternity Inspired by Grand Sheikh Ahmed el-Tayeb



Same Sex Civil Unions

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Even the Catholic Church is surrendering to the lawless spirit of our age.

Pope Francis has endorsed same-sex civil unions for the first time since he was elected pontiff, according to the Catholic News Agency. His comments were actually uttered in a feature-length documentary, which premiered on October 21 at the Rome Film Festival. The documentary primarily explores Pope Francis’s views on climate change, immigration and economic equality. His comments on homosexuality come halfway through the film.

Homosexuals have a right to be a part of the family,” he states. “They’re children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out, or be made miserable because of it. What we have to create is a civil union law. That way they are legally covered.”

The fact that Pope Francis supports same-sex civil unions is unsurprising. Back when he was still working as the archbishop of Buenos Aires, he endorsed “same sex civil unions” as an alternative to “same sex marriage.”

But publicly repeating this position as pope represents a historic shift for the Roman Catholic Church. In 2003, the Vatican’s office on doctrine taught that “respect for homosexual persons cannot lead in any way to approval of homosexual behavior or to legal recognition of homosexual unions.”

This means that Pope Francis is breaking with a precedent set by his predecessors Pope John Paul I and Pope Benedict XVI. The fact that Francis is able to do this without causing a schism in the Catholic Church shows how much the world has changed in the past few decades.

When Pope John Paul II was elected in 1978, no nation recognized “same sex civil unions” or “same sex marriage.” In 1989, Denmark became the first nation to provide legal recognition of relationships formed by unmarried same-sex couples. In 2001, the Netherlands became the first nation to legally recognize “same sex marriages.”

Now, 18 nations recognize “same sex civil unions” and 29 nations recognize “same sex marriages.” Data suggests that 2 in 3 Americans and 3 in 4 Germans support “same sex marriages.” This means that most people in the U.S. and Western Europe probably find the fact that Francis only supports civil unions as a conservative position.

A number of Catholic leaders have come out contradicting Francis’s comments on “same sex civil unions.” Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò said the pope’s comments “constitute a very serious cause of scandal for the faithful.” Cardinal Raymond Burke said the pope’s comments “generate great bewilderment and cause confusion and error among Catholic faithful.”

And Cardinal Gerhard Müller said the pope’s comments are “purely private expression of opinion, which every Catholic can and should freely contradict.” Despite this criticism from some Catholics, Francis knows that public opinion supports “same sex civil unions”, so any cardinal willing to challenge him on this issue is unlikely to build much of a following. Most conservatives have given up the battle against “same sex civil unions.”

In 1983, the Vatican issued a law code that included 700 fewer laws than the code released in 1917. “The moral and spiritual trend in the world is toward more liberalism—more permissiveness. Now even the Roman Catholic Church, in order to keep alive in an immoral and unrighteous world, is relaxing and giving people what they like to call ‘their rights.’”

Now, 37 years later, Catholic “cult” leaders are even putting “same sex civil unions” on the negotiating table. Communist philosophers and far-left activists have been trying to redefine family for a century. Now even churches and religious institutions are surrendering to this line of thinking.

Almost no one is standing up for the “biblical” definition of family.

The Bible condemns homosexuality as a sin (Leviticus 20:13; Romans 1:26-28; 1 Corinthians 6:9), and it does so for good reasons. To find out why God teaches against homosexuality and effeminacy, read the free booklet Redefining Family. It contains vital biblical truths and inspiring hope that even churches no longer teach!

His Excellency Bishop Athanasius Schneider has called on Catholics to pray for Pope Francis after issuing his remarks on gay civil unions. “Every true Catholic, every true Catholic priest, every true Catholic bishop must with deep sorrow and a weeping heart regret and protest” against these remarks, he said.

“Those who advocate same-sex civil unions are ultimately unjust and even cruel against those persons who are living in these unions.”

 Bishop Schneider calls faithful to pray for Pope Francis to “convert”

Transgender Nuns

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Pope Francis shocked the world by “praising” a nun who promotes Catholic acceptance of cross-dressing, “sex-change” operations, and “homosexual” relationships.

After a controversial nun opened in Argentina a residence for “trans women,” men who choose to identify as women, Pope Francis praised her work, referring to the males, reported to be between 40 and 70 years old, as “girls.”

Pope Francis’ praise for Argentinean Sister Mónica Astorga Cremona, 53, known locally in Argentina as the “Nun of the Trans,” came in light of her cutting the ribbon on a new complex of twelve small apartments dedicated solely to housing “men claiming to be women and their sexual partners.”

 These issues are tough, and it’s complicated by the fact that this nun is actually doing some very good things helping people out of dire poverty.

Pope Francis has written to a nun who ministers to trans gender people.

Upon hearing the news the Pope responded in a communication, according to the nun, “Dear Monica, God who did not go to the seminary or study theology will repay you abundantly. I pray for you and your girls. Do not forget to pray for me. May Jesus blesses you and may the Holy Virgin take care of you,” according to a report by Newsflare   

Last year, Cardinal Raymond Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider, joined by other prelates, issued a public declaration of truths of the faith where they called it a rebellion and “grave sin” for a man to “attempt to become a woman.”

“The male and female sexes, man and woman, are biological realities created by the wise will of God (see Genesis 1: 27; Catechism of the Catholic Church, 369). It is, therefore, a rebellion against natural and Divine law and a grave sin that a man may attempt to become a woman by mutilating himself, or even by simply declaring himself to be such, or that a woman may in like manner attempt to become a man, or to hold that the civil authority has the duty or the right to act as if such things were or may be possible and legitimate (see Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2297),” the document states.

Sister Monica has affirmed since 2015 that Pope Francis has known of her work and that he supports it. Her personal relationship with the pontiff dates back well before that, back to “before he was a bishop,” according to a 2017 Crux report.

The “Discalced Carmelite” explained in a “Queering the Church” report at the time that the Pope told her in an email, “In Jesus’ time, the lepers were rejected like that. The trans women are the lepers of these times. Don’t leave this work on the frontier that is yours. Though indistinct in English, Francis used the female pronoun when saying that the transgender persons are the lepers of today,” according to Crux’s Inés San Martín.

Sister Monica, in a video interview at the opening of the “trans home”, said that Catholics have made people who present themselves as a member of the opposite sex “live in darkness.”

“My dream was that the Trans had a dignified home because they are never given this opportunity. They do not have any rights to anything. The apartments are very ‘bright’ and they have lived in darkness because of us – we made them live in darkness. Because we have turned our back on them and they always lived in darkness. So they need to take advantage of this light, as I call it, of this place that is the only one in the world. There are no houses for trans in any part of the world,” she said.

One man, who will be living in the new complex while identifying as female, said that people like him face many difficulties.

“The places that we have always lived and we have always rented, the people always took advantage of our condition of being trans women. On a lease that was charging 5,000 pesos, just for an example, we would pay 15,000  just because we were trans. Just because we were trans women,” he said in the video report.

“And it’s not like a place like this one that is clean, with all services. We have lived in places with humidity, rats, insects. Trans women always live poorly,” he explained.

The “Tutored Social Condominium for Trans Women,” conceived by Sister Monica, was built by the “Provincial Institute of Housing and Urbanism” (IPVU) with government funds in Argentine Patagonia. Its operation has been turned over to the “Discalced Carmelites.”

This isn’t the first time Pope Francis has given remarks “opposite” of what the Catholic Church traditionally teaches about the rejection of one’s God-given “sexual identity.”

On October 2, 2016, Pope Francis referred to a woman who underwent a “sex-change operation as a man.”  The Pope said the woman, who “felt like a man” but “was physically a young woman,” eventually “got married” after the sex-change surgery in her twenties. “He wrote me a letter saying that, for him, it would be a consolation to come see me with his wife,” the Pope said.

He referred to her as having “married” another woman and admitted to inviting and receiving them in the Vatican in 2015, describing the couple as “I received them and they were very happy.” Referring to the post-trans surgery woman, the Pope said, “He got married. He that was ‘her’ but is he,” explained Pope Francis.

Pope Francis meeting with woman who underwent sex-change surgery (to right of pope) and her “wife” (to left of pope.)

And you can add to that the fact that the Pope has openly promoted one of the biggest promoters of “homosexuality and transgenderism” in the Catholic Church in America, Father James Martin.

The Pope named Fr. Martin to the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, and had Martin speak at the Vatican’s World Meeting of Families. He also met with him personally in an audience, the photos of which were used by Fr. Martin to attest to the Pope supporting his agenda, which has garnered opposition from several U.S. bishops.

LGBT-activist Jesuit priest Fr. James Martin was delighted with the Pope’s congratulatory words to Sister Monica Cremona, saying in a Tweet:

“Wow. Pope Francis sends his support for a Catholic sister in Argentina who ministers to transsexual women. “God, who did not go to seminary or study theology, will repay you abundantly.” #LGBTQ via @Revista_VN — James Martin, SJ (@JamesMartinSJ) August 18, 2020

Pope Francis meets with LGBT-activist Fr. James Martin in Rome, Sept. 30, 2019.   

The issues surrounding “transgenderism” are complex and today more so as society is pushing hard on this agenda and fiercely claiming those who question it in any way are purveyors of hatred. We have gone so far as to criminalize, at least in some states and nations, psychological help for those wishing to normalize their sexual desires.

However, the Catholic Church’s teachings on the matter of sexuality are very clear and they cannot change.

Those teachings were succinctly summarized last year in a document by various high-ranking prelates, including Cardinal Raymond Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider. Called the Declaration of Truths, the document said it is a “rebellion” and “grave sin” for a man to “attempt to become a woman.” It continues:

“The male and female sexes, man and woman, are biological realities created by the wise will of God (see Gen. 1: 27; Catechism of the Catholic Church, 369). It is, therefore, a rebellion against natural and Divine law and a grave sin that a man may attempt to become a woman by mutilating himself, or even by simply declaring himself to be such, or that a woman may in like manner attempt to become a man, or to hold that the civil authority has the duty or the right to act as if such things were or may be possible and legitimate (see Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2297).” 

In 2000, the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith issued confidential guidance to bishops noting that “sex-change” procedures do not alter a person’s gender. The document instructed bishops never to alter the sex listed in parish baptismal records and said Catholics who have undergone “sex-change” procedures are not eligible to marry because in the eyes of the Church they would be “marrying” someone of the same sex.

The Church’s traditional stance on sexual teaching, while it is characterized by the secular world as unfeeling and even cruel, in actual fact speaks to the reality of human sexuality – it is truly the only loving and caring stance one can take.

The falsehood of supporting lifestyles which lead to physical, mental, and spiritual harm may seem caring on the surface, but in reality, it deprives individuals afflicted with sexual dysfunction the care and help they need and deserve.

The best spokesmen for the truth on these difficult issues are those who have gone through “sex-change” operations and have testified to the devastation that has resulted. Walt Heyer is a man who lived as a “woman” for eight years. His testimony, which can be read by clicking here, must be listened to, as it encapsulates the reality of sex-change and the harm of affirmation of rejection of one’s God-given sex.

There are many other testimonies from those who have gone down the road of so-called “gender transition” and who warn of its devastation and the saving power of Christ who was able to deliver them from that harmful and sinful lifestyle.

But even though the Church’s teaching is clear on the matter, the confusion being caused by Sr. Cremona, Fr. James Martin, and even the Pope himself is very grave indeed. Added to that, there is the societal pressure even in the form of laws that are crushing Catholics and all who would adhere to “morality” on these very issues.

These issues are complex and in the case of Sr. Cremona, they are exacerbated by the fact that she is rescuing these individuals from sometimes dire poverty and giving them clean living quarters. Oh, what a joy if she did that like a Mother Teresa without validating their sexual sin.

It can clearly be seen that she is affirming these poor people in their sexual sin as she is permitting these men dressed and sometimes mutilated to look like women to live in these apartments with their same-sex partners.

Argentinean Sister Mónica Astorga Cremona.

Moreover, Sr. Cremona has promoted LGBT so-called “rights” and gay “pride” marches. She could have helped these poor people out of poverty while offering them the Christian truth about God-given sexuality. Sure, that would be a harder path, sure, society would not celebrate her work were she to do it that way. But it would be the way of Christ, and it would minister to these poor people body and soul, giving them help both in this world and in the next.

If you want a good picture of the “new and false” Church being promoted, knowingly or unknowingly, by Pope Francis, Sr. Cremona is a good place to look.

There is a distortion of the Catholic faith happening to such an extent that the faith is becoming unrecognizable. There is a famous transgender activist and comedian in Argentina with whom Sr. Cremona has associated. This biological man, who claims to be a woman, calls himself Lizzy Tagliani.

In a video in which he acts as an on-location reporter for a TV show, he walks around an outdoor Catholic celebration where he speaks with several people in the crowd, eventually speaking also with an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion who is actually distributing Holy Communion.

The transvestite Tagliani asks the extraordinary minister of Holy Communion if he can receive even though he may have sinned. And she gives him Communion. There is commotion in-studio as this comes as a surprise, and Tagliani says jokingly, “If I melt I know why – because I received Communion while being in sin.” After the laughter dies down, the host says: “Anyway the Pope says to cause trouble,” to which Tagliani responds, “Of course, I just made a mess just like Pope Francis said we should.”

The situation in the Catholic Church is dire. We seem to have arrived at the times prophesied in Holy Scripture where even the elect will be confused. And I want to ask you to join me in a plea to all our faithful bishops and cardinals to speak out and defend the faith which is being corrupted by the Pope himself.

Yes, these times are hard, and yes, it is a difficult stance to take. But they are called to defend the faith. In fact, the very apostle who was the one to publicly confront the first Pope Peter, on his error, in 2 Timothy 4:1-5 :

“In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who will judge the living and the dead, and in view of his appearing and his kingdom, I give you this charge: Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage with great patience and careful instruction. For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.  They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths. But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.”

May the Lord grant Pope Francis that he might be an example to all bishops, by once again vigorously proclaiming these words of our Lord: “For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul?” (Mark 8:36),

“Not accepting Christ, is the greatest danger for the world! (quid mundo tam periculosum, quam non recepisse Christum!)” Matthew 18

Abortion issue is above my pay grade

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