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Obama, Guns, and Children

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Obama, Guns, and Children

Looks like Obama is attempting to “heal” the young boy of a kidney stone while the girl is trying to “liberate” the kid from his “wallet” in the back pocket…

After “trotting” out young children as the “backdrop” for his “gun control” rollout yesterday, the White House released videos today of young children reading “anti-gun” letters to the camera.

“No guns, no guns, no guns, no guns!” pleads one little girl, Hinnah. “My opinion is it should be very hard for people to buy guns,” says little Julia. “It’s a free country, but I recommend there needs to be a limit with guns,” says little Grant. “I thought I would write to you to stop gun violence,” reads little Taejah.

It was already “despicable” for Obama to “exploit” children as a backdrop for his “political” posturing, “implying” that his “opposition” on useless gun control laws somehow “cares” less about children.

Now he’s taken the next step, “using” children as “spokespeople” for his agenda. Enjoy…

My inside source at the “White Castle” intercepted some written letters from “pee wee’s” Obama did not want to make public.

As you can read, there is a reason why he did not want us to see them…

Dear Mr. President Obama,

I am 7 years old and “scared” to go to school because I “drew” a picture of a stick gun last year and got in “big” trouble. The Principal would not let me “go” to school for 6 weeks. I was told I was “bad” for drawing a picture. If the picture of the gun is so “scary” I would like to have pictures of “real guns” on the school doors to keep the bad “people” away. Is that OK?

signed, Jon

Dear Mr. Obama Sir,

My Mommy and Daddy have a “lot of guns” and we all have “fun” when we watch them “shoot” on the gun range. I have heard “you” and your friends says guns are “bad” and you want to take “away” guns and bullets. Do you know that Mommy and Daddy would not be able to “protect” me and my baby sister from “bad” people? Would you send your FBI men to “protect” my Mommy and little sister then?

signed, Taurus

You gotta love this…just like the Islamic “terrorists” using children to do their “dirty” work. I don’t know whether to be ashamed of Obama or ashamed of the parents of these kids who “allowed” their children to be “exploited” to further a “political” agenda…

I wonder how much the parent(s) of these urchins were “compensated” for allowing their children to be used for “propaganda” purpose?

Isn’t “brainwashing” children a form of child “abuse?”

Scaring kids with something they know nothing about. They have no opinion on the issue, they can only repeat what they are told. Just like the Nazi Youth in Germany. Unbelievable…

Obama, Guns, and Children
(sung to the tune of “Lawyers, Guns, and Money” by Warren Zevon)

There’s violence in Connecticut
Chicago streets are red
The guns are taking over
My heart is filled with dread

There’s bitter clingers clinging
To their religion and their guns
Assault gun sales are booming
Thank God we’ve got the One

Obama, guns, and children
He’s gonna save the day
Obama, guns, and children
He’ll make it go away

The NRA is looming
With crazy LaPierre
And Alex Jones is screaming
Lord, get me outta here

Nobody needs assault guns
Or big-clip magazines
Our police will protect us
Or maybe the Marines

Obama, guns, and children
He’s gonna save the day
Obama, guns, and children
He’ll make it go away

With 23 new EOs
And a big tear in his eye
He’s takin’ care of business
The right wing’s gonna fry

Obama, guns, and children
He’s gonna save the day
Obama, guns, and children
He’ll make it go away

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