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Pimp Prophet Allah

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Pimp Allah 00

The most basic rule of psychological warfare is that anything you “say” can be used “against” you, and with “devastating” effect.

When a prominent “imam” in Saudi Arabia, the self-proclaimed “Defender of the Faith” for Sunni Islam as well as the owner of Mecca, “describes” Paradise as a celestial “version” of the Mustang Ranch, he makes the entire “Islam” religion about as credible as Scientology.

If Muslims find the “depiction” of their Paradise as a “whorehouse” and Allah as pimp “Mack Daddy” offensive, their problem is with Saudi “Sheikh” Yahya Al-Jana’, because these are his “words” and not ours.

Here is the YouTube video “translation” by MEMRI.

Sheikh Yahya Al-Jana’: “There are not so many women in Paradise. It is mostly men who enter Paradise.”

The Prophet Muhammad said that some women would not even smell Paradise, although it can be smelled from a distance that would take you 500 years to cross. Why? Because they are unveiled, playing up their charms, wearing tight clothes in shopping malls, and putting on perfume and jewelry, talking to young men, and sending her pictures via filthy social media platforms.

Allah described the virgins of Paradise very specifically. He even described their beasts: “Indeed, for the pious there is a place of triumph, gardens and grape yards, and full-breasted women of equal age.” “Full-breasted women of equal age” refers to the virgins of Paradise. Allah described their breasts in order to let you know what awaits you in Paradise. There is no shame in talking about these things.

Allah wants to make you vie for Paradise. This message is directed toward people who lose Paradise because they succumb to momentary lust. The breasts of the virgins of Paradise are like pomegranates. They don’t sag. They are very beautiful. Where are you, lovers of women? Where are you, you desire these virgins? How many people have lost their promised virgins for the sake of one unveiled whore?

Allah even mentioned sex, in order to make you lust for Paradise. It is not just food, drink, and happiness. There is also sex, as well as women who are nothing like those you meet in this world. Allah said: “Indeed, the dwellers of Paradise will be busy in joyful things that day. They and their wives will be reclining on adorned couches.” Abu Mujliz said that he had asked Ibn ‘Abbas: “Allah said that the dwellers of Paradise are busy. What keeps them busy? What keeps them busy, oh Ibn ‘Abbas said: “They will be busy tearing hymens.”

Is there sex in Paradise? Yes. Ibn ‘Abbas narrated that the Prophet Muhammad was asked: “Oh Messenger of Allah, will we have sex with our wives in Paradise, like we do on Earth?” Muhammad said: “By Allah, a man will have a hundred virgins in a single morning.” And what is even more amazing is that each time he returns to one of them, he will find that she is a virgins again and that she is even more lustful and feminine.

He will find her a virgin again, not like the women in this world, who hymen is ruptured once, and that’s it. Every time he returns from meeting Allah, he will find her a virgin again. The dwellers of Paradise will be given the strength of a hundred men when it comes to eating, drinking, and sex, because some of the dwellers of Paradise may be married off to a hundreds virgins, or even more. He will be given the strength of a hundred men, so that in one morning he will be able to have sex with a hundred virgins of Paradise.

Here is the “first” screenshot, which “reminds” me of an ad I saw in Las Vegas a few years ago.

Pimp Allah 01

The “next” screenshot brings to mind “The World Famous Mustang Ranch Pleasure Menu.”  This, ladies and gentlemen, is what Sheikh Yahya Al-Jana’s all-knowing and all-powerful “deity” offers his followers:

Pimp Allah 02

The horny, “sex” driven sheikh seems to have one, or more precisely two, “things” on his mind. When “Beavis and Butthead” can summarize your learned “theological” sermon in three words, five, if you count the “stupid” laugh, your religion has a real “credibility” problem.

Remember, by the way, that the “purpose” of this article is not primarily to “entertain” the reader. “Ridicule” can be an overwhelming psychological “warfare” weapon that can reduce the enemy’s “credibility” to nothing with a single “decisive” blow, and, as shown by the next “image,” Sheikh Yahya Al-Jana’ has left “himself” and Wahhabi Islam “wide” open.

Tell me again: “Is this a religious sermon or a pitch for the Mustang Ranch?”

Pimp Allah 03

This is even more “hilarious,” by the way, if you watch the above “video” and listen to him say all this with a “straight” face. Who needs to “pay” to see a Las Vegas stand-up “comedy” act when you can get this kind of “stuff” for free?

Listen to “comedian” Steven Wright, listen to “Sheikh” Yahya Al-Jana’, and see who makes you “laugh” harder.

Pimp Allah 04

The transcript continues, “Allah said that the dwellers of Paradise are busy. What keeps them busy? They will be busy tearing hymens.” The Mustang Ranch admittedly “can’t do that” because the women are “definitely” not virgins, but, with that “sole” exception, it differs “little” from Sheikh Yahya Al-Jana’s depiction of the “Islamic Paradise.”

Now that we are “done” laughing, let’s get to the “bottom” line. Sheikh Yahya Al-Jana’s own words should “break” the back of militant “Islam” by reducing its afterlife to the status of a common “house of prostitution” in which its “deity” is the Chief Pimp “Prophet” Allah.

Even if the “ideology’s” own followers are so “deluded” that they cannot “recognize” this as the “farce” it is, the ideology “cannot” survive in an “infidel-majority” society.

Remember, though, Colonel Paul Linebarger’s “admonition” in his book on Psychological Warfare.

“To be effective, leaflets must scatter. Bundles of paper which fall intact make little impact on the enemy or prospective audience unless they hit him on the head.”

This article does “little” good if it stays at American Thinker, so take it to your “blog,” your local “paper,” and your “social” networks.

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