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Antifa Mug Shots

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For your viewing pleasure! Naturally, these shiny happy pics speak for themselves…

This women’s nick-name is “Alice Phallus.” I do not know why she is called that, nor do I want to know!

The MSM calls these Mug shots just “shiny happy people” holding hands.

Nothing to see here but pages of “Sophomoric Yearbook” photographs.

Praying Dogs

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Dogs Prays Together 01

Dogs that pray together play together…

Sitting down at the dinner table and “praying” before meals extends to both “people and pups” in this house, and no one “takes a bite” before the big “Amen.”

Watch…Dogs that pray together play together.

Ugly Washington D.C.

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Ugly People

“Washington Is Hollywood For Ugly People” is a video animation that employs images from popular culture, political figures and imagery found in the internet.

The piece adopts the form of “viral” advertising in a reduction of contemporary events to a cartoon like “mythology” while touching on issues such as “identity politics, U.S. foreign policy, sexuality and power.”

“Washington is Hollywood for Ugly People” is hitting hard at the “hypocrisy” of the political rhetoric from George W. Bush years leading up to the 2008 presidential election of Barack Hussein Obama.

Ugly People 02

As hilarious as it is “scary”, the video merges internet-scavenged imagery and original animation with “pop graphics” to create semi-fictional relationships between “political figures, corporations, and mass media iconography.”

Imagine Bush headed Jennifer Aniston, Gozilla Arafat, Jesus bin Laden, Saddam Hussein on the skateboard, Kim Jong Il as Terminator, Hillary as multi-headed Asimo, Meccadonalds and more.

The video by Kenneth Tin-Kin Hung was in the official selection at the “Sundance Film Festival 2008” and has been screening at various film festivals around the world.

Ugly People 01

A message of “Hope” to Obama cultists

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