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The Pantry Pastor

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It’s time to take back our health and get back on track. Is the food we consume God-given and life-sustaining, or man-made and life-taking?

Aids Cure Report

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Cure for Aids 01

Merry Christmas everybody!

It’s that very “special” time of year when we “give” thanks, buy “each” other presents, “hug” family members and friends as they “return” home from faraway lands and “drink” spiked Egg Nog.

Do you want to have an “Aids” free Christmas? Well that’s “possible” now.

According to Stephen L. Anderson, Pastor at “Faithful Word Baptist Church” in Tempe, AZ he “discovered” a very impressive “biblical” solution to homosexuality…“mass killings” after reading it in the Bible and sharing  his “sermon” from the pulpit with his congregation.

Aids free? That may be the most “sound” logic I’ve ever heard. Just round up all the “gays” and have them killed.

I guess it is one thing to be a “religious” preacher. It’s a completely other thing to be “psychopathic” religious murder.

Dad: “Well that was a great service, don’t think you think family?”
Son: “Are we going to breakfast now Dad?”
Dad: “No son. We are going to the gun shop so that we can start carrying out God’s will. Breakfast can wait, killing the gays can’t.”

Greatest Love Letters 01

According to this Pastor, President Obama is gonna have to “kill” 90% of his staff…including his “buddy” Reggie Love and another few of his “gay” pals in the bath houses around Chicago.

Obama and Reggie

Listen to Pastor Anderson also explain that “wives should be their husband’s slaves….”

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