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Al-Jazeera Network

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Arabic, an online media platform run by the Qatari “Al-Jazeera Network” posted a video on May 18, 2019 about “The Story of the Holocaust” on Twitter and Facebook.

The video was titled: “The Gas Chambers Killed Millions of Jews – That’s How the Story Goes. What Is the Truth behind the Holocaust and How Did the Zionist Movement Benefit from It?”

The video was narrated by Muna Hawwa, a Kuwaiti-born “Palestinian” who lives in Qatar and works as a “producer” for the Al-Jazeera Network. In the video, Hawwa claimed that the number of Jewish Holocaust victims remains “one of the most prominent historical debates to this day,” and she said that some people believe that Hitler supported “Zionist” ideology.

She claimed that the “much-regurgitated narrative of the Holocaust sorrows” paved the way for Jewish immigration to Palestine, and although she stressed that “denouncing the Holocaust is a moral obligation,” Hawwa added that Israel is the biggest “winner” from the Holocaust and that it uses the “same justification” as a “launching pad for the racial cleansing and annihilation of the Palestinians.”

Hawwa said that the ideology behind the State of Israel “suckled from the Nazi spirit,” and concluded: “So how can a Palestinian denounce a crime that has become the flip side of his own tragedy?”

Shortly after its publication, the video could no longer be “accessed” on Facebook but it can be viewed at the “links” below for the time being.…/al-jazeera-holocaust-denial-israel-…

Here is the video transcript:

The narrative that six million Jews were killed by the Nazi movement was adopted by the Zionist movement, and it is being reiterated every year on the so-called “Holocaust Memorial Day.” Let us tell you about the story of the Holocaust.

More than nine million Jews lived in Europe before World War II, most of them in the countries that would later be taken over by the Nazis. After the Holocaust, the Zionist movement claimed that 2 out of every 3 Jews were killed.

The Nazis targeted anyone they considered to be “human surplus” – either because they were “racially inferior,” or because they were not accepted politically. This means that the Jews were not the only victims of that era. The Nazis targeted the Romani, the Slavic nations, and some Arabs, as well as other groups like communists, socialists, trade unions, homosexuals, and the handicapped.

Along with others, the Jews faced a policy of systematic persecution, which culminated in the “Final Solution,” or annihilation. Their books were burned, they were fired from their jobs, their property was confiscated, and they were torn from their homes, in order to live in the secluded ghetto neighborhoods. They were forced to wear a special badge on their clothes. They were sent to detention centers, and they were worked to death in forced labor. The victims of the Nazis – who were following Hitler’s orders – exceeded 20 million people. The Jews were part of them. So why is there a focus only on them?

The Jewish groups had financial resources, media institutions, research centers, and academic voices that managed to put a special spotlight on the Jewish victims of the Nazis. Nevertheless, the number of victims of the Holocaust remains one of the most prominent historical debates to this day. People are divided between those who deny the annihilation, others who think that the outcome was exaggerated, and others yet who accuse the Zionist movement of blowing it out of proportion in the service of the plan to establish what would later be known as the “State of Israel.”

Let us take a pause here. How did Israel benefit from the Holocaust? In the first months following the Nazis’ rise to power, an agreement was signed between Nazi Germany and the Jewish Agency, the purpose of which was to make it easy for the Jews to immigrate to Palestine, in exchange for surrendering their property to Germany.

This agreement, along with other documents, made some people believe that Hitler supported Zionism. Former Mayor of London [Ken Livingstone] publicly declared this belief, and he was suspended from the Labor Party because of this. The persecution and the suffering – the much-regurgitated narrative of the Holocaust sorrows – paved the way for the Jewish immigration to Palestine.

Germany is still paying huge reparations for what happened in World War II to a state that did not even exist at the time of the annihilation. Greece, the Serbs, Yugoslavia, and the Romani people have all suffered, but the Germany reparations to those victims cannot be compared to the payments to Israel, which, in turn, devoured the reparations of all the Jewish victims of Nazism.

The Holocaust never stops to be a tragic event. Several countries denounce it as a crime. Dozens of institutions sponsor large museums in various capitals in the world commemorating the tragedy of the Jews. This provoked great interest in this incident, even though similar crimes, no less heinous, are still being perpetrated against other peoples.

Denouncing the Holocaust is a moral obligation, but Israel is the biggest winner from the Holocaust, and it uses the same Nazi justifications as a launching pad for the racial cleansing and annihilation of the Palestinians. The main ideology behind the “State of Israel” is based on religious, national, and geographic concepts that suckled from the Nazi spirit and its main notions. So how can a Palestinian denounce a crime that has become the flip side of his own tragedy?

The “annihilation” of any people because of their “race, sex or religion” is an unacceptable thing that “deserves” to be strongly denounced.

I wonder if “Muslima” Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib were “consultants” on this video?

Wasn’t it  Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler‘s Propaganda Minister in Nazi_Germany” who said “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself?

Is Al-Jazeera “anti-Semitic”? That’s kind of like asking is the “Pope Catholic”?

Al Jazeera Pulls Video Claiming Jews Inflated Numbers Of Holocaust Victims

Al Jazeera Says Its Holocaust Denial Video Was A Mistake, But Has A Long History Of Anti-Semitism


Muslim Congresswoman

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Muslim extremist Congresswomen, Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), highlighted her first day as a new member of the United States House of Representatives, by “threatening and cursing” the president, calling on her far left colleagues to begin taking steps towards “impeaching” President Trump.

In a brief written for her Michiganistan hometown newspaper that was published on the same day Tlaib “pretended to swear her oath” to America using the anti-democracy Islamic Quran she said it is time to begin “checking and balancing” the president.

Lying through her teeth, Tlaib says “We must rise to defend our Constitution, to defend our democracy, and to defend that bedrock principle that no one is above the law, not even the President of the United States. Each passing day brings more pain for the people most directly hurt by this president, and these are days we simply cannot get back. The time for impeachment proceedings is now.”

Tlaib argued that members of Congress “do not need to wait” until Mueller’s investigation is complete before attempting to “impeach” the president:

Congresswoman @RashidaTlaib tells cheering crowd that Trump impeachment coming “We’re going to go in and impeach the motherfucker” — Jon Levine (@LevineJonathan) January 4, 2019

Rashida Tlaib being sworn in on the same Quran that Thomas Jefferson used to understand the viciousness of the Muslim enemy in the Barbary Wars.

Did you know that Muslim Congress “bitch” Rashida Tlaib, had to be forcefully “removed” from a Trump rally in 2016?

She’s making a name for herself, thanks to her hate-filled “sewage” mouth. Hopefully she will continue her anti-America “tirades” so Americans will finally understand how “dangerous” Palestinian Muslims really are to this country.

Contrary to what many Americans recommend should be done with this “low-life Islamic terrorism supporter” posing as an United States congresswoman, I am happy to see her “revealing” herself as the America-hating democrat that most Muslim “invaders” of her ilk tend to be.

This self-described “Palestinian”’ Muslim Congress bitch has her “panties in a wad” over a bill in the Senate that she wouldn’t even be “voting” on.

Sponsored by Florida Senator Marco Rubio, the bill gives state and local governments explicit “legal” authority to boycott any U.S. companies which themselves are participating in a “boycott” against Israel.

Sharia-queen Linda Sarsour (2nd from Right) stands with Rashida Tlaib (2nd from Let) holding a map where they have replaced the state of Israel with Palestine

As The Intercept reported last month, 26 states now have enacted some version of a law to “punish or otherwise sanction” entities that participate in or support the “boycott” of Israel, while similar laws are pending in at least 13 additional states.

Rubio’s bill is designed to strengthen the “legal” basis to defend those Israel-protecting laws from “constitutional” challenge.

Although Rubio is the chief sponsor, his bill attracted broad “bipartisan” support, as is true of most bills designed to “protect” Israel, America’s only ally in that part of the world.

Rubio’s bill last Congress was co-sponsored by several Democrats who are still in the Senate: Bob Menendez of New Jersey, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Ben Cardin of Maryland, Ron Wyden of Oregon, and Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow of Michigan.

BDS-supporter Rashida Tlaib plays anti-Semitic dual ”loyalty and disloyalty” cards against Israel supporters. She is an Israel “hater” and supporter of the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” movement, which is a modern version of the “anti-Jewish” boycotts dating back at least to the 1920s in the then British Mandate for Palestine. (See The Real History of the BDS Movement.)

As reported by the Daily Wire, both new Congress Muslims, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar openly “embraced” anti-Semite and Muslim Brotherhood “sympathizer” Linda Sarsour on their first day in Congress. Just imagine the outcry from Democrats and the liberal media if Republicans embraced David Duke. Democrats would “riot” in the streets!

As much controversy as that “motherfucker” tweet generated, Tlaib has generated even more controversy by “accusing” supporters of Israel in Congress of being “disloyal” to the U.S. The accusation came in a tweet about pending legislation which would update federal “anti-boycott laws” that have been on the books since the 1970s.

Those anti-boycott laws, which “prohibit” U.S. companies from complying with foreign government-sponsored boycotts of Israel, were a response to the Arab League boycott which took on great strength during the early 1970s oil crisis. The U.S. anti-boycott law played a “crucial role” in weakening Arab League attempts to “coerce” U.S. companies to comply.

The U.S. anti-boycott laws now are somewhat “out-of-date” because while the Arab League boycott still exists, it is toothless. The “economic jihad” against Israel now comes from “United Nations” agencies, particularly the biased “UN Human Rights Council,” and from the “BDS movement” and its governmental supporters in Europe and elsewhere.

There is a bill pending in the U.S. Senate that would “update” those laws. There is a propaganda campaign against the bill “falsely” claiming would punish individuals who “personally” want to boycott Israel.

That’s not the case, as Ben Shapiro writes:

“On Monday, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) threatened to cut off security assistance to Israel under Senate Bill 1 unless Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell begins to push the budget bills necessary for a government re-opening. The bill itself allows state and local governments to stop doing business with companies that boycott Israel, in much the same way state and local governments have authority to stop doing business with companies that engage in racial discrimination. While some have expressed free speech concerns with the bill, suggesting that companies that boycott Israel are merely expressing their First Amendment rights, the bill itself raises few First Amendment concerns – or at least, it raises concerns only insofar as government anti-discrimination policies with regard to contractors raise First Amendment concerns more generally.”

Tlaib wasn’t satisfied just “arguing” the alleged First Amendment claims. Instead, as BDS supporters and anti-Israel activists often do, she “accused” the Israel supporters.

Not surprisingly, these two “Jew-hating” Congress Muslims, are both supporters of that Israel boycott and both were sworn into office on an “Islamic” Quran.

Many in Congress believe Muslims should be stopped from using the Quran, saying it “undermines American civilization and is  the antithesis of the freedoms and liberties this country represents.”

Watch every second of this. Rashida Tlaib, the first Palestinian and Muslim American congresswomen, proclaims “victory” with Palestinian flag. #ElectionNight — Khaled Beydoun (@KhaledBeydoun) November 7, 2018.

Interestingly, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are being “attacked” in the media by both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Republic for their “Muslim Brotherhood” ties.

According to the Wisconsin Muslim Journal “Academics, media outlets, and commentators close to Persian Gulf senates-governments have repeatedly accused the two new Muslim congresswomen, Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) of being supporters and beneficiaries of the Muslim Brotherhood who are hostile to the governments of Saudi Arabia and the UAE,” both of which have declared them to be a “terrorist organization” along with their American-based front groups, including “CAIR.”

Even before being “sworn” into Congress on a Quran, the antithesis of the US Constitution, new Somali Congress Muslim Ilhan Omar has made the House “Sharia” compliant by “demanding” that the House of Representatives reverse a 181-year ban on the wearing of any “headgear” on the floor of Congress.

This arrogant Somali Congress Muslim is just getting started on what is “every” Muslim’s ultimate goal: “To replace our Constitution with Islamic Sharia law.” 

Omar, a Minnesotastan Democrat, who “married, then divorced” her own brother to get him a “green card” said on Twitter that wearing a religious “symbol” of Islamic supremacy is her “First Amendment” right. And that’s not the only change she is going to try and force down lawmakers throats.

Another rabid, “sectarian” Palestinian Muslim, who happens to live in Brooklyn, but hates America, is Linda Sarsour. British commentator Douglas Murray perfectly describes the “repugnant” Sharia-queen Linda Sarsour after meeting her one time. If you look at his “facial” expressions while he is talking about Sarsour, it’s as if he has swallowed a “turd.”

Valerie Jarrett, another “devout” Sunni Muslim and “Muslim Brotherhood” member and sympathizer was born in the “evil” Iran regime making her home in America spewing “hatred and discord.”

The Company Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Keeps


Palestinian Propaganda

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Palestinian 02

A “Palestinian” father yells and taunts IDF soldiers, “demanding” that they kill his little 3-year-old child, Muhammad Suroor, so it can be “captured” on video for “propaganda” purposes.

Instead, the Israeli soldier “shakes” the young Palestinian child’s hand and “tries” to talk with him.

The father then “ordering” his child not to be afraid, to throw “rocks” at the soldiers and to raise the “flag” so they will shoot him.

“Peace will come when the Arabs will LOVE their children MORE than they hate us.” – Golda Meir, Former Israeli P.M.

In the latest string of social media videos, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “urged” the Palestinian leadership to stop encouraging “parents to call for the death of their own children,” citing recently filmed footage of a Palestinian father telling Israeli soldiers to shoot his own son.

The clip by the prime minister was “spliced” with footage filmed by Palestinian activists during a “protest” in the West Bank village of Ni’lin.

In that footage, a Palestinian man was seen “carrying” a young boy toward Israeli border police, who were standing next to an armored jeep. The man then “pushed” the boy toward the officers, challenging them to “shoot this little boy.”

As the boy “turned” back, his father urged him to “approach” the armed police, while shouting at them, “Kill him. Shoot him.”

“I’ve just watched a video that shook me to the core of my being,” Netanyahu told the camera in English from his Jerusalem office. “In just a few seconds, it shows why our conflict persists,” he said.

When the boy, described by Netanyahu as having “his shirt tightly tucked into his bright red shorts,” reached the officers, one of them “extended” his hand and the boy gave him a “high-five.”

This interaction was “cut out” of a version of the footage broadcast on Palestinian TV, according to the Palestinian Media Watch watchdog.

After showing the original footage, Netanyahu implored the viewers to “imagine your own child at that age. Think of his smile. Imagine her laugh. Picture the unrestrained joy and innocence that only a child possesses.”

The boy in the video “is not an isolated example,” said Netanyahu. The prime minister proceeded to “denounce” Palestinian Authority-sponsored “incitement” of children, giving examples of summer camps in Gaza, student events, and PA publications praising “violence and martyrdom.”

“Today I appeal to every father and mother around the world. I ask you to join me in calling for an end to this abuse of children.” Netanyahu concluded.

“The Palestinian leadership must stop encouraging children to kill. They must stop encouraging Palestinian parents to call for the death of their own children. It’s horrendous!”

Netanyahu’s videos, published to the prime minister’s official Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts, is the “fifth of its kind” in just over a month.

In the first, which came after June’s deadly “nightclub” shooting in Orlando, Netanyahu called on the international community to “stand together with the LGBT community” saying that the attack was not an “isolated” incident and slamming homophobic practices carried out by Islamic “terrorist” groups and countries across the Middle East.

Since then, videos have been made about a terrorist attack in the West Bank town of Kiryat Arba in which 13-year-old Hallel Yaffa Ariel was “stabbed to death.”

PM Netanyahu: “I ask you to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community.”

Steps for peace for PA President Mahmoud Abbas,

and a new government program to fund development in the Israel Arab community.

In total, the “five” videos, some of which have also been released in Hebrew, have received over 40 million “views.” The latest release, which is only in English, clocked over a quarter of a million views in the first 10 hours after it was published.

Asked by The Times of Israel if the videos represent a new effort to reach wider audiences, a spokesman for the prime minister said the videos are made “about important topics when they come up that shed light on the PM’s viewpoint.”

“And yes, we’re reaching unprecedented audiences,” he added.

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