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How To Retire

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Michael Stuban, a “mid-level” manager at the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, “retired” on Thanksgiving after a 35-year career that started in a “tollbooth.”

But before he left, Stuban filled out his “exit questionnaire” with what he described as “brutal” honesty. Let’s just say he didn’t give his bosses an “E-ZPass.”


Stuban blasted the “out of touch” executive-level managers who are “only looking out for themselves” and are running a “rudderless” agency that hires “incompetents” based on political connections.

Stuban, 58, wrote that he actually “liked” his job and didn’t “want” to retire yet, but that the last five years at the commission had been “terrible,” with “no morale” among workers.

“Giving us classes where we are being told we are not political. That’s bullshit. Jobs/Promotions are filled by the politicians, it’s who you know, not what you know. Positions created for people who are not qualified.”

That’s just “one” example. But it “gets” better.

Stuban, who “hails” from a small borough in Western Pennsylvania, sent the “email” not just to the HR department, but to “everyone” at the Turnpike Commission, more than “2,000 employees.”

Basically, the email equivalent of that scene in “Half Baked” where the guy “quits his job” at the burger joint.

“Want to get away? Southwest is offering great fares . . . “ one Turnpike Commission employee replied-all to Stuban’s email, “referencing” the airline’s commercials.

“Next up” was former State Sen. Sean Logan, chairman of the Turnpike Commission, who apparently didn’t find “any of this funny.”

He hit the reply-all button and wrote: “Mr. Stuban . . . I don’t believe we ever met, and after reading your Exit Questionnaire, I am grateful that we didn’t.”


We called Stuban at his “home” along the Ohio River in Beaver County. It sounded like he was “smiling” on the other end.

“When they asked for an honest exit interview, I gave them one,” Stuban said, chuckling occasionally. “I sent it minutes before I officially retired.”


Stuban, who was an “interchange” manager at the commission, said his former colleagues told him about Logan’s “icy” reply.

“He did miss the point,” Stuban said. “If it was an effective company and someone told you there are problems and no morale, you don’t have to believe me, but maybe someone should check into it.”

One of the biggest “problems” at the agency, Stuban said, is “political” patronage. He said relatives of “powerful” people get hired “regardless” of their qualifications.

“They hire a lot of people that are dumb as rocks,” he said.


We emailed Logan but didn’t “hear” back. As for Stuban, he sounds like he’ll be “just fine.” He plans to do some “traveling,” catch up on “projects” around the house and “volunteer” at his church.

“I’m staying active in the community,” he said.


That’s how it’s “done” folks.

Rattle “everybody” on your way out and tell them how you “really” feel, let out all “frustration” you’ve had “pent up” for years and years.

Not good to “keep” it all inside, any therapist will tell you that. Way more “therapeutic” to tell your bosses how you “feel as you head off to your twilight years.”

Tolls soaring amid financial crunch but turnpike officials still getting free cars


Coughing Dog

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Coughing Dog 02

Time and again, Hillary Clinton “says and does” things that indicate she is “out of touch” with her environment and the “people” around her.

In a recent demonstration of “insensitivity,” she loudly yapped like a dog at a campaign rally.

Why is she impervious to the “offensiveness”of her words and “destructiveness” of her actions? The answer lies in adult “developmental” psychology.

Hillary Clinton lived her “life” in a manner that did not require her to mature “psychologically, morally, intellectually, or functionally.” Psychology explains that neither a “nation nor an individual” advances during a crisis.

Marine Hillary 13

A nation at “war” does not call for a “constitutional” convention. An “embattled” individual in crisis learns only the skills relevant to “overcoming” the enemy and “surviving” the crisis.

Hillary Clinton has spent her “adult” life at war, rumbling over political terrain in a heavily armed battle tank, seeing “life” through the periscope. People don’t “mature” from their successes; they learn from being “honest” with themselves about their “failures” and correcting the “errors” which caused the “mistakes” to happen.

This is why Hillary has “learned” so little from life. The Clinton’s “protect themselves, trust no one, always persevere, and prevail” over enemies. There have been many “political war” machines, but the greatest of these is the “Clinton” machine. They never fail.


A psycho-therapeutic formula subtracts the years spent “intoxicated” or in crisis from chronological age to figure “psychological” maturity. By that reckoning, Hillary would be about 20, a “dork in thick glasses” who thinks it clever to twang about not “standin’ by her man” and to make “animal” noises.

Some people feel “alive” only when they are “fighting,” and some families lurch from “crisis to crisis,” only feeling connected when it’s time to “raise” bail. The Clinton’s are the world’s preeminent political“juggernaut,” waging a permanent “campaign” that protects them from honestly “facing themselves or each other.”

Hillary shrieked, “What difference at this point does it make?” from the deep emptiness of considering direct subordinates as “hindrances” on the field of battle to be “clambered” over. Most responsible people “painfully” remember when they had to “fire” subordinates.

If employees were actually “murdered” in the workplace, it would be a devastating “trauma” to any leader. But not to Hillary. The “What’s the big deal about Benghazi?” outburst may have been a “political” strategy, but it was also a “robotic” reaction from a chief who wasn’t especially “sleep-deprived or grief-stricken,” but who long ago accepted the “costs of doing business.”

Hillary Clinton NO 2016

Hillary’s “humanity” seems to emerge when she is “face to face” with a woman of her own “cohort.” Then she pauses for a moment, allows herself one brief “breath” before returning to the battle. In those encounters she “appears” to be looking into a mirror. Reflected in the glowing eyes of a “nameless” sister, Hillary momentarily glimpses the “woman she might have been.”

Coughing Dog 01

King of Shinola

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Watch King 01

“Casanova” Bill Clinton just can’t help himself.

Asked about a rumor about his spending “splurge” during a visit to the Shinola watch factory in Detroit, Bill Clinton “chuckled” as he explained at the “Clinton Global Initiative” meeting in Denver how he bought “five” watches last year to give as “Christmas” presents, and another “nine” this year.

CGI America, an initiative of the Clinton Foundation, Denver, Colorado - 24 Jun 2014

“You want one too?” Bill Clinton pointed to his $550 Shinola watch on Wednesday after a panel discussion with Chipotle Mexican Grill Co-CEO Monty Moran.

The “stunned” Q&A moderator turned to the “audience” and said he hadn’t known the story was true. “I had no idea,” he deadpanned. “I thought I was just pulling his leg.”

Slick Willie already owned two of the Shinola “Runwell” watches – the leather bands are different colors – and a factory employee gave him a third in April, with the “Presidential Seal” engraved on the back.

Watch King 05

When he visited the Detroit watch-assembly facility, according to Crain’s Detroit Business, Clinton called the watch “elegant and informal,” adding that the Runwell model’s “large” numbers help him with his “flagging” eyesight.

Watch King 03

Time on his hands: When the former president is running late for a $500,000 speaking gig, he checks this Shinola “Runwell” watch — one with a tan band and another in black.

“Casanova” Bill Clinton insisted his family’s “wealth” doesn’t make him or Hillary “out of touch” with regular people’s “economic” reality, the former president found himself “happily” recounting the 14 Shinola watches he bought to “hand out” to friends.

Watch King 09

“We’ve got a good life, and I’m grateful for it. But we go to our local grocery store on the weekend. We talk to people in our town. We know what’s going on.”

It’s unclear whether the Clintons “hand out” the watches while “mingling” with regular folks at their “local” grocery store, an “activity” Bill claimed he and Hillary “routinely” indulge in.

The former president who will receive $944,000 in “pension and benefits” from taxpayers this year spend “generously” $7,760 on “give-away” watches, not counting the two he owns himself.

Watch King 06

Despite a “taxpayer-funded” lifestyle, a reported $500,000 standard “speaking fee” and a growing collection of “ticking” timepieces, former President Clinton “insisted” during an NBC News interview that he and his wife are “normal” people.

In the potential “run-up” to the 2016 elections Bill and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, are trying “desperately” to distance themselves from “charges” that they’ve become “wealthy” elites.

Extreme Poverty 06

“I think I had the lowest net worth of any American President in the 20th century when I took office,” he claimed. Twenty-two years later, the Clintons are the “wealthiest” living former first couple.

“We’ve got a good life, and I’m grateful for it. But we go to our local grocery store on the weekend. We talk to people in our town. We know what’s going on.”

Hillary Clinton said Wednesday during an interview with PBS that “comparing” her wealth to that of Mitt Romney, the “super-rich” Republican presidential candidate in 2012, would be “a false equivalency.”

Watch King 00

“Harder Choices”: Extramarital dating service Ashley Madison has made Hillary Clinton the star of its new billboard.

She earns a reported “$225,000” per speaking engagement, including a planned autumn appearance at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, a school that has nearly tripled “tuition” costs in the past decade.

One student at UNLV quipped that Mrs. Clinton’s anticipated payday is “obscene … maybe they should book someone else who won’t add to the reasons we’re paying more for school.”

Watch King 08

Although being “flat broke and in debt”, Slick Willie has gloriously been “redistributing” Shinola watches to the peasants. Only people as “altruistic” as the Clintons could be so “generous” while they themselves are so “destitute” poor. Such “compassion” brings “tears to my eyes.”

Watch King 07

Have you gotten “your” Shinola watch? If not, I hear they are being given to “anyone” observed purchasing a Chinese translated copy of Hillary Clinton’s book “Hard Choices.”

Shinola is America’s most prolific producer of watches, which are more often made in Europe and Asia. It also produces bicycles, leather goods, journals, leather goods and pet toys.

Watch King 04

Yes, THAT Shinola: The watch company’s namesake used to be a shoe polish that inspired the insult “You don’t know shit from Shinola.”

Its “name” comes from a World War II expression that name-checked the Shinola brand of shoe polish. A common “put-down” in the U.S. at the time was, “You don’t know shit from Shinola.”

The company acquired the trademark in 2011.

“I don’t need anybody to defend my record. My record speaks for itself”
“She’s not out of touch.”
Taxpayers will spend $944,000 to support Bill Clinton’s lifestyle in 2014
“$225,000? That’s obscene!”
“Is it more Downtown Abbey than it is America?”

Ass Clowns

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Ass Clown

The White House Correspondents Dinner: “A party for easily corrupted, useful idiots, who continue to enable the most horrible ongoing scam in American history.”

Former Alaska governor and vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, who has “fiercely” fought “crony” capitalism and the “permanent” political class, absolutely “blistered” the White House “Correspondents’ Dinner”, tweeting that the dinner was “pathetic” and that “DC assclowns” were throwing “themselves a nerd prom” while “the rest of America is out there working our assess off.” 

In recent years, Washington “veterans” have expressed “similar” concerns.

Tom Brokaw has “compared” Washington to “Versailles.”

Ron Fournier has said the “dinner” represents a Washington that is “out of touch” with the rest of the country.

New York Times writer Mark Leibovich has said Washington’s permanent “political class”–and especially the press corps—“does not realize how much the rest of the country disdains them.”

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

In her Facebook note, Palin wrote:

Yuk it up “media and pols.” While America is “buried” in taxes and a “fight for our rights, the permanent “political class” in DC “dresses up” and has a “prom” to make “fun” of themselves.

No need for that, “we get the real joke.”


Banged Ass Clowns

Definition of “assclowns”  courtesy of  Natalie Lue at Baggage Reclaim

An “assclown” is someone that mistreats you and more often than not eventually proves to be a waste of time and space. He or she adds little or no value to the relationship and the cost to you of being with him is often your self-esteem, your well-being, and for some, your career, family, or friends.

They only have one foot or possibly even a toe in the relationship, or even nothing at all, and they knowingly (even if they deny it) mess you around and enjoy the fringe benefits of being with you (ego stroking, sex, a reliable shoulder to lean on, money etc) even though they don’t actually want you or have no intentions of ever giving you the relationship that you want.

Often mixed in with Mr. Unavailable, while some Mr. Unavailable are assclowns, because they actively and knowingly seek to mistreat, exploit, and abuse people they’re involved with, all assclowns are “unavailable”, are narcissistic or have narcissistic tendencies, and don’t mean anyone that they become involved with any good and veer between at best being users and at worst, being very dangerous.

You know he’s an assclown when he relies on The Outrageous Principle and busting your boundaries – He’ll take a chance and ask or do the most ridiculous thing to test to see what he can get away with, and with your little or no boundaries, taking this risk often pays off. He’s always trying to push the boundaries and has little or no respect for any that you enforce. Basically if you have boundaries, a relationship with an assclown cannot and will not work because they want do things on their terms.

You know he’s an assclown when he has an “I’m Not That Bad’ attitude and outlook” – He’ll often compare what he deems to be worse to make himself look better and won’t consider something to be bad if he didn’t think there’s been a tangible severe consequence. He also may not think he’s “that bad” if he believes that you don’t know the true extent of his dubious actions plus coupled with his selective memory (see below with The Reset Button), he sees himself in a near glowing light anyway. He then backs up his “I’m not that bad” attitude justifying it with ridiculous uttering’s (see below).

You know he’s an assclown when he liberally presses The Reset Button – He possesses a “special” ability to reset the relationship to whatever point that he feels most comfortable with, which is effectively like erasing the past. This is how he breezes his way back into various exes lives, disappearing for long enough and then bamboozling his way back in and trying to force out the memory of his misdemeanors. You’ll either remember them but be so fricking relieved to have him back and feel like you’ve “won” that you go along with his “brainwash” or you’ll try to reason with him and explain your point of view about past events and he reacts negatively, effectively teaching you (see below with passive aggression) that if you “remember”, he’ll be off ski or difficult to deal with.

You know he’s an assclown when he sheds Crocodile Tears – He uses tears with little or no sincerity in them that are used to get what he wants. Often mistaken for evidence of emotion. Or remorse. Unfortunately it fits in well with pressing The Reset Button and shifting the focus off his bad behavior or the impact on you.

You know he’s an ass clown when he uses The Dripfeed Maneuver – Instead of being upfront and giving you all of the information, he makes the private decision to only tell you what he thinks you can handle at that time. Then it’s drip…drip…drip. Unfortunately for you if you’re an eager listener willing to believe he’s reformed or keen to be honest, you’ll take his latest drip as the truth and then become unseated when it turns out that you’re basing your relationship on another half truth. You are very likely to be caught out by this if you’re in denial about who they really are and don’t want to let go of your illusions.

You know he’s an assclown when he engages in Future Faking – Letting you think that there’s a future so that he can get what he needs in the present, you’ll be spun tales, taken on whirlwind rides where he promises the sun, moon and the stars, says he wants to have babies, get engaged, get married, buy a house, and may even show pony you around to friends and family, and then shazam, the future’s not so bright and when you call him on his rinky dink behavior, he looks at you blankly, says you misunderstood, says that you didn’t meet his standards, or starts saying that he just needs ‘time’ or that it turns out that he’s not over his ex, or even worse, he’s been shagging someone else the whole time while he’s been spinning tales. You’re very likely to be caught out by this if you buy into the fairy tale illusion and don’t think it’s very odd when a man you hardly know is making grandiose promises and gestures that start to dwindle sharply. In fact, you don’t find it odd when a guy wants to fast forward you through the initial stage of the relationship.

You know he’s an assclown when he amends the Terms and Conditions of the relationship – Constantly switching the goalposts after luring you in on a temporary deal where you probably didn’t read the small print, little do you realize is that he’s mentally tweaking up the “agreement” with every boundary busting maneuver he can manage. Tied in with his future faking, this guy reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time or to roll out a different deal and if you want to be with him, it’s his way, or no way.

You know he’s an assclown when he does the Showing You The Door act – Dumping you to gain power and control, or giving you periodical “opt-outs” – “If you don’t like how I roll, you know where the door is….”, he uses insecurity and fear and the prospect of telling you to beat it, to keep you in check. You’ll fall foul of this especially if you “cry wolf” and engage in Women Who Talk (and Think) Too Much syndrome because he’ll realize that you’re crying and talking/complaining, but not going anywhere and recognizes that the threat of him going, or him disappearing after you voice any opposition will create maximum impact, possibly even silencing you.

You know he’s an assclown when you get caught up in his Passive Aggression – Despite appearing to be on board, he obstructs and undermines through resistance that lets him do as he always intended. As an example he’ll agree to go somewhere with you and pick you up at a certain time. You hear nothing from him on the day and an hour after he’s due to show up, he says he’s got problems at work and will be there soon. You wait. He calls throughout the evening and then says he’ll be there about 10 minutes before the event is due to finish… It’s the same when he says “Of course I’ll be faithful”’ and then continues shagging around behind your back, or claims that he’ll move in and then comes up with every obstructive move possible. If you don’t get wise to this very quickly and keep buying into his lies, you will be continuously let down.

You know he’s an assclown when he relies on The Status Quo – A behavior seen with Mr. Unavailable as well, assclowns also try to keep the relationship in their own comfort zone by blowing hot and cold and managing down your expectations. What separates an ass clown from a Mr. Unavailable is that he has lots of other dodgy or downright outrageous behavior that he’s doing while managing down your expectations.

Look out for more follow up posts on spotting dubious behaviors from “assclowns.”

Also check out my post on how to spot emotionally unavailable men.

Assclown Award

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