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Smartphone Vibrator

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Smartphone Vibrator 01

Discover your Smartphone’s “intimate” side and the all-pervasive “technology” that has now “infiltrated” people’s sex lives.

Have you ever thought “I sure wish I could turn my phone into a vibrator”? Now you can.

Unlike other sex toys such as “Lush Vibe” and “Crescendo”, which operate independently from one’s mobile device, the “IZIVIBE” is basically a phone case with a long 100% medical-grade silicone handle, which acts as a “vibrator” when activated by your phone’s vibrations.

The handle, which kind of looks like a “hairbrush,” can also work as a dildo, with or without vibrations, along the entire length of the phone case to get maximum of “pleasure” whether its inside of you or on you.

In addition to its smooth “finish,” the phone case is made from hypoallergenic silicon and is phthalate-free to guaranteed to never “rub” your intimate parts the wrong way.

It features seven different vibration “modes” which can be controlled by the volume buttons or a slider, allowing users to customize their own “intensity” for hands-free play.

It also syncs with the “IZIVIBE Connect” app that lets you use it “remotely” with someone else, so that users can “play solo or together” which is a great way for long distance couples to keep the “spice” in their sex life even when they’re apart.

IZIVIBE claims to be the world’s first “sex” toy that uses a “Smartphone’s” vibration feature to “pleasure” yourself. All you need is the “phone case and the app.”

Product manager Remy Waddle said the “inspiration” behind the phone case was “to imagine an original product, not vulgar, that is simple and effective.”

The product is “not yet available” for purchase. A representative for the company said they hope to “launch” it in June 2016, but neither the “exact date nor price” could be confirmed.

You can learn more about “IZIVIBE” and find out when it will hit stores via its Twitter account.

While you’re waiting for the “IZIVIBE” to be available at your local sex toy shop, here are some other sex toys you can control with your phone.

1. We Vibe 4 Plus connects with your smartphone and can be used in a variety of different ways. Whether it’s with your partner, alone, in conjunction with sex involving more than one body, or masturbation, We Vibe Plus 4 is small, packed with features, and highly customizable. What’s not to love?

2. OhMiBod Blue Motion our Bluetooth enabled massagers maximize your pleasure while delivering the ultimate in discretion. Whether you have a partner in crime or enjoy going solo, the blue Motion products have the power to “tantalize and titillate”—anytime, from anywhere.

How do the OhMiBod Remote App work? A lot like this…

The Blue Motion Nex is a wearable vibrator that, like the We Vibe, gives both you and your partner the power to “turn up the heat” when you’re together or apart using a simple smartphone app.

A cool thing about the app is it also lets you send pictures and record audio while using the wearable and the app, for a sexual experience that truly engages all the senses.

3. Lovense is a pretty, especially for couples, because it’s actually two sex toys. Nora, which is best for people with vaginas, and Max, which is best for people with penises, can both be controlled by smartphone apps and be activated from many miles away. Like the We Vibe 4 Plus, it’s great for long-distance relationships.

It was “only” a matter of time. We all know how much women love taking “selfies” and updating their “Pinterest” boards.

It’s only the logical next step for someone to develop a product that allows them to actually have sex with their phones. All they need now is a “sperm bank” app that adds “semen” to the “equation” and women won’t need “men” anymore.

Periscope should invest in this “smartphone” dildo. Talk about taking “sexting” to an entirely new level. Live POV “feeds” from a gal’s vagina while she’s “masturbating” will make snap chatting some “booby” pics more outdated than “jerking” it to a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

My only question is where is the phone case “Fleshlight?” You know there are a ton of tech “nerds” out there just dying to “screw” their phones for some “jizz.”

Fleshlight 03

Serious question. At what “point” do women stop having “sex” with men entirely and “switch” 100% over to “sex toys?”

It will happen soon. Men are no “longer” necessary. They don’t even “need” our sperm anymore. They can select a “sperm donor” of their choice, have him “ejaculate” into a cup, “freeze” it and have it “injected” whenever it’s “most” convenient for them.

Smartphone Vibrator 02

Women for sure don’t need us for “sexual pleasure” at this point. They’ve got more toys at their “disposal” than Duncan’s Toy Chest. Every time you “turn” around another sex toy pops up that “spins” them around and make them “cum” like a volcano.

Men can’t “compete” with that. And why would women want to “keep” having sex with us? We are terrible “at it for the most part” and it’s a “laborious” task.

Smartphone Vibrator 04

Here are the “options” currently out there for women:

Option 1: Sex with a real human male. We sweat and breath all over you like an UN-caged animal. We make weird noises. We are very mediocre at the activity. Our bodies are gross and disgusting. Dicks are weird. You’ll cum if you’re lucky. If you’re unlucky you’re pregnant.

Option 2: Sex with any number of sex toys. No sweat or heavy breath that smells like salted meats. No alcohol odor all over you. No weird noises except the hum of the toy. No disgusting body bearing down on you. You’ll cum 15,000 times in 20 minutes. No pregnancy.

It’s a “no-brainer” for ladies. Option 2 makes almost “too much” sense.

And this “cell-phone-turned-vibrator” is yet another “step” in that direction. Orgasms “on the go.” Men will be “obsolete” in the next 10-15 years. Mark it down.

We truly have taken “technology” to new heights. What a “time to be alive.”

Robot Sex

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Robot Sex 01

An “expert” on the psychology of sex has “claimed” that not only does she expect having “sex with robots” to be socially “acceptable” by 2070, but it may be more popular than “intercourse” with humans.

While the notion has “dystopian” elements, Dr. Helen Driscoll of the University of Sunderland said that any “stigma” attached to “robophilia” could quickly dissipate.

“We tend to think about issues such as virtual reality and robotic sex within the context of current norms,” she told The Mirror.

“But if we think back to the social norms about sex that existed just 100 years ago, it is obvious that they have changed rapidly and radically.”

Given that “robots” could theoretically be programmed to be “down for whatever” and perform an infinite number of “positions and experiences,” it is very conceivable that “sex” with robots will become the most “popular” kind of sex.

“As virtual reality becomes more realistic and immersive and is able to mimic and even improve on the experience of sex with a human partner; it is conceivable that some will choose this in preference to sex with a less than perfect human being,” Dr. Driscoll added.

“People may also begin to fall in love with their virtual reality partners.”

Robot Sex 02

The impending “trend” is the subject of a lot of “fiction” being made of late, including the films “Ex Machina” and the Channel 4 TV series “Humans” which tend to “focus” on the negatives.

“This may seem shocking and unusual now, but we should not automatically assume that virtual relationships have less value than real relationships,” Dr Driscoll said.

“The fact is, people already fall in love with fictional characters though there is no chance to meet and interact with them.”

The idea of “humans” spending their time in virtual “environments” interacting with virtual “people” might seem psychologically “problematic,” but if the technology is “perfected,” Dr. Driscoll sees no reason why forming a “relationship” with a robot should be any different to “forming” one with a human.

“Currently the lack of human contact could be harmful. Humans are naturally sociable and a lack of human contact could lead to loneliness which is linked to various mental and physical health problems,” she said.

Robot Sex 03

“But, in the long term, technology may overcome these problems.”

“When eventually there are intelligent robots indistinguishable from humans – apart from their lack of bad habits, imperfections and need for investment – not only are we likely to choose them over ‘real’ humans but psychologically we will not suffer if we are not able to tell the difference.”

Robot Sex 06

Robot Birth…Will that be Natural or C-section?

I suspect the moment a women gets pounded “rhythmically and ruthlessly” 2000 times a second, while her robot companion simultaneously “vibrates” with the force of a pneumatic “drill” I can’t imagine any men to be very “appealing” after that.

Robot Sex 07

The good “news” is that after experiencing an earthquake type “orgasm” the robot will head “back” to the recharging “pod” leaving her “alone,” with all needs satisfied.

If robot “banging” is going to be the “in” thing to do in 50 years, you might as well “hop” in ahead of the trend and start buying stock in “Sex Robots.”

This is the “beginning” of routing out “civilization” of men kind.

Robot Sex 09

High Tech “sex robot” for the ultimate in male/female discreet satisfaction.

Sometime ago a robot passed the “Self Awareness” test, while last year a super-computer became the first to pass the “Turing Test” convincing humans it was also a human.

Robot Sex 04

1. Robots have abs literally of steel.
2. Robots personality can be programmed.
3. Robots have self-cleaning penises.
4. Robots never tire of listening to an argument.
5. Robots don’t cheat on you.

Sexbots: Why Women Should Panic
6 Major Advantages Of Having Sex With Robots
How Soon Will Humans Marry Sex Robots?
Sex Bots and Robotics
Modern Robot Evolution
How robotic prostitutes could turn a crime-ridden industry into a respectable “guilt free” business


Jihad Anal Love

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Anal Jihad 01

Raymond Ibrahim reports about a new “fatwa” that explicitly legitimizes sodomy and even makes it “obligatory” if it helps to wage “Jihad” on the unbelievers.

An Arabic “news” video has made the rounds on the Internet, in which an Islamic scholar “earnestly” informs jihadists of an “innovative and unprecedented way to execute martyrdom by placing explosive capsules in the anus.”

However, to undertake this “jihadi” approach you must agree to be “sodomized” for a while to widen your anus “so it can hold the explosives.”

“Ass-Sahab” present the “Al-Qaeda Training Video”:

Full Video Transcript:

Are you a “sexually” frustrated young man? Then you’ve come to the right place. Hi, I am Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden’s “backdoor” man.

You may remember me from such instructional videos as “Five Terrific Reasons to Blow Yourself Up” and “Al Qaeda Martyrs’ Excellent Retirement Plan.”

In this “video” I want to talk to you about creating “butt” bombs.

Did you know that the word “ASS-ASS-IN” comes from the Middle East? What social “loser” wouldn’t like to take one in the “ass” for Allah?

Become a “butt-bomber” in five easy steps with this “butt-stuffing” instructions.

Have your butt buddy “get you off” with a text message while you have your final “orgasmic” experience of a lifetime.

“Ass-assassination” will never feel the same again.

Anal Jihad 09

Al Qaeda: We shove bombs up our butts!

Step 1: Explosives.

If you have been watching my series you know how to make explosives. But because this one will go up your butt you must mix it with polymers to stiffen it up for ease of insertion, and mold it into the only shape that Allah provided to get the job done.

Make it smooth, textured, or lovingly bumpy, but make sure it is a perfect fit for you. Before you decide on the width and length, insert a vegetable, like carrot or cucumber up your bung and walk with it. Don’t be afraid to play Goldilocks and try different sizes. Something too long may create the tent-pole phenomenon in the back of your pants.

When you make calculations, don’t confuse the circumference with the diameter. We don’t want you to become jaded and go on a mission with a defeatist attitude or with impossibly high expectations.

Anal Jihad 13

Step 2: Lubricants.

KY Jelly or rendered rancid sheep fat? You may find that KY dries rather rapidly. Of course use rendered rancid sheep fat! That way there will be no unfamiliar smell to give you away. It will also throw off the sniffing dogs. It is safe unless the airports start fluoroscoping all travelers with Preparation H.


I knew a butt-bomber, a very sweet young man, who went for spicy cinnamon oil to avoid the bomb detectors. But they spotted him because of the squirming. The bomb was withdrawn prematurely.

Some believe that petroleum-based lubricants offer the best secondary explosion, but that is an old wife’s tale. Even water-based brands contain ingredients to enhance the incendiary effect, with or without the warming sensation.

Glycerin can be found in KY Jelly, Sylk, Astroglide, Probe, and Aqua lube. But be careful because the sugar can encourage yeast growth. Stop using any product that causes skin irritation.

Anal jihad 13

Step 3: Preparation “stop worrying and learn to love the bomb”

Find yourself a butt buddy. For starters let him send a gerbil up your bung through the cardboard tubing from a paper towel roll. It will widen your bomb-storage facility and make you accustomed to the pleasure and accept it as desirable.

Then take turns practicing with Doc Johnson Pocket Rocket. It always hits my sweet spot. But of course modern technology has created masterpieces that rotate, vibrate, thrust, jiggle, wiggle, squirt, and simply bring out a wilder side to anyone who uses them. Be creative. Some use al-Qaeda anal beads, but they’re not for everybody.

Anal Jihad 04

When you get good at it, proceed with Allah “Fisting!” Show your dedication to Allah by opening up to Him! But tell your “butt” buddy to remove his ring.

Make it closer to field conditions by inserting a telephone set on vibrate. You’ll find it fun once you get past the buttons. Or is it the other way around? It’s undetectable and hands free. You can even learn to send and receive secret messages. How do you think I have avoided the CIA for so long?

Anal Jihad 10

The possibilities are endless! Do you see my AK 47 rifle behind my back? No? I didn’t think so. It fits completely, but it takes time to pull it out. In my other videos I have bookshelves in the background. I could pull them out too. Maybe for the next video. I like to keep my Koran and Hadith handy, so to speak.

Step 4: The big Orgasm.

A wise man said, go West, young man, and blow up with the country! By all means! Stick the bomb up your butt and go! The thought of a butt bomb can be scary to some. But you will find yourself having a fun time if you follow my advice.

Think of it as a blind date. Don’t be late. Check your calendar. Remember that the Ramadan Fast provides us with extra bomb storage. Cancel all appointments and keep the phone lines clear. Pray to Allah that no one will text you a random joke and your Mom doesn’t call you to ask about the condition of your butt itch.

Anal Jihad 11

Play it safe by going off in a public place. Wear clothes that give you confidence. Carrying penis-shaped explosives in your butt can be stressful enough, so you better feel like you’re at the top of your game. Choose a location that is free of mushy memories.

And you don’t want a spot where you might run into an old friend from school or a relative. This can make things awkward, especially if you start exchanging phone numbers. They may try to test it and send you a text message. That could be embarrassing.

Step 5: Paradise.

This is the part where you stop worrying. Your training has prepared you for an eternity of pleasures. Meet the 72 houris. Allah willing you won’t be fit for any other recreational activity.

Anal Jihad 05

There may not be any lubricants, but there sure will be plenty of sand. With your extra-wide rectum you’ll be one happy martyr. Others will not be so lucky.

And that is the whole point of becoming a “butt” bomber. 100% Halal.

Anal Jihad is in the focus of reluctant public attention again, three years after a half-assed attempt at assassination of a Saudi official with a pound of explosives stuck up a jihadist’s rectum.

So let’s shout a hearty “Allahu Akbar” for the “butthole” bombers and “goat” humpers.

Anal Jihad 14

No wonder Jihadists “stick” bombs up their butts if this is what Jihadists “pussies” look like.

Lesbian Orgasm

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Lesbian Orgasm 01

Blondes may not actually have more fun, but it looks like “lesbians” might. A new study suggests that lesbian “identified” women have more “orgasms” than their straight or bisexual counterparts.

Are you “dissatisfied” with your husband’s performance in bed? Worried that even with the advent of cheap “Viagra” you’re never going to get the full “orgasmic” satisfaction you know you deserve?

“Depressed that, for all the uptown apartment, the beach side villa, the Filipino housekeeper, the personal-trainer-cum-masseur Mario, the Porsche Cayenne, the long days at the tennis club with the girls, the spa breaks in Bora-Bora and the skiing breaks in Aspen and Gstaad, you’re still not getting all you hoped for when you decided to tie the knot with your useless wage slave of a pointless man-creature?”

Lesbian Orgasm 02

Then the Guardian has some good news, and the solution for you. No, not the wurst-shaped “behemoth” in the drawer next to your bed – something even better, even more devastatingly effective.

What you need is to “ditch” the male appendage and “become” a lesbian.

Only then will you discover the “true” meaning of orgasms.

As former professional “dominatrix” Nichi Hodgson explains, when it comes to orgasms, useless, “penis-burdened” males simply can’t cut it.

“The first time I ever had sex with a woman, I remember being overwhelmed – and not in the way I had expected. Over the course of several hours, we had three all-encompassing orgasms each and, finally, I understood the significance of our recovery periods (or the lack thereof) to women’s capacity for pleasure. It even gave me a new found empathy for the plight of your average heterosexual male, inwardly sighing that his partner might be ready to go at it again already. Then I smugly counted my XY fortune.”

And this isn’t just “made up” lefty newspaper stuff designed to make men feel even more “inferior” than they did already.

The study, performed by researchers from Indiana University, Emory University, and Rutgers University, was published in “The Journal of Sexual Medicine” in a report called “Variation in Orgasm Occurrence by Sexual Orientation in a Sample of US Singles.”

The investigators surveyed 2,850 singles who had “sex” within the past 12 months. This included 1,353 people who identified as female and 1,497 people who identified as male.

Woman Orgasm 01

In addition to questions about “sexual” orientation, participants were asked what “percentage” of the time they achieved “orgasm” with a recurring partner.

Of the 2,850 men and women surveyed, the researchers concluded that men engaging in sex with a familiar partner have a greater chance of orgasm than women – a mean ratio of 85% of men compared with 63% of women.

Woman Orgasm 02

Lesbians, though, had orgasms 75% of the time compared to 61% for the heterosexual women and 58% for the bisexual women.

For the guys, it didn’t matter if they were gay, bi or straight – “having a penis was good enough for them.”

“If You Want Good Orgasms Become a Lesbian,” it’s free under “ObamaCare.”

A dude calls 911 Emergency Response. “I think my wife is dead.” Dispatcher: “God that’s terrible news sir, but what make you think she’s dead?” Dude: “Well I don’t know….the sex is the same…but….the ironing is starting to pile up.”

Did you hear the one about the two lesbians who built a house?….“no studs, all tongue-in-groove.”

What’s the difference between a woman’s clitoris and a golf ball? A man will spend 10 minutes trying to find a golf ball.

Orgasm Push Buttons

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Push-button pleasureIn the Woody Allen comedy “Sleeper,” a machine called an “Orgasmatron” delivers an orgasm at the push of a button “without the hassle of sex.”

Now scientists in the US have patented an “implant” that achieves the same effect “at the push of a button” for women whose lives have been “blighted” by an inability to achieve “orgasms” naturally.

“Orgasmic dysfunction” is not uncommon among women, says Julia Cole, a “psycho sexual” therapist and consultant with Relate, the “relationship counseling service.”

“A number of issues can cause it,” says Jim Pfaus, who studies the neurobiology of “sexual behavior” at Concordia University in Montreal.

“Some women confuse what’s called sympathetic arousal, like increased heart rate, clammy hands, nerves and so on, with fear,” he explains. “That makes them want to get out of the situation.”

Psychotherapy is a common treatment for the condition, although if “anxiety” is a factor, patients may also be “prescribed” Valium.

“But Valium can actually delay orgasm,” says Pfaus.

Push-button pleasure 01

The patient remains “conscious” during the operation to help the surgeon find the “best position” for the electrodes.

Stuart Meloy, a surgeon at Piedmont Anesthesia and Pain Consultants in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, made a “breakthrough” one day when he “failed to hit the right spot.”

“I was placing the electrodes and suddenly the woman started exclaiming emphatically,” he says. “I asked her what was up” and she said, “You’re going to have to teach my husband to do that.”

Meloy expects “clinical trials” to begin later this year with Medtronic, a company based in Minneapolis.

He says the “stimulating” wires could connect to a “signal” generator smaller than a “pack of cigarettes” implanted under the “skin” of one of the patient’s buttocks.

“Then you’d have a hand-held remote control to trigger it,” he says. “But it’s as invasive as a pacemaker, so this is only for extreme cases.”

Meloy believes the device could help couples “overcome” problems caused by “orgasmic dysfunction.”

“If you’ve got a couple who’ve been together for a while and it’s just not happening any more, maybe they’ll get through it a bit easier with this,” he says.

He’s quick to add that the device will be “programmed” to limit its use. “But whether it’s once a day, four times a week – who am I to say?”

But would women subject themselves to such invasive surgery? “If young women of 15 or so are having painful operations to enlarge their breasts when they don’t have to, are you kidding? Of course it’ll be used,” says Pfaus.

Cole agrees that some women would try it if they felt the problem was severe enough. “I feel about this the way I feel about Viagra,” says Cole. “It may help some people, but they should also address the underlying reasons for the problem.”

Meloy has yet to “test” the device on men, but says there’s “no reason” it shouldn’t work in the same way.

Push-button pleasure 02

My gut reaction?

The more I think about this I realize how “truly revolutionary” this machine really could be.

It basically means that guy’s don’t have to recite endless “love stories” anymore or do million different “mind tricks” just do last about three minutes.

With an “orgasm” button you have “zero” pressure to perform. You get your “rocks” off, you hit a “button” and go “back” to sleep.

It basically takes away the most “difficult and annoying” part of a men’s life.

“No more premature ejaculations, erectile dysfunctions, high blood pressure, pulmonary arterial hypertension or Vasculogenic impotence struggles.”

I am all for the “push button” pleasure. Orgasm buttons for “everyone” to make chicks cum.

Push-button pleasure 03

Can you imagine having a “universal” remote for this “orgasm button” device?

Talk about the “keys to the world.”

Push-button pleasure 04

Premature Ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation 03Dr. Michael Grant Wyllie, one of the team scientist who developed “Viagra” in the Nineties, is poised to launch a treatment to curb “premature ejaculation.”

He has already helped prevent millions of men from “flopping” in the bedroom and now claims to have a drug that will help many more experience the “joy of sex” again.

The new product called “Tempe”, is a “spray-on-medication” which has been judged “safe and effective” by the European Medicines Agency and is expected in bedroom “night stands” early next year.

“Premature ejaculation” is a chronic, debilitating problem affecting both men and their partners, making it even more common than “erectile dysfunction” which can sexually be stimulated with “Viagra” to get an extended erection.

Premature ejaculation 02

In trials, men who “used” the spray ahead of sex lasted on “average” five times longer.

Women also benefited from longer “love making”, with both sexes expressing greater “satisfaction” with their sex life.

Dr. Wyllie, formerly of pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and now British biotech firm Plethora Solutions said: “Premature ejaculation doesn’t just make the patient feel bad. It does affect the partner and can completely destroy relationships. I feel this could save relationships.”

“Premature ejaculation can wreck self-esteem, make it difficult to form and maintain relationships and, at its worst, can make it impossible for partner to become pregnant.”

John Dean, one of Britain’s leading experts on male sexual problems and a past president of the International Society for Sexual Medicine, said: “While premature ejaculation is not a life-threatening condition, its consequences can be serious.”

Premature ejaculation 01

The “Tempe” spray contains low doses of two anesthetics that absorb into the skin to deliver a mild anesthetic to the “sensory” nerves below the “stratum corneum” (top layer of skin) of the penis.

This allows men to have ejaculatory “control” but with “less loss” of sexual sensation, and “reduces” the transference to their partners.

It only takes around five minutes to get work.

Those who like to be “spontaneous” will be pleased to know it can be sprayed on “up to two hours” before sex.

A pocket-sized spray tube will last a year if a man has sex five or six times a month, in which case “he may be a hero.”


Some who tested the spray experienced side-effects of “burning sensations and headaches.”

And some fear that using the spray as a “quick fix” will prevent couples from confronting the “stress, anxiety and relationship troubles” that could be at the “heart of the problem.”

Tempe will only be available by “prescription” initially. But it is hoped that it will be a “blockbuster” in the long-run and later prescribed over-the-counter.

Dr. Wyllie says he was motivated by “scientific curiosity” and that the launch will be a “triumph” for a small British company that lacks the “manpower and resources” of the big players in the marketplace.

Tempe’s preliminary “approval” for sale EU is expected to be “rubber-stamped” by the European Commission in the next few weeks.

No mention yet where to apply the spray on the penis…

Orgasm Workshop

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Orgasm Workshop 02A small, prestigious “liberal” arts school in New York is set to host and fund a “workshop on orgasms” for undergrads.

Hosted by Hamilton College’s “Womyn’s Center,” it will teach “everything from multiple orgasms to that mysterious G-spot,” according to its official description, and is open to “male and female” students.

“Whether you want to learn how to have your first orgasm, how to have better ones, or how to help your girlfriend,” all will be covered according to the “event” description on the “Womyn’s Center’s” Facebook page.

Marshall Miller and Maggie Keenan-Bolger are the two “sex educators” who teach the workshop.

The exact “price” that the school “paid” for the workshop is unknown, however, the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, paid $3,406 to host the same workshop earlier this year.

Orgasm Workshop 01

There is no “indication” on whether or not the workshop will be “hands on”, or if students who are under the age of 18 will be “permitted” to attend.

The workshop is put on by “Sex Discussed Here!,” an organization that teaches “sex education” to college students.

Really? Today’s undergrads don’t know where to “find” their G-spot or how to “get” an orgasm?

What has this world come to!

No need to “waist” your parents “tuition” monies or sit for “hours” in the classroom.

Here is a “free” video which explains the female orgasm in “easy” to understand terms for those who “struggle” with learning disability and/or short attention span…

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