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Onward Together

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Instead of being in a “maximum security” federal prison working on her and husband Bill’s appeals on their “espionage” convictions, Hillary Clinton is pretending none of her “crimes” ever happened.

She’s got “quite” a bit of company in her “charades,” in the form of the “FBI” and the “Justice” Departments, though there is a “chance” with Comey out of the picture her “prosecution” can finally move forward.

On the topic of “forward,” the longtime Marxist favorite slogan “Stronger Together“ she used during her 2016 presidential campaign has now “created” a new start up organization named “Onward Together.”

Why not, George Soros still has a “lot of money” and “hates” America more than “Hitler” and Hillary got all of this “free” time with no emails to “hide” or grand “juries” to talk to.

She sent out an email blast to all of her many “mentally challenged, identity-driven, corrupt” supporters, announcing the “news” that they can now “sign up” to feed her “cash” through “Onward Together.”

Buried on the “donation” page is this “caveat” nugget:

“Contributions or gifts to ‘Onward Together’ a 501(c)(4) organization, are not tax deductible as charitable contributions or as business deductions.”

By “listing” itself as a 501(c)(4), Clinton is able to take in so-called “dark money,” or money in unlimited “amounts” from donors who “legally” do not have to be “disclosed.”

NTK Network reported that at a October 2015 “campaign” event, Clinton “criticized” 501(c)4 groups as “unaccountable dark money.”

The one-time opponent of “dark money” in politics is now providing “dark money” herself through “Indivisible.”

That’s “onward” as in a return to the past of the “Clinton Crime Family Foundation.” 

The next time you read of members of “Indivisible” heckling a Republican member of Congress at a “town hall” meeting, just picture Hillary Clinton “behind the curtain” providing the funding.

Hillary Clinton admitted she is “funding” the leading group to “undermine” President Trump’s agenda.

“I believe more fiercely than ever that citizen engagement at every level is central to a strong and vibrant democracy.To support this wave of grassroots organizing, we’re launching ‘Onward Together,’ an organization dedicated to advancing the progressive vision that earned nearly 66 million votes in the last election.”

Clinton said “Onward Together” is funding five left-wing groups, including “Indivisible”  were “angry” liberals can turn out to “boo and jeer” GOP congressmen at “town hall” meetings.

“Hundreds of thousands of people have made their voices heard thanks to Indivisible, an effort led by former Congressional staffers who are using their expertise to help ordinary people reach their members of Congress. In some cases, we’ll provide direct funding to these organizations. For others, we’ll help amplify their work and do what we can to help them continue to grow their audiences and expand their reach.”

Clinton “praised” the group on Twitter, as well. “People across America have made their voices heard thanks to @Indivisible Teams.”

Maybe it wasn’t the best, most “creative” choice in names but it “worked” for Caliph Obama and many other international “dictators” who preceded him.

It also was the theme of her fellow “globalist” Emmanuel Macron of France, who started a political party called “En Marche,” or “Onward.”

As she told us “barely” two weeks ago, politics hasn’t “been fair to her.” If all the other “globalists” can have a country to rule “why can’t she?”

In the “gum in your hair” tradition of the “corrupt” Democrats of which she is the “emblematic” leader, Clinton simply can’t be “gotten rid of.”

Her “patronizing” message to the “mindless” American “haters” read:

“From the Women’s March to airports across the country where communities are welcoming immigrants and refugees to town hall meetings in every community, Americans are speaking out like never before. I believe more fiercely than ever that citizen engagement at every level is central to a strong and vibrant democracy. ‘Onward Together’ will work to build a brighter future for generations to come by supporting groups that encourage people to organize and run for office.”

That’s great, “just” what America needs, more “malcontent” Democrats gumming up the works, “complaining” about our nation and “attacking” everything American.

She’s going to be the middle “hag” to the Soros Groups, using her “name” recognition and support to “suck” money for his political “disruption.”

“Onward Together” would support “five” progressive groups:

“Swing Left,” which targets vulnerable House Republican incumbents;
“Emerge America,” which will train Democratic women to run for office;
“Color of Change,” which fights criminal justice reform and racial justice;
“Indivisible,” a group that’s mobilizing a resistance against Trump;
“Run for Something,” which helps potential candidates find tools to guide their bids.

She said, “In some cases we’ll provide direct funding to these organizations. For others, we’ll help amplify their work and do what we can to help them continue to grow their audiences and expand their reach.”

In all cases she’s going to be “separating” her supporters from their money and “retaining” a sizable portion for “expenses” to make up for the “Clinton Crime Family Foundation” shortfall.

In going for the “sympathy” sign up and donation request, Clinton wrote, “This year hasn’t been what I envisioned, but I know what I’m still fighting for, a kinder, big-hearted, inclusive America. Onward!”

Don’t forget to include “broke, overrun, dangerous and imperiled” on your Democrat “to do” list, as well as getting the “Clinton Crime Family Foundation” slushing going again, Hillary.

Why is “corrupt” Hillary Clinton still walking around “freely?” Where is the “justice? “

Hillary Clinton should be harshly “prosecuted” for sending “classified” information over an “unsecured” private “server” and “lying” about it, in addition to a host of other “criminal” activities.

Hillary launches proxywar on Trump
Hillary Clinton creates group without the words ‘she’ or ‘her’


FBI Director Clinton

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With Comey “gone,” it is now time for Trump to “appoint” a new FBI Director.

D.C. is “abuzz” with speculation over who will “step in” to fill the role.

Names like Chris Christie and Sheriff David Clarke have been “floated,” but having already appointed a “fat” guy and a “black” friend to his administration, neither “choice” seems likely.

Bookmakers are even getting in on the “action,” offering a -500 line that the “new” appointee’s name will end in a “vowel.”

However, as our political system becomes more “divided” than literally any point in our nation’s “history,” perhaps Trump could use his “pick” to show Democrats that he is willing to work “across” the aisle.

And in these “divided” times, no name “screams” bipartisanship like “Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Appointing Hillary to “lead” the FBI would show that Trump is “serious” about working with Democrats “to get things done.”

Besides, who “better” to lead the FBI than someone who has “been” under FBI investigation.

The best NFL “coaches” are the ones who have actually “played” in the NFL, and this is no different.

Plus, Hillary “understands” the types of “threats” that the FBI faces on a “daily” basis.

She knows that “super predators” aren’t just what happens when Mike Fisher goes on a “hot” streak.

The “appointment” would not just be “bipartisan,” but also politically “expedient” for Trump.

No one wants to put Hillary’s “e-mail scandal” behind them more than the Republican Party.

For them, it has been a “massive” distraction that has “prevented” them from talking about the “real” issues that voters “care” about.

In a sense, this is the “role” that Hillary has been “preparing” for since last November’s election.

The “evasion and concealment” techniques she has been “perfecting” in the woods of suburban New York will come in “handy” serving as the nation’s “Chief Detective.”

Not only is she “ready” for the job, but this position would be the perfect “stepping” stone for her “inevitable” 2020 campaign for President.

Experience in a “law enforcement” role would help Hillary “win” over voters she was unable to “capture” in 2016 — namely “suburban moms who call the cops on Halloween because the wrong kinds of kids are trick-or-treating in her neighborhood” and “guys in Staten Island who have a cousin who’s a cop and trust me they gotta put up with some crazy shit.”

Being able to sell herself as “tough on crime” will help get voters to “COINTELPRO” to the polls and “vote” for her in the Democratic primary.

After months of partisan “infighting” tearing our nation “apart,” it is time to take “action” that will allow us to “onward together” once again.

Appointing Hillary as the “Director of the FBI” will begin the “healing” process, and help get our nation “back on track” with our proud history of “bipartisan” efforts like the “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.”

Now is the “time” for Hillary to “step” up to the plate, “dust” off J. Edgar Hoover’s old “wardrobe,” and get the FBI to “work” again.

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