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Black People’s Grand Jury

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Black People's Grand Jury 01

Earlier this month in St. Louis, Mo, a group of “black” people wearing Russian “fur” hats with Red Army “insignia,” complete with red stars and “hammer’n’sickles,” held a “Black People’s Grand Jury” meeting with “live” broadcast, in which they unanimously “denounced” the State Prosecutor for being the “imperialist running pig-dog,” and, after one hour of “selective and one-sided” debate found Darren Wilson guilty on all “trumped-up” charges.

Black People's Grand Jury 02

All of the “mock” grand jurors “hailed” from St. Louis County “reexamining” the proceedings of the Ferguson grand jury in the “investigation” into the death of Michael Brown and “ruled” 11-1 that Darrel Wilson should have been “indicted” for first degree murder.

A quick research, however, has found a “problem” with the statement in the story that “all mock grand jurors hailed from St. Louis County.”

Black People's Grand Jury 03

The black “Soviet” imposter on the left in the picture is Omali Yeshitela (real name Joseph Waller), founder and glorious leader of the radical black nationalist Uhuru Movement, and Chairman of the left-wing African People’s Socialist Party, organization based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

So much for the “local” St. Louis County aspect.

Granted, he wasn’t the “member” of the mock jury, but rather a self-appointed “judge,” who gave instructions to the “jury” before the show “trial,” as seen in this video.

Like all “radical leftist agitators” who descended on Ferguson like “flies on a fresh cow pie,” Judge Yeshitela is one of the thousands of “outsiders” creating the appearance of a “massive” uprising of the “black people” and using “stunts” like these to lay their “hands” on some green American dollars.

Well, at least the “black” community has been “invigorated” with self appointed leaders completely “dependent on revenues” that will be gloriously “deposited” into a registered account “in the name of justice.”

Soon all of these “troubled” communities will be completely “dependent” on government “hand outs” distributed by President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies.

Black People's Grand Jury 04

Omali Yeshitela a.k.a. Joseph Waller.

Nothing stirs the “black” soul like a strong amount of unified “hatred,” especially for a bunch of “white” uninformed Tea Baggers “stealing” their way into power on the “backs of the disenfranchised black people.”

Reparations can be made at to help the “Black People’s Grand Jury” dream come true.

Black People's Grand Jury 05

“The days are over when the black community will leave our people in the hands of a law enforcement and criminal justice system that has never represented our interests. We are taking things into our own hands.”
Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African Peoples Socialist Party

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