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Victoria’s Secret Sale

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In honor of the upcoming Presidential campaign season, Victoria’s Secret announces their special “Sniffy Joe Biden” summer sale!

All “bras and panties” are half off with free “pre-shipping sniffing” if you spend $25.00 or more per order.

“Limited Time” offer due to electoral “campaign” requirements.

“Free Shipping” on $50 when you use your “Angel” Credit Card.

All children’s panties are now 90% off too.

Shop our “PINK” sale and enjoy savings on all your favorite “bras, panties, apparel, accessories” and more. Hurry! These “pre-sniffing” deals won’t last long.

Whether you’re a woman looking for something a bit “flirty” to wear in the evening or a man trying to find the perfect “gift” for that special someone “Sniffy Joe Biden” summer sale is a fun place to shop! It’s also very rewarding!

Reward yourself every time you purchase at least $10.00 worth of merchandise from “Victoria’s Secret,” you’ll receive a free “Reward Card” that could be worth $10, $50, $100 or $500!!

You “redeem” the rewards card at checkout to find out what the “value” of your reward is. Can you imagine spending “$10 and getting a $500 reward card!!”

“Sniffy” Uncle Joe also cares very much for the “healthcare” of women and children. Simply call his office and request a free “breast cancer” screening under the “ObamaCare” act at your convenience in the “comfort” of your own home.

Don’t “hesitate” bringing your young daughters along. His skillful “nipple pinching” techniques are scientific procedures he refined for over 30 years on “thousands” of women and children.

Totally worth a chance to support “Sniffy” Joe Biden’s third “presidential” run.

It might also be mountain time…

Don’t miss your chance to “celebrate” the candidacy of “Sniffy” Joe Biden.

Trucker Trump

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President Donald Trump “welcomed” trucking organizations to the White House, “praising” them for their “contributions” in transporting goods “across” the nation and “keeping” America running.

The president, wearing an “I love trucks” pin, sat animated in the “driver’s seat” of an 18-wheeler on the South Lawn and “honked” the horn before holding a “health care” meeting with the truckers and trucking executives.

“No one knows truckers like America knows truckers,” Trump said as he read from a sheet of paper during the meeting. “You see it every day. You see every hill, every valley, every pothole, the roads that need to be redone. Every town border to border needs to be redone, right? It’s true.”

“You love America, and you love the spirit and we love your spirit and we want to thank you very much because, through day and night, in all kinds of weather, truckers are the arteries of our nation’s highways.”

“You carry anything and everything, the food that stocks our shelves, the fuel that runs our cars and the steel that builds our cities. Do you think I wrote that? That’s not bad. Save that paragraph.”

Trump spoke about the effect that “ObamaCare” was having on truckers, as many of them were on “private” plans that suffered steep “rises” in premiums and “losses” in coverage and options.

He “admitted” that the White House still had “work to do” to get the bill across the “finish line,” just as the House of Representatives “postponed” the scheduled vote.

Some of the trucks “drove” up to the White House. Trump, riding “shotgun” with John Lex, Wal-Mart Transportation, “climbed” into a cab, “honked” the horn, “shut” the door and “grinned” after he “waved” goodbye.

Trump met with the following “truckers” according to the White House log:

Steve Fields, Independence, Mo., (YRC Freight);
Ralph Garcia, Albuquerque, N.M., (ABF Freight System);
David Green, Hot Springs, Ark., (Werner Enterprises);
Rhonda Hartman, Des Moines, Iowa, (Old Dominion Freight Line);
John Lex, Monroe, Ga., (Walmart Transportation);
David Livingston, Springfield, Ga., (TCW Inc.);
Don Logan, Eskridge, Kan., (FedEx Freight);
Charlton Paul Jr., Chester, N.Y., (UPS Freight);
Russell Simpson, South Vienna, Ohio, (Holland Inc.);
Todd Stine, Altoona, Pa., (Carbon Express);
Barney Earl Taylor, Orlando, Fla., (Penske) and
Derrick Whittle, Fieldale, Va., (Cargo Transporters Inc.)

He also met with “officials” from trucking industry associations:

ATA Chairman Kevin Burch, president, Jet Express
Jim Burg, president and CEO, James Burg Trucking
David Congdon, CEO, Old Dominion Freight Line
Mike Ducker, president and CEO, FedEx Freight
Eric Fuller, CEO, U.S. Xpress
Neal Kedzie, president, Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association
Rich McArdle, president, UPS Freight
Dennis Nash, CEO, Kenan Advantage Group
Tonn Ostergard, president and CEO, Crete Carrier Corp.
John Smith, chairman, CRST International

A truck “blogger” voiced his pleasure that Trump took “time to meet” with truckers, but “reminded” his co-workers that the first bit of “Hope and Change” they were treated to was mandatory “Digital Logs,” which is the equivalent of an “ankle bracelet for log offenders.”

What Trucker Trump “didn’t tell the truckers” is that they’re about “5 years” away from being “replaced by robots.”

That companies like Kenworth are all developing automated truck systems that are going to “eliminate their seats at the wheel.”

“Nobody knows AMERICA like TRUCKERS know America.”

Self-driving truck makes first trip — a 120-mile beer run
If Trump really wants to save U.S. jobs …

Diaper Gap

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Many historians believe John F. Kennedy invented the term “Missile Gap” in 1958 as part of the ongoing election campaign. They claim the phrase was “chosen” to highlight Kennedy’s assertion that Eisenhower’s “defense” posture was dangerously weak.

Nearly 60 years later an “email” from the Obama White House may “signal” the resumption of Kennedy’s early “cold war” election strategy in the form of a “Diaper Gap.”

Diaper Gap 06

An official White House email alerts the public that while diapers “are basic necessities … nearly one in three families struggle to afford them for their babies.”

Diaper Gap 02

These families, the email says, are “forced” to choose among food, heat and diapers. “That’s a choice no family should have to make.”

Diaper Gap 08

Cecilia Munoz, Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council.

The email directed “recipients” to a White House Web page — — wherein Cecilia Munoz, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, “laments” that while the lucky few can “buy” diapers by the truckload at Costco or order them  “cheap” on Amazon, “the benefits of the new economy aren’t available to all Americans.”

Diaper Gap 07

And, “shock and horror,” there is “no federal assistance for purchasing diapers” included in the “Affordable Health Care Act,” more commonly known as “ObamaCare.”

So, short of proposing a “revamp” of the nation’s “welfare” program, the White House is “highlighting a cross-sector strategy to expand access to affordable diapers” that involves manufacturers, online retailers and nonprofits.

Now, there’s no doubt that parents can “struggle” to afford diapers, just like they can struggle to afford “feeding and clothing” their children, as well as “other” necessities.

Diaper Gap 12

And there’s absolutely “nothing” wrong with the private sector “do-goodery” being promoted by the White House.

That’s how America “works” best.A problem is “identified,” and private charities and private businesses and people who “care” work to find solutions.

A strategic “ObamaCare” diaper reserve must be “created” immediately, to help in “defending” the many politically correct “safe” spaces.

Diaper Gap 11

But seriously, how is this issue in any way, shape or form a “priority” for the White House?

Doesn’t it have other “things” to worry about, like say, the “terrorist threat from ISIS, the risk of another recession, Iran’s thumbing its nose at the U.N.?”

People have, after all, been having “babies” for a while now, and for decades they “managed” to do so without a government “Diaper Divide” program to help pay for “disposable” diapers.

Diaper Gap 09

If the White House is going to get “involved,” at the very least it could be more “honest” about the diaper situation in America.

For one thing, “disposable” diapers are far cheaper than they were 30 years ago. Back in 1985, Pampers sold a box of 48 diapers at retail for $9.

That works out to “41.3 cents” per diaper after adjusting for inflation. Today, you can buy a “box of 88 Pampers” at Wal-Mart for $25, which works out to “28.4 cents” per diaper.

Also, why isn’t the administration “encouraging” the poor to use tried-and-true “cloth” diapers?

Diaper Gap 10

There are “countless” sites on the Internet that detail how “reusable” diapers are far less expensive than “disposals,” even when you include the cost of “water and detergent” needed to clean them.

A few years ago, when President Obama was being questioned for “pushing” the health care overhaul while the economy was “mired” in the worst “recovery” in modern history, he “responded” that he came to Washington to “tackle” big issues, adding that “I wasn’t sent here to do school uniforms.”

Diaper Gap 05

Then again, if Obama is able to “help” close the “Diaper Gap,” his legacy will certainly be “secure.”

Diaper Gap 03

Spread the word using #DiaperGap
Find a diaper bank near you
Sign up to become a diaper distributor
Learn more about today’s announcement

Vagina Bern

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Vagina Bern 03

Actress Susan Sarandon took to her Twitter account to reiterate her “support” for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT presidential campaign, saying it is “insulting” that women would be asked to “vote for a female president based on gender” alone.

“I don’t vote with my vagina. It’s so insulting to women to think that you would follow a candidate JUST because she’s a woman.”— Susan Sarandon (@SusanSarandon) February 17, 2016

“HRC doesn’t rep my interests, @BernieSanders does. Simple as that.” — Susan Sarandon (@SusanSarandon) February 17, 2016

“I never called anyone a ‘vagina voter. ’ What I actually said in response to being shamed for supporting a man over a woman.” — Susan Sarandon (@SusanSarandon) February 17, 2016

The 69-year-old “Thelma and Louise” star Sarandon first “voiced” her support for Sanders in September when she joined Artists for Bernie, a coalition of more than 120 actors, directors and musicians that are publicly supporting the “socialist” Vermont senator’s run.

Vagina Bern 01

The actress appeared at a Sanders “rally” in Iowa last month, where she sharply criticized Clinton over the former New York senator’s vote to authorize the Iraq war.

“She’s had a job, but what has she done that we’re bragging about? How has she led?” Sarandon said last month.

The actress’ comments come as the Sanders campaign is “battling” its own controversy this week.

At a event at Atlanta’s Morehouse College, “Run the Jewels” rapper and Sanders supporter Killer Mike suggested that the fact that Clinton is “female” should not automatically “entitle” her to become president.

Vagina Bern 07

“A uterus doesn’t qualify you to be President of the United States,” the rapper said at the event. Killer Mike later clarified that he was quoting “feminist activist” Jane Elliott with the comment.

A poll revealed Sanders had “narrowed” the gap against Clinton nationally, trailing by just two points. Both candidates are vying to “secure” female voters ahead of the coming primaries.

Susan Sarandon apparently has abandoned the “gyno-contstituency” and renounced her gender-based “support” for the beloved dog barker “Cankle-in-Chief” Hillary Clinton.

This violation of “protocol” has Hollywood and the mainstream “media” in a tizzy.

At this point, her only “redeeming” quality is her support for Bernie Sanders.

Vagina Bern 08

Should Susan Sarandon feel the “bern in her voting apparatus” antibiotics will be provided by “ObamaCare.”

No doubt that “learning” that Susan Sarandon does not “vote” with her vagina provides great “relief” to those who would be pulling the “lever” after her.

She’s so clever. When people ask how she “gains” such profound insights, she said, “I don’t vote with my vagina, but it’s near where I find my best ideas.”

Vagina Bern 02

In fact, according to a reliably “source” Susan is dreaming of receiving a “HUA Award” to add to the large collection of other awards she’s received over the years.

I thought that women “deserved” more pay and rights without “responsibility” just because of their “vajayjay.” To say that Hillary is “worse” than Bernie is sickening and wrong.

I don’t even want to think about it, so I’ll just say that our policy with “non-Hillary” supporters should be “join or die.”

And I don’t know about you, but if I were a “presidential” candidate, I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t want a rapper called “Killer Mike” on the evening’s program.

And looking at the linked article on Killer Mike himself, he said that “an asshole reporter” took a quote from him “out of context” and tried to “warp” it.

Vagina Bern 09

Just goes to show you that “progressiveness” is the new religion for those who ran away from their religion but haven’t fully “decompressed” or thought the situation through. They can use their “tactics” on the heretics and nobody on their side “bats” an eyelash but if the “heretics” use the same tactics on them they “whine.”

Hillary must “not” be criticized. If you do, it’s because you are a male “chauvinist” pig. Just like any “criticism” of Barack Obama can only be an indication of “racism,” any criticism of Hillary can only be “misogyny.”

Vagina Bern 05

Hillary will be our “next” President based upon her “qualifications” listed below:

1.) She has a vagina.
2.) No President has ever had one before.
3.) My husband is a connoisseur in matters of vaginas.

In life, there are only two things you need to worry about:
Either you’re well or you’re sick.
If you’re well, then there’s nothing to worry about,

But if you’re sick, there are only two things you need to worry about:
Getting well or dying.
If you get well, then there’s nothing to worry about,

But if you die, there are only two things you need to worry about:
Either you go to heaven, or you go to hell.
If you go to heaven, then there’s nothing to worry about,

But if you go to hell,
you’ll be so busy shaking hands with all your friends that you won’t have the time to worry!

Vagina Bern 04

Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company. – Mark Twain
Hell is empty and all the devils are here. – Shakespeare

Susan Sarandon Appointed Breast Equalization Czar

Rainbow Houses

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SCOTUSocracy 04

In a landmark 5-4 “decision” in Obergefell et al. v. Hodges, Director, Ohio Department of Health et al., the United States Supreme Court “ruled” that all Americans, regardless of “sexual” orientation, have the “constitutional right” to marry, but limited the “scope” of its decision to only Americans with something to “offer” a partner.

Writing for the majority, Justice Kennedy noted that “by virtue of their exclusion from the institution of marriage, same-sex couples are denied the constellation of benefits that the States have linked to marriage.”

The court concluded that “…the right to marry is a fundamental right inherent in the liberty of the person, and under the Due Process and Equal Protection Clauses of the Fourteenth Amendment couples of the same-sex may not be deprived of that right and that liberty.”

However, we make clear that this “opinion” does not award any “rights, liberties, dignity or benefits” of any kind to lonely “single” people that have probably never even had a “girlfriend.”

Rainbow House 01

In “commemoration” of the Supreme Court’s ruling to “legalize” same-sex marriage the “Rainbow House” lit up in colors.

With this “fabulous” move, the building formerly known a the “White House” has been made into a display of “punitive” acceptance and “mandatory” tolerance and “made our union a little more perfect” according to President Obama.

Upcoming “renovations” are planned to include “multi-gender” restrooms, replacing the white man’s “bowling” alley with a Caligula-class “steam bath and hot-tub” complex, renaming the first family’s living rooms “Reggie’s Nest,” and the Lincoln Bedroom after “Sandra Fluke.”

Rainbow House 00

The newly colored “Rainbow House” and both houses of Congress are in “progress” of becoming true metaphorical “gay” houses.

Besides tearing “down” the Jefferson Memorial, future plans call for the repainting the “Rotunda” in rainbow shades of color and the “removal” of all those paintings of white men as “penance” for over 200 years of evil “white” male hegemony, many of which were “slave” owners.

Obama recently said no longer must my “Rainbow House” be a symbolic monument to old “white” men with “powdered” wigs, former “slave” owners and purveyors of “genocide” of indigenous people. It must become a monument to “defeat” those right-wingers who stole an “election” and continuously try to “undermine” progress.


After the Supreme Court “unilaterally” made gay marriage the “law” of the land, Obama made a statement from the “Rainbow House” that included this lie:

“I know that Americans of good will continue to hold a wide range of views on this issue. Opposition, in some cases, has been based on sincere and deeply held beliefs. All of us who welcome today’s news should be mindful of that fact and recognize different viewpoints, revere our deep commitment to religious freedom.”

In other words, “If you like your religion, you can keep your religion.”

Rainbow House 02

This statement from our president is no “truer” than his lie during the “ObamaCare” debate about being able to keep your “doctor and insurance.”

Obama knew he was lying then. Obama knows he is lying now about “protecting” religious freedom.

Legalizing “same sex marriage” is not the endgame for the Left, it is in fact the “creation” of a weapon that will now be used to “marginalize, punish, terrorize, and decimate” the Christian religion, its practitioners, and the Church itself.

The small business owners and CEO’s already targeted for extinction by the Left are just the beginning.

Churches that “refuse” to perform same sex weddings will not only be relentlessly shamed as “bigots” by the left and their allies in the mainstream media, their “tax-exempt” status will be also challenged; their ability to perform “public services” will be curtailed or extinguished.

Rainbow House 05

‘The media is smoothing this “jihad,” but it is already happening.

Obviously, the government will take “religion’s” place. Obama can sing “Amazing Grace” but he doesn’t believe a word of it. He is a proven “liar,” and his comments about “respecting” religion are a tactical “move” to get us to take “down” our guard.

Author Brad Thor shared something decidedly “strange” about the Obama administration’s reaction to the landmark ruling on gay marriage, making it legal all across America:

“The only major event the #Obama administration wasn’t caught off guard by and didn’t have to read about in the papers,” Thor wrote.

Rainbow House 06

He likely referred to “instances” when Obama and others have said he and his administration “didn’t know” about major goings on such as “Fast & Furious” and the “IRS” targeting conservatives until “reports” came out in the media.

Here’s a “Supercut” of such instances:

All should be alarmed that a history of slavery exists that is at odds with the “Current Truth.” The constant flux of “revisionist” history is what separates us from the “animal” kingdom.

As we all “celebrate” the passages of marriage rights for the LGBTFQAPBCU©, we must continue the “progression” to other marriages and rights.

Rainbow House 08

We cannot stop at LGBTFQAPBCU© because that is not progression. These are the days where “everyone” can be “anything” and marry “anyone” they like.

From “animals and plants” to just about anything, marriage is a “privilege and a right” that the government lends out to all persons.

Last, but not least, we must find “equal” rights also for “pedophilia, bestiality, polygamy and incest.”

I am sure “Rainbow Warrior” Obama is still figuring that out.

Rainbow House 07


SCOTUS Says Same-Sex Marriage Is a Constitutional Right
SCOTUS Declares Itself God, Redefines Marriage and Rights
Obama Admin Flaunts Rainbow White House After Same-Sex Marriage Ruling
Obama On Gay Marriage: ‘If You Like Your Religion, You Can Keep Your Religion’
The Gay Pride House is Obama’s house
Valerie Jarrett Turned Rainbow House Gay


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SCOTUSocracy 02

By Michael L. Grable

A more adult United States of America would impeach six of the nine sitting Supreme Court justices.

Misapplying the U.S. Constitution is one thing. Usurping the constitutional powers of the federal legislature is altogether another.

The U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has done plenty of the former during the last century. So far in this century, however, it has brazenly embarked on the latter. After its ObamaCare and homosexual marriage decisions, Americans must now realize they no longer live in a democracy. They now live in a “SCOTUSocracy.” They are now governed by judicial rather than political decision-making.

In both its ObamaCare decisions, SCOTUS rewrote federal law. In its homosexual marriage decision, however, it went even farther and actually wrote de novo federal law. SCOTUS has no constitutional power to write or rewrite federal law. In fact, SCOTUS has no constitutional power even to judicially review the constitutionality of federal law.

SCOTUSocracy 05

The net effect is this: not only has SCOTUS usurped the constitutional powers of the federal legislature, but it has now also denied Americans their most basic constitutional right – the right to democratically govern themselves through their political representatives.

You see, Americans elect their political representatives every two, four, or six years. Thus do Americans, through their political representatives, democratically make and execute their own laws. If Americans don’t like the way their legislators make their laws, they can elect new legislators who will make laws they do like. If Americans don’t like the way their executives execute their laws, they can elect new executives who will execute their laws the way they do like. That’s how the governing will of sovereign people democratically expresses itself in a Republic.

The very word “Republic” says it all. The word derives from “res publica.” That literally means “the public thing.” The American Republic is a form of government (the thing) in which the American people (the public) are – by the land’s supreme law – sovereign.

But Americans don’t elect federal judges every two, four, or six years. In fact, federal judges aren’t elected at all – ever. Instead, they’re appointed, for the duration of their entire lives. If Americans don’t like the way their judges adjudicate, they can’t elect new judges who will adjudicate the way they do like. Americans can only endure judges until they resign or die. Or else impeach them.

SCOTUSocracy 03

Most Americans probably don’t realize that SCOTUS has no constitutional power to judicially review the constitutionality of federal law. That it has done so for 212 long years stems simply from its unilateral judicial assumption of that unconstitutional power in an 1803 case involving William Marbury’s dispute with James Madison over the delivery of a justice of the peace commission to which John Adams had appointed Marbury. Thus, the power of the majority of unelected lifetime judges to have recently forced Americans to purchase something they didn’t want to purchase (ObamaCare) and to accept something they didn’t want to accept (homosexual marriage) is an artifact of a mere justice of the peace commission 212 years ago. From little acorns do great trees grow.

But for Marbury’s insignificant commission and John Marshal’s 1803 usurpation of judicial review power, the constitutionality of federal legislation would have been left exactly where it should have remained all along – with the sovereign American people rather than with (as now) nine unelected lifetime judges who are as likely to exercise their own personal political prejudices as they are to strictly construe the Constitution (putatively the land’s supreme law). Then, if the American people, in their sovereignty, had thought the acts of their political representatives unconstitutional, they could have elected other political representatives who could have, by opposing acts, remedied their predecessors’ unconstitutionality.

Chief Justice John Roberts, in his ObamaCare decisions, has in effect twice now rewritten federal legislation – once to transform an unconstitutional penalty into a putatively constitutional tax and once to include in a phrase what the phrase itself excluded. In both cases, this was despite the plain language of federal legislation. The effective result is that the federal government’s ruinous takeover of the nation’s private health care system is a judicial fiat imposed on the American people rather than a political decision made by the American people’s political representatives. If the legislature “in artfully” drafted ObamaCare, then the proper constitutional remedy should have been the legislature itself more “artfully” drafting a legislative amendment. Roberts should be impeached.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, in his homosexual marriage decision, has in effect now written federal legislation DE-rationalizing one of the foremost of all mores governing human association since time immemorial. This was despite the plain language of, in this case, biological legislation. The effective result is that sexual deviancy’s takeover of the nation’s conjugal tradition is a judicial fiat imposed on the American people rather than a political decision made by the American people’s political representatives. If the states’ same-sex marriage bans were unconstitutional, then the proper constitutional remedy should have been the legislature itself proscribing them. Kennedy should be impeached.

SCOTUSocracy 04

Ruth Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and Stephen Breyer should also be impeached, but Kennedy was the balance of SCOTUS power that resulted in constitutionally denying the states and the American people their right to limit marriage to persons of the opposite sex. Besides, Ginsburg and Kagan should have recused themselves after having both, previously and prejudicially, officiated at same-sex marriages. That would have left only Sotomayor and Breyer to fruitlessly fob off their personal political prejudices on the states and the American people. Anyway, neither Sotomayor nor Kagan has – by inclination or circumstance – heretofore displayed much personal interest in marriage (either heterosexual or homosexual); Ginsburg has displayed more interest in the feminist movement and the ACLU than she has in the Constitution; and Breyer…well, he’s the administrative law mouse Bill Clinton let loose in SCOTUS.

Everyone knows there’s zero chance of this occurring, but here’s what should, in a more adult America, occur. The people’s representatives should either impeach six of the nine SCOTUS justices or else legislatively override Marshall’s 1803 unilateral assumption of judicial review. Either would be fully consistent with the legislature’s express constitutional powers. Alternatively, the people should replace their political representatives until they have political representatives who will do one or the other. In fact, this should have happened half a century or more ago.

The only possible conclusion is that the American people are too immature to preserve either their sovereignty or their Republic.

They have traded their democracy for what now amounts to a mere “SCOTUSocracy.”

SCOTUSocracy 01

Mandatory Voting

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Mandatory Voting 02

Barack Obama is “six years and counting” into his “two-term” presidency, and he is still “talking” about fundamentally transforming the United States of America.

His latest “transformative” idea? To make “voting mandatory” in the U.S.

He also shared how “it would be ‘fun’ for the U.S. to consider amending the Constitution to change the role that money plays in the electoral system,” but that’s another story for another day.

While speaking to the City Club of Cleveland, Obama said, “If everybody voted, then it would completely change the political map in this country,” adding that “universal voting would counteract money more than anything.”

“Universal voting would counteract money more than anything,” makes as much “sense” as everything “else” Obama has said “since” 2008.

Mandatory Voting 07

The idea that people “utilizing” their freedom of association to “pool” resources in order to “influence” politics is somehow “corruptive” of the political process.

It stems from the “unspoken” idea that the country is “one” big commons owned “collectively” by us all and the government’s “purpose” is to decide how to fairly “allocate” the commons.

In an actual “free” country there is no such problem. The country isn’t one “big” socialized commons. But in a “socialized” country where the presumption is that “everything” in the country is one big commons “creates” a lot of interests vying for control.

Mandatory Voting 08

Though it is “aberrant” to the sensibilities of “honest” people let’s take Obama at his word. He wants to end the “corruption” of the commons. In that case the most “corrupting” influence on the fairness of the “use of the national socialized commons” is the political parties themselves.

In a free country, “as America at one time was,” the two Party system was a very “positive” thing in political life. In this age of “socialization and nationalization” the political parties have, and do, act as “conspiracies” against the good “governance of the commons,” in our socialized country.

Historically, political parties in socialized countries have always worked “against” the people of the countries. The political parties becoming little more than “organized criminal conspiracies” whose purpose is always at “odds” with the good fair “distribution” of the commons.

Mandatory Voting 10

For this reason let us “agree” with Obama and “demand” good government “uncorrupted” by special interests and demand the “complete ban of political parties from politics.”

At issue, Obama went on to say, is the “influence those with money have on U.S. elections, where low overall turnout often gives an advantage to the party best able to turn out its base.”

Naturally, the 800-pound “gorilla” Obama had in mind was “Citizens United, the Koch brothers, the Clinton Foundation” and other “enemies” of truth, justice, and the American way, not Tom Steyer, George Soros, or other “civic” minded citizens who happen to be “rolling” in money but “tilt” left.

Obama went on to note that a “disproportionate” number of Americans who stay home on Election Day are “younger, poorer, less educated, and more racially diverse.”

“There’s a reason why some folks try to keep them away from the polls,” he observed, adding “it should be easier — not harder— for people to vote.”

Mandatory Voting 09

It’s hard to see how “forcing” people to vote under penalty of law makes it “easier — not harder— for” them, but Obama noted that his “plan” is not without “precedent.”

It seems some two “dozen” countries, including Argentina, Australia, Belgium, and Brazil, have some form of “compulsory” voting.

In many systems, “absconders” must provide a “valid excuse or face a fine,” although a few countries have “laws” on the books that allow for potential “imprisonment.”

It sounds as if “universal voting” has a lot in common with another socialistic dream, “universal health care,” which also comes with “fines and imprisonment” for failure to comply.

Mandatory Voting 06

I’m all in favor of making “voting mandatory” as long as making a “test of voter knowledge” mandatory as well. Those “unable” to demonstrate a firm understanding of the “issues and candidates” would be required to go home and “bone up” before returning to the vote.

Sure, this “modest” proposal would impose a burden on the “hapless” citizens of a free country, but it would “preclude” a large bloc of voters casting their “ballots” for a man based on such superficial attributes as his appearance or because of a promise of material gain.

Mandatory Voting 03

“Mandatory Voting” is really simple. If you do not “vote” then you will be fined. Don’t buy “ObamaCare” you will also be fined. Don’t vote for the “right” party you will be again fined. This way the government gets more money to “redistribute” and everyone is happy.

A note to the “dead.”

We’re “counting” on you. You are our greatest “permanent” constituency. You don’t “get” a pass. Too cold to get up out of the grave? Bones creak too much? Your bones have turned to dust? Tough luck, get out and do your “duty!” If you don’t, we’ll “confiscate” your headstone in “lieu” of the fines!

Mandatory Voting 04

Better yet, we’ll just take your “property” from your heirs even if it’s several “generations” down the line.

If you “reside” in a cemetery and really don’t “want” to vote, we will be happy to cast a “proxy” vote in your name. We’ll still “fine” you for the “inconvenience” of having to “do” that, however.

This means we must “create” a new bureaucracy to “digitize” every will and account for all “property” to determine who “inherited” what over the generations.

We will be taking over and nationalizing it. All “genealogists” and local historians will become “federal” employees and “properly” unionized with federal “office space, expense accounts, benefits and retirement options” and a support staff of “no less than” 10 assistants.

Mandatory Voting 05

Obama promised to “create” a bunch of new jobs! We’ll be sure we know the whereabouts of those couple of “silver spoons” you left to your fifth child, who, by the way, shouldn’t have ever “existed” because creating too many “kids” means you contributed to “climate” change!

Died before “1776” and think you are excused “because you weren’t a citizen?” Get over it! If “citizenship” doesn’t “matter” for Obama then it “doesn’t” matter for you either!

The new “Internet” regulations will automatically “register” your vote via your “email” accounts. That way, your “votes are tallied” all without having to bother to “show up at the poll.”

Mandatory Voting 01

For each account, a “internet convenience fee” is added like the one you pay to get a “fishing” license to generate “revenue” to cover the layers of “administration” necessary to “oversee” the complex process.

Future plans are to simply “log” all people as voters at “birth,” or at “entry” into the country and “use” automatic voting databases to “tally” the votes at the specified “mandatory voting” times?

Mandatory Voting 12

“Mandatory voting” will allow to cast your vote for you, your family, your friends, and all your relatives, living and dead, documented and undocumented, legal or illegal, including all those future migrants anticipating coming to America.

The glorious world of “Next Tuesday” is right around the corner!

Mandatory Voting 11


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(lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, fag, queer, anal power, bottom confused, undecided liars.)

How many “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” friends do you have?

Since “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” is now the most important “victim” group, other than “Muslims,” we need to take it a step beyond “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” justice.

Gays Muslim Unite

“LGBTFQAPBCUL©” people only want to be “accepted” and America needs to get “behind” them with the almighty “power” of government.

In a glorious “ruling” by Chief Justice John Roberts, we were told “every” person in America either had to buy “ObamaCare” or pay a “penalty” at tax time.

Well, why not have a quota of “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” friends?

Either you have “three” friends who are “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” or you “pay” a penalty equal to the “ObamaCare” penalty.

If you fail to have “ObamaCare” and fail to have enough “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” friends, you would pay the “penalty” amount twice.


The Government needs more “money” anyway as the “Gay-Commander-in-Chief” Barack Obama’s retirement is “approaching” and he will want to travel “quite a bit” at government expense!

So many “golf” courses, so “little” time.

Think of it as total “tolerance” mandated by the government. Pure “equality.” Everyone will have at least three “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” friends.

If someone self identifies as “LGBTFQAPBCUL©”, they of course get a waiver. They are already more “equal” than those who “don’t” identify this way.


Now, you might “think” that everyone will just self-identify as “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” to avoid excess paperwork and “risking” a penalty. But you would be wrong!

As most “heterosexuals” can remember, it was decided in the 1980’s that you are only “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” if you are “born” that way.

So if you “weren’t” born that way, you “can’t” self-identify as “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” because you would be “lying.”

See how “simple” it all is?


After conditioning society into realizing that there is a “mandatory” minimum number of “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” friends each person must have, we will start “focusing” on time they spend with their “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” friends.

Some “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” talk about the “loneliness” they feel. Well, “heterosexuals” friends need to “solve” this problem.

At tax time, the IRS will ask for a “detailed” accounting of how much “time you spent” with three or more “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” friends.

According to IRS tax regulations you must “assure” to equally “divide up” said time with your “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” friends or else that could trigger “another” financial penalty.

Upon successfully establishing the time “quota,” the IRS will move forward with full “reparations” for “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” for the past centuries of “discrimination” they faced.


Spending equal “amounts of time” with mandated “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” friends will not be enough.

You will also need to start “buying/paying” things for your “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” friends according to IRS rules.

1. Did you cover the cost of their meals and tips when you went to dinner with them?
2. Did you pay for their entertainment, luxury lingerie, Bodywork, sex toys and accessories items?
3. Did you cover the fuel and pay to use their car if they did the driving?
4. Did you cover hotel and Bordello accommodations?
5. Did you volunteered to pay for a mortgage for a house they might like?
6. Did you buy them a brand new luxury car at least once every two years?

These are all “things” that will need to be “covered” on future “Income Tax” forms at time of filing.

If you “fail” to provide this information, substantiated by “attached” expense receipts, there will be “additional” penalties!

Welcome to the Government mandated “LGBTFQAPBCUL©” community of new “friends” to usher in the glorious “Next Tuesday.”


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I Just Found Out

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I Just Found Out  02

Snake Oil Salesman Barack Hussein Sotero Obama.

Once again, our golf “tan” President in the White House is being “oppressed” and kept in total darkness by the “white” racists in Washington.

Ostensibly, the most powerful “Ruler of the Universe” has once again been kept in the dark.

Perhaps proving Barack does “believe” American’s are stupid, Obama said “Gruber? Who’s Gruber? Hey, I just heard about this” to reporters nearly an entire week after the “GruberGate” scandal broke.

Gruber Made Simple 03

ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber “convinced” Obama to create the “individual and employer” mandates in the health care law, which Obama originally “opposed” as a presidential candidate.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, an obscure but influential left-wing group called the Herndon Alliance approached the campaigns of Obama and fellow Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and John Edwards to get all three major Democrats on board with health care reform.

The candidates came up with differing plans. Of the three, Obama positioned himself as an “opponent of mandates.”

The Illinois senator sparred with Edwards over the issue at a January 2008 debate and even ran an anti-Hillary ad that said ”Hillary Clinton’s attacking, but what’s she not telling you about her health care plan? It forces everyone to buy insurance, even if you can’t afford it, and you pay a penalty if you don’t.”

Now Obama admits that has liberally “stolen ideas” from Jon Gruber himself.

Obama spoke at the Brookings Institution in a video posted by the conservative group American Commitment. The president was touting his policy ideas, which stemmed from what he called some of the “brightest minds from academia and policy circles.”

Embattled economist Jonathan Gruber disagreed with a “bold” claim made “repeatedly” by then Sen. Barack Obama on the 2008 presidential campaign trail that the “American family would ‘save’ $2,500 on their premiums per year under his health-care plan.”

President Obama’s pattern of “denial” remains intact.

This shows a clear pattern of deliberate and outrageously “racist” behavior from those who are supposed to be our Ruler’s “political and administrative” allies.

1. Islamist militants gaining in Iraq
2. Russia’s intervention in Ukraine
3. NSA spying on foreign leaders
4. VA waiting list scandal
5. IRS targeting scandal
6. failing
7. DOJ obtaining AP phone records
8. Fast and Furious scandal
9. Air Force One flyover in Manhattan
10. Benghazi Assassinations

To say the least, this is “disheartening.”

Where are Rev. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan on this violation of “Civil Rights?”

Worst of all, an “unscripted” question from the press meant that our golf “tan” President didn’t have time to “program” his teleprompter to give a “detailed and understandable” explanation for why he “didn’t know anything” before a dumbfounded “journalist” ambushed him with a “gotcha” question.

I Just Found Out  01

“Your mission, Jonathan, should you decide to accept it, is to write a health care bill that redistributes wealth, exploits stupid American voters and grossly deceives the American people. As usual, should you or any member of your ObamaCare force be caught telling the truth, I, President Obama, will disavow any knowledge of your existence. This tape will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Jonathan.”

I Just Found Out  03

Time for Congress to Declare War on Obama

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Have you ever been “Grubered”?
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ObamaCare for Dummies

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ObamaCare Architect 01

ObamaCare “architect” Jonathan “Grubby” Gruber said that “lack of transparency” was a major part of getting “ObamaCare” passed because “the stupidity of the American voter” would have “killed the law” if more people knew “what was in it.”

Economist Jonathan Gruber speaks at a conference of the Workers Compensation Research Institute in Boston

Gruber, the MIT professor who served as a “technical consultant” to the Obama administration during “ObamaCare’s” design, also made “clear” during a panel quietly “captured” on video that the “individual mandate,” which was only upheld by the Supreme Court because it was a tax, “was not actually a tax.”

“This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies. Okay, so it’s written to do that. In terms of risk rated subsidies, if you had a law which said that healthy people are going to pay in – you made explicit healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed… Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass… Look, I wish Mark was right that we could make it all transparent, but I’d rather have this law than not.”

Here is the “second” video of Jonathan Gruber calling American voters “stupid.” If you want to skip ahead in this video of Megyn Kelly’s earlier discussion, go right to Gruber’s remarks at 2 minutes and 22 seconds.

Here is the “third” video. This one from a speech at the University of Rhode Island in November 2012. This time he talks about then Senator, now Secretary of State John Kerry “helping” him take advantage of the “economically unsophisticated” American voters.

Nancy Pelosi said she doesn’t know who “Grubby” Gruber is…she lied….and the stupid American voters died.

It wasn’t the “stupidity” of the American voters, it was the stupidity of the“Democratic politicians” as Nancy Pelosi so eloquently confirmed.

“Grubby” Gruber has at least one valid point: “Think about how stupid the average Democrat is, and then realize half of them are stupider than that.”

obama laughing

Now where we know what’s “in it,” isn’t it time to “repeal” the wretched “act of treason?”

Gruber Made Simple 03

Johnathan Gruber thinks that “exploiting the lack of economic understanding of the American voter” is very clever politics.

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