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Obama’s Economic Facts

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The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis released a summary report showing “key” performance measurements of America’s “economy” during the eight years of Barack Obama “malfeasance.”

His eight years did more to “destroy” America than any of the past presidents, be they Democrat or Republican. Take a look and let these few “charts” sink in:

Student loans exploded and are a literal time bomb ticking away at the millennial generation.
Food stamps soared as poverty dramatically increased.
Federal debt went through the roof as we added more debt than all other previous periods combined.
We printed lots of money to paper over the monetary effects.
Health costs went way up when we were told they would drop. ObamaCare was a huge flop.
Labor force participation went down as unemployment increased and many just dropped out of the workplace altogether.
Inequality went up and up, as the rich got richer and the middle class shrank.
Median income dropped.
Home ownership also fell way down.

Overall, Americans were “far worse off” than before and were told there was “NO” hope. The country was losing to China on “trade” and our children and grandchildren would “not live as well” as their parents and grandparents had.

And jobs would “never” return.

Now look at what has happened in the short years since Donald J. Trump was “surprisingly” elected President. You can call it a “total” turnaround.

Even the Clinton’s knew: “It is the economy stupid” that gets you reelected. We cannot go back to Democrat or “socialist” economics. Economic growth at 3% solves lots of problems and serves up a true “wealth” effect. Everyone benefits, especially “minorities, women and youth.”

When your “liberal” friends and relatives go on a silly “rip” about how great Obama’s economy was, whip this out—and be sure to point out that these “numbers” aren’t from a Republican source, but rather are “analyses” from the politically “independent” Federal Reserve, performing one of their assigned “federal” functions.

Gaze upon these graphs for a while and “contemplate” whether or not the Obama administration was embarked upon a Cloward-Piven strategy to bring this nation to such a “precarious and perilous” financial state as to justify a massive “federal seizure” of local programs and local governance, centralizing all power in Washington, DC, the Democrat dream.

We dodged a bullet by keeping “corrupt” Hillary Clinton from continuing this destructive “social, financial and amoral race to the abyss.”

Many “reluctantly” voted for Trump in 2016 as the “lesser of two evils.” Many will “vote” for him in 2020 as the “savior” of this great nation that Obama couldn’t “kill.”

Obama Legacy

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Life After Presidency 05

As we “draw” ever closer to the end of the Obama “presidency,” many folks have already begun “looking” at the president’s “accomplishments” and wondering what exactly his legacy is going to be.

Award-winning inventor of the greatest “fictional” characters of our time, Steven Spielberg will “re-document” the “Obama Legacy” to conform to “Current Truth.”

President Obama has been “consulting” high-profile celebrities about what to do as a “has-been” in his post presidential years.

High on the list of priorities is “damage control” ensuring a positive legacy.

White House staffers state that “nobody is more creative than Spielberg!”

“The advisers said Mr. Spielberg was focused on helping to develop a E.T. ‘narrative’ for Mr. Obama in the years after he leaves office.”

You may ask “why” doesn’t he just let Obama’s record speak for itself? Why a “narrative” to describe it.

Life After Presidency 03

Well, the “answer” is that Barack Obama rather let “revised” history decide whether he was a “good” president.

Especially in the “realm” of foreign policy.

Life After Presidency 04

Bush went into Iraq and toppled a “radical” dictator who not only proved to be a “threat” to America, but also was a “terror” to his own people.

Obama allowed a new dictatorial “regime” to go back in and create the same “mess” all over again by not dealing with “ISIS” the proper way.

He will go down in history as the “doofus” who called one of the world’s most dangerous and deadliest terror groups “Junior varsity,” and allowed them to set up “shop” in the Middle East “killing” thousands along the way.

The Democrats overwhelmingly “support” Obama’s foolish Iranian “nuclear” agreement. Many may one day pay the “ultimate” price for their “blind” devotion.

Life After Presidency 06

Obama needs a monument to his mountain of “lies, deception, deceit” and general “denial of reality” that are, of course, necessary to any people’s “revolution.”

So, as Obama continues seeking a “legacy” by which future generations can remember and “adore” him, he has naturally “renamed” America’s tallest mountain.

Being too “humble” to name a mountain after “himself,” he only named it after the central “policy” of his administration.

Life After Presidency 07

Let’s all welcome… “Mount Denial!”

In an interview on the website Tumblr, Obama was asked what he “expected” to be doing in 10 years. The president took more than “30 seconds” to respond, in a manner that suggested he had not yet “settled” on a good answer.

“I haven’t projected out 10 years,” he said, offering his standard promise to remain “engaged” in policy-making until his “last days” in the Oval Office.

Barryand Mochelle

“I know what I’ll do right after the next president is inaugurated. I’ll be on a beach somewhere drinking out of a coconut and eating bananas with Michelle.”

Obama Banana

Not exactly “something” you want to be “remembered” for, right?

Life After Presidency 02

Obama Outhouse

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Obama Outhouse 03

The U.S. Department of Justice is “investigating” a float that appeared at the annual Fourth of July parade in the small town of Norfolk, Neb. because the float featured a blue flatbed truck carrying a “zombie-looking” mannequin in overalls on the door of an outhouse labeled “Obama Presidential Library.”

The Justice Department sent a member of its Community Relations Service team to Norfolk (pronounced “Norfork” by many locals), reports the Omaha World-Herald.

The Community Relations Service team investigates “disputes” concerning discrimination.

The Justice Department bureaucrat attended a meeting on Thursday about the float fracas. Also in attendance at the meeting were representatives of the NAACP, the town mayor and members of “The Independent Order of Odd Fellows,” the group that organizes the yearly parade.

The float, which “depicted” Barack Obama’s Presidential Library as an “outhouse,” along with a zombie-type character is getting cries of “racism and hate” from the news media.

Dale Remmich, a veteran and the creator of the float, said that he made the float in response to the VA scandal, and that the overalls-clad mannequin in front of the outhouse represented himself — “not President Barack Obama.”

The point he was trying to make concerned his “frustration” with Obama’s “mismanagement” of the Veterans Affairs Department.

“The float was political satire and an expression of political disgust,” Remmich said. “There was no racism involved, no hate for anyone.”

Obama Outhouse 01

The kerfuffle began after parade attendee Glory Kathurima, a native of Kenya, became deeply unhappy about the float. “I’m angry and I’m scared,” she told a reporter from the Lincoln Journal Star. “This float was not just political; this was absolutely a racial statement.”

It’s not clear if Kathurima has seen a Nov. 29, 2006 political cartoon by famed Atlanta Journal-Constitution cartoonist Mike Luckovich which shows a “ratty outhouse” with a wooden sign out front emblazoned with the words “Bush Presidential Library.”

Obama Outhouse 00

Parade committee member Rick Konopasek said the Odd Fellows only “prohibit” floats with “morally” objectionable content — like, say, “nudity or sexually” explicit words.

“We don’t feel its right to tell someone what they can and can’t express,” Konopasek told the Journal Star. “This was political satire. If we start saying no to certain floats, we might as well not have a parade at all.”

The parade committeeman noted that the float was a “huge hit” with most people who watched it proceed slowly by. It even won an “honorable” mention in the “awards” ceremony.

Betty C. Andrews, who presides over NAACP branches in Nebraska and Iowa, said she was “baffled” that Remmich, the float creator, could have been attempting to “represent” himself on his own float.

“Looking at the float, that message absolutely did not come through,” she told the World-Herald.

The Nebraska Democratic Party, issued a statement, calling it one of the “worst shows of racism and disrespect for the office of the presidency that Nebraska has ever seen.”

There really seems to be “nothing” the main stream media “enjoys” more than “criticizing” conservatives, even when it “exposes” their own bias.

The Huffington Post, ABC News, The Washington Post, and CBS News all ran stories using “essentially” the same quotes about “racism” and how “offensive” the float was.

Of course, it was “totally” okay when the same “joke”was made about President George W. Bush in 2006.

Obama Outhouse 02

Regardless of “opinions” on the either the Bush or Obama administrations, we must begin to hold the media “accountable” for its “double” standard.

It seems, according to them, that it is totally okay to “depict” a Presidential Library as an outhouse, or burn him in effigy… if it is a Republican.

Obama Outhouse Parade Float Infuriates Nebraska Woman
Obama Administration Knew About VA’s Secret Wait Lists For Years

Obama Sucks

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Hat Tip: Obama: World would be better had Bush NOT toppled Saddam

Obama urged his “ardent” supporters to fight the racist tea-party-deniers’ campaign seeking to “discredit” Obama’s beyond dispute assertion that:

The world would be a “much better” place if George W. Bush had not “invaded” Iraq and “toppled” Saddam Hussein even though the result would have been:

  • that Saddam Hussein would still be in power and would at least have “dirty” nuclear bombs,
  • that Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi would still be in power because he would have completed his then highly-advanced nuclear-weapons program (rather than exposing and dismantling it in 2003 when he saw U.S. troops pull Saddam Hussein out of his spider hole and Qaddafi feared he’d be ‘next.’
  • Iran would not have suspended its nuclear-weapons program from 2003 until 2007 and would thus already have a nuclear bomb.

You may be stupid enough to ask, how would the world now be such a much better place?

Obama World 01

Because by now, my “smart-power” foreign policy would be on the verge of “persuading” all of them to peacefully “surrender” their nuclear arms not only to “make the world a better place” but to also join us in our “battle” against the greatest danger facing all of humanity: “Global Warming.”

The percentage of Americans “approving” of President Barack Obama’s handling of “foreign policy” issues has dropped to the “lowest level” of his presidency as he faces multiple “overseas” challenges, including in Iraq, according to a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

Obama World 02

Additionally, the public is evenly “split” on whether Obama is a “competent manager” of the federal bureaucracy.

And a majority of respondents – “54 percent” – believe the term-limited president is no longer “able to lead” the country.

Well, did you expect that a “crooked” community organizer would run the country better than his own “Fucked Up Beyond All Repair” (FUBAR) State of Illinois?

Meanwhile, say “what you want” about Cheney, he is at the very least super intelligent and very effective at whatever he does.

And, to add “insult to injury,” the new Libyan Government that Obama “helped” install condemns the US for capturing a terrorist who helped murdering Ambassador Stevens.


John Christopher Stevens was an American diplomat and lawyer who served as the U.S. Ambassador to Libya from June 2012 to September 12, 2012.

So how’s that “Gaddafi is dead” proclamation working out for you Mr. President?


Pee-wee Obama

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Pee Wee Obama 01

Evil and obviously “racist” sources are trying to draw a “parallel” between “black” Pee-wee Obama and the “white,” feminine character, Pee-wee Herman.

I have been watching Pee-wee Obama since the 1st day when he “realized” he could not only rent out nights in the Lincoln “bedroom” like his predecessor but actually turn the White House into a “gay” communal center.

Pee Wee Obama 03

I am confident that Low Information Voters (LIV’s) will “idolize” Pee-wee Obama who has never been arrested for “indecent exposure” in an adult theater; nor has ignored the rule of “law and common sense” by riding his girly bicycle without an appropriate CPSC approved, tested and mandated helmet.

After all, that melon “noggin” contains the national treasure which is called the “brain.” The IRS, not to mention the Secret Service (SS), NSA, FBI, CIA and select LGBTFQAPBCU© groups will make quick work of the persons “responsible” for the comparative slander.

Hopefully, Pee-wee Obama will not learn about this “defamation” from the news.

In Normandy, using his bicycle “riding skills” as a show of daring, Pee-wee Obama showed everyone that he is just as “macho” as the next president.

Pee Wee Obama 02

He also showed his “genius” by chewing gum and riding his “sissy” bicycle in circles around Putin to “demonstrate” his superiority skills of “defusing” critical obstacles like Pee-wee Herman was facing when he “walked” into a biker bar.


Obama Apology

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My Apology 01

Hat Tip: Obama Apologizes for Bergdahl Fiasco

Surprised by the adverse public and more importantly press reaction to the trade which saved POW private Bowe Bergdahl from the Taliban’s extremist, President Barack Obama today issued a public apology for the Taliban exchange deal.

Speaking off the record to a news conference with his closest four or five journalist friends, the President said “I’m sorry President Bush screwed this up so badly. Obviously, if I had been in charge, better decisions would have been made.”

The president went on to say he only “heard about the trade” while watching the evening news on MSNBC. “If someone had told me about this earlier, I would’ve stepped in and demanded to be involved in the process.”

My Apology 08

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Diane Feinstein also issued an apology, saying “I wish to apologize for my Republican colleagues whose failure to give us 30 days notice regarding the illegal prisoner swap they were considering caused this whole fiasco. And I’m shocked and appalled that they have so little regard for the law they passed and forced President Obama to sign.”

My Apology 09

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, interviewed at Katie’s restaurant in Wilmington DE echoed Senator Feinstein’s words and added “I also wish to apologize for the Koch Brothers who I’m sure are the motivating force for this UN-American action.”

Most of the Democrats were willing to “accept” the president’s apology – as one put it, “Oh well, stupid shit will happen” – but some were not as conciliatory.

In view of President Obama’s “courageous” deal with the Taliban National Security Adviser Susan Rice has announced its new annual “Honor and Distinction” inductees for those Americans that “exemplify” characteristics that run counter to “blind patriotism, professionalism, integrity, and common decency.”

My Apology 04

The glorious award is fittingly in the image of the “tombstone” of America’s founding father of “honor and distinction”, Sir Benedict Arnold.

Other great Americans who were grandfathered into the Hall of “Honor and Distinction” are:

The 2010 was presented to…

Award 01

The White House Mosque.

The 2011 inductee was…

Award 02

Barack Hussein Sotero Obama.

The 2012 inductee was…

My Apology 05

Jane Fonda supporting the enemy in Vietnam.

The 2013 inductee went to…

My Apology 06

Convicted late-term abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell.

and the 2014 award to none other than…

My Apology 07

AWOL deserter Bowe Bergdahl and Taliban collaborater.

while the 2015 inductee will be…

Award 03

It’s better not to argue with weak, old and senile women.

My Apology 02

How Obama Lost His Mojo
A sure sign Obama’s in really big trouble this time
An odd coincidence in the Bergdahl release?
Dems run for cover as details emerge about Bergdahl
Bergdahl is a Deserter, Defector, and Collaborator


Prosecute Obama–Now!

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Prosecute Obama 01In the wake of new accusations about “illegality” in President Obama’s handling of the trade of five senior Taliban commanders/terrorists for accused AWOL Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, millions of Americans are now beginning to understand just what CNN’s Joe Johns asked White House press secretary Jay Carney: “Does President Obama feel as if he’s above the law?”

The answer: Of course he does. And one week from today, on June 10, Breitbart News senior Ben Shapiro explains what Americans can do about it in his explosive new book, “The People vs. Barack Obama: The Criminal Case Against The Obama Administration.”

On June 9 Ben Shapiro will have an “exclusive” interview on Fox News’ Hannity that evening followed by an exclusive radio interview on “The Sean Hannity Show” the following day.

In the book, Shapiro makes the case for both “civil cases and criminal prosecutions” against members of the Obama administration based on scandals ranging from “Benghazi to the IRS’ persecution of conservatives; from Fast and Furious to Solyndra; from leaks of national security information to violations of privacy by the National Security Agency.”

Prosecute Obama 02

The book runs the gamut of “high crimes and misdemeanors” from President Obama to senior members of the executive branch. “The Obama administration is a quasi-criminal syndicate, a top-down system in which policies are decided at the highest levels, signals are sent, and low-level bureaucrats receive and implement them,” Shapiro writes.

Shapiro’s comprehensive assault on the Obama administration explains the “legal precedent” under which particular Obama officials could be charged and makes the case for legislation that would allow “prosecution and civil cases” against the president directly, including broadening the “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act” (RICO) to allow for suit against the president of the United States.

The book is relentless in its “expose” of Obama administration, a stunning indictment of a presidency “out of control,” and a road map for citizens and legislators.

Pre-sales are available at

Prosecute Obama 03

Obama and Easter

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As I was listening to the 2014 (and hopefully last) White House Easter prayer breakfast , I am more than ever “convinced” that Barack Hussein Obama is not a “Bible believing Christian”…but a “disguised” devout Muslim.

Here are three “indisputable” facts of “blasphemy:

Fact 1: Obama falsely stated that “we celebrate the glory of the Resurrection — all so that we might be forgiven of our sins and granted everlasting life. And more than 2,000 years later, it inspires us still.”

Bible Scholars generally agree that Jesus, who lived to about his thirties, died on the cross between 30-36 AD. For Obama’s statement that the Resurrection occurred “more than 2,000 years ago” to be true, Jesus would have had to have died and been resurrected in 13 AD or earlier.

Fact 2: Obama said “it’s also a chance to remember the tremendous sacrifice that led up to that day, and all that Christ endured — not just “as a Son of God,” but as a human being.

According to the teachings of the Bible Christ is “the” Son of God, not “a” Son of God. No “Bible believing Christian” would call Jesus Christ “a Son of God” as the President did.

Fact 3: Obama unexpectedly tapped the first openly gay Episcopal Bishop, Gene Robinson, to lead the closing Easter Prayer who tweeted about the honor, ironically taking the Lord’s name in vain in the process.

Obama Easter Message 02

“OMG,” for the religious uninitiated, is short for “Oh my God.”

No “Bible believing Christian” would call on a “gay” minister to give the Easter “blessing” since the Bible clearly teaches that “homosexuality” is a sin.

Obama Easter Message 03

In this week of White House “religiosity and intolerance,” let us pause for a moment and reflect on the final words of our “Community Organizer” Saul in his address to the nations “BO rinthians”….

“And cravenly seek the baser things. For I show you an even more corrupted way.”

“Though I shriek with the tongues of demons and harpies but have not envy, I am become unsounded brass and padded gongs. And though I have the gift of doublespeak and distorted all truth and all wisdom and though I have hypocrisy and cynicism to divide whole civilizations into paralyzing rancor and despair but stirred up no envy … I am nothing.”

“And though I tax all earned wealth to give to the idle and ungrateful and though I give up the careers and reputations of friends and underlings to be tossed under the bus … but increased not envy, it profits me nothing.”

“Envy tolerates nothing and is cruel. Envy does not love. Envy seeks but to provoke, thinks naught but evil, rejoices in iniquity, recoils from the truth, corrupts all things, finds all things unbearable, finds all things hopeless, makes all things unendurable.”

“Envy never fails. But whether there are resentments, they will fail. Whether there is degeneracy, it will cease. Whether there are falsehoods, it will pass away. For now we lie in part and we dissemble in part, but when he who is The One has come, then measures that were partial will be done away with.”

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, thought as a child, reasoned as a child, but when I failed to become a man, I redoubled my focus on childish things. But now abide Malice, Deceit and Envy — but the greatest of these is Envy.”

“But take heart!” “I, Barack Hussein Obama, have overcome the world.”

Obama Easter Message 04

Praise be to the “Almighty” Obama, the man who was “blinded” by envy on the road to “academic idolization” and, as result of his “moment of epiphany”, decided to dedicate his life to “anti-Christ” teachings as recorded in the testimonial “Rules for Radicals.”

Al Easter Message

And here is Al Sharpton’s message for Easter:

“I think that the message is, no matter what the world may do to unfairly, no matter how your crucified, nailed to the cross at home, or in your personal relationships, or on the job that you can rise if you don’t lose yourself during the hard times and the challenges.

The story of Jesus on the cross. No matter what they humiliated him with. No matter how they mocked him he took it, because he knew he could rise. And the story of Easter and my message for this Easter session is no matter what unearned suffering you go through, that if you know you can rise above it, don’t become like the diseases that you fight.

As I looked at President Obama at our convention where all he took he’s been able to rise politically again. I’m not comparing him to Jesus, but I am saying that to every crucifixion there is a resurrection for those who believe.”

Obama and Sharpton inspire me every time I think of them.

Obama Epitaphs

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Obama Epitaphs 01

Epitaphs for the Obama presidency (1)

Things are falling “apart” for Obama so fast (“freakout” is the current term showing up in even liberal outlets) that the measure of his presidency is already being taken. Bret Stephens, writing in the Wall Street Journal, has a particularly “pungent and insightful” column full of “near-aphorisms” on the president and the media forces which “sustain” him with “decreasing” effectiveness.

A sample: “A cavalier foreign policy by an inattentive president that elicits the contempt of the people it intends to punish ultimately encourages their aggression as well.”

Mom Jeans 02

We need a “fat” president. Or at least one who rarely thinks and never speaks about “how he looks in jeans.” And one who doesn’t spend his day testing his “wits” against a Hollywood stoner or “bantering” with Ryan Seacrest while a European ally is being “pummeled” by Russia. And one who would rather spend his time working than “working out or going golfing”, even if it means putting on a few pounds. And one who can “pitch” from the mound and “reach” home plate. However confined.


Epitaphs for the Obama presidency (2)

Bringing home the point that the youth vote has caught on that Obama is a “big phony,” a former Obama groupie has taken to YouTube to vent her “disgust” with the man she voted for. Worse, she has done so with a “compelling” visual image. Tom Tillison of BizPacReview writes:

Saying she was once among President Obama‘s “most hysterical supporters,” Carey Wedler wants the world to know she has come to see the president in a “different light” these past five years.

Wedler, who now calls Obama “the criminal-in-chief,” posted a video on her YouTube channel titled, “Why I’m burning my last bridge with Obama.” In the video, she is seen “burning” an Obama t-shirt she wore on the night he was first elected in 2008.

Watch her, and “enjoy” the rant:

Epitaphs for the Obama presidency (3)

American voters don’t care much about foreign policy … until they do. And President Barack Obama has painted himself (and our national security) into a corner. The estimable Roger Kimball clearly sees where this is leading:

In a melancholy passage of the “Nicomachean Ethics,” Aristotle observes  that we can follow certain “courses of action” which will put us in “situations” where there is no “right” response.  Whatever we do, it will be wrong, or at least unhappy.

Confronted with the West’s habitual acquiescence in the face of Russian (and not only Russian) swagger and belligerence, Aristotle would no doubt have said, “See what I mean,” or words to that effect.

Skillful diplomacy might have headed off the crisis in Crimea.  But we did not field skillful diplomats. We sent John Kerry, backed up by Barack Obama, Susan Rice, and Joe Biden. As in 1854, “someone had blundered.” Tennyson recorded the result.

 Today, the “reset button” turns out to have been “disconnected” at the source. Obama really did push it. Comrade Putin paid it no heed. He had taken the “measure of the man” long ago.


The odd thing about “national security” issues in American politics is that only a small percentage of voters – “those who pay attention” – really care about it. Most people “blissfully” assume there is nobody who can challenge the United States, and besides, if we just “leave people alone,” they won’t bother us. For a while. (Ask Jimmy Carter about that.)

As long as “reality” doesn’t intrude, Barack Obama’s focus on being a “domestic policy” president works out, more or less. His media allies can portray Republicans and conservatives as racist and omit form the news any mention of issues that would be embarrassing. But people like Vlad Putin don’t care what the American media do or say. They take the measure of Obama and then they act. And the results can get very ugly, so ugly that even“low information voters” begin to notice.

We are at the “cusp” of a whole lotta “noticing” going on.

Kimball continues:

What exactly are you going to do about that, Mr. President?  Besides, I mean, the “pretend” sanctions against 11 individuals that caused such hilarity among the Russians ? For five years, you’ve been jetting around the world at vast expense to “apologize” for America. You apologized to the “Muslims.” You apologized to “Hugo Chavez.” You bowed deeply to the “Saudi despot.”


You cancelled the promised missile defense programs for Poland and the Czech Republic, thereby both selling out important allies and waving the “flag of weakness” to the country that, come to think of it, might just be American’s “number one geopolitical foe,” as someone once said.

It’s all starting to “unravel”, isn’t it? The preposterous and hideously expensive socialized “ObamaCare”medicine program you “shoved down the throats” of the American people with no Republican support and “against the will” of a majority of the people. “Nancy Pelosi said we had to pass it to find out what’s in it.”

Well, you “bribed, cajoled, and threatened” to get it passed, and now the American people are indeed “finding out” what’s in it. “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan, period.” You said that over and over and over.

Obama Epitaphs 02

You knew it wasn’t true. But you decided to “lie” to the American people in order to set about “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”  That’s what you promised to do in 2008.  And boy have you made good on that promise.

Kimball sees where this is leading:

Meanwhile, those very American people you, like Mencken,  hold in such contempt: “they are waking up.”  They do not like what you are doing to this country. Which is why your approval rating is in the 30s.  That’s Bush territory. And all signs are that the impending direction is south.

Obama Epitaphs 03

It may seem extreme now, in March 2014.  But just wait.  I reckon it won’t be long before you’re faced with one of those unhappy dilemmas I mentioned at the outset. “Abdication or resignation” may be one option. The other begins with “i.” But that’s something that no establishment Republican wants to broach. Not yet, anyway. Not yet.

The next two and a half years are going to be “perilous” and very interesting (in the purportedly Chinese sense of the term).

Exercising Your Right to Choose a Doctor You’d Never Choose
Florida Woman Struggles to UN-enroll from ObamaCare
ObamaCare Premiums Set to Skyrocket

Obama Epitaphs 04

Black Holocaust

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Black Babies 01

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, some 30% of all “abortions” in the United States are performed on “black” women, and another 25% are performed on “Hispanic” women.

Rev. John J. Raphael of Howard University has calculated that approximately “13 million black children” have been killed before birth since “Roe v. Wade,” representing a population “decrease” in the black community of nearly one quarter.

Almost 40% of all “black” pregnancies currently “end in abortion.”

This was the dream of the “population control” eugenicists’ whose heirs would eventually “force abortion” into the American mainstream.

The early proponents of “population control” in the United States were “eugenicists” like Margaret Sanger, founder of “Planned Parenthood,” who stated,

“We should apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.”

In 1922, she expanded on this “perverse” idea:

“We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

Sanger may not have targeted blacks “alone” for population control, but if targeting “poverty” meant targeting “blacks and other racial minorities,” she was certainly for it.

Black Babies 03

And while Sanger was “anti-abortion” – she saw birth control as a preventive measure against abortion – she believed that “population control” in the black community was a necessity.

Her heirs would “broaden” her concern with birth control into a program for “full-scale abortion” legalization.

This program was “ineffective” for decades, thanks to the rise of the “black middle class” and the stability of the “black family structure.”

By the mid-1960s, half of black Americans had moved into the middle class, according to Kay Hymowitz; in 1965, just 24 percent of black children were born to single mothers.

Those numbers still lagged behind the statistics for “white” Americans, which prompted the “left” to propose an entire system of “government intervention” to rectify the imbalance.

The result, however, was precisely the “opposite” of what was intended: “thanks to the rise of the welfare state, which incentivized single motherhood, as well as a cultural shift discarding traditional family structure as a standard to be emulated, the black single motherhood rate skyrocketed.”

Black “entry” into the middle class stalled.

Black Babies 02

Today, 73 percent of all children “born” in the black community are “born out of wedlock.” According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 35 percent of “black” Americans live in “poverty.” In 1966, the black poverty rate was 41 percent.

There is no doubt that “single motherhood” has statistically crippled “economic development” in the black community.

But instead of “recognizing” that single motherhood is an effect of both “declining standards of morality and government benefits programs designed to excuse that decline,” the left has “blamed” children themselves.

President Barack Obama “infamously” characterized the notion of one of his daughters experiencing an “unplanned” pregnancy as being “punished with a baby.”

Black Babies 04

On the 41st anniversary of “Roe v. Wade,” Obama declared abortion a vital element in allowing “everyone… the freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams.”

And on the economic front, economist Steven Levitt has justified abortion as a way of fighting crime.

The result has been “success far beyond the dreams” of the social Darwinian “eugenicists” whose ideological heirs would eventually make “abortion” in America a “booming” industry.

Gosnell and Obama

It just took an “undermining” of the social order by “government intervention” to accomplish that “horrifying” feat.

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