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Dildo Nativity Scene

Posted in sex with tags , , , , , on December 25, 2016 by andelino

Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus painted on dildos.

It’s not “unusual” for stores across Spain to get into the “seasonal spirit” with their own special version of a “nativity scene” in the shop window.

But when “Non Sit Peccatum,” a sex shop in the town of Talavera de la Reina near Toledo chose to display “sex toys” depicting the iconic “biblical” scene, it caused somewhat of “fuss.”

Shop owner Héctor Valdivielso “commissioned” an artist to paint the figures of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus on “ceramic” dildos.

At first, the display proved “popular” and people would pause outside to take photos of the “unusual” nativity scene.

But it wasn’t long before it started to draw “negative” attention and the owner was subjected to “angry” outbursts by people “claiming to be offended.”

“A man with his wife ordered me to remove the offending scene and said that if I didn’t he would remove it himself,” Valdivielso recounted on his Facebook account, adding that he was “subject to a barrage of insults and had to call the police.”

Next the shop sign was “vandalized” with the word “pecadores” (sinners) and the owner “discovered” a group calling themselves the “Children of the Virgin Mary” had launched a “boycott” on the store.

One day a “crowd” of around a dozen people gathered outside the shop to “harangue” customers.

“It was affecting my business,” explained Valdivielso. “Who wants to come to a store like this to hear a sermon?”.

Later, he “withdrew” the window display and “replaced” it with a poster inviting passersby to “vote on whether he should reinstate it.”

The public “overwhelmingly” voted for its return, with “78.5 percent” of the 988 people who responded, “insisting” it should be displayed.

“People asked me not to give in to blackmail,” Valdivielso said. “So it’s going back in the window”.


This is the problem with stuck up, “diehard” religious people who “freak out” about everything “Christmas” related. They’re never happy and never will be.

The people complaining about this “dildo nativity scene” are the same people who would complain about people who say “Happy Holidays” or complain that their Starbucks cup isn’t “red with Santa Claus on it.”

If you complain about people not saying “Merry Christmas” you can’t then turn around and say a “dildo nativity scene” is out of bounds. I’m sorry. You’re either “pro-Christmas or anti-Christmas.” No fence-straddling here.

That’s like being a “hypocrite.” You can’t have it “both” ways.

Ah, the “Christmas” season. It just wouldn’t be the same without the bustle of “Yuletide” shopping, sweet “mince” pies and McDonald’s Christmas “cups” full of steaming hot drinks.


Festooned with “cozy” mittens, snowflakes and stars, it’s a scene of “innocence” that will warm the “cockles of your heart” while  spreading a little “butt cheek” Christmas cheer.

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