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China Evil Has No Limit

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No matter the blood. Nobody is spared. Students, workers, businessmen, parents, sons, daughters, even relatives all became the Chinese Communist Party’s prey. And for no other reason than striving to live by universal principles, such as truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance. Nevertheless no torture, evil, or death, can bend true faith.

No Limit EBT Cards

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No EBT Card Limits 00During a recent “test” of the new and improved Obama “budgetary system”, upper spending limits on EBT/SNAP cards were temporarily suspended at two Wal-Mart stores in the State of Louisiana.

When this was “discovered” and word spread, the residents began to “stimulate” the economy by helping “themselves” to needed commodities for “distribution” to the poor and oppressed in their communities.

The test was “wildly” successful and, like the “Affordable Health Care Act,” will be promptly “implemented” at the National level by the Obama Administration.

Shelves in Wal-Mart stores in Springhill and Mansfield, LA were reportedly “emptied” when the stores allowed purchases on “EBT Cards” even though they were not showing any “spending” limits.

No EBT Card Limits 02

Empty shelves at the Springhill Wal-Mart store after a run on meat and other food products.

The food stamp “chaos” that followed ultimately required “intervention” from local police, and left behind numerous “carts” filled to overflowing, apparently abandoned when the “glitch-spurred” shopping frenzy ended.

No EBT Card Limits 03

Springhill Police Chief Will Lynd “confirmed” they were called in to “help” the employees at Wal-Mart because there were so many people “clearing” off the shelves.

He said Wal-Mart was so packed, “It was worse than any black Friday” that he’s ever seen.

No EBT Card Limits 05

Lynd explained the cards weren’t showing “limits” and they called corporate Wal-Mart, whose spokesman said to let the people “use the cards” anyway.

From 7 to 9 p.m. people were “loading” up their carts, but when the cards began “showing” limits again around 9 p.m. one woman was “detained” because she rang up a bill of $700.00 and “only had .49 cents” on her card.

No EBT Card Limits 07

EBT Card carrying woman takes advantage of the glitch by stocking up on her favorite apple juice.

She was held by police until corporate Wal-Mart said they wouldn’t “press charges” if she left the food the behind.

Lynd says at 9 p.m. when the cards came back “online” and it was announced over the loud speaker, people just left their “carts full of food” in the aisles and left.

No EBT Card Limits 04

Carts overflowing with food left abandoned after balances started showing up again on customers’ EBT cards.

“Just about everything is gone, I’ve never seen it in that condition,” said Mansfield Wal-Mart customer Anthony Fuller.

So let me see if I got this right?

The EBT card “fiasco” in Louisiana gave “unlimited” buying power to these moochers.

The lowlife “electronic looters” then frantically called their families and friends on their Obama phones to tell them “to come and loot” quickly before it stops.

This perfectly reflects their “mentality” of thievery.  After all they are the “victims.”

If their “excuse” for receiving government help is that they are “hungry” and need to “feed” their families why not give them a bag of flour, potatoes, beans, dried meat and vegetables every week and let them “make” their own food.

It’s not like they have anything else to do or go to work.

No EBT Card Limits 09

On the other hand I can understand the “thievery” when President Obama at the inaugural luncheon munched on Lobster, Bison, Apple Pie with all the trimmings, while his “starving” unemployed entitlement companions and “undocumented” workers have to “succumb” to buy food with EBT Cards or “steal” them from participating grocery stores.

Obama thinks of “every” way how to “redistribute” goods to these “privileged” voters.

Isn’t “Next Tuesday” wonderful?

EBT Cards with No Debt Ceiling

No EBT Card Limits 01

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