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Fight for Religious Freedom

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Pastor Shane Idleman and Pastor John MacArthur.

Fight for Religious Freedom
by Shane Idleman

Pastor MacArthur has been an exceptional example of standing for religious liberty. I truly value his ministry. This article is not meant to take anything away from that but to clarify the importance of standing for “religious freedom.”

We recently had a Christian from the “persecuted” church in China speak at our church. Her story was very moving as she talked about spending six years in a Chinese prison for her “faith.”

I kept thinking, “I wonder if persecuted Christians would like more freedom?” No doubt many would say, “Absolutely.” Religious freedom is a gift from God.

Although we disagree on non-essentials like the gifts of the Spirit, I have benefited greatly from the ministry of John MacArthur, and I use the MacArthur Study Bible. However, there are times when we need to lovingly show the other side of the coin.

In a recent article, Pastor MacArthur was quoted as saying, “I told our congregation a few weeks ago that I could never really concern myself with religious freedom. I wouldn’t fight for religious freedom because I won’t fight for idolatry. Why would I fight for the devil to have as many false religions as possible and all of them to be available to everyone?”

I understand where he is coming from, but shouldn’t we “defend our freedom” to worship Jesus when given the opportunity? And isn’t that what he and other pastors like myself, Jack Hibbs, and Rob McCoy are doing by staying open during the pandemic . . . “exercising and defending religious freedom?”

Promoting religious freedom is not idolatry. “The Word of God is like a lion. You don’t have to defend a lion. All you have to do is let the lion loose, and the lion will defend itself” (C.H. Spurgeon).

Ironically, many of the men and women who died for our freedoms did not die for what America is becoming today. Many gave their lives in order that we would have religious freedom rather than capitulate to a godless society.

I wonder what Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, and Knox would say if asked the same question about religious freedom? They all pushed for it during the Reformation. What about Tyndale and Huss who were burned at the stake for simply declaring the truth? What would they say about having the freedom to worship God and read His Word?

Politics won’t save America any more than a dumbbell will save someone who is drowning; however, we cannot ignore our God-given civic responsibility and the massive impact that politics has on our society. We make a huge mistake in comparing our system of government with the system that the Apostle Paul was under. God blessed America with religious freedom, at least initially.

In the realm of government, there are two primary areas of responsibility for us to consider. One is God’s eternal kingdom; the other is the world’s political system. We have a responsibility to both, and God’s eternal principles establish the foundation for both.

Our political system, ordained by God, oversees the affairs of men. The primary role of government is to secure our God-given rights. One of the primary purposes of government is to protect the freedom to express our love for God.

This issue of religious freedom has never been more important in America than it is today. Mr. Potato Head is being renamed, but Cardi B can pollute the minds of the innocent. We’ll allow a transgender person to be the Assistant Secretary of Health, but say nothing about the sexual exploitation of our children.

Pastors are being threatened with large fines and jail time for keeping churches open while pot shops, liquor stores, and abortion clinics get a free pass. If you ask me, and countless others, “religious freedom” is worth fighting for.

We don’t have to compromise our principles to be involved in politics. What good is salt left in the shaker, or a light that is hidden? “Politics” is not a bad word. In simple terms, politics refers to governing or leading a group of people. I think God’s Word has a great deal to say about that. Silence is not an option.

I’ll close with a story I often tell: “Why didn’t someone do something?” Those five words still haunt my thoughts today.

Some time ago, I sat speechless as I listened to a man recount his trip to a “holocaust” museum with his young daughter. As they walked by photos of the “death camps” and “gas chambers”, his daughter silently contemplated the horrors that were unfolding before her eyes.

When the tour ended, they drove home without saying a word. The father wondered if she truly understood the significance of the event. Was she too young to view such depravity? Would it make a negative impact on her life? Would it leave her fearful and wounded? Would she begin to doubt God?

His questions were answered nearly two hours later when his daughter finally spoke. She looked at her father and asked, “Daddy, why didn’t someone do something?”

Will we hear those same haunting words from our children and grandchildren? Yes! If we fail to contend for what is right via “religious freedom” we may see a time in our future when our children will ask, “Why didn’t someone do something?” Sadly, we may not be able to answer.


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Far-left Democrat Alexandria (Sandy) Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has recently come under fire for comparing “Immigration and Customs Enforcement” (ICE) “detention centers” to “concentration camps.”

Displaying at best a “weak” understanding of the “Holocaust” and at worst, the insidious anti-Semitism creeping into the Democratic Party exposes a growing “divide” within the party.

The “Israeli Holocaust” museum has “condemned” her remarks and Americans everywhere are asking AOC to “apologize.” This journalist decided to ask her Muslima “colleague” Ilhan Omar what she thought about comparing “detention centers to concentration camps.”

Not only does Omar completely agree with AOC, she told him: “I don’t even know why this is a controversial thing for her to say.”

The “mental” gymnastics the Democratic duo are using to call ICE detention centers “concentration camps” is almost too much to handle.

Millions of people were systematically “murdered” in Nazi concentration camps, comparing that to the detainment of “illegal” migrants voluntarily breaking the “law” is disgraceful.

These two ugly, “uneducated” simpletons, Ilhan Omar and Sandy Ocasio-Cortez, are “mentally” challenged. Strictly speaking nobody should bother asking them for their “idiotic” views because they are so “predictable, pathetic and irresponsible” with history about the Holocaust.

Yes, there is a “crisis” on our southern border. Though to be fair, not a “Holocaust” level crisis, no matter what low information “dinkuses” like AOC and Omar want you to think.

But crisis enough that “Congress” should act. The rub is, as conservative Dan Crenshaw points out, Democrats are too busy living in a “different world” to do anything about it.

Democrats are teetering in between “investigation and impeachment.” That’s really all they can’t think about. They really don’t “care” about governing.

Governing would include “solving” the border crisis. The border patrol is stretched “extremely” thin. Their morale is going to be “low” at this point. They feel like “no one” has their back. It’s really not “fair” to our men and women down there.

I’ve lost track over who is winning the left’s “I hate ICE more than you” game. I think Cory Booker was in the lead by not only “abolishing” ICE, but wanting to abolish anything made of “frozen water” just to be on the safe side.

Crenshaw’s broader point is that while Democrats are still trying to investigate Trump “more and better than Mueller did” there are any number of pressing issues being ignored. The “border crisis” being near the top of the list.

A Polish member of parliament Dominik Tarczyński wrote a letter to AOC.

What AOC and Omar are doing is cheapening the millions of “lives lost” so they can help their “sick” party win elections. Sad to see these two “dullards” keep trying to make excuses for using the “Holocaust and anti-Semitics” to score American “political” points.

I would be nice if AOC would take the MP up on his offer. She’ll probably just Instagram herself making “Matzoh” ball soup instead furthering her “education,” especially if one has the intellectual “prowess” of a plastic spoon.

“This video was from 1 year ago this week – before my primary & the Fox News cycle. I flew to the concentration camp where the Trump admin was keeping children they stole from their parents. Back then, I was voicing my conscience. I still am.” #AbolishICE. —  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez‏2Verified account @AOC

“The same deeply anti-Semitic stereotypes and accusations we hear today were the same fuel which powered the Holocaust death camps.”

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World Peace Award

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World Peace Award 00

North Korean “despot” Kim Jong-un is no stranger to “dubious” accolades and has already been “crowned” Supreme Military Commander, National Defense Chairman and First Secretary of the Worker’s Party.

Now it emerged that Kim Jong-un is to “receive” yet another prestigious award, though for once, it has not been “bestowed” by the North Korean state.

Instead he is in “line” for an international award extolling his “peace, justice and humanity” thanks to an Indonesian charity.

World Peace Award 03

It is the second “unusual” award to be bestowed upon the North Korean leader, who was “crowned” TIME magazine’s “2012 Person of the Year” after the public vote was “hijacked” by internet pranksters.

The new appointment has “sparked” an onslaught of “ridicule and disbelief,” forcing Indonesia’s Sukarno Education Foundation to “defend” itself.

They have dismissed criticism as “Western propaganda,” and insist claims the North Korean “dictator” has an “appalling” human rights record are “fabricated.”

“The allegations about human rights abuses are untrue,” said Rachmawati Sukarnoputri, who “runs” the Sukarno Education Foundation.

World Peace Award 01

“That’s all just Western propaganda. Those Western governments like to put ugly labels on North Korea.”

Ms. Rachmawati, who is the “daughter” of Indonesia’s founding president, drew “parallels” between Kim the younger and her own father, who “ruled” the Southeast Asian archipelago until he was “overthrown” in 1965.

“Sukarno was also accused of being an evil dictator who violated human rights, but this was proven otherwise over time,” she said.

Not everyone is “shocked” by the announcement, with local newspaper The Jakarta Globe “pointing” out the foundation has previously given the “same” award to Kim’s grandfather Kim Il-sung, who “founded” the North Korean “dictatorship.”

It has also “reignited” the debate online over the “political” leanings of international prizes, such as China’s “controversial” decision to hand a “Confucius Peace Prize” to former Cuban “revolutionary” Fidel Castro.


The United Nations has already “warned” Kim Jong-un that he could face “prosecution” after it accused him of “meting” out some of the worst human rights “abuse” since the Second World War.

February 2014 a senior panel “branded” the North Korean regime a “shock to the conscience of humanity” and compared its prisons to “Nazi death camps.”


The panel cited “gruesome” accounts of inmates at the “prison” camps, which hold up to 10,00 people, being “beaten, tortured and starved” to death en masse.

Indonesia has “enjoyed” a longstanding relationship with North Korea since 1960, but a “recent” poll by the BBC World Service suggested that just “28 per cent” of Indonesians viewed North Korea’s “influence” as positive.

Obviously, as everyone knows, Kim Jong-un isn’t a “bad” dude. He’s probably just “misunderstood,” that’s all. For years now all we’ve been “hearing” about Kim Jong-un doing “atrocious” things like this and like that.

World Peace Award 02

Well, Kimmy junior probably “killed” a turtle farmer because he wasn’t breeding enough lobster. He may have “executed” a North Korean Defense Minister with an anti-aircraft gun for falling asleep during a meeting. And he “supposedly” said he wants to wipe out America during the Korean War anniversary celebrations.

Why would a psychotic “Looney” whose favorite hobby of all time is “executing” his people be receiving an award for “World Peace?”

World Peace Award 04

Did people “forget” that Kim Jong-un has “created” the most potent Viagra pill of all time and has also “found” the cure for AIDS?

Good for “Kimbo.” I’m glad he’s finally getting the “respect” around the world that he “deserves.” Besides, he is also well “known” for being a “great” dancer…

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