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Meet Aisha Alexa

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Introducing Aisha Alexa (aka “Halalexa”), Amazon’s new Sharia-compliant, fully Halal edition of Alexa that uses the Koran and even Hadith to answer your questions!

This is the ONLY version of the Amazon Echo that Muhammad would approve of!

Dressed appropriately, she’s totally subservient and unfailingly obedient. Best of all, she can take a beating and keep on repeating all the hate-filled, violent, and misogynistic beliefs inherent to Islam that will make you feel as if you have never left the 7th century.

If you are pressed for time Fast Forward to 2:10

Just in time for Christmas, the perfect gift for all your Islamic supremacist male friends!

Muhammad resigns as Prophet

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On the heels of this week’s “resignation” of Karl Marx as leading figure in the “communist” movement due to allegations of sexual misconduct, the triggered social justice organizers of the “#MeToo” collective have claimed the scalp of another progressive icon.

At a press conference, supported by her family and lawyers, a woman named Aisha claimed that she was “consumed” as a bride by Prophet Muhammad when she was nine years old. When asked why it took so long for her to come out, she stated that she feared “nobody” would believe her since the testimony of a woman is not worth a lot in her social circle. The crying woman also confessed that Muhammad used to beat her when she displeased him, and she feared physical retribution.

The lawyer representing the accused prophet, denied the gravity of the accusations, saying that everyone was doing it at the time,” and that his client “did not remember the situation in quite the same way.”

But later that day more stories emerged from other victims, encouraged by Aisha’s testimony and resulting in the viral “#MuhammadToo” campaign on Twitter.

The first ones to come out were members of a Muslim Boy Scout group, who claimed that Muhammad ordered their fathers to beat them if they refused to pray. They were followed by a slave girl who was a victim of sex trafficking and claimed that the Prophet of Islam was present while she was being gang-raped shortly after his companions captured her and turned her into a sex slave.

These revelations led the Grand Imam Ahmed Muhammad Ahmed el-Tayeb, the prestigious Islamic university in Cairo, to issue a statement, calling on Muhammad to step aside. “I’ve struggled with this decision because he’s been a good Prophet, and I consider him a friend,” the statement said. “But that cannot excuse his behavior and his mistreatment of women.”

Reacting to pressure from colleagues and the media, Muhammad called a press conference and “declared” that after a good deal of “soul-searching and consulting” with his family members and lawyers, he finally made the tough decision to “step down as prophet,” a move that many in the Muslim community saw as a “shock,” followed by a sudden sense of “relief.”

The first world leader to “respond” was the Grand Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran. “I consider Muhammad a dear friend and respect his accomplishments, but he has a higher obligation to his believers,” Mr. Khamenei said in a short statement. “Now that his legacy is tainted beyond repair, I call for the immediate dissolution of Islam as an ideology and a political movement. We are making preparations to convert the Islamic Republic of Iran back to Zoroastrianism immediately. Praise Zarathustra.”

Worldwide, Muslims are now “discovering” further evidence of Muhammad’s past “misdeeds” in the Islamic holy texts, which has “remained” overlooked for 14 centuries, despite having been “reproduced” in millions of Qur’an copies, written or printed in black ink on white paper.

“If only I had known!” cried King Salman of Saudi Arabia, who spoke on behalf of the world’s majority of Muslims. “Now that I’m reading the Qur’an more thoroughly, I’m suddenly finding all kinds of sexual misconduct and other improper behavior. All this talk about killing apostates, terrorism, and torture. Who could have guessed? He seemed like such a nice gentleman.”

King Salman has not yet made a “decision” on what new replacement religion he will impose on his country, but insiders have indicated he is “showing an interest in Judaism.”

People in the Palestinian territories of Gaza and the West Bank celebrated the “resignation” today by dancing in the streets and “passing” out candy to children. Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, also known as Abu Mazen, insisted that from now on he wanted to be known only as “Mr. Mo” and described the new faith of his people as “officially atheist.”

With no more reason for “strife and jihad” to continue, Mr. Mo set up a telephone call with Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu, proposing to start “negotiations” about the incorporation of the territories previously “controlled” by the PLO and HAMAS into the state of Israel. “Because after all,” the PLO leader explained, “their army has hotter chicks.”

Linda Sarsour was seen “entering” a nunnery. According to inside sources, she will henceforth be known as “Sister Linda of the Sacred Heart.” The abbess declined an interview, saying only that “Sister Linda has taken a vow of silence, to atone for her sins. Leave her alone. She has suffered enough.”

The website The Religion of Peace, known to keep track of “jihad terror” worldwide, has acknowledged a complete lack of new material since Muhammad’s resignation and announced that it will probably have to shut down. “The world seems to have suddenly become a less violent and a much safer place,” their editorial stated, asking readers to contact them if they find a reasonable explanation for this phenomenon.

Manufacturers of real news, CNN and BBC, were quick to point out that this newfound “tranquility” should not make us jump to conclusions, stressing that “world peace has nothing to do with the disappearance of Islam, and saying otherwise makes one a bigoted racist or maybe even a Trump supporter.”

For the readers who would like to “learn” more about the now “abolished” religion known as “Islam,” we heartily recommend the new, guaranteed “Non-Fake-News” publication, The Gospel According to Muhammad.

It is available on Amazon. Buy your copy now, before the thought police raids out clandestine printing machines.

The Gospel according to Muhammad with thrilling new stories
ANTIFA tears down statue of Muhammad
Muhammad cartoon festival’s winning drawing

Weinstein converts to Islam

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Qasim Rashid, attorney and casting director for Islamic Women in Entertainment International, says Harvey Weinstein has converted to Islam and agreed to head the newly-formed Rotherham Studios United Kingdom.

RSUK’s first project will be a feature-length Muslim feminist action film about community warriors who preempt the sexual abuse of women through the strict application of Islamic law. The working title of the film is rumored to be “Majority Report.”

According to Rashid, secular state laws have failed to protect women because they only punish the actor once the act is completed, they don’t prevent the act in the first place.

“That’s where Islamic films can help,” he said. “States are not moral actors but people are, and any expectation that we can simply pass a law to stop sexual abuse is foolish. Islamic teachings and the Prophet Muhammad’s example provide a solution that no state truly can.”

RSUK’s goal is to present Islamic concepts to movie audiences in a graphically exciting way, said Rashid, who provided a few pages from the script of “Majority Report.”

Based on verses from the Quran, the script establishes a world where women are equal beings, protected by a community of men who provide for every financial, sexual, social, and fashion need. When threatened by a counter-Jihad of Buddhist, Hindu, and Judeo-Christian invaders, the Islamic community warriors respond by ensuring that women maintain autonomy and self-determination.

“This involves a lot of harems and preemptive beheadings,” said Rashid, “but we’re confident the Motion Picture Association will change the current X rating to PG-13. Either that, or we’ll just release the film on YouTube.”

Weinstein was unavailable for comment at press time, but Rashid said he would make the producer available under his new Islamic name for a future interview.

“We can’t yet reveal Weinstein’s new name, but if revelations about his sexual abuse shocked you, then you’re dangerously ignorant to reality,” Rashid said.

“The greater disease is arrogance, unaccountability, societal apathy. Male sexual abuse of women will only decrease when men stop abusing women. Islam and Prophet Muhammad provide a practical solution, and RSUK will do its part to bring that solution to the world.”

Qasim Rashid writes in The Independent that the Weinstein affair could have been prevented if we would all follow the rules of the woman-friendly religion of Islam.

I think this “glorious” article deserves its own “screen” cap.

Qasim Rashid seems very “rational and uninhibited” by the Western world around him. We will need ones like him for our future.

Islam is the answer! Because headless, dead women cannot be raped! OK, technically they can be, but who in their right mind would do that beside perhaps Mohammed, who “raped” Aisha when she was 9 years old.

Abuse could have been “prevented” if Harvey Weinstein were a Muslim and “treated” women as potted plants.

In fact, the only way for Weinstein to “revive” his career and win back the “feminists is to convert to Islam.

How the teachings of Islam could help us prevent more sexual abuse scandals

Can Islam Help Us Prevent More Sexual Abuse Scandals?

The Perfect Man

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A billboard “exposing” the truth about “The Perfect Man” can be seen from the southbound lanes of I-465 on the east side in Indiana. It’s drawing “huge” attention from motorists.

At the bottom of the billboard in yellow reads “Educate Truthophobes.” A search of “Truthophobes” online leads to multiple “anti-Muslim” groups, specifically an Australian group with “similar” messaging.

Islamic “leaders” in Indianapolis are “challenging” those responsible for “The Perfect Man” billboard saying it is “offensive.”

Indiana Muslim representative Andre Carson said he believes the billboard is “untrue” and that the billboard’s author takes Islamic “text and history” out of context just like “Al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Klan do to religious texts to justify their bigotry.”

Interestingly, Muslims and Dhimmis are bitterly “bitching” about this billboard which they imply is “dissing” the Prophet  Muhammad, although neither “Muhammad” nor “Islam” is mentioned?

How do those “critics” connect the billboard to their “Prophet  Muhammad?”

According to “Educate Truthophobes” Islam, being a “false and malicious” contrivance, is extremely “fragile.” It cannot withstand “questioning or criticism.”

So, who is “The Perfect Man”? 

Wikiislam:  “In Islam, the Prophet Muhammad is known as al-Insān al-Kāmil (the perfect human) and uswa hasana (an excellent model of conduct). “

In the Qur’an 33:21: Indeed in the Messenger of Allâh (Muhammad ) you have a good example to follow for him who hopes in (the Meeting with) Allâh and the Last Day and remembers Allâh much. If you want to get into Jannah, you better meet Allah on good terms when Judgment Day rolls around. So who should you emulate and what did he do?

Married a six year old

While Khadija was alive, Muhammad did not dare to take another wife. After her death, he married Sauda, a widow. Shortly thereafter, he married the six year old daughter of his bosom buddy, Abu Bakr. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I direct doubters, dissenters & deniers to this blog post which quotes the muttawir ahadith relevant to the marriage to Aisha.

Imran Firasat created a graphic novel based on the story, watch it here:


No, it ain’t on the billboard, would not fit. Muhammad did not consummate the marriage until Aisha was nine years old. In the interim, he was practicing “Mufakhathat.” He was “thighing” the little girl! Read about it here, including a link to a fatwa permitting thighing “cuz it is sunnah!”

Beheaded 600 Jews in one day

The number is “inexact” cuz the records only give us a range.

Wikiislam: “The Jews were made to come down, and Allah’s Messenger imprisoned them. Then Muhammad went out into the marketplace of Medina, and he had trenches dug in it. He sent for the Jewish men and had them beheaded in those trenches. They were brought out to him in batches. They numbered 800 to 900 boys and men.” Ishaq 464

The quote is from Guillaume’s translation which you can read here. The story is told in Sahih Bukhari.

 Slave owner and dealer 

A slave owner had “declared” his will that his slave be “emancipated” on his death. Muhammad seized the “slave and sold” him. You can read about it in Sahih Bukhari .  Muhammad owned a “black” slave, read about it in vol. 8.


Muhammad had “nine” wives and used to “visit them all in one night” meaning he had “sex” with all of them. Read about it in vol. 7.  Read more about his wives here.


Sad but true. Muhammad took “sex slaves” from among the captives. Safiya was one of them.

Tortured and killed unbelievers

Safiya, whose “rape” was mentioned above, was the bride of Kinanna, chief of the Jewish settlement at Khaibar Oasis. Muhammad had him “tortured” to discover the location of their gold. When Kinanna remained “silent,” Muhammad had him “killed.” Read about it in “The Life Of Muhammad.” The story is on page 515.

Wikiislam:  Kinana b. al-Rabi’, who had the “custody” of the treasure of the B. al-Nadir, was brought to the apostle who asked him about it. He “denied” that he knew where it was. A Jew came (Tabari says “was brought”) to the apostle and said that he had seen Kinana going round a certain “ruin” every morning early. When the apostle said to Kinana, “Do you know that if we find you have it I shall kill you?” he said Yes. The apostle gave orders that the ruin was to be “excavated” and some of the “treasure” was found. When he asked him about the rest he “refused” to produce it, so the apostle gave “orders” to al-Zubayr b. al-‘Awwam, ‘Torture him until you extract what he has,” so he kindled a fire with “flint and steel” on his chest until he was nearly dead. Then the apostle “delivered” him to Muhammad b. Maslama and he “struck off his head” in revenge for his brother Mahmud.

In Islamic law, slander is “anything the hearer might not like”, the hearer being the subject.  Muhammad is dead; he can’t “hear” what is on that billboard and cannot “see” it.

In Islamic law, “truth” is not a defense against accusations of “slander.” But we are not under “Islamic” law. At least not yet.

Rima Shahid, Executive Director of the “Muslim Alliance of Indiana.”

“It is a horrible billboard. I’m outraged by it, but saddened at the same time. I would like to know who is behind it. It seems very cowardly to me. If you have some kind of stance, you should want to stand up next to your statement. I didn’t think there was any room for hate in our city. This billboard tells me otherwise. This kind of rhetoric just furthers division in our state and makes a neighbor question a neighbor, just like I am today.”

This is “proof” that the billboard speaks the “truth.” Let’s start a “campaign” to have these billboards in every “city” in America.

Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah – The Life of Muhammad Translate

Muslim Inbreeding

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Up to half of all Muslims are “inbred.” Shocked? You should be. Nevertheless, it is “true.”

How is that “possible,” and why is it so “prevalent?” These questions should be “asked” and asked “loudly.”

As “scandalous” as this topic may be, people seem to be “unaware” of its commonality in the Middle East as a “social” practice.

With increased “immigration,” what was once “taboo” is now becoming common “knowledge” in Western nations, thanks to “Islam.”

British geneticist, Professor Steve Jones of the University College London, stated in relation to Muslim inbreeding “It is common in the Islamic world to marry your brother’s daughter, which is actually genetically closer than marrying your cousin.”

WikiIslam, the online resource on Islam states that:

“A BBC report discussed Pakistanis in the United Kingdom, 55% of whom marry a first cousin. Given the high rate of such marriages, many children come from repeat generations of first-cousin marriages. The report states that these children are 13 times more likely than the general population to produce children with genetic disorders, and one in ten children of first-cousin marriages in Birmingham either dies in infancy or develops a serious disability.”

Could these numbers “influence” people’s behavior? Could there be a “link” between genetic changes in one’s brain chemistry and the “desire” to commit terrorist atrocities? What about “raping” women and children?

These are reasonable “questions” to ask considering that most physicians agree that “marrying” within one’s immediate family has “deleterious” effects on their offspring’s health, specifically their “mental and emotional health.”

Could the “scourge of rape” that has swept across Europe since the advent of the “migrant” crisis be contributed, at least in part, to the peculiar “mental proclivities” that are concomitant to “incest and inbreeding?”

Aside from “terror acts and rape” that may be attributable to “genetic” defects associated with “incest,” what, if anything, does this mean for “future generations of children born in the West?”

Professor Jones avers that “inbreeding” in Islamic communities was “threatening” the health of “generations of children.”

The “facts” speak for themselves and the “consequences” are very real.

“British Pakistanis, half of whom marry a first cousin, a figure that is universally agreed, are 13 times more likely to produce children with genetic disorders than the general population, according to Government-sponsored research. One in ten children from these cousin marriages either dies in infancy or develops a serious life-threatening disability. While British Pakistanis account for three percent of the births in this country, they are responsible for 33 percent of the 15,000 to 20,000 children born each year with genetic defects.”

Shockingly, in Bradford, England, a recent survey of 1,100 “pregnant” women in the city showed that 70 percent have “husbands” who are first cousins.

50% of these people are “Pakistani.”

“Common problems associated with inbreeding with first cousins are blindness, deafness, blood ailments like sickle cell anemia, heart, liver, kidney problems, along with a whole host of neurological disorders and genetic abnormalities that can be passed on to future generations are also very common problems.”

Of course, as is now “common” in Europe, doctors, police officers, media personnel and politicians, are afraid to raise “awareness” about this “health crisis” for fear of being labeled “racist.”

To add to this “lack” of spinelessness on the part of “public” officials and social “servants” to address this “burgeoning” health crisis, most Muslim “girls” find themselves in a situation where they are expected to “marry when they are young and in their teens.”

With no chance of being able to “break away” from their parents, they are married off to their “male” cousin under the guise of “preserving the family’s money, jewelry, and livelihood.”

If both of the prospective parents have a “mutation” in their genetic makeup, then the child has a 25% chance of “suffering” from serious complications associated with “inbreeding.”

Some “imams” in England have spoken out about this “risky” practice and it has caused the rates of “cousin-to-cousin” marriage to drop, if only slightly.

However, the practice “remains” high in the Middle East and those that “immigrate” to Europe bring with them the perceived “normalcy of marrying within one’s family.”

Conversely, CBS News seems to “disagree” with the findings of the doctors in the UK.

Robin Bennett, who headed a study on “first cousin” marriages, told ABC News “that the risks of having a child with a cousin were about ‘2 to 3 percent’ above the average population’s risk for having a child with birth defects or mental retardation.”

Slate magazine concludes something similar to ABC News.

“Now a study by the National Society of Genetic Counselors says that having a child with your first cousin raises the risk of a significant birth defect from about 3-to-4 percent to about 4-to-7 percent. According to the authors, that difference isn’t big enough to justify genetic testing of cousin couples, much less bans on cousin marriage.”

This does not take into account the “compounding” problems of an ever-closer “gene” pool, however.

Slate continues by saying, “Many genetic diseases are caused by recessive genes. To get the disease, you have to get the bad gene from both parents. The greater the genetic similarity between your parents, the greater your chance of getting two copies of the bad gene.”

This view is in line with Mohamed Walji who runs a health center in Balsall Heath, Birmingham. He claims that if both parents “carry the same mutations, there is a one-in-four chance of having an affected child, which can result in anything from a mild disability to a catastrophic illness or a miscarriage.”

Unfortunately, this is “nothing” new in the Muslim world. Such “mating” practices have been going on since the “founding” of the Islamic religion itself.

As the story goes, Zaynab bint Jahsh “married the Prophet Muhammad when she was thirty-five years old, but only after her previous marriage, which had been arranged by none other than the Prophet, had ended in divorce. She was his cousin.”

Muhammad also had 19 “wives and concubines,” one of which he married when she was “6 years old.” Her name was Ai’isha. To his “credit,” he waited to have “sex” with her until she was “9 years old.” He was “54 years of age” at the time.


If that does not “bother” you, it is doubtful “anything” ever will.

Maybe Muslims use the “actions” of Muhammad as “justification” for their own actions?

Presumably, the justification for “marrying” one’s cousin, whether it be a first cousin or a more distant one, hinges on “social acceptance” of the act itself.

Westerners do not “condone” cousin marriages because it is deemed “incestuous” and a form of genetic “Russian roulette.”

The Victorian era deemed “kinship” marriages as an “egregious” taboo not to be broken. Are we now “transcending this long-standing prohibition?”

In the United States, first cousin marriage is legal in some states and “illegal” in others. Perhaps not surprisingly those states that “permit” such marriages are in the “deep south” and in liberal “blue states” like California, New York, and Connecticut.

As was evidenced recently in Sweden, a combination of “incest, pedophilia,” and all of the dictates of “spousal abuse” that accompany different aspect of “Sharia” law are becoming normalized in the West.

“A court in Sweden has ruled in favor of a marriage between a 14-year-old Syrian Refugee and her 21-year-old husband, who is also her cousin. The court made the ruling on the basis that the teenager appears to be ‘mature,’ as well as for religious and cultural reasons.”

She is now pregnant.

Allahu Akbar

Muslim Inbreeding: Impacts on intelligence, sanity, health and society

Innocence of Muslims

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Innocence of Muslims 01

The previously banned film “Innocence of Muslims is back on YouTube after the 9th U.S. Circuit Appeals Court ruled it was a “violation” of the First Amendment to “order it taken down.”

YouTube should not have been “forced” to take down the film “Innocence of Muslims” that allegedly sparked “violence” in the Middle East, a federal appeals court ruled in a “victory for free speech” advocates.

“Innocence of Muslims” is the Muhammad movie made by Sam Bacile that caused Muslims to” kill” United States ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens. The anti-Islam video claims Islam is a “lie” and Mohammed was a “pedophile.”

Hillary Clinton NO 2016

Reviews of the Muhammad video have ranged from “disgusting” to “the riot laugh of the summer.” The movie “mocks and insults” the Prophet Muhammad and caused demonstrators to “attack” the U.S. consulate in Libya, killing one American, and “breached” the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.

Angry “protesters” characterized it as a “political” effort to call attention to the “hypocrisies” of Islam. It has been “promoted” by Terry Jones, the Florida pastor whose “burning” of Qur’ans previously sparked deadly “riots” around the world.

In Benghazi, Libya, several dozen “gunmen” from the Islamist group, Ansar al Sharia, “attacked” the consulate with rocket-propelled “grenades” to protest the film, a deputy interior minister for the Benghazi region told the Al-Jazeera network. A government brigade “evacuated” the consulate, after which “militants” set it on fire, said the minister, Wanees Sharef.

To the east, in Cairo, a crowd of some 2,000 people gathered at the Embassy to “protest” the video. Some of them “climbed” the embassy walls pulling “down and burning” an American flag.

Hours after “nightfall,” dozens of young men remained standing on top of the embassy walls, “shouting” into megaphones.

One of the youths climbed up the flagpole to hoist a black banner “emblazoned” with the Muslim profession of faith in white letters “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger “ a standard phrase used by Islamist “terrorist” throughout the world.

The “flashpoint” appeared to be about the “Prophet” Muhammad.

Contravening the Islamic “prohibition” of portraying the prophet, clips from the film show him not only as “flesh and blood,” but as a “homosexual” son of undetermined “patrimony,” who rises to advocate “child slavery” and “extramarital sex,” for himself, in the name of “religion.”

The film’s 52-year-old writer, director and producer, Sam Bacile, said that he wanted to “showcase” his view of Islam as a “hateful” religion. “Islam is a cancer,” he said in a telephone interview from his home. “The movie is a political movie. It’s not a religious movie.”

US appeals court allows YouTube to show “Innocence of Muslims”
Monty Python to the rescue against Islamic scholars

Know Your Terror Flags

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Decoded ISIS Flag 00

These days we find a “multitude” of flags in the Muslim world. They have been carefully designed with “colors and symbols” to represent characteristics of the “Islam” nations.

The flag is often called the “Black Standard” or the “Black Banner.”

“The black banner of Islam as an idea goes back to the 8th century, when the Second Dynasty of Islam came to power with black banners,” says Jonathan Bloom, a professor of Islamic Art at Boston College.

The white writing that you see at the top of the flag is the first half of an Islamic phrase called the “Shahada,” or declaration of faith, which reads: “There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

The entire “Shahada” is found on many different flags throughout the Islamic world, including the official state flag of Saudi Arabia.

But the appropriation of this phrase by ISIS “twists” the meaning of the Islamic “principle,” according to Bloom.

“Their use of this phrase is sending very much the wrong message,” he says. “If we all accept that this is what this message means, they are co-opting something that has brought millions of people over thousands of years great comfort and solace and meaning in their lives.”

Decoded ISIS Flag 03

Another appropriated symbol on the flag is the “white circle” at its center, which contains the second part of the Shahada: “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

It’s meant to represent the official “seal” of the Prophet Muhammad, but Blooms says scholars have long “debated” what that seal actually looked like.

The two Arabic “phrases,” the black “color” of the flag and even the ancient looking “font” of the Arabic all work to “evoke” an image of the historical Islamic “caliphate,” the massive state that ISIS “claims” to have resurrected.

“In effect,” Bloom says,” they’re saying we’re going back to this earlier time.”

In Islam, they have not been given a “choice” concerning what type of flag to use even “down” to the color.

Decoded ISIS Flag 05

The “Shariah” has specified the type of official flag the “Khilafah” will use and therefore they believe they cannot “deviate” from this.

The Taliban replaced their solid white flag with a “white flag inscribed with the Shahada in black” as they took power in Afghanistan in 1997. Various Muslim armed groups have use the “black flags inscribed with the Shahada in white” since ca. 2001.

Decoded ISIS Flag 04

During the 2000’s, it became popular in “mujahid” terminology to refer to the black flag as al-raya and the white flag as al-liwa’, after the terms of the black and white flags flown by Muhammad according to the “Hadith.” The Hadith is the “war manual” of Islam.

The white flag is sometimes identified as the “flag of the Caliphate” while the black one is dubbed the “flag of Jihad.”

It appears that if you turn the ISIS flag upside down, you will see a bunch of Muslims  in white and black turbans doing “inappropriate” things to goats, sheep, and each other.

Decoded ISIS Flag 01

Black “turbans” are invisible against the black background.

Here is the “latest” ISIS flag design…

Decoded ISIS Flag 02

Why do ISIS men wear “bed sheets” as clothing? Because sheep can hear a “zipper” a mile away. ISIS, where the men are “gay” and the sheep are “nervous.”


A red-headed Australian “jihadist” has appeared in the ISIS video below, warning that the “terror” group will continue its “war” on the west until it “flies” a black flag on top of “Buckingham Palace and the White House.”

Abdullah Elmir, 17, refers to “himself” as Abu Khaled during the video, in which he is “surrounded” by his fellow Islamist militants.

During the video, entitled “Message Of The Mujahid 4,” Elmir launches a “scathing attack” on the US-led coalition which is conducting “airstrikes” on the group’s “caliphate” in northern Syria and Iraq.

“To the leaders, to Obama, to Tony Abbott, I say this: these weapons that we have, these soldiers, we will not stop fighting. We will not put down our weapons until we reach your lands, until we take the head of every tyrant and until the black flag is flying high in every single land.”

Learn To Identify Your Terror Flags

It’s All About Muhammad

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It's All About Muhammad 02

The recent “violence” over the Mohammed “cartoons” in Texas has once again brought up the centuries-old question: “What makes the followers of Mohammed more violent than the followers of Yahweh, Christ, Buddha, or even Satan?”

The short video below “points” to a very compelling theory.

In a nutshell, the “Islam-related higher-than-average” death toll likely stems from the fact that Muslims have always been trying to “emulate” Mohammed’s superpowers, whether they “possessed” them or not, to their “own” detriment.

To make matters “worse,” while some of those powers were “real,” others were not more than “old wives/husbands/same-sex life partners’ tales.”

You may have heard wondrous stories about how “prepubescent” girls touched by Mohammed instantly transformed into “mature” women by developing secondary “sexual” characteristics in a blink of an eye.

Or how Mohammed once “defeated” Chuck Norris in single combat; or how Mohammed had his socks “catapulted” into a besieged fortress, causing the enemy to “panic and beg for mercy.”

Some of that can’t be “true” simply because Mohammed never “wore” socks, or because even he wasn’t “foolish” enough to challenge Chuck Norris, otherwise Islam may have “turned out” to be a completely different religion.

It is a documented fact, however, that Mohammed would seriously “impress” his contemporaries with his ability to “froth” at the mouth while “convulsing” on the ground, see the same “object” no matter the direction he looked, have “hallucinations” of dazzling light, his amazing superpowers regarding “prepubescent” girls and instantaneous “commune” with divine Allah.

The trouble with today’s “Islam” is that Muslims still zealously insist on “emulating” the symptoms of Mohammed’s paroxysms of “epileptic insanity, psychopathology, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, paranoia, and other mental pathologies,” a practice that is “consistently” turning generations of Muslim “worshipers” into a walking Medical Sales Desk Reference.

It's All About Muhammad 01

These and many more “fun” facts that are sure to give you hours of “nightmares” you’ll discover in a meticulously researched book titled “It’s All About Muhammad.”

This profoundly “insightful” volume also explains why Muslim “pray” five times a day, why “adoption” is a no-no, why the “Qur’an” reads like a handy “reference guide” on how to properly “kill and conquer” Jews and Kafirs (non Muslims,) and much, much more.

Muslims are “raised” with the idea that Allah “talked” to Muhammad and “dictated” the Qur’an to him. This idea forms the foundation of his religion: “There is but one Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger” is the primary “declaration” of faith.

It's All About Muhammad 03

Allah, the belief goes, transmitted his “eternal” word to an angel who then “conveyed” it to Muhammad either in “person” or through “inspirational” means.

This is what Muhammad “claimed” about himself, so this is what his “followers” believe.

However, to people who undertake an “objective” reading of the Qur’an and an “examination” of his life, the idea that Muhammad “communed” with the divine may come across as “weird ludicrous, and revolting.”

The “cumulative” details about him in the original literature and in the verses of the Qur’an paint an image of a grotesquely “violent and cold-blooded man,” someone who “ruthlessly” committed crime after crime as he “forced” what he called “Allah’s religion” on people.

He was anything “but” godly.

Is Allah Like You?

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Common Logical Fallacies Made By Muslims

Muhammad Art Exhibit

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Qu'ran 00

The first annual “Muhammad Art Exhibit & Contest” was held on Sunday, May 3, at the Curtis Culwell Center, 5-7 pm, Central Time, in the Dallas suburb of Garland, Texas.

It was hosted by “human rights and free-speech activist” Pamela Geller and her organization, the “American Freedom Defense Initiative” (AFDI).

The exhibit featured images of Islam’s prophet “Muhammad” in both historical and contemporary settings, showcasing the top 200 artistic “renditions” that were submitted for consideration.

Qu'ran 05


original 01


Qu'ran 04

The winning cartoon by Bosch Fawstin, an Ex-Muslim received the top prize of $10,000.

The keynote speaker was Geert Wilders, a member of The Netherlands Parliament. Wilders led the fight for “de-Islamization” in his country, which has faced many of the same problems with Muslim “assimilation” as have other European countries, including the advent of controversial “no-go zones” inaccessible to non-Muslims, including public officials.

Pamela Geller came under “attack” from the sharia-compliant media for “provoking the Islamic terror attack in Texas.”

Fortunately, Geller knows how to respond: “Islam is the problem. Terrorism is a tenet of Islamic jihad.”

Does anybody remember how “Islam” came into being?

Qu'ran 02

The image above shows how Islam was “born” into this world. Later Muhammad would “polish” his turd and called it “Islam” with plagiarized quotes from the “Torah” and the “Bible” complimented with his own lust for “violence and oppression.”

Qu'ran 03

And that is the “story” of Islam and how the Muslin “faithful” were created.

Qu'ran 01

2 Gunmen Killed Outside Muhammad Cartoon contest


We should make this an annual event.

Muhammad Drawings

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Automatic Writing 00

“Muhammad drawing” is another tool used in the “Muslim” occult to make contact with “Islamic” terrorist.

The practitioners of this dark “occult” feel they are making “direct” contact with helpful and benevolent “demonic spirits.”

“Muhammad drawing” is where you allow a demonic “spirit” to fully control your “mind, arm and hand” so it can write whatever “messages” it wants to give you.

It’s just like the “Ouija” board, where you allow the “demon” to control the planchette to “spell out” exactly “what it wants” to tell you.

As with the Ouija board, “Muhammad drawing” is extremely “dangerous” and gives full Sharia “rights” to militants to “kill” you.

Automatic Writing 01

President Obama was recently observed engaging in this “occult” practice thinking he was “communicating” with the benevolent “spirit” of Islam.

When the President took a pencil and focused on “random” visual ideas, he drew a picture of “Muhammad.”

The ruined sheet was “ripped” out of the sketchbook and “tossed” into the waste basket.

On the “second” attempt, as Obama sat in front of the “blank” sheet he tried not to “think” about Muhammad.

But his hand “moved” automatically making “random” lines, which in the end looked “again” like Muhammad.

Automatic Writing 02

That “sheet” also went into the “waste” basket.

On the third, fourth, and fifth “attempts” Obama kept “drawing” Muhammad in spite of his “sincere” efforts to draw just some “random doodle.”

When on the “sixth” try Obama drew another picture of “Muhammad” he gave up, realizing these were not “demonic spirits” controlling his mind, arm and hand, but his own “belief system” that Allah’s kingdom will be established on earth by the “Twelfth Imam,” also known as the “Mahdi,” whose advent can be hastened by creating the right set of circumstances: “friction and misunderstanding among the nations and violent upheavals in a welter of blood and fire.”

Automatic Writing 03

Westerners who “pass” this off as merely a “quaint belief” to be taken with a “grain of salt” should reconsider.

What the “world” does not yet “recognize” is that the “Twelfth Imam” has already “appeared” and is hard at work “arranging” the coming “apocalypse.”

According to an occult “revelation” the Mahdi has fulfilled all the “signs and portents” that announce his “presence.”

Who is this “Antichrist” Mahdi?

Automatic Writing 04

He is half black, half white. He is tall and strides with a lope. He possesses dead eyes and prominent ears. His background is both obscure and exotic. He is persuasively eloquent and is adept at saying one thing while doing another. His head swivels from side to side when addressing the multitudes, as if reading from prepared texts no doubt lowered from on high and inscribed by Allah or one of his angels. He gives the distinct impression of being a man-child. He is supremely confident and exudes a certain boyish charm many find irresistible. He is devoted to popular sports involving holes and nets as emblems of ensnaring. He bows frequently in false humility, cajoling the high and mighty of the earth, yet brooks no objection to his will when dissent is offered. He is to be found in many different places from one day to another. He is surrounded by loyal minions, many of whom appear to be imbeciles, who do his bidding without question or scruple. He occupies the seat of power.

Automatic Writing 08

All his actions are directed toward igniting the flames that wait to engulf the world. He diligently undermines the laws, security and prosperity of the people he ostensibly represents, and turns one against the other, sowing discord among the populace. He betrays his friends and allies and renders them vulnerable to international predators. He sponsors and supports warlike groups and aggressive regimes that seek world hegemony. He is an undeclared enemy of the Jewish people and the Jewish state. He is a great friend to Islam in its march toward imposing a caliphate upon unsuspecting nations. He welcomes the black flag and the yellow flag into the sanctum of domestic authority, distributing office among his Muslim acolytes. He smiles upon the ayatollahs and signs agreements that facilitate their holy designs to kindle universal violence and establish Allah’s kingdom on earth.

Automatic Writing 06

He has been schooled at the feet of prophets and sages and learned from the masters of canon and creed. He is the repository of sacred teachings and potent incantations, and is adept at uttering sonorous phrases that please as they befuddle. He is the embodiment of consecrated, numinous and venerable doctrine. He is no longer hidden but exults among us in all his glory. He is the bringer of chaos and the last days. He will inaugurate a new world order.

Automatic Writing 07

Doubters and skeptics must give way. The Twelfth Imam has returned, confirmed in his exaltation by innumerable tokens and crests and auguries. Devastation will precede him and resurrection will surely follow in his wake. The infidel shall be destroyed utterly, and the believer shall rise from the smoldering ruins in triumph and gladness of heart.

Automatic Writing 05

All this shall come to pass for as it is written.

That explains how through “random” negotiations he “alienates” Israel, “assures” Iran will have nuclear weapons, “proclaims” ISIS is on the run and has no “idea” what happens until he “sees” it in news print.

Automatic Writing 09

It’s all so clear, now, like the “sense of revelation” one gets after being “whacked” by Mahdi into “Next Tuesday.”

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