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Antifa Mug Shots

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For your viewing pleasure! Naturally, these shiny happy pics speak for themselves…

This women’s nick-name is “Alice Phallus.” I do not know why she is called that, nor do I want to know!

The MSM calls these Mug shots just “shiny happy people” holding hands.

Nothing to see here but pages of “Sophomoric Yearbook” photographs.

Charged With Bribery

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Bribery Charges 01

Arielle Samantha Engert Mug Shot.

In a bid to “dodge” DUI and drug charges, a 24-year-old Floridian allegedly offered to perform “sex acts” upon three separate cops, “solicitations” that were rejected and resulted in “bribery charges” being filed against the woman.

According to cops, Arielle Samantha Engert was “pulled” over at 2:48 AM when her car was spotted “weaving” on a Clearwater street. Engert was subsequently “arrested” after failing a series of “field sobriety tests” and registering a blood alcohol content at “twice” the legal limit.

Engert was also charged with “marijuana” possession after a small amount of “pot” was found in her purse.

After being “hauled” to the county jail, Engert allegedly told Deputy Brian Sudbrink that she would perform “fellatio and other sex acts” if he would not charge her for the “two” misdemeanors.

Bribery Charges 02

As Engert was being “processed” into jail, a small bag of “cocaine” was located “inside” her bra. As a result, she was also charged with “narcotics” possession and introduction of “contraband” into a detention facility, both “felonies.”

The “discovery” of the cocaine allegedly prompted Engert to “offer” deputies Obed Munoz and Eric Biddle the identical “sexual services” that were previously offered to Sudbrink.

The “illicit” offers to the law enforcement personnel led to the “filing” of three separate “bribery” counts against Engert.

Engert, whose “rap” sheet includes prior collars for “drunk” driving and “possession” of marijuana and drug “paraphernalia,” was freed from “custody” after posting $5150 bond.

According to Engert’s Facebook page, she is studying “philosophy” at the University of Florida.

I don’t know how these “Boys in Blue” resisted these offers. I guess it “depends” on which mug shot of this “floozy” we’re talking about.

If this mug shot wants to blow a “Boy in Blue”

Bribery Charges 06
They’re probably not “risking” their job for it.

If this mug shot wants to blow a “Boy in Blue”

Bribery Charges 07
They’re probably “considering” it.

If this mug shot wants to blow a “Boy in Blue”

Bribery Charges 03
They’re probably getting “ready” and brag about it.

And if this mug shot wants to blow a “Boy in Blue”

Bribery Charges 04
They’re probably “proposing.”

The many different “mug shots” of this drunk Florida chick all tell a “different” story. But ultimately the common “theme” here is a drunk “slut” who likes to party and clearly doesn’t “mind” giving oral sex.

For any “red blooded” male, regardless of the circumstances, it would be damn hard to “turn those offers down.”

I can’t imagine how many times this “worked” in the golden days before “dashboard” cams and body “cameras” recording “Blue Boys” every move.

Poor Arielle Engert has the “worst” luck on the planet running into these “Hardo” Florida cops.

I mean what are the “odds?” Looking like Arielle Samantha……and turned “down” by not 1…not 2…but 3 separate cops for a “quick” no strings attached “blow” job!

Almost “incomprehensible” odds. I don’t care how strictly you follow the “rule book” and how passionate you are to “upholding” the letter of the law.

99.5% of even the most “dedicated” officers are taking a quick “blowie” in the backseat of the “cruiser” from a UF “smoke” like Arielle.

Bribery Charges 05

I mean it’s not like we’re talking about “armed” robbery here. It was a little bit of “weed and blow.” Big whoop.

You’re a public “servant” in a high pressure, “stressful” job who constantly puts his “life on the line” for people who don’t “appreciate” it, so kick your “feet” back and reap some of the “benefits” for once.

And the very “least” you could do is just politely “decline” the fellatio, no need to “slap” bribery charges on the girl. That’s just “insulting.”

Life is tough “enough” for a philosophy major.

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