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Infrastructure Deal

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The United States Senate passed the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal. The 2,700-page bill had the backing of 19 Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. The group voted to end the debate on the bill early to allow quicker passage.

The Republican RINO’s supporting the bill are claiming a victory, as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is a greatly reduced version of the original $3.5 trillion budget proposed by the Biden administration. Republican supporters claim Biden’s plans for “human infrastructure” spending to expand climate change actions, education, child care and Medicare benefits are mostly gone from the bill. But the Democrats are rushing the bill through the Senate because this is only the first step in their plan to spend trillions of dollars.

Republican Sen. Kevin Cramer indicated that only $450 billion is being spent on “hard” infrastructure, like roads and bridges. The other $800 billion is being spent on climate change initiatives, clean energy research, massive government expansion into the energy network, and sweeping government regulations against motor vehicles. The bill is actually a Trojan horse for the agenda of the radical left to transform America.

The details of the bill reveal that the Infrastructure Deal is deceptive. Despite claiming to be bipartisan, key Republican supporters of the bill happen to have funding for special projects in their districts, such as $50 billion for a dam in Sen. Mitt Romney’s district and money to repair the Alaska Highway in Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s district.

Below are some highlights from the pending bill:

  • $73 billion to move from fossil fuels to clean energy
  • $21 billion for environmental remediation
  • $7.5 billion in electric charger infrastructure; priority given to rural and low-income areas
  • $5 billion for zero- to low-emission buses and $5 billion for adoption of zero- to low-emission buses
  • $1 billion for clean hydrogen electrolysis program
  • $8 billion for regional clean hydrogen hubs (network of hydrogen producers and consumers)
  • $3.2 billion for electric battery development
  • $3.2 billion for electric battery recycling
  • $3.5 billion on carbon capturing
  • $2 million for integrating solar, wind and hydro power.

The bill includes sections on the “promotion of women in the trucking workforce,” designing motor vehicles to measure blood alcohol levels before driving, and safety research on limousines.

Although many of Joe Biden’s original climate change and social programs were not included, the Republicans compromised enough to allow billions for programs resembling the Green New Deal. It is the first trillion-dollar step toward radically transforming the United States’ economy. The Wall Street Journal called it “a major down payment on President Biden’s Green New Deal.”

President Donald Trump issued a statement, saying: “This is not an infrastructure bill; this is the beginning of the Green New Deal.”

The Green New Deal was radical legislation put forward by “Barmaid” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2019 that aimed to make the U.S. economy 100 percent reliant on “clean” energy, eliminate poverty, change the diet of Americans to reduce the number of cows, and implement more public ownership of companies. The idea of the bill was favored by many radical liberals but rejected by conservative Republicans, especially by President Trump.

The Green New Deal would mean the collapse of many of the key industries that give the U.S. its economic power. It would also commit America to relying on unproved and unreliable clean energy technology. The Green New Deal was shrouded in climate change language, but was a bid to legislate the communist transformation of America. That is the real goal of the radical left and their climate change agenda.

Such a piece of legislation would be very difficult to pass transparently. Instead, radical lawmakers hide the agenda into other legislation, such as in the latest Infrastructure Act. This is hardly new: Caliph Barack Obama stuffed $90 billion of investment in clean energy into the 2009 stimulus act. It is easy to hide such policies when the legal document is thousands of pages long and Congress votes on it before even reading through the contents.

Billions of dollars are about to be authorized to begin moving this radical agenda forward. But the Infrastructure Deal is actually a Trojan horse for far worse legislation. The bill is paving the way for the passing of the Democrats’ radical $3.5 billion infrastructure plan.

The bipartisan infrastructure bill is part one of a two-phase plan to invest trillions of dollars to transform America. The Democrats made the infrastructure bill “bipartisan” and were willing to “compromise” to smooth the way for phase two, which does not require Republican approval.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer intends to pass the rest of the $3.5 trillion through a process called reconciliation. Using reconciliation would allow the Democrats to pass the budget without needing the 60 Senate votes that are normally required. Even the filibuster cannot stop reconciliation.

This $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” program devised by the Biden administration was agreed upon in a closed-door negotiation between the White House and the Democratic budget committee. CNBC reported that the agreement had the following:

  • Create a national comprehensive paid family-and-medical-leave program.
  • Fund free universal preschool for all 3- and 4-year-olds.
  • Fund free community college for all students, expand the total amount of Pell Grants, and increase the maximum individual award.
  • Expand access to the summer EBT program, which helps some low-income families with children buy food outside the school year.
  • Extend the $1.9 trillion covid stimulus plan’s provision lowering health insurance premiums for those who buy coverage on their own.
  • Extend the child tax credit expansion that was included in the covid relief bill.

The bill also contains money for clean energy programs, many of which were cut from the bipartisan infrastructure deal during earlier negotiations with Republicans.

These include tax incentives for clean energy and electric vehicles, a Civilian Climate Corps program for young people and energy-efficient building weatherization and electrification projects.

The details of how long the programs will last, and how many billions will be allocated to each program, have not yet been released. But based on how glutted the infrastructure bill was with climate change programs, this agreement may well bring out part two of the Green New Deal. It threatens to massively expand dependence on government social programs and aggressively push for the transformation of the American economy from fossil fuels to “clean energy.”

This is the closest the radical left has gotten to achieving its goal of transforming America’s economy. Ultimately, only 8.9 percent, or $450 billion out of $4.7 trillion, will go to roads, bridges and ports.

Then there is the problem on how to fund this radical agenda. Only $650 billion is pre-approved funds. The rest will need to be financed somehow. One of the ideas by “Fraud-In-Chief”  Biden is to raise corporate income tax from 21 percent to 28 percent.

Other methods include gathering unused covid relief money, using the money generated by the various programs, and asking the Internal Revenue Service to be more strict in enforcing tax laws. However, none of these ideas come close to raising $4 trillion.

In reality it will be financed through higher taxes, or the government will need to print money to fund its own budget.

Mitten Gate

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No, not by “Mitt” Romney who said “I got whole Binders full of Women” that could qualified to become members of my “Mormon” harem.

This time the 79-year-old liberal, socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders went “viral” on Inauguration Day for sitting legs-crossed, socially distanced from others, with a disposable mask, slouching like an “old grump” on a chair, while wearing an exquisite pair of “handcrafted” mittens.

The image was instantly turned into what kids these days refer to as a “meme.”

Because the mittens themselves were so popular, professional journos were compelled to track down the woman who made them. Slate published an interview with Jen Ellis, the second-grade teacher in Essex Junction, Vermont, who hand-sewed Bernie’s mittens out of “repurposed and up-cycled sweaters.”

“Lesbian” Jen Ellis, 42, the Senate’s favorite “switten” creator said she was inundated with requests to purchase her mittens after the image of Sanders went viral, but added that the federal government’s “high tax rates” on independent crafters had “discouraged” her from selling them as a business.

Lesbian “switter” creator Jen Ellis.

“I don’t have much of a mitten business anymore because it really wasn’t worth it,” Ellis said. “Independent crafters get really taken for a ride by the federal government. We get taxed to the nth degree, and it wasn’t really worth it pursuing that as a business, even as a side hustle. I mostly just make them as gifts.”

Ellis supported Sanders in 2020 but conceded in the interview that “Biden is pretty great,” even though she wished Kamala “Sleepy Ho” Harris were president instead.

All three politicians—two Democrats and one socialist—are outspoken advocates for “higher taxes” while at the same time “complaining” about the federal government.

Typical liberal Democrats.

The Fist Debate

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“I guess I’m debating you, not him, but that’s okay.”

The first, and hopefully the last, presidential debate was an awful mess by Fox News’ Chris Wallace who is to blame for the dreadful “moderating” performance.

Sure, “wired up” Joe Biden showed up with pants on and didn’t spend 90 minutes talking about “black kid roaches” rubbing his legs in the pool or “you know, tha thing.” With the overplayed dementia narrative, the bar was set that low. So, “Sniffy” Joe pulled it off and Wallace made sure of it.

“My inbox is going to suck in the morning. @JoeBiden didn’t screw the debate into the ground. He did tell cops to take a flying leap and that pregnant women should expect to pay the same rates as pregnant men… or something.” — Rich Mitchell (@CDNnow) September 30, 2020

Wallace pressed Trump on how much in income taxes he paid in 2016 – repeatedly – while failing to question Biden on his family’s dealings in China, Ukraine and Russia while he was Vice President. Biden enriching his family while exerting undue influence on foreign countries is a far more important topic than how well the president’s accountants legally used the tax code to minimize his IRS liability.

“.@FoxNewsSunday did NOT press @Joebiden on his support for packing the court, taking more money out of your pocket with higher taxes, sending more jobs oversees or bending the knee to the Chinese.” — Rich Mitchell (@CDNnow) September 30, 2020

Wallace asked the president if he would condemn or disavow white supremacists and militias or something. A ridiculous question at best and a slanted jab at the worst. When Trump asked Biden to condemn Antifa, Wallace let old Joe get away with a crap answer calling Antifa an idea, not a group. That’s not condemnation of the extreme left, that’s a coward’s response.

“I feel like I’m a broken record here, but Chris Wallace just interrupted Trump again to rescue Joe Biden from having to explain why his son Hunter got $3.5 million from the Moscow mayor’s wife. I want to talk about climate change,” Wallace said. — Sean Davis (@seanmdav) September 30, 2020

Biden blew it at several points in the debate, but Wallace either ignored terrible responses or outright covered for them. Biden said that hospitals would charge women more for the pre-existing condition of being pregnant than they would charge men. Umm, what? Zero follow-up from Wallace.

When Biden got confused about his own energy plan, Wallace started to read the talking points for the plan to him. Then, Biden said that the Green New Deal would be revenue-neutral – which it isn’t – then said he didn’t support it – which he does. Wallace didn’t point out contradictions but instead tried to move on.

“So far, no need for Biden to answer whether he’ll pack the court, no need for Biden to answer whether he endorses Black Lives Matters … but Trump pressed to condemn white supremacists. Then Biden says Antifa is an idea not an organization … yet no question about that.” — Andy McCarthy (@AndrewCMcCarthy) September 30, 2020

Wallace presented two different sides of himself during the debate. Tough, hard-hitting questions went to Trump first so that Biden could have a few minutes to formulate an answer. Softballs went to Biden first.

Wallace used liberal phraseology to corner Trump and go light on the former vice president. Using terms like “race sensitivity training” and “re-imagining policing” are straight from BLM-land. And even with that, Biden screwed the responses into the ground.

In Biden’s world, we need law and only “a little bit of order.” He also said that police need a psychologist or psychiatrist to accompany them on calls in order to do their jobs properly. Who thinks like this? Wallace just brushed off Biden’s obviously unrealistic “re-imagining.”

The questions weren’t serious, the moderator was neither “invisible” nor fair as he had promised, and Joe Biden met the incredibly low bar that everyone had set for him.

Media anchors and pundits suggested no more presidential debates should take place after Tuesday night’s “slug-fest” in Cleveland. They were so offended that they’re actually trying to cancel the remaining debates on the schedule.

In the warped mind of the modern lib, the debate was an unconscionable display of male bravado on the part of Donald Trump. Once again, they argued, Trump’s behavior was imperiling democracy with race-fueled falsehoods and egregious fascism. It’s been months since most of these libs have been able to see their therapists face-to-face. Not surprisingly, they are starting to freak out.

Quite a few libs who watched the candidates face off expressed nostalgia for the campaign debates of the past, specifically the showdowns between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in 2012, when Romney made “outrageous” remarks about pursuing “binders full of women” in search of qualified female candidates to hire as governor of Massachusetts. What a “hot mess” that was at the time, obviously, but adorably quaint in retrospect.

“I’m kind of nostalgic for those binders full of women.” — Elizabeth Angell (@ElizabethAngell) September 30, 2020

“Remember when we thought binders full of women was outrageous. I’m thinking binders full of Americans currently are a little uneasy.” — Laura Kessel (@LauraAKessel) September 30, 2020

“I’m old enough to remember when Binders Full of Women was the hot mess debate comment of the night.”#Debate2020 — Sarah Parcak (@indyfromspace) September 30, 2020

The libs want to turn back the clock to these “simpler times,” when a nice Mormon’s attempt to field female job applicants could be a week-long scandal that dominated cable news broadcasts and prompted multiple headlines in the New York Times, including “Binders, Keepers,” and “Blunders and Binders.” Libs dressed up as actual binders for Halloween that year or simply to protest Romney for being bad. It was rather embarrassing for those involved.

“I miss being offended by Romney’s binders full of women. Simpler times, you know?” — Nish Weiseth (@NishWeiseth) September 30, 2020

“Romney’s binders full of women comment dominated the news cycle for a week or so.” — David Mack (@davidmackau) September 30, 2020

“I’m old enough to remember when Romney’s Binders full of women was a notable debate gaffe.” #standbackandstandby #ProudBoys #Trump2020 — Patricia Zengerle (@ReutersZengerle) September 30, 2020

“The bedlam we just witnessed makes binders full of women seem like blissful wonder. A tragedy in American discourse.” #debates2020 — Harrison Golden (@harrisongolden) September 30, 2020

Another way in which 2012 was different from more recent elections is that mainstream media outlets didn’t carry all of Romney’s rallies live and in full. One has to wonder, if Trump isn’t reelected in November, what on earth are professional media pundits going to talk about all day?

“Sniffy” Joe Biden used to be an “Alpha” attack dog. I can still see his ”snarl” during his nasty and loutish debate with a measured and logical Paul Ryan in 2012. That could be part of the reason why the Dems chose him to stand against Trump. But next to Trump he’s a “confused” Chihuahua.

Trump was like a “Great Dane” standing against the “Skunk Wallace” and the “Chihuahua Biden.”

Nobody should have been surprised by Chris Wallace’s debate performance
Do away with the moderators and open up the phone lines
Presidential debates need less, not more structure
Tuesday’s non-debate revealed America’s great divide
‘Shut up,’ ‘clown,’ ‘fool,’ ‘liar’ — the vile debate spewings of Joe Biden
Joe Biden’s History Of Race Baiting
America’s Children Weigh in on the Trump-Biden Debate

Mittens Black Lives Protest

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Did his “Mormon” god speak to him again like he did during the “impeachment?” Yes, Mittens a.k.a. “Pierre Delecto” took a bold stand.

Mitt Romney (RINO-UT) walked in a silent Black Lives Matter protest to the White House Sunday afternoon. The protests at the White House, while ostensibly about the death in Minneapolis police custody of George Floyd and police violence against black people, have also been about driving President Trump from office. Romney was the only Republican senator to vote to convict Trump in his impeachment trial earlier this year.

Romney said he was marching to “end violence and brutality and to make sure that people understand that black lives matter.”

“Black Lives Matter.” — Mitt Romney (@MittRomney) June 7, 2020

Washington Post reporter Hannah Natanson posted video of a brief interview with Mittens.

“.@MittRomney is marching with a group of nearly 1,000 Christians to the White House. Here he is on video saying why he’s walking to make sure that people understand that Black Lives Matter” — Hannah Natanson (@hannah_natanson) June 7, 2020

“Hundreds are marching in total silence along D.C. highways en route from Ward 7 to the White House in a faith-based demonstration, organized by local pastors, to protest the death of George Floyd. It’s meant to recall the Selma-to-Montgomery marches of 1965.” — Hannah Natanson (@hannah_natanson) June 7, 2020

“Mitt Romney, marching down Penn Ave towards the White House, with about 1000 mostly evangelical protesters. They’re chanting “black lives matter!” and singing “This little light of mine” @MittRomney — Michelle Boorstein (@mboorstein) June 7, 2020

“The marchers break into “Amazing Grace” just as they approach the White House” @MittRomney among them — Hannah Natanson (@hannah_natanson) June 7, 2020

@SenatorRomney marching in front of the WH: “We need a voice against racism, we need many voices against racism and against brutality. And we need to stand up and say black lives matter.” @alivitali) — Haley Talbot (@haleytalbotnbc) June 7, 2020

In 2012 the Democrats smeared Romney as a “racist” when he ran against President Obama. Via US News (excerpt):

DNC Chair: Romney Welfare Attacks Are Racist

Republican attacks on President Obama’s welfare policy are part of a “shockingly transparent” campaign to play the race card in the 2012 presidential campaign, says Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. They are, she says, “a dog whistle for voters who consider race when casting their ballot.” The Florida lawmaker’s take on the sensitive issue marks the first time a high official in the Obama camp has weighed in on the racial overtones of the welfare attacks. Wasserman Schultz, a Democratic House member from Florida, was asked about the recent welfare attacks during a breakfast session with U.S. News reporters Thursday morning. She pointed out that welfare reform is an odd issue for a campaign to focus on because not only is it not on voters’ minds, but the Romney campaign’s accusations have been universally discredited by independent fact checkers. And she also referenced Romney’s birther crack last week about no one having ever asked to see his birth certificate. These data points, she argues, are racially coded…

When is “Pierre Delecto” going to officially switch to the “Socialist Democrat Party?”

Most likely, Romney now has “Binders full of Protesters” to go along with his “Binders full of Women!”

Mother Nature

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As the Trump Administration begins the official withdrawal from the “Paris Climate Accord” our favorite “green” scold, Greta, has problems of her own.

Chile’s government has canceled the “United Nations’ Climate Change Summit” because of unrest in the country and moved the summit to Madrid, Spain.

Greta’s problem is those “green” trains that run across the oceans haven’t been built yet! What’s a 16 year old Soros backed “climate activist” to do?  Carbon spewing jets are out and so are the passenger ships.

Maybe someone can teach her how to “paddle a canoe?”

Or flying on the world’s “fastest sailboat?”

Thank you Greta for showing the world how “unfeasible and ridiculous” your climate change agenda is!

Mankind has always advanced human society with science making everyone’s lives better. The cult of self-loathing, human hating “Greenies” want us all going backwards, “living in straw huts, eating grass, and walking everywhere.”

I have to give Greta props for talking the talk and walking the walk, unlike “Climate Hoax” heroes Al Gore, Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney who all living very well in large “carbony waterfront estates and flying private jets.”

Do you remember the self-appointed “Reverend” Al Gore, head kook of the “Church of Global Warming” who preached the gospel about how global warming will “cause the sea-level to rise.” Then, after all that preaching, Reverend Al bought a “beach front mansion” in upscale Montecito, California in addition to his huge Nashville home.

Same for Barack and Michelle Obama who joined the growing list of “climate activists” who want to enjoy a little “beach side luxury” before the carbon demons “swallow all the coastlines.” I’m sure we all wish the Obama’s well in their new home, but I can’t help thinking this purchase of a “low lying seaside property” somewhat contradicts previous statements about the urgent need to address the “rising sea levels.”

Not to be left behind, Mitt Romney also has a similar case of “AGW hypocrisy.” Mitty believes in “anthropogenic global warming, and sea-level rising.” So, what does Uncle “Pierre Delecto” do? Well, he owns some beachfront property just north of San Diego in La Jolla, California. He now wants to “tear down” that measly 3,000 square foot mansion and replace it with an 11,062 square foot mansion, larger than Reverend Al’s 6,500 square foot villa.

Sounds like a case of keeping up with the Gore’s and Obama’s. Or, perhaps a game of who has the bigger beachfront mansion full of “global warming” bull shit.

You won’t see Al, Barry and Mitty chewing on a dry spongy “Impossible Burger” no way!

Her naked water
And undressed skies
Show no fear from prying eyes

Fertile plains
Desert sands
Magic where she’s touched her hands

Turning leaves
Blooming flowers
Colors changing by the hour

Anchored roots
Spreading gardens
With not so much as “beg your pardon”

Concrete cracking
Weeds encroaching
Stretching towards the sun approaching

Things decay
Use them for another day

Organic matter
Provides nutrition
Never asking for permission

Storm’s ‘a coming
Thunder crashes
Dazzling skies with lightning flashes

Raindrops falling
Wind is blowing
Teeming ponds are overflowing

Croaking frogs
Hollow logs
Swampy water fills her bogs

Falling snow
Hail and ice
Winter wonder paradise

Wild tornadoes
Lava flowing from volcanoes

Crashing waves
Salty seas
The richness of an ocean breeze

Clouds above
Grey skies linger
Clearing as she snaps a finger

Remember this
It’s an outdoor school
Where Mother Nature makes the rules

Warmists now saying that giving birth is the worst thing for global warming

Pierre Delecto

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“Pierre Delecto,” is that you Mitt Romney? Qui, C’est moi’…

Ashley Feinberg, who unearthed “James Comey’s” secret Twitter account last year, has discovered “Mitt Romney’s” secret Twitter account that he admitted using to “lurk” different politicians and celebrities.

“I believe I have found Mitt Romney’s secret twitter account — Ashley Feinberg (@ashleyfeinberg) October 20, 2019

The former Massachusetts governor, and current Utah “RINO” Senator is the man behind Twitter account @qaws9876 that uses the moniker “Pierre Delecto,” which not shockingly, Mitt now has changed the account settings to private.

The @qaws9876 Twitter account does not have a profile or banner picture and before it was locked followed 702 users and has 1,173 followers.

Described as a “lurker,” Romney claims he only tweeted 10 times as “Pierre Delecto,” all of which were replies to other tweets “defending” him in response to critical tweets about him.

Among those Romney follows on his “now-not-so-secret account” are journalists, political pundits, late-night comedians, and athletes — but not President Trump, with whom he’s feuding.

“Pierre Delecto” indeed. It ought to be this “narcissistic” mental midget real name.

It’s as perfect a name for the pompous priss as “Carlos Danger” was for Democratic Party “pervert” Anthony Weiner, or “Reinhold Niebuhr” was for fired FBI director James Comey.  For that reason, it’s a name that’s likely to stick, same way “Fredo” is going to stick forever to thin-skinned princeling television host Chris Cuomo.

Mitt Romney loves Mitt Romney.

Willard Mitt Romney (a.k.a Pierre Delecto, Mittens and Mit-Wit) is a American businessman, French-impersonator, professional Mormon and lifelong failure who is best known for trying, and ultimately failing, to evict Barack Obama from the White House in the 2012 presidential election.

Romney had probably the most inconsistent and dishonest political career ever, changing his mind on almost every major issue whenever it benefited him, and whenever it got him more votes. When he was Governor of the notoriously “gay” state of Massachusetts he labeled himself as a “progressive Republican” and was progressive on most issues; as soon as he joined in the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination, he was a “solid, principled conservative.”

Unsurprisingly, nobody fell for it, and in the 2008 nomination Romney got “pwnt” by wrinkled old, insane Vietnam veteran John McCain, who went along with his retarded MILF Sarah Palin VP pick and got totally dunked in the general election by the glorious black Premier of the People’s Republic of the USA, Barack Hussein Obama.

The “binder full of women” Romney mentioned during the second debate.

Four years later, the Republican party was again in the middle of deciding who their Presidential nominee would be, was split among the Evangelical Christian nut jobs and the more moderate establishment of the party. But sometime in early 2012, the party as a whole realized that all their favorite candidates for the nomination were too stupid, corrupt, homosexual, black, senile, or Batshit insane to even beat the Kenyan socialist Obama with his massive unemployment rate.

Mr. & Mrs. Mitt Romney in a casual moment, modeling their stylish special Mormon underwear.

So, they settled on the only remaining choice that had any chance of beating the Negro, Mitt Romney, a “Mormon” android with no personality and no ideological convictions, except those that make him rich.

Seeing as the majority of Americans hated Barack Hussein Obama for reasons both real and imagined (mostly imagined), along with the massive amount of money that was thrown into the political system in his favor by Karl Rove, Romney should have had little difficulty in becoming the first non-human President. However, proving the stupidity of the party and of Romney himself, they screwed up the election in almost every way possible and Obama proceeded to be easily re-elected.

Who can forget the “millions of tears” which were shed when it was discovered Romney traveled cross country with his Irish Setter “Seamus” strapped to the roof of the car, “Beverly Hillbillies” style. The dog apparently was so frightened, he “shit” all over the roof of Romney’s “Mormon Mobile”, as the feces ran down the sides of the car and over the windows. Romney’s solution? Hose the dog and car off, and strap “Seamus” back to the roof to finish the trip. Romney later went on Fox News and lolled about the incident, proving that him and his wife are totally OK with “animal abuse.” At least he didn’t flip-flop on that issue.

At a highbrow fundraiser, Romney accidentally revealed what his party base thinks of the “poor”, which wasn’t a shock. Romney said that the reason why 47% of the country would automatically vote for Black Jesus was because they “didn’t want to work, expected the government to give them everything, and had a victim complex.”

Not to mention the “Health Care” rage after “ObamaCare” technically became constitutional, with the minor adjustment of a tax instead of a fine, when Mitt Romney whined when Supreme Court Justice John Roberts switched sides. Mitt’s response was hilarious.

After a hard-fought campaign against Obama the cyber kinetic programmed “robot” Mittens lost by a huge margin, and Black Jesus became free to convert America into a “Islamic” communist dictatorship. It was a sad day for the robot civil rights movement, and the heads of many Republicans simultaneously imploded, as they would rather be dead than alive through four more years of imaginary Obama tyranny.

Romney was pissed that all of the money put into the political system in his favor didn’t work, and got all butt-hurt about losing. He blamed his loss on Obama giving “gifts” to blacks, Latinos, and young hipsters, instead of on his obvious and massive fallacies as a Presidential candidate.

One can only hope a “blunders” like this will carry some political consequences for Romney, too, waking his voters up to his essential phoniness.  This isn’t a guy on the same page as President Trump and his claims to “conservatism” are utterly laughable.

Thanks for telling us, “Pierre Delecto” that you are an absolute “embarrassment” of a RINO politician.

If Mitt Romney had taken paid lessons from “Carlos Danger” he couldn’t have picked a more upright Twitter handle than Pierre Delecto, which is French/Latin for “Delightful Peter.”

The clues were all out there, we just didn’t know how to look. Observe these headlines from recent years:

Mitt Romney’s Porn Star Endorsements
Mitt Romney and a porno spoof
Mitt Romney’s Secret Life as a Pornographer
First Lady of Porn Jenna Jameson Endorses Mitt Romney
Marriott, Mitt Romney, and porn

One might say that although these are all very progressive, Party-approved truthful media organs, they could be a bit biased because Mitt Romney opposed Obama as a Republican.

And yet these are the organs of the elites with whom Romney has been trying to get in bed ever since Trump had won the election. By doing so, he has been endorsing everything they had ever said about him in the past.

Thus, Romney admits that he is not only a high school bully, a capitalist predator, a murderer of cancer victims, a torturer of dogs, a slaver of women in binders – he is also a secret pornographer.

Wear your porn star name with pride, Pierre Delecto. You deserve it.

Meet the real Mitt Romney: Pierre Delecto
Media begin canonization of Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney Admits Embarrassment at Revelation of Being Twitter ‘Lurker’
Huckabee on Romney’s Fake Twitter Account
Mitt Romney’s Secret Twitter Account Is No Longer A Secret

Two Face Mitt Romney

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Two Face Mitt Romney 01

Romney is “bashing” Donald Trump today, but look what he “said about him” a few years ago.

Andrea Tantaros of Fox News “blasts” Romney, two-time presidential “loser” for attempting to “lecture” Donald Trump on “electability.”

Romney to give ‘major speech’ trashing Trump
GOP Debate Audience Boos Mitt Romney
#MittRomneySexTape Trending to Mock Trump Tax Rumor
Romney Would Have Dropped to His Knees to Get My Endorsement
GOP Establishment Chooses Mount Romney as Hill to Die on
Romney Disgraces Himself With Dishonest Attack

Charity Fight of the Year

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Fight of Year 2015 04

Boxing great Evander Holyfield has agreed to “fight” former Massachusetts governor and 2012 United States presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Forget about Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, the “real fight of the century” is scheduled for May 15th when Mitt Romney enters the ring to “battle” Evander Holyfield in Salt Lake City.

Yes, you read that right.

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, and Holyfield, the five-time heavyweight titleholder who “smacked” around the likes of Mike Tyson and George Foreman, are going to “lace” up gloves and “duke” it out in a “charity” exhibition.

Fight of Year 2015 03

They will raise funds for Charity Vision, which operates to “donate” medical equipment to doctors and medical facilities in areas of the world “affected” by poverty to carry out “eye” operations.

However, Romney has no “delusions” about actually winning this contest. “It will either be a very short fight, or I will be knocked unconscious,” Romney told the Salt Lake City Tribune.

“It won’t be much of a ‘real deal’ fight. We’ll both suit up and get in the ring and spar around a little bit.”

Fight of Year 2015 02

Romney, the 68-year-old “entered” two months of training for the fight, hoping not to “embarrass” himself. He has never “boxed” before, though he is a fan of the sport.

“We just thought it would be a lot better to provide this kind of entertainment rather than just have dinner and listen to speakers,” Romney said of the 1920’s gala styled-event that will also “feature” professional fights.

The 52-year-old Holyfield’s “last” professional fight was in 2011, a points “victory” over Brian Nielsen that took his career record to “44 wins, 10 losses and two draws.”

Some have called this the most highly “anticipated” fight in boxing history. When it was “announced” a couple months ago that former Presidential nominee Mitt Romney would be “stepping” into the ring with former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield, people didn’t really “know what to expect.”

Fight of Year 2015 01

If this stare down is any indication, Mitt Romney is going to knock the living daylights out of Evander Holyfield.

But after months of training and some “back-and-forth jaw jackin’,” the time has finally come. And by the looks of this “stare” down, Mitt ain’t “scared” of anything.

Romney promised to play “nice” in a nod to Holyfield’s notorious 1997 brawl in which Mike Tyson “bit” off part of Holyfield’s ear.

“You’ve heard my critics say that I’m out of touch, that I’m stiff, that I just don’t relate to people,” the mild-mannered Romney said.

“For years, I’ve been listening to garbage like that, and I’ve decided to fight back. How do you do that? By taking on the former heavyweight champion of the world,” Romney says, brandishing his mitt-encased fists.

Romney jests that he may not have much of a right hook, but “when I get somebody’s ear, I can be pretty formidable.”

Tough talk aside, Romney has said he just “hopes” the hulking ex-champ will go “easy” on him.

The “pugilists” weighed in and shared a classic “stare down” ahead of their bout at Salt Lake City’s Rail Event Center.

Holyfield, 52, “tipped” the scales at 236 pounds, while Romney, who “kidded” that the fight will give spectators a gander at his “bird legs”, weighed in at a “trim” 179.

Charity Vision 05

Romney “indicated” that if his match with Holyfield goes well, he’s “ready” to take on Senate Minority Leader, and former “amateur” boxer, Harry Reid next.

Romney already “lost the fight of his life” in 2012. So right now, he’s a man with “nothing” left to lose. That’s “extremely” dangerous.

When you break down the “tale of the tape,” everything is in Holyfield’s advantage. But I’m a big believer in heart, and that’s where Romney “wins” this heavyweight bout.

I know Mitt has gone out and said that he isn’t “running” in 2016, but I don’t think he has a “choice” if he goes out there and “KO’s” Evander Holyfield tonight.

Would actually just be a “waste” of time to hold the “election” at that point. Just let Mitt “move” in to Pennsylvania Avenue and “save” Hillary the embarrassment.

Mitt Romney “lasted” 2 rounds against Evander Holyfield in the “charity” boxing match .

Romney and Holyfield “sparred” for just two short rounds before Romney “ran away” from the boxer and “threw” in the towel.

Charity Vision 04

The two “barely” threw any punches and largely just “danced” around, occasionally lightly “jabbing” each other in the midsection.

Charity Vision 01

The black-tie affair “raised” money for the Utah-based organization “Charity Vision,” which helps doctors in developing countries perform surgeries to “restore” vision in people with “curable” blindness.

Evander Holyfield, Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Takes On Evander Holyfield In Charity Boxing Event

A Toast

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A toast to a very decent and good man.

This is a “thank you” note to a good man.

Thank you… for turning aside from a life of ease and security to run for the presidency against an incumbent idiot. 

Thank you… for enduring the slander of you, your family, and your faith perpetrated by a criminally negligent media. 

Thank you… for calling things such as terrorism by their right name. 

Thank you… selecting Paul Ryan as vice presidential running mate. 

Thank you… and your lovely wife for demonstrating true love. 

Thank you… for handling yourself with grace and equanimity in every situation. 

Thank you… for your patriotism. 

Thank you… for believing in America.

It is to our eternal shame that America did not, in this time and place, believe in you.


I wish I could say the same things about Obama who is…



pro-Same Sex Marriage,

pro-Gay and Lesbian,

pro- Muslim,

pro-Illegal Immigration,

pro-Raising Taxes,

pro-Gun Control,






anti-Christian Values,




anti-Job Creation


anti-Military Spending,

and a host of other maladies

Cockroach Derby

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Every four years, the New Jersey Pest Management Association holds a “presidential cockroach derby” that picks two Madagascar hissing cockroaches to stand in for the Republican and Democratic nominees and races them on a three-foot-long track.

This year marked the 16th Running of the Roaches and pitted a “Romney roach” against a “Barack Obama bug,” each with a tiny caricature of the nominees taped to their backs.

Leonard Douglen, association executive director of the NJPMA, admits the race is a publicity stunt for the organization, but still thinks the roach race can be a good indicator of who will win the real campaign come November. “We have an 84 percent prediction rate,” Douglen told the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

Although there is a history of animals making accurate psychic predictions, such as Paul the Psychic Octopus of 2010 World Cup fame, Douglen admits there’s no scientific evidence of roaches predicting anything, except that people do not prefer insect infested restaurants.

NJPMA vice president Phillip Cooper, who is in charge of raising the racing roaches, couldn’t help but notice parallels between the candidates and the cockroaches. “Look, the Obama Roach is leaning a little to the left,” he remarked to as he loaded the roaches onto the track.

The political quips didn’t stop there. Douglen joked to the Star-Ledger that the Obama roach had to have security to ensure he didn’t get squashed by a spectator. When the Romney Roach attempted to climb back onto the track and head in the other direction, an onlooker remarked, “Look, he’s flip-flopping. Typical.”

If the 84 percent success rate is any indication, Romney will be the next president, since his bug beat the Obama insect handily. “I am not saying that the race can actually predict the outcome of the national elections,” Douglen told “But in 2008, it was the Obama cockroach that won the race.”

Mitt Romney could be “crawling” to a White House victory if the efforts of a “namesake cockroach” are any indication.

Politicians Who Look Like Disney Characters

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