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The Fraud-In-Chief

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It was fortunate for Biden that there were “thousands of troops” at the capitol for his swearing-in ceremony. If they had not been there it would have been a starkly “empty” sight.

Similar to his campaign appearances, few people showed up. That’s because “China Joe” is not popular with Americans regardless of party affiliation.

“Sniffy” Joe’s campaign trail mostly took place in his own basement. He knew the election would be rigged in his favor, so he didn’t have to expend an inordinate amount of energy on winning the hearts of voters.

The Swamp will now retain power permanently and try to drain us. We can’t vote them out because our voting system has been compromised. There’s no sense in voting for Trump’s “Patriot Party” until we get rid of the mail-in ballot abuse as well as the computer voting. We need to stick to paper ballots and voter ID at polling stations.

Regardless, we now have to deal with a very “corrupt” Biden who is already undoing all the good Trump accomplished.

The lying corporate media are “gushing” over Biden and his cabinet picks. Many Democrats such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Michael Moore are eager to pursue a purge of Trump’s followers. They want strip us of our jobs, our remaining freedoms, and send us to reeducation camps. That’s what communists do. They love sending their enemies to gulags.

Look for “Bogus” Joe Biden and his party of totalitarianism to continue their compromise of conservative free speech. There will also be false flags leading to gun confiscation. He will push for mandatory vaccination. It’s not a pleasant situation.

Conservatives can’t depend on politicians, the military, or the courts to help us. If we are to restore the Republic then we must first stop hoping that someone else will save it for us. To even have a chance we must first stick together and save ourselves. We are the patriots in charge.

Ben Garrison

Defcon 1

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Red alert, the 150 year “revolution” is in “grave” danger.

This is quite a change from Michael’s earlier stand.


5 Reasons Why Trump Will Win | MICHAEL MOORE

Chelsea Victoria Clinton is the “only child” of former U.S. President Bill Clinton and former U.S. Secretary of State and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.


Here she is reading a “bedtime” story to Aidan Clinton Mezvinsky.


Meanwhile, Bill Clinton’s “banished” son, Danney Lee Williams Jr., “illegitimately” fathered with his mother, Bobbie Ann Williams,  said:

“I believe Hillary found out about me and told my dad I would ruin her chances of being in the White House. I feel she cut him off from being in my life. But going forward, I hope that at least I can get to know all of them and that my kids can get to know them, Bill and Hillary and Chelsea and their kids. I have three girls, two boys from three to 14, and they always are asking who their grandfather is. I’ve been trying to get my dad to acknowledge me for years. I wrote him at least 20 to 30 letters and I tried him by Facebook and Twitter. He has blocked me from Facebook and never replied. I wish I was called Bill Clinton Jr. and I pray that one day I can change my name to Danny Lee Clinton. I feel my dad loves me and wants to acknowledge me.”

I wouldn’t be “surprised” to learn that  “Slick Willy” has more “nigglets” running around.

Not a Muslim Fan

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Did you hear about the “controversy” surrounding a “beauty” pageant?

Not a Muslim Fan 05

No, not Steve Harvey’s “boneheaded” move at the end of the “Miss Universe” festivities, when he couldn’t read his “cue card” and ended up briefly “crowning” Miss Colombia as the winner.

Not a Muslim Fan 06

Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez was incorrectly named as Miss Universe before her crown was taken away.

Fortunately, he quickly “realized” what he had done and made things right, giving the “crown” to Miss Philippines and leaving poor Miss Colombia in “tears” thinking to herself: “I shaved off all my pubic hair for that?”

Not a Muslim Fan 07

Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach reacts as she was announced as the new Miss Universe.

The other controversy surrounds the “Miss America” pageant. It seems that Miss “Puerto Rico” isn’t terribly “fond” of the Islamic faith.

Not a Muslim Fan 09

20-year old Destiny Vélez took to Twitter to unload on “fatty” Michael Moore for standing “outside” the Trump Tower with a sign that read: “We are all Muslims.”

We are all Muslim 19

No, “we aren’t,” and Miss Puerto Rico took “umbrage” at such a sentiment.

The beauty pageant “contestant” issued a series of “critical” tweets to Michael Moore in response to the liberal loons documentary “We Are All Muslim” campaign last week.

Not a Muslim Fan 03

In response to her “tweet” storm the “Miss Puerto Rico Organization” quickly issued a statement suspending the stunner from “competition” indefinitely.

“In regards to Miss Puerto Rico, Destiny Velez’s, recent actions and conduct; the Miss Puerto Rico Organization feels that her words do not represent the integrity and esteem of our program, nor that of our board members, our sponsors and partners, or the National Organization. Miss Velez’s actions were in contradiction to the organization, and therefore as a consequence of her actions, she has been suspended indefinitely. The Miss Puerto Rico Organization will not tolerate any actions or behavior contrary to the Miss Puerto Rico Organization.”

Vélez issued an “apology” shortly after the group’s “decision,” which was also “included” in the organization’s Facebook post.

“I apologize to the people I have offended with my words. I am first and foremost an #UpStander and as such I stand up against bullying. The last thing I wanted to do was to bully anyone. Again, I apologize to anyone who felt offended with my words.”

Now Destiny has plenty of “time” to work for the Donald Trump “campaign.”

Not a Muslim Fan 01

“Miss America” Puerto Rico Destiny Vélez.

Who knew “fatty” Michael Moore is still “alive” and doing stupid “documentaries”?

But, more “importantly,” Destiny Velez didn’t say “anything” wrong.

There is “absolutely” no comparison between “Muslims and Christians” no matter what “Obama or the Media” says.

Christians never “kill” in the name of God and there are absolutely no terrifying “beheading” agendas in the Bible, nor anything about “gay people, same sex marriage, or abortion.”

In fact, instead of “suspending” Miss Puerto Rico indefinitely I think we owe her a “debt of gratitude.” Did anyone else know about this “gas station planting” that’s going on?

Not a Muslim Fan 08

I have to admit, I like the “tweet” when she tweeted about how Muslims “terrorize innocent Americans and plant gas stations.”

If there’s anything we “don’t want in this country” it’s people motivated by religious “hatred” who shoot and kill “innocent” Americans.

Not a Muslim Fan 03

It’s even “worse” if those people also happen to “plant gas stations.”

The “lame stream” media is too PC to talk about it but luckily for us, Destiny Velez just “blew the lid” off the whole thing.

I Would Make Miss Colombia “Co-Winner”

We are all Muslim

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We are all Muslim 00

American “has-been” filmmaker, left wing political “loon” and social “fatso” activist Michael Moore has sent Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a letter “chastising” him on his recent statements to “temporarily ban all Muslims from entering the United States” until proper Government “vetting” safeguards are in place.

In his letter, which he posted on his Facebook page, Moore said Trump’s anti-Muslim statements “were made in depression and insanity.”

We are all Muslim 19

Moore also published a “picture” of himself in front of Trump Tower in New York with the caption “We are all Muslim.”

Moore went on to say that he was raised to believe in “equality” of people as brothers and sisters, regardless of “race, colour and religion.”

He added that “we are all Muslim, just as we are all Mexican, we are all Catholic and Jewish and white and black and every shade in between.”

What a “priggish” way to create publicity for his new documentary “Where To Invade Next” by scoffing at the “security” of the American people, all the while having “armed” bodyguards for his own protection.

We are all Muslim 02

I guess that’s what “wealthy” progressives “snobs” do.

Now, his “detractors” might say it’s easy to stand with a sign next to a “secure” Trump Tower in Manhattan.

But we know that Michael Moore is a fearless “slob,” so we imagine he can also bring his “We are all Muslim” signs to other, less “secure” locations.

Let’s help Michael “visualize” his cardboard campaign “cutouts” to prove his mettle!

We are all Muslim 03

We are all Muslim 04

We are all Muslim 05

We are all Muslim 06

We are all Muslim 07

We are all Muslim 08

We are all Muslim 09

We are all Muslim 10

We are all Muslim 11

We are all Muslim 12

We are all Muslim 13

We are all Muslim 14

We are all Muslim 17

We are all Muslim 18

In related news, Donald Trump came out to join the “picket” with his own sign, reminding Michael Moore that they both are, in fact, “millionaire” property owners.

We are all Muslim 15

When asked whose “message” they find more appealing, most “passersby” sided with Trump, saying that they’d “rather” be millionaire “property” owners than “Muslims.”



A media “poll” taken five minutes later shows that Trump’s “rating” has grown to a new “record” high because of this “interaction.”

“We are all Muslim,” says left-wing loon and has-been director Michael Moore
What happens when a Muslim grandfather savagely rapes his own two-year-old granddaughter?

Run for President

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Run for President 01

New Jersey governor Chris Christie plans to “switch” parties in time for the 2016 presidential election, becoming approximately two fifths (2/5) of the entire Democrat Party.

Run for President 02

This comes as a “shock” to many Democrats, most of whom have traditionally “viewed” Michael Moore as two fifths (2/5) of the party, and obviously with Christie “on board” that would only leave a single fifth (1/5) for the entire “remainder” of the party.

However, by utilizing “Core Curriculum Math,” it has now been proven that Michael Moore is “actually” only one fifth (1/5) of the Democrat Party, so that leaves the remaining two fifths (2/5) to be divided between all other Democrats.

Run for President 04

Now, if Hillary and Michelle run on the same ticket, as has been suggested, their combined “backsides” might make up an additional 2/5 of the Party.

Then, with Chris and Michael weighing in at 2/5 each, and the rest of the Party at 1/5, that would be a total of 7/5.

Run for President 06

We don’t even need Common Core math here to “justify” the total.

This is one “primary” where people might have to “vote” by the pound (or kilo) instead of by “individual” item.

Barack Obama, Chris Christie

Fatso and Thinso

Unless, of course, current president Barack Hussein Obama “chooses” to run for a third term, Gov. Christie will likely be the next president of the USA.

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