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Twas the night before Christmas

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‘Twas the night before Christmas,
next to a foreclosed house,
A family was camping, their dinner, a mouse.

They thought politicians should be hung high with care,
While they stayed socially distanced from others who were there.

Around the campfire, each wore a mask,
Ending the brainwashing would be no easy task.

The children were in sleeping bags, of Santa they dreamed,
Instead jolly Bill Gates was coming, as the cold moonlight beamed.

He arrived in a sleigh packed with needles of harm,
The shots were all mandatory; a vaccination for each arm.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
Bill hoped they’d all die, because he is such a jerk.

Then he sprang to his sleigh with a grin on his face,
Bill Gates would get even with the whole human race.

“On Pfizer, On Monsanto, On Fauci!” he shouted,
Bill was doing good work, it was not allowed to be doubted.

Away he flew, leaving the homeless in dread,
They thought Bill might be right after all–they’d be better off dead.

So while they should fight back with all of their might,
They instead faded gently into that goodnight.

By Ben Garrison

Then up on the rooftop, there arose such a clatter,
Helicopters were landing, loaded with Patriot’s who mattered.

Rudy, Sidney, Lin Wood and more,
All standing up for the Constitution with lawsuits galore.

Digital soldiers marched straight into line,
lead by General Flynn on a mission divine.

To expose the corruption of a Deep State Cabal,
With God on our side, Patriots will not fall!

The Pandemic will end with the world awaken,
Our freedom and liberty will NOT be taken!

So Stand United Patriots across this land,
Hold the line and each other, hand in hand.

The Christmas Star will appear in this historical year,
With trust in God, we know we have nothing to fear.

So rejoice with your families and pray every day,
For our Republic, our President and our American Way.

And we heard our President, as he appeared  in the night,
He shouted out, “We will not bend, We will not fall and We will win this fight”

By Tina Toon

Is Trump Your President?

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Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2020

Happy Hanukkah

 Hat Tip: Evil Smiley

Merry Christmas Warning

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While most Americans and followers of “Jesus” around the world celebrate and hold December near and dear to their hearts, Democrats and their “sycophant” supporters believe it is the most “evil” time of the year!

Yes, Democrats along with other anti-God movements “despise” Happy, Holy Days, Cheer, Giving, and Joy. In their hearts, there is only room for “hate” since they are all about being victors in their “political blood” sport of destroying the lives of good and decent people.

Just ask anyone if they have ever seen a Liberal tell a funny joke or laugh until they can’t. Instead, it’s easy to spot Liberals because they all have a “growl and frown” expression on their face. They truly live in a “whine cellar!”

With the current “PC” culture so invasive, Liberals are forced to remain “foulmouthed” to avoid being attacked by Social Justice “warriors” for having a sense of humor.

Oh yes, Liberals think they “know” everything and there is nothing liberals “don’t” understand. They also have an extreme “vulgar” vocabulary of clichés to yell attempting to “slay” the messenger and then run for their “safe” spaces.

Liberals are only about statements like “racists, sexists, homophobic” and the like. Penetrating a Liberal’s mind is akin to training a “rock to shake hands.”

Just imagine how “awful” it makes any Liberal feel when they see Christians loving one another, sharing life, and enjoying the world around them. Imagine one’s audacity to openly sing “Christmas” carols,  especially those with the word “Christ” in them!

The reality of Christianity and Christmas now “evades” Liberals. Liberals fail to understand that “facts and truth” make major differences in life.

Within the Liberal world, life is more aligned with “whack-a-mole” lifestyles than reality. They falsely believe we must all live a certain way because of Democrat hoaxes!

The reality of life in their world, is Liberals prefer to live in a fantasy world full of political “hoaxes” while Christians live in a real world depending upon “fact and truth” as their guide.

When Democrat “lies” are exposed as only another hoax, they jump into their next hoax. Their lives revolve around telling “lies” and more damn lies – never to apologize or correct themselves.

No, Liberals never attempt to do anything to “improve” lives. It’s always about power and money. If they can win, then anything goes. If it’s a loser, then they fight dirty – blaming others for their “lies and mistakes.”

The point being is there is no way to “appease” a Liberal and December is the time of the year most “hated” by them. If it’s anything to do with Christ, it will be “attacked, demeaned, and maligned.”

First Lady Melania has “revealed” her White House Christmas Decor for 2019. The AP did a great job with their camera work. It won’t be too long before the liberal critics “ridicule” the decorations and Christmas arrangements.

Beautiful trees, beautiful lights, beautiful ornaments, and beautiful Christmas music played by the Marine Band. All chosen by the most beautiful First Lady since Jackie. Who could ask for more?

In the spirit of the “Holidays,” the Democratic party could also be part of the majesty of the “White House” decorations by providing miniature displays placed around the bottom of every tree consisting of various members of the homeless, streets lined with colorful camping tents, sidewalks decorated with holiday syringes, shopping carts filled with assorted colorful illegal plastic bags filled with personal possessions, streets piled with plastic bags full of feces/assorted colorful human waste and a variety of vomit discharges in a stunning visual diorama.

The music would be colorfully provided by rappers, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Botany Boyz and Funk Wizard Show. After all, Democrat leaders and their stewardship of our various cities and country truly represent the future for children, or children we have yet to abort.

Please don’t be shocked when it touches you, personally. Be forewarned and forearmed to deal with it as best you can. When they scream their “hateful” epitaphs normally used by Liberals to“kill” the messengers, simply respond with a kindly “Merry Christmas!”


Christmas is Offensive to Muslim

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A burqa clad American Muslima says “Christmas is offensive to Muslims and it is ‘Islamophobic’ to celebrate it or even acknowledge it.” 

This goes along with a popular Muslim cleric who declared that “saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is worse than fornicating, drinking alcohol, or killing someone.”

They explain why Muslims believe the West is “evil,” yet they continue to “flock” here in droves, because it is based entirely on Christianity which is against Islam. They believe in “Sharia Law” and the whole idea of Christmas is “blasphemy” and Muslims must not accept it.

And they keep telling us that “music and dancing” in Islam are “haram” (forbidden).

Here a Imam explains why “music/dancing” is not allowed in Islam.

If that’s the case, it leaves only “one” alternative. Assimilate into our culture or go back to the third world “shithole” country you “crawled” in from.

Bottom line, Muslims don’t have to participate in anything or even acknowledge anything! All they have to do is ignore it and shut up! I am so fed up with Muslims dictating what we “can and can’t do.”

Listening to these “anti-freedom” Muslim creeps demanding the elimination of “Christmas” celebrations sends a message loud and clear that Islam must be “outlawed” in the West by Government force.

The harassment of Muslims striving to ban “Christmas, the sale of pork and alcohol products, the enforcement of paid Halal fees in commerce” is enough reason alone to “ban” Islam from the West. Obviously, there are a lot of other “threats and demands” by Muslims that also must be “rejected.” There is no place for a bully “dictatorship” belief systems like Islam in the West.

Until the government backed by the people establishes the courage to close Islam down in the West, we will never be free of Muslim “bullying” of non-Muslims.

Christmas is a time for all people whether you are Christian or not and no Muslim is going to “tell us or try to stop us” from enjoying the celebration of Christmas.

It is time for weak minded politicians to wake up and recognize, we the people, in every Western Country are fed up with the constant bully “whining, rant and rave abuse” of Muslims. Their insidious “anti-freedom” demands must be stopped.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas from around the World [Photo Gallery]

The night Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, Mary and Joseph wouldn’t have found themselves gazing wistfully at an evergreen tree festooned with tinsel and ornaments. There were no wrapped gifts, no sugar cookies, no eggnog. But there was a star—a brilliant light shined in the east announcing the birth of a king. The blaze of light beckoned those who would come and worship.

Over the centuries, Christmas traditions have evolved. In some places, they’ve blended cultural practices with pagan roots and in others, they’ve become a marketing scheme. But still, on Christmas Eve there are many who marvel at the side of a manger, kneeling to worship.

This year we asked photographers to document Christmas celebrations around the world during the month of December. The images testify to the global appeal of the beauty of Christmas while reminding us that there are still many who don’t yet know the meaning at the heart of the holiday.

Shoes placed outside a door in Vienna, Austria are filled with gifts from Saint Nicholas.

Photo by Patrick Royals.

In Vienna, Austria, children spend the evening of December 5 making sure their shoes are scrubbed clean, placing them ever so carefully outside their doors, and wishing with all their might that they were good enough this year to get treats in their shoes when St. Nicholas comes to visit that night. December 5 is St. Nikolas day in the Catholic church. In European Catholic countries like Austria, Czech Republic, and Germany, this day is treated a lot like our traditional Christmas Eve—minus the flying reindeer and the sack full of toys.

Shoppers browse the stalls at a Christmas market in Germany.

Photo by Hugh Johnson.

European Christmas markets like this one in Germany draw tourists from around the world. On December 11, after a gunman shot and killed three people at a Christmas market in Strasbourg, France, heightened security went into effect at markets across Europe, but the lights stayed on. Even an act of terror cannot extinguish centuries of tradition.

In Europe, Saint Nicholas looks more like the pope than a jolly old elf with a round belly.

Photo by Patrick Royals.

The European incarnation of Saint Nicholas is the catalyst for our American version of Santa Claus, but the differences are stark. In Europe, Saint Nicholas looks more like the pope than a jolly old elf with a round belly. He doesn’t wink, laugh, or bring copious amounts of toys. Instead, he metes out judgment in the form of approval with treats like chocolates and oranges, or rebuke with a lump of coal (or usually today, a potato). Although most Europeans are practical atheists, they see religion as merit-based—the best we can do is hope our good deeds outweigh our bad. They tend to think of God as a stern judge, not a personal savior.

In Austria, wild beasts wearing jangling bells and chains parade through Christmas markets.

Photo by Carrie Borden.

In Austria, Christian and pagan traditions coexist. During the first week of December, wild beasts wearing jangling bells and chains parade through Christmas markets. Smoke billows around them while hard rock music plays in the background. Two kinds of beasts appear—Krampus is a devil-like creature with a switch and chains that accompanies Saint Nicholas in order to punish naughty children, and Perchten are beasts from the alpine regions that carry bells to drive away the winter and ghosts.

At a shopping area in Thailand, children play in a glowing emoji sculpture installed beside a traditionally decorated Christmas tree.

Photo by Sean Lee.

At a shopping area in Thailand, children play in a glowing emoji sculpture installed beside a traditionally decorated Christmas tree. The ornaments and flourishes of the holiday fused with contemporary digital imagery reveal that Christmas is more a marketing event than an opportunity for spiritual reflection and devotion. Although Thai Buddhists don’t celebrate Christmas in their home, they may visit public spaces with Christmas decorations.

Christmas may not be a national holiday in East Asia, but many shopping centers and hotels decorate in hopes of wooing vacationing tourists.

Photo by Luke In.

Christmas is not a national holiday in East Asia, but many shopping centers and hotels decorate for the new year in hopes of wooing vacationing tourists. These sculptures reflect that in Asia, 2018 was “The Year of the Dog” (on the left) and 2019 will be “The Year of the Pig” (on the right). The one constant of holiday decorations around the world is that they are bathed in light.

In Taiwan public parks are transformed into ‘winter wonderlands’ in December.

Photo by Sean Lee.

In Taiwan, public parks are transformed into winter wonderlands in December. Dazzling Christmas trees and lights add sparkle to the landscaping around the Liuchuan Riverside Walk in Taiwan.

Pedestrians stroll by a storefront in Turkey displaying New Year's decorations.

Photo by Peter Schiller.

Pedestrians stroll by a storefront in Istanbul, Turkey, displaying decorations that appear to be for Christmas. But in this Muslim country, Santa Claus, reindeer, trees, lights, and even gift exchanges are associated with New Year’s celebrations, not with Christmas. Although the cultural trappings of Christmas have been imported into cultures around the world, the meaning of the holiday is still obscure to many.

In Poland pierogi is among the favored holiday dishes.

Photo by Kelvin Joseph.

Gingerbread, peppermint, eggnog—those are the flavors Americans associate with Christmas, but holiday treats vary around the world. In Poland, pierogi is among the favored holiday dishes. The dumpling comes in more varieties during the holiday markets than any other time of the year—steamed or fried, filled with savories like meat, potatoes, vegetables, mushrooms, or with sweet berries.

In Kraków, Poland, Saint Mary’s Cathedral presides over the largest medieval square in Europe.

Photo by Kelvin Joseph.

In Kraków, Poland, Saint Mary’s Cathedral presides over the largest medieval square in Europe. Every Christmas season for the entire month of December, the square transforms into an idyllic holiday scene where booths sell the best of local handicrafts and delicious local specialties. Afternoon fades into night remarkably early in Poland, giving the glow of Christmas lights even more time to shine.

A man sells traditional Erzgebirge Schwibbogen Arches at the Streizelmarkt Christmas market in Dresden, Germany.

Photo by Patrick Royals.

A man sells traditional Erzgebirge Schwibbogen Arches at the Streizelmarkt Christmas market in Dresden, Germany. The Schwibbogen is a traditional, handcrafted candle holder that originated in the Ore mountains of lower Saxony in Germany. As shoppers browse for gifts, they may be unaware that the simple gesture of giving a good gift reflects the reality that God gave the very best gift to humanity—his son Jesus, our Savior.

In Southeast Asia, a grandmother shares a precious moment with her granddaughter at a mall where the two posed for a picture.

Photo by Sean Lee.

In Southeast Asia, a grandmother shares a precious moment with her granddaughter at a mall where the two posed for a picture. The joy of reuniting with family and friends during the holidays transcends cultures.

Missionaries serving in Europe bake and decorate Christmas cookies to give to West African migrants.

Photo by Noelle West.

Missionaries serving in Europe bake and decorate Christmas cookies to give to West African migrants. As they share coffee and cookies with the vendors, they also share truths about the significance and meaning of the holiday.

Incredible color and detail are trademarks of the szopki krakowskie—handmade Polish nativity scenes.

Photo by Kelvin Joseph.

Residents of Kraków, Poland, bring their handmade nativity scenes—called szopki krakowskie—to a competition that takes place every year in the historic city center. Incredible color and detail are trademarks of these Polish nativity scenes, which are traditionally styled with local architectural details and can take the entire year to build. Szopki krakowskie are so idiosyncratic that they were added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2018.

Statues of baby Jesus dressed as a king crowd a shop window in the Czech Republic.

Photo by Rae Riley.

Statues of baby Jesus dressed as a king crowd a shop window in the Czech Republic. In parts of Eastern Europe, it’s not Saint Nicholas who delivers gifts on Christmas Eve—it’s Jesus himself. Children in the Czech Republic often write letters to baby Jesus enumerating the gifts they’d most like to receive.

Children at a European Christmas market gaze at a nativity scene.

Photo by Patrick Royals.

Children at a European Christmas market gaze at a nativity scene. All the glitz, glitter, and gifts of the season cannot outshine the beauty of this moment—the birth of the Messiah, the one who saves people from their sins, the one who heals the nations.

The sun sets over one of London's Christmas markets as commuters head home over Hungerford Bridge.

Photo by Hugh Johnson.

The sun sets over one of London’s Christmas markets as commuters head home over Hungerford Bridge.

Tonight we remember the evening a heavenly host filled the sky over Bethlehem. To the shepherds on the outskirts of the city, the angels proclaimed, “Today a Savior, who is Messiah the Lord, was born for you in the city of David” (Luke 2:11 HCSB). More than two thousand years later, we sing along with the angels, “Glory to God in the highest.”

Merry Christmas from all of us serving with the International Mission Board!

Eliza Thomas is a writer and editor with the IMB. She has served with her family in Central Asia for more than a decade.


Merry Christmas

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There’s simply no way that an “active” president will have the courage to say “Merry Christmas”. It’s too dangerous. The political “fallout” would be too intense.

Nothing says “Merry Resistmas” like topping a Christmas tree with the “holy” Hillary Clinton, clad in her “iconic power suit with angelic wings.”

For a “mere” $107, the nonprofit Women To Look Up To is making that “nightmare” a reality.

“Those looking to celebrate ‘Resistmas’ now have the perfect accessory: A Hillary Clinton Fallen Angel? Who would have thought SATAN would get his very own Christmas Ornament?”, — Based Basterd (@Based_Basterd) December 6, 2017

“The most presidential of tree toppers,” the description reads. 3D printed to order with pinpoint accuracy, with a simple wire tie threaded through holes on her back to safely secure to your tree.

“She’s the former First Lady of Christmas Tree Decorations.” The “Public (10ft+)” sized Clinton angel sells for a whopping $937.

“Hillary Clinton is the first woman to achieve a major party nomination for President of the United States and failing twice. Serving as Secretary for State, and former First Lady, she is a woman steeped in ‘What Happening’ successes, but not deterred by failure.”

“A strong believer in role models because ‘how can you imagine doing anything if you can’t see?’” Followers of the “Join the #Resistmas” promote causes like “illegal immigrants, abortion, transgender issues and climate change.”

Angel Clinton stands among other idols like “Beyonce, Serena Williams, Michelle Obama, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Sheila Jackson Lee” and others as role models for women.

“Celebrate ‘Resistmas’ this year with these bad ass women on top of your Christmas tree”— Metro Lifestyle (@MetroUK_Life) December 3, 2017

“This is beyond lunacy and the Clinton one should have horns, a tail and should state ‘DEVIANT LUCIFERIAN’” posted Stuck in Ca on Twitter.

“Really? Resisters have Christmas trees? C’mon!” WilliamJaxFI wrote.

“You couldn’t PAY me to put Killary on a Christmas Tree. SHE is the devil incarnate not an angel,” Lynn Parker added.

“Make. It. Stop. Dreaming of a What Happened Christmas: Lib Media Gushes Over Hillary Clinton ‘Resistmas’ Christmas Tree Angel.” #FoxAndFriends — Tosca Austen (@ToscaAusten) December 6, 2017

“Just what we need. A tree topper, anti-Christ Hillary, who won’t go away, to barge into the yuletide season and monitor us from an exalted potion atop our Christmas Trees.”

“It if wasn’t so expensive, I’d give them as gag gifts,” Kelly wrote.

“Just like the real Hillary it’s overpriced, entirely artificial, smells of fish nog, and can’t quite reach the ceiling,” another added.

The Clinton angel tree-topper isn’t the first time her followers have “linked” Hillary to the “divine.”

An all-women’s choir “performing” at a Clinton rally in 2015 “replaced” Jesus with the former first lady in a special “rendition” of the old gospel tune “Woke Up This Morning With My Mind On Jesus” by the great Mavis Staples.

A video of the “ditty” shows a large choir of women belting out a “politicized” version of the song…

Woke up this mornin’ with my mind, stayin’ on Hillary
Woke up this mornin’ with my mind, stayin’ on Hillary
Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelujah!

Here’s the original song…

Now here’s a treetop angel…

I truly believe that America is on the comeback trail!

“Merry Christmas” everyone!

Christmas Cards

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The evolution of the  White House Christmas Cards:


Franklin D. Roosevelt.


John F. Kennedy.


Lyndon B. Johnson.


Richard M. Nixon.


Gerald R. Ford.


James E. Carter.


Ronald W. Reagan.


George H. Bush.


William J. Clinton.


George W. Bush.


Narcissistic Barack Hussein Obama.

Merry Christmas (too Christian)
Happy Hanukkah (too Jewish)
Happy Kwanzaa (too ‎African Americans)
Happy Navidad (too Hispanic)
Happy Ramadan (too Islamic)
Season’s Greetings (too all inclusive)
Happy Holidays (too exclusionary)

In search of a more all-inclusive, “multicultural” holidays lets cancel all “existing” Christmas cards and “replace” them with a new one:

christmas-card-obama-11“Holiday” connotes religious tradition and may not apply to all employees.

Conservatives like ‘Merry Christmas; liberals like ‘Happy Holidays’

Happy Federal Holidays

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Happy Federal Holiday 02

University of Central Florida liberal professor Terri Fine wants Americans to “stop” wishing each other “Merry Christmas” and begin using the more inclusive “Happy Federal Holiday” instead.

In a column on the UCF website titled “A Holiday Greeting That Applies to Everyone,” Fine argues that “Happy Federal Holiday” is a more inclusive holiday greeting than saying “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Chanukah,” or even “Happy Holidays.”

Happy Federal Holiday 01

Part of the problem, Dr. Fine explains, is that “People wish each other ‘Merry Christmas’ whether they know the other person’s religious background or not,” even though Christmas occurs around the same time frame as “Hanukkah,” which Fine refers to as “Chanukah.”

Simply saying both “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Chanukah,” Fine argues, isn’t appropriate because “Christmas is one of the two holiest days for Christians, while Chanukah is a minor holiday on the calendar.”

Happy Federal Holiday 03

Using both greetings, Fine says, is “insulting” to both Christians—“by implying Christmas is a minor holiday”—and Jews—by denying “the holiness associated with the major Jewish holy days and festivals.”

Simply saying “Happy Holidays,” Fine says, also isn’t “culturally sensitive” enough.

“It is the non-specificity of ‘Happy Holidays’ that makes it inappropriate because it fails to recognize the importance of Christmas to Christians while it also suggests that Chanukah should be more important to Jews than the high holidays and festivals that come at other times during the year,” Fine claims.

Happy Federal Holiday 04

The most “inclusive” greeting, according to Fine, is for Americans to wish each other a “Happy Federal Holiday.”

“Because the U.S. government in some cases and the state government in others have identified certain days during the year as state and federal holidays, including those that fall during the late fall and winter season – Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day –we have no choice but to observe these holidays whether we want to or not,” Fine explains.

Fine goes on to celebrate the fact that “Happy Federal Holiday” can be used “all throughout the year” and not just during “Holiday Season.”

Happy Federal Holiday 05

Another upside of replacing “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Federal Holiday,” she argues, is that “Most everyone is included and no one is excluded no matter their religious beliefs or practices.”

“As long as we live in the United States, these federal and state holidays impact us equally so we might as well celebrate them equally, too,” Fine says.

And because “Happy Federal Holiday” doesn’t hold any “real” meaning, Fine argues, Americans can be sure to avoid being “culturally insensitive.”

“We know that we are not being culturally insensitive by extending to someone a holiday greeting that has no meaning to them because they practice a different religion or no religion at all,” she writes.

Happy Federal Holiday 00

Dr. Fine concludes by arguing that replacing “Merry Christmas” with “Happy Federal Holiday” will give Americans the opportunity to “learn about each others religious and cultural beliefs and practices because we will not treat people as if we already know what those beliefs and practices are.”

According to the UCF website, Dr. Fine is a professor of “political” science whose research interests include “women and politics, public opinion and voting behavior, and political methodology.”

She’s also affiliated with the “Department of Women’s Studies” which explains it all.

And while we are at it, no more paid “federal holidays.” Let all government offices be “open” and have everybody “working” on those days with “no” pay.

Happy Federal Holiday 8

They want separation from “Church and State” fine, let’s follow it through.

Happy Federal Holiday 06

Then we will “see and hear” those government employees who “vote” overwhelmingly democratic “screaming and having fits,” as well as all the “unions” as they follow the “Happy Federal Holiday” schedule.

Happy Federal Holiday 07

Feliz Navidad, everyone!

“We Say Merry Christmas,” If You Don’t Like It: “LEAVE!”
The Texas Rep Who Might Slap You If You Don’t Say “Merry Christmas”

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