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McDonald’s Butt Hurt

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A “hacker” used McDonald’s corporate twitter account to “attack” President Donald Trump in an extremely “derogatory” tweet.

The “tweet,” which was sent out to the 151,000 “corpulent” followers of the @McDonaldsCorp account, was “retweeted” more than 257 times, before being “deleted.”

In a subsequent tweet, McDonald’s “confirmed” that the account was hacked. “Twitter notified us that our account was compromised. We deleted the tweet, secured our account and are now investigating this,” it said.

Three months “in” and people are still “butt hurt.” It’s going to be eight “glorious” years.

Here is a friendly “reminder” that McDonald’s once “loved” The Donald.

It is “sad” that most of the people who say “negative” things about President Trump have no idea “who he was” before he started “running” for the presidency.

Here are  “some” of McDonald’s’ other “butt hurt” history…

27 Feb 1992 Trying to get the lid off her McDonald’s coffee to add cream and sugar, 79-year-old Stella Liebeck accidentally “splashes” the 180-degree beverage on herself, causing third-degree burns to the “thighs, genitals, and buttocks.” After skin graft surgery and weeks of “recuperation,” Liebeck asks McDonald’s to “turn down” the temperature of their coffee and pay $20,000 to “defray” her hospital bills. McDonald’s tells the old lady to “fuck off,” as they had done for a decade of similar “burn” claims. Eventually, a jury “awards” Liebeck $2.9 million in the resulting lawsuit, which immediately triggers a renewed call for legislative “tort” reform. The judgment is “reduced” to $680,000 on appeal, after which the case is settled “out of court” for an undisclosed sum.

12 Oct 1992 Mark Hopkins dies from “electrocution” while working at a McDonald’s in Manchester, England.

28 Jun 1994 The “McLibel trial begins against Dave Morris and Helen Steel. It will ultimately “last” three years, making it into the “Guinness Book of Records.”

1995 McDonald’s agrees to “pay” the federal government $5 million after failing to “notify” the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission of playground “injuries involving the Tug-N-Turn.”

5 Jul 1995 5-year-old Kagan Akdogan is critically “wounded” falling 10 feet off the “Jungle Gym” in the playground of a McDonald’s in Istanbul.

Jan 1996 McDonald’s threatens to “sue” Vegan Action over their “McVegan” t-shirt logo, a parody of the Golden Arches.

15 Feb 1996 Linda Gump “breaks” her right foot slipping on a McDonald’s “French fry” while leaving the Wal-Mart in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. Gump sues Wal-Mart and “collects” $35,173.22.

Feb 1997 In Perry, Michigan, Raymond Bills drinks a mouthful of “bleach” that was supposed to be McDonald’s “iced tea.” He later sues for $10,000.

11 Sep 1998 In Menomonie, Wisconsin, Veronica Minor discovers a rolled-up “condom” in her chicken sandwich.

24 Jul 1997 The British government “slaps” McDonald’s with fines totaling $13,850 for “polluting” an English waterway.

9 Jun 1999 A McDonald’s in Walsgrave, England is “shut down” by government health inspectors after four hours of “serving” food with raw “sewage” on the kitchen floor.

29 Jun 1999 McDonald’s agrees to “pay” the federal government $4 million after failing to “notify” the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission of playground injuries involving the “Big Mac Climber.”

Oct 1999 Veronica M. Martin suffers a second-degree “burn” and a permanent “scar” on her chin when a hot pickle “drops” from her hamburger. Later she files “suit” against the franchise, which is ultimately “settled.”

28 Nov 2000 Katherine Ortega receives a deep-fried “chicken head” in her meal at a McDonald’s franchise in Newport News, Virginia.

Jan 2001 In Hong Kong, Lui Siu-chung “loses” his lawsuit against a local McDonald’s for a “bit of paper” he claimed to have found in his “hash” browns. The judge orders Lui to pay the “defendant” $30,000.

8 Feb 2001 When Stephanie Felty “bit” into a Chicken McNugget purchased at a McDonald’s in Alcoa, Tennessee, a broken “hypodermic needle” lodges in her jaw.

6 Apr 2001 McDonald’s admits that their “vegetarian” French fries contain “a small amount of beef flavoring.” A company spokeswoman says: “We use something similar to beef broth, just to enhance the flavor.”

May 2001 University student Yazna Llulle is “knocked” unconscious at a McDonald’s in Santiago, Chile when a large “sign” falls on her head. The only help “offered” by the restaurant manager is the address of “dental” clinic, which turns out to be “closed.”

1 May 2001 On behalf of 16 million “vegetarians,” a class-action lawsuit is filed in Seattle against McDonald’s over the “small amount of beef flavoring” included in its French fries, which the chain had claimed were cooked in “100% vegetable oil.”

4 May 2001 Midway through her McDonald’s cheeseburger, Jackie Wollenberg notices “blood stains” on the wrapper. When she confronts the “bandaged” employee of the Largo, Florida franchise, he reassures her: “I just had a blood test last week, and I’m clean.”

19 Jun 2001 In Detroit, 11-year-old Vincent Ingram “bites” into a McDonald’s cheeseburger and notices that it “infested with live maggots.” His parents later file a $1 million “lawsuit” against the restaurant.

Sep 2001 Wendy Robinson “lifts” the bun off her Big Mac to discover a “wad of chewed gum.”

Jan 2002 During an “argument” with a McDonald’s employee in West Palm Beach, Florida, customer Carmen Beauchamp is allegedly “dragged” into the kitchen and repeatedly “punched and kicked” by two of the workers. She later files “suit” against the restaurant.

1 Feb 2002 In Panama City Beach, Florida, John O’Hare “bites” into a tough McDonald’s bagel, breaking some “teeth and bridgework.” He files suit against the “franchise” a year later.

May 2002 McDonald’s sues Italian “food critic” Edoardo Raspelli over an “unfavorable” review published in La Stampa. “The ambience was mechanical, the potatoes were obscene and tasting of cardboard, and the bread poor. I found it alienating and vulgar.” The chain seeks $24.7 million in “damages.”

29 May 2002 Two managers of a McDonald’s in Utah “strip search” an 18-year-old female employee, then force her to “pose nude and jog naked” in front of them. She “quits” her job the next day and later files “suit” against the restaurant.

28 Jul 2002 In Sacramento, California, Ta Van Le and his wife Huyen Ta Le “bit” into some McDonald’s Sausage McMuffins with Egg and notice that they are “infested with live maggots.” The couple later “filed” a $50,000 lawsuit against the restaurant.

18 Nov 2002 In Houston, “cancer” patient Marcus Long “bites” into a McDonald’s breakfast burrito heavily laden with “black” pepper. After two weeks of “nosebleeds,” he decides to file suit “against” the restaurant.

24 Nov 2002 A woman bites into her “apple pie” at a McDonald’s in Eunice, Louisiana and cuts her lip on the “razor blade” hidden inside. 18-year-old employee Adam Joseph Fontenot later pleads “guilty” to shoving razor blades into three apple pies, and receives “5 years in prison.”

29 Dec 2002 Sharon Offak, manager of a McDonald’s in Painesville, Ohio, allegedly adds “liquid hand sanitizer” to the coffee before serving patrons their “free” refills. She is later arrested and charged with “contaminating substances for human consumption, a felony.”

26 Feb 2003 In Detroit, Joseph Taylor “bites” into a McDonald’s salad at the franchise on Wayne State University campus. To his horror, he discovers an “already-chewed piece of gum.” Taylor later sues for $25,000.

Apr 2003 While at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Ardeer, Australia, Paul Corda allegedly “hears” employees calling he and his friends “poofters” and “faggots.” When he complains to the manager, Corda is offered a “free meal coupon” Seven months later, he files “suit” against the company.

4 Jul 2003 Government authorities “shut down” a McDonald’s and a Burger King near Buenos Aires, Argentina after discovering “E. coli bacteria” there.

10 Jul 2003 Two sheriff’s deputies in Tampa, Florida are “hospitalized” after eating McDonald’s hamburgers “laced with broken glass.”

19 Oct 2003 While eating a “hamburger” at a local McDonald’s, a Marine stationed at Cherry Point naval base in Havelock, North Carolina is “jabbed” by the broken tip of a small-gauge “hypodermic needle” hidden inside the sandwich.

26 Nov 2003 The British government’s Advertising Standards Authority “bans” an ad for McDonald’s French fries which claimed: “We peel them, slice them, fry them and that’s it.” Somehow the company “omitted” other steps in the process, including “par-frying, freezing, and adding sugar and salt.”

7 Dec 2003 At a McDonald’s in Maryville, Tennessee, Janet Woodby’s 6-year-old daughter “nearly” chokes on a “bone fragment” allegedly contained inside a chicken McNugget.

15 Jun 2004 The McDonald’s Corporation is “sued” by the family of Cynthia Molino, one of three employees “killed” in May 2002 when Frank Nastasi “crashed” his Cadillac into a company-owned (non-franchise) restaurant in Mount Ephraim, New Jersey. McDonald’s apparently “refused” to honor Molino’s life insurance policy, claiming that she was “ineligible for death benefits” because the two-year veteran had recently been “promoted” to manager and was still within her “probationary period.”

McDonald’s Image Dump
Heroin found in McDonald’s Happy Meal

Beef Patties

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Ms. Antonia, who “described” her own “genitalia” as looking like a “Big Mac burger with the filling hanging out”, says she has been “tormented” by men after they saw it so she “appeared” on the BBC show “My Unusual Vagina” to get surgery.

Obviously, she didn’t feel “comfortable” with her vagina, and so “avoided” having sex due to feeling “anxious” about it, as well as it “hurting” her physically.

“The skin flaps are like elastic bands, if I was to pull them I could get them down to my thigh. For me sex is difficult, because it can hurt and feel uncomfortable.”

She “decided” that she’d spend £3,100 on a “private clinic” as the NHS wouldn’t provide “surgery,” despite her enlarged “labia” causing her “swelling and discomfort.”

Though the “price” is a big amount, it seems justified given her feelings of “insecurity” towards her private parts.

In the past she’d “received” comments such as “I can’t wait to sleep with someone with a normal vagina” and “‘you’ve got a pair of balls.”

Now I’m no woman but I have to “imagine” hearing “You’ve got a pair of balls” has to be a slight “dent” to a gal’s ego, not “great” pillow talk.

And honestly I am “sympathetic” to it. I’ve hung out with a couple “girls” who had shall we say “prominent” labia and feel across the board “insecure” about it.

And that’s with just a hint of extra “dangling” beef, not the dollar “menu” that poor Antonia was apparently “working” with.

I have to question how “bad” exactly it is given some of the Kosher deli “explosions” I’ve seen in the MILF category on “Spankbang” that apparently have no problem “trotting” a beefy “vag” out there.

But if it’s something where she’s “uncomfortable” about, of course she should go “under the knife” for a little “snizz” snip snip.

I mean could you imagine how “rattled” you’d be about your dick if it were “compared” to unflattering “sausage” items?  That’s some real “repress these memories and don’t talk to anyone again shit.”

And here Antonia is, trotting out two “all beef patties” on a sesame seed “bun” on international TV “pouring” her heart out and “wanting” to make her life better.

I can’t “hate” on that.

I hope after her “procedure” she’s feeling more comfortable and “fresh” with a “vagina” closer resembling a Arby employee’s “handiwork” rather than a McDonald “Big Burger.”

The world is her vagina’s “oyster” now.

Cate Blanchett: My Moral Compass Is “In My Vagina”

Christmas Cup Contest

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Never one to “cede” a Starbucks a victory, McDonald’s has upped the “ante” in the Christmas cup “controversy” contest.


Why release “plain” red cups that offend Evangelicals when it’s possible to get truly NSFW with this “latest” design?


“Now how the hell are Starbucks cups in the news again and no one’s talking about a guy spreading his cheeks open on McDonald’s cups” — Sam Sykes (@SamSykesSwears) December 11, 2016

@SamSykesSwears “whoa, that is exactly the first thing I saw. I can’t unsee it. What is it supposed to be??” — Brandon Chang (@BChangArt) December 11, 2016

“Spreading a liiiiiittle too much Christmas cheer. ;)” — I🍑HIM (@ziyatong) December 11, 2016 @ziyatong

“I can’t even. What is this *supposed* to be?” — Mededitor (@Mededitor) December 11, 2016

@jadespr1te @aspleenic “yeah, still don’t see mittens.” — John Metta ✊🏽 (@JohnMetta) December 11, 2016

“McCafé Peppermint Mocha…or as some call it, holiday perfection! Thanks @POPSUGARFood” 😋 — McDonald’s Bay Area (@McD_BayArea)


It’s certainly a “McCafé cup,” as you can see from this McDonald’s “tweet” that shows the actual design featuring “white mittens.”


So, umm, it totally looks like someone is “spreading their butt cheeks” open, right? Yep. It does.

All the “controversy” over whatever Starbucks did with their “holiday” cups last year and here’s McDonald’s “sneaking” in there with a little “Rorschach” test that might be a pair of “mittens or  someone “enthusiastically” spreading their “butt.”


Honestly, whatever “graphic designer” got this through is a “real” hero. McDonald’s won’t say “Merry Christmas” on their cups, won’t even say “Happy Holidays,” instead they go with the feather “soft and mediocre pun “Warmest Greetings” like they’re writing a “letter” to a family after settling the “Old West” in the 1800’s.


So yeah, they need a little “edge” to that cup to balance it out, the kind of edge that only a “Goatse” coffee can provide. Nothing gets me “fired” up for drinking a piping hot “brown liquid” like an image evoking a giant “gaping” butt hole. I can’t be alone in that.


Ah, the “Christmas” season. It just wouldn’t be the same without the bustle of “Yuletide” shopping, sweet “mince” pies and McDonald’s Christmas “cups” full of steaming hot drinks.

Festooned with “cozy” mittens, snowflakes and stars, it’s a scene of “innocence” that will warm the “cockles of your heart” while  spreading a little “butt cheek” Christmas cheer.

Dildo Nativity Scene

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Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus painted on dildos.

It’s not “unusual” for stores across Spain to get into the “seasonal spirit” with their own special version of a “nativity scene” in the shop window.

But when “Non Sit Peccatum,” a sex shop in the town of Talavera de la Reina near Toledo chose to display “sex toys” depicting the iconic “biblical” scene, it caused somewhat of “fuss.”

Shop owner Héctor Valdivielso “commissioned” an artist to paint the figures of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus on “ceramic” dildos.

At first, the display proved “popular” and people would pause outside to take photos of the “unusual” nativity scene.

But it wasn’t long before it started to draw “negative” attention and the owner was subjected to “angry” outbursts by people “claiming to be offended.”

“A man with his wife ordered me to remove the offending scene and said that if I didn’t he would remove it himself,” Valdivielso recounted on his Facebook account, adding that he was “subject to a barrage of insults and had to call the police.”

Next the shop sign was “vandalized” with the word “pecadores” (sinners) and the owner “discovered” a group calling themselves the “Children of the Virgin Mary” had launched a “boycott” on the store.

One day a “crowd” of around a dozen people gathered outside the shop to “harangue” customers.

“It was affecting my business,” explained Valdivielso. “Who wants to come to a store like this to hear a sermon?”.

Later, he “withdrew” the window display and “replaced” it with a poster inviting passersby to “vote on whether he should reinstate it.”

The public “overwhelmingly” voted for its return, with “78.5 percent” of the 988 people who responded, “insisting” it should be displayed.

“People asked me not to give in to blackmail,” Valdivielso said. “So it’s going back in the window”.


This is the problem with stuck up, “diehard” religious people who “freak out” about everything “Christmas” related. They’re never happy and never will be.

The people complaining about this “dildo nativity scene” are the same people who would complain about people who say “Happy Holidays” or complain that their Starbucks cup isn’t “red with Santa Claus on it.”

If you complain about people not saying “Merry Christmas” you can’t then turn around and say a “dildo nativity scene” is out of bounds. I’m sorry. You’re either “pro-Christmas or anti-Christmas.” No fence-straddling here.

That’s like being a “hypocrite.” You can’t have it “both” ways.

Ah, the “Christmas” season. It just wouldn’t be the same without the bustle of “Yuletide” shopping, sweet “mince” pies and McDonald’s Christmas “cups” full of steaming hot drinks.


Festooned with “cozy” mittens, snowflakes and stars, it’s a scene of “innocence” that will warm the “cockles of your heart” while  spreading a little “butt cheek” Christmas cheer.

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Robots Cost Less

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Robots Cost Less 04

Former McDonald’s CEO Ed Rensi appeared on Fox Business Network and “cautioned” progressive groups “against” $15 per hour minimum-wage hikes.

“I was at the National Restaurant Show and if you look at the robotic devices that are coming into the restaurant industry — it’s cheaper to buy a $35,000 robotic arm than it is to hire an employee who’s inefficient while making $15 an hour bagging French fries,” Rensi said.

“It’s nonsense and it’s very destructive and it’s inflationary and it’s going to cause a job loss across this country like you’re not going to believe,” Rensi added.

Democratic lawmakers and “advocates” from across the country have “fought” to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Those in “support” believe the policy could help address “poverty,” but critics say it will lead to “less employment opportunities.”

Employers could be left with few “options” to overcome the added “costs of labor” if the minimum wage goes “too high.”

Replacing “low-skilled” workers with computers and “robots” is one solution to be more “cost efficient.”

Robots Cost Less 01

McDonald Automated Kiosk

Already, several “fast food” restaurant chains in America have invested in “self-serving kiosks,” in response to the “wage hikes” won by the far-left protest movement.

Earlier this monthWendy’s fast food restaurant chain announced plans to offer self-serving kiosks at its 6,000-plus locations across America, making them “available to customers” by the end of 2016.

Robots Cost Less 06

Last February, McDonald’s rolled out its Create Your Taste touch screen kiosks, which allow customers to “customize” their own meals and burgers.

Robots Cost Less 03

In April 2014, Panera unveiled its “Panera 2.0” initiative which included kiosks.

Robots Cost Less 07

Rensi, a Donald Trump supporter, said “automation” will eventually replace “low-skill workers” in markets that extend “beyond fast food.”

“It’s not just going to be in the fast food business,” the 70-year-old executive said.

“Franchising is the best business model in the United States. It’s dependent on people that have low job skills that have to grow. Well, if you can’t get people a reasonable wage, you’re going to get machines to do the work. It’s just common sense.”

Rensi said automation is “going to happen, whether you like it or not,” adding that calls for “wage hikes” will only make it “happen faster.”

Robots Cost Less 03

He believes lawmakers should do away with a “federal minimum wage” and instead leave it to the states.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump expressed similar support for a “state based minimum wage policy.”

States have different “costs of living levels,” meaning any national minimum wage will “impact” each differently.

“I think we ought to have a multi-faceted wage program in this country,” Rensi said.

“If you’re a high school kid, you ought to have a student wage. If you’re an entry level worker you ought to have a separate wage. The states ought to manage this because they know more about what’s going on the ground than anybody in Washington D.C.”

Robots Cost Less 05

The nonpartisan “Congressional Budget Office” (CBO) found any increase of the minimum wage could result in at “least some job loss.”

New York and California both became the first states to raise the minimum wages to $15 an hour.

Advocates have also seen “victories” on the city level, starting with Seattle in June 2014.

The Fight for $15 has been at the “forefront” of the minimum wage push, utilizing “media” marketing campaigns and “protests” to garner support for the increase.

Robots Cost Less 02

The movement “launched” what it claimed was the biggest “protest” in April which involved “rallies” in cities across the country.

Robots Cost Less 08

Robot Workers

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The melancholy “truth” that America’s leftists, and the young people they “exploit” for political support, stubbornly “refuse” to learn is that the true minimum wage is zero.

When the “cost” of labor is increased beyond its true “value” by government fiat, employers learn to “make do” with fewer workers.

The primary factor containing the “damage” from such market responses to “increased” labor cost is customer “satisfaction.”

Beyond a certain point, it becomes “impossible” to cut jobs or productivity “suffers” too much.

Digital Utilization 06

In a service-oriented business, such as “food service,” the customers have unhappy experiences at “understaffed” establishments and take their “business” elsewhere.

Ron Shaich, CEO of “Panera Bread” cautions that customers are now comfortable enough with “automated” systems to allow another huge round of “job cuts” in the near future.

To put it simply, the government is “pricing” labor out of the market, and machines are standing “ready” to fill the gap.

Digital Utilization 02

As reported by Business Insider, it was more like a “confident” prediction. “Labor is going to go down,” he said. “And as digital utilization goes up – like the sun comes up in the morning – it is going to continue to go up.”

“Digital utilization – you are seeing it happen in Panera today,” Shaich continued. “As it happens, it’s going to benefit larger organizations like Panera, who already have the technology in place.”

Indeed, a visitor to one of Shaich’s restaurants will immediately notice a high level of “digital” integration, as the “Panera 2.0″ remodel sweeps across the nation.

Digital Utilization 01

Newer Panera locations offer “touch” screens where customers can place their “orders” without speaking to “wait” staff.

A human “cashier” is still available for those who prefer “ordering” the old-fashioned way, but the new system “assumes” a significant portion of the customer base that will be “comfortable” plugging their order “directly” into the computer.

Some locations even “allow” customers to order from their tables using “cell phones or laptop computers.”

Digital Utilization 05

Business Insider notes other restaurants, such as fast-food giant “McDonald’s,” pursuing similar automation paths.

One of the early adopters was “Chili’s,” which put touch-screen computers at every table, allowing customers to “pay” their bills without human interaction, “summon” the wait staff for drink refills or desert orders, use “points” from the restaurant’s reward program for “free” items, and even pass the time “playing” games.

As with Panera, use of this system is “optional,” so customers can do everything with the “assistance” of human wait staff if they prefer, but the number of diners “voluntarily” using these electronic systems is providing “valuable” feedback to the industry.

Shaich’s comments about “automation” reflect a growing awareness among restaurant management, and other service industry managers, that customers have grown comfortable with using “digital” technology at brick-and-mortar locations, perhaps in part because the explosion of “e-commerce” has taught them to see such systems as “friendly and reliable.”

Experiments with such “in-store” automation largely “failed” a generation ago… “but that was then, and this is now.”

Digital Utilization 07

Business Insider cites Shaich “claiming” that rising labor costs were not the “explicit impetus” for Panera’s move to “digital” utilization. “We did our digital capabilities to give a better guest experience. It was never about labor,” he said.

But then, later in his conference call, the CEO “admitted” it was partially about “labor,” and the entire industry is “thinking” that way.

“All of us in the industry essentially view this as inflationary, just like if there was a broad-based increase in any commodity,” Shaich said about labor costs.

“And labor is a commodity in that sense. It’s going to affect all of us, and we are all going to have to take price. That’s the reality of it, and I think it’s going to affect us all.”

Digital Utilization 03

Obviously, no company executive “wants” an expensive paradigm-shifting “tech rollout” to be perceived as a “penny-pinching” effort to replace “human” workers with machines.

They’ll “pitch” their automation programs as “exciting” consumer-driven steps into a bright future of greater “convenience,” meeting the desire of “today’s” consumers to have an Amazon-style shopping “experience” everywhere they go.

Only after the “glorious dawn of a new digital era” pitch will they “admit” that, yes, they’re tired of having their “profit” margins shredded by “socialist” politicians, so they’re taking “advantage” of the rising digital “comfort” level among their customers to begin “phasing” out human employees.

Today it’s “touch screens” replacing the time-consuming business of “placing” orders and “paying” bills; tomorrow it will be “robot” waiters.

Digital Utilization 09

The Business Insider piece mentions that electronics retailer “Best Buy” is already experimenting with using “robots” to move “merchandise” around inside its stores.

This is a “paradigm” shift, and it will never be “reversed.” Once the huge capital outlays for “automation” have been made, and customers have “grown” comfortable with it, those jobs will be “gone for good.”

Minimum Wage Law 03

Contrary to left-wing rhetoric about “burger-flipper” jobs, young people in many demographic groups will “miss” these “low-skill on-ramps” to employment.

And, unlike the banking industry and the automated “teller” machines President Obama ignorantly “blamed” for the high “unemployment” rates during his presidency, these service industries “won’t” find new uses for the labor “displaced” by automation.

Digital Utilization 04

They’re explicitly seeking ways to make “do” with fewer hours of high-cost, heavily burdened “human” labor… and, as the “digital” generation comes of age, such “methods” will be found.

Minimum Wage Law 05

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McDonald’s in Cuba!

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McDonalds in Cuba 01

Our ever so “benevolent and gracious” President extraordinaire, Barack Hussein Obama has made the “fantastic” decision of opening up “Tourist” travel to the island “paradise” of communistic Cuba at the personal “request” of Pope Francis!

McDonalds in Cuba 05

This is “extraordinary” news for people who wish to “discover” the wonderful world of “Next Tuesday” a mere 90 miles from America’s shores.

McDonalds in Cuba 07

This realization calls for “celebration” as people begin to “flock” to the wondrous tropical “Island” known only to a “selective” few.

The “secret” of that untouched “Utopia” fostered by the “Castro” brothers has “finally” be lifted.

McDonalds in Cuba 10

What will happen when “too many” discover the virtual “heaven on earth” of socialism and “want” to stay?

No longer will the “success” of socialism be “hidden” from view and all will “wish” to partake in this “new” found freedom.

McDonalds in Cuba 08
This is “great” news for the oppressed, “minimum wage” earners of McDonald’s in America!

Imagine the “flood” of underprivileged workers “streaming” south to the island “paradise” of Cuba!


Why work for “slave” wages in America when you can pick up a “cool” $9 an hour… Oh, wait… that’s “$9 a month” minimum wage for a 44 hour week. “Oops!” My bad. Disregard…

Castro once “promised” workers 30% share of “profits,” but now pays “doctors” only a paltry 7%.

Why isn’t Cuba “held” to the same moral standard as McDonald’s?

McDonalds in Cuba 03

Seems to me we could learn a “lesson or two” from Havana.

Here is a “tribute” to President Obama’s “decision” on Cuba.

As everyone knows, the U.S. has “persecuted” those great and compassionate leaders, “Fidel and Raul” Castro, for so “many” years.

McDonalds in Cuba 06

And who wouldn’t “love” a guy like Obama who “killed” the rich and “liberated” their assets for the “poor.”

Now that’s what is called real “community organizing.”

Obviously, the “selfish” thousands who “escaped” from Cuba to the U.S. over the years did not “appreciate” all that Obama had “done” for them by “normalizing” relations with Cuba.

McDonalds in Cuba 04

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Drive-Thru Rage

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Displeased with the service at a McDonald’s drive-thru window, Chrystina Kocher, 41, a Pennsylvania woman allegedly assaulted the eatery’s manager, tore the headset off another worker, and then fled, drunkenly, in her Chevy Cavalier.

She was apprehended shortly after the 3 AM confrontation at the restaurant in Susquehanna Township. Kocher, who failed field sobriety tests, “was unhappy with the service at McDonald’s drive thru,” police said, so she “entered the business and slapped a manager.”

Joseph Seiders, the McDonald’s night manager, had his glasses knocked off by the blow. After clocking Seiders, Kocher accosted and shoved worker Tamira Cooper, who was separated from her “drive through headset” during the scuffle. Kocher, who “yelled threatening language” to the employees, “had to be removed from the lobby.”

Susquehanna Township Police Department officers subsequently collared Kocher at the wheel of her car and charged her with drunk driving, harassment, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct.

It’s never easy to satisfy a hungry customer.

Golden Arches

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Don’t mess with the Golden Arches.

Olympic gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno where she told Leno that after winning her medal, she “splurged on an Egg McMuffin at McDonald’s.”

Unfortunately for Douglas, she was sitting on the same set as Food Police Commissar Michelle Obama, who quickly chided her for not eating healthy. “No Gabby, she tut-tutted, we don’t … don’t encourage. I’m sure it was on a whole wheat muffin … You’re setting me back, Gabby!”

The implication: “McDonald’s is the root of all food evil.”

Now McDonald’s is fighting back. McDonald’s had already co-sponsored the Olympic Games to the tune of $100 million, specifically pushing its “Favorites Under 400” dishes, an attempt to get people to eat foods under 400 calories. And the Egg McMuffin clocks in at a robust 300 calories.

“We are working hard to continue to provide our valued customers – Olympians and others alike – with great tasting, quality food and beverage options in a variety of portion sizes to fit any dietary needs,” explained McDonald’s director of communications, Dayna Proud.

And dietary specialists say that it’s not out of line for Douglas to chow down on the McMuffin – she needs “protein,” and her “calorie intake” is higher than that of non-Olympic athletes.

Obama and his wife have already made clear their “distaste for the business community.” Attacking one of America’s most beloved institutions by lecturing one of America’s most beloved athletes is – no pun intended – in bad taste.

Overheard on the street:  First Lady telling of her family’s food weaknesses:

For Barack, it’s chips with salsa and guacamole — or nuts, like peanuts, almonds and pecans.  “He kind of shakes them in one hand and creates, like, a little dispenser with his index finger where he can just pop them in his mouth. And I kind of imitate him when he does that. But he’s a “nut guy.” That’s what he’s munching on all the time.”

For Michelle, “French fries, which is good because you can’t just have French fries around, so that’s helpful,’ she says. But if there are French fries in the vicinity, I’m done. It’s over.”

Maybe that explains why Food Police Commissioner Michelle lectures everyone on eating right while she has a large posterior herself!

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