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M.I.A. Finger

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Bridgestone Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show

The NFL has been “secretly” pursuing M.I.A. in “arbitration” in the aftermath of “Super Bowl XLVI” on February 5, 2012.

During that event, watched by nearly 167 million TV households, the Sri Lankan singer rapper extended her “middle” finger during a performance of “Give Me All Your Luvin” and mouthed a profane “fuck you all” into the camera during her rap solo.

M.I.A., whose real name is Maya Arulpragasam, wasn’t “paid” for her free performance alongside Madonna and Nicki Minaj as is “customary” of the league.

MIA Finger 03

She did enter into an agreement acknowledging “the great value of the goodwill associated with the NFL and the tremendous public respect and reputation for wholesomeness enjoyed by the NFL.”

Nevertheless, the NFL spent the first two years of arbitration demanding “$1.5 million for allegedly breaching her performance contract and tarnishing its goodwill and reputation.”

Now the NFL has added an “additional” claim, seeking $15.1 million more in “restitution” as the alleged “value of public exposure” she received by appearing for an approximately “two minute segment” during Madonna’s performance.

The figure is based on what advertisers would have paid for “ads” during this time. “The claim for restitution lacks any basis in law, fact, or logic,” say M.I.A.’s response papers read.

The “steep increase” comes after M.I.A. took the legal battle public last September and released a YouTube video in which she accused the NFL of turning her into a “scapegoat” and that the behavior of the “teenage cheerleaders” at the game was much worse.

M.I.A.’s legal team has responded to the demands by calling it an attempt to “bully” the artist, and accuse the sports organization of “making an example of her for daring to challenge the NFL”.

MIA Finger 02

Shortly after the performance, a source inside M.I.A.’s camp claimed the rapper was struck with “a case of adrenaline and nerves.”

“She wasn’t thinking,” said the source, who requested anonymity but was with the artist at Lucas Oil Stadium. “It wasn’t any kind of statement. She was caught in the moment and she’s incredibly sorry.”

How absurd is this? $16 million for a “middle finger” malfunction? Does this mean Janet Jackson’s “nipple gate” is worth like $50million?

Seriously, watch that video clip and then try to “comprehend” that action costing “sixteen” million dollars.

I guess the NFL wants to send the message that while “brutal violence, crippling head injuries, on-field Niggerization and females in sexually provocative position” are perfectly okay, but flashing a finger for half a second is not “tolerated” and will cost you $16 million.

Lesson to be learned: “Be careful who you flip off.”

Middle Finger Malfunction
NFL seeks staggering $16.6 MILLION from M.I.A.

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